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Starbucks App

The Starbucks® app is a convenient way to pay in store or skip the line and order ahead. Rewards are built right in, so you’ll collect Stars and start earning free drinks and food with every purchase. Pay in store Save time and earn Rewards when you pay with the Starbucks® app at many stores in the U.S. Mobile Order & Pay Customize and place your order, and pick up from a nearby store without waiting in line. Rewards Track your Stars and redeem Rewards for a free food or drink of your choosing. Receive custom offers as a Starbucks Rewards™ member. Send a gift Say thanks with a digital Starbucks Card. It’s easy to redeem a gift from email or in the Starbucks® app. Manage cards Check your Starbucks Card balance, add money, view past purchases and transfer balances between cards. Find a store See stores near you, get directions, hours and view store amenities before you make the trip. Music Discover what songs are playing at your local store. Tip your barista Leave a tip on purchases made with the app at many stores in the U.S.

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Starbucks app reviews

  • Awesome & Convenient 5/5

    By KKelly0211
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this app! Get points for free drinks or snacks! My orders are ready when I walk into the store so no wait time! ABSOLUTELY LOVE
  • Love to skip the line 5/5

    By Jujubee06
    It’s fast and quick no need to wait in line you are in and out in minutes.
  • Happy Coffee Drinker 5/5

    By irishjavagurl
    App is great. Wish you had more games to play. I’m all in everyday. Thx!
  • So convenient 5/5

    By CaliCoasting
    Love the app Love the service Love the points Love love love!
  • Before this app I never ordered Starbucks 5/5

    By maddy boyo
    I used to loathe Starbucks because of the lines, the hassle and their atrocious menu signs. Now it’s a piece of cake to order and I LOVE IT
  • Amazing just like the drinks! 5/5

    By KKB07030
    I’m obsessed with my app! It remembers my orders and is super user friendly. I love the Spotify suggestions too
  • Would be 5 Star If 3/5

    By BigDaddy_E
    I could customize my drink orders; e.g. iced tea half and half.version of the app crashes every time I attempt to reload my card. Also, the map location fails every time I try to place a mobile order. I have to manually zoom in on my location and choose a pin point on the map. Please address ASAP.
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By VeganMormor
    I am new to the app. Right off I noticed that no where in the personal profile is there a place to add “no pork,” “no dairy,” or “vegan only.” Such messages sent automatically with an order would be very useful. Thank you.
  • Yay! 5/5

    By leesapanda94
    Great app, 12/10 recommended
  • A good review 5/5

    By menfjsnwksncjskwndndk
    It is such a good app and so much easier than doing it in person because if ur in a rush u can just grab it and go, plus it gives u stars which lead to awesome discounts❤️❤️❤️ #starbucks4eva
  • The App 5/5

    By LG192
    It’s such a great app faster and easier way to order my Starbucks in the morning love it
  • Best App Ever 5/5

    By racsanne
    All nurses need coffee and that app allows me to get coffee when I’m running late for work, have a second to grab coffee while at work and even earn points!
  • Could use a few improvements but overall love it! 5/5

    By dcdszc
    It would be great to be able to type specifics regarding for an order (ex: lightly toasted. I have plenty more but can’t think of them ag the moment).
  • I love this app!! 5/5

    By Felly R
    I’m such a huge starbucks fan that the starbucks app makes it sooooooo much easier for me to order my drink ahead of time Webern I’m in such a rush and don’t have time to wait in the store. Also love all the menu challenges for more bonus stars to get to a free drink faster :) I loveeeeee it!!
  • Compliment from Dallas TX 5/5

