Steak 'n Shake Rewards Club

Steak 'n Shake Rewards Club

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 3.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Steak 'n Shake
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Steak 'n Shake Rewards Club App

Introducing the new Steak ’n Shake Rewards Club where members earn tasty deals all year long! Perks include: • FREE Specialty Milkshake with your first purchase (for new club members) • Get a $5 Reward every time you reach 50 points • Order and pay through the app • Refer friends for bonus points • Purchase gift cards • Find your favorite Steak ’n Shake, and more!

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Steak 'n Shake Rewards Club app reviews

  • Expand please 2/5

    By ShipmanTX
    App doesn’t work in my location since it isn’t a full scale restaurant. No need for the app since the closest restaurant is over 200 miles away.
  • Unable to order 1/5

    By cadillacfanaticy2k
    Unable to place orders at the West Des Moines location. App support loads a blank page.
  • Do not buy gift cards from them 1/5

    By lolok789
    Cant pay with giftcard on the app
  • Reload Issues 1/5

    By RandonName14
    In addition to being unable to use the gift card loaded in the app to pay for an order made on the app, a far more serious issue occurred. I had a balance of $20 some dollars. I did not make note of the exact amount. I wanted to have $50 to place the order, to make sure I was ready for the teenagers. So, I loaded another $30, which should have put me over $50 as it was already over $20. It gave me a balance of $43. Somewhere in the range of $8-10 short. There is no transaction history. If you have any issues or questions, you have to call or go into a restaurant (in the middle of a pandemic?!?!), no online support or information available at all. Go nowhere near this app or their gift cards!!
  • App no work 1/5

    By nickname 2247
    I like literally 2 blocks from a steak and shake, and when I try to enter a receipt it says I’m “ not in range” of a steak and shake. I can darn near throw a rock and hit it from my house. 😂
  • Why? 2/5

    By dylan9900
    Nice app but why can I not use money already on the app from a gift card to place an order? I do not understand.
  • Giftcard 1/5

    By Vivbeabb
    I can’t pay with giftcard on the app
  • App is good, but it lacks 1/5

    By elateachrm1
    I love the ordering system in this app, but I can’t pay with a gift card. I like to serve with a pre-paid gift card, but there is no option for using the gift card.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Bubba112898
    Your app won’t let me pay for my food with a gift card yet let’s me add the gift card to my payment methods. Makes 0 sense
  • Annoyed 3/5

    By Smhkld706
    Doesn’t let you scan your receipt to get your rewards. The restaurant employees tell you they no longer scan and you have to do it yourself. The app won’t let you. Constantly says invalid bar code or that that specific receipt was already scanned when it clearly was not.. good way to screw with people and not give the rewards that are promised. App is very slow and hate that we can no longer pay with our phones.
  • Easy to find use but... 3/5

    By jpsamms
    You can’t customize your burger. Hubby likes 1000 island and it’s not an option on toppings. You also can’t order a salad or soup so it’s no use using the app for orders.
  • Issue with the app 3/5

    By HonK1978
    When I order through the app and money is loaded onto the app I would like to be able to pay with that. It doesn’t allow that as an option.
  • Online ordering pointless 2/5

    By superty
    One experience the store I ordered from was out of 2 of the things I ordered. They didn’t know how to refund this. No apology. Now in COVID age only their (different store, would never go to the other one) drive thru is the only thing open. They wont bring out to you in parking lot. So u still wait a very long time behind people ordering. Also your food is cold (or melted if you’re getting shakes) since it was ready before those ahead of you. App pointless at least right now
  • App is crashing 1/5

    By Sky Jo
    Please fix app
  • Store would not honor offer 1/5

    By Bhmal
    Local Hoover, AL store would not honor award. Will never go to or recommend a Steak n Shake again.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By whippoorwill
    Don’t bother. Wait the 20 minutes in the drive-thru.
  • Stuck 1/5

    By AmyLynnVG
    I have downloaded this app a couple of times and it simply won’t work for me. It keeps getting stuck on the location piece and won’t let me do anything past that. My mom had it on her phone and she had the old app. It never migrated the money she had on the app and just kept loading. Sadly not worth having on the phone.

