Sticky Terms

Sticky Terms

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  • Current Version: 2.03
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Philipp Stollenmayer
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sticky Terms App

»Farpotshket« is Yiddish for »trying to fix something, thereby ruining it«. Puzzle through this and 249 other words that have no equivalent in other languages.

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Sticky Terms app reviews

  • Great! 5/5

    By Nuttiebug
    Sticky Terms is a really well made game. I love how in the begging you peel apart the letters and I love how in the end they click together. Honestly all of the apps I’ve gotten from this creator have been amazing! And there aren’t even that many ads that pop up in the middle of a level. The thing I love most though is how it’s just a plain screen, no distractions. 100% recommend!!
  • Relaxing yet challenging! 5/5

    By SophieFromTN
    So fun! Recommend strongly, 1 RECOMMENDATION! 😃 hints. I wish you could have about 3 hints to make life a bit easier, but other than that, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Really fun 5/5

    By Sawyer G.Cicle
    You get to learn new things
  • AMAZING APP!!! 5/5

    By canarylarry
    This app is my favorite! I am addicted and in love with it! Typically, when I write a review it’s about a complaint, but this for app it’s to talk about how awesome it is. First of all, I’ve tried some of your other games (Bacon and o k a y ?) and I’ve loved them too! I look forward to trying some others that this developer has created. Secondly, I’ve been studying French for almost a year now and I just started learning Latin; once i become an advanced French speaker I hope to learn French to Italian. Basically, my point is, I’m interested in learning other languages and learning about other languages. Not only does this app show some languages vocabulary, but also culture! For an example, Casu Marzu—an Italian cheese with living maggots inside. Also I never knew déjà vu was French until this app! My native language is American English and there are some English words that I haven’t heard of before! I would highly recommend this app both to anyone who is learning a language (or has in the past) and to anyone who has no interest in speaking any language—except their native language. Third, I appreciate your effort in creating this game! I know it had to take a lot of research. The gameplay is satisfying when you separate the sticky words apart and the relaxing soft vibration that you’ve completed a level. There are no pop up ads. However, if you want to unlock more sets, you have to watch a thirty second ad. The only two things I would like to be added, like in an update, is hints during the level and some form of pronunciation. I saw on one negative review that someone got offended because the word Layogenic means someone who is only attractive from a distance. First of all, the developer(s) have no control that Layogenic is an untranslatable word. Therefore, they also have no control over the definition of that word. Besides, this word was in the collection “Insults.” Kind of a no brainer that you shouldn’t watch an ad to unlock that set of you are easily offended. Another negative review said that there was a set called “Yuck” and that was ethnically offensive. There must have been an update (or that person is fibbing) because there definitely is not a set called “Yuck.” There is, however, a set called “Yummy.” Anyway, sorry that this review is long (and the little rant at the end) and I hope you have a blessed day!
  • Unique Game 5/5

    By Garett Butler
    Phillipp Stollenmayor is a true creative genius. His use of collage-art and texture is unseen in modern games. This is a truly unique take on a puzzle game, with a dictionary element. This game is surprisingly difficult on some levels. Keep making these games, Kamibox!
  • Pronunciation 4/5

    By BohoMind
    I love the game, but considering that most of the words are things that a lot of people probably can’t pronounce…I think it would be great to add the word being said aloud once the puzzle has been completed.
  • MORE! 5/5

    By 45bw221
    I finished the game. Give me more content
  • Game good 5/5

    By singersam1
    Finished in like a day, enjoyable
  • Unique game 5/5

    By Anoniemoose
    Love this game! Please add more terms - I’m sad that I have run out of levels to play. It’s relaxing and educational.
  • Relaxing and interesting 5/5

    By audiomodder
    This game is super relaxing, and very interesting. I just finished it. It’s not a super long game, and the ads are done in a way that it’s not intrusive to the game. I wish more games were designed this well.
  • It’s hard to be Novel... 5/5

    By Dr Bruze
    ...Yet this puzzle succeeds. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen and enjoyable in ways I never could have predicted. Well done to the creators. Well darn done.
  • Unique and Captivating! 5/5

    By SiriusLady
    There are only 2 other games on my iPad. The fact that this is so intriguing and also informative earned my attention and then delighted me. I’d love to see another set and would be willing to pay for it. How about it? And meanwhile, thank you!
  • Glitch on respectful bow of 15 degrees keirei 4/5

