Stats Royale for Clash Royale

Stats Royale for Clash Royale

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  • Current Version: 1.10
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Overwolf
  • Compatibility: Android
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Stats Royale for Clash Royale App

Stats Royale aims to help you win and have more fun in Clash Royale by providing the most accurate statistics possible. - See your personal stats including trophies, win/loss records, etc. - See your upcoming chests - See your trophy progression - See your recent match history - Find the best deck using your cards using our deck builder - Find free open tournaments in one click! - See other people's match history (Steal their good decks!) - View top players (top clans and decks coming soon!) - Search for any player using their tag - See your win rates with all the decks you've used, in any game mode. (As long as you refresh your profile often!) - Copy decks directly to Clash Royale in-game using the new deck sharing system! - Localized in English, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese - More features to come!


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Stats Royale for Clash Royale app reviews

  • Stats Royale review 5/5

    By prisoner__x
    It is a. It is a very good program. It is it also helps to check your chest stats and it helps you too see your decks all in all. It is a very good program.
  • I doesn’t work 1/5

    By Tacoman1237
    I been trying to us this stats royale app and website for awhile and they don’t load my stats or get information wrong It said my favorite card was pekka but it was royal ghost and the chest cycle doesn’t even work WHEN THE FUNDEMENTAL PARTS OF YOU APP DOESNT WORK THEN YOU HAVE A PROBLEM the app and site both need to be fixed
  • Very nice 5/5

    By Salty Arrow
    This is an amazing app for serious Clash Royale players. It provides many utilities such as what chest you will get next, the best decks for your trophy range and your card collection, and just overall everything about the game to improve your skills. Definitely recommend
  • Mediocre 1/5

    By this nicknmae is taken
    The only thing that routinely works flawlessly is the ads. Often won’t update. Seriously lags behind actual game data. Knowing what chest is coming up is nice, if you can get it to update. It’s become less and less useful.
  • If you like to track your stuff on clash Royale this is for you. 5/5

    By 360samvolt
    I love it it helps me find great decks to use in my current arena and see what my next chest is so much great features I’m in love in this is I would rate 10/10.
  • My app is broken 1/5

    By GothGamingYT
    I accidentally got my code wrong and then the screen just turned white and I restarted the app and my phone and the same thing happened is anybody else having this issue or is it just me.
  • Profile Decks 4/5

    By Walter McDonough
    The profile decks feature doesnt seem to work right, it’s not showing me the deck i’ve been running lately.
  • The updating of profile 1/5

    By Tacolego123
    It won’t load my profile and it’s always like that for every profile I go to only the clan works fix or I won’t use this app ever again
  • Hola 1/5

    By Diana asadas dedican
    No carga mi cuenta
  • Why 1/5

    By AwesomeAge05
    I just got the app, then put in my clash royale id, and got to look at a big white screen. Forever.
  • Not the best 2/5

    By Stekylsha
    It mirrors what is on the website, but with ads that can’t be turned off and can’t be dismissed. Good idea, not good execution. Stick with the website.
  • Stats Royale 5/5

    By lil wesley
    I love this app! I have had it for awhile and and think that it’s super helpful. I’m in arena 4, and so I really don’t want to get knocked down! This app gives you awesome deck ideas, and tells you what cheat you will get etc.
  • Optimization 3/5

    By Acid314
    First off, I use an iPad for pretty much everything, and not being able to have an app optimized for your display is pretty annoying, but at least I can have easy access to my stats instead of going to my browser to find it.
  • Great so far would like to see all features added 4/5

    By marsd4
    Great app so far love how you can see what chest you’ll be getting soon would love to be able to have all features on the website on the app along with being able to click on the cards and see the levels of the cards but y’all are doing a great job so far found one of my best decks on the website
  • Mmmm 1/5

    By MpatrickW
    Will not up date
  • just download it 5/5

    By awesomeJason15
    it’s good works fine download it
  • It's crap 1/5

    By boy at house
    Don't load fast and it wast time
  • I know my chest 5/5

    By Angel Lms
    Wow I made it to Arena 10 with one of this decks download it
  • Very Good 4/5

    By Jaxmycat
    I’d like to know the highest trophies I’ve reached using a specific deck. How about adding?
  • It’s useful 4/5

    By Deletedx
    It doesn’t keep up with the ladder decks I use so idk what stats my decks have but other then that very useful
  • Usefulness could be better 2/5

    By Tito chihuahua
    Several decks I have used don’t seem to appear including my current deck which I have used many times in the past
  • Good but needs work 4/5

    By BCA28
    This app is great for keeping up with one’s stats, but the website is sooooo much better. The graphs have no exaggeration hundreds of data points instead of no joke four. The win rates are always a bit out of synch, but I’m really just being picky now. After those adjustments, or really just the first one, 🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖
  • App doesn’t update stats 1/5

    By dstnwlls
    It would be cool if the stats were updated each time you “update” the app. My normal stats, like current trophies, wins, losses and such are updated, but not the % wins with a specific deck. Or decks I’ve used in challenges. The option is there, but even after I update the app, the last game played was over 2 weeks ago. So it does keep some stats current, but not others. I have found another app that does the same as this one but better and with more info to help breakdown specific card win conditions. Good luck with this app
  • Aung thu ta 5/5

