Square Point of Sale (POS)

Square Point of Sale (POS)

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  • Current Version: 4.96.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Square, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Square Point of Sale (POS) App

Square Point of Sale (formerly Register) is the free point-of-sale app that gives you everything you need to run and grow your business. Accept debit and credit cards with a Square Reader for magstripe, and accept EMV chip cards and Apple Pay with the Square Reader for contactless and chip. Funds are deposited fast—see money in your bank account in one to two business days. Use your point of sale system to keep track of sales and inventory in real time, manage items and employees, and view analytics about your business. All this with no long-term contracts or surprise fees. FEATURES Square Point of Sale has everything you need to start, run, and grow your business from your iOS device. Get the latest processing features for your merchant terminal with regular app updates. - Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX - Customers pay, tip, and sign right on your device - Record cash, gift cards, and other forms of tender - Send and track invoices from your point of sale system - Customize your products with photos, names, and prices - Send receipts via email or text message - Apply discounts and issue refunds - Access real-time sales data and complete sales history - Track inventory in real time - Connect to a receipt printer, kitchen ticket printer, bar code scanner, and cash drawer SQUARE DASHBOARD The free Square Dashboard app works in sync with Square Point of Sale and lets you view your live sales data in seconds. You can access powerful analytics, and easy tools to help you track and improve your business. SQUARE INVOICES Send invoices free from your Square Point of Sale and get paid faster. Customize your invoices, set up weekly or monthly recurring invoices from your Dashboard, and let customers pay online with a credit or debit card. Invoices are free to send and cost 2.9% + 30¢ per invoice paid online. ----------------------------- PAYMENT INFORMATION FOR U.S. 2.75% PER TAP, DIP, OR SWIPE Charge $100, see $97.25 in your bank account. Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards all at the same rate. NEXT-DAY DEPOSITS Get your money fast. Square deposits payments into your bank account in one to two business days. FREE SECURE MOBILE CREDIT CARD READER Request your free Square Reader for magstripe at sign-up. Credit card information is encrypted from start to finish.

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Square Point of Sale (POS) app reviews

  • Beware 1/5

    By squareisajoke
    We signed up for the app and immediately received a credit alert that our information was found on the dark web. We sent a message through the app and received the customer service number to call. We had to leave a call back number. They called back but didn’t offer any answers or solutions. I requested the name of the company they used to verify the identity. They put me on hold only to come back and tell me they don’t have access to that information. Beware!!!!!
  • Dont use it 1/5

    By Jrcg89
    Square block my account every 2 day saying they’re confirming the transaction was approved then they make you write paragraphs explaining what happened and have to send picture this is annoying they hold your own money
  • Seriously!?! 1/5

    By stylechemist
    Yesterday I was charged $10 for having to manually enter credit card info because the reader didn’t read the card. So basically I was charged the card readers mistake! I phoned in and the lady was great but she denied me a refund.. I can’t afford to lose $10 each time the card reader isn’t functioning.. It’s bad customer service especially when you’re in the middle of an art event and trying to make sales.
  • Lifetime customer 5/5

    By NATIDIVA247
    I wish they would allow me to input the tip that was paid in cash too. That would help me keep track of all money received. Other than that, I love this app. I’ve been a customer since the beginning
  • Great product ! 5/5

    By vegas1jules
    I have been a square customer for over 8 yrs and I have never had any problems, hiccups, or delays in payments. I’m a hairstylist and use for 80% of my clients payments. Works great and I recommend to anyone that needs to collect payments.
  • Icon missing from phone 2/5

    By Vgfhjddg7534676
    Can’t easily open or uninstall app because icon isn’t on any of my home screens or folders. Help....
  • Buggy 2/5

    By Captain Cook K
    Lost the device codes and had to delete and reinstall the app with this update. Trying to do this while at a sales fair. Not good.
  • Terrible Customer Service 1/5

    By rnwww
    I am very disappointed in your customer service. It has never been this difficult to just get a hold of someone on a simple problem. I would highly suggest working on that and not sending the same exact email to every customer who has a problem without even reading it.

