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  • Current Version: 3.0.2
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Star-Telegram eEdition App

The Star-Telegram eEdition lets you read the Star-Telegram on your mobile device just as it appears in print. You can flip through pages and skim the headlines of Tarrant County’s leading source for local news. The app allows you to easily enlarge type, jump from section to section, and share articles on Facebook with the tap of a finger. And if you missed the paper one day, don’t worry; you can download editions from the past 14 days.


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Star-Telegram eEdition app reviews

  • Can’t login with iPad anymore since last update 1/5

    By Watch.this
    Can’t login with iPad anymore since last update.
  • New App😡 1/5

    By AQZR3
    Please give me back the old app. Doesn’t download properly half the time. Locks up over and over. Wish I could give it a zero rating or worse.
  • App no longer works 1/5

    By Crypticmood
    App for iPad and iPhone quit working well over a month ago. Emails to Star Telegram have gone unanswered. Not my subscription because I can access content at work.
  • Yuk!!!!!!! 1/5

    By Lionbreath
    The new app is a pain! Try reading on your iPad in portrait mode. The blue navigation bars get in the way of the text. Try moving the page away from the nav bars, not fun. Try dismissing the pop up adds from the bottoms of the screen, shouldn't be there in the first place with a paid subscription. To say this is an intuitive app is far from the truth. Anyone use Wall Street Journals app? Now that's one to model after. I was pleased with the old app for reading this paper; notice I said paper, that's how I like to read it. In its original format. Please ST, fix this. I like your reporting, just don't like the new eEdition format. I grind my teeth every time I use it!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Jbateson
    The old app was slow and cumbersome but it worked most of the time. This new one takes failure to new heights. Be very careful when a pop up message occurs. If you answer the wrong way the screen will blank permanently. The only way to get the app working again is to delete and reload the app. What a joke! What elementary class project was this?
  • I-Pad Won’t Search For Current Issue! 1/5

    By Momatt1223a
    Finally everything works except the only way i can force my “new” I-Pad to get today’s issue is to turn it off and and reboot. Otherwise, there is no way i can force it to retrieve the latest issue - it simply opens yesterday’s issue where i left off! I’ve called the staff and they are clueless. Please someone with some knowledge, get this fixed! Starts my day off frustrating every morning!
  • Can we go back to the previous version. 1/5

    By amj-mansfield
    Double click used to bring up a nice readable view. Now you get a webpage looking article, complete with an ad in the middle. If I wanted a webpage look I would just read it through a browser. Sad to say, this might finally get me to pull the trigger and cancel my subscription.
  • New version is horrible 1/5

    By Wordy14312
    If the new version is not fixed I will be cancelling my subscription at the end of my current subscription. Hard to navigate and can't download for offline use. Just DISAPPOINTING!!!!
  • No paper 1/5

    By Husker5105
    It’s almost 10 am. Still no paper to read!!!! AGAIN, I will have to delete app and download again. Third time this week this has happened. New format is a DISASTER!!!!!!
  • New interface is TERRIBLE 1/5

    By wyguy56
    I agree with TexasHyde. The old app was fine. The new one is far more difficult to use. In addition, the new app has not been updating each day. I have to delete the app and reinstall to get the latest issue. Called Customer Support and they didn’t have a clue. Said to try it again tomorrow. Lame.
  • New version really bad 2/5

    Was working great then "new" version... horrible.... does anyone test this stuff before unleashing.... and now on app no new edition since sat, oct 7.... I have to click on email from star telegram to see new edition. Aghhhhh
  • New design is a train wreck! 1/5

    By TexasHyde
    What a disservice to paying subscribers! What was once a simple and effective app has been brutalized by a new design fraught with inconveniently placed ads and frustrating navigation. There is now a large banner ad at the bottom of every screen. Full screen text viewing upon double tapping appears to be removed- instead forcing a sidebar of other stories to display. They even placed a red tab on the right side called "ads" in case you'd like to see even more. I'll be switching over to the Dallas News e-edition soon if this doesn't get fixed.
  • New app doesn't work well 2/5

    By Dullenoted
    This new interface is horrible for IPad. I haven't been able to read the paper since I downloaded it. I'm traveling and keep getting messages that my internet connection is slow. Everything else works fine, why can't I read my local newspaper? Please put it back the way it was, or fix it so I can catch up on the news back home.
  • Better change fast 1/5

    By DawnDee6
    I subscribe to read the print version of the paper. This latest version better be updated fast or I will be cancelling. The functionality of the previous version worked just fine. Please fix!
  • New app 9/29/17 1/5

