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Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes App

"The best Star Wars™ game to release for mobile devices in recent memory." – Gamezebo Live your Star Wars™ dreams as you fight with your favorite dark and light side heroes across iconic locations to become master of the galaxy. Create and customize your dream squad using characters from every era, including new characters from Star Wars™: The Force Awakens, Rogue One™: A Star Wars™ Story, and Star Wars™: The Last Jedi™. Engage in turn-based war, confront giant bosses, progress your characters, and take your game to the next level! CREATE THE ULTIMATE TEAM Rebel leaders? Imperial stalwarts? It’s your choice as you construct elite light and dark side teams while collecting heroes and other characters from the Star Wars™ universe. Make key strategic moves and pick teammates with complementary abilities to go to war with unbeatable squads! BECOME MASTER OF THE GALAXY Defeat opponents and rise to the top as you dominate the galactic hologames in a far-off cantina. Upgrade your heroes’ abilities as you play for even more powerful attacks and bigger wins. Then fight other players in Squad Cantina Battles, PvP Squad Arena, and Squad Tournaments to achieve greatness. PLAY WITH POWERFUL CHAMPIONS Make smart, tactical decisions and equip your heroes with the ultimate gear to enhance their damage in galactic war. Unlock fun abilities to make your team unstoppable as you unleash commanding moves like Luke Skywalker’s Bullseye, Jedi Knight Anakin’s Reckless Assault, and others. ENGAGE IN EPIC SHIP BATTLES Collect iconic starships and massive Capital Ships to construct your war fleets. Attack all-new challenges, fight through space, and compete in the Fleet Arena to test your prowess. Gather unique upgrade materials for characters, available only as rewards for Ship battles. Each vessel also has its own crew, adding special powers to individual Ships. Recruit powerful characters to create the strongest armada! RISE TO THE TOP IN GUILDS Lead Raids with friends and fight against bosses like the Rancor and AAT Tank when you create a customizable Guild. Collaborate with your Guild in Territory Battles where members unleash their entire arsenal of characters and ships against a progressively evolving battlefield. Show your dominance when you face off against other Guilds to conquer territories and top global leaderboards in Territory War. Terms of Service: Privacy and Cookie Policy: Game EULA: Visit for assistance or inquiries. EA may retire online features after 30 days’ notice posted on


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  • Fun yet a Cash grab 3/5

    By Kiddierimzo
    I’m in too deep to quit, but wow are they disappointing me. This game is a weak attempt for EA to milk money out of you. They continually screw the player base and care about nothing but profit. I wish I could quit, but I’m too addicted. Do not download if you value money/sanity/time. Other than that, it’s fun.
  • Best game I’ve played yet! 5/5

    By Cross- eyed Tim
    I’ve been playing this game for a year now and still don’t get tried of it. Even better it that I haven’t spent any money playing on it and I can compete with the top players. Always new challenges and characters to unlock.
  • Content not as advertised 1/5

    By Hccidjed
    After spending hundreds of dollars on in-game content, the game was abruptly updated with a major nerf to many of the characters I'd just invested in. EA was zero help when I contacted for a refund. Never spending another penny here again. Horrible cash grab using predatory bait and switch sales tactics.
  • Pay to win 2/5

    By Ardereeee
    I have fun playing but it’s impossible to even compare to people who pay for characters. It’ll take you years to reach the level of others. Also, never buy data packs with your gems. It’s rigged so that you almost always get the lowest amount no matter what.
  • Developers gave up on the pretense 1/5

    By JBillyB_
    As someone who has played this game actively for years and never had any problem spending money or dealing with the cash grabs, I will no longer be spending anymore money on this game after the outburst of developer CG_RyDiggs on EA’s forums. He dismissed a bug about the Sith while complaining that awareness of the bug would hurt sales of the characters and the game and then he locked the topic. This kind of openly greedy behavior from a developer (not a community manager) has shown me just how little the game’s devs actually care about their customers. This is truly a great game that is fun to play and I used to genuinely believe that CG has the community’s best interests in mind while being forced to meet EA sales targets. In light of CG_RyDiggs’ remarks, I can no longer convince myself that there is any interest in making a good game and only in the bottom line for EA. I will likely continue to play this game but I won’t be spending anymore money to support these infantile powertrippers. CG_RyDiggs message for reference so you can see what the developers really think about you as a customer: CG_RyDiggs wrote: » Hello all! First, thank you ALL for your contributions to this GREAT conversation. I've been wanting to have it for YEARS, since we released this game. I'm EXCITED to continue it. 1. I will SINK this thread over the weekend. Meaning it will not float to the top with new posts. BECAUSE, this thread for 2 days in the top of General will NOT promote the game and community overall. 2. I will bring the thread BACK on Monday, when I'm back in the office, and we will all continue. 3. REMEMBER: There are 10's of thousands of you. There is 1 of me. I pick and chose my responses. Read through the entire thread, THEN decide if I haven't already answered your question. I'm not going to be able to answer everyone. You will have to be OK with that, because I won't apologize for or change that fact. HOWEVER, I often see the same questions restated many times. I'm sure we can have a dialog, or learn to. Either way, it will PROMOTE the community and the game :) Have a GREAT weekend! TTYL (Monday afternoon~ish?)! CG_RyDiggs
  • Needs fixed 4/5