    By gdhgtyghjiiiutree
    Whoever they outsource for delivery is garbage. They will literally rob you. Order says delivered and you definitely pay for it but YOU WILL NEVER RECEIVE YOUR FOOD!
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By Castello_98
    This new app won’t even let me log in because “this email is already taken”. YEAH ITS TAKEN BY ME. There is no way to log in to my account, it’s making me start a new one
  • Can’t use gift cards 1/5

    By Jstar4982
    I tried to order 10 dinners for pickup through the app but when I get to checkout it won’t let me pay with my gift cards, just a credit card. The restaurant says they don’t take phone orders either. I’m not ordering at the drive-thru and waiting there for 20 minutes. This is a horrible app.
  • Lost Balance?? 1/5

    By Kaelyn Amé
    The last time we were considering going to Steak n Shake, I downloaded the app to see what our gift card balance was. We had over $20 left in the account. We ended up not going, so the balance was never touched, and I deleted the app since we only eat here maybe once or twice a year. Now, months later, I download the new app and “merge” my account. Balance is now gone... what happened to the money??
  • Useless 1/5

    By Pekeapoomom
    Won’t work for my local restaurant. Can’t even access the menu. Website doesn’t work either.
  • Foutaise 1/5

    By de j BBC z GJ kc
    So you guy just think that we people who are delivering food are just a car driver right ? I just downloaded the app and I went to take a food in your restaurant but unfortunately I show the code bar to cashier to have a free shake and he just told me that no this is not for you driver who are doing delivery, ok no problem then because you guy are seeing us like driver, let me just tell you that I bought many things in this restaurant when am not doing delivery, that’s very bad the way the guy talk to me
  • Order Customization 3/5

    The app won’t allow me to customize my order the way I see fit. For example, it won’t allow me to remove cheese from any burger.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Gibbiezee
    I don’t know if it was a glitch or just bad luck...after entering my entire order and personal information to register. I wasn’t able to order my food. I had to restart the whole process and wasted 15 minutes because I wanted to avoid the drive through and do car hop. Ended up using the drive through.
  • Sometimes more is less 2/5

    By Ungas buddy
    The app used to be very easy to use, but I can’t find out how to pay via the app & the employees at the restaurant didn’t know & said that was no longer an option. I had about a $10 credit on the app & can’t find out how to get that back. Go back to basics, that worked just fine
  • Receipt barcodes won’t scan 1/5

    By Trace1512
    App will not scan barcode and if I enter manually says invalid. When read FAQs it says it should be a 13 digit barcode. There’s not a 13 digit code but there’s one with 6 numbers, so either the store location is not set up correct or there’s a problem with the app. Cust svc told me to email them the receipt and they’d add it, so I emailed it and asked to let me know why it wouldn’t accept the code. They’ve not replied since sending them info nor added points. I actually returned and purchased the same order last night & the kid didn’t even give me a receipt, when I asked for it he replied “oh sorry, I threw it in the trash”. So do I recommend this app?! Absolutely NOT!! It’s useless bc it won’t scan, or get don’t get a receipt or help and if you use it to order ahead, you still have to go inside (which they won’t even allow at my location right now) or sit in line for 30 mins to get your food. Maybe if you use the app to order you’ll get the points for free meals, but hard to say at this point. I’m deleting it and allowing space for something useful!
  • Won’t recognize barcode 2/5

    By Serene5866
    The first couple of times I use the app, it completely works fine! I had no problem entering the barcode from the receipt onto the app, because we usually go through the drive-through. However, the last couple of times that we have been, when I try to scan the barcode it says that it is not valid and when I try to enter the number it says it’s not valid. Basically makes the app useless for me.
  • Does not scan barcodes on SnS receipts 2/5

    By jediwebdude
    Wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue, but all the neg reviews are for food/service, not the app. WTH?
  • App upgraded and wiped out my prepaid balance 1/5

    By LWaterford
    I had $25 prepaid balance and then the app stopped working during the upgrade. Upgrade processed and now no balance.
  • No longer works 1/5

    By Awesome37012
    This App no longer works. Can not login or migrate. It says enter email associated with existing account to migrate points and rewards. Then gives error message saying the email is already taken. Can not go any further with the App. Don’t know how to access fund previously loaded. Terrible!
  • What happen to my money that was on my old app? You need to give it back 1/5

    By Gerhard2012
    Most every time we eat here or any other locations the service is great.
  • Seattle, WA missing? 1/5

    By SimpleReviewYes?
    Why is it not on the map? Also location search initially is broken if you start from signup flow.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By photobyjoe
    App was a total waste of time. Literally 15 cars went though the drive through while we sat in the car hop spot trying to get an order processed through this app. After entering the entire order into the app several times only to end up back at the login screen we gave up and went to Captain D’s!
  • .. 1/5