    By DAL Jules
    Store: Mockingbird and 183 location. I have gone through the drive through at this location for almost 2years now. My work schedule has me there at 430am on some days and 4pm on others. You have an amazing Team, however I want to give a special and thankful compliment to one very special Employee, Leslie. Leslie recognizes my voice and knows my drink..she provides such enthusiasm for the start of my morning. One early morning she introduced herself (over the drive through intercom) and ever since then, she says good morning Julie, would you like your usual...again she makes my day! I work for an amazing Company that places a huge focus on hospitality and I feel Leslie is the best example of what we ask of our Employees; she is “Top Notch”! Thank Leslie for making my day..everyday! On another note, I went through the drive through and though the Teammember was extremely personable, my drink was less than perfect. Once I arrived at work, I contacted the store and spoke with the Supervisor Stephanie and though there was confusion on my complaint (venti mocha that was only half full) a few days after returning from a business trip I was able to stop in and speak with Stephanie and show her pictures. Stephanie was apologetic for the half full venti cup and equally apologetic for not being able to resolve on my initial call. Stephanie made it right with her apologetic hospitality and complimentary drink. Thanks to Leslie for making a positive difference in my day every day and to Stephanie for making a big wrong into a special right. Ya’ll are the BEST! Julie Gallagher Venti Cafe Mocha 3pumps, nonfat with whip!!!
  • Easy 5/5

    By keyslee
    This app is so easy to use. Ordering on line is the best!!! Everything is ready when you arrive. Love the rewards tracking
  • Great, but could be improved 4/5

    By Samoa mocha
    What about ordering water? And, adjusting calories when modifying drink orders?
  • Can’t apply offers 2/5

    By CamoBag
    Since I downloaded the app a few years ago, I can never apply offers to my order. No matter the offer I always get a pop up reading “Oh no, we couldn’t apply the offer”. Other than that, the app is great.
  • Pura vida. 1/5

    By cervatillo.
    Excelente café.
  • Please fix this app!!! 2/5

    By Kilesthewyatt
    This app has so many bugs and problems. It makes it awful for partners and customers. One of which, the app will log you out when you’re trying to pay and won’t let you get back on. Also, reload don’t show up on cards at a consistent amount of time so it’s hard to tell exactly on the app how much you have. This makes it difficult for regulars who come in a lot and they never know what their balance is. Please get another app developer, something to fix this.
  • Great Staff 5/5

    By Great Staff at Covell
    The staff at I35 & Covell is great. Work fast and make quality drinks
  • App very helpful 5/5

    By cbears52
    I enjoy the Starbucks app because it keeps me updated on what is going on in the stores and what promotions are available to me. Also, being able to pay from the app is very convenient.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Has a glitch
    So convenient, no longer have to wait in line. It’s so nice!
  • Starbucks app 4/5

    By Summer is cool
    The is great and very helpful when in quick run. I would agree about the price amounts as well on gift cards.
  • Reward disappointment 2/5

    By Et0122
    I was given a reward for a free drink or snack for my birthday which I didn’t receive until that afternoon so I intended to use it the next morning but it was no longer there to be redeemed. It would have been nice to get the reward in time for me to use before I bought a drink instead of later that day.
  • Love it 5/5

    By coffee Adect
    I love the app, especially having the most purchased items available for use with a single touch.
  • Ease 5/5

    By Laura Mikels
    So nice to use the Starbucks App and not stand in line anymore
  • Easy to use and items are typically ready on time depending on the location. 5/5

    By lovelykenya
    This app is so convenient for working people.
  • Enjoy Starbucks 5/5

    By Jamking9087
    I love the app very convenient
  • CEO hates White People 1/5

    By CoffeeLiberal
    Plenty of other coffee places which do not hire openly racist CEOs like Rosalind Brewer (bet they thought putting her in charge would make people of color forget about the incident in Philadelphia). Secondly, if I could even begin to bring myself to forget what awful comments were made by the lady in charge, I could definitely NOT get over Starbucks’ desire to hire refugees BEFORE our own veterans. Helping everyone out would be awesome, but our military seems to get shafted more often than not...I find it despicable! Money is the only vote that gets heard these days....and I will purposely & gladly spend mine elsewhere!!!
  • Products available for Mobil order 4/5

    By Zoosf
    I would like to be able to order a bag of coffee (ground or beans) when I Mobil order my coffee. Now, I find myself still standing in line to pay for the bag of coffee.
  • Ok app but hate the reload feature 2/5

    By Caddict
    I like the idea of having my coffee ready when I arrive. I hate the fact that you must reload your card and it’s auto set to 25.00. Has anyone thought that maybe ppl don’t want to spend 10.00 or 25.00, I might want to just buy what’s in my cart. Do better
  • yes 5/5

