Star Trek Fleet Command

Star Trek Fleet Command

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  • Current Version: 7.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Scopely
  • Compatibility: Android
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Star Trek Fleet Command App

Welcome to the Final Frontier! Explore Khan’s Faction space to experience all new Mission content and gameplay! Unlock legendary Star Trek character Khan and his crew of Augments, and for the first time, capture special outposts in Augments space to top leaderboards and earn iconic rewards. You have the conn! Summon your skills in strategy, combat, diplomacy, and leadership to master the dangerous universe of Star Trek Fleet Command. Enter a galaxy on the brink of war as Federation, Klingon, and Romulan forces vie for control of the Alpha and Beta quadrants. Discover an ancient secret that could tip the scales of power forever. As the commander of a starbase on the edge of civilized space, you will recruit iconic officers like James T. Kirk, Spock, and Nero - and build powerful ships including the Enterprise, the Romulan Warbird, and Klingon Bird of Prey. Join millions of players - forge alliances, defeat your enemies, and build an epic fleet to secure, or dominate, the galaxy. Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, boldly go where no one has gone before! Be prepared to: - Experience epic conflict in a vast, dynamic galaxy - Collect, build, and upgrade iconic ships - Take the conn and control ships in star system and galaxy views - Encounter famous Star Trek™ characters in an epic, galaxy-spanning storyline - Help locals, fight pirates, or negotiate peace in hundreds of unique missions - Recruit famous officers with unique, tactical abilities - Ally yourself with Federation, Klingon, or Romulan forces - Work with and against thousands of other players in real-time - Build, upgrade, and defend your starbase - Discover new technologies, ship upgrades, and resources - Decimate the Romulans, brawl with the Klingons or destroy the Federation; The choice is yours - Create or join powerful player Alliances to dominate star systems and become the most powerful players in the galaxy Key Features: - An open world, strategy MMO - Free to play - Stunning graphics - AR Filters allow you to bring your ship to life! Unlock a new filter with every new ship you build. - Iconic Star Trek™ characters, ships and tech - Fierce battles among the stars with players all over the world - A New, immersive Star Trek™ story in the Kelvin Timeline - Become the leader or member of a mighty alliance - Explore the Star Trek Kelvin Timeline - Multiple language options Download Star Trek Fleet Command today and join millions all over the world. © 2018 Scopely, Inc. All rights reserved. TM & © 2018 CBS Studios Inc. © 2018 Paramount Pictures Corp. STAR TREK™ and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Star Trek Fleet Command app reviews

  • Some issues 3/5

    By Alaughman
    I am having an issue when trying to go to another galaxy. When I go to locate the ship I have in another galaxy it crashes the game.
  • Very P2W 1/5

    By Spelloyal
    Looks cool on the surface, but it is deeply unbalanced. Also, the battle animation is seriously lacking. Basically GoW / MS with just a shiny new skin and lacking the necessary mechanics to manage an alliance properly. If you don’t mind dropping several several hundreds to be competitive, have fun. Other war strategy games players that spend around 100 or 50-100 can be very useful, not in this game. Very sad, I had high hopes.
  • Do not get if you have iPhone 1/5

    By Susan 731
    If your an Android user, your ok. However, it don’t recommend for iPhone users. This game keeps shutting down, freezes & on many occasions it uninstalls. It’s horrible trying to defend from an attack & restart the game because it either shuts down or freezes. Right now my station got attacked & the game uninstalled AGAIN!! Many members of The alliance said they were removing the app from their iPhones because their sick of all the glitches. I have to agree. None of the glitches were fixed in the last update. Only the repair times for ships increased & I refuse to pay the high prices just to update the ships. And what’s up with the sunny message when the game starts? It’s a minor issue compared to all the others, but still annoying
  • No more. 1/5

    By xajb1
    I have played lots of these games it started out ok lots of bugs. It is still buggy support is horrible/nonexistent. They reply to you but they never fix anything. And when you lose anything because of there bugs or failures they don’t reimburse what you lost because of it. Apple needs to remove this from the store.
  • Don’t be fooled by the ads 1/5

