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State Farm® App

With the State Farm® mobile app, you can manage your insurance and banking accounts, request roadside assistance, file and track claims, and much more. Just another way we’re here to help life go right.® View and manage your insurance policies. • Quickly pay your insurance bill- even with Apple Pay • View your auto insurance ID card • View your insurance policies and coverage details Here to help when you have a claim. • File a vehicle, property or vehicle glass claim • Track the status of your claim • Get assistance with tire changes, dead batteries, stuck vehicles and more • Search for repair facilities Banking with ease. • Transfer funds between State Farm Bank® accounts • Check your account balance and view transaction history • Deposit checks • Pay your State Farm credit card bills • Pay other bills (ex. cable bill) using Bill Pay But wait, there’s more! • View details of your mutual funds products • Personalized reminders and notifications when you login • FAQs available in the app when you need them • Learn about our other products • Share this cool app with your friends Our lawyers suggested we also include the following disclosures for those that are interested:


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State Farm® app reviews

  • Get it together 1/5

    By Strugglebrother
    Their online web based service never works neither does their app ‘We couldn’t retrieve your policy detail information’ greets you every time ‘Some of your information failed to load’ is another one Agents are emailing us pdf’s to confirm quotes and later more money is taken out of our accounts than what we are quoted. When using the messaging service I get an email back saying, it doesn’t work do to it online please call. What’s the point of having an online service when nothing in reality can be done online. After downloading this app and seeing all these error messages upon first launch I think it’s safe to say: nothing works and it’s time to switch!
  • Nice update, easier to use 5/5

    By rolipaku
    So much easier to use and access between all my accounts now
  • Touch ID stopped working after I used this app. 3/5

    By chriskrischris
    I downloaded to pay my bill, which I did with no trouble. The sign in page gives you a choice to sign in using a fingerprint - I accepted, made the payment and exited the application. When my phone slept, I tried to wake it up. I would not respond to any of my prints on my phone after signing in with State Farm. I’m not sure if it’s related or not, but after extensive troubleshooting with Apple, the issue remained unresolved until it occurred to me that my phone’s software was not updated (which was probably the root of the issue somehow - don’t ask me why Apple didn’t ask about my software version...?). A whole day passed after I updated, and Touch ID still wouldn’t work, until randomly it finally let me use it again. If you like to use Touch ID to sign into apps, just make sure you have the most recent version of iOS, and don’t mind risking part of your phones functionality (unless this bug has been fixed/solved)
  • The app makes me update but there is no new version. 1/5

    By No nicknames left to take
    Isn't it great to be pulled over and to try and show your insurance and to realize you need to upgrade your phone OS in order to upgrade your app?
  • Really, iOS 11 required! 1/5

    By Mherb24
    Why would you make a simple app require iOS 11. And the previous version will no longer work, forces you to the App Store to download an app that is not compatible with the device. Lamn.
  • Why iOS 11 only? 1/5

    By emcee.squared
    I'm not about to mess up my phone by upgrading to iOS 11 just for this app. Seems like a lot of other State Farm customers are upset about this, too. Make the app backwards compatible or I (like many) am going to start shopping around...
  • 👎 1/5

    By Hejdicici.
  • Bring back the the old pocket agent!! 1/5

    By dsabune
    I can’t use the new app on on my iPhone!! It is a terrible app!
  • Current app in iOS 10 forces upgrade 1/5

    By rswon
    I have other apps that don't exist in iOS 11, so I don't upgrade. Your pocket agent for iOS 10 pops up an "upgrade box" that I can't click past. I just deleted the app. Oh well. I'll just go back to carrying paper insurance cards.
  • Very slow & laggy. Bad updates. 3/5

    By s.tbn84
    This newest update is extremely slow and lags really badly. I don't have any issues with State Farm, but the app has continued to get worse with each update. Especially the "community offers" section. It has to reload itself every single time you navigate your way thru the offers, what you've clipped, etc. And it takes a really long time to process. Get this app back to working properly. The revamp really wasn't an upgrade. It works, but is more confusing than it needs to be and just drags on with how slow it is overall.
  • Doesn't work at all 1/5

    By Trix697
    Keeps asking for an update when no update is available. Junk!
  • Hey team of ios 1/5

    By SIM KAN
    Time to wake up and start building a better app and support all versions of ios..
  • This new update 1/5

    By Monny mb black
    I can’t login no more it keep telling me to change my password but it never send the link to my email
  • Everything at my fingertips 5/5

