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Steam Mobile

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  • Current Version: 3.2.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Valve
  • Compatibility: Android
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Steam Mobile App

With the free Steam Mobile App, you can take Steam with you anywhere. Buy PC games and get the latest game and community news - while protecting your Steam account. Shop Steam Browse the Steam catalog of PC games from your phone. Never miss a sale again. Steam Guard Protect your Steam account and make sign in faster with two-factor authentication. • Two-factor authentication to ensure you’re the only one with access to your account • QR code sign in - Scan a QR code to sign into Steam instead of entering a password or… • Sign in confirmation - Confirm your regular Steam sign ins with simple “approve” or “deny” Library & Remote downloads The new Library view makes it easy to view game content, discussions, guides, support, and more. Plus you can manage game downloads and updates to your PC from your phone. Trade and Market Confirmations Speed up item trades and sales by using your phone to confirm them. Plus • A personalized News feed based on your Library with the latest news, events, and content updates direct from publishers and game developers. • Customizable Steam notifications: wishlist, sales, comments, trades, discussions, friend requests, and more. • Access to the entire Steam Community - discussions, groups, guides, Market, Workshop, broadcasts, and more. • Access to your friends, friend activity, groups, screenshots, inventory, wallet, and more. • Authorized Devices - Manage access to the devices your account has signed in • An improved Store browsing experience for mobile screens • Support for using multiple Steam accounts in the app • Support for customizing your app's main tabs

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Steam Mobile app reviews

  • Hugely disappointed!! 1/5

    By psychosiz11
    The worst thing is that I couldn’t even use this app. Steam guards in an email to me to verify my account, and I can’t even get any type of keyboard or anything to work to type in the numbers or letters necessary to get the app to work, so this is absolutely useless out for me. The sad thing is when I went to explore this, I found out I wasn’t the only person that had this issue.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Cosss98771
    One of my payments did not go in my game so I went to support and I requested a refund and it was just that easy
  • PayPal authorization not working 1/5

    By Kloun
    Fix your PayPal login authorization so I can purchase things on mobile instead of my PC and I will change the rating. Right now when it tells me to log in to PayPal via the PayPal button it brings me to a page that just says PayPal at the top and doesn’t load no matter what settings I put on my browser or the app. Works fine on PC. Guess I will have to remember to save my login info on PC again when I get the time, doesn’t change that it shouldn’t block me from using PayPal on the app…
  • Will not let me open up store pages 1/5

    By Smosh fan 2385
    When i click on a game on the list in top sellers it just brings me back to the top of the list so I can’t even view the store page for a game I want to look at
  • There are a lot of issues with this app 2/5

    By SamThePro07
    Some buttons are very unresponsive and steam guard is a pain in the butt to set up for me since it never sends me the sms verification code and the resend button is completely unresponsive and doesn’t work
  • E 2/5

    By mini_tyler_banks
    So like, i just have a few things to say, and that is, play button isnt working, and i have steam and it wont let me play
  • Another okay app gone garbage (much like the pc application) 1/5

    By Aria Inuzuka
    Hot garbage UI and chat’s missing, it’s a glorified login button that I hate to look at. If I didn’t have to use steam guard every few months, I’d never download this app again. I used it to log in, check friends’ libraries, and see who was online.
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By HowardFn
    Been using the platform for nearly 20 years since they launched steam when I was 12. Spent thousands. Some scammer got the best of me when I was in a bad state of mind and steam refuses to do anything. 40 years and thousand spent and all I get is a generic copy and paste of their policy then a “stop opening tickets we won’t reply” Great, would have bought thousands more on your platform but now you won’t get another penny. Ever again.
  • A step up, but such a ways to go 3/5

    By gjzjxjchh
    This app version is better, but many sales and such dont fit on the screen, basically rendering mobile viewing useless still. Id spend a lot more money if I could see the sales on my phone.
  • Valve can do much better 1/5

    By Hungry trucker
    I’m unable to even watch the videos previewing the games, it’s just a black screen... Go to genres and it’s a terrible menu system which blocks half of the options when you scroll. It’s been broken since the app came out. Does anybody at valve use this on an iPhone? It’s crazy that I’ve personally bought 2000+ games from them and they still have the one of the worst iOS apps in the store. They made half life and counter strike but completely negated both with this abomination of an app. And now that it has been updated it’s somehow even worse.
  • this does nothing 1/5

