Starbucks Stickers

Starbucks Stickers

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  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Starbucks Coffee Company
  • Compatibility: Android
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Starbucks Stickers App

You do you with Starbucks Stickers. Share all your coffee feelings with friends through iMessage. Just press and hold onto a sticker to add it to Message bubbles or photos.


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    By CoolBella985
    Ok so my friends and I are obsessed with Starbucks!! We all say that we need to buy one and live in it once we turn 18!!! Anyways I FINALLY have a Starbucks sticker app that is useful and has GREAT stickers!! ☕️ Oh and we love the sticker that says “ let’s get fraps” we LOVE frappe chinos! ( sorry for the spelling ) this app deserves 5 stars definitely!
  • Love love love Starbucks! 5/5

    By KCampbell007
    This is just the fun app I needed! Excited to use it!!
  • Thanks! 5/5

    By patsy🦋
    Thanks for including “Tea for Me” sticker! Great descriptions for Blind Accessibility Labels!!
  • Why?! 1/5

    By Tuty0606
    I don't see why we can't use it on messages or WhatsApp... I don't have iMessage and I didn't realize you needed it until now!
  • Coffee 5/5

    By Frappacion cat
    I love it. I text with it every day
  • What happened to the cup(s) with a tea bag???? 4/5

    By MnKPz
    Not all who love Starbucks drink coffee you know! Please bring back!
  • Not very happy 😔 1/5

    By #2Babycakes
    Where did my stickers go!!! there gone??. The only thing I see is your gift cards but my stickers or gone where are they
  • Older ones were neat and catchy 1/5

    By KrYoShi
  • Miss the OG 1/5

    By Tori_k101
    I hate the new update! The old version was so cute!😩 now its like a child’s doodles☹️😣
  • I love the support!!! 5/5

    By Staceyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    My best friend, who designed all these stickers, was a wonderful, caring, bubbly and beautiful person and I just found out today that she has passed away. It would mean a lot to me if this app continued to get support and gets used by all you amazing Starbucks lovers!! Thank you for all the love 💛
  • New update isn’t realistic 1/5

    By The review 360
    The stickers look like a illustrator for Nickelodeon jr. Drew em. Make them realistic again!!
  • App icon stuck 1/5

    By Facceofff
    This app icon is stuck on my iPhone screen it can’t be deleted or removed
  • Creepy 1/5

    By Kr1st0n
    The new stickers are creepy
  • Only gift cards 5/5

    By Rob1974
    Downloaded the latest update and lost all my stickers. Only gift cards that you have to buy.
  • How do you use this 3/5

    By madi_pix
    I love starbucks but I don't understand how to use this app.
  • Ugly. 1/5

    By Turaida
    Oh good, I was eagerly awaiting the day our fish wench overlady would bless our devices with her emerald visage. Except- what's this? Brown blobs? Poorly shaded emoji unicorns? A very washed out rainbow flag, held by Ms Starbucks herself- but as she's hiding behind what could either be a massive coffee cup or a poo-colored brick wall? These are not the kind of sleek, professional designs that we have come to expect from the Starbucks brand. These are a fairly obvious shoddy job aiming to capitalize on a new trend that preys primarily on parents who let their children access the app store and make purchases virtually unsupervised. And I guess it gets that job done fairly well. Congratulations Starbucks, you've figured out how to put in the minimal effort to make five year olds click and download your ms paint-looking unicorns by the millions. Well done.
  • How to Delete App May Help Installing As Well! 1/5

    By LoveChild2018
    Go 2 ur Messages & Just Randomly Pick a Conversation that u already with whoever. click the little "A" Looking Symbol. click the 4 rectangles @ the bottom Click Store Then Click Manage ! If it's Not in Green ,Click The Little Thing On The Side It Should Be Green If it's Added. Go back where it says store @ the app should now be located on that screen. press the app like u would normally to delete an app & it should wiggle then click the X & boom it's Deleted!
  • Where??!?! 1/5

    By Somebody that you never knew
    I downloaded this app... can't find it ANYWHERE in my phone... and I don't have the option to delete it or even search it.... read also that it cost $4 .. I better not see a charge... makes me nervous .. I fee like I might have download a virus on my phone ...
  • Starbucks lover!! 5/5

    By Jonti1993
    I am super excited about this app. I must say it makes my life with Starbucks a lot easier. Quick and easy ordering and I never have to wait in a line. The Starbucks stickers are the AWSOOOOOOME!!!!!
  • Finally, STARBUCKS® Stickers for iMessage! 5/5

    By minniebunny
    I am ecstatic that there are finally STARBUCKS® iMessage Stickers! There is a large variety of stickers and they are so easy to use. I read that some people were having a problem finding their downloaded stickers. If you have an APPLE 🍎 Device, here is a simple instructional on how to use the Stickers since they are automatically downloaded into iMessage. 🔹Type your message as you normally would into iMessage then click the gray box with the(>)symbol to the Left of your message. 🔹Next you will see the Camera Symbol, the Heart Symbol with two fingers, and the Triangular Paintbrush Symbol. 🔹Click the Triangular Paintbrush Symbol🔹You will see all of the items available to use on iMessage including your Stickers! Message Away! Hope this helps😉.
  • Hard 2/5

