Steps - Activity Tracker

Steps - Activity Tracker

  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Current Version: 1.5.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Supercritical Flow
  • Compatibility: Android
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Steps - Activity Tracker App

Track how far you walk and how many steps you take. Always on, works on all iPhones. Steps is a pedometer and activity tracker. It shows you just how much you're moving in a simple, elegant way. Set a goal. As you walk, the colors change to show your progress like a sunrise. No noise, no extra gadget to wear and nothing to distract you. Everyone should walk 10,000 steps every day for their health, but many of us don't go that far. With Steps, you can easily track how far you go every day, set a goal, and get moving! WHY STEPS - Clear, uncluttered design and changing color tells you at a glance how far you've gone today - Easily set and adjust goals - Calorie tracking, customized for your body and activity - Track and share your full activity history - Check in quickly from your Apple Watch or Notification Center on your iPhone - Integrates with Apple Health to combine data from your Apple Watch or other connected devices ALWAYS ON, WORKS WITH THE PHONE YOU HAVE - Always on and tracking, no need to press start and stop buttons - Works anywhere on your body - Works with any iPhone running iOS 7 or greater BATTERY LIFE Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. To track your activity in the background on the iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5c, Steps keeps track of your location. We've gone to great lengths to minimize battery use and make sure your charge still lasts all day, but there's no getting around some impact on your battery. *** A note on location *** Steps needs access to your location in order to track how far you walk in the background. If Steps doesn't update while it's in the background, please open the Settings app and go to Privacy -> Location Services. Make sure that you have enabled Location Services for Steps -- this should resolve the issue. Thanks!


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Steps - Activity Tracker app reviews

  • Rarely works 1/5

    By Cyras21
    I don’t check my steps every day so I was surprised to see 90% of my days weren’t tracked. Good thing it was free.
  • Great step app 5/5

    By keithfan2010
    Best step app. Nothing fancy, but accurate and we’ve definitely come a long way since the days of the pedometers. I just tuck my iPhone into my pocket or into my cellphone holder and walk, jog or work out with YouTube. I do notice that it’s more accurate with cellular data on. Sometimes when I’m at home, I only have on my WiFi and steps aren’t recorded as well with the data switched off FYI. Great app tho!
  • I love the app but it started to null-function 3/5

    By LenkaChan
    I have been using this app for 2 years and love it. It tracks steps in a very accurate way and doesn’t require any gadget to work. Just my iPhone. I downloaded about 30 tracking apps to test and decide which to keep and this is the best one. I deleted all the others. However yesterday it simply did not track. “No steps tracked” in Gray square are visible. I have no idea why. I didn’t do anything out of my normal routine. And yes the app didn’t track. It seems to be working now but I’m nervous that it’s gonna happen again when I might need it the most. Such as yesterday.
  • Steps is #1!! :) 5/5

    By Stephanielove13
    I recently downloaded Steps & started using it. I Love how it counts every step I take throughout the day. I use it daily & can't believe I take so many steps. I love Steps!! Now I know how many steps I take daily, 'a lot'! :) :) :)
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By zerofr
    I loved the app at first and then thought I was going crazy when I’d see nearly 300 calories burned and then a few hours later I wasn’t even close to “burning” (I know these things can be inaccurate) 300 calories. It shows a high number then drastically decreases it throughout the day. Counts steps incorrectly. The Apple health app is better
  • Nifty little app for counting steps 5/5

    By teamoth
    Thanks for supporting this including the fix to update the widget! I look at this like 50X a day!
  • Works 1/2 the time 3/5

    By JosKylPay
    Sometimes my steps show up, sometimes I get entire weeks that say “No Activity Tracked” so I’m not sure why that doesn’t work. Also, since the update, my widget no longer works. Always says 0 but if I open the app it’ll have number of steps. Then when I go check widget again, it says 0 steps.
  • Updates infrequently 1/5