    By None1.
    Definitely not what you see. The game is about “mining” and worrying about getting your earnings robbed. You will need to spend big bucks if you plan on surviving. The many reviews are warnings. The support is poor, game consistently crashes or freezes (I never knew how to force quit an app until I got this game), I got locked out of the game and their response was “oh well” so I’m done. The big spenders rule the game. I enjoyed it when I started and was in one of the top alliances. These players make serious investments and are able to stay online most of the time. At about level 19 most of the missions are gone and the costs increase. Once you make your first purchase the cost for the rest continue to increase and the less expensive ones disappeared.
  • Shields are useless. 1/5

    By Eshayon
    Game started off fine. Reached the level to start PVPing and on first attack learn from push notifications that there is a 10 minute window of safety to put up a peace shield. The next day, I am cleaned out by three people in the same alliance INSIDE that 10 minute peace shield window, getting attacked 13 times. People have found a way around that peace shield system. Don't even bother playing this game.
  • Full of bug/poor customer service 1/5

    By tobysa
    Game is overloaded with bugs. Some bugs cause situations where you loose resources that take a long time to acquire. They admit to the bugs yet will do nothing to compensate for loses due to their bugs. Oh and cant forgot the fact that resources you spend actual real world money on can be taken due to these glitches. They dont seem to care about their customers. Doest matter if you pay to play or not
  • To boldly spend money like no game has before. 2/5

    By Happy case manager
    I stared out playing the game and was hooked after the first few weeks. Yes f2p is slow and booster packs came in handy before long my investment in this game grew. Yes they are at a steep price with slow progress but that’s generally how these pvp games work. The content behind the game is interesting. Sadly as the game progressed and modifications were made more focus was put in new content than making a stable game. Major glitches developed resulting in players loosing progress through collective resources gathered. sheilds that were to protect bases failed without warning notifications about in game play stopped working. Understandable due to complex issues and for a time customer support assisted through making good to the players who lost progress(often purchased through enhancement pack at quite a steep price) through no fault of their own . It wasn’t ideal but hey they were working on it and vowed to fix the mistakes. Then greed took over and customer support vaporized like a phased set to kill. No more support of players who lost progress due to no fault of their own. To top this off some in game glitches that were “fixed “ resulted in a huge slowdown in game progress. While I still have hope for this game as it has some great ideas the greed and lack of customer service is dragging this game to what appears to be its demise ( look at the reviews lately) I will not spend another cent on ‘tis game till the major bugs are fixed. Prove me wrong Scopely make this game playable again and I’ll gladly change this review.
  • Positively Horrible 1/5

    By Mr Carter Slade
    The game itself is well done. But once you reach a certain level you simply become prey for the more senior players the only way to fight back or defend yourself is to sink lots of money into the game. In the end it is a rip off.
  • Not what Star Trek was meant to be 1/5

    By Ratslayeralpha
    This is probably the best Star Trek game yet! But sucking the least isn’t a reason to play. I really wanted to like this game, but the flaws are just too great. It’s typical for most games, you can buy your way to the top then to victimize other player a the Bully of the galaxy. You suppose to do missions and collect resources to advance in the game. But collecting resources is really just gather stuff so that others can take it from you. You will play this game really just to be a target for larger players. It’s not uncommon to be attacked 10 or 20 times a day. Your base can also be attacked over and over until all your resources are gone and the protections against that are a joke. Most battles in this game are like stepping on an ant. It’s not out of the ordinary to be attacked by someone 10 or 20 times your side.
  • Good but needs some work 4/5

    By wiekekemem
    Pls animate the repair and docking and also there’s a bug that the ship menu gets stuck if I do stuff
  • Horrible 1/5

