Square Point of Sale (POS)

Square Point of Sale (POS)

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  • Current Version: 5.62
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Square, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Square Point of Sale (POS) App

Square Point of Sale is the free point-of-sale app that enables you to sell anywhere and in any way your customers want to buy. Use the Point of Sale app with a Square Reader for contactless and chip to allow customers to pay touch free using payment links, QR codes, Apple Pay, and EMV chip cards. Issue and track invoices directly from the app. Customize your invoices, set up weekly or monthly recurring invoices from your Dashboard, and let customers pay online with a credit or debit card. Connect your Point of Sale app to a free Square Online Store to accept orders for pickup and delivery. Funds are transferred fast—see money in your bank account in one to two business days. Use your point-of-sale system to keep track of sales and inventory in real time, manage items and employees, and view analytics about your business. All this with no long-term contracts or surprise fees. SQUARE DASHBOARD The free Square Dashboard app works in sync with the Square Point of Sale app and lets you view your live sales data, access powerful analytics and other easy tools to help you track and improve your business. PAYMENT INFORMATION FOR U.S. 2.6% +10¢ PER TAP, DIP, OR SWIPE. Charge $100 in a single transaction and see $97.30 in your bank account. Accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express cards all at the same rate. Invoices are free to send and cost 2.9% + 30¢ per invoice paid online. NEXT-DAY TRANSFERS Get your money fast. Square transfers payments into your bank account in one to two business days. OTHER FEATURES - Record cash, gift cards, and other forms of tender - Customize your POS with photos, names, and variations - Send receipts via email or text message - Apply discounts and issue refunds - Track inventory in real time - Connect to a receipt printer, kitchen ticket printer, barcode scanner, and cash drawer

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Square Point of Sale (POS) app reviews

  • Unrelated 1/5

    By rhitz001
    Was told there was a dispute from a previous account so they refunded that person without having hearing from myself... no questions! Dealing with a total different issue.
  • Hard to get support 3/5

    By Spaze1999
    Customer Service is different and hard to get transfers should be more than one a day and fees are a little steep. But it’s a nice service to have.
  • Monster Scoop 5/5

    By Monster Scoop
    Love this system simple to use and processes fast.
  • They don’t like to pay up 1/5

    By funkyfunko420
    Well I was going g to give square a try but after seeing all the horror stories with them having trouble paying I will save myself a headache I’ve read the reviews and my stepdad used it for his business and told me they made him wait 5 months before they released his funds save yourselves a headache.
  • Service cuts out 2/5

    By Profyi
    Service cuts out have to reboot before we can take cards. Never use to happen
  • I don’t recommend, try finding alternative processing system 1/5

    By Rachelle A Photography
    I have family members willing to pay for services because they want to support me and my business. My funds transfer was suspended because a suspicious transaction. I understand why so I called and explained I haven’t work due to pandemic but this is my first big gig since pandemic and I needed transaction to go through so I can complete the service this weekend which requires travel. The representative explained even if I talked to a supervisor, authorizing my transfer of funds to my bank would still go against policy (apparently square wants you to provide free services for family members or they want you to charge them through alternative methods ie cash app or PayPal) why have a payment service just to have to sign up through another one specifically to charge family members? The representative also said to advise my client to pay via bank... so you want me to force my client to pay up front with a bank card instead of paying with a credit card which they can then pay at their leisure? I get what they are trying to prevent but I explained my situation and even offered proof of my business, no go they said a sup will call but even if they called the sup won’t authorize transaction. So I lose out on business and the other 5 possible clients wanting the same service keep in mind if this was $100 wouldn’t care but the business is my income and they just made me lose $12k+ and a possible 60k income for the year. Closing this service for good and looking at alternative systems for my business.
  • Thieves 1/5

    By diddraught
    You guys suspended my account and are holding 1300 of my money. I made 4 transactions and then you shut me down and say ur keeping my money for 120 days. This is not acceptable, we are in the middle of a pandemic and I am trying to make ends meet and feed my family. Now we are set back even further. You are crooks and I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE USE THIS APP YHEY WILL RIP YOU OFF.
  • Great! Love using square 5/5

    By shrinkland
    Love my square!
  • Good overall 3/5

    By we4Griff
    I like the interface, pretty easy to use. Customizing reports is confusing at best, little in the way of support
  • Do not use this app!!! 1/5

    By bkholder0331
    HORRIBLE APP! My money is STUCK and there’s no one to speak to about it. Absolutely ridiculous
  • Glitch 1/5

    By eeh Ted uh dvdddi in
    Whenever I open up the app. All it says is open up the App Store for an update, but there’s never a update, and I even tried updating my phone but that didn’t work either
  • Confused 1/5