    By wvdinosaur47
    I love this game. I have played it for over a year now but it’s almost completely pay 2 win. Last year it was hardly that aspect with events that new players and older players that don’t play 24/7 could actually use. But now those events don’t occur anymore meaning us players that don’t have characters like the emperor palpetine and grandmaster yoda and even R2D2 cant get them any more. I hope the game devs read this because it saddens me to see great games like this go downhill to pay 2 wins. Instead of bringing back chances to get some of the old characters, they have been creating new harder to get characters. It’s getting very annoying considering we hardly have any time to farm those characters before new ones come out. I would write a full essay if they promised to fix this crap.
  • P2P ... 5/5

    By Someone Who has Seen Them Live
  • Great game. Horrible people running it. 1/5

    By Gomez1018
    Practices prey on those who have addictions like gambling. They use grey areas in laws to sell loot boxes and. It tell you drop percentages. Don’t listen to player base. Change characters after people have invested money in them. Game is great, especially if you love Star Wars.
  • Quotes from CG Dev Team on their Official Forums 1/5

    By Lucideus
    CG_RyDiggs wrote: » Hello all! First, thank you ALL for your contributions to this GREAT conversation. I've been wanting to have it for YEARS, since we released this game. I'm EXCITED to continue it. 1. I will SINK this thread over the weekend. Meaning it will not float to the top with new posts. BECAUSE, this thread for 2 days in the top of General will NOT promote the game and community overall. 2. I will bring the thread BACK on Monday, when I'm back in the office, and we will all continue. 3. REMEMBER: There are 10's of thousands of you. There is 1 of me. I pick and chose my responses. Read through the entire thread, THEN decide if I haven't already answered your question. I'm not going to be able to answer everyone. You will have to be OK with that, because I won't apologize for or change that fact. HOWEVER, I often see the same questions restated many times. I'm sure we can have a dialog, or learn to. Either way, it will PROMOTE the community and the game Have a GREAT weekend! TTYL (Monday afternoon~ish?)! CG_RyDiggs AND: If YOU don't like it, and YOU have data you want to share why it could be improved or why other characters might be more effective, YOU are free to share your data and thoughts. Actively undermining the game based on your feelings, will ... undermine the game and then... you won't have a game. Do you see why we chose to protect the long term benefit of the game? I invite you to edit your comments to be more in line with the goal of these forums, which is to promote the game, even with critical feedback Tromedlov13 wrote: » Regards And best regards to YOU! Have a GREAT weekend! CG_RyDiggs
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By cg riggs
    Disappointing to see that the moderators for EA are actually belittling their customers on the forums.
  • The best mobile app 5/5

    By Gerard the unstoppable
    Really fun game to play if your a die hard Star Wars fan
  • Change up the challenge rewards 1/5

    By maxnap75
    Day 1 player. I’m one of the lucky ones just because of that. New players have to spend a lot of money now just to compete. Their prices in the store are way over priced. When this game was launched they kept their prices reasonable. But now they (CG) became greedy bigtime. Also the last update with the Sith raid is unenjoyable to play. Their big hype for the month of February was a complete joke. They pander to the top players and whales.
  • Textbook P2W game 1/5

    By mhb210
    While the game itself has its moments, EA and Capital Games have really dropped the ball in recent updates. The new Sith raid is severely unbalanced, and EA/CG have nerfed most teams that are capable of doing decent damage in it. Events are launched with very little warning from the devs, forcing players to panic farm essential characters. Drop rates for essential gear is atrocious; there’s very little reward for time/effort invested. It seems the devs are inclined to lock essential characters behind a massive paywall and limit the options for F2P - textbook example of Pay to Win model. EDIT: In response to the “developer response”, this review is in reference to those very updates being referenced, as indicated in my original review. On the subject of the Official Forums, EA has a bad habit of deleting critical posts - even constructive ones - and banning the user who made them, so no go there.
  • Campaign for ships 5/5

