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  • Current Version: 7.10.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
  • Compatibility: Android
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State Farm® App

With the State Farm® mobile app, you can manage your insurance and banking accounts, request roadside assistance, file and track claims, and much more. Just another way we’re here to help life go right.® View and manage your insurance policies. • Quickly pay your insurance bill- even with Apple Pay • View your auto insurance ID card • View your insurance policies and coverage details Here to help when you have a claim. • File a vehicle, property or vehicle glass claim • Track the status of your claim • Get assistance with tire changes, dead batteries, stuck vehicles and more • Search for repair facilities Banking with ease. • Transfer funds between State Farm Bank® accounts • Check your account balance and view transaction history • Deposit checks • Pay your State Farm credit card bills • Pay other bills (ex. cable bill) using Bill Pay But wait, there’s more! • View details of your mutual funds products • Personalized reminders and notifications when you login • FAQs available in the app when you need them • Learn about our other products • Share this cool app with your friends Our lawyers suggested we also include the following disclosures for those that are interested:

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State Farm® app reviews

  • Unfortunate 1/5

    By Sgt.fishman
    Not up to par for such a major company. Have to log in each time Update again. Thanks got a ticket because it was locked in a circle of death that wanted me to update, when I tried it took me right back to the app which wouldn't work. As for your response that you can't stay logged in for security purposes- that's horsehocky. I use apps for much more important purposes and you stay logged in for the basic things. That's the purpose of an app. If I wanted to login each time I could go to your website
  • Not working 1/5

    By Nina bonina browne
    I downloaded this app so i can pay on my renter insurance after just getting it. I type in my policy number and it says i have no information when i have the paperwork from my agent stating i do. A waste of time to not be able to use an app
  • Notification Center = wrong place for ID 2/5

    By N328KF
    1. No obvious way to access Siri shortcuts. And when I asked Siri to display my insurance card, it reported that it was not possible as I was in a car. 2. No obvious way to opt out of community offers (which do not seem to be very relevant to me, in any case.)
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Emma kc
    Never works, doesn’t let me sign in on my same phone I’ve been using requires a passcode, passcode doesn’t work, and then closes itself before I ever get to a home screen. Useless
  • Crappy Appy 1/5

    By Bbrbhockeyfan
    This app is ridiculous and crappy.
  • Great Company & App 5/5

    By Keepin' it Realz
    App has everything I need. Thank you!
  • Downloaded, but immediately deleted 1/5

    By MJCqwerty
    The first thing I saw when I opened up the app was that I have to IMMEDIATELY agree to a long legalese EULA or TOS, before I can even see how the app works. Therefore I got so turned off, that I just simply deleted the app immediately. I do this with all apps that immediately require me to click “I agree”.
  • Broken App 1/5

    By DJKaotic1
    I’ve tried for several weeks to login to the app and every time I get a message saying “We couldn’t get a network connection.” There is nothing wrong on my end...I’ve tried it in numerous location with and without wi-fi and it always gives me that message...
  • Payment 1/5

    By aicrod
    I honestly hate this app from the beginning! Not only will it not give me an option to pay but it’s so annoying! Regardless if your insurance has cancelled we should have the ability to pay and not have to call.
  • No so good app 2/5

    By dale_jt
    This app doesn’t update your information quickly. It has been a week so far and my old car that I dropped insurance on is still showing up and my new car and pricing is not listed
  • Shady permission request 1/5

    By ClintSeattle
    Asked to authorize Face ID permission but the location permission came up. Shady as most would miss that. Worst was the only reason to get the app was to pay my bill and it wouldn’t do that even...
  • Great Features and user friendly 5/5

    By JC____
    Edit 12/20/18 I just wanted to mention one improvement. I was trying to update my payment information since I changed my bank card but I couldn’t find a setting that allowed me to. If a way to change payment information was added that would be great! Other than that I’m pretty happy with the app. Edit 10/22/18 I previously made a comment how the Touch ID was not working to log in. A few days later I was that the issue was fixed and now I have no problems logging in via Touch ID. Not only am I happy about this but also with the customer service provided, they were able to quickly solve the problem. The app itself is great, I am able to easily view everything I need and I really like the option that I can add my insurance card to my Apple wallet.
  • Eye roll 2/5

    By JTM8619
    Super annoying. And never consistent updates. I feel like some of the kids games have better update and run smoother then a fortune 50 company app.
  • Good when it works 5/5