    By brokenfrog86
    Just downloaded this for my gfs business and it’s telling me I need to update it. How do I do that when there are no updates?
  • Unfair 1/5

    By Carter00817
    Watch out for people that file Disputes
  • Alto precio 1/5

    By Majuli23
    Cada transacción es muy costoso el importe que cobra square
  • Barely works 1/5

    By 1357993416
    Very frustrating I run a small business and this thing Mabey works half the time never connects to the reader the swipe barely works I would definitely look elsewhere for a card reader. We will be switching for sure don’t use this app !!!!!!
  • Wont let me sign up!!! 2/5

    By hatchback1126
    I went to sign up for this app and it told me that I need an update in order for me to confirm my email.A customer has specifically requested to pay through credit card for her business over this app and it’s not letting me sign up.She has mentioned good things about this app.I would like to give it a try but in order for that to happen I need to be able to sign up and login.
  • Keeps asking for bank then says bank already done repeatedly 1/5

    By "Missforty"
    A App repeatedly ask for bank then says bank App repeatedly ask for bank then says bank on file but ask for bank again to cash out very disappointing on file but ask for bank again to cash out very App repeatedly ask for bank then says bank on file but ask for bank again to cash out very disappointing
  • Best app ever💯💯 5/5

    Everyone must get this app before it’s too late
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By andrew52002
    Won’t let me create an account without updating the app and the app doesn’t show an update to even get updated fix please
  • 👍 5/5

    By nilys pizza
    Excelente servicio trabaja muy rápido.
  • DO NOT USE 1/5

    By badbunny0173
    Just opened my account and took my first transaction of $520 and the state that I have a negative balance of $1,000 when I have never used it before and now I can’t get a hold of them. Terrible app I will be taking legal action if not resolved within 24hours
  • Just downloaded this today and it says I need the latest update to creat an account 1/5

    By shelby<3!
    Um, hello...I just downloaded this from the App Store so I should have the latest version. There are no new updates.
  • Can’t create new account? 1/5

    By ncac80
    As soon as I try to create an account, I keep getting the error to go back to App Store for updated version? I’ve updated my iPad, and reloaded the app. Still won’t work let me get past this error message. What can I do now? I have a card reader on the way and a vendor event coming up. Thanks
  • What is square problem 1/5

    By DihannaDiva
    I make wigs sell extensions and just started doing hair building my clientele’s well, y’all closed my account with my money not giving to me I can’t wait no 120 days I provided a service and needs my account but open and running y’all really fooled me with this app
  • Lame 1/5

    By Zygote 79
    Sketchy service, programming glitches, interface is lame, customer service slow, etc
  • Was ok then they up updated 1/5

    By Sh0tgunner
    Since they updated I can no longer accept cards. I jumped through all the hoops to get my account verified and everything was working. Now all it does is ask for my work address or if I'm a mobile business. I answer and it just loops back and asks me the same question, if I try to use the card reader it won't read. It's all Kind of useless... guess I will go back to using other payments, at least they were reliable. Their version of customer support-log out and back in, reset your device...blah blah call us so we can repeat everything and waste more of your time.

    By LovelyLesley19
    Extremely unprofessional. I made an account with them and they immediately allowed me to have my customer pay me. So AFTER my customer sent me over $400 through the app, the next day they said that they were deactivating my account and holding my funds without giving me a SINGLE REASON. It has taken weeks to hear back from them, and whenever I do hear back from them they just tell me that their decision is final without giving me a reason or telling me how they plan on sending me my money and no one will talk to me on the phone. WORST EXPERIENCE WITH A FINANCIAL APP I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!!!!!!!
  • Problem with sign in 3/5

    By jwell005
    When try to signup . App says pls update your application in App Store, But in App Store showing no update
  • Help! 1/5

    By v12998
    I get all the way up to sending the confirmation email and then it tells me to update the app and I literally just downloaded it right now
  • I can’t get into my ap because it says I need to update my ap 1/5

    By blakediesel
    I ap updates automatically so now what?
  • Horrible Customer service 1/5

    By Dennis Robles
    The app is easy to use and convenient. But the customer service is horrible. As a business you come across customers who file fraudulent disputes for not receiving their package. When you as the business provide all the proof needed to show that you did everything on your end, shipped the package, provide tracking, provide proof the item was received and even provide conversation with the client that they indeed received the items. Square will still not help you and you’ll lose the dispute. Square will turn their back on your during disputes and will no challenge the banks. Use stripe it’s way better.
  • Very Upset. 1/5

