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  • Current Version: 1.1.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
  • Compatibility: Android
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Steer Clear® App

The Steer Clear® app is part of a comprehensive program that helps young drivers reinforce positive driving behavior. Young drivers, under age 25, who complete the Steer Clear Safe Driver Discount Program, may be eligible for a discount on their State Farm® auto insurance. The Steer Clear mobile application tracks a driver's progress through pre-set learning modules of updated content including topics such as Bluetooth, distracted driving (texting/games), and special driving situations. Drivers will no longer need to manually record their trips if the program is conducted through this app. Throughout their trips, drivers will be scored and given feedback on their braking, acceleration, and cornering. This application will also offer a code (account key) in which a mentor (parent, guardian, agent, experienced driver over 25) can receive from their driver and keep track of their driver's course progress and driving feedback/trip scores from their own device. Once a driver completes the program, they will receive a program completion certificate that they can text, email, or bring into the agent's office. Badges have been added to Steer Clear to recognize and reward a variety of specific driving accomplishments. The badges will help align users to shared goals of the app, such as scoring a certain percentage on a specific driving behavior, while acting as virtual, motivational status symbols. Feel free to leave comments on the App Store or on our Facebook Teen Driver Safety page: *The Steer Clear Safe Driver Discount is not available in all states.

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Steer Clear® app reviews

  • wonderful 5/5

    By juguilon
    easy to use.. very quick and pretty cool
  • Half the time it doesn’t record 1/5

    By please record!!
    I like the discount. However half the time I drive does not record. That is so disappointing and irritating!
  • Clear and informative application 5/5

    By E Furr
    This app is useful and has well thought out modules to help one brief up on driving responsibilities.
  • Rate 5/5

    By 71indians71
    Really good and fun really like it
  • Good Refresher 4/5

    By AmericanVapeGod
    The modules are pretty easy and user friendly. The format is super appealing and easy to use. My biggest complaint is logging the drive time. When I start my time, the app crashes. I don’t realize until after my drive. I was supposed to log 5 hours but really I used the app for 10.
  • Review 5/5

    By 11111112233333344444
    Wish there would have been area to explain why example hard braking was used.
  • Not good 1/5

    By krisDone
    To get higher scores, you had to drive in an unrealistic manner.
  • Pain 1/5

    By pita. pee
    Spend too much time updating crap.
  • How do you know when you completed the course and able to send to State Farm? 5/5

    By ddking8888
    Just confused on how to know when you completed course to send to State Farm.
  • Easy to use app 5/5

    By Nemnem09
    Simple app
  • Steer Clear is great! 5/5

    By Tacybugaboo
    I’m a better driver because of it!
  • Keeps shutting off halfway through my drives 4/5

    By 82ndairborne2bt
    I drive an hour to work everyday and every time I activate the steerclear, 30 minutes into my drive it shuts off due to “movement” even though i never touch my phone, the sensitivity and programming needs to be fixed.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Horsecrazy1125698
    This was horrible! Who would teach our youth to mess with there phone before every time you drive!
  • Víctor 5/5

    By Robles1231972
    Excelente app
  • This is terrible and a waste of time 1/5

    By 627660
    All of this is already taught in drivers ed as well as the drives, if they wanted drives done they need to take the papers from the school to get feed back. This is also stupid because the mod-lures are common since. I do not recommend for anyone
  • App not working 1/5

    By Apawlo99
    App does not pick up on driving and says that I drove less than a mile which was far from the truth. The videos were somewhat helpful although common sense. If it worked it would be great.
  • Frustrating, Sporadic App 2/5

    By Viper37
    My teen has been using this app in order to log her five (5) hours of drive time. However, she has easily driven twice that time, yet the app consistently errors out during a trip thus resulting in not recording and giving her credit for the time driven. Further, the app has deducted points for driver error, however, when I compare this with the State Farm Drive Safe and Save app, the errors are not reflected on this app or the Life360 app either. My teen is frustrated and as a parent I’m extremely frustrated. I’ll be so glad when it finally recognizes the five hours drive time!!!!
  • Not bad, but needs improvement 3/5

