Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.7.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: MADBOX
  • Compatibility: Android
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Stickman Hook App

Discover Stickman Hook, the new MadBox game! Tap to hook and make incredible jumps; Avoid every obstacle that stands in your way. Can you execute all these acrobatic tricks in a row like a boss? In this game, embody the spider stickman. Finish all the levels with the same agility as a spider. For that, you just have to: - Tap to hook and make incredible jumps - Press your screen to hook your stickman with your grapnel and release to let go - Avoid every obstacle that stands in your way - Swing from hook to hook to pass all the levels Thanks to the bumpers and your grapnel, execute acrobatic tricks and show your friends who is the boss! You think you can do better than a spider? Prove it! The faster you go, the more amazing your tricks will be. Why is Stickman hook so perfect? - Because you can swing like a spider - Because your stickman dances at the end of each game (We challenge you to reproduce his dance) - Because there is a grappling hook (and grapples are cool, right?) You LOVE Stickman Hook? Discover all the MadBox games here : You want to share videos or screenshoot of your best performance on Stickman Hook, post theme here: If you dance better than our stickman, please prove it! :sunglasses:: And obviously if you have any request, please, contact us : [email protected]

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Stickman Hook app reviews

  • This app is great! 5/5

    By hjhftbj
    It makes me feel like Spider-Man and it’s so entertaining even to watch it’s so easy yet it’s a challenge I would highly recommend this to anyone.
  • Stickman hook 5/5

    By kinady
    I love this game so much I can not stop playing.I love that when I fail I get to do it again without it getting frustrating.
  • Addicting, but- 4/5

    By Erm.. uhh
    It’s very cool, satisfying and addicting, but when you play it more, It gets boring, I feel like i’m playing the same thing over and over again.
  • Must have app 5/5

    By Mandy thirty three
    So you should get the app because it’s challenging and you have to get to the finish line 🏁 and there are hooks and bouncy things to help you. the purpose of the app is to make it to the finish line 🏁 you can get new skins and right now I’m a DJ Lemon 🍋 so five stars ✨ isn’t exaggerating when I give a game five stars the fifth star isn’t a tip it’s a real rate so you MUST GET THE APP I’m begging 🥺 you Mandy thirty three 😉😁☺️
  • Super fun and addicting 5/5

    By kingofcats7098
    Great graphics instant reaction to taps no bad parts!
  • Ads 3/5

    By sisbsjdjdhehdgxgxgs
    To many ads
  • A asome game 5/5

    By KimB1417
    This is awesome
  • Good but 4/5

    By snailguy8
    Good but when you watch a ad you do NOT get a person besides that the game is great🙂
  • Best game ever🦋🦄🦋🦄 5/5

    By Claire Hesker
    It is probably the best app on my phone it is so so FUN!!!!💩
  • It’s not hard 5/5

    By nnnnnnbnnccnvxdhbzfhdd
    And his my name is mila
  • Why I hare this 1/5

    By hshhfhfjror
    It is boring
  • Ads 5/5

    By the upside down.
    I wish there wasn’t so many ads but other than that it’s an awesome game hope you love it as much as me
  • Awesome 5/5

    By queenbeelibra
    Stick a hook is good but lots of ads.
  • Stickman hook 5/5

    By Glommo
    Five stars
  • Updates 1/5

    By VCHzaor
    Please update your game. I have had this game for awhile now, and the only reason there is to ply it is because gaining skins. This game is very addicting but it needs more skins for Me.
  • Love this game 4/5

    By fyreuuiofgxboaeflriuchrf
    I love the game but too many ads
  • Fun but.... 5/5

    By 🥞🥞🥞🥞😁😁😁😁
    I wish there where coins to buy the skins instead of beating levels I know a lot of people like that better but I kinda like the classic MARIO coin way lol so to the people who made this if you make a second one places add coins
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By Lord369. Hi.
    It’s ok
  • Ohh risky 5/5

    By Ali1240200
    Me and beanos got a good game
  • Read this before playing 5/5

    If you hate adds and you like games without adds don’t play this but not saying it’s bad or anything because it is very fun and addicting to play and I recommend it 😎
  • 🤩🤯🤩🤯🤩🤯🤯 5/5

    By yfyf7*&8-&463+45448
  • Hated it 5/5

    By joihhfhhfvvyhg
    Do not recommend
  • Pretty ok 4/5

    By itsyurboijh14
    This game is a very fair game. I deleted it mostly because I have no space and the game got boring but overall the time playing it was really enjoyable. There were a few little tweaks but overall game works good. The game was addicting but it does get very boring over time. It is way better than that second game that just came out that is very underdeveloped. The game felt rushed but I left my report on that game separate. This is a good game and I would recommend if u like these kind of games.4/5 to me
  • Well I wouldn’t recommend this game 3/5