    By KEBER007
    I REALLY wanted to love this game, and I tried for about 6 months... I found a great alliance to join up with, but that wasn’t enough to keep me interested... at around lvl 15/50 progress slowed to a crawl and without spending HUNDREDS of dollars (which I probably dropped about $400 on this game in that time frame) and that only got me to lvl 24. I had about 9MM in total resources stolen from me in about 3 min while I was making dinner for my family (which I paid for with real money) because the game did not provide the usual “10 min shield”. I have asked for Scopley to replace lost resources in the past due to game glitches like this with no success and the false hope that these glitches will SOMEDAY be fixed! IT’S A TRAP! Don’t fall for it, all these games are the same the sucker u in bc they’re free, but u can’t hope to progress or even compete against those that (must) spend THOUSANDS of dollars to get the highest lvl ships and bases, and then just troll everyone else just looking to enjoy a Star Trek game... A lot of the people in the game are really nice, and if u talk to them, they are friendly, it really is a shame that a few bullies and a** holes have to ruin what could (and should) be a great experience... I have not mentioned that there are continuing glitches in mining nodes and many other aspects of the game (THE REFINERY) do NOT work as they should... if scopley figures this out & they add a way to “report” and eventually “ban” the bullies (SliceNDice) I MIGHT consider coming back, but even that’s a stretch! 😒😞👎🏼
  • PvP is garbage 1/5

    By DanVander88
    The fact that someone 10 times your strength can raid you and take all your hard earned resources only punishes you for playing the game. Absolutely ridiculous!!!
  • Horrible waist of time 1/5

    By Jarhead308
    Unless your ok with spending money to buy items to advance, don’t bother with this game.
  • Online bullying is encouraged by scopely 1/5

    By tribbleTrouble357
    This game can be fun and a welcome diversion at first. However the game designers have encouraged an environment that promotes bullies. The bullies in the top alliances continuously raid bases and destroy the miners of players and alliances that have no chance of fighting back. When you are bullied the game designers want you to become enraged and buy packages for ship and base upgrades so you can ‘defend’ yourself. What you don’t realize is that these packages cost $100 and will only give you enough to sometimes level something up. You still can’t defend yourself against rich people who dump thousands of dollars into their account to stay more powerful than honest players. Oh and there is also the fact that if you buy upgrade packages, the abusive players can steal that from you too. I was a hardcore player for several months and I spent nearly $1000 on packages and upgrades. I was planning my sleep schedule and social schedule around the game and when it would be safe for my account for me to step away for a few hours. I reached level 23 and I was fairly strong for my level. However, I still couldn’t compete with players that spend thousands of dollars on the game, and I was just cannon fodder or a cash cow for the in game bullies to steal from. I walked away from the game and deleted it from my devices; I’m much happier now. TLDR: Don’t bother downloading this game.
  • Game won’t load 2/5

    By Jonnnnyie
    Upgraded starting ship to lvl 3, then got a quest to upgrade it. The quest bugged and would not complete. I tried restarting the app, and it just gives me an error. It’s been 2 days and it still won’t load.
  • Good game 3/5

    By tankr10
    This is a fun game when it works, between the bugs and the crashing it gets frustrating. The game itself is fun but poorly balanced, after lvl 15 be ready to cough up cash or get destroyed randomly by players who have insanely strong ships vs your level. Jelly's, those are nasty ships which most buy and then run around killing miners in a system...not much you can do but repair which costs you resources. Then your base, buy shields, you'll need them. When you get attacked you have a 10 minute window to put up shields or your attacker will hit you many times. Game play right? I get that but it drives players away combining all that with the bugs and crashes. Just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about...I played for about 3 hours, had to restart every few minutes and had to deal with 3 crashes in an 1 hour period..I played this on Android and it was much of the same, I'm on iPad now and it does seem to be a little worse. Developers fix this app!! Please fix it and cost the people will stay. In the game once the bugs are fixed and the lower prices will keep them coming back thus making you money.
  • Seriously flawed, incomplete game. 1/5

