Stash: Invest & Build Wealth

Stash: Invest & Build Wealth

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  • Current Version: 3.0.33
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Stash Financial, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Stash: Invest & Build Wealth App

Stash is a personal finance app that makes investing easy and affordable for millions of Americans. By combining banking and investing in one app, Stash offers a debit card that helps you hit your financial goals, and investing tools that help you plan for your future. Join the 5+ million people who know it’s never too early to invest in yourself.# Get stock with #StashStockParty Score bonus stock and more in new investments every week, with Stash Stock Party—the digital bash where you can invest, on us. INVESTING: Invest what you can afford. With fractional shares, you can choose how much to invest. Choose from thousands of stocks and ETFs. STOCK-BACK CARD: Invest as you spend. When you use the Stock-Back® Card, we’ll give you stock in well-known brands.† BANKING: Invest in your goals. We can help you save money and protect you from hidden banking fees.§ RETIREMENT: Invest in your future. Stash can help you plan and save for a secure retirement.‖ FAMILY: Invest in your children. Help the ones you love most with children’s investment accounts.¶ ADVICE: Invest in your knowledge. Get personalized investing guidance & financial education. PLANS Our three plans can make it easy and affordable to build wealth. STASH BEGINNER | $1/mo.* Includes: Investing, Stock-Back® Card†, banking, saving tools, personalized advice, & $1,000 of life insurance offered by Avibra◊ STASH GROWTH | $3/mo.* Includes: Everything in Stash Beginner plus a retirement account with investing tax benefits‖ STASH+ | $9/mo.* Includes: Everything in Stash Growth plus premium research & advice, $9,000 more of life insurance offered by Avibra◊, & children’s investment accounts¶ Disclosures *Access to investment & banking accounts under each subscription which are subject to different regulations & limitations. Monthly Subscription Wrap Fee starts at $1/month. You’ll bear the standard fees & expenses reflected in the pricing of ETFs in your investment account(s), plus fees for various ancillary services charged by Stash & the Custodian. See Advisory Agreement & Deposit Account Agreement: ◊ Stash is a Paid Partner of Avibra, Inc. Stash may receive compensation from business partners in connection with certain promotions in which Stash refers clients to such partners for the purchase of non-investment consumer products or services. Clients are, however, not required to purchase products & services Stash promotes. (Disclosure continues in last preview image.) # Not an endorsement or statement of satisfaction by any client and is defined by the number of clients who have e-signed. Stash pays pre-determined compensation to strategic partners who drive users to a Stash web property. Accordingly, you may have been redirected to the Apple Store by such incentivized third-party who would not have otherwise redirected you here. Bank Account Services provided by & Stash Visa Debit Card (Stock-Back® Card) issued by Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association. Investment products & services are offered by Stash Investments LLC, not Green Dot Bank, & are Not FDIC Insured, Not Bank Guaranteed, & May Lose Value. Securities offered through Apex Clearing Corporation, Member FINRA/SIPC. Investing Involves Risk. Preliminary information provided to prospective clients prior to Stash accepting a signed advisory agreement is not investment advice & should not be relied on as such. Stash Investments LLC is an SEC registered investment adviser. Must be 18+ to open an account. Stash only available to US citizens, permanent residents, & select visa types. View Stash Code Promotion T&Cs. View last preview image for all disclosures & footnotes †, ◊, §, ¶, ‖.

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Stash: Invest & Build Wealth app reviews

  • Great app! Very reliable banking 5/5

    By Bhambone84
    I’ve had Stash for 2 years. Decent alternative to conventional banking and the free-stock stash parties are kind of fun.
  • Needs work 5/5

    By q momey
    They need to speed up their transactions speed …all across the board you can’t do anything without it taking 2-3 business days to be completed that’s trash I never have that problem with coinbase if I buy something from coinbase it’s tooken out my bank account immediately
  • Not good customer service 1/5

    By Chadwick 69
    Stash struggles with good customer service. If you are looking for a reliable customer service interaction, Stash is not for you.
  • Stash service 4/5

    By panda666634
    I really like the app but it does seem it takes a minute to sell a stock which robinhood when you sell it’s gone soon as you push sell I like the bank account no problems and the smart portfolio
  • Recommended for beginning investors 5/5

    By Astash review
    Easy to deposit and withdraw. This is a good app for investing and forgetting.
  • My Stash 5/5

    By Hursheypark
    I’m encouraged to save more each day because of stash. I love to buy shares in different companies and to see my cash grow. I encourage everyone to try Stash, you have nothing to loose but a lot to gain. Love it!!
  • Fraud 1/5

    By Lirpa42983
    I got tired of paying $36 a year to have an IRA and was told either that or close my account. I followed their instructions to close my account, all the while being very vocal about wanting to roll it to another IRA at my bank. They told me they had no clue that I wanted to roll it over so I had lost my tax protection because I followed their advice. Total fraud. Do not waste your time or your money!!!
  • Good Luck trying to cancel your subscription!!! 1/5

    By joni adams
    They make it virtually impossible to close your acct and end your subscription. I’ve tried for 45 mins now and there is no way of doing it. Total crap.
  • My Stash Experience 5/5

    By CappinNana
    I love having stash I save and Forget about it for long periods of time for like it is wonderful
  • This app used a scam promo to get me to sign up 1/5

    By J&J Painting
    I was looking for free discord nitro to launch strong,, this page fab had promised if I sign up for stash or the other few apps to choose from and finish my acct/profile here to prove I am not a Robot (which I did funding included) only for it to simply say still (not verified) good app but bad name starting with deception but wanting to handle peoples money 💰
  • Recommend for beginners 5/5

