Squishy Magic: 3D Art

Squishy Magic: 3D Art

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.00
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Dramaton LTD
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Squishy Magic: 3D Art App

Following our tens of millions of installs for our hit game Super Slime Simulator, Dramaton is proud to present a new generation of anti-stress 3D coloring games: Squishy Magic: 3D Art Welcome to the wonderful world of Squishy… Create cute soft DIY toys, choose their shape, color, and texture, collect your own unique designs and enjoy the ultimate squishing experience! Rotate your 3D design while coloring, choose your favorite color from an endless number of options and don’t forget to paint every part of your toy! Once the coloring phase is over it’s time to enjoy your new creation: press, squeeze and crush your new toy and watch it take back its original form time and time again in this exciting new game! Forget about your troubles! Feel your anxiety disappears with every color you add, feel your heartbeat slowing with each oddly satisfying sound. Draw yourself out of the loop of daily life; sit back and let your mind expand in a calming relief… Do you like to draw? You’re gonna love this game! Download Squishy Magic: 3D Art NOW and let the squishy work its antistress magic on your mind... Features: • DIY Squishy Making! - Choose colors, shapes, and textures from an endless number of options! • Realistic Squishy Simulator - Real-life toy physics behavior; Press it, squish it, squeeze it, crush it - and enjoy calming anxiety relief... • Oddly Satisfying ASMR Sounds - Say no to anxiety! Turn up the volume and listen to the anti-stress sounds. • Endless Number of Colors & Textures to draw with - Glossy, spray, pastels and over +200 different shades of all colors!!! • Endless Variety of Shapes - Strawberry, flying unicorn, burger, donut, kawaii figures, pixel and more! • Squishy Coloring Technology - Paint each of your squishy characteristics in a different color! Which color will you choose? Download Squishy Magic: 3D Art NOW, enroll in the next generation of painting & drawing games, and start creating your very own toys…! Squishy - what is it? The word Squishy is derived from the English verb “to squish”. A squishy is a soothing anti stress type of toys which is able to undergo profound manipulation in the form of squeezing, squishing, pressing and crushing, and then quickly restore itself to its original look. Squishies manipulation creates a soothing experience as their fluffy and flexible nature combined with the unique sounds they produce may give the player an oddly satisfying feeling often referred to as ASMR. Squishies may be used as therapy to help coping with stress & anxiety. DIY - Squishy Making! • Choose a shape: Strawberry / Flying Unicorn / Burger / Donut / Pixel / etc... • Choose a texture: Basic / Glossy / Spray / Hearts / etc... • Paint each of your squishy characteristics: Choose a different color & texture for each part • Finally - play with your unique newborn squishy! How many squishies will you collect? Every anti-stress toy you’ve ever dreamed of is just a click away… Download Squishy Magic: 3D Art Coloring & DIY Toys Maker NOW, and enroll in the next generation of painting & drawing games! PLAY - CREATE - RELAX We in Dramaton believe that there is no greater importance than that of our own peace of mind. This is exactly why we’ve created the ultimate anti stress games for a calming anxiety relief therapy: the first was Super Slime Simulator, and today we are presenting Squishy Magic. Squishy lovers - unite! Art, painting, and drawing are for everyone! Just like we did in Super Slime Simulator, we welcome everybody to take part in the ultimate antistress experience. Whoever you are, wherever you are, there is no way Squishy Magic: 3D Art isn’t the game for you! Happy Squishing !!!

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Squishy Magic: 3D Art app reviews

  • Squishy magic 5/5

    By Lexy the pom
    I love it so much
  • Amazing Game 5/5

    By beauty_force997
    This game is awesome it’s so addictive I’ve probably already colored 15 squishy’s! I could play it all day, I make 10 each day, there is a squishy game on it and a costumer tells you to make the same exact squishy and you make it and you get half of your prize the you get when you finish a squishy this game is just so satisfying when you finish a squishy you can play with it and squish it you should definitely get this game you will think it’s amazing when you try it!!!😃😃😃
  • Amazing 🤩 game 5/5

    By daisy134562
    You can make ur own squishy you will ❤️ it and it’s all free
  • I’m in love with it 5/5

