Stairway to Heaven !

Stairway to Heaven !

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  • Current Version: 4.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Android
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Stairway to Heaven ! App

There are many quizzes related to your real life. Choose the right answer and surmount the heavy barriers to reach heaven. Be intelligent and answer correctly in each life situation because you will be judged. Be careful about making these decisions because each trivia decision comes with consequences. Making a good call can help you get close to gorgeous heaven and reach the peak. But the wrong choice will lead you to falling into horrible hell. Will you reach the gates of Heaven? Game Features: 1. Simple but addicting mechanics The quizzes are tricky and realistic, you must choose it right so you can climb and reach heaven eventually 2. Amazing Physics Realistic physics will make you feel you are in the real life 3. Keep on upgrading! So many unique characters for you to obtain. How do you want to look? 4. Relax and enjoy Ever wonder what it was like to be in heaven? Well, you’ll still have to wonder, what choice you have to make to reach Heaven Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game! From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls! Follow us to get news and updates on our other Award Winning titles;

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Stairway to Heaven ! app reviews

  • What the hell man 1/5

    By Alucard1213
    I pay 2.99 to get add removed but when it does something as simple as what is your dog breed it trys to get you to watch an ad i would like a refund please because obviously your greedy as is and dont need my money if your going to have ads for something as simple as that
  • videos 2/5

    By Lil Bombay
    my goodness i had to delete this app after just playing for a few minutes. seems like i spent more time watching videos than playing the actual game
  • Terrible gameDO NOT PLAY THIS 1/5

    By amber Demetria
    If your religious and believe in the lord Jesus Christ as your savior I recommend to not play this game this makes you believe in all the wrong things and it ask you the wrong questions and it’s teaching you to idolize such things other than GOD stay woke
  • HJHW 2/5

    By hopejeanettewilliams
    Game is decent however, 95% of ads are for same sex couples, come up after every step you take and just ridiculous. Somehow don't get the the concept of heaven and same sex sluts! Deleting.
  • Good game.... 4/5

    By KaSYdEN
    I really like this game but there are so many freaking ads omggggg but overall i like the game
  • Give me my coins! 1/5

    By Tiffie
    I’m playing the game and I cannot claim my coins! Or get the keys. That’s a big part of this silly game, because u have to decorate heaven. I deleted it, waste of time.
  • -ok- 3/5

    By Amazing :}
    Oki so first off I know that decision is to be good to go to heaven but I just pick the right answer to go to heaven and first off some times it says I picked the right answer but it takes me down the stairs like come on! Also apparently the kid had blond hair then brown- Anyways I just wanted to point out I have not made it to heaven yet and I don’t know what exsperence I will have but yea If you want to make the right decisions ALL THE TIME download this game if you DONT who is me- don’t download the game! I only download the game because I thought it was fun and it is but just because I don’t always make the right decision dosent mean I have higher chances of going to hell and just do you know developer nobody can be perfect nobody and I mean NOBODY ALWAYS makes the right decisions! So I mean all of us have higher chances?- NO!!! Also I know this is just sopsto just be a nice fun game but yea this is real life people! What would got think of this? And no I’m not religious T_T but I still just wanted to point out that this is not a fun family friendly game maybe for SOME but yea I just wanted to point that out also this is disrespectful to religious- Also you can’t even pick your skin tone! I’m peach so it’s fine but what if brown wanted to play the game like come on! Also every one question add question add question ADD question ADD question ADD I think you get it so yea also if you don’t know this just watch an add instead off falling down stairs and loosing money I know it may not work or even be annoying but that’s a quick way for ME! Also like apparently on one of the questions it said I was having a party and drinking achol ok first of all not drinking that is going to be a good option! I am lower then 12+ but I am not complaining! Also (sorry I keep saying also) there are some inappropriate adds I heard they haven’t showed up for me but yea! Also when you get older you do not keep your dog- I know maybe when I was ten I kept it but now I have it when I’m 99? It’s sweet but it’s kinda creepy if messed up wrong and it’s just not how life works the dog would be dead by then. Sorry this was a long review thanks for your time bye! (Just if you have seen this a lot with many changes) sorry I keep doing this it’s just I’ve been getting new ideas of how this game is- y’a know... So yea

    By shadyshadow08
    First of all too many acts like every choice is an ad that’s at least almost a minute long second of all why would you put questions like that of 40 weather like will you “have it in the dark or in the light”. Like that’s disgusting I am disgusted by this appI downloaded I liked it at first but after seeing what these questions have I am disgusted don’t upload stuff like this

    By Lanereviewsapps
    This game has WAY too many ads. Every decision you make you have an ad to go through and there is 700 steps in just one game and one decision gives you about 6 steps so do the math of how long it will take u to complete one game. Horrible app developers. Just dissapointing.
  • Downloaded it just so I could write this 1/5