    By AdultGamer99
    Very excited to play and there are some neat features. However, serious flaws continue to plague this game. Currrently player names and station names are not visible on iPad version in a consistent manner. Service response was to click each and every ship you see to find out who it is. Obviously devs have never played this game. Huge costs and definite paywall throttle progression. You simply cannot advance in level beyond the upper 20’s without serious investment (thousands). Shields purchased for protection do not always last the correct duration or fail, leaving you exposed to raiding and loss of resource. This has been such a rampant issue, the devs have stopped reimbursing lost resources leaving players to deal with the flaws (most abandon). The game itself is incomplete, although Scopely is attempting to add more broken content instead of fixing basic functionality of the game. Our server is dying, no new players and existing players abandoning at an astonishing rate. I stopped contributing in early April at level 28, where I remain without being able to tier up ships or stations due to excessive resource costs. Will hang out until my stockpile runs dry and will never try another Scopely game again.
  • Great mechanics, bad design 1/5

    By Hakarn
    The Good: This game has tons of content. Tons and tons and tons. Bordering on maybe too much to do. Any completionist out there would go crazy. The setting is great. I do not I have seen a city builder in the style of space exploration before. The Bad: As with any city builder, you need boatloads of resources to advance. Absolutely everything is lootbox based. As some others have commented, you cannot even refine materials, you use raw materials to open a loot box with a chance at refined materials. On top of that, every button you click loads a menu. They need to study other city builders and see that dropdown menus and popups would seriously streamline the UI. The Ugly: PVP is an absolutely mess. Griefers can basically attack at all times. There needs to either be a cooldown on pvp attacking or have pvp combat as a timed event. Let's say each round becomes 5 seconds. Precombat would happen, wait 5 seconds, round 1 damage would be distributed, wait 5 seconds, round 2, etc. This would also allow for other ships entering the combat. Right now it is called Fleet Command, but you can do single ship combat.
  • Dumpster fire 1/5

    By omeko3
    So many bugs in this game it isn’t even funny. Got robbed of my purchases while I had a shield up, what does support do? Nothing.
  • You Will Lose Your Time and Money 1/5

    By -unfortunate sucker
    Simply put; it’s too easy for others to pillage and steal from you in this game. Could be fun for a patient gamer, but don’t dare sync any money into this game because it will be a waste. I learned the hard way.

    By Bishop0836
    Game is full of bugs that the developers won’t fix because it causes players to have to purchase more resources. Save yourself a bunch of time, run $2,000 through a paper shredder and have a friend kick you in the private’s. I do not recommend this game. Game is to unbalanced, to many issues while mining there should be some type of protection while mining especially from players that are 3+ above your level. The bugs are there intentionally with no intent to fixing them... Just stay away from this game... People should report this game to the Apple as Fraud.... * FYI there’s a lot of bullying from higher alliances dictating what you can do and can’t do it to the lower alliances so if you want to get bullied and you want to get attacked all the time for stupid stuff then this is your game.... THERES A LOT OF BULLYING IN THIS GAME DON’T PLAY IT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!
  • Poorly Designed 1/5

    By usatscruz
    Could be a great game! Wonderful concept but misses the mark due to simple design mistakes. New players can never advance regardless of spending hundreds (yes, HUNDREDS) of dollars trying. Tier limits don’t exist above level 15 so if you have purchased or earned anything it will be stolen in minutes by high level players that downloaded the game early. Frustrating doesn’t even begin to describe this game... The easy fix would be to prevent 500,000 power players from preying on 20,000 power players. Come on! Really??? Don’t waste your time or money!!!
  • Cool commercial terrible game 1/5

    By Mikedonho
    Game is glitchy and notifications fail more often than they work. Common known problems don’t get fixed and developer skews the game to make upgrades impossible to achieve without spending lots of money. Sent two help requests and received no response or even any sort of acknowledgement to requests. Alliances are way out of wack and basically two alliances win all rewards. Lots of bullies that ruin game for newer players. Lots of swearing and talk about drug use in public chat forums. Gave one star because I can’t give less. Run don’t walk away from this game
  • Yup. I’m done. 1/5

