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  • Current Version: 1.04
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Philipp Stollenmayer
  • Compatibility: Android
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Squaredance App

Join the colors and clear the field. One swipe moves the whole panel. · over 100 levels · level editor · super smooth

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Squaredance app reviews

  • Super fun and intelligent 5/5

    By sohammehta
    Love the concept. But I'm super confused what was the precious level at which i stopped
  • Awesome 5/5

    By jejsnnss
    So the levels 1-89 are pretty gun but the 90 and above are all based around timing but you have to get it perfectly. And there are three colors so you have to do it X3 witch is hard. I wish there were checkpoints. Every time you complete a color then die it will go back to the position you were in when the colors were merged. Also if you watch a add you either have a choice to get solution or skip the level. Altogether it’s one of the best game that you can play with no internet.
  • Wish I could skip 4/5

    By Alpha_ali
    I love this game but I wish I could have an option to skip levels. There is just this one level no matter how many times I do it I can’t pass it. I’ve completed every other level except 88. It’s so annoying
  • Game is fun but can be better 5/5

    By A Poker Novice
    Rated it 5 stars to improve its rating, the puzzles were fun and not super difficult (but just enough to be satisfying) but the ones which relied on your timing were really frustrating. This game is better than “Okay?” by the same developer
  • Great Game 5/5

    By WalkerWin1
    Plz do more levels
  • 5 STARS!! (Most of your games are) 5/5

    By Mr M Bag
    I can’t say it enough... My iPhone belongs to Kamibox. Simple as that. I LOVE that this game has a level editor!! It’s BRILLIANTLY put together as well. The levels are amazingly well thought out and put together. I’m losing my social life to Kamibox... I’m so cool with that, I should probably re-examine my life decisions... 🤪 I said it a ton tonight, and I can’t say it enough... Kamibox delivers again. Amazing game!! >M<
  • Awesome game! 4/5

    By Ciaofkaksb72
    I think this game is pretty cool and I like the gameplay. I think it's a genius way to fuse timing and strategy. But I have a couple problems. I dislike the way you have to replay previous levels if you want to play a level at the end of a row. Also the level creator does not work. Maybe that's just my phone.
  • Fun and Addicting 5/5

    By PiningForFjords
    Really fun and challenging to play. Also nice that it's not overrun with ads.
  • Addictive. 5/5

    By Crispy Walker
    I don't play many phone games, but I loved this one. It's challenging and fun. I only wish it were longer
  • Fun game but flawed 3/5

    By Hydrozoline
    The good is that the game is free and not overrun with ads. All the levels also come with an option to see the solution, which is handy. Most of levels are doable with trial and error and thinking things out. The bad is that the game is portrait orientation (dislike that on the iPad). Some levels require precise timing to solve -- I REALLY hated those -- plus you can't skip a level. The level selection screen doesn't let you go back and pick a specific level (e.g., to replay 96, you have replay 93, 94, 95). That's needlessly annoying. I stuck with the game and finished most of the levels, so it really is fun, but ultimately I lost patience with it.
  • Great puzzles marred by impossible ones 2/5

    By Mishakim
    The vast majority of the levels present great puzzles, but the few that require super-human timing instead of puzzle-solving ability ruin it.
  • Amazing Puzzle Game 5/5

    By Zac 2077
    This unique game mechanic makes for a super engaging app. The levels are brilliantly crafted. And the sound design is AMAZING!!! Sound is incorporated in all of the levels and it is SO cool how it works
  • Impossible levels ruin a great game 2/5

    By ShoobyTaylor
    This would easily be a four or five star casual game… It's very inventive, pretty challenging, fun, and clever to figure out. But I had to take off two or three stars for a huge problem that completely ruins the game in later levels. Unfortunately, I'm deleting it from my phone without finishing it, because the developer included a nearly impossible levels that just make it a bore. Most of the game involves solving eAch level by figuring out the right sequence of moves, but soon every other level begins to involve these flashing stars that are easy to figure out, but require superhumanly fast timing (or dumb luck) to actually complete, even once you've figured out the solution. Once you know how to solve it, it shouldn't still take another 20 or 30 repetitive tries to finish the level, but all too often it does... The only possible way to solve it sometimes requires swiping faster than I can physically swipe, so I just have to keep trying over and over again in the hopes of getting lucky. This becomes very tedious very fast. I otherwise like this game enough that I wanted to write the developer and let him know that this one point ruins a great game, but he doesn't provide anyway to email him, so I'm leaving a negative review instead. It's too bad, this comes really close to being a great casual game. But a miss is as good as a mile. Bored by not being able to get past level 86 even after I figured out right away what the solution is. Deleted.
  • 3 to 2 2/5

    By meltinuts
    Under normal circumstances I would say it's a 3 out of 5 rating, but since it got featured by Apple I had great expectations. Sorry, but the game looks much better than it actually is.
  • Fun, But Too Short 4/5

    By Gabriel B
    With only 104 levels, this game is over way too soon.
  • Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 1/5

    By willvpixel
    With my allowance I bought the level editor four times and I still can't use it!!!!!!!!!!! Great game but either refund me or FIX THIS!!!
  • Just sayin...... 5/5

    By TXDonnaB
    This is a game that that starts out so easy and gets you hooked only to frustrate you and make you want your phone against the wall. Great game, but not one you can just stop because it looks so EASY. I mean there r only 4 little dots, how hard can it be? Right. Don't say I didn't warn u 😏.
  • Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By Greeaattttt game
    I have absolutely fallen in love with this game, it's the best, anyone at any age will love this game.
  • This is the best puzzle game ever! 5/5

    By PhotoEnthusiast
    Squaredance is the perfect puzzle game for me because it is not too challenging but not too easy. I also love the bright colors and the whole concept of the game. It's a fun thing to do when you have a little time.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Мои подарки
    I have no idea where all the negative reviews come from but this game is the best puzzle ob the App Store in 2016 so far. I am on level 20 now and I am already in love with it
  • Great fun for puzzle Fans. 4/5

    By Yexlz
    I really love this game..I beat it in one night, and there lies the one and only problem. It is short with only 100 levels plus 10 and I was kinda hoping there will be more..but in general It is super fun and for free i suggest you give it a try.
  • This is the game I am always looking for 5/5

    By sofaking g00d
    Love this game. It is very well balanced with difficulty and fun. The gameplay concepts are great and it scales up really well. It looks good, plays great. I love puzzle games and am always hoping to stumble upon games built like this one
  • RunTime Error 1/5

    By iluais347
    Bad argument #1 to 'tostring' (value expected) fix this please.
  • Settings 2/5

    By Reneèbaker
    Would love to give this game at least 4stars, but frustrating when you get blasted with the music as well as the touch screen not seeming to be lined up correctly?? Couldn't get it to exit from the example screen. I shouldn't have to turn the volume on my phone off, I should be given an in app choice for the sound.
  • Good, but a problem 3/5

    By A Logical Game Buyer
    Great game! There's a nice concept, decent visuals, and even a level editor! I'll stop writing this review now and make a level... Wait. What. YOU HAVE TO BUY THE EDITOR!?!?!? WHY???????????????
  • Hello Little Friend!😋 4/5

    By TMaggySwaggy
    I love this app and the music and the puzzles and the colors and everything. BUT, I BOUGHT THE IN APP PURCHASE, IT SAID THAT I BOUGHT IT, IT TOOK THE MONEY, AND I DIDN'T GET IT!!!!
  • Best 5/5

    By mapet.d
    Great simple game
  • Vai 5/5

    By Hungsu5989
    Ko hay