    By AguaJefe
    Just downloaded, hoping I could at least replace the paper cards I have to keep in my car. Found out it is so much more versatile and useful than I could ever imagine! Just by creating an account, I got the info on all my policies and my agent (I thought I was going to have to enter all that stuff). The insurance cards download into wallet, so they are always at the ready. I can pay my premiums through ApplePay, get easy access to claims (which I hope I will never need), and when I travel, I can always look up local “offers”, to find a place to eat, for example. Who knows what else I can use it for, but I am sure it will be useful when I need it.
  • IOS 10??? 1/5

    By Jaime Lara V
    Why is it not compatible with IOS 10? Apple deliberately slows down older phones with new IOS's Not everyone can buy the latest and greatest, my IPhone 7 works great in IOS 10, this app should easily be able to be compatible with at least 2 older versions and up.
  • New password 1/5

    By Wasd39
    You force me to change my password and I can’t update it through the app. So I go to my browser and your STUPID SITE WONT ACCEPT MY PASSWORD EVEN THOUGH I FULLFILLED ALL REQUIREMENTS. AND I HAVE A BILL TO PAY BUT CANNOT PAY IT BECAUSE I’M PAPERLESS!! Fix your site and your app!!
  • Perpetual loop for update notification that won't open the App 1/5

    By Kcubedman
    When I open the app, it forces to upgrade when I already have the most up-to-date app. So it takes me to AppStore, at which point it simply opens the app, then it tells me to update. This loop goes on without ever opening the app.
  • Worst navigation app ever 1/5

    By csullipf
    Ever hear the word intuitive ? Concerning when anyone these days has such a challenging program? Check out your competition ie All-State
  • Doesn’t work with iPhone X Wallet 2/5

    By RockvilleBenz
    I contacted the app developers 2 versions ago to let them know that their app doesn’t let iPhone X users save their State Farm ID to the Apple Wallet. They twice gave me a canned response that says in theory you can. They never tried to troubleshoot or fix the problem. What’s the use of an insurance app that doesn’t let you save your ID card to your phone?
  • Doesn't work on my phone 1/5

    By Brozbty
    :( If the new one can't be made to work with older iOS versions at least allow us to use the old one. Why not make it possible to use the older version? Whenever I try to open it tells me that there's an update to the app, get rid of that message
  • Don’t use in an emergency 2/5

    By Rafazty
    Every time there’s an update, my login info is not recognized. So when I request login help, I have to wait for over an hour to receive the login info email. I can’t imagine needing this app in an emergency! Maybe you should consider Touch ID for quicker access.
  • Test before release please 3/5

    By KentwangUSA
    3 updated in a week.
  • Still limited 4/5

    By rejedejo
    Seems to work good but it seems to have little power in that most things still get forwarded to the agent and then they have to get back to you for anything to change.
  • Why so many 3/5

    By Slowracr
    Why so many State Farm 7.0 updates?? This is the 3rd that says 7.0 !!!
  • Thank you Apple Wallet 4/5

    By Gregcheersykes
    Thank you for Apple Wallet, but now make it update automatically every couple months when my insurance card for my car expires!! I don’t want to have to go into app to re-import it. Other apps with items in Apple wallet allow you to pull down to update them. Currently, State Farm’s doesn’t let you pull down. “Pull down to update” Thanks!!! P.S. On the back of the card it says: This card expires on XX-XX-XXXX. After this date, replace your expired insurance cards by going to State Farm® app and adding your new card to Apple Wallet. You could just make this update automatically.
  • IOS11 only?! 1/5

    By Ragematic
    The dev barely replies to negative comments. Anyway why would you make it only available for ios11? That's ridiculous. Specially when they release an update it makes older iphone model slower. The dev team should fix this!
  • Not user friendly at all 1/5

    By TheVadar
    I’ve never used an app that was always wanting me to change my password, or never lets me update my payment information. It almost seems like it is trying to annoy me out of using the app to do anything. Worthless, will check other companies rates now.
  • App 3/5

    By Christina Parrish
    The State Farm app won’t let me add an account on the app itself. I have to use a desktop or laptop which is extremely inconvenient. The whole purpose of apps are for the convenience. Please see to it that this gets corrected. Thank you.
  • Worse farming game ever. 1/5

    By iwasinabox
    Literally no farming whatsoever. No cows. No chickens. No wheat. DO NOT RECOMMEND.
  • A disappointment 1/5

    By alana13michelle
    I downloaded this app to easily make my car loan payments on time. My account information has been entered several times and displays online but will not cross over to the app. I have even reached out to customer service without success. As a result, I still have to log online to pay and the app is useless. I wish this app was functional because it would make life easier, but it has been a disappointing experience. I would not recommend it.
  • Needs push notifications on payments 3/5

    By Cuervo12
    Since the app will not let you schedule a payment, why not at least allow push or pop up notifications alerting the user to pay?
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By Mike Naz
    No longer works
  • Liked it until I'm unable to update 1/5