    By UniPuzzles
    Seriously unbalanced, unmanageable, and just plain *unfun* game. I’ve given it months, looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s just not there. Don’t expect anything genuinely Star Trek here; it’s all just base-building and mining, no real exploring, no diplomacy (something this game desperately needs), no science, just hours of thumb-twiddling and getting trolled. Everything you read in these reviews is true; it’s buggy (constantly crashes), systems are full of broken nodes, and you don’t get credit for what you do accomplish. And even when you do ... so what? I won 100k in Parsteel and Tritanium and 60k in Dilithium (rarest and yet most necessary substance in the universe), and it was all gone just hours later when another player destroyed my base and stole it IN SPITE of having a peace shield up. In what universe is that considered fun...? You can’t generate enough resources to advance, but you can’t mine them either; there are only a handful of Dilithium nodes in the galaxy, for instance, and none are ever open. Your only hope, after constantly being bullied by stronger players, is to start bullying weaker players yourself. Y’know ... just like in Star Trek. (Funny thing is, I’d have been willing to spend some money on the game, but the Store is impossible to understand, so I never did. Good thing, too, because another player would’ve just stolen what I’d bought anyway.) So there’s no sense of progress or achievement to be had here, just standing in place and watching yourself get blown up over and over again. The fact that they’ve inflated the ratings here (I have yet to see more than one single 5-star review here) tells you everything you need to know. Please, folks, don’t waste your time with this. You’re just setting yourself up for disappointment.
  • Awful...New Players Stay Away 1/5

    By Obikwan09
    A ST fan since my youth, I played this for couple of weeks. You will get ganked by players left and right when trying to progress through early missions in the game. There’s a player named ROOMBA who prides himself at sweeping through daily and destroying system after system of early stage players, then brags about doing so in general chat. It’s a toxic environment where nerd whales buy elite ships and then use them to steal your hard-earned resources. Stay away.
  • SCOPELY perverts the Star Trek brand. 1/5

    By 844352
    Scopely specifically designed this game to make all new players to be the junk players that their own Scopely employees and their associates poach regularly and hack to prevent advancement. It’s how they can claim to be the best players as they steal your resources to advance. They have constant glitches that victimize new players and their alleged customer support will only offer lip service and tell you to endure the abuse in hopes that they will let others advance in the future. It is all a big fraud ran by imbeciles who have fantasies of being a cross between a Klingon and Feregie. The Star Trek and CBS brands should immediately withdraw from SCOPELY for the damages they are doing to their iconic names. Stay away from this corrupted scheme.
  • Game keeps crashing every day when I switch between different parts on the interior of my base 5/5

    By The Marine 3531 Motor T
    And I can no longer buy anything on here anymore it won’t let me it would be nice instead of starting off with the 4.99 dollar upgrades and jumping up to 20.00 right after you buy those upgrades to keep the lower dollar upgrades with decent gifts in it would be very great
  • Set phasers to daylight robbery 1/5

    By Andyv117
    Only consider downloading this game if you have serious money to waste, otherwise you will see your ships and your base decimated over and over again because you can’t get enough shield lbs to protect yourself without paying nor mine enough resources to repair your stuff without being destroyed. This game is so full of bugs you can barely play anyway.
  • Fun, but not worth spending real money on 1/5

    By csljr1
    The game is fun at first, but after ~14 levels you are forced into PvP. I am playing the game for the storyline and for PvE, but the developers didn’t make the game for that kind a player. Background (skip this paragraph and go to the next for the TL;DR version of why to not waste any money on purchases): I had purchased the highest Jellyfish package (to get the ship from the 2009 ‘JJ-verse’ movie). I received much of what I expected, including schematics to build the ship and lots of parasteel, tritanium, and dilithium to use toward upgrading the ship. However, the ship parts were insufficient to complete the upgrades all the way, so I had a large repository of materials for when I finally acquired the parts. My repository of materials I paid real money (dollars, not latinum) for was wiped out last night by a repeated PvP attack on my base. The same player attacked me three times in a row, and took the majority of the resources I had paid for as part of the Jellyfish package. In other mobile games, there is an automatic PvP shield that comes up after being attacked, that lasts 8 hours or until you as a player launch a PvP attack of your own. There is no such functionality in this game - if you are attacked overnight/while sleeping, or at a job if you can’t play during the day, there is nothing to stop the same player from robbing you blind (attack your station and steal your resources, repair their own ship, and attack again while you are still away and unable to repair any defenses damaged in the repeated attacks). As a result, I lost 90% of the resources I had left. I’m disappointing in the game due to not making PvP optional. The developers argue in other responses to negative reviews that alliances and the purchasable peace shields are supposed counters to PvP for players not wanting to participate, when in fact they do nothing to stop hostile players if you are not using the game constantly. The fact that PvP is unavoidable ruins what is otherwise a fun game. This is a problem even while mining, as soon as your ship is above your protected cargo (<10% of what your ship can otherwise carry), you will be attacked and lose any excess material you mined; this makes it impossible to level up as you can’t mine more than a tiny fraction of the resources needed to level in any reasonable time and unless you’re willing to pay more for a ‘peace shield’ you will lose what you have at your base (anything which isn’t secure in your vaults, which only protect again approximately 10% of the material needed to upgrade a level around level 14). TL;DR of the TL;DR: don’t spend money in the app; some of what you buy can’t be stolen, but the majority is losesble to other players and leaves you having spent money with nothing to show for 75% stars of your purchase. I’ll k
  • Played for a while, but diminishing returns. 1/5