    By temper84
    You can put the peice of the k and the e upside down and still connect it it’ll be like an upside down flipped L and a P and a arrow pointing right merges
  • Different and fun 5/5

    By Ainadal
    Love it! Please add more terms!
  • Wonderful find! 5/5

    By Another Word Nerd
    Excellent fun! Very satisfying, and the words fill in gaps in English vocabulary that I hadn’t realized I’d always needed. (I don’t know how I got along before without the Yiddish word “farpotshket.”) I even love the sound effects and the way the pieces grab together. I come back and do them all again every few weeks, and it’s always freshly delightful. Thank you and a tip of the hat to the creators.
  • Very fun and informative! 5/5

    By wafflehouserave
    I really enjoyed playing this game. It was funny to watch the letters and parts of letters wiggle around. I also really enjoyed sending some of these to my friends who are learning the languages in this game. They even have an option for colorblind people (since the letters are colored)! I definitely recommend this game for anyone learning languages or really anyone who likes puzzle games and random facts!
  • Super entertaining! 5/5

    By Sebasdarkblaze
    Amazing concept, love the simplicity! Dev is nothing short of genius
  • So fun and creative 5/5

    By Tovtara
    I loved playing this game! It was interesting to learn the terms from other languages and being able to look back and reference them with the dictionary in the app.
  • Improvement and praise 5/5

    By LupusDOFUS
    The game is straight up dope! Though I feel for improvement, it would be super dope if there was a recording so u could learn how to say the phrases. I just wanna say stuff no one understands. It would be a great improvement! 😃😃😃👑👑👑👁👀🧠👡🧤👝👜🎩🧢🧤👟🩱🧢🧣👑
  • i love this game! 5/5

    By Meow5272994618
    i’ve played all the levels twice by now, please make more! it’s unlike anything else i’ve ever seen and it’s amazing!!

    By vrhlubh
    The game is so fun and cool 😎and By the way I love the languages.🥰😍This is such a puzzle that is why I love this game! This game tests your brain so much it is such a puzzle I adore this game so much! I play it every day.
  • Loved it 4/5

    By Than Dunn
    I loved the game but I can’t give 5 stars because I ran out of levels the first day I played
  • Love it. 4/5

    By Sherlock's Heir
    I love this game, but it would be really nice to add more levels.
  • Hours of Fun 5/5

    By personwritingareview22
    I played through the whole game. Such a fun little time killer with amazing game design. I do wish that there was some sort of secret or reward for beating the game but besides that this game is pretty much a perfect little puzzle game.
  • Word Warrior 5/5

    By Mrs. Peppersackdoodle
    Love it, but how to save it??
  • Crash Report 4/5

    By DoggyDogWhirl
    “json.prettify takes a string or table (got a number)” caused this app to crash as soon as I opened it for a while. I decided had to reinstall the game, losing all my progress. And by “lose” I mean it was saved in the Cloud. Scroll left on the group select screen and there’s a cloud icon in the top left. What a total bro move
  • Really great but unusable 1/5

    By Ijnijve
    When I first open the app, it works. But when I try to open it again, I get a “Runtime error” message: “json.prettify takes a string or a table (got a number)” and immediately crashes. Please fix—it’s such a great concept!
  • Best game ever. 5/5

    By chromium protogen
    Learned so many new terms to describe myself!
  • Filipino? 1/5

    By MeeeeesheII
    Someone who is only attractive from a distance????
  • Runtime error 4/5

    By Carson Waida
    I love this app so much it’s really fun and I’ve learned so much. But recently every time I open the app it says there is a runtime error. I have an iPhone 11 so idk if that’s an issue. Update: I deleted and downloaded the app again and it’s fixed
  • Loved This! Maybe More? 5/5

    By loveandsqualor22
    Please? Other than being short, it's kind of perfect.
  • Genius! 5/5

    By Beyond888
    Best word game out there, educational? Beats out Duo? I’d actually use the words in here to make people drink? And the bacon, verticow, and αrmpit game? magnificent visual expression as well with this game, 5 stars on all of your apps just the right amount of ridiculous with endearing visual randomness. Kudos!
  • Unique and quirky in a fun way. 5/5