    By reeee333eeeey
    no starbucks=no me
  • I love my Starbucks ; ) 5/5

    By Caligirlsvc
    I’m still learning the ins and outs of ordering at Starbucks and so far it’s been really easy I love this new app it makes ordering easier and without the long wait time. I order drinks at my local Target Vons and at my regular Starbucks in my area and I’m still finding new things to try. Presently I’m hooked on the tea and lemonade combos omg it’s soo good and add a few more pumps of raspberry and it’s over the top with just right sweetness and a mild kick of caffeine from the tea that I absolutely love. If you had told me back in the day - way back in the 80’s that I would do the coffee shop thing like browse sit and drink a Latte or a designer drink then read or work on my computer I might not have not believed you but I have done these things now I bring my dog along for a puppachino who knew. Lol We love us some Starbucks. 😋👏🏽
  • It’s cool 4/5

    By chrisrh7042212
    Dont like that’ I can’t comment or submit complaint. But I do like the games and convenience
  • Ordering speciality drinks (refresher) on my Starbucks mobile application. 4/5

    By Jody Rody
    I have never been able to successfully use my mobile app to order refreshers . All other drinks work just fine. The message I get is that the refresher is not available. It doesn’t matter what kind of refresher we try to order. It never fails, go inside and order my refreshers not an issue seems to be with not available for mobile orders but able to order inside with no issues
  • TeddyKnudsen 5/5

    By TeddyKnudsen
  • Starbucks 4/5

    By auroraluque
    I love Starbucks! I have one or twice a day. Unfortunately I spend way too much money daily and the drinks are not always that great for what I pay and when I try changing them the baristas can be rude.
  • Me 5/5

    By holdentudics
    Wow that’s a nice app
  • Hi, my name is _______. I’m a Starbucks addict. 5/5

    By KrystylCorrine
    Speaks for itself. 😬
  • Happy Me with Starbucks Coffee! 🥤😁☕️🥰 5/5

    By Peg Loves Perks
    Starbucks App makes my life so easy as far as coffee/coffee drinks go. It is so easy. Love it. Thank you! Happy Brewing Baristas!
  • Scan for rewards 3/5

    By AMPilz
    I love having the app and getting rewards but it’s so aggravating and annoying that I can’t just scan for rewards and pay with cash or something. Every other reward app has this feature. I’m not a fan of constantly reloading the Starbucks card and only paying with the giftcard on the app.
  • Reward points 5/5

    I haven’t been given my correct reward points from several Starbucks rewards for getting the Berry Hibiscus refresher. It’s in my history however the reward posits don’t reflect that. Please assist regarding this matter have a good day Thank you 😇
  • Banana Nut Muffin 5/5

    By JenSully1
    My friend stopped by Starbucks this morning and when I got to work there was a hot Tea Chai Latte and a fresh banana nut muffin on my desk waiting for me. Now that’s what I call a wonderful friend!! Now that I know how good they are I have two new favorites!
  • Using text message for stars 3/5

    By SoCal NG
    Supposed to be able to submit via texting for store purchased coffee that has a star sticker on package. It dies nit work and I gave to contact customer support each time - annoying. But that is the only annoying thing about Starbucks. Love the Reserve coffee! Baristas are always friendly & helpful.
  • Love the App, Fast and Convenient 4/5

    By lannmcg
    I love my Starbucks app. Espresso when ordering the complicated named products. “Salted, cold foam...” My only suggestion would be to give you the option for feedback on orders. Most of the time service is great but there are times when the service is just awful!
  • Bernard 5/5

    By french guy🇫🇷
    I love my Starbucks,the staff are the best and the lady manager is truly great ❤️👍🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷I am à devote Customer since my time in Seattle and meeting your Top Men.👍
  • Taziya 5/5

    By StarGirl Queen
    Great Customer Service
  • Needs Improvement 3/5

    By Stacieftl
    The payment/rewards part of this app is awesome but the “order ahead” section is missing items and options. My go to order is a grande nitro cold brew with double sweet cream and 2 pumps of liquid cane sugar. This app doesn’t give me the double sweet cream option nor is there ANY option for liquid cane sugar. There also isn’t a “special instructions” section where I could manually type it in. That would be extremely helpful.

Starbucks app comments

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