    By jcjvjdjdofj
    This game is super relaxing for your brain u can paint send gifts to ur friends and u can play a game!!
  • 5stars 5/5

    By vanessa rae juarez
    Play with friends
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By kavhdt
    They have Georgie my favorite I’m trying to get him you should get this game five stars
  • I love squishy magic 5/5

    By Brecken_145
    This game has changed my life everyone I know has this game it’s awesome cool girl out ✌️
  • Squishy magic 5/5

    By Am Amber Hankins
    I love it SOOOO MUCH
  • This Game Is Wonderful :D 5/5

    By PegasusJocky
    I Really Enjoy This Game, & I’m REALLY Tempted To Buy The Me Pack.. But.. I Can’t Spend Money On Games Cuz I’m A Child UnU ( I Very Recommend This Game As A Stress Relief. & I Got My Brother To Get It Too, Which Is Amazing Because He Never Listens To Me :P ) I Hope You Have A Wonderful Day! :D
  • This is a very great game 4/5

    By gamer girl 175-5577
    I love this game but there’s only one problem the Maria Elizabeth section cost money that is literally the only problem other than that this game is amazing plus it has one minigame and you can present up one of your squishy‘s and you can send it to someone but you still get to keep your squishy it is really fun!!😆
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Alicorn Lover 🦄
    This app is amazing! The squishys are so cute! And I love how one of my favorite youtubers is featured in this game.
  • I hope you love it. 5/5

    By speedbasillava
    It’s the best! I play it soooooo much I can make squishy’s in light and dark colors.
  • The best 5/5

    By bertnhemi15
    You can with your cousin can you can have fun and to challenges it is so fun get it now I mean now the best game fever make sure to get it tysm if u got if u did and it is fun see what I mean it so much fun right I know have fun and thanks for read the letter thank you
  • Awesome but... 3/5

    By whelthy dogfish
    Well the game is FULL of ads if your seeing this can you please delete some of the ads. I would love if you would do that good day for you and goodbye!
  • Great game! 4/5

    By ninacinabina
    This game is just like slime simulator, fun, great if your bored, and other great things, but it also has the same problems. There’s to many ads. But if your reading this and haven’t played the game, I think you should give it a try. I love this games and the rest of the games that the studio makes.
  • Amazing game 😻 5/5

    By Level 31 and counting!
    I love this app I could play it for hours and it’s still fun 👍I have sooo much fun getting a new squishy every day!! it’s always the first thing I do when I wake up my brother loves painting a squishy over and over ❤️ and it doesn’t glitch like at all 😮 it feels so awesome 😎 and I am loving it
  • Luv it 5/5

    By 20makeup
    It’s awesome I got this yesterday and now IM OBBSESD
  • Good but... 4/5

    By smart potat
    I love the game it is really good! Most of the stuff I have seen is cheap, you can play with squishes and even send some to friends with the app! But... sometimes it will kick me out of the game. And when I tried getting my second add 3-in one pack and it said "Add not available" and I was right next to my Internet thing, after a few kicking out adds and 1000 tries I finally got it. A neat feature I thought of is being able to turn the squishy all the away around. And the whole reason I wrote this review is because IT LATTERLY KEEPS KICKING ME OUT! Also I think there should be like a separated pack. I still wanna unlock the squishes with work not money. But I want to have no adds and more colors too.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By CheezyPetey
    I love this app
  • More squishy 5/5

    By ui6gjhxgcdjubdmhfdjbd
    I love this game so much but I kinda wish there was more squishy toys. I completed the game and I love it! So please update it
  • Great game! 5/5

    By MadMadisob
    I got this a couple days ago and the night after I really wanted to play it and in the morning I was so excited and it was amazing. The way everything is so realistic. I love the paint especially the glossy it looks amazing. I found this game through moriah Elizabeth and I thought that there is no way it can be that good but it is! Lots of ads but overall awesome! Thanks!
  • Squishy magic 5/5

    By ijhyhbhjh
    This is a great app for me please download it!
  • So amazing 5/5

    By 2400kiwi
    This game is so fun and when you finish a squishy it’s so satisfying to squish there are some apps here and there but it’s great
  • A awesome 5/5