    By Ains oal goal
    This got better since the very last time I played it just wish the mods weren't so expensive. I would really love it there was a light and dark side mode for the ships, that's honestly my favorite part about the game.
  • Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes 1/5

    By Jabba 44
    I’m a player who has played since launch and only reason I continue is my guild . Game is a lot of fun but tailored for people that can spend a lot of money in the game. The game developers actually change content if your doing well so you have to spend to get back to where your doing well again it’s a endless cycle. There actually nerfing damage out put on a legendary character we just received now. Games fun but would only suggest playing if you can drop $20000 playing a mobile game.
  • Too many cash grabs 3/5

    By bgholston
    Games ok but they're constantly doing cash grabs and doing things that screw over their player base like nerfing meta toons that are free to play in favor of new pay to play. They release new must have toons that require multiple terrible toons to be seven stars in order to unlock the must have toon. This would be ok but they give you two or three days notice. It's all good though because they'll release a pack for $100 that will give you 10% of the shards you need.
  • Great game 5/5

    By Willwilly123456789097
    Can we get general grievouses ship because it was the coolest ship in the game
  • Don't trust these guys 1/5

    By Reviewwriter1235
    Cg/ea is a dishonest outfit that doesn't care about the player community. Invest your time and money elsewhere. Disney - you should revoke their Star Wars license Lol. I got a completed form letter dev response thank you to this. Further evidence that they are clueless / don't genuinely care. What a joke
  • Avoid 1/5

    By Mad Paladin
    Core content locked behind paywalls and gambling. Repetitive gameplay. Badly balanced levels. Seriously, EA phoned it in and expects you to pay dozens if not hundreds of dollars to MAYBE get access. EDIT: So EA sent a reply saying that they’ve added more stuff. Maybe they should try fixing what they have. EDIT (3/16/18): EA tried to reply to this review again saying they’ve addressed the issue. They haven’t. Specific example: game is currently re-running an event that requires two characters (Ep 7 Han and Chewie) with such low drop rates it is effectively impossible to enter the even unless you’ve dropped far too much money on the game (several hundred $, likely). No pay, no Rey?
  • New update crashed my game. 1/5

    By M&M NinjaMom
    I have loved this game and played almost every day, however, the new update has caused my app to no longer work. I installed the mandatory update two weeks ago and now my app will not load past the opening screen. I thought perhaps it was my phone which was starting to age so I purchased a new iPhone X to remedy that. It made zero difference. I tested my WiFi, it works fine. I have tried to open the app many times with the same results. Very disappointed I can no longer play.
  • This game is comparable to the 3rd Riech 1/5

    By Beefsquatch69
    I know that's a horrible comparison but hear me out, I have played since xmas15. The game started out amazing but EA/CG has done nothing but implement poor patches with bait and switch tactics, this mod update is a prime example, the first few days many spent hundreds of dollars to have all purchased equipment nerfed to useless garbage without refunding money. Also here is the 3rd Riech comparison, on the forums the moderators have been censoring and banning hundreds of people for voicing concern and constructive criticism, pure social media control to bend the masses to accept this strong handed deception, sound familiar? Also the gameplay systems/modes have been improperly balanced so that very meager rewards that are required to lvl and progress anything with your characters is near impossible. So the majority of players are basically stuck in this developer created concentration camp where you linger on the meager rations available until you fatigue out of this game and quit. don't waste your time with this game unless you want to spend about 20k dollars or more just to have EA bait and switch you with the next update. Update 3/16/2018. The game still employs same bait and switch tactics, in example. Buy this new toon for over $300 and a few days later nerf their ability to do what is promised. Stay far far away from this game.
  • Fun but beware when spending money 1/5

    By DeanoLavorto
    Free to play is fun. I used to spend some cash every now and then but with latest update they decided to nerf a character people spent upwards of $300 for. That’s insane to introduce a character let people spend that much money on then nerf it after a week. Edit after dev response-I did share my feedback on your website it was ignored and then deleted by a mod. This is just another blatant example of how this game completely ignores and devalues customers.
  • Good game ruined by pay to win model 1/5