    By Nova 91
    I started about a year ago and this app has been helping me in picking stock and news
  • Kevin Heyward 5/5

    By Kevin Butta Heyward
    I’m loving Stash right now.
  • Best investments I have 5/5

    By hotwelder81
    I love the simplicity of the App and great service
  • Investments 5/5

    By 29 diamond
    Yes stash has taught me all the basics that I needed to know to start making bigger investments thanks 🙏 but also I lost money also so investors please pay close attention to your funds for the Dripp
  • I have no idea what I’m freaking doing. 2/5

    By nairnae
    I know nothing about stocks and investing. I wish they gave a little more direction for beginners.
  • Stash 4/5

    By Harley-69
    I like the stock party’s they would be nice if they had a little more of them
  • I love Stash 5/5

    By MrStashLover
    Stash is awesome!!
  • In love with this app! 5/5

    By Fartman77
    Great way to make extra income l, super customer service easy app to use. Highly recommend.
  • Easy to Navigate and Understand 5/5

    By Do Stash!
    I LOVE Stash. I have always wanted to invest but had no idea how to begin with minimal money. Stash explains everything in layman’s terms and you can buy small amounts of shares without having to to wait until you have enough money to buy an entire share. Love it!!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By chaeve
    Easy to use and easy to get addicted
  • Love stash! 5/5

    By Linda Ru T
    I could never seem to save anything so I thought I’d try some little investments. I love watching my money grow. And it just makes me wish I had more money to invest!
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Lmcj12
    For someone who doesn't know what they're doing as far as investments.Stash has really helped me figure a little bit of it out! I still have a long way to go!
  • Somewhat easy to invest 4/5

    By mamagunnybear
    I find Stash user friendly but even with the self invest, I wish I could have more elements for customer service
  • Lots to love, lots of meh too though. 3/5

    By Talanasch
    It’s been great learning about and getting involved with investing, which used to feel completely foreign and out of reach, but am not a fan of the monthly fee. A dollar, fine, but FIVE?!? Makes it almost not worth it and makes understanding the stock market and achieving financial aptitude seem like more of the same - being poor costs so much money, while having money always makes more money. Also, you should have penny stocks, please!!!
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By DC polozo
    I have not been able to have full access to my stash account in months. My bank does not support the transaction system so the entire app won’t let me see my history or my investments. I just want to cancel everything and get my money back.
  • Bmostamford 5/5

    By bmostamford
    Love the App really helpful learning to invest and love the stock back when you shop ❤️ It has change my way of looking at money and saving thru investigation
  • Love stash 5/5

    By Epatc1
    I absolutely love STASH
  • I like it 4/5

    By Sam71248
    Great for beginners. The app has helped by answering many questions. So far app recommendations and personal choices have resulted in profit (some losses playing hunches, but still ahead.
  • Perfect app 5/5

    By BondFam007
    I don’t have much experience in investing, stash makes it easy to understand and easy to invest! Made easy money, made me feel like a pro!
  • Love Stash 5/5

    By ajbemis
    Stash makes investing easy, fun, and straightforward. I would recommend for all to use, from novice to expert.
  • Turn off auto stash 1/5

    By chardonnnay11225
    Y’all like to do sneaky ish. I have my auto stash set for January but I see an auto deduction on my account in December??? Why is this??? Can you pause deduction or is stash set up for stash to control my freaking finances????
  • Good times 5/5

    By Jonnmmmmy
    Fun it helpful for beginners
  • Didnt receive the $ 5 for signing up. 2/5

    By Phienix58
    Didn’t receive the sign up bonus
  • Stash Cash 5/5

    By BagDat2020
    A legit way to stash your money and forget about it and let it grow
  • Stash is Great 5/5

    By zqx3 marco
    Stash makes it very easy to build a portfolio of investments over time with their automated investment schedules. It is very easy to change the schedule if needed.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Adityarainight
    I’ll get back once I have more money
  • Ehhh… 1/5

    By Michael Griswold
    Over priced.
  • Stash review 1/5

    By Amanda1892
  • Fun 5/5

    By DLC1576
    Has made saving and investing on a regular basis easy and basically fun to do.
  • So far so good 3/5

    By Grideyeurn
    I find the app interesting and the selection of companies great
  • Upset 1/5

    By Harley^19
    Why are you guys still taking money out of my account after I closed it? I tried calling but it’s after hours. Very upset
  • So awesome! 5/5

    By Happy4Utoo
    I really enjoy use by Stash. Everyday I see changes and growth! It has been an awesome experience to watch and learn about how I can grow financially with this App.
  • Stash 5/5

    By Natep2020
    I love it!!
  • Love Stash 5/5

    By suzychitt
    Love Stash. So great you can invest with a small amount of money and watch it grow.
  • Bad application 1/5

    By Monkeygirl70
    I don’t have account to bank set up but some how it got my info and is taking 9$ out without my permission… totally a ripoff. And it says go to web to close account to stash and it keeps opening the app so like WTH!! APP-wont let you close account… viscous cycle. Can’t close down..
  • Great app 5/5

    By cloud district resident
    Easy to use
  • Great. 5/5

    By Greggorias
    I am not making incredibly large amount of money, but it is there. It has proven to me that the old saying is true: you have to have money to make money. However it makes it easy to invest in stock and I like that.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Dakota2021$
    Just wondering how it worked and only got involved for a hobby but after learning more about it it’s fun making money
  • 5 star 3/5

    By turcoall
    love this app