    By PierreLong
    So they have been a decent app they’ve done what I needed them to do was accept credit card payments . Everything was good up until my last transaction where they took $825 out my account and the payment the customer made of $865 disappeared. Every person from square I speak to tells me a different reason why this happened . I just wanted them to refund my money as they promised and I haven’t got a refund or a call back . I just heard of them recently scamming others as well .
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By Tye mizzy
    They deactivated my account for an transaction that was made.I gave them the information on the client that made a payment with his card, they stop the payment and close my account without telling me what happened.
  • Beautiful 3/5

    By subtilco
    But where is the iPhone X display support ?
  • Never worked 1/5

    By jadaaaaabaddddaaaAaa
    When I signed up for square the first thing it said to me was that i wouldn’t be able to accept payments? Which is the whole point of the app so why would this even be a thing? I tried everything on my own trying to figure why and how to fix this. I tried fixing my information thinking that i might have something in wrong. i thought that it might be my card swiper but when i logged in on another phone and tired there’s it was still the same problem. So finally i figure out how to contact square and talk to someone on the phone. The lady was so rude and couldn’t help me at all. I told her that I’d tried multiple times to edit my account information and she told me that since i had done that square won’t be able to fix the problem. To confirm i said so i won’t be able to ever use square and accept payments and she said that’s correct. I asked her if she could tell me why, or what i did that made my account do this and she couldn’t give me any explanation at all. When i got an email asking how my phone call was i told them this exact situation and said yes when it asked for a follow up call from someone else. It’s been three days and still no call. I won’t be using square ever again even if i could 🤣
  • Sorry 1/5

    By tmac66
    After reading these reviews and speaking to a number of people, I will not activate this item. Not to mention that you can’t read their terms of service when you setup an account. Buyer beware.
  • Update fail 1/5

    By sofiagirl
    Just updated the app today, went to market and it failed to bloodroots connect for the whole event, not funny.
  • Good app but could use more features 4/5

    By bakersfieldmobilenotary
    The app is great but I find that not being able to switch between business sites without logging out and back in is very inconvenient and also the ability to mark invoices as paid from the app rather than having to go to the mobile site would make the app 5 star.
  • Blocked my square 1/5

    By apimadelogo
    They have blocked my square I don’t know why and I really need every day in my job, they don’t answer and I don’t know what to do, the square when it works it’s great but they blocked mine I don’t know why
  • Person 1/5

    By bull s----------
    They work great unless you want to talk to a live person and then that’s not going e happen. Mt
  • *BeCarful* warning 1/5

    By scamme dout of money
    After the update My app automatically selects to send deposits on the more expensive fee options for deposits. Because of this My deposit was sent to a Bank Card I haven’t used in over a year and now have to contact the bank and workout a written check. I haven’t had same day deposits in over a year yet now it just selects this option automatically and sent it to an account that hasn’t been used in over a year. I think it’s a scam to get extra $ out of your Transactions. So not only am I paying extra fees unknowingly... I am also out of the deposited funds for a week while this other bank sends me a check for the Money that deposited into an old account! Square support doesn’t help at all and doesn’t have the capabilities to fix the problem or get your money back for you once they do that. All they do is send it to the techs and act like it’s a one off App Connection problem. #Shady
  • Scammers scammers 1/5

    By Hello Scammers
    DO NOT try this device ever. They are scammer, if there is something wrong happened to your account they will hold the money over 120 days for no reason and they will charge you extra fees you MUST read their terms and conditions of payment and refunds. Scammers. My advice: to use it.
  • Scammers 1/5

    By MichaelaLouv
    They suddenly deactivated my account without warning and have been holding $192 from me for the past week and the “sending” date keeps changing. My customer said the money left his bank account the next day but I still haven’t received it (I previously received deposits the following business day) Look them up on consumer reports first, I wish I had

    By AQHAQH3
    Horrible company. Try contacting anyone it’s a nightmare. Wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. Integrity is better and charges less.
  • Terrible customer service. Not business friendly 1/5

    Do not use. There are plenty of other companies that will work for your business. Customer service would never shoot me straight. Could care less of my issues or the fact they held money that I use to run my company because they wanted personal info. With no just cause. Just out of the blue. I ended up refunding my customer and setting up a different payment method. Then receiving money again. A big headache and square could care less that I was leaving them and that I had an issue. Save yourself some time and headache
  • This company is a joke. No customer service at all 1/5