    By Mike quarry
    The game itself is pretty good, but that quality is almost entirely overcome by a development team that antagonizes the player base, doesn’t test new content, leaves bugs in for ages, and only does anything (including release new content) in order to increase in app purchases at the expense of making a better game.
  • Whoop whoop! 5/5

    By Jazer Blaze
    I been plying this game for about 8months, and have found to be the best mobile game app out of them all. It’s challenging and fun. GET AT IT!
  • Great game 5/5

    By infidale
    Played every day since the game released and still loving it.
  • Need help 4/5

    By Cohu35
    The game i love Star Wars game but can you have better hero Cause when I come to recent level I get smushed! With the fleet training This is for the developer team help me please!!!!
  • Very Expensive | Good Game 1/5

    By TheOleRopeADope
    The game is solid, don’t get me wrong, however, the amount of money you have to spend to be successful in the game is a minimum of $700 over the course of 1-2 months. The majority of the purchases in the game utilize gambling style tactics, with the odds heavily, emphasis on heavily, in EAs favor. Disappointing, because I’m sure these tactics are extremely lucrative on the younger demographic of players.
  • Play and Pay 4/5

    By Lt.Buyus
    The game is very good. It has changed a lot since it first came out. A few thing to keep in mind. First that game is a lot of fun, but like most free game to much is hidden behind some kind of energy. Second you will spend a ton of ton farming and grinding. All characters can be upgraded to 7star, Plus gear, and you have to level up abilities. Third you will never have enough money to do all of the thing you want. Every thing takes gold, everything. Lastly the events are very cool but sadly some events require off the walk characters to be 7 Star. Very hard to do when you lock so much behind energy road blocks. If you’re a fan of Star Wars give it a shot but just understand it suffers from the same problems that all free to play games do.
  • New raid content is awful and unbalanced. 1/5

    By Keith C
    The latest addition to the game, the Sith triumvirate Raid, is an awful unbalanced mess. Simultaneously, they broke their more or less okay matchmaking algorithm for the best mode in he game - Territory Wars - while adding to defensive requirements making it a completely unfunny slog. Bad times in the Cantina. Don’t bother picking up this game if you’re not already neck deep. And if you are, consider bailing.
  • Highly addictive... played everyday multiple times for 2yrs then... 1/5

    By jeffreywiggins
    Updated 03/19/2018 - After posting this 2 1/2 months later EA reads it and asks me to email some support email address to let them research it. So after I spend money and get banned because as Guild Leader I kicked someone out for breaking our set and posted Guild Rules and that person whines to EA I get asked to send them something.... worst support ever.... waste of my time. Loved the game and challenges and even “donated” money to get things (which I never pay inapp or for games)... built up to level 85 and became the leader of a guild... then we got a player in the guild that refused to help others and disobeyed the rules set by the guild... after several warnings I booted him/her and next day he/she came back so warned and booted again... next day I was banned on both my iOS and Android accounts (yes I was so addicted I played separately on both) because of that players complaint of abuse... Android permanently and iOS for 27 days... so I’m done... no more money to EA so some whiney snowflake mommas boy can whine to EA and they do no investigation before acting...
  • Awesome but greedy... 2/5

    By Voxynking
    I love playing the game. However, they have events that they do not advertise, they keep toons walled up behind pay walls, and their drop rates on gear are low 20%. My biggest issue is that they have goons with abilities that you build up by paying or buy farming. You spend hundreds of dollars or hundreds of hours to get a toon to a certain level, then for whatever reason they want the characters abilities are nerfed. Thus, making all of that effort moot. They did this with a major legendary character Jedi Rey. This is very frustrating. I spent a lot of time and money to get her, and she is useless in the new raid now. The game does a good job of expanding unfortunately they do not increase ones ability to gain resources at the same rate. They say they want the game to be difficult but that seems they only mean for it to be difficult for those who do not want to put $1k a month in for resources. They need to find a better balance between the bottom line and game enjoy ability. Hopefully there’s going to be some adjustments in the future. I gave up on Star Wars commander for very similar reasons. I can see giving this one up as well.
  • Bait and switch 1/5

    By DK9933
    Company uses deceptive practices. Do not recommend
  • GREEDY! Devs dry up game to force purchases lose yr old players 1/5

