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  • Current Version: 1.14.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Stereo App Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Stereo App

Imagine becoming the host of your very own live talk radio show with just a single tap on your phone! Once you customize your own unique avatar, Stereo will automatically pair you with the best conversation partners within seconds and start live broadcasting your convo. You can talk about anything you want - comedy, news, politics, sports, business, or whatever you feel like sharing with the world. Want to co-host with an expert, celebrity, friend or your mom? Stereo can do that too! It’s your show done your way. Unlike pre-recorded podcasts, all Stereo conversations are live, so your audience doesn’t just listen - they are an active participant in the show. They can cheer, send audio messages, or even queue up to be your next guest. Our smart system constantly monitors and identifies the most interesting shows and springboards them to a larger audience so the best talkers quickly grow their fan base and rise to the top of our leaderboard! Our mission is to find the best thinkers and conversationalists in the world to give them the opportunity to influence and entertain, independent of their background, degree or social status. The modern world is full of complex problems that can’t adequately be expressed through typical social media posts and comments. Let’s get together online and make a real discussion happen by providing the safest environment for everyone to fully express themselves and connect with others! Let’s do Stereo!

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Stereo app reviews

  • 1 Star 1/5

    By libby>•<
    The app can’t handle many people so it crashed a lot.
  • Sketch 1/5

    By Emgrace05
    This app is just seriously sketchy and I had a bad feeling downloading it in the first place, but I did it anyways. It only has one way to make an account which is bad in and of itself. I deleted my account and uninstalled shortly thereafter.
  • Really cool but 4/5

    By god'soncoke
    This app is really cool and I really enjoy it. There is only one minor thing and it’s that only two people can talk at a time. Me and my friends wanted to try the app but there’s three of us we had to give up on the idea for now. Hopefully this will be implemented in the future.
  • creepy 1/5

    By jellypososkskksks
    i got sketchy calls after downloading this app and sketchy text messages ?? it’s also extremely ablest !!!!
  • no 1/5

    By JessiiPlayz25
    bad quality and very sketchy
  • sketch 1/5

    By howmuchismuch
    this app is pretty sketch tbh i don’t trust it...not sure how it’s still on the app store
  • bad 1/5

    By moth acab
    bad app !! definitely stealing my data . very sus . 1 star . booo .
  • bad 1/5

    By bowl of rice guy
    this app is so unsafe do not download it lol
  • Great for porn chat! 3/5

    By Voice Coach, Sally b.
    I was enjoying it for awhile but it seems to be transforming to a porn app. I swiped 10 times this morning and every talk was X Rated. Educational and productive sex talk is useful but y’all just being ratchet now. If that’s not the direction y’all wish to go then I’d recommend enforcing topic related boundaries.
  • Give it a shot! 4/5

    By x-ray_eric
    It was a cool App and I enjoyed tuning in for a few of the Jeff Ross roasts and Adam Carolla conversations. I would have loved to hear my voice on their content giving feedback or a roast but you have to get in SUPER early as there’s usually a ton of users tuning in for their talks. That’s the only reason for the 4 stars. I made some friends on the app and learned how to be a better listener. At the end of the day, I feel you get the best experience from it by going live and chatting it up with someone. You’ll find you gain exposure to people in totally different walks of life and learn from their experiences. I loved that most as it helped me to realize how MUCH I talk (sometimes you just gotta be quiet and listen). Pros: -Amazing community of people and most are willing to help you out if you ask -gives you a chance to practice your delivery if your trying new standup material / how to communicate with others (I think every sales team on the planet should use this app) Cons: -you have to put in the time and have the availability to engage with the community -you can’t send direct messages to others -I wish you could allow for continued dialogue with a user (maybe select from your listener queue and engage in a temporary 3 way dialogue? Maybe on a 5 minute timer to allow a user to expand on their point? Sometimes I was cut off without the opportunity to qualify what I was saying.) I wish I had the time to invest in getting everything there is to get out of this app (especially climbing the leaderboard and trying to get some cash out of the deal!). Even though it’s not for me, this app is legit! Well done stereo
  • phannies wya 5/5

    By allyson2023
  • As a Content Creator... 5/5

    By Gavawesome1223
    This app could be the next social media that everyone has! The community on this app is like no other. I have never met such amazing people in a short amount of time. My name is @flow on stereo and you won't believe what this app will turn into 🥳😁😎
  • Kills 5/5

    By millilang
  • Love it 5/5

    By m3st3rmason
  • Originality ! 5/5

    By cocosimmy
    This app is brilliant and I neverrrr write reviews
  • Blocked Me 3/5