    By Pencraft1
    There’s not really a game like Sticky Terms on the market. In fact, it’s difficult to call it a game at all. It’s almost like a curiously satisfying learning experience. What are you learning? The meaning of words like “chutzpa,” “eshaku,” and my personal favorite, “agiyag zockni.” Yes, these words are foreign (and real), but don’t bother putting them through a translator. You see, Sticky Terms is a game about words that people across the world use every day, but that have no sensible translation. To discover the meaning of these phrases, you must piece them together out of odd clusters of lines and curves. Boring? It might sound that way. But there’s something inexplicably satisfying about hearing them snap into place. And gaining a little knowledge in a lighthearted way like this is as sweet a reward as it gets.
  • Please add more! 5/5

    By KaidanSigns
    I have replayed this game twice! Please add more levels or a different mode!
  • Great game, occasional definition errors? 4/5

    By RustyLakeFan
    Lovely game with very fun and creative mechanism. It is nice to learn some unique/beautiful words while playing a game. However I noticed that some terms have the wrong definitions, or slightly off definitions, not sure if that’s done on purpose though.
  • Great 5/5

    By Ebomb02
    Really fun, wish there were more words
  • Entertaining 4/5

    By Justuss
    I just got this game and am finding it very entertaining! The only suggestion I have thus far is that it should include the pronunciation of the words when you complete the level. Either a button to hit to hear it pronounced or at the very least the pronunciation spelled out under the definition as it would be in the dictionary. That would make these new entertaining words more useful additions to your vocabulary
  • AMAZING!!! 5/5

    By Drkevinpr
    Wonderful - fascinating - unique.... such a marvelous, fun and creative achievement. Love this game! More levels please!!!!!
  • Entertaining! 5/5

    By 🐈Kitty🐱girl🐈
    This game is amazing! I spent the weekend to finish it and I have to say it was sooooo worth it! The words are random, hilarious, and I will definitely add a few to my vocabulary (if I can remember them, that is)! I didn’t quite see the point of the colorblind mode, though. Maybe the colors were there to help you, but I didn’t realize that until I was almost done with the game. Speaking of that, let’s add some more levels! >:3 I know there are a ton of funny words out there, so an extension would be sweet! Thanks for making this game, I highly recommend this to anyone who’s bored and needs something to amuse them!✌🏻
  • Feels like a school dream! 5/5

    By Milk_0n_my_Silk
    You know when you are bored in class so you fold up a paper randomly and write something to see if you unfold it if you can make it say the words again? That’s what this game reminds me of. I love learning the words for “when you scratch your head while thinking” or “after lunch nap”.
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By Soupy2enz
    I NEVER write reviews, but this one warrants one. This is a super clever game
  • More 5/5

    By Saab88
    I need more please. I loved it. But I’m finished. Sad. More more more please please please
  • Some performances issues 5/5

    By Hehhbdeeb
    I’m pretty sure the FPS gets lower after you complete more levels because the game was running smooth until I had completed 200 levels then the FPS seemed to be hovering around 15
  • It is not free to play unfortunately 1/5

    By -Mads
    The game does not say that it includes in app purchases, which it doesn’t, but it is not free to play like you expect. For the majority of the puzzles you have to watch 30 second ads to unlock them, or you can pay for another app to get a code to turn off ads in Sticky Terms. It’s really shady and just not a great thing to do to consumers.
  • Soo fun 5/5

    By Dogdogpuppu
    I love the game it’s so fun I like your game’s because the are puzzle fun and funny and I learned a lot of new languages in this game thank you for making these fun games and keep up the good work
  • Questionable sections 4/5

    By Irene759
    You have to watch an ad for basically every set of levels, and there’s a xenophobic section called “YUCK” which includes different foods from different countries...
  • Meh 2/5

    By [ Killuminati ] 2010
    It’s kind of boring, but to each his own. It would be better if there were pronunciations IMO.
  • Charming Puzzle Game 5/5

    By Lumi :>
    Within 24 hours of installing, I finished it. Not because it was particularly easy or anything but because it was addictive. The difficulty varies for them and you need to watch ads to unlock packs but it’s a relatively small amount especially for the content you get. Maybe 25 or less 30-second ads at most but you get plenty of gameplay and that’s it. There were a couple ads for other games by this developer that seemed similarly clever to this one. They cost money but if they give me an experience similar to Sticky Terms I’ll definitely grab those when I get the chance. There really isn’t a reason not to get it. Fargin
  • Not what I expected 5/5

    By Guest bah bah bah
    I expected a ad filled boring copied game, what I got was a innovative creative puzzle game with a bit of trivia. Loved it!