    By EzE1313
    Update: They seem to have solved their issues. It works well now. The app is pretty good when it works. But lots of times I login and it says network connection is unavailable when though I have a strong signal and I'm on WiFi, and other apps can access the internet just fine. It also can't access "enhanced login" meaning faceid sometimes. Just says it's unavailable. If they fixed these spotty issues it would be a solid 4-5 star app. Update: it's even worse now. Face Id is totally broken. It requires I setup two factor authentication for every time I login. It's clearly a bug but a really bad one. Hey don't want to use your password? Great use faceid with a personal id question you have to type in every single time.
  • No longer working 5/5

    By hateJOEJONAS123
    Since the latest IOS update once you open the app you can pull up passwords but after that enter to open your account does not work. Please update if possible - using iPhone 7 w/ 12.1.1 iOS
  • All the new updates are making app not user friendly 1/5

    By ppd088
    Each update seems to be worse. This app use to be very simple and user friendly but not so much. I hate that I do not have the option to save my password or use the Touch ID to log in any longer. Please go back to the older version and stop trying to fix what was already working.
  • No way to make payment 2/5

    By Jt122333
    Apparently if you have scheduled payments you can’t go in and make a manual payment via the app now.
  • Password problems 1/5

    By Stevensks1989
    This app always makes me reset my password because it says it’s incorrect when I know it’s not. To make it worse, the reset password function doesn’t work. It says it sends me an email to change the password and it never does. They expect you to call and wait a on hold for 45 minutes because they can’t get their systems correct. They’re not being a good neighbor and they definitely are not there for you.
  • Worst app ever!!! 1/5

    By Grimes1961
    Worst app ever!!
  • iOS 11? No option? 1/5

    By SNB1111
    Very mad that I have to update to iOS 11 to use the app still! Most developers offer the option to download an older version of the app but not this one so stupid!
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By brittany Moore01
    I like the app but would like it even more if they can make the payment on the app a little more easier and less complicated always have so call the number to try to make a payment earlier or Pay half
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Kmart Security
    Tells me I need to update the app. But there is no update. Can't use the app without the update. Worthless.
  • New version, does not work on iPad 1/5

    By Kscpu
    Cannot log in on my iPad, deleted app, aw reinstalled it, will see what happens
  • Update 1/5

    By Frog315
    Mobile app not working! I shouldn’t have to update my IOS to use this app!
  • I guess this is an app 3/5

    By jaimiecakes
    This app is such a pain to me honestly. There have been several times where I enter the correct login info and it tells me it’s wrong so many times that I’m locked out of my account, then I call and go through the whole process of resetting a password, only to be locked out (for “security purposes”) for days still anyway. And half the time I actually DO get into my account, I’m unable to pay my insurance bill because they say my card is declined over and over, until I finally give up and call, and then use that same exact card to successfully pay my bill over the phone. So really there is basically no point to even having this app, except the one time ever that I used roadside assistance. Which I guess it worked well for that, but it would be NICE to have a convenient way to pay my dang bill which is why I installed this app in the first place
  • Pay your insurance option??? 3/5

    By ChiefWahoo4Life
    App is really nice other than the fact I can’t pay my auto and renters insurance premium each month. Please make it where you can pay your bill and the app would be excellent. Should be a easy fix!! Come on State Farm.
  • Works great. Except 3/5

    By StuDizzle
    Ive used the app for awhile now and it has always worked great for me to pay my bill. However, this latest update (7.9 as of 11/17) won’t allow me to use my fingerprint to log in. And it won’t allow me to set it up again. Keeps saying an error has occurred and it can’t set it up. Would be 5 stars if that was fixed.
  • Bad update. Not loading correctly & Touch ID fail 1/5

    By E”s
    Since the update, not all the security functions are working. It fails to connect to Touch ID. It also fails to load all your information to the app. It seems like the app can’t authorize or authenticate the private information correctly. Please fix or delete the latest update.
  • Update stuck 1/5

    By Hookin1
    Stuck in an infinite loop, app says to update, redirects to store, store says to open, which it opens and tells you you have to update
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Gmj225
    Easy to use and does everything I need
  • Works fine but... 3/5

    By innlinesk8r
    Update: Now that I’ve upgraded to iOS 11 the app works fine. But I was pretty frustrated that it just stopped working one day when I was on iOS 10. Makes me wonder when I’ll get cut off again for not upgrading to iOS 12. Old review: App says it needs to be updated but App Store says I am using the latest version so I'm stuck.
  • Don’t install!!! 1/5