    By aung thu ta
    Thanks for clash royal It's true Download now
  • Great really well 5/5

    By Timba212
    This is a great app. It tells me exactly how many chests until I get a good chest and it always tells me all my other stats like my trophy progression and my best decks. Great app overall
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By jimmy fake
    The app doesn’t even work just a waist of space don’t download it just use website.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Zuckennn
    The app and the website aren’t working right now it’s not tracking any of my stats or my chests at all which is literally the whole point of downloading this thing. Please fix it!
  • Great game 5/5

    By qpb555
    Works like it says with few to no adds great app would recommend
  • Just go to the website. 1/5

    By Penguin50388
    Same functionality as the website. The website doesn’t auto load video ads every time I refresh my stats. Bookmark the website, save data, see less adverts.
  • Disgrace to clash Royale 1/5

    By AnotherJosher
    Has ads. Doesn’t update stats. Doesn’t tell you when chests are because it’s not clear or intuitive. Boo go home
  • It’s mostly good 4/5

    By Man goat
    Let me just say that I really love this app. I love the chests thing. They are 100% accurate. But one problem I have is that updating the decks take forever. Like the win rate and those facts like never update. I like to see how well my deck is doing. Your lucky if you make a new deck and it uploads it to statsroyale. But that eventually happens and it can take a few days to a week to correctly update the decks win rate and facts.
  • App doesn’t update 1/5

    By K'den
    I use it to track the performance of a deck that I’m using. This app doesn’t do a good job. It’s been 2 days and it still shows info from 3-14. Because of this I question it’s accuracy also.
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By AvengerBoy123456
    Everyone who plays clash royale should get this app because it’s very helpful to know what chests to get next. Please get it
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By OscarrrrrrrrrrrrrrG
    Really doesn’t work don’t waste your breath on it.
  • Good 5/5

    By BlazinSabre
    This was a app that my friend showed me and I am going to be so excited when I get more chests
  • Amazing Tool! 5/5

    By 6Wall9
    This is a great tool for any clash royale player. Not only does this app track future chests in the cycle, but also shows data about your cards and statistics of your very own decks. Great App!
  • One star 1/5

    By Disav0803
    The app all the time crashes
  • So helpful 5/5

    By teammvp17
    This app is great. It tells you accurate information about clash royal. It even tells you the next chest your going to get. If you have clash royal then you need to have this app
  • Pretty good 5/5

    By craZy_boy2456
    I really like this app, you get what it says you'll get.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By supercell guy fan
    It shows you your stats and helps tell you your upcoming chests
  • Less than a web page 3/5

    By MarkTheManiac
    I have regularly used stats royale on the web and it is great. The app, not so much. At least the profile update is better but the progress charts are awful, the ads more intrusive, and many items take you to the web anyway. Fix those items and I will boost the ranking.
  • Great but... 3/5

    By activerunner222
    It sometimes is wrong like 2 times
  • Stats bug still happens 4/5

    By Dj Sweatshirt
    This is an amazing app to use, but there is still a bug with the deck stats.
  • What’s with the hashtags? 1/5

    By Emindreke
    I’m going to be keeping this short and simple, the app does not work at all, and I don’t know why. Every time I go to check either my friends stats or my stats, your app decides to add a hashtag in front of it and put it in all caps. It’s really just ridiculous. (Yes I have restarted my phone, closed out the app and redownloaded nothing worked)
  • Zero stars right now :( 1/5

    By srcerer
    I’ve been using the website on mobile for a while. First off this app doesn’t really offer much vs just using the website, but hey at least it’s a start. However the real problem is that for the last few days statsroyale hasn’t been doing the one thing it’s named for which is tracking stats. When I do tourney battles they show up in the statsroyale battle log right away, just like always, but they don’t show up the deck list. If it’s a new deck there’s no entry. If it’s a deck currently in the list it doesn’t have updated win/lose, nor does it get bumped to the top of the list. This is the site’s bread and butter. It has to work or you can’t trust anything else it says. I would have given this feedback in a more polite way, but there’s absolutely no contact info in the mobile site or in this app. That’s just bad business.
  • iPhone X Support 1/5

    By Play On 04
    The x in ads is nearly impossible to hit on the iPhone X
  • Thank goodness for this app 5/5

    By nickbroncos18
    With app u can see u next chest I love that mostly when u get magical. And best of all IT REALLY WORKS not like those rip offs
  • Works great as a flashlight 2/5

    By noony00
    Doesn’t actually load anything other than a blank white screen but if your flash is broken it works pretty reasonably as a flashlight! Small niche of people to make a whole app for but hey I’m not an app developer! 2 well earned stars!

    By Skdidjfjjfiiwiwjmdmd
    The app works in the beginning and it's awesome. After a couple of minutes when I want to open it, a white screen appears and it just stays there. Please fix this.
  • Garbage 2/5

    By Caliber flagged January
    Attempted to put in my number thing and it just sat there endlessly updating it and I couldn’t do anything about it and it didn’t even tell me what I might be doing wrong Edit: now the app won’t even load it’s just a blank white screen. This is pathetic Edit edit: it actually loaded when I reinstalled the app. Still really annoying.

Stats Royale for Clash Royale app comments


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