    By Drewseph1986
    I understand that as you progress, games need to become more difficult, but somewhere around level fifteen it moves from difficult to impossible without paying. PVP is severely unbalanced. You’re required to mine scarce elements, which is reasonable on paper, except every time you start you’re attacked by a stronger player and lose what you mined. The missions are a lot of fun, but eventually to progress you have to do missions that require mining, and see above.
  • Don’t just don’t 1/5

    By blueh
    I wish I had never downloaded this, waste of time, waste of money. Go do something else, seriously, all these reviews are telling the truth.
  • Cool 5/5

    By Wetrooster18
    This game is mind numbing!!!!
  • Star Trek Glitch Command 1/5

    By GodChaser1988
    I would love the game but there are so many glitches that I am seriously considering uninstalling the game. The biggest one now is every time I log in to collect resources I get maybe 1/100 credited to my storage. Parsteel generators are at level 20, so I should get over 56,000 credited when I collect... I get about 560 instead. The generator shows 56,000 when I tap it, but the storage goes up by 560. Same with tritanium and dilithium. Yes, I logged a ticket but all they’ll do is replace what I didn’t get that day - if I send screenshots. Am I supposed to log a ticket everyday?? I’ve logged in to my station and ships all nearly destroyed, my resources depleted, and no inmail saying what happened. Leveling up my buildings now costs more than my storage allows me to generate. And the packs are about as generous as a Ferengi!! It’s not even worth it to try anymore.
  • Good 5/5

    By Ships jobs
    Good game
  • Worst support and gameplay ever 1/5

    By linkinreagan
    Scopely makes a game with so many bugs it’s unplayable. They “fix” your repair times so you are forced to rush them with speed ups you have to buy. They are all about how much money they can take off you, and good luck if you ever have any issues.
  • Boring + Abuse 1/5

    By waitingforbetterapp
    Should be renamed mining simulator. Then have all your resources stolen by someone with a ship 15x the strength of your best ship and 8 levels or more above you. Nothing to do past level 13 where the missions end. Might have potential in a year or more with some decent development.
  • Needs balancing 1/5

    By RB771
    Game is fun enough until you try to make any real upgrades. For example your storages will only be able to hold 200k but you’ll need 350k to upgrade so you have to buy it. Mining is the worse part. Not nearly enough places to mine plus the ones that do exist are hard to find. Then you get some random player who attacks you with some ungodly high level ship you can’t beat. Literally just lost all 3 of my ships to one player and don’t have enough resources to fix them all. So unless you want to spend hundreds if not a few thousand on this game you can’t win. I don’t mind paying a little if the game is worth it but it’s so unbalanced it’s laughable.
  • Gene is rolling over in his grave 1/5

    By Mr CatDaddy
    U got to be kidding me! This game was on its way to being decent and now with the latest “fix” you spend hours to repair your ships after only a few minutes of play. What gives? And don’t continue with the lie that it’s now faster than it was before. Your spreadsheet is nonsense. Dev. fix it for real or call it quits and close up shop.
  • Pay a lot to win 1/5