    By BlackBatStrings
    Great you commented on my review...the part I left like a year ago! I’m not impressed nor appeased because seeing all the dev comments you posted today you obviously know there are HUGE problems and your greed is #1 on the list but still you dont fix ANY of it! Want us to feel like we matter? FIX THE GAME! AND THE GREED! Honestly who offers in app purchases for $50-100 and says you MIGHT get 5-330 and none of us have EVER heard of ANYONE getting 330, it’s ALWAYS under 10! Are you kidding?! Casinos don’t even bleed you that dry! I have played this game since 2016 and not once has anyone gotten their monies worth! Anybody looking for a good f2p game that is seriously f2p play clash of clans, they give you enough to be competitive unlike this vampire game that only cares about money not players. Read the other reviews we aren’t kidding when we say they charge you HUNDREDS of dollars for one character...pixels...and then they will make that character obsolete changing stats, “reworking” teams, so you have to pay more for someone else. You wouldn’t pay hundreds for tires on your car that only last a couple months, why would you pay hundreds for a graphic that won’t last a couple of months?! How much did WE pay for your bogus awards that you don’t deserve?! QUIT IGNORING YOUR PLAYERS! Us old players, we made this game for you and you thank us by catering only to the hacks and those that are stupid enough to pay. Thanks... Wow good job, you have dried up the game to try and get purchases to the point our guild mates who have played over a year are quitting the game at an incredible rate! Thanks! In your greed you have forgotten the people who play the game are your best advertisement and now we just get newbies trying out the game, play for a couple weeks and abandon it because they can’t get anything they need. No gear, no sims, no shards, no players. this games gone to crap, now if you are one of the “elite lucky ones” you get placed on a special server that allows you to easily win sections, while the majority are left to struggle in the real game. Also making it nearly impossible for guilds to know who’s cheating and who isn’t. If there is an event coming you won't be able to get shards you need to play it without paying an insane amount of money because they have set it to not give them to you, as soon as the event is over things return to normal. The game is glitched out beyond belief with floating heads and stalled game play been that way for months, they fix nothing but keep adding new characters that make the ones they forced you to pay for before obsolete. Why do you have to get the? Because they over power the new ones so the only way to be competitive is to pay, then a few months later they “adjust” them by turning them down or turning up others. Also be prepared to live in the forums and devote your life to all their little “mysterious” changes. I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone! This game used to be fun but now its become a fulltime job that you cant ever get ahead in. The booster packs are ridiculously priced (one pack for the price of a console game!) in true disney fashion and it is NOT a game that you can play for free because as you advance you will find without spending an insane amount of money youve hit a ceiling. They dump additions to the game in at an alarming rate to make you feel pressured to buy their overpriced packs that give you minimal help. They are now adding guild activities as a way to get other players to pressure you to advance aka buy packs or you cant participate in the activity. This is an APP, its insanity to spend 20-50 for a few shards, id rather buy console games, where the graphics, game play and story match the price.
  • 100 5/5

    By Rahn Jerobi
    One of the greatest mobile games i've ever played!
  • Reliable but boring 3/5

    By beazlebob
    The same series of battles against the same opponents tends to erode the novelty.
  • Used to be fun 2/5

    By Hoppy Frog Hopper
    Have played for over 2 years. Don’t need to spend money but the grind without spending is for real. The new Sith raid just isn’t fun. Its hard and should be for being the latest content dropped but its just boring mechanics.
  • Can’t play anymore 1/5

    By turdguy
    I it’s a love hate relationship with this game, it is horribly unbalanced so I usually find myself feeling like like I’ve wasted my time and accomplished nothing because I’m never ahead, it doesn’t matter how much you play or pay( and I pay) you simply can’t get any better than ea dictates, truly I hate this game to its very core... yet I’m brainwashed enough to keep playing because I like the core content, stay away from this garbage if you have any sense.... it’s no better than liquor, weed or heroine, it’s a waste of time money and effort, fun for a minute but terrible after the fact
  • Effin greedy EA 😂😂 1/5

    By SecondGameSucks
    Go ahead, be a tool, spend $100 on their BS "Ultimate Bundle" 😂 Pathetic that games charge this kind of money for something that doesn't have any real world application. Go out, take that hundred dollars, and go spend it on something tangible, something you can ACTUALLY use. Put it into a college fund, do something with your money that actually matters instead of wasting it on something that means (and is worth) LITERALLY NOTHING. Edit: It had nothing to do with that specific pack, r-tard. It’s about the fact that you money grubbing worms charge exorbitant prices for absolutely nothing. You don’t get what you pay for, whatsoever. The only reason you melon-heads make money is due to the fact that the “whales” have no true concept of money, so they constantly buy your overpriced bags of dogsh*t. I guess marketing toward stupid people pays off.
  • Not Sure 3/5