    By biogeochemistCAP
    Not a bad app at all, easy and user friendly. The modules are crazy easy, and the app is incredibly easy to navigate. However, the driving factor needs improvement. It senses potholes as braking or acceleration, and when you live somewhere with a lot of them, that can be an issue. Or if you accidentally leave the app running when you get out of your car, it does the same thing, dropping your score. It would be nice if it could sense these things.
  • Read this BEFORE you start the app 3/5

    By MollyandBelle
    We learned the hard way That this app does not share it with other devices. We had started the classroom modules on my iPad and then I started the driving on my phone. We learned that none of the work on the iPad would transfer to the phone. You will have The same problem if you set up one device for the car ride and a separate device for the tests. That was very frustrating and time-consuming. The app itself is picky. If your phone is not completely stationary in the car it will not pick up the drive. My phone was sitting in a phone carrier and still have this problem. On the plus side, it is nice to get a grade on each drive and know what needed a little adjustment.
  • Disappointed with the Accuracy 1/5

    By Kaskon
    It don’t work well on curvy roads and not to great for getting on or off the interstate. But got a great score for driving through town where it’s a straight...... other then that it’s great .
  • Inaccurate 1/5

    By Iwannafoxwithyou
    This app promotes you to not use your brake which will result in a wreck. It’s also in accurate. You cannot score a 100.
  • Awful 2/5

    By IceDrummer
    I’m only doing it to save money, but the app is wildly inaccurate. I drove like my grandmother would with her famous apple pie in the back on her way to the church bake sale, and I got a 55%. Only 30 minute windows are atrocious. Make it an hour. If I forget to press stop and quit the app, the drive goes away. Fix the flaws.
  • Steer Clear 5/5

    By Briannabemily
    Helpful and good way to get reacquainted with rules of driving
  • Didn’t need it 2/5

    By SmartSafeKnowledgebleDriver
    A lot of the questions were opinion based and 1 question in particular was completely contradictory. The question asked was if you should use your high beams in rural areas if possible. I answered true but the “correct” answer was false because cars will come that you’ll have to turn your high beams off for. In that case, logically, when can you ever use your high beams!? Doesn’t make sense and is completely against how people drive. Besides that I already knew ALL of the answers except for the opinion based questions that are based on subjectivity.
  • App Crashes & Incorrect Avg. 3/5

    By Chloecc42
    The app has now crashed twice, not counting those two drives I thought were being documented. And I don’t drive much at all, so that has been kinda aggravating. I also calculated my averaged based on what they provided for braking, accelerating and cornering and my calculations were different than the overall score... how is the overall score determined? The modules are a piece of cake! If you took drivers ed, or read the drivers manual, you’re golden. You may even learn some good pointers! Overall, very VERY simple to use and complete over time.
  • This app is *so* inaccurate, still stops recording after 30mins. 1/5