    By TombStone1983
    The game was really fun and just making all the squishy‘s it was really satisfying squishing them and really cool that you can’t squish them
  • Bad 1/5

    By Pretty Pancake
    I don’t like this game it’s just bad I do not recommend don’t get it
  • O 5/5

    By three years ago me me
    Love it
  • yes! i love it! 5/5

    By docuackasione
    its so addicting! i play for like two hours every day! its amazing! all i have to say, thank you, creator of squishy magic
  • Love this game we play 4/5

    By Rihanna wheeler
    Like this game so much can’t stop playing it I can’t believe they download this game it’s so nice I hope you guys keep it on first downloading app for 20 million years please come to life by
  • Super good game, but the advertisement lies 4/5

    By Sofie600
    The game is amazing, which is why I don’t see why the ad has to lie. I LOVE the game, but I thought it was going to be different. Whoever made the ad for this game should remake the ad. That’s literally all of my review -Panda and Arctic Fox Lover
  • Squishy magic 5/5

    By Superblaallalalhdyebnhdjv
    Thais game is so much fun I love that I can color or decorate your in squishy and name it what ever you want I also love the squishy game so if you like to color and love squishy then download now
  • Omg best game ever 5/5

    By leahleah888
    I saw this game on moriah Elizabeth’s YouTube channel so I downloaded it got her pack and now I’m obsessed. I bought everything in this game although you honestly don’t have to to enjoy the game I just wanted to. This is my new favorite app it’s the best please download it!
  • The best game 5/5

    By 3456788)?/(
    I think this game is a really fun game , because I can make so many squares and I have a lot of them
  • Great game 3 1/2 rating 4/5

    By wdewqhfhfo)endfhiefhekn
    It’s great you don’t need wifi to play and it keeps me entertained for hours and Mariah Elizabeth has a collection for 0.99 who is personally my favorite art YouTuber and pls go sub to her and this is how we Bingham two best YouTube channels of all time also sub to xoxo squad
  • Great game! 4/5

    By crazylarky
    The adds are ridiculous stop the adds please!!!!!
  • To this game 5/5

    By mushroon toes
    It. Is the best ive been ubsesed with squishes sens i was 4
  • The Best Game Ever! 5/5

    By hehcajwjbfwnelcnl
    It is the best game you get to color your squishy then play with it and you can unlock them and you can also play the store game instead of coloring them it is the best game ever please download!
  • This game 5/5

    By liliana Zuniga
    I love this game
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Idk lol?
    There are a few adds. Okay, a lot of adds, but the game is so fun! Me and my friend Love to play and we are so obsessed with the game right now. Try it out!
  • It’s so much fun it calm me when I’m sad or mad. 5/5

    By cute baby horse
    Can you add a chihuahua squishy?Please.Because it would be cute.
  • Best 5/5

    By picogirl
    Soooooo satisfiedin
  • 3D 5/5

    By Teresa's Trade
    This game is fun to do. Children would probably like to make a collection of squishy 3D creatures they can send to friends or look at. You can do the game of painting the squishies for others as an order. The game was made by experts for sure!
  • I love this game 5/5

    By he djdjjsjdjdh
    This game is so satisfying and fun to play I hope you like it just as much as I do but I wish it had no adds
  • Squishy magic 5/5

    By best or badest
    This game is so cool and awesome 😍🤩🤩
  • Gihjjekwkek 5/5

    By jdkjckjfkfmrkiap CB
    Gkehekgidd we iron
  • It ok 3/5

    By never247
    There are a lot of ads but besides that it’s really good
  • Enjoyment 5/5

    By Soncove
    This game SO MUCH FUN 🤩 I love best game ever. I unlocked everything by playing the job games. LOVE 💗
  • My review 5/5

    By xxxxggghhjhsheuehsus
    I love this app so much I play it all the time.I am in the teen and this game is still so much fun and bonus I love Moria Elizabeth
  • I love this app so much 5/5

    By Logdotzip ps tyler
    From Jacob Martin
  • Awesome game one issue 4/5

    By karissa squishy master
    Adds come all the time but overall it dosent need inernet so it’s used anywhere and soooo satisfying