    By Zane11199126
    not only is it impossible to make an account without safari on mobile, you cant do anything. it asks you to download things that are for pc only when its a mobile app, once you do it doesnt even let you click yes. even on pc this is difficult, couldnt even play the game for two hours because it wouldnt let me click yes that i havw steam
  • Cant sign in 3/5

    By Freddy the teddy tikyou
    I’m trying to sign in and not login but it’s saying “ The username or password is incorrect “ and I need help
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Bobby Driscoll
    Won’t let me log in despite my credentials working perfectly on my computer
  • Very bad messaging 2/5

    By kingj0n
    I used to be able to text my friends, but the recent update made it trash. It goes to another webpage and I cannot stand it.
  • Update killed chat for phone 1/5

    By Stubbewolf
    For iPhone. You could use chat super easy and communicate with friends on this before they changed it. The only point of this app is to buy games you can’t play on your phone. Don’t download this if you want to communicate with your Steam friends
  • Chat function removed 2/5

    By Glennyrd87
    The chat function has been moved to another app making this app pretty much garbage.
  • Accounts 1/5

    By jonnhyboi
    This is so dumb how you need an account on something else to have it on mobile
  • No Notification for Steam Guard Code 1/5

    By Bmorr1123
    They no longer send a notification for the steam guard codes, so now I have to open my app, go to the guard tab, click “Show Steam Guard Code” and then hit the next button that says “Show Steam Guard Code”. I get that they want people to use the QR Code feature, but it doesn’t work on websites that use your Steam account (such as Epic Games or Ballchasing) and it drives me nuts. Why release an update with such an obvious downgrade?
  • I am no longer angry 4/5

    By hahshhshhnskjenejuw
    I just wanted to say I fixed the thing,
  • Needs landscape for iPad 1/5

    By Magic 3x
    It’s 2023 already
  • I WANNA PLAY 😡 1/5

    By an entertained player
    i had a steam account on my dad’s computer and i wanted it on my iPad so i downloaded the app but i couldn’t play any games i owned so i made my own account and bought same the games but i still couldn’t play dev if you see this pls fix this so i can play
  • So bad 2/5

    By doompriest
    I can’t even download a game but apart from that it’s fine
  • Steam Mobile 3/5

    Whats the point of this app is im gonna need a pc for it anyways? I downloaded steam mobile specifically to play on my mobile device and it requires a pc to actually play games
  • Valve hates you 1/5

    By JigglyPuffles
    It is just so so so so convenient to NOT have Steam chat in the same app as where everything else is? Oh, need to use your steam guard code to login to steam chat? Go open the other app! F*** off

    By tgmx117
    If you are trying to find a good support system this is not it. They will do jack crap to help you, I tried refunding a game and it didn’t go through because they voided it. DO NOT GET THIS
  • Difficult to navigate 2/5

    By Disheartened555
    This app could be way less complicated. It feels like things are hidden and difficult to find. Like, why is it this hard to navigate and SEARCH the workshop?? So frustrating!
  • Unusable on my iPhone 12 3/5

    By SC SLP
    I love this app but I got a new phone and now it’s unusable. When I go to type in any search bar the keyboard does not show up.
  • App is broken and easy to go around security 1/5

    By ohyesohohohyeah
    There are a number of items broke, but the main one is there is a method to bypass the authentication. Great job keeping your customers safe!
  • So broken 1/5

    By GoldenZippo
    Can’t even go to steam on your phone browser without it forcing you to use the app. Unable to add funds for purchases in app for some reason. Haven’t figured out how to manually search for other players. Just terrible overall.
  • Can’t click title in store to purchase games. 2/5

    By Rane1997
    The app feels very refreshed, and new! It helps with signing in with the new QR scanner. But I can’t even search a title, click it and purchase it. Instead the app things that’s now a filter to help me find games.
  • Can’t view games on search 2/5

    By VipeNess
    Lately, searching for a game then clicking on the result does nothing. Going through out the store that show games also render the same result. Hard to lookup a game and decide if someone wants to buy. Please fix.
  • Exceeded expectations 1/5

    By TrojanMan00000
    Valve has really done it this time by innovating the low effort braindead american way of running companies. Pushing out low effort contracted out garbage and waiting for the users to fix all the problems. Way to go valve.
  • Version 3.0 and up are a total joke! 2/5