    By xXStayClearXx
    Add this to the list of games that have great potential, but every bit of this game is designed to get you to spend your money. Packages run from $20 to $100. Mining take a long time to accumulate needed goods to upgrade, but you can buy them. PvP is a joke. No skill required, just have the higher level ship. You can buy that too. Nothing to do except mine or endlessly kill NPC ships. Stay clear of this one.
  • Games shouldn’t make you worry 24/7 1/5

    By HY-KERS
    UPDATE 5/18/19: Mines continue to break making mining events harder to participate in for lower power players. Every few months new players are added to your server and once those players level up to where you are, the competition to mine the rarer materials is increased significantly. Shields fail and support has admitted there is a bug if you engage in PvP battles before you put up a shield. How can you rest easy knowing your shield can drop because you played the game as intended??? Repair times were cut very short for a recent event, but are back to normal now which makes me play less. 👏🏻 for getting iOS notifications fixed. UPDATE: Uninstalled to fix issues with duplicate and phantom notifications. Upon reinstall, no notification option in iOS settings at all. Impossible to play without notifications!! FIX THE NOTIFICATION ISSUE!! This game seemed fun at first, but once you progress, it becomes player vs player and eventually you have a base and resources to protect. If you don’t complete your daily missions, you run out of shields and have to buy them. If you don’t, someone can attack you and take all of the resources you’ve gained. That said, the best way to get resources in this game is to raid other people’s bases causing heartache and grief to go around some more. Progressing as a free-to-play player is PAINFULLY slow. Spending $50 for a rare ship when a sale comes up makes it easier, but make no mistake, there are players spending THOUSANDS of $$$ who will crush you and take your resources. You will always be behind the curve and never “win.” Gene Roddenberry would have never wanted people to worry while enjoying Star Trek. Scopely and CBS, you have cast a stain on the Star Trek name.
  • Save yourself from yelling at the game 1/5

    By geekinseattle
    Once you reach a point others target you and constantly steal your work grinding grinding materials. They converse in text that it’s easier to steal rather then mine their own materials. It can be literally second of mining before someone steals your site, if you can find one. Then you spend what little resource you towards repair. Spent real money to get a jump but then lost it when my station was attacked. Love Star Trek but save yourself from throwing your table across the room.
  • Nice game keeps you busy 5/5

    By Durdok
    Lots to do here. Upgrades keep you busy and plenty of story to go around
  • Glitchy game forever 1/5

    By Gorno30
    Do not download this game. It has multiple glitches for example: if on an iPad it will just crash. So you decide to play on a phone. Yep get ready to restart many different times. Gameplay has serious issues. Plus there are metric crap ton of play to win and it is obvious. Lower levels are fun but then the longer you stay it becomes immensely difficult to advance without spending real money. Save your money, save your time. Lots of work needs done on the very backbone of this game.
  • Space Herpes 2/5

    By GunthyrLightfoot
    The concept of this game is good, but the execution is horrible. I’ve never played an online game fraught with so many bugs. The devs chop off the head of one only to create two more. I honestly think this game is coded by high school graduates.
  • Just lost my account 1/5

    By Highlander Smurf
    After may 16 update I can’t log in. Advise
  • So far, so good 4/5

    By capt, Kull
    Lots of fun
  • Love the game. 4/5

    By Rayuvsun
    Having a good time. Yet, I can’t move my base to another system. I can’t find any information on how to move my base correctly.
  • Pay to play 1/5

    By lsrsailor
    Fun and free until level about level 18, when the pay to play crew starts wiping the floors with you and the game is no longer fun (I.e. a ship with power 100k is getting pushed around by bullies / ships with power doesn’t matter what you do, who you team up with, you just die.) Additionally, game is very buggy and Scopely doesn’t stand behind their product. I lost resources due to their calculations not working, and the response is “tough cookies”. So, after many hours...I’m done, the real world calls - I’m sure not giving any more time or money to these guys!

Star Trek Fleet Command app comments

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