    By JC McThisgamesucks
    Decent game. That is until the Devs unwind character mechanics you’ve already spent money and time on- without notice. I would only recommend this game if you’re solely free to play. I’ve spent money on the last, newest 5 paywall characters, and they’ve nerfed them all for a questionable reason. There’s no guarantee your money and time will be worth anything even a month or two after you finish getting your characters fully geared and skilled up. Devs are losing touch with the player base, and reality it seems.
  • Greedy 1/5

    By JasonDeegan
    - Gamers surrender far too much control (schedule, drop rates, RNG, black-box results). - The game values itself at over $10,000 to fully complete!!! Unfathomably greedy. - Very poorly designed: One character’s ability is described as “enemy cannot revive from this attack” and the other has “endless revive.” Another has the “will dodge next attack”, no, that doesnt work - Thrawn just dismisses that. Stun a computer opponent and after the stun wears off, he moves next. What is the point of stun?!? Uhhhh, heh? - They ran out of ideas - endless reviving zombies and demonic characters. In Star Wars? Puh-lease. One star is too generous.
  • Dont waste your time 4/5

    By Grhffd
    This game will take all your time. Very addictive. When you get farther in the game it will only aggravate you. Galactic wars needs a lot of work to repair it. The Galactic battle is absolutely impossible. Dont expect to win more than a few in the beginning and after that they select characters that will wipe out even your best team without a scratch, which will aggravate you that you never get a chance to win something that could be made to win with the right moves. Even the best moves cannot defeat these characters that they match you up with. You could have the best tactic to get to the end, but if the next battle, the game can decide if you will pass or not. Usually can get by the first 4 battles, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen on the first fight.
  • Old account 1/5

    By Valdris16
    I have tried to contact the support team to get my old account back. I got zero help and had to create a new account. All the money that was spent is gone... Thanks for nothing
  • Great Game but.... 4/5

    By Rc5star
    I love the game but it’s run like a cash grab. It’s “free” but like any free game get ready to pay up if you want to be competitive. The developers will release content with no warning so you need to spend money if you want it. Still a great game and fun to play.
  • Plz read 5/5

    By 7537853
    The game is is fun but some events take to long to come back and go away to fast and can you make like special character events come back quicker like the emperor Events
  • Well 1/5

    By Deathgigus
    If your the kind of person who loves grinding for years to collect 5 shards this is the place for you. Even in the daily farming of different currency, you can run into an unstoppable wall of over powered characters and your day of farming is over, For the day. I would give this game a better rating if, instead of squeezing every blood covered penny from or cold dead fingers, if it had a decent 1/6 drop rate. It would be worlds more enjoyable. Alas l, 1/10 - is best your getting, if your lucky. SAVE YOURSELF! It’s not worth it
  • Developers alter game after you spend money 1/5

    By november45th
    I’ve been playing since launch. Recently the developers have changed the mechanics of the game after players make financial investments to improve their teams. These changes weaken the player teams to a point where they would not have made a purchase. Questionable behavior from the developers. Response to Developer: Why would I go to the official forum when any hint of criticism gets deleted by the moderators?
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Rgjhdc
    Good game if you play it really casually or spend hundreds/thousands of dollars. Very frustrating otherwise Edit: wow what a great dev response
  • Meta 4/5

    By KyleK82
    Still an awesome game but once you get a good arena team they change the meta....then do it again....and again. Can still enjoy as free to play but have to dump serious money to be truly competitive.
  • Galaxy of Greedy Scum 1/5

    By drewdog666
    Capital Games and EA in my opinion are the worst video companies ever. Horrible business model. Claim you meet the requirements of an event so you try and fail the event. Thus prompting you to spend money to improve characters to beat event. Lying to people to make them spend money. How can you say this is a great game or company. Drop you ego you losers you just a horrible video game company. No one would really miss you if you went out of business. No more greedy cheating scum. Funny I got a response but no one has in past 6-months. Did I hit a nerve. Classic example of a bad company. BB event, my first order squad is all seven stars, level 85, and tier 8 and higher in gear with mods. My power rating for my squad is over 63,000. My entire squad is wipe out before my first attack. There disclaimer is “prepare for anything”. You lost so you were not prepared. Great company. The YouTube video I watch recommend that your squad be a minimum of gear 10 or higher. Funny that is not mentioned anywhere.
  • Awful 1/5

    A pathetic game, made by a pathetic company.

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