    By CornfusedBananya
    This game is so ridiculously stupid, I didn’t even have to play the game to know that this is just ridiculous, the ads are moronic, the subjects are NOT for 12 year olds. First of all the ad, what I saw, was a slightly old man playing as a woman.. kinda weird, and he was like “dUr aLriGhT sO lEtS sEe hErEeEEeE” and he played through some of the questions, the commentary was hilarious and not in a good way, one of the questions was like “your teenage daughter got pregnant what do you do?” And the answers were “Find the father” or “kick her out” not questions for 12 year olds.. and this moron right as he was about to get to the top, he failed because he chose not to wear a mask in public which um you shouldn’t be putting questions that involve the pandemic, its ridiculous I’m not saying that I agree with what he chose, its controversial and shouldn’t be in this game. So yeah thanks for listening to my rant if you did. Don’t download this.. if I could give it zero stars, I would.
  • It’s a very fun game! 3/5

    By ✨🧸🦋💖
    It’s a fun game but there are lots and lots of ads and it’s so hard to even get to play the game with that many ads I think you can change it to less ads and then it will be fun for more people
  • So many adds 2/5

    There are to many adds! DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!
  • Poorly Designed Ad Farm 1/5

    By Eli Godsey
    After seeing this game advertised heavily on other apps, I decided to download it and play through while installing a software update on my computer. Literally every question was met followed up with an ad upon choosing a decision. The storyline was terrible, and gave no meaningful insight into life. I was able to complete the game in about 30 minutes because there are bubbles that pop up which advance you 50 steps for watching YET ANOTHER AD! Some of the questions had four choices with a duplicate answer. Example: “What is your best feature? a.) Eyes b.) Voice c.) Arms & Legs or d.) Voice If the goal is to completely waste people’s time and annoy people with 30 second, un-skippable repetitive ads every minute, then you’ve succeeded. If that wasn’t the goal, please go back to the drawing boards with this one.
  • Doesn’t even Freaking work 1/5

    By dianadnp0821
    I download this app and read the reviews but I didn’t care so I download it and I Went to the app and it blocked me Like really!? Ugh 😑 worst game ever I give it a half stars 😑😑
  • Bad 1/5

    By alxandria grippin
    It won’t even let me on it so it’s not so good
  • Worst game ever made 2/5

    By Karmanderz
    I was drawn to this game because at first glance it seems bitlife meets the game of life which sounds fun, but the 2:00 minutes I played this for were the worst two minutes of my life. About 5 seconds were actually gameplay and the other 1:55 was ads. The animation is hilarious and terrible and horrifying all at once. Literally wish I could forget this game exists.
  • Way too many advertisements 1/5

    By Richchicken
    I like the idea but way too many ads
  • Too many ads and malfunctions 2/5

    By LoganTheLemonB1
    When I started playing, it was fine, but the game started playing ads almost every step. Also, when I got a reward, the claim button wouldn’t work. This is concerning but it upsets me as well 😡
  • how many ads do we need 🤬😡🥱👎👎🤧 1/5

    By Rocksand234
    bruh you get a freaking 30 seconds ad when a scenario pops up, which is about 6 second per ad (per ad is always 20 or more seconds my gosh)
  • homophobic 1/5

    By g hbxssjxxxvb
  • Really bad 1/5

    By me!
    Doesn’t belong in trivia category, it’s all trick questions. And ads.
  • NOT RIGHT 1/5

    By daniella.m.lopez
    This is not ok guys and it needs to be TAKEN OFF the App Store immediately! Anyone who’s a Christian reading this understands. This is a disappointment to God and honestly, me. Some people go to heaven and some go to hell, depending what they did on earth. Wether it’s a good thing you did it a bad. I haven’t even played the game, all I had to see was the ad and that was it. I got sad,mad, and confused. This is very offending not just to us, Christians but to GOD. When I saw the ratings, my heart dropped. I couldn’t believe that there was five stars on this game, a true disappointment. By the obvious looks of it, it don’t like this game. I don’t like it at all. #TAKEOFF #NOTOK!
  • I love this app 5/5

    By dedeisthebestxoxxo
    This app is the best you can decorate heaven when you get up there and you can go back down to get some more money
  • I 1/5

    By Duhvdgjhf
    I hate this game but i play the rift from the game at the guitar store all the time and everyone says “wow this is my first time hearing this song i have not heard it a lot of times.”
  • Omg 1/5

    By buddymofomays
    So many ads you can’t even play the game!
  • Way to many ads 3/5

    By CheezFert
    To many ads
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Tayten✨
    Too many adds like 🙄
  • Bad 1/5

    By jonnyappleseed 123321
    If your looking for a game that will play adds every minute. This games for you !
  • Looks cool 5/5

    By Erikachu
    I just saw the video it looks great but can you please put more details on the angel and the devil
  • Wayyyy to many ads🤦🏾‍♀️ 2/5

    By yeayeasingingchallenge
    I like this game and I like the fact that it’s supposed to teach kids not to make bad decisions but... it has so many ads. I keep getting ads every now and then like I’m not even kidding there’s an ad after every few steps you take. Another problem is you can’t even get anything for free, you have to watch an ad to claim your gift from heaven, you have to watch an ad to claim your pet, you have to watch an ad to do everything🤦🏾‍♀️ Sooo time for me get this out of my phone. Peace y’all!!!

