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  • Current Version: 2.5.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Steak 'n Shake App

Welcome to Steak ’n Shake’s new app giving guests a way to order ahead at their favorite Steak 'n Shake location, a fast, secure way to pay in-store with their mobile phone and automatically earn and redeem loyalty rewards! FEATURES: - Order: Check out our menu and order for pickup at your favorite Steak 'n Shake locations. - Mobile Payment: Pay in-store with one touch and get receipts right to your phone. - Rewards: Automatically earn, track and redeem your rewards in the Steak ’n Shake Rewards Program. - Gift cards: Buy, send and load gift cards directly from/to the app - no more remembering gift cards and their balances! - Link a debit card, credit card, or load/migrate a gift card to fund your account. - Store Locator: Find participating stores near you, get directions, phone numbers and store hours.

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Steak 'n Shake app reviews

  • App 5/5

    By BalerJohn
    Love your burgers and shakes. But now that 2 locations have closed how do I get my money back off the app
  • Great food 5/5

    By Angeleyes1952
    Food and shakes are great. Service was quick and very nice servers.
  • Can’t pay with gift cards 1/5

    By Princess & Dexter
    For Christmas I received $250 in gift cards. The app no longer will take gift cards for Payment. Several attempts with customer service, “due to a breach you can’t add gift cards temporarily.” That’s been 4 months ago. I’m trying to use the gift cards or re-gift them, but I’ve lost out on a lot of rewards cash. Now my store no longer serves breakfast. I’m burning thru these gift cards. Then I’m done with Steak n Shake. Shameful
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Ronald Thomas Jr.
    Not a good app - missing my closest location - if the app fails it will delete your order - takes forever to find things. Altogether a very poor experience.
  • Ridiculous!!! 1/5

    By BULL CRAP #1
    The auto renew under 10.00 is a pain in the butt!! Why can’t you just pay the exact amount of your order like every one else?? STUPID!!!
  • Difficult to use 2/5

    By cjbreisch
    Any order with a second side breaks the app
  • Need more points rewards take to long 5/5

    By doublehere
    Need faster point system . More frquent visits
  • Gift cards 3/5

    By giftcard542
    I use to be able to add Steak and Shake gift cards to my app. Now it is not allowing me to do so. This has been happening for months. Otherwise app was great!
  • Drive Thru 4/5

    By jeaniwishes
    You need to take lessons from Chik-fil-a !!
  • R 1/5

    By Teabrew
    I bought a new iPhone XR and now the app won’t work when you try to open it it will immediately shut off needs to be fixed
  • Do u know 1/5

    By they.0dore.niyah
    Do y’all know Casey great attitude but other workers horrible!
  • Location 1/5

    By Magnuspi
    You should be able to simply put city or zip code in to find location of stores. The location finder is in no sane order
  • Experience today’s visit 2/5

    By Staceycell6
    Drive thru was closed so I went in the store. The girl on the register must have been new as she messed up my order as I ordered a burger only and a milk shake. When she gave me my order there were fries. I paid w my app so had not looked at receipt. Sure enough she charged me for fries. She also got the mans order in front of me incorrect as well. She could not explain the answer to his question regarding his order.He even pointed to what he wanted on the menu. I vowed after last experience at this same location I would never go back.
  • App Is Closing Constantly 1/5

    By Jonlul
    The app is not functioning properly. Closes shortly after opening. Uninstalled & reinstalled same problem. I have money on the card I can’t access. This chain has went down hill. So sad.
  • Bad service 1/5

    By ttommy05
    The drive by windows personnel need training badly I ordered online and paid online and went by the drive-through to pick up and then they kept telling me I had to go in and pick up that was not the instructions that I had read