    By carolweb
    I have perfect credit and was unable to set up to receive credit card payments to sell at a craft fair. There is no phone number to call because contact with the company is only via email. I received an email and it was, "sorry, we only allow limited sign up attempts and your application is denied. There is no recourse." I have no idea what they are basing this on. I work in the financial fraud field, coincidentally. Ha and I can't even sign up. I checked my credit with all 3 companies and there are no anomalies. Now I don't trust them with all my personal information required to be input on their site. Square is a joke of a start up with no real employees and no serious credit checks of applicants.
  • Lebanonbarbershop 5/5

    By Trimmen Travis
    The best software hands down!!💈💈💯💯
  • Needs barcode scanner!! 5/5

    By ashatpaps
    Would love to have a way to scan barcodes! Other than that, very convenient and easy to use
  • Lacks basic functions 2/5

    By elizareid
    For some reason the discount feature does not work when I create an invoice.
  • Customer service is horrible! 1/5

    By Haxster
    I’ve been a customer for over 2 yrs. But the moment I have a problem because my deposits have been pending for over a month with no explanation. I’m told my account isn’t aloud to call or chat only email with Customer support even though they have taken thousands in fees from me over the last couple years. They were good until I actually needed support.
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By Eyeseapea
    This app has Never worked for me. And the new update won’t even load
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Pacpe58304567831
    Excellent app Thank you
  • Language 4/5

    By satt satt
    Please add Arabic language. 🙏
  • Good app mostly 4/5

    By jimmbuck
    I like the app but square is missing some key features. Tell me why the cash drawer opens when you want to end the drawer but doesn’t open when you go to start the drawer, how does that make sense? Also, why can’t you finally implement a feature so employees can see tips without having access to daily sales information? It’s clear that the folks at square don’t really get how a bar/restaurant really works. Every update is about the lame marketing and loyalty program which I’m quite certain most users don’t care about. Now I’ll say the app is pretty bulletproof but I just don’t feel that square listens to bar owners needs but the customer service people I’ve spoken to have been very pleasant and helpful.
  • How can I put video into squareup online store 4/5

    By Wang meng
    How can I set videos on my square online store? Where can I set a YouTube links ?
  • Small businesses beware! 1/5

    By disappointedbysquare1
    I own a small business and thought square would help me expand. I was wrong. After a week my account was deactivated and my funds were placed on a 90 day hold. After 90 days I received an email saying the funds had been released, they hadn’t. In order to speak with someone you have to have an active account and a customer code. I’ve had to make 7 more accounts just to speak to square to figure out where my money was & why it hadn’t been deposited. I still haven’t gotten my money back. They are withholding nearly 3g from me. BEWARE. READ THE FINE PRINT and do your homework before using square. It’s been nothing but a setback!
  • Bank of America Small business checking acct 4/5

    By kstuckz
    I love this, however it does not support instant deposit for my Bank of America small business account, and if I have a sale on Thursday, I don’t get the money until Monday. Please please please update this app to allow the instant deposit!
  • Stop Working 1/5

    By Sig P226
    The application signed me out And stop working it won’t let me log back in, bad for business
  • There are far better alternatives 1/5

    By Raxber
    I got square so that I could accept credit cards at a craft show that I was participating in. Some of the work that I sell goes for $1,500 to $1,800. I had a customer who had recently received several large American Express gift cards and asked if they could pay with them. I checked square’s policies and it complied with them all. A day or so later, square contacted me and said that they terminated my account and that they were going to “hold my money” for a certain time, then keep it. They tried to brush me off, but I refused to let them steal $1,800 from me. After days of emails and calls and getting the run around, they agreed to refund my customer who then had to pay me in a different method. If you are thinking about this square, there are many better alternatives. If they have taken money for you, keep hounding them! Don’t let them take your money, I am proof that you can get it back!
  • Used to be good, not anymore 1/5

