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  • Current Version: 2.0.10
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Valve
  • Compatibility: Android
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Steam Mobile App

With the free Steam app for iOS, you can participate in the Steam community wherever you go. With the Steam app for iOS, you can: - Chat with your Steam friends. - Secure your account with the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator. - Access your inventory, trades, and the Community Market on the go. With Trade and Market Confirmations, you can be sure that your items never leave your account without your approval. - See the latest screenshots and posts from your friends and the most popular content from across the Steam Community. - Keep up on the latest news and discussions from your favorite groups and games. - Remotely download and install your games straight to your PC at home.

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Steam Mobile app reviews

  • Two years no updates.... 1/5

    By CyberData4
    Valve makes more money than God but can't be bothered to update their slow, buggy, unoptimized app. Basura.
  • Won’t let me make trades 1/5

    By B_zimm4
    Whenever I have to confirm the trade it keeps telling me that I will receive nothing even though I just created the trade. Steam please fix

    By cArLa HiIiIi
  • Missing key features 3/5

    By Oof Ouch Help
    Overall the app is a good way to manage games and keep up with communities on Steam. However, the lack of a workshop interface to manage and queue mods for download (for users and creators alike) is very disappointing. Mods are a massive part of the community and the complete omission of even the most basic of functionality in this department is questionable at best.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By coolcatsinthehouse
    When I got it I expected it let me play my steam games on my phone. I see the play now button but when I press it the app crashes.
  • X 3/5

    By Waiyan Htun
    Last update was two years ago. Need updates for iPhone X. It's time to pgrade the app UI design.
  • 从来不更新 1/5

    By ‭‭‭
    她妈的这个ui看两年了 真的你他妈换个ui可不可以?!啥都不要求你了
  • Bad 1/5

    By bdkdhhdekjjsj
    Why do you need and authentication code for and Authenticator.
  • This app works perfectly 4/5

    By Vincent notabartolo
    This app works how it’s supposed to but I definitely does need an update. It does not fit the iPhone X or iPad Pro screens and it would be better if it did.
  • Hot Garbage 1/5

    By ch0rx
    This app has not been updated in years. I try and use it as a chat terminal on my iPad — it’s worthless. Messages disappear, wont send, chat disconnects randomly. It’s not often I leave flat out bad reviews but this app is bad and Valve should devote a resource to maintaining it. I’d pay for a good Steam app in a heartbeat. Maybe there’s a third party chat application that leverages the Steam API? I’m going to look for that alternative tonight for sure.
  • 502 bad gateway 1/5

    By CoakTG
    Fix your app.
  • Can’t upload an avatar 3/5

    By konkrypton
    When I try on iPad (gen 5) the “choose file” button brings an empty dialog that should let me choose a photo or browse iCloud for a file. On iPhone 8 the button doesn’t even do that.
  • It a decent app for doing basic activities, but oh god 3/5

    By BottlePenguin
    My biggest complaint would have to be that fact that it logs me out every time I exit the app. It could be literal seconds since I close the app and I have to sign back in. I don’t know if it’s just my phone specifically but for some god awful reason touch controlled just do NOT work. I could press the same button like 3 times and wouldn’t register the first time but did the second and third. The UI is just clunky and not good and videos never load, even on fast WiFi. At this point i just log in to add a few games to my wishlist and nothing else.
  • Why pay 5/5

    By jhhha absbhnbbdjdhbd
    Why pay 5$ just to add friends?!??
  • The captcha prevents login - Frustration in a box! 1/5

    By sylvoon
    I have a steam account that I wanted to log into from the mobile app, and I double-checked the password and username - even changed the password - and made sure I had all the right information. But then there was the bar that said “Type what you see above to confirm your humanity.” Simple, right? Well, pretty much- the letters were confused with white markings to confuse any robot trying to make an account. But they were still clear enough. I typed in what it showed me, and then triple-checked it. It was right. I then tapped the Sign In button, which then asked me to type the captcha in again. I tried a few dozen times, but it still would not let me log in. Also there is ZERO support of any kind on this problem. So I have to browse my way to another random forum to try and find a solution. They all were unhelpful and did not work. But if you manage to somehow breach the initial, gone-to-heck login, then you have a great game store.
  • Definitely needs work 2/5

    By Stinkywinks
    I’ve been using this app for a LOOOONG time, but to my disappointment, there are countless bugs that would be too tedious to list that have existed for years. It certainly does what it’s supposed to, but I expected better.
  • Logout 1/5

    By Dacic Gospodar
    Please add “Remember Password” option.Everytime when i close app its automaticaly logout from my account...
  • Update maybe? 1/5

    By Vicious Vinyl
    Yo valve, are you like......... ever going to update your apps? Or are you too busy counting your money? Keep this up and Epic might just win....
  • Good App 5/5

    By Macario.ds
    This app has received a lot of criticism over the years but I love this app. It comes in very handy to sell stuff and see what my friends are up to. I like this app a lot.
  • Necessary Garbage 2/5

    By FndrStrat06
    This app is beyond slow, almost to the point where it’s unusable. The UI is clunky and poorly coded. Buttons and text end up clipping on top of each other all the time. After all this time, it still has not been updated to fit the iPhone X, XS, and XR. It does, however, work. Barely, but it does work. You can chat over steam, browse the store and make purchases, remotely install games in your library, and manage your items on the market. These are all useful functions, and this app would be fantastic if it was optimized and updated regularly by Valve.
  • xs max support ? 1/5

    By 來自深淵
    Support XS max,this app is trash.
  • Not set up for phones 2/5

    By Supersword72
    This app is great for checking your friend list... and that’s pretty much it. This app is the steam page online poorly adapted to a phone. I was going to spend some of my extra I tunes money on some steam money, but they have it set up the same as computers. Plus it’s strange how hard it is to look at your wishlist. Also it’s hard to buy any games/DLCs/etc. I just wish that steam would completely ‘REMODEL’ the whole app.
  • Good 5/5