    By Little Things Photography
    I wish I could give no stars. I am a photographer with a legal and licensed business. I wanted to use square for client payments.. I set up an account and was excited to start using it. I sent ONE invoice to someone. That payment was received on my square account and showed in my balance section. But my bank instant transfer was “unavailable” I was directed to get a square card and was assured I’d be able to use my funds. I signed up for one and upon using the card it declined. I then went to look at the balance and it had none. my balance said $0. I had no transaction or card history my money just disappeared. At first it was stating I was unable to call customer support. It showed “unavailable” and I had no customer code to even get through to an actual rep. Just directed me to email. So I sent an email inquiring about the missing balance and waited a WEEK. Their site says they respond within 24 hours. No one responded so I sent another email. I continued to try and call and without a customer code you can’t even be sent through. After sending 3 emails asking about this I received a completely unrelated email stating my account is being deactivated. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL CRAP. I had no warning. No explanation. No one willing to talk to me about this or my funds. It said they apologize but their decision was final and that was it. I couldn’t even reply to the email. They finally put a customer code on my account after its being processed to be removed. I called and There’s no way to speak to an actual person. Sent me straight to a robot who repeated the same things over and over and kept apologizing that my account is being deactivated. I am very unhappy about this. I want my money. I will never be using square for business again. Big mistake. My account is being deactivated for no reason and I received no explanation or reasoning for this. Very poor customer service. Very poor communication. And very poor payment service. Will never recommend to anyone and will never be using this again.
  • Great Service! 5/5

    By Mana Kauai
    As a business owner I absolutely love the way square works! I can see comments from my customers and respond to them easily- I don't have to look for them they pop right up in my texts😌The money from our sales is deposited quickly I can see reports and comparative sales analysis of the touch of a button.

    By unhappy custo #527189
    I have sent everything from my Articles of Organization for my LLC, my work orders and service agreements, my insurance policy, my EIN filed with the IRS and they are still holding $5,000 hostage in my account. INSANE🤯This make me wanna punch the customer service manager SQUARE in his face.
  • Ripped off every time I use a saved card 1/5

    By Muslimah Of The WEST
    They owe me a lot of money
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By Dede2308
    they block my account, they don’t answer my email, they block money for 90 days, and all of this in the first payment I received, fantastic this company
  • Mario 1/5

    By Vass Stoll
    Getting tired of the new terms and conditions! Stop with the twisting arms!
  • Worst company to use 1/5

    By YouFired
    First of all I started a small business and wanted to make life easier for my wife and myself so I opened a square account for the card reader and all that. When you open your account you give all the normal business info ie tax id business license contact info. My business struggled over the past year, so my wife and I had to support the business with money from our own pocket apparently that’s no ok with square, I’ve had my account frozen I can’t use or transfer my money because square seems to think it’s theirs. I can’t close my account because I still have a +balance with with them however you can’t speak to a human being, they will not take phone calls and any email you send for customer service is ignored. At this point legal action will have to be pursued. Explore other options because square is not reliable yes they are quick to get you going but headaches, hassle and loss of time and money will ensue shortly after you begin using them. Very sad to see something that is supposed to help small businesses hurt them like this.
  • Annoying Popups 1/5

    By Azcac
    Great app, but every time i try to do something, it locks up for a few seconds in order to pop up this stupid box to ask me to rate it. So, here you go
  • Square 5/5

    By ohana74
    Love this app and I love that they offer loans
  • No customer service 1/5

    By no customer service number
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By sharonsofvermont
    I love the convenience, the reports, the website....just everything! Thank you for recognizing that little businesses need a break from the conventional credit card companies. It adds up financially to more than a few dollars back in my pocket!
  • Crashed for 4 hours yesterday!!!!! 1/5

    By zghyet
    So difficult to deal with, lost business
  • Dont trust them 1/5

    By Raham Hadi
    Do not trust this company, beware of their software dropping transactions without you noticing in which you charge a customer, print receipt, hand them their items, then few minutes this transaction os gone. I had called their customer service and they were worthless.
  • March 26 1/5

    By Serranoto
    After today you shouldn’t charge a fee me for my losses when the system when off
  • We love square 5/5

    By sacredrocks
    We have used square for 7 years now and we love them! I could not be happier! Yes sometimes the system goes down but we are open 363 days a year and in 7 years we have a connection issue maybe 2 times a year and considering all the perks Square comes with I can live wit that. Thank you To ALL the employees at Square, as long as we have a business WE WILL USE SQUARE!
  • Service 1/5

    By adreanga
    Poor customer service
  • Effortless! 5/5

    By VitaDinero 26
    First day. Loving it! Efficient. Easy. Effortless!
  • No customer service support 1/5

    By valley jean
    I am not happy with the customer service. I have emailed customer support three different times without any reply. I am not able to call customer service because you are required to have a code in order to call. Square does not give you the directions to a acquire the code so it’s impossible to call.Square does not make it easy to try to fix a problem. I have not been able to access my money for a week. I am extremely disappointed.