    By Dennis Withers
    The new app display is irritating and much less user friendly for reading the paper - too much navigation to see a page. Bring back the previous view, at least as an option. Also - I don't like to start my day dealing with aggravating pop-up ads.
  • Stop changing the format! 1/5

    By FTP25
    Y'all keep changing the format & we like it the way it was. Just like the paper laying on my kitchen table, not keep getting bigger when I turn the page. About to cancel our subscription!
  • New Interface ruins great app 1/5

    By dTrull
    The new interface has ruined what was a perfect app for tablet. Just another way Star-Telegram is tries to run off customers, print edition got bad enough, now the iPad version has sunk to the same horrible customer experience. Tarrant needs a new paper all the way around.
  • New Interface 1/5

    By A12cpaq
    The previous version was so much better for the IPad. Why would you completely change something that was working well. I can see tweaks but a full replacement? Come on
  • Sign in 5/5

    By Sjchester7
    Okay, it's fixed now. I'm a happy camper again. Thanks for listening! Every time I open the paper, or go to another application, the sign in screen shows up and I have to sign in AGAIN, and again, and again... This never happened before and I've had this FWST app for several years. I tried to go to "support" but without any luck. The support link does not work!
  • Fixed! 5/5

    By rmctx
    I have used and enjoyed the app for many years. I really like reading the "image" of the newspaper. Just like flipping through the paper copy without destroying a tree. The login glitch has been fixed! Yeah!
  • Last few days have been horrible 1/5

    By caffeinejunkee
    I've used this app for a while, but during the last few days it has been useless. I have a subscription and just use the web-based app. I hoe they are working on a fix.
  • Content - great; App - annoying 1/5

    By Jsclist75
    Starting June 17 2017, having to log in multiple times. Sometimes, it is every page. Please fix this soon!
  • Unacceptable 1/5

    By TexSoto
    Wants you to sign in every 5 minutes and won't let you continue to read the paper. I probably should just subscribe to NYT or WP or WSJ and watch local news instead.
  • Like the paper, but app needs work 3/5

    By DerSchatten
    App works ok, but makes me log in every time I open it. Very frustrating to be reading, reply to a text message, then have to log back in to continue reading.
  • Sign in over and over again 1/5

    By Auntbup
    App worked ok until latest update a couple of weeks ago. Now you have to sign in six times to get thru the newspaper. Now it won't let me sign in at all.
  • Bad Functionality 1/5

    By CoreaZcool
    Can't sign in can't sign out. Can't move between issues. I have to uninstall the app to start over, knowing it will fail. I pay for this subscription...the least they can do is provide a simple easy way to access. Edit...where are you ST? Nothing to say?
  • Doesn't work with ios10 1/5

    By maximus1960
    Never had a problem until I installed ios10. Can't go back to latest issues once you go back past those days.
  • Latest ios upgrade broke it 1/5

    By KarenDBB
    I used to be able to scroll back and forth through the back issues. Since the latest ios update, I can only scroll backward, not forward. And only once. Then it is stuck on that issue until the next day. NOT HAPPY.
  • Can go forward 3/5

    By Thiendrah7
    Whatever you do, don't try to go back to previous issues. The app won't let you scroll forward to the present issue if you do and you'll be stuck reading old papers.
  • IOS 10 broke it 3/5

    By LoyalSub
    The app worked great with no issues for several years, but now with IOS 10 installed, scrolling previous issues does not work. Please update the app!!
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Wtrfw
    This app is annoying....must sign in repeatedly...ugh
  • Pain in the neck 1/5

    By T and toad
    I don't know what the issue is, but lately in the last few weeks I have had to continuously sign in to read the paper on my iPad. Sometimes numerous times on the same day. Time to fix the bugs!
  • Makes you continually sign in while reading the paper 1/5

    By bleon
    This app worked great until a couple of weeks ago. Now it forces me to sign into the app several times during a reading session. I just finished the Sunday paper and needed to sign in each time that I changed a page, other than by turning it. I had to sign in about a dozen times in all. Previously, it remembered my login and I never had to sign in, even when first opening the app. That is the way it should be. I am almost to the point of not using the app at all. This needs to be restored to the way that it used to be. Immediately. While they are at it, they should add a means of contacting customer support to resolve such issues. I had to sign in twice just to see if there was such a service. I could not find one.
  • Login login login login 1/5

    By rdjohn
    I'm about to stop reading the Star telegram after 30 years. Up until this week the online version was great. Now it's asking for my login multiple times while reading. Buy the paper copy.
  • Sign in, Again and AGAIN and AGAIN 1/5