    By wilson ee
    Ok it’s great stero app it had its glitches but for some reason it blocked me it says one of the persons banned me so I sent a email reported it no response yets ?? Does anybody have a answers [email protected]&&$$&
  • Its ok 2/5

    By jacob.lovett
    Its a good base, but the content just isnt there. Its pretty boring and not a lot of diverse types of content. Edit: Yes, theres a search feature, but that doesn't change the fact that the content is very one dimensional.
  • Great app 5/5

    By The Jott(Marv)
    This is an excellent app. Still trying to understand the leaderboard and the verification process. Also I wish there was a way to do solo talk shows or more than two. Otherwise, great app
  • Truth Seeker 5/5

    By H08490Vera11341
    Amazing app. This app will help us learn about each other. Check out truthseeker521
  • App is great but more people need to be able to use it at once and recording!! 2/5

    By Gettinit023
    There needs to be more than 2 people at one time making the podcast. It would bring more diversity, opinions, and more interactive fun on the podcasts!! Friends and family could better use the app to its full potential. Is the only way to have podcasts live? Y’all should really allow ppl to edit or record what they want!! This allows flexibility for users and gives listeners playback features.
  • Best app for podcast 5/5

    By mcshampy
    This app is great ,it gives everyone a voice ,and platform to speak on your passion ,or the content that will produce fans ,and they have cool avatars availble,for you to create,it’s always fun and to talk and to learn from others.
  • more like omegle 4/5

    By heysharp
    good app. not really the radio show type broadcast that it’s advertised to be. you more or less are just talking to random people, but it’s fun nonetheless. just be advised that it may not be what you initially expected it to be
  • Just wow 5/5

    Best social app I have ever used - hands down. Thank you Stereo. You have created something really unique. Beautiful community!!
  • The prophet must go 1/5

    By hairbrush17
    There’s a content creator with a check mark called The Prophet. He has many talks about pedophilia. He thinks this is okay. This is criminal and disturbing. I will not be coming back to stereo for this reason. How could you let a creator talk about PEDOPHILIA and bait listeners to engage in this discourse? Seriously. This is not okay. Hopefully fbi investigates him.
  • No Privacy 1/5

    By Spiritual Anarchist
    This apps privacy is a joke. They say they need your phone number to make sure your not a robot. Most services allow you to sign up with Gmail or Facebook etc The big trusted companies allow you to add a phone number as an option for a second layer of verification. I don’t share my phone number with every company that ask so I can’t even open the program. Then they access your contacts. This is absurd. All your contacts have your number already. So you and your contacts can chat by voice or chat all day without any app having access to all your private information. I could list alternatives all day that don’t ask for your private information. D live YouNow Twitch etc This app is a just a wanna be with phishing potential. Steer clear is my opinion.
  • Fun 4/5

    By AmazonDea
    This app is amazing. It’s fun to listen and chime in to different talks. It’s a great way to speak on your opinions and hear the opinions of others.
  • I love the app, but 5/5

    By Rdskinsfan27
    Can you create a way to do a broadcast alone and then bring people on like an actual radio broadcast? Honestly, I’m not ready to broadcast with someone right away.
  • Bad experience 1/5

    By Kur0i
    I had a bad experience on this app with other user on there who made my experience on the app so bad, being verbally attack by user calling me name, like creep, evil bating me, making up argument to instigate boost there show, yes I have issue, I suffer with depression, I was looking for a platform to chat and talk with, not to be, belittled, harass talk down to, I thought this was the app for me I was wrong and more depress then I've ever was. Uninstall
  • the open forum 5/5

    By kongcorps
    unrestricted speech as it was meant to be. you gotta figure out how to deal with people. converse. argue. fight. your choice. the host has a little control. but ultimately. it’s your choice.
  • Interesting 4/5

    By jujjtntnntnt
    Interesting n cool u don’t have to speak or u can.. anonymously ..or u can say who u are ... lots of Topics that make us wonder ... yoU must remember that it’s only opinion they make the facts but you have to check them to be sure of that
  • Emojis 5/5

    By megspicy
    I think this app would be better if we could add emoji or Bitmoji in lives. I want to be able to express more than just clapping. So if I’m laughing, there should be an option to hit the laughing emoji face. Follow me on Stereo @ MegSPICY !!
  • No real 2 way convos. 1/5

    By RayOfRain26
    If you are even .000001% libertarian. Don’t join this app. Nothing but men hating and far left lunatics trying to push their “all white ppl are racist” agenda.
  • Great product 5/5

    By judesfit
    If you add a video chat option that would be amazing
  • Should Allow Cut or Trim Audio & Ability To Delete 2/5