    By Jessicaelyse4
    I used this app to pay my bill each month and for some reason, it says update app. So I click the link and there wasn't an option in the App Store to update. It just says open since I already have the app. Hopefully this gets resolved because paying use to be easy and now it's more inconvenient.
  • Forced to update to iOS 11 to use 1/5

    By Amymwz
    This use to be a Wonderful app. Could see my insurance needs at a glance including ins cards. Now they force you to update to iOS 11 to use it. Thanks for making me unable to use this now as I don't want to update to iOS 11.
  • Serious compatibility problem 2/5

    By t_ries12
    Why wouldn't they at least include iOS 10? I loved this app when it worked. I don't understand how excluding users will improve the app, but whatever. Bet they'll see an increase in late payments
  • Horrible revision! 1/5

    By LoyalSFCustomer
    This app is slow, clunky, and often unresponsive especially when trying to utilize banking functions (transfer attempts will close the app down). Forget about tech support as they’d rather blame their mistakes on the end user instead of owning up to this disaster of an app. The old version was infinitely better. Very disappointed.
  • People hate rotation-locked apps! 3/5

    By JCinDE
    Designing an app to be locked into vertical rotation is just lazy. Functionality is adequate. It’s just annoying as hell to not be able to use my iPad docked horizontally on its keyboard.
  • Really 1/5

    By Sidnasty81
    Why would you have an app that I can’t make a payment on. That’s just stupid
  • Insurance v car wreck 1/5

    By foodiechef45
    We got a letter saying st farm is canceling us because of a car wreck I thought that’s the reason we have it It doesn’t make sence
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Good Neighbors agree
    Really? A new updated app that will not rotate to work on an iPad? This is something a small start-up company might have to do, but not a major corporation with all of the programmers you have. Come on State Farm - you are a great company, but at the very least you could develop an app that will work on an iPad.
  • IOS 11 only 1/5

    By tfender
    Thanks for abandoning your loyal customers. I am now considering abandoning my 6 State Farm policies.
  • App Will not Show Up on iPhone screen 1/5

    By tlhowe
    I just downloaded this app so that I would be able to have my insurance cards on my phone. When I clicked out of it, the app totally disappeared. The only way I can get it back is if I go into the App Store like I was going to download it again. Why will it not show up on my screen like every other app that I download? That doesn’t make it very convenient.
  • App worked perfect until update 1/5

    By akshdbeixkskz
    The new update makes you verify your account every time you login in.... extremely irritating. Please fix ASAP
  • You need a Dale Carnegie course! 1/5

    By Ardent7337
    iOS 11 only! Really? I don't own a 2018 vehicle are you going to stop insurance for older vehicles too? Old review: Whose idea of cyber security is to constantly disable your password without telling you? State Farm! They make you call so that they can try to sell you more insurance that you don't need. George Orwell would be impressed.
  • Leave the app alone! 1/5

    By CoolB1534
    Every time you get used to the app, they change the design. I hate the newest design, can’t find anything like I used to be able to. Never understood what was wrong with plain and simple. How about the old saying, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
  • Version 7 is what version 6 should have been! 5/5

    By albinoGrackle
    When the “new and improved” version 6 redesign came out earlier this year, it initially looked visually impressive, but really missed the mark on usefulness and functionality. For someone with multiple financial and insurance products, it was a pain to use due to all the clicking and swiping required to get to any information. I actually stopped using the app in favor of the website. This new version 7 has me completely impressed. It feels like a second stab at the redesign, and this time I think the developers nailed it. I am actually able to see an overview of all of my banking and insurance products on the “Overview” screen. I also can easily get to and see the details of any one account. I’m also impressed with how fast The app returns information every play. It’s very responsive. There is some functionality you will still need to use the website for, like transferring money to external accounts, or seeing mortgage details, but I think every common activity I would need to perform can be done in this app now. It also still does not support landscape mode in this version. Thanks to the developers for listening to customer feedback! I like the app again!
  • It's okay... 3/5

    By saltycrew
    I like that I can access my insurance cards through my wallet app... But I really dislike that I can't split my payment amount. In order to do that, I have to use my laptop... So, if the ability to split my payment amount doesn't become available, I'll probably delete the app since there's no point in using up valuable memory on my phone for an app I can't use.
  • Bill 3/5

    By Za'Nai
    Why isn’t there a way to pay half of your bill
  • Nice Redesign 5/5

    By pleomorphed
    I like today’s design refresh. It takes some getting use to but I like the quick overview of my insurance accounts. I also like the option of adding my insurance card to Apple Wallet! It makes it quick and easy to find my policy number.
  • Carousel Rides? 4/5

    By carnielover1
    With this new update, I am going to miss taking the carousel ride to find my relevant policy information. I guess I will have to go to the state fair instead.

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