    By ☠️NeverAgain
    I’ve been a long-time customer of Steak-n-Shake for years, traveling as far as 2 hours from my home to the nearest location in Memphis, TN to patronize them. But, since a store opened in Tupelo, MS a few days ago, I’ve visited there 3 times. WORST. CUSTOMER SERVICE. EVER! The management team is rude, inconsiderate, and unprofessional! Also, they DERIVED THEIR OWN RULE and will not take carry-out orders inside; customers are forced to wait in long drive thru lines, instead of opting to carry out from inside. No other Steak-n-Shake store that I’ve ever visited does this!!! Additionally, all 3 times I’ve visited, once to dine in, was a nightmare!!! I was overcharged every time due to the order taker not ringing in the order correctly. One time when I brought it to the manager’s attention, he became argumentative and acted as if he was right! Math does not lie! Managers seem extremely incompetent! I’ve had rude, disrespectful experiences with 2 males in management, one was a heavy-set tall black man, and the other was a slim, medium height younger white one. Those guys were even rude to their employees—-in front of customers! Also, I have the Steak-n-Shake app on my cell; this app is clearly displayed at the cash registers, as well as accepted at all other stores I’ve visited across the country. Well, when I attempted to use mine at checkout, NOBODY had a clue what to do. Eventually, a black manager guy came forth to tell me that they’re “not a corporate store” and “privately owned” and do not accept the app. Totally disappointed & upset are understatements! Leaders are supposed to lead by example, but those in Tupelo, MS apparently failed to receive adequate training in this area!
  • Bummed out I erased the app 5/5

    By Jimi bling
    Every time they go so good
  • Steak and Shake App 1/5

    By L Aun
    This app is garbage !!! You cannot load funds or a gift card to it!!! You purchase a gift card to get the $5 deal and you cannot load it to your app!!!
  • Gift cards no longer accepted on app 1/5

    By Asquared55
    You can no longer upload gift cards to the app. When you use the gift card, you cannot get points.
  • AutoLoad will NOT turn off! 3/5

    By Crystal Nashville
    Even though i don’t need it, I cannot turn the option off
  • Can’t load gift card anymore. 1/5

    By paw900
    I would usually load the app using gift cards. I can no longer do this. What’s the deal?
  • Really Really bad service 1/5

    By Crazzymommmm
    Fathers day at the Dressler Restaurant in Canton Ohio. was really really slow and poor quality. The manager was to busy to listen to another customer in line complaining he kept making excuses over and over again. Our server never once came back to refill drinks or even see how we were doing. Will not be going back to that one again.
  • Took all my points away after update 1/5

    By Officepot
    App is extremely clunky and will charge your card $25 to “reload” and thus feature is on by default shady and super hard to navigate
  • Utterly Useless! 1/5

    By Erin Erns
    How does this app have a 4.6 rating!??? This is the absolute worst app I have on my phone! It’s literally developed for show because it won’t accept my money half the time and the online ordering is ridiculous! I’d expect this from McDonald’s or Taco Bell! Get it together!
  • Was good until things started disappearing from the menu 4/5

    By Merk44
    When I first got the app I loved it and I used it a lot. I ordered ahead of time all the time. But then the footlong disappeared from the menu. I know that they still have the footlong though, they wouldn’t just get rid of that. That’s only the start. What appeared in its place is the classic steak frank. You know the small wimpy one. And I was trying to find a similarity between the two and what do you know it looks like the exact same picture (orders the same way too) but the price for one of them is higher than the other. Fix the picture cause I don’t wanna risk paying more for a small hotdog for the chance it’s the footlong...
  • HORRIBLE app!! 1/5

    By sugarbabie101
    3rd time I’ve tried to use this app, 3rd time it won’t let me complete an order to place it. What’s the sense of having an app & trying to get points if it doesn’t work!!?
  • Easy peasy 5/5

    By Mxcnqt
    It’s easy to use no fuss and straightforward that’s why I like it. Free $5 every $50 spent
  • Fast service great price great food the app is great!! 5/5

    By Draft box plz
    Great app
  • Best in town! 5/5

    By De de de dd
    Greatest shakes ever! Great prices! Love the hot dogs and chili!
  • App 5/5

    By George Popadopolus
    Works great
  • Crashes w/facial recognition 1/5

    By Obi-137
    Worked well until I turned on the facial recognition. Now crashes within 2 seconds. Unusable. iPhone X
  • App Crashes 1/5

    By OzarkButterfly
    App crashes immediately after trying to open it, occurs every time.
  • Great 5/5