    By Constructive_Kritisism
    1). Good concept. But should allow for users to cut or trim their audio because lots of segments are interesting in certain places, and then not so much in other sections of the clip. 2). Stereo allows us to make each audio file private under our own profile. However, stereo should allow users the option to make their clip private also under the profile of the user whom they were conversing with. (So both profiles and not just one, as it now stands). 3). A great option would be if a user deletes his profile, the user can choose if their comments left under other profiles stay or go. This wouldn’t be appealing to everyone, but some of us are a little weirded out by a PERMANENT file of our voices just floating around everywhere. I’ve even heard users on stereo admit that they are a little afraid or “cautious” to speak publicly on stereo because of the privacy control is so limited. One user said, “you know this conversation is being recorded and once it’s out there it’s nothing we can do about it”. Before that, I had been having frequent talks on stereo. Once I heard this user’s perspective, I was like, “Whoa, he’s got a point”! So I think that this app is picking up swiftly, but eventually, unless additional security and privacy features are set in place, there will be some serious drawbacks, decline in use, and maybe even some legal woes that follow. 4. I think it would be nice to pin your favorite audio segment to the top of your profile. 5. The verification codes to login or sign up are fussy on stereo. Once you log out of your account, you may never be able to log back in again. Today, I am experiencing issues. The verification code is not being sent to my number. Keep in mind that this is the same number used to register my account at the beginning. This is what one guy spoke of and why he had to change his profile. Profiles should be linked to emails and not just phone numbers. (As an added way to ensure login).
  • The App blocked me I would like my account unblocked 1/5

    By PlayStation why?
    I just started using this app today and enjoyed myself. But my app suddenly closed and said that I was blocked I did nothing wrong...... this was completely random help me resolve this issue I have not gotta a email even though I have submitted one to support
  • Everyone is accepted. 5/5

    By K.T.Tay
    I’m excited to see the app gain popularity.
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By DHeezyBabii
    I love this app! It’s very fun and has a lot of good content. The concept is very clever but I do have a couple of suggestions. First, one recorded chats, developers should add a 15 second rewind button in addition to the 15 second fast forward button. Second, and I’m sure you get this all the time, you should add a feature to allow people to send private messages to one another. But maybe that’s part of the uniqueness of the app. Last suggestion... you should implement a way for the hosts to put a poll in the broadcast and allow the listeners to vote! I host a weekly broadcast that this would be very useful for. Just some thoughts. Otherwise, this app is awesome!
  • Not getting paid 1/5

    By Bullonparade55
    I have contacted Stereo 3 times and I still haven’t gotten paid yet or a response to remedy the matter. Whats up?
  • They blocked my account... 1/5

    By Jimmy Joe L.
    There was no reason to take down my account. I love stereo. It is one of my favorite ways to connect with my friends and new friends I met on stereo. This is absurd. I passed all the terms and conditions. I think there is one reason why they blocked me. I have a active voice disorder and that makes me sound like a child or smurf. But to block my account? I am a grown person.
  • Stereo allows sexism, racism, and pedophilia 1/5

    By formerstereosupporter
    Please avoid this app at all costs.
  • Really good app! 5/5

    By Tittyologyy
    I got a ad on YouTube and decided why not. Firstly I LOVEE how none of the avatar clothing and skins don’t cost extra. All are available with any in app purchases and that’s amazing. I love how it’s live and you’re able to talk to all types of different people.
  • not user friendly 1/5

    By AmazingEvieisnotonfire
    theres no way to search by topic or even to see a list of all the discussions going on, you just have to swipe through them one by one, so you end up just hearing a bunch of random people talking about things you don’t even wanna hear
  • Good 5/5

    By Yoly53
    Love both jayswift & spirit life
  • There was a bad guy 1/5

    By FNAFlover1234sl
    He made fun of me because I’m white and disabled racist people all the time
  • Hope Stereo adds in up to 4 people to talk. 4/5

    By QuanDuke
    This app is amazing. I just wish there was a way to add up to 4 people to talk especially with podster’s who a cast with 4 people. That would be nice! Please do this!
  • It’s fun but 2/5

    By sans26382
    I got blocked I just asked a question then got blocked I was asking what do you do like streams or record videos
  • Accident leads to age restriction 1/5

    By felixdakatt11
    I accidentally typed in the wrong birthday and not I am forever restricted. What a great app am I right??
  • Ascension 5/5

    By Ohmm0330
    Awsome APP
  • Stereo is a game changer!!! 5/5

    By lero215
    This app gives you that old school vibe and feel of talking and meeting people over the phone! People from all over the world and different walks of life

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