    By cedge2
    I used this app for along time but now that they took off rewards I will eating at stake n shake much
  • Sign in w/ Apple doesn’t work 1/5

    By tomgoonery
    Useless. Can’t even sign in to order.
  • Frustrating App Experience 1/5

    By CNeuend
    I generally love apps that provide for mobile payment and reward loyalty, but ever since Steak ’n’ Shake migrated to this new app, the experience has been nothing but frustrating. I can only pay with a preloaded gift card, not by linking a payment method. It takes several steps to navigate to the gift card payment screen, and when I do pay with the gift card, I do not earn points—the app has to be scanned separately for that. Mobile ordering is awkward. Stored rewards disappear without warning: I had $5 in rewards but was trying to use up my gift card before using them, and they recently vanished. Tech support is nonexistent: when I contact them with problems I get an automatic reply directing me to the FAQs, with no opportunity for follow up. All in all, a frustrating experience made worse by comparison with how good the app used to be. Steak ’n’ Shake would do well to review more successful apps like Dunkin’ Donuts or Chick-fil-A. If they could emulate those apps’ experience while also linking a payment method directly to the app with no need for preloaded gift cards, they would be one of the best apps out there.
  • Gotta call it a scam 1/5

    By Frankie Bernardo
    The store won’t scan my phone and the receipts don’t upload. It says the barcode is invalid. It won’t scan and when I put the barcode in it says invalid. I email customer service and they don’t respond. So...scam.
  • They removed the best part 2/5

    By Cubelodyte
    I have had drive-thru workers remark on multiple occasions how much they love it when a customer uses the app to pay. All they had to do was scan the QR code from the phone and the transaction was complete. It was convenient for me. It was convenient for the employees. Everybody was a winner. Sadly, no more of that. Now, if I want to pay using my app, I first have to front-load it by purchasing gift cards and redeeming them into an account balance. I can no longer associate my credit card with the app and just pay as I go. Oh, wait! I can. But only for online orders. So, it’s not about security. It’s not about avoiding maintaining my credit information. It’s just about getting my money up front. They’ve removed a feature from the app which was to the benefit of employee and customer alike just so they could get us to pay forward?
  • Can't use Steak 'n Shake Gift Card in App 1/5

    By JJMM1776
    Can't apply rewards or coupons to online orders. Uses same 3rd party Rewards & Payment processing Website as Fazoli's so usernames and passwords get mixed up. 6 restaurants in town, only 1 store open, drive thru or pickup only. Cannot call. Closes unexpectedly. Miserable Fail :-(
  • Piece of trash 1/5

    By Psa0636
    Won’t let me sign in. Can’t go into the store to order due to covid-19. Tried to order with app, but it ate my order twice because it couldn’t decide if I was logged in or not. Absolute trash.
  • clumsy implementation 2/5

    By Larry N.
    Option to sign up with Apple Pay but it doesn’t work. Let’s you build an order but then forces sign up or sign in which loses your order. The carhop option is broken because you click the I’m Here button and it leaves you on the same screen and doesn’t notify the restaurant.
  • Can’t log in on new version 1/5

    By country girl by birth
    The app tells me my email is already taken and I’m just trying to update the app and it won’t let me log in. Useless
  • App? More like CRAP 1/5

    By Disappointed boiiii
    This absolutely ruined an order for my wife and I. It is misleading and totally ruined our meal. No toppings = crying wife and ruined evening. I love the establishment, but this app DESTROYED my marriage.
  • Crappy app 2/5

    By merluba
    The app was hard to use and it made it so that we ordered our burgers plain instead of with all the toppings. We literally only had buns and meat. That was it. Next time I will use the drive-thru or go in person to order because the app messes your order up.
  • App crashes on launch 1/5

    By you dont know me i dont know u
  • Can’t log in with Apple 1/5

    By anneg1026
    I confirm the login with Apple then it takes me back to the login screen. Maybe because I hid my email address?
  • “Online Ordering” my ass 1/5

    By TanTanvir
    I can’t even use a gift card. After you choose your order it forces you to use a credit card. I thought the whole point of putting the gift card on the app was to use it? It’s 2020 and this app still doesn’t let you use gift card with online ordering. I’ve seen worse restaurants even let you use a gift card for online ordering.
  • Unable to pay with gift card on app 1/5

    By mks3550
    I have a gift card loaded to my account on the app, but when I go to check out, it only lets me pay with a credit card.