    By Religion is a scam
    Game plays amazing little to no ads, religious churches have been investigated across America and pastors made hundreds of thousands of dollars. Lol
  • Ads 2/5

    By ABF321
    Would be a decent game but the ads make it unplayable.
  • It’s was okay but needs one change 2/5

    By XxSdevilxX
    I thought the graphics were nice the different characters were lovely although there was something that was bad after every choice there was an ad so it went as after as after ad I hope that the game changes that and stops putting ad after ad if you could do that I’d give it a 5 star rating other than that is was a great game
  • Help pls 2/5

    By 💜💗💙pb&j
    TO. MENY AADS and WHY IS MY DOG. 🐶 goneI watched a commercial for it and then now it’s gone can you please tell me why please I don’t like it oh and by the way if you want to get this game it’s actually really fun I went to but just not get the keys in the money because when you get to have any need them else you can’t be there and you have to start from the beginning I don’t like that
  • Pretty much an advertisement streaming service 1/5

    By Kuhneegit
    If you love having to watch full-length ads every 30 seconds, this will be your favorite game you’ve ever discovered. Seriously, I get that free games survive off of advertisements, but this is borderline criminal. There was a point into my FIRST play of the game where I got begged to watch an ad 5 times in the span of 45 seconds. You literally get penalized if you don’t watch an ad. For instance, the devil stops you at one point and tells you to go 30 steps back, unless you watch an ad. No other option, just an ad or go back 30 steps. That’s not how you put advertisements in your game. This feels more like a money laundering scheme than an actual iOS game. Stay away from this one.
  • Forget what you know about the Bible. 1/5

    By wetter94
    How is hiring hitman to finish somebody off the best answer to being bullied ?
  • This. Game. Should let. Us. Have more than one. Pet 1/5

    By degogo14
  • TO MANY ADS 1/5

    By Omg why won't you here us all
    Okay I'm pretty laid back and don't mind the occasional ads but this game has taken the next step in annoyance! People are saying ads every two choices. SOMEHOW. It's every decision I make EVERY choice equals an ad. It's to the point of asking are you even playing a game or watching ads.
  • horrible 1/5

    By 3'mily 123
    its kinda dumb why would they do this if they arent good stuff
  • App 1/5

    By tvvvvvvvvvvvv
    This app is so bad! I wasn’t able to claim anything and there are adds every 2 minutes. Wouldn’t recommend!
  • Way too many ads 2/5

    By Yourmom55555
    The game idea is nice it fun to play but I can enjoy because it has way to many ads and there are a few glitches

    By JESUSLOVER02476
    STRAIGHT UP BLASPHEMY!!!! first off if you have EVER read the Bible you would know it is not a “stairway to heaven” like this game is talking about. NO MATTER how many good things you do being a “good person” and making the “right decisions” does NOT get you into heaven. Isaiah 5:20- Those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness into light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and put sweet for bitter. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THIS APP IS DOING! IT IS TRICKING YOU INTO A “GOOD AND HOLY GAME” when it’s the exact OPPOSITE!! !!CHRISTIANS BE WARE!!

    By myloveelli
    This game is awful, I think because I can't know because I CAN NOT OPEN THE STUPID GAME. I can download it but I can't open it to play it, if you can, PLEASE FIX IT BECAUSE I REALLY WANNA TRY AND SEE HOW THIS GAME IS!!!😤😐
  • Annoying 2/5

    By jymmfbob
    I’m not even the “type” to write reviews but it’s seriously ridiculous how many ads you have to watch to even play. Not even 2 minutes into the games and I’ve watched 11 ads.
  • Ehhhhh....... 3/5

    By Xx star spam xX
    First of all I like this app, and I’m not trying to shame, but there’s a lot of ads.....This game used to not have ads every time you clicked on something. And I wish there were more characters. Other than that, this app is pretty good ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
  • Ad Spam 1/5

    By Sweetlovin69
    If you love Ads and obvious/useless questions then this game is for you. I should have never downloaded this to support the makers of this garbage.
  • Too many ads. Don’t waste your iPhone space. 1/5

    By Bob576789
    You’re going to spend too much time watching ads and the game is spent answering questions that are trivial. Don’t waste your time. If I could give 0/5 stars, I would.
  • Ads 2/5

    By Harley.grace 06
    Way way way to many ads there like a ad every 2 choices and it gets really annoying and it has options like watch and add or fall down 30 steps or lose your money that’s so annoying and crazy
  • So (AD) many (AD) ads! (AD) 2/5

    By I can't believe it was taken
    Okay so first off the game itself really isn’t that bad. It’s a fun way to waste time. But oh my god. There are so many ads it’s not even worth playing!!!! I swear every three seconds there’s a new ad!!! It doesn’t make the game worth playing at all

Stairway to Heaven ! app comments

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