    By K-Dogg73
    Prior to the release of version 3.0, it was possible to do almost anything from the app that could be done from a PC. But 3.0 (and up) completely removed all that functionality. The app is virtually useless now. You can’t do anything with it. Oh, wait. With the exception of buying games. You can still do that, of course. Because that’s what it’s all about, right? What a joke.
  • Unable to Make Purchase Using PayPal 2/5

    By Troyhe98
    Unable to purchase games via PayPal in the app. You are brought to a page in Safari when you try to make the purchase, but nothing loads from there.
  • Better off using safari 1/5

    By Madagary
    Unfortunately, this app did not meet my expectations. The UI is very similar to the desktop app, which is great, unfortunately, whenever I try to click on something to add it to my wish list for example, the button would simply not register. I’ve ended up just using Safari to browse the steam store on my phone.
  • An underwhelming experience 3/5

    By sidknee5222
    It has come far from the days of just messaging people or opening up steam pages and crashing, so I thought with this new update it might be able to breath new air into the app. I was half right, the update/overhaul to the UI and some needed QOL of changes such as not crashing anytime I do something have been helpful and while the UI feels cleaner and less clunky; I cannot say the same for its navigation experience. Often times I will be wanting to wishlist or buy games and the icons simply won’t register being clicked and it isn’t very clear that clicking on a title vs clicking on the thumbnail will warrant a different result. Search bar is mediocre, often clicking multiple links within the app confuses it and can result in certain processes not loading and requiring a hard reset. In conclusion the app has lots of potential but as of now it’s a 6/10 from me.
  • New version is borked 2/5

    By Yaywalter
    I can search for games in the store, but clicking on the results refuses to go to the game’s page for more details.
  • Help! 2/5

    By Gdesigns216
    Before I upgraded my phone from a Galaxy s10 (the app worked flawlessly on that device) to an iPhone 14 (the App Store won’t let me tap and open up a game I’m looking to purchase!) instead it goes into a loop taking me back to the top of my search results. I used to really love the PC and Android versions of this app. The iOS versions, not so much, definitely needs a little attention 😢
  • New Update Store Search Bugs 2/5

    By CoasterSky
    My phone is up to date but with the latest update when I filter games in the store to vr and click a game to view details it fails to load, I have to retype the game in the search bar to get it to work. Too much work for something that should just work.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Spilled Tea
    What a joke of an app, you can’t even write in the search bar
  • cant chat 1/5

    By neaumusic
    literally dont know what went through their minds, sincerely regretting auto updating apps because this happens

    By Kiro245
  • So much better after the update 5/5

    By Alien2835
    After the app redesign, the UI and functionality has increased so much. The 2fa confirmation with the QR code is also a really nice change. I’m glad Valve is finally giving the app some attention.
  • i would give a better review 2/5

    By arandomdumbidiotboy
    i would give a better review but when i tried going on steam it says sign in not sign up i dont even have a steam account
  • Steam Can’t Sign in Due to Poor or No Connection 3/5

    By Six-shooter Tim
    I was in the middle of posting screenshots on Steam on my PC when Steam suddenly can’t due to no connection. I tried logging off and then logging in, but now it can’t log in because there’s no connection. This is ridiculous because I have full Wi-Fi on my computer. I tried restarting it and tried to sign into Steam again, but still nothing. All I ask is that this issue is resolved ASAP so that I can still finish posting screenshots and access other features of Steam.
  • Cuenta bloqueada 1/5

    By juanba1290
    Soporte técnico pésimo
  • The worst thing ever 1/5

    By William 35644755
    Steam is only on pc and that’s bad
  • EDIT: Good redesign 4/5

    By Lukalot
    I have replaced my previous negative 2 star review with this new four star review thanks to the redesign, which has greatly improved the app. However, we shouldn't need a dedicated two factor authentication app just for steam. I would want this app just for it's library perusing/ store browsing features, but OTP Auth is already a technology with a generalized format that can be used in multiple password managers. Please integrate with wha everyone else is using so that we can have a less disrupted experience logging into steam.
  • Awful 1/5

    By gglau3345
    Very poorly designed. Only use if you want to lock out your steam account and waste 30 minutes of your life to unlock it. Don’t bother fixing it, just scrap it