    By YouTuber2015
    Let’s start with the basics: this app is terrible and is just one reason why I know I made the right choice declining ‘Drive Safe and Save’ (DSS) because HOLY HECK this app is SOOO inaccurate. If this app is bad, I can imagine how bad DSS is. First, the courses are whatever. In California I had to take some online course before getting my provisional permit. It was basically the same thing. However it’s worth noting that the videos had some info I found to be in conflict with my current state’s (Arizona) laws, so, and I cannot stress this enough, READ THE LAWS. It will give you generally good info but not necessarily legal info. Kinda funny coming from an insurance company but whatever. Secondly, it seems to have a mind of its own when it comes to the road portion and handing out ‘Hard braking’, ‘rapid acceleration’, and ‘hard turn’ warnings. The first time it gave me 54% on acceleration without explanation as to why. Only thing I could think of was that I wasn’t getting up to speed FAST enough, because I was mostly driving in a residential area with 25 MPH speed limits. It seemed to encourage me to floor it instead of easing into it, ya know, like a sane person. Plus, I drive an old 4-cyl sedan. Sorry I can’t accelerate 0-60 in 2.8 sec like a darn Tesla. Next, rapid acceleration. Ok so if I don’t get up to speed fast enough I get yellow flagged. If I go too fast, I get red flagged. Then TELL ME what should be a good acceleration speed after a turn? Ridiculous. Next, hard braking. Apparently it doesn’t like you braking for roundabouts because *EVERY TIME* I approach one it marks it as a ‘hard braking’ event. Seems to, again, want you to do the *WRONG* thing of not slowing for a roundabout. One drive I had I got a combo of hard braking and rapid acceleration. Welcome to rural America, State Farm. Roads have speed limits that quickly go from 35 to 55 and back again. Doesn’t seem to completely understand two-lane highways or expressways with intermittent stop lights, stop signs, or small towns. I fear going onto the Interstate with 75 MPH speed limits and not long enough ramps. ‘Oops I’m accelerating too fast. Oh well I gotta keep my insurance rates low. Let’s cause the entire interstate to slow down just for me!’ (Seriously, Arizona drivers are this bad. Don’t move here, please). Next it complained that it couldn’t give me a score on one drive because my phone moved too much. Ok, what, you want me to hold it? Yeah that’s safe driving. *eye roll* What made me the MOST angry? On one drive it gave me the lowest score ever: 50%. My average without that drive is over 90%. I’m a very good driver. The reason? It registered 30 (yes THIRTY) hard turns in the course of half a mile. What. The. Heck. And mind you, this is driving in a *STRAIGHT LINE*. Finally, I read the reviews where people complained that it stopped recording after 30 mins and State Farm said in the latest version they fixed this. They HAVE NOT. I was driving when, without warning, it stopped after 30 mins. I was driving for 80 mins total. Had it calculated right I’d only have 35 mins of driving left. Thanks devs for the false sense of trust in the app. From now on I’ll set my watch on a 30 min timer and pull over and reset the app. In short, the app is terrible. Luckily it doesn’t actually matter because you get the discount anyway. It just bothers me that it’s seemingly teaching you the WRONG things in the name of teaching you good driving habits. For example: accelerate hard in residential areas, ignore stop lights because you might brake too hard, go into roundabouts at full speed because you might trigger a hard braking event, hold the phone while driving on the highway because it may not register otherwise, and pick up and use your phone every 30 mins so you get credit for what your doing. Good luck to whomever gets into an accident with someone following these fantastic driving habits!
  • App doesn’t track accurately 3/5

    By Tristan496
    It mistakes bumps in the road for hard braking and rapid acceleration. At points where I just had cruise control on, it says that I accelerated rapidly or braked hard. Great idea for an app and to encourage drivers to drive better. Needs some work on accuracy and how it interprets things.
  • Steer Clear 3/5

    By Penny's Iphone 5
    The app often times closes or doesn’t track while using it.
  • Still needs some updates 4/5

    By Reb hemling
    For the most part it works well. Makes it difficult to see how he is doing- not registering that he completed his courses but I look on his and he has them done. When driving our back roads it’s says it was too bumpy to record. When it works right it is great feed back and great program.
  • Not recording drives 2/5

    By SkylerJamieson
    Ever since I updated the app the week that was supposed to fix longer drives, the app hasn’t recorded a single drive since. The app will be open and the screen for the miles and time will be up. However once I put my phone down to drive, then pick it up once I’m done, the app isn’t even open anymore, let alone recording a thing.
  • Driving app success 5/5

    By Dogpipebiter45
    This app is very informational about driving and staying safe I recommend this to any that is starting to drive a vehicle
  • Acceleration Calculations 1/5

    By 513laxjunkie
    This program says you have rapid acceleration every time you get on the highway. Going to cause new drives to have bad habits in highway entrance
  • Had to do it but not accurate 3/5

    By hkfior
    Was very frustrating as it seems driving scores were kinda random. I did a test run to see how i did and ran it for 3 minutes. On a straight highway with cruise control on it gave me a 53 percent total driving score which was a 53 in all categories. Strange how my acceleration was bad if i never took cruise control off
  • Keeps stoping my drive time 2/5

    By Àràr
    Every time I start a new drive session it cuts out before I stop driving. I dont know why but it’s making me mad
  • Trash 1/5