    By Mantha091011
    I don't understand how to use the app
  • Where is the food?! 3/5

    By msalazar5914
    There needs to be Starbucks food stickers like the cake pop
  • Can't find them 1/5

    By markyflies
    While. I just downloaded. Says they are installed but I can't find them anywhere
  • This App Is The Best 5/5

    By StarbucksLover300
    This app is amazing you can choose any of the creative awesome stickers that you want and they are so cute , adorable , creative , and cool.😻😽😸
  • Lucky you are getting one star 1/5

    By Addiction overload
    This app is not free at all. And not even remotely easy or convenient. So frustrating!!!
  • Need help? I will tell you 4/5

    By Sparkle all the time 💎💎
    Ok so a lot of you people are saying all it says is installed and you can't find it. It happened to me to but I figured it out go on messaging then go on gifs (where video clips are) and then swipe right and then they are there!🤗 now you guys are probably wondering why I only gave it a 4 star ⭐️ rating because I said it was really good so far so I will tell you why. I only gave it 4 stars ✨ because there isn't that much stickers so I was kind of mad 😡 about that part but other then that it's a great app!😝
  • Chick-fil-a 5/5

    By Mace mace 14
    These are great! So cute, please makes a chick-fil-a one!!❤️
  • What? Need help. 5/5

    By Pandabeaverawesomeness
    So I have iMessage, and I downloaded the stickers, but how do they appear on my keyboar?
  • WHAT?! 1/5

    By Sydney D 626
    Why can't I find it it says I installed it but I can't use it, I can't even update or uninstall it !!! TERRIBLE?!
  • Your new appp 4/5

    By Nana Annabella
    I really like the features that everything is right there for you to see. That the promotions usually pop right up for you
  • My Girlfriend Loved These!! 5/5

    By icthus
    I don't use iMessage to text my girlfriend (KakaoTalk instead), but since we love coffee, Starbucks, and use Bialetti Moka pots to make espresso, I chose to use this sticker pack. She loved it! As a side note, since this sticker pack is a new feature you will find unwarranted complaints you can't find it when installed. It's bundled inside the new iMessage features!

    By JazmynNykeya
    It doesn't work! I can't find it and I want it off my phone!
  • Where's the app? 1/5

    By charchar4d
    I got the app but all it says is installed! How do I fix this?
  • Why are people complaining? 5/5

    By sharonsh79
    Stickers are found in iMessage by clicking the new icon for gifs and such.... can't figure things out? Try google!
  • Cute and free 5/5

    By Coqui Unlimited
    Cute and free what else can you ask?
  • Where is the app???? 1/5

    By KP378295&3
    Installed it but where is it?? It's no where!!
  • Needs a Holiday Update 4/5

    By ZGorowski
    Pretty funny and cool, but Starbucks needs to update the stickers for the holidays! Include things like red cups, holiday decorations, and more.
  • Didn't work! 1/5

    By suprrconfzd
    Downloaded and nothing happened. Don't waste your time
  • 😡 1/5

    By susanl3e
    Where's the app???? Downloaded it and shows "Installed" but no where to be found. Can't even delete it!
  • Downloaded but don't see the app!! 1/5

    By melhoang
    Mine says installed but can't find the app or the stickers. Bummed!
  • Cute and cool! 5/5

    By Val Rose💛
    Super coolz
  • For the white trash female blonde who wants to use emojis in a whole new way 1/5

    By Initciv Ymra
  • Super Cute, Love the stickers!!!! 5/5

    By Moesha75
    I agree Chedder140!!! It is a free app an it quickly installed to my device. The pictures you see are pretty self explanatory and that's exactly how you view it on your device. You have to have iMessage for these stickers to appear in your messages, it does say this before you install. Just select your Starbucks loving friend and tap the App Store icon and your stickers should appear. This new iOS 10 is pretty amazing! You can do so much more with stickers, gifs, music, and photos in iMessage. I love these stickers and I'll be using them daily now! Thanks and please add more drinks and food items like the iced lemon loaf😁
  • Where is it? 1/5

    By LiLyy(:
    I downloaded this & it says installed but is NO WHERE to be found on my phone. WTH.
  • Pink drink 4/5

    By Kaylee Hetz
    I need a pink drink sticker for this app it's my favorite Starbucks drink I get 3 a week please hear my cries!!
  • Ok😑 3/5

    By Starcat21
    Was not the best app ever. They could have done better on the stikers 😕 but other then that great app🙂
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Chino62477
    I love Starbucks now I can do amazing emoji Starbucks cups and coffee now I LOVE IT
  • Not working 1/5

    By ChristiPace
    I downloaded and it shows installed but I cannot find the stickers in my iMessage stickers.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Chedder140
    Pretty good, now I can express how much I love coffee, I felt the urge to leave a 5 star review only because someone left a 1 star because they believe they were charged for it, and that Is a complete lie, it's completely free, he/she probably bought something else around the same time and forgot THIS APP IS 100% FREE
  • There wasn't a dollar amount for these. It just said get? 1/5

    By Eve67
    It wasn't until I pressed the get button that I then had the pop up that let me know I just paid iTunes Store $4 something? Not happy!

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