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Staples Connect

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  • Current Version: 1.21.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Compatibility: Android
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Staples Connect App

We’re making giving back to your local community easy. Sign up for Classroom Rewards when you download the Staples Connect™ app. All year long you’ll get 5% back when you shop to give to your local teachers. Teachers enroll so parents can give Classroom Rewards directly to you! We also make it easy to access your Staples Rewards! Open your Wallet to access any earned rewards and bonuses from purchases and ink recycling. Here’s how it works: Download the Staples Connect™ app, login and enroll in Classroom Rewards or Staples Rewards. SHOP by creating a shopping list or search for your school supplies list and check it off as you browse your local store. EARN Staples Rewards and Classroom Rewards on your in-store purchases, plus it’s free to join. REDEEM by using your Wallet to access any earned rewards and bonuses from purchases and ink recycling. GIVE by donating your earned Classroom Rewards to the teachers or schools of your choice. Teachers VISIT their local Staples store and use those Classroom Rewards to purchase needed supplies for their students.

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Staples Connect app reviews

  • Too Many Apps 2/5

    By Wildcat2007
    Why do I need a separate app for these in store “deals” when I already have the Staples app? There should be one seamless app for online and in store experiences instead of having to clutter customers’ phones
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Dublin76!
    Great rewards service!
  • Too long of a process while at the register 1/5

    By Keslynn
    App requires logging in or creating an account which is too long a process for most people (including me) to want to complete at the register. I created an account once I got home and it keeps giving me an error when trying to link my Staples Rewards account. I know I'm entering the correct information. Currently a lot of hassle for no reward.
  • It’s WORTH to have it…APP 5/5

    By SHE-WEE
    AWESOME!!! None other stores like it! PERSONS…Friendly, knowledgeable, patience to the max, AND THINGS…price/offers, quantity…AOK Make sure to download the App!
  • Add the rewards to the regular app. 1/5

    By Dimira
    It’s a waste of time, space on your phone, and pointless. I already have the regular app I don’t need a second.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By 317rcs
    I’m extremely grateful to Staples for their generosity with people…I see this app as an extension of their philosophy.
  • Not working now 3/5

    By XenaFan46
    It was working fine last week. Whatever “bug fixes” you did a few days ago seem to have made things worse, at least on my phone.
  • Why a different app , than Staples app 4/5

    By sekhar2die4
    Why would staples have a different app than a regular staples app which has coupons
  • Load time? 1/5

    By GeorgeForce
    If you don’t use this app frequently, when you open it, it will take over a minute to load. Nothing beats waiting a minute in a busy line with everyone staring at you for the hold up.
  • Staples Connect 5/5

    By Startitupp
    The app is good so far. Helped save me money and it’s easier to find my previous receipts.
  • Still has old bugs 3/5

    By LouWestin
    There is still some of the same bugs whenever the in-app notifications pop up. For example when a notification for classroom rewards pops up and I close it out, then click wallet, the screen is blank. I have to close out the app and reopen it. When I reopen the app, another message pops up asking to allow notifications. The other bug is when clicking on wallet, the screen brightness goes up, but when you close out the app, the screen remains bright.
  • Staples connect 5/5

    By Frances Jean Rosie
    Sales associate Brian was very helpful. Store number 0504…he was very patient with me in setting up the Staples app.
  • Should be five stars, sorry 1/5

    By Grateful Girlie
    Staples is awesome awesome awesome
  • Time needed to review the site! 5/5

    By greymeow
    It’s new just opened it yesterday. Trying to use it but you interrupted. I just saw something I wanted. Time is needed to complete my thoughts. I would like to review the sale items if you let me. Will be happy to give my thoughts at a latter time!
  • Uh Oh message 1/5

    By MAWeber12
    Returned some ink cartridges to my local store and was made to signup for the new app. The sales associate put in my information except the password. Now when signing into this new app to see my rewards all I get is this account already exist message. I can not move forward to see my rewards.
  • The. Worst. 1/5

    By Frost detector inspector.
    This is by far the worst app ever developed. Staples should fire the development team with extreme prejudice. You can not add a rewards #. You must log in over and over again to see you account info even after being logged in. The guy at the highway exit selling used diapers has a better app.
  • Very nice helpful staff- in copy center 5/5

    By beviejane
    Went there this morning to find out and use the free shredding services. The friendly young man helped me with setting up the app, explained how it worked and shredded my documents.
  • Not ready to use 1/5

    By RedBearFeather09
    Staples web connect startup / create a new account / login for app procedure is way too cumbersome to tolerate. I have old one and will continue to use it, though cannot delete my new connect account just created as the delete my account totally locks up - can’t scroll down - can only see the top where it talks about some things that will be deleted. I thought it would be handy to have a barcode in app for clerk to scan at checkout (old app doesn’t have) to make it easier. —- It’s not easier for customers to have to install new app and either leave it running or login each time with a kludgey procedure. No thank you.
  • Staples 5/5

    By Winterisham
    …. Is amazing and has everything I need this place is like a candy store for everyone
  • Too many apps, too many accounts 1/5

    By Chessmaster One
    I am not going to download 3 apps and create 3 different accounts. Consolidate everything under one, and then may be I’ll give it a chance. Until then — deleting everything staples related from my phone to eliminate unnecessary complexity
  • Application 4/5