    By cat girl 😍10000
    It’s a good game but could use a lot of changes. First, WAY TO MANY ADS. Every five seconds, it does a ad. Even when I’m half way through the level, here comes a ad. Second, the game keeps glitching and crashing right when I’m about to finish. And third, there are really high prices for things. Like you have to reach level 500 for one hotdog with bling and a hat. That is HORRIBLE. It's a game. People shouldn't have to waste time on something that is just for a game. Something they won't have forever. If the app gets deleted you have to start all over. So the high prices are......TERRIBLE!!!! So I hope this game gets fixed because other then the errors, it's a great game and super fun. Thanks!
  • Niiiiiiiice 5/5

    By Bob_123_bob
    Though it could use less ads, it is still a REALLY FUN GOOD AND AWESOME game❤️❤️❤️
  • Great, but too many ads. 5/5

    By Can yi
    This game is overall great, but there are too many ads.
  • Review = great! 4/5

    By supa catcookie reveiwer
    Awesome game that is very addictive, but the suits don’t go on very long, so... also there is all the adds- which I guess is ok
  • It’s fine 🤨🙂🙃 4/5

    By gachagirlplays
    It’s cool 😎
  • What can I say, it’s entertaining. 5/5

    By fjfbogkejfbodoekf
    What can I say, it’s entertaining.
  • Nice game 5/5

    By rob best tech
    I love this game
  • It’s pretty good🙂 4/5

    By CookiesForLife_123
    I think this game is really cool and creative with your little person going hook you hook but only IN THE BEGINNING. Sure it does start off easy and gets harder little by little but later on I notice it’s just the same thing with one little difference which begins to get a little boring. I just want to recommend changing it up a bit like adding spikes to walls or a more powerful trampoline. That would definitely challenge me a lot more! I also want to recommend to add some new characters from KID FRIENDLY movies like Woody from Toy Story or a disney princess for the girls!! Lastly I’d like to say to REMOVE SOME ADS. I’m getting ads after almost every round! It’s kinda ridicules! But overall I haven’t had any serious issues with the game like them asking personal information or hackers. It’s just a fun game to play on free time and I recommend downloading it. Thanks for reading this!😊 Creator please take these things into consideration and think about adding some stuff. Thanks!
  • Cyc 5/5

    By courtneyg68
  • The worse 1/5

    By Tonezxc

    By Soccertothemax
    It’s ok at the beginning but then you have to watch ads between EVERY LEVEL. And then, you have to watch one just to get to the settings. DONT PAY FOR “NO ADS” EITHER.
  • Good app 5/5

    By noah.mowingiscool
    Good app fun but Lot and I mean ALOT of ads so get the 2.99 vip deal

    By ghtrjdkdkejd
    I saw this on an ad, and I knew I had to get it. I had no idea I would love it so much. It’s so addicting, so fun, and has exciting options for your swinging character. One of the best games I’ve gotten on the App Store. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  • Just turn off internet 5/5

    By Cem95z
    Just turn off your internet for no adds then every free game is good
  • fun game 4/5

    By sydthekidMN
    very fun game but you get an add every time you finish a level.
  • Ahh 3/5

    By eve2090
    It is slow hard and dumb
  • 😁 5/5

    By hcfubhh
    1 uv thu best games eva -Peter
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By corunavirus
    No reason why
  • U love this game but 4/5

    By Gamer4thewin
    There is a lot of adds. It stops you when you do 2 levels and there is a dumb add.
  • just too many ads 4/5

    By 11234566949386154
    I would like to give stickman hook a five star, but there is just too many ads when your playing the app, so I haft to give it a four star
  • Here to help 3/5

    Ok first I’m just gonna say I love your game and it’s a really good game to play when your trying to pass some time but there are some issues and some things I think that you guys would do really good to fix. First of all it’s the same 5 things over and over again. Try and mix it up a little because I don’t know about you but I want a game thats fun but challenging. Second, you should try like a challenge level or something that you can get coins and stuff like that to actually buy the outfits not watch ads over and over again. Third, add new outfits and things because it feels like you never update your game and you guys just feel like your game is worthless and whatever. Forth, you should make it to were as you excel on a level they start to get harder because I’m on level like 250 and it’s all been the same easy game that never gets any harder. Fifth, I feel like you should make the levels longer because it takes me like 10 seconds to pass through each level. Sixth, I think you guys should add more obstacles to make the levels harder to get through. Although I love your game and it is very fun I feel like you should to my suggestions into consideration because I think it will really help your game and help it become more popular. I hope you guys really consider some of my ideas because I think it would make the game so much better. Thank you!
  • FIX By kam 4/5

    By Vnessa_puppyyt
    Fix i keep getting the same levels i recommend it not to download till it's fix
  • Stickman hook, 5/5

    By noobseatpoop
    It’s a good game but it doesn’t work for me that well overall it’s a great game good job creator,
  • The fun never stops! 5/5

    By babe_million
    I love this game! It is like being Spider-Man!
  • Amazing :D 5/5

    By 🤩cam🤩
    It love this game I think that it has to many adds though otherwise I LOVE IT, thank you for listening
  • Cool game 4/5

    By SeanShC
    I like this game but just want you guys to add more fun. I wish you could design your own characters and courses. Also, many people complain about this but there is way too much adds. Every one to two games or so, there are the adds. Some of them are not even appropriate. Please make this fix and thanks for reading.

Stickman Hook app comments

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