    By GTi_roadkill
    Did anybody test this before releasing? Changing view to move to another section prompts for login. Sometimes just a page turn prompts for a login. This did not happen on the previous version of the app. Update soon or cancel my subscription
  • When it works it is great... 2/5

    By TXTejas
    But it doesn't always, not an iPad issue will not work on multiple devices, will just load the last edition that you have read on that device. Totally throws off my morning when I can't read the paper before work.
  • Great App! Easy to use! 5/5

    By SurvFan
    Great app! Just like the print version but formatted for my iPad! Well done!!
  • Bug not a feature 1/5

    By MrPixure
    (This had been a 5 star app - now not so much...) There was a recent update for the e-Edition? Might explain this (bad) behavior on my iPad2: - wanted to copy a bit of text, so held finger contact with screen to make selection function appear (hopefully showing cut/copy/paste)... - instead the screen suddenly jumped to an unformatted version of the article...with no navigational elements anywhere. Only function available was finger swiping to reveal new articles - but there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to their order - and no way to retun to normal presentation. Must now delete the app and reinstall in order to read it as intended...a ROYAL pain. This is now my 4th install -as it seems to be gaining sensitivity to jump to this un-navigable screen. Please fix.
  • Better than a "Paper" Newspaper 5/5

    By 1000 crazy women
    This is exactly what you would read in "paper" print only extremely user friendly and more accessible. Prior additions left out local ads and obits etc. This E-Addition is perfect in every way. Easy to link articles to friends, cut and paste, and it gives you a history to peruse as well. BEST APP! Well done!!!
  • Finally! A S-T e-edition! 5/5

    By Aggiecob
    I have been waiting for the FWST to release an e-edition. I love the layout of traditional papers and so far this works flawlessly. Easy navigation and not clunky like some of the other news apps with endless clicking through links.
  • IPad app is a great addition 5/5

    By txMark
    The IPad app is a great addition to the browser version of the Star-Telegram. Both are user friendly and easy to navigate. You can pinch and expand the IPad app version to make it readable.
  • Constant sign-ins 1/5

    By yushasama
    What's the deal of having to sign in every time I switch between issues?
  • Worst user experience 1/5

    By RalphyF1
    Have to sign-in every time you open it. No way to change or "keep me signed in" option. Does not connect with links in the articles/stories.
  • Multiple logins 1/5

    By Texas Lillybug
    Does anyone else have to login over and over to read the Star Telegram? I have the iPad app and have to login two to eight times before I finish reading the ST. This is ridiculous! Someone needs to fix this bad app!
  • Asks for email and password continuously 1/5

    By Skyhawker214
  • Duh! 1/5

    By CiciM
    Tried to give benefit of doubt by going to App Support before posting, but App Support site doesn't work either!! App freezes the first time you zoom on an article, then after rebooting, freezes randomly. Tired of rebooting just to read ever-shrinking Star-Telegram!
  • Inconsistent 2/5

    By BChuckle
    The concept is great, execution is greatly lacking. I have had to reboot the app many times as it locks up after zooming in to read an article. When it is working correctly, it is very easy to scroll to next page, section, or article. Please make this work as it is difficult as is!
  • Another genius "fixing" what isn't broken 4/5

    By TX Aggie '91
    The update "New authentication provider for Sign In functionality for current eEdition subscribers" is a user experience fail. I've been an iPad subscriber since it first became available and never had to sign in. Now with this latest update I have to sign in every time with a user/pass. Exceedingly annoying. Some twit who doesn't actually use the app made this decision. I'm strongly considering cancelling my subscription. Star-Telegram: Believe it or not, we can get our news from other sources. **UPDATE** - Feb 21, 2013 - I ended up getting ahold of Press+, and the gentleman who I spoke with removed the sign-in layer. Validated, it is gone. Increased my rating from 2 to 4 as a result.
  • Works for me 3/5

    By Allison sargent
    I saw all the negative reviews but decided to download the app anyway since I received a note from the paper letting me know that I have the digital version available along with my print subscription (not sure how long it's been available). I was able to login without issue and read today's paper. Having said this, if you already have a digital subscription to other magazines and papers, you will find that this app is comparatively mediocre. It almost feels like you're reading a PDF version of the print. No optimization for digital at links, no auto sizing to the screen of the iPad. Hopefully this is just a first pass and they will improve.
  • They should rethink this app 1/5

    By dicklanetcu
    I had a subscription to the paper version and it went unread because I was consuming news online mostly. Thought this app would be the way to go. NOT! Honestly…they would be better off scrapping this and going to a version similar to the New York times or Los Angeles Times where they don't try to "mimic" the physical paper and just have a solid, attractive, smoothly operating app.

Star-Telegram eEdition app comments


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