    By wrhxsy
    Not a good app
  • Good and not too hard 5/5

    By samantha_3345
    The lessons were fine. Hard time figuring out how to log trips and get started. More instruction needed. Had a little trouble recording trips but once realized needed 5 hours in 30 minute trips and 65 for the state, plenty of time to get it done.
  • confirm button 1/5

    By EagleRebel
    i touched wrong awnsers because i have fat fingers
  • Accuracy 3/5

    By horeshoe22
    This is a good app but I don’t think it’s as accurate as it should be.
  • It’s So Bad 1/5

    By Gabrielle W 7
    The insurance company makes you do this to get insurance on your car and it’s really stupid that you have to do that. I drove for an hour today and it didn’t count it at all. I restarted my phone I exited the app nothing worked so it did not count. That was a huge waste of my time and gas. It should be a lot better for an insurance company app. Plus it is way too sensitive. It shouldn’t be as sensitive. It gives me bad scores for something that was inevitable to avoid. For example like traffic jams and slamming on my brakes.
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By kster47
    I am a new driver and downloaded the app because I saw that this app came with a discount. However, this app is frustrating as it lacks consistency. The time tracking has been unreliable as I have missed out on 3 or more hours of driving, due to the app not recording it. The grading system is also horrible. I could take a 30 minute drive and slam on the brakes due to a car merging into traffic, and that one hard brake, drops my 100% grade, to maybe an 80%. If you are interested in the insurance discount, go ahead and download this app, but be warned, this app is very inconsistent and is very frustrating to work with.
  • Good 1/5

    By JakeC!!
    It’s a great app
  • Helpful 5/5

    By mckvkfmc
    Has a lot of great safety tips.
  • Awful 1/5

    Why do I have to have two apps for insurance? This app doesn’t work well and doesn’t record half my trips. Tempted to leave State Farm because of all the extra hoops to jump through.
  • Thumbs down... 1/5

    By Completely Frustrated...
    My son needed time to complete the drives on this app. So we made it a point to let him drive home from Cozad which would have been 50 min trip. When we got back, it said the drive didn’t count. I don’t know if time on interstate with no turns made the app time out or what. It was frustrating. Also, we live closer than a mile to school so he couldn’t get drives in that way because under a mile didn’t count either. My son ended up taking unnecessary cruises around town...wasting gas...just to complete this program. 👎
  • 50% of the time the app did not work 3/5

    By Having fun 2 much fun
    First having this as a app on a phone when I tell my child to not use her phone when drinking was a concern. Then half the time the app would not work which was not very pleasing. I am just glad it is over.
  • Accuracy debatable 3/5

    By Psky
    My daughter had to use this app to get an additional discount from State Farm. Often it would not rate her drive because it said that the phone was moving too much. She tried putting the phone is different places and different positions, but still would get the error reading. Also, because of our car’s engine, I don't feel the acceleration portion of the app gives a clear picture of how her acceleration. And I don’t understand why that’s important anyway. I give it 3 stars only because it made her more aware of her cornering and breaking.
  • Whatever, it gives you a discount regardless. 3/5

    By Isisisgreat
    The modules are short; I finished them in less than an hour. The transcripts of the videos are mostly accurate, though one was blank entirely and there are a handful of errors that make sentences not fully understandable. The driving is... frustrating, at the very least. I recognize that as a Jersey driver, I’m not the gentlest, but there are just some roads that have sharp corners, and the speed limit is 45, and I’m not going to go 20 mph and potentially cause an accident just because I don’t want this app to ding me for “sharp corners.” Depending on the roads, I can tell when my score will be higher or lower, because highway stop lights and turns on some roads are not this app’s friend. But apparently the scores don’t really matter for the discount regardless, so I’m learning to care less (even though I secretly want to unlock all those badges).
  • Avoid freeways while using 2/5

    By Elijah1321
    Really doesn’t account for freeway driving properly. My daughter got dinged big for accelerating on the freeway entrance and then for slowing into a construction zone and getting back up to speed after the zone. Truly unfair scoring.
  • Doesn't calibrate quick enough 2/5

    By Jrfrag11
    I can drive for about 40 minutes, and only 15 of said minutes will count because the rest are being used to calibrate. I can't even get like a 10 or 20 minute drive to count because it takes so long.

Steer Clear® app comments

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