    By Dd0072023
    Stop with the questions
  • best app 5/5

    By TheJoey978
    receipts are great
  • App brightness jarring 1/5

    By Jensen G
    It forces my phone to full brightness just by opening the app. Makes me not want to open it.
  • Nothing but issues 1/5

    By pimpnho
    Constant issues. Being signed out for no reason. Not recognizing account information (although it’s confirmed to work at store level). Seems like once again Staples paid the least amount of money for development and got a crap product. Don’t use. Waste of time. In store coupons and deals are better then app deals anyway so the whole thing is completely pointless
  • Staples 4/5

    By nox killer
    Easy to follow and everything you need is there
  • Buying Canon Printer 2/5

    By Kabiyesia
    Not user friendly.
  • Review 3/5

    By ET2E
  • Where’s the update? 2/5

    By BKNYnyc
    Ever time I open this app, it says update to latest version. Yet, when I click on the update now button, it takes me to the App Store , which says “open”. I then deleted the app and reinstated it but it still said update! That’s not the only reason I gave a low rating. I’ve clipped. & saved digital coupons only to have them disappear before their expiration date. Terrible app.
  • Make it easier on everyone! 5/5

    By Adding Friends issue
    Hello, I’m an associate at one of your stores and have been through the countless moments of having customers leave after realizing the process needed to sign in. For the sake of your customers time, please replace the initial “join now/log in” screen with the “join for free” button that appears once you finally open the wallet. This makes it simpler for the associate to direct the customer to the product we want to sell and it makes it 100x simpler on the customers who don’t have the time to create new passwords and for those who aren’t as tech savvy.
  • StaplesConnect 5/5

    By Eolsmatt
    Twice I had excellent courier delivery but don’t know how to rate nor tip.
  • App does not work on my Iphone 1/5

    By fgfyhcsthjnyrwefghhfsdc
    I buy alot of stuff for my home and small business from Staples. I downloaded the Staples Connect app when it first came out and it would not let me create an account. It asks to open a window to a browser (Safari), to which I reply yes. It opens Safari and then gives me a black Staples splash screen in the Safari browser. Then Safari hangs. Tried again today (11/21/2022) with the same result. Running IOS 16.1.1 on Iphone XR. I would not recommend this app.
  • It’s awful 1/5

    By You know corp
    Save $5 after spending $50. It’s just a waste of time. Let this company fade away already.
  • Wow 5/5

    By LindaLawn
    Service was spectacular despite it being very busy! I appreciate the amazing people you have working at the Boston Road Springfield store!
  • Waste of our time 1/5

    By MyNicknameIsSeanP
    Why can’t we have just one login? Now you have to have a login for your Staples account and a separate login for Staples Connect App… I’m not going to use this app, it’s just easier to shop on Amazon!
  • Pain in the butt to get logged into and started. 5/5

    By Jmanorama
    Takes forever to get signed up for. Needs to pop right up on the App Store, not a secret one. Just replace the other one with this one. Getting signed up is a headache. Way too much effort for just a $5 coupon. Once it works though it’s decent. Needs a dark mode, a way to search the site and make it easier to navigate. It’s decent though.
  • Good Idea 5/5

    By this is the spot!
    Easy to manipulate
  • Great resource for CUSTOMERS and TEACHERS! 5/5

    By Drummerboy37
    Coupons update weekly!
  • Staples Connect 5/5

    By Soarkgq
    Love how this app Truly connects everyone and helps our students with the give back program. Amazing coupons and discount. Hey I lead one of the store as a Sales Manager. Great place to be a leader and work for. They truly care about their internal and external customers. Love it.
  • Associate Review 4/5

    By Neighborhood gray shirt
    love the app idea but difficult for some if they aren't familiar with technology. there are too many steps for signing in/verifications.
  • Evan service person 5/5

    By Union Beach
    Evan - Stapes Hazlet. Took time to help me set up app for staples. Pleasant, patient and courteous. Asset to Staples in Hazlet.
  • Easy App to Use 5/5

    By bnargo
    I find this app easy to use. I’m a senior and not too technical! Thnx
  • So convenient!!! 5/5

    By Dude#887778
    Awesome app. Make sure you catch the weekly expirations and deal updates, they change every Sunday!
  • Can’t create password 1/5

    By slybolo
    Have been making sure password has numbers, capitalization and special characters. Still keeps throwing out the same error messages.
  • So easy to use 5/5

    By donna-happy customer
    This app is so easy to use. Searches are easy and get to the desired product(s) quickly. Thanks Staples!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By xxdeedeexx2
    I updated the app and all of my coupons disappeared!! When I click on app it takes so long to login and then everything I had in there is gone! All my rewards my coupons etc. terrible app
  • Employee 5/5

    By Eddy D 1959
    The Employees in the Beckley West Virginia store are some of the nicest and Helpful I have ever dealt with in any store
  • Employee Bridgette in Helena store 5/5

    By older than 25
    Wonderful employee service and patient with setting up my staples account. Asked if she could take a tip she replied she wasn’t able too. We should all be so lucky to have such a sweet and helpful employee.
  • Did not work 1/5

    By Rosaaaaasss
    Tried opening while at the store. Does not open. Did not work for the cashier either. He was very sweet and was trying to help but nothing came up.
  • Café plátano 5/5

    By cafe platano
    Love it !! 25 savings in one shop!! Give me more! I will be back in!!

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