    By djwallbreaker
  • Can’t Pay With It 1/5

    By Filmteknik
    SnS is going down the tubes because of poor service which varies widely. I’ve been lucky because the service at the one I go to the most has been okay in terms of server service but there is no getting around that the current policy of no hosts means delays getting seated — gotta wait til someone notices you standing there and even worse, no one to take your money when you want to get out of there. Or people lined up trying to pay. This review is about the app and expresses my disappointment that it cannot be used to pay for sit-down service. That was the only reason I installed it. I know they won’t spend money on table-top devices but either let us pay with the app or maybe some sort of self checkout station where you scan the ticket and pay with a card or smartphone money system. You don’t need to interact with a human for that so why make us wait for one? Getting back to the app: It is useless to me and I’m deleting it as soon as I post this.
  • Customer service and staff 1/5

    By edward7369
    Hi I love steak ‘n Shake but what happened to customer service and the staff no one cares anymore it takes for ever to get you food and people just get up and walk out what people waiting in line for a long time one time we went to steak and shake to take two hours but me and my three great nephews and they gave us all of our food free they forgot to make it another time We went it’s a forever tail was a doting no one cleaning it need I say more please fix this problem
  • Gift Cards 1/5

    By Underdog017
    Unable to add funds from a gift card to the app. Will gladly accept your credit card info to add funds to the app though! 👎🏼
  • Had better 3/5

    By Wgwttdd
    I have eaten at several Steak N Shakes in Mo, TN and various other locations. This one suffered in service. The wait was long and when the order arrived it was cold. They where out of Malt to make Chocolate malts.
  • Crashing App 3/5

    By ScienceRudi
    Recently whenever I tried opening my app, it would ask for my passcode to open but immediately crash.
  • I don’t want fries 4/5

    By Koalten1520
    I cant order just a sandwhich so now I’m getting too many fries.
  • Steak and Shake 5/5

    By Tfrench221
    My husband and I just love Steak and Shake! My husband has had a stroke so he moves very slowly. The waitresses all know us and they are wonderful to my husband! The food is good especially for the price and we live about a mile from the restaurant! There are many restaurants here as it is around a mall but our choice is Steak and Shake!
  • Great food. App has issue 1/5

    By YanNick
    Unable to add gift cards thereby defeating purpose of this app to preorder food. Store constantly misses food forcing returns to get it.
  • Poor! service! 2/5

    I just walked out of Steak & Shake very unhappy again. Walked in at at 7:55pm stood waiting to be seated for over 6 minutes, in a restaurant with 3 tables in use. There were 7 dirty booths and 6 dirty tables at that time. The waitress was taking an order and visiting with a family of 6 for approximately 10 minutes. The hostess finally escorted me to a table. I asked for a booth as several were empty. She curtly took me to a booth that had been cleared but not wiped down.(not one of the dirty ones I had counted). She got my drink order asked if I was ready to order, I wasn’t. She brought my drink and I ordered at 8:20. Food came at 8:40, 2 more tables occupied. My chilli and fries were lukewarm. Never checked on me after food delivery. The same tables and booths remained dirty. 3 customers came in while I was there. 2 seated themselves and 1 waited and finally asked where he should sit after getting his own menu. I finished and went to the cash register at 9:00 and waited about 5 minutes to be checked out. Steak & Shake is a place that has been our family favorite for 2 generations. Love the food. But the Vincennes restaurant is not up to Steak & Shake reputation for service and food quality.
  • Gift card 2/5

    By jenn ples
    Not able to upload a gift card?
  • Limited ordering options 2/5

    By Bigblue967
    Fries should allow options (i.e. BACON cheese fries)
  • Trouble 2/5

    By 1 hungry man
    Having a hard time trying to order also having a hard time trying to add gift cards to this app
  • Please don’t close 5/5

    By shotbuc
    I heard a rumor that Steak ‘n Shake is going out of business? Please tell me this is not true. I just wish there was a restaurant in New England
  • Can’t load gift cards anymore 1/5

    By Brallen467
    Tried to load a gift card onto the app. Error message said the ability to do so has been temporarily disabled. Really? No reason to have the app if you can’t do something that basic. What’s the point?
  • Crashes on iPhone XS 1/5

    By ClassicRocker2000
    It worked at first but after I turned on Face ID authentication it stopped working! I even deleted the app and all it did was crash over and over again
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Middletree
    I can’t figure out how to use this app, and neither could the Steak and Shake employee when I tried to use it when I ate food. Also, it seems you can only use it if you pay by credit card; is that right? Seems to punish those who pay by cash

Steak 'n Shake app comments

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