    By Trophy Husband
    Used this for a number of years for a vacation rental. Was excited when they added the feature to email an invoice to a client and allow them to pay by credit card securely without me needing to obtain the number myself and enter it. Earlier this year they held one of my payments and requested documents for my business - license, other things I don’t have. Not sure if due to fraud and using the app for illegal activity has required them to tighten the screws, however it gets away from the original intent and spirit of the product, which was a simple product for small businesses. It was more hassle than it was worth to attempt to satisfy their request. Refunded the customer payment and switched to PayPal. Haven’t looked back.
  • Square!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By silvercloud1970
    Yeah!!! Square! We LOVE YOU!!!!!!
  • Need a phone number 2/5

    By Michael David Morrison
    They need a toll free number and live customer service reps to resolve issues.
  • Owner 5/5

    Square has been a perfect match for our Small business. We travel a 5 state route and it goes right with us.
  • Randomly logs me out 3/5

    By Hank Spahnholt
    Generally happy with that app except when I’m not. Such as the times that I discover that the app has logged me out and my client has already arrived. This requires alternate payment methods or stumbling through the log in procedure, which has never worked the first time out. I’m aware that I could just expect the app to screw me up and make sure that it’s operational long before a client arrives. Of course, if I expect that an app won’t do what it’s supposed to do, that’s time to do away with it altogether.
  • It works and is very much appreciated 5/5

    By teaneedz
    Thanks Square product team for making my life easier. I can highly recommend you. [Update 2018] You are still awesome!
  • Jerks. 1/5

    By doracos3370
    After 8 years of processing payments for our legitimate state licensed bail bond business, they decide to shut our account down with no explanation or warning. They cite some user rules you can’t even find. They send vague responses and you can’t reach customer service at all. Overall, they must be exceptionally morally superior to the rest of the world because they decline people’s credit cards with regards to bailing someone out of prison. But only after years of making money on the fees they have charged

    By Indibang
    If a customer that has a chip on their card disputes their payment for whatever reason. There will be no contest and you will be held accountable.
  • Good sales tool 4/5

    By Pianolist
    I am this far pleased with the overall performance of Square but am surprised there is no feedback method, at least none I can find. My only point of contention currently is the reader itself. It needs to have about an 1/8th inch more reach to plug into an iPhone or my iPad through popular protective cases. To use Square I have to take my device out of its case so I can plug the reader in. A very slippery device without its case I might add. Would it kill them to make the reader just a hair longer or offer a small extender? I really makes me try to get cash first rather than fight with the case. Other than that it seems to work as advertised.
  • Taxi driver 5/5

    By Lylewells80
    Have been using square for years great! Just kinda wondering why it’s holding charges from Thursday’s sales until Sunday??? It was never like that years ago. That’s 3 days, used to be 1.
  • Good App. 4/5

    By Cemery01
    Good overall. I am a distributor that has several customers that have different tax codes.It would be nice if you could apply different tax to a specific customer without having to go into the settings to turn them off and on for different customers. Something like in their profile and it would just be automatically applied when you create a new sale or invoice with them.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By alfysteph
    I love love this credit card processing set up and equipment (which I'm looking soon to upgrade)! I do have one suggestion, can you make it possible to add in a transaction on a certain day and time that you might've missed? That would be great to have!!
  • The new loyalty screen is lackluster 4/5

    By C_Amici
    Previously, the screen that showed loyalty points to customers at the end of a transaction was easy to read and fun to look at, but since the new update it is bland and we’ve had complaints from customers about their number of “stars” either being inaccurate or not showing up at all. We enjoy using square for our business, but would prefer the old loyalty screen! Please bring it back!
  • Beware 1/5

    By 1kking
    My account was deactivated because I received 3 “high payment transactions” from prepaid cards. I don’t see the problem. I don’t actually own a business (a lot of people using this don’t actually own a real documented business) so I couldn’t provide documents and licensing for proper verification. This defeats the purpose of the app. This app comes off as an app for people who need to make transactions that don’t actually have a store somewhere with a register. So if I don’t have actual business licenses and all of that documentation, then it’s suspect for me to be getting paid through prepaid cards???? On top of all that, they have like no customer service. I call and a robot tells me my account is deactivated. I don’t even have the option to talk to a human to explain my situation so people don’t think I’m doing anything wrong.

Square Point of Sale (POS) app comments

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