    By iPhoneWanderer
    This app used to update every few seconds... which is why I used it, as Juno other app would do this. Now the app updates about as often as HealthKit which is like every 15 minutes. This doesn’t help me when I’m working out. Am I at my goal or should I wait 10 more minutes to find out?
  • Widget issue 1/5

    By AimieF
    The new version doesn’t even work in widget.
  • No recording 4/5

    By Queenlovely1
    I walk everyday and showed no steps track for 2 days. I walk everyday. Not pleased.
  • Widget doesn’t work 2/5

    By Bbbboddia
    Awesome app, but doesn’t count in widget mode, always on 0 after update
  • Widget isn’t working 4/5

    By Fs77913
    I’ve been using this app for years but recently the app widget isn’t showing the same steps as the app. It says 1221 steps every day no matter what. Can you fix it?
  • It’s great when it works 4/5

    By kwatkinsjr
    This app is my go to app but it does have it’s share of problems like any other app. Since the update on Friday it tends to not track my steps accurately.
  • Lost 5 days of tracking info 3/5

    By Wineruss
    Why did I loose 5 days of tracking info??? It was working fine and I just now checked it and the last 5 days it stopped counting. Not nice...
  • Bad 1/5

    By plcce
    Just updated program now it stopped working
  • Latest update 1/5

    By Itstamarabitches
    Latest update has left the widget stuck at “2006” steps. Tried removing and replacing the widget but it did not work. When I go into the app, it shows me a different number. Please fix your update!
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By Bree32199
    Fit bit recorded 15,000 The app recorded 5,000 My phone was in my pocket all day!
  • Worked better before update 1/5

    By lesliew1207
    Worked better before update
  • Doesn’t track steps 1/5

    By Peaches31271987
    Just downloaded this and paid $1.99 for the calorie portion of the app. So far it hasn’t tracked ANY of my steps.
  • Widget quit working 1/5

    By Taylorwfu
    With the latest update (April 2018), the widget does not work at all...
  • Fix widget 2/5

    By patriciamoran
    Has been working well and updates when I open the app, but I normally check it from the widget page and mine has been stuck from earlier this week and has not updated. Please fix
  • App gets stuck 2/5

    By Wmcneil
    Since the last update a week ago, the app has been getting stuck. The pedometer won’t track as I’m walking. This update didn’t do anything to make this app better.
  • Okay 1/5

    By Denise555000
    Tried once. It just pulls your step count from the health app. Redundant. I do to need an app to take data off another app to tell me what my steps are.
  • Was good 1/5

    By Grandma bowler
    Was doing pretty good till it stopped working hasn’t registered my steps in 4-5 days
  • Widget doesn’t work as intended 1/5

    With the new update to the app, the widget always shows 0 steps and when I click on the widget, the app opens and shows the actual steps. Not impressed with the update. Please fix this bug.
  • App not working 1/5

    By bayridge 2011
    App updated yesterday and now does not work at all.
  • A discovery 5/5

    By patfish69
    Just found out. That the Apple heath app records your steps. Been doing that the whole time!?!? So when I downloaded this app. The health app imported steps to this app. N was like. “I just downloaded this app. How do I got history lol. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • What did you people do? 1/5

    By Rich AHB
    I just put in a new update today and now the app won't work. It opens and almost immediately closes again! If this doesn't resolve itself soon I'm deleting and reloading. If that doesn't work I'm deleting and moving on.
  • Widget won't work with new upgrade 3/5

    By Sdjavan
    I upgraded this morning. My widget stays at zero. It tracks fine within the app but not on widget. Tried restarting. Get that fixed and the app will be great again.
  • Don’t upgrade! 3/5

    By carriebear28
    I just did the upgrade that came out and now it’s not tracking in real time anymore
  • Does its job 5/5

    By KC5240
    Very functional! I like comparing my activity over time- helps me remember that my mood is connected to movement !
  • Great! but..... 4/5

    By AmberScholl
    this app is a great way to track your miles and steps, although it it I every laggy sometimes🙍 Overall great app, but the Apple Health app would probably be a better choice for an individual with an iOS device. May be a great alternative for Samsung or Verizon phones👍 I hope this review helped you!!! xoxo
  • Great! 5/5