    By Wolfen Explorer
    Previous version worked...including Touch ID. This version’s implementation is a disaster! Do not update your app!!! Update: “new” enhanced login is a train wreck! Can’t login at all now!!
  • can’t log in 1/5

    By tsume24
    i haven’t been able to log into my account on the app OR the website for WEEKS. every time i try, i get an “unknown error” message. i don’t know why this hasn’t been addressed. pretty obnoxious being forced to call while i have bronchitis and can barely talk because they won’t do anything about it.
  • No Payment Options 2/5

    By JefferyT51
    If can’t change my payment options. If you want me to pay my bill, how about you let me add my current card? Just a thought. That’s fine, let me fire up Netscape Navigator and visit your World Wide Website via my computational machine. Is Windows XP too new for your design team?
  • App 2/5

    By Frank1578
    When the app works I enjoy paying my bill online. However since downloading it this past June it has only worked twice for me. It always says the app is having trouble loading. I love using State Farm and am surprised they would have such a faulty app. Guess it’s back to mailing checks for me :(
  • Terrible for Bill Pay 2/5

    By Jacattack2
    If you want a quick reference for your policy info this is fine. If you want to pay your bill then it’s a a waste. Even though I’ve paid half of my bill this month when I go to pay the remainder my only option is to pay the full amount. Don’t ask me how I managed to pay part of it the first half of the month and can’t change the amount now. Not user-friendly in this regard.
  • no support for iPhone 5c and iOS 10 1/5

    By shissam
    perfectly good 5c, stuck at iOS 10 - and thanks to state farm developers, can no longer use this app. brilliant! Update: oct 2018, still no word if SF is going to support older 5c/32-bit compatible iOS devices - perhaps if SF thinks it is to costly to support, perhaps SF would buy us a new iPhone
  • Poor Functionality! 2/5

    By Lewis -SC-
    I had installed this app to keep up with a active claim I have. Looking through it nothing about my claim would show up on it at all. I could go login on my pc to their website and see everything about my active claim with no problems. Not one piece of info would show up from the claim section of the app. Useless...
  • Cannot find claim!!!!! 1/5

    By Oh-iodriver
    Your app directed me to enter info rather than call!!!! Now I have a claim number but State Farm has no record!!!!! Back to square one, this is not acceptable!!!!
  • Limited Usability 3/5

    By BJ Sutcliffe
    The app seems to be very limited on what it can do. For example: there is no way to do an External funds transfer for banking, nor is there an intuitive option to open their website to have access to these functions. The workaround would be to visit the website and do it that way but the mobile website doesn’t have this option either. On top of that the mobile website doesn’t have a link to open the full website. Essentially I want more functionality in the app or at least a shortcut to the website with that functionality.
  • Stop forcing updates 3/5

    By another human like you
    You only use your insurance app when you need to pay a bill. For most people, this should be every six months. However, every time I open this thing it says it needs to be updated. This is a really frustrating interaction with your company. Make your existing app continue to work after you release a new version.
  • Please Fix the Apple Pay Issue 3/5

    By Phillmg
    It’s been over 6 months, a bunch of updates and even an upgraded iPhone and still every time I use Apple Pay to pay my bill I get that stupid zip code mismatch. Apple Pay works with everything else, please fix whatever bug is causing this annoying issue
  • Good company bad app 3/5

    By GeoUhl
    The app keeps stopping me from getting in. My password, finger, etc. keeps failing. I can go to my computer and get right in with same password. Frustrating when I’m looking for a status on my claim.
  • Does not Work 1/5

    By kordarous
    This app does not work for iPhone 5. Please fix this.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Player 01
    Seriously?! This app doesn’t work, I try to pay my bill and it says no payment due when in reality there is a payment due 🙄 Ugh...
  • Reminders 1/5

    By Nickname taken "Tim F"
    I’ll give this App 5 stars if you can setup reminders for payments
  • App no longer works in iOS 10, cannot use older version of app anymore 1/5

    By bikerspade
    Horrible app design. I wonder what 3rd rate IT staff State Farm used to produce their app.
  • Touch ID 3/5

    By tcase41
    I enjoy the app except for some reason the Touch ID does not work anymore I deleted the app and reinstalled and it still doesn’t work. With having so many passwords I rely on Touch ID
  • Hard to use 1/5

    By ditzmister
    Every time I try to login I have to update it. Won’t let me log in unless I do

State Farm® app comments

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