    By Wazzlesmo
    It’s good as an Authenticator so if that’s what you’re after, it works pretty well.
  • App in desperate need of an update 1/5

    By Gerbology
    It’s been 2 years since the iPhone X came out and the app still doesn’t support the new screen resolutions. Also would it kill you to atleast add support for other Authentication methods such as LastPass or Google Authenticator. Come on Valve. I am forced to used this outdated app just for 2-Factor Verification. Every time I want to play a game on steam I have to sign in then open this bs app just to get the authentication code. Adding support for other Authenticator apps would open the door for many possibilities and would allow for easier sign in as a lot of authenticator apps have interactive notifications that let you approve a sign in request. ADD SUPPORT FOR THE NEW IPHONE RESOLUTIONS AND SUPPORT MORE AUTHENTICATION METHODS. This could easily have been a 5 star review if this 2 requests have been fulfilled.
  • Pay through apple account 3/5

    By lifeIsLemons
    I wish it connected to my apple account so that I could easily pay for any game I wanted to purchase. This is in fact the main reason I downloaded this app was because I was hoping for a better more portable way to pay for steam games. I hope this gets implemented into the app.
  • No wishlist 3/5

    By cmc5790
    I get notifications about items on my wishlist going on sale but have to trick the app into showing my wishlist as it’s not located under the “store” tab.
  • Vr wish 5/5

    By Morames
    I don’t have the app yet but from what it says I don’t think you would be able to connect it to your computer and play VR versions of games that have VR modes but if it can be added the app would be much more useful.
  • This needs to be updated 1/5

    By Fxnit
    It’s been over a year.
  • Add Sing in and not an existing account! 3/5

    By skorawit
    I don’t have an existing account. Please let us make a new account!!!!i have never played steam!
  • 体验极差 1/5

    By Nik-Colt
    我觉得steam for Windows体验和套壳浏览器一样(本质上也没差)已经很过分了,没想到移动端体验更差,iOS和android都一样差!
  • Abandonware 1/5

    By Gnome2232
    Doesn’t work well on X/XS/XS Max. Crashes frequently. Push notifications fail to send. Keyboard glitches out so you can’t chat with friends. The store kinda works. It hasn’t been updated in two years. This app has been abandoned.
  • Signs you out all the time 2/5

    By Destro_4
    This app always signs you out needing to sign back in.
  • Terribly outdated 2/5

    By A Rather Delusional Yoshi
    It works, it’s functional. It’s just clunky and needs to be caught up with the modern era.
  • Its 2019 & Still ?? 2/5

    By Giusep81
    Typical of Steam, always late with features on their iOS App. Like what reason do they have not to support iPhone Xs - Xs MAX - screen Ratios.
  • Problem fixed 5/5

    By ChahsnsmeknAkwkwen
    I had a bad time with this app but I fixed it by deleting the app and just using it on my computer.
  • Steam Link 5/5

    By Xai
    The fact that Apple is hasn’t made the SteamLink app available is very disappointing. I miss the old Apple. Maybe it’s time to finally switch. I can’t reward their greed forever.
  • Don’t think you realize 2/5

    By xpvkr
    In the first screenshot of the app you guys posted of the friends list, the guy named Matt has a profile picture of moonman aka a racist music producer that singers about killing people.
  • CANT EVEN USE THE APP😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 1/5

    By hedgehoglovescarrots
    IT WILL NOT LET ME LOG IN😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 VALVE YOU MUST UPDATE THIS APP LIKE NOW
  • Useless 1/5

    By fududjbcug
    I have to login every time I open the app. If I am logged in and I switch from LTE to wireless when I get home I have to login again. The mobile authentication is annoying. I wish I would just text or email me the code.
  • This is bad 2/5

    By gg big boiiiii
    I just got steam how can make an account? It says to log in an existing account but I do not have one.🤨
  • Really...? 2/5

    By Rynnzo
    Can I at least play the games I bought? Good lord... Other than that, it's okay I guess, not as good as pc.
  • Need a redesign 4/5

    By Hussein AlBehary
    The app is good, and useful enough for a mobile app, but seriously the app looks so old, and using Material Design or any other new Flat UI designs would be awesome
  • I mean it works I guess... 2/5

    By TheChosen501
    Only positive is that it’s “functional” Issues: - Does not scale to fit larger displays (seriously why is this still a thing?! It’s so easy to adapt an app to scale to new iPhone displays properly. It’s been years since the first iPhone X with a larger display came out) - Does not load linked photos in messages - Very slow and clunky - Interface is convoluted and menu makes it difficult to find the category or feature you’re looking for - Notifications are inconsistent
  • Why even have app? 1/5

    By Why this flaw?
    Without the ability to play games this is completely pointless.
  • Clunky and out of date but functional 2/5

    By jmason86
    2 years since the last update? I expect better from such a high profile company. The UI is clunky and is clearly written for cross platform rather than leveraging iOS norms and design patterns. Still, it gets the job done.
  • Question 3/5

    By im depression
    How can I play without PC? I’m 12 and I’m trying to play on PC
  • slow and clunky 2/5

    By Tz81389
    it does what it needs to but its super slow and clunky
  • I prefer to keep steam on my computer. 1/5

    By djyeetstik
    Why can’t you just send a text? Why do I have to get an app to sign in? You have my email you have my phone number now you gotta have memory in my cell phone?
  • Trading won’t load 2/5

    By Fischer K.
    I want to give an item to my friend, and whenever I have to verify it, it just keeps saying loading... can you fix this and this review will become a 5 star?

Steam Mobile app comments

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