    By Strumming-machine
  • Worst!!! 1/5

    By rr214
    Worst! Worked 14 hours yesterday at an Irish pub, said I walked 30 steps all day. Had my phone on me the whole time
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By Marianne Fan
    I have found this step counter to be very accurate!! I use it almost every day and love it!
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By DylanU812
    This app is not accurate at all, I walked down my drive way which is like 200 steps and it said I walked 1300 steps
  • Needs 1 change just 1 ok 5/5

    By unicorn364
    The app is 99%perfect.the problem is when you try to set up the age says 13-114 I can't put my age the app is rated 4+it should say 4-114 please fix this problem so I can put my real age it thinks I'm 13 when I'm not thank you
  • Updated Review After Apple Watch 2/5

    By Splatt99
    EDIT EDIT EDIT. Before the Apple Watch it was great, now that I have the Apple Watch I don’t understand why I have to keep the phone on me to count steps. Kind of the defeats the purpose of having the watch so that you don’t have to carry your phone. It seems that the watch app is only so that you can look at your information. I work for UPS and I'm always curious how many steps a day. This app is far more accurate than the fit bit I 'used' to use.
  • Why did it stop counting 2/5

    By GeorgeW6
    If I could find a help place for the app, I would try to get answer there. No luck there. What happened is the app simply stopped counting my steps while I was walking. It worked a few days , but no longer. I gave it 2 stars for effort.
  • Doesnt work all the time 2/5

    By #AMS
    I walk home from school most of the time (Mostly for fitness purposes) and i notice on some days, he steps are not even being tracked i wouldve given it a 5 star if the app worked 100%
  • Accuracy ??? 3/5

    By x.adam1
    I have jogged an extra mile and the app refuses to go past 9965 steps. It even says that I’ve reached the 10K daily goal but won’t budge. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled, nothing. My Health App on the iPhone shows well over 12K steps already. Not very accurate but I do like the widget option. Good enough for a relative count.
  • Some discrepancies 4/5

    By Now who?
    I also have found this app to be somewhat inaccurate. Usually the color changes the farther you walk, but lately it doesn’t give you a clue as to how far you’ve walked unless you look at the number. I wonder if the goal can change on its own; if so, that would be the reason it’s not changing color. Will have to investigate more into it.
  • Question 4/5

    By Stephen Agular
    Does this app record while your phone is completely shut down?
  • Too sensitive 2/5

    By sue bkank
    Not as accurate as some .. way to sensitive but is quicker to update
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By ᒍEᗩᑎᔕ
    I pretty much forgot I even had this app and opened it up recently and realized its been tracking my steps constantly for months. You can definitely tell the days I work and days I don't! But it's awesome being able to see how much work you put into your day and pushes you to work even harder!
  • Steps my doctor ordered 5/5

    By Avm1253
    Great way to get going. Pushes me to get more exercise
  • Works well 3/5

    By QueenPineapple1
    This app is great if you're trying to count how many miles you do at a park or somewhere like that. It doesn't do anything special it's literally just a counter. But it works well. I would love to see some other features but until that happens I give it 3 stars
  • New problem 2/5

    By pattimum
    I have used this app for several months with great success. In the last week it has just started giving big problems! I walk a mile stop and check it and It jumps back from 2900 steps to zero steps. It has continued to do that and I don’t know how to stop it. That makes the app completely useless!
  • It’s Okay 3/5

    By Yvhvhb
    When I’m at school and I’m siting there when I move just a tiny bit my phone counts about 4-10 steps so can you fix this but anyways it’s a good app
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By KayWay R.❤️️❤️️👌🏼👌🏼🎀🎀
    This app chooses when it feels like working and tracking your steps. If I download an app to track my steps, I want to know a number close to how many steps I take, not a number that is 10-15-20 steps off. No not recommend, at all.

Steps - Activity Tracker app comments


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