Stir - Single Parent Dating

Stir - Single Parent Dating

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  • Current Version: 22.05.00
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Match Group, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Stir - Single Parent Dating App

As a single parent, you’ve tried other dating apps, but at the first mention of your kids, you’re no longer interesting. Sound familiar? That’s why we created Stir, a dating app with a focus on single parents. It’s where you don’t have to apologize for having a crazy schedule. It’s where having kids isn't a deal-breaker. It’s where solo parents can meet, chat, and rediscover the fun in dating. You’ll get to know potential matches through our questions on personality and values. As we learn what you like and don’t like, our algorithm will present new matches we think you’ll love. With so much personality on each profile, Stir makes it easy for you to connect with local single moms and dads. Here you can find your "every other weekend" partner or the person with whom you want to blend families. Download Stir now! Terms Of Use:

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Stir - Single Parent Dating app reviews

  • Over it 1/5

    By Ttahdg
    Tried to have my number verified and said could not verify now I gotta call someone to verify the number I ain’t got time for that crap I’m a busy person I have a job I don’t got time to talk to a “customer service rep” all cause your stupid site rather verify a phone number then have me take a actual pic and verify I’m a real person RIDICULOUS
  • Expensive in comparison 2/5

    By Castilloveitia
    I though tinder was pricy! this one takes the cake. And if you put any of your other social media on your profile they will flag it. You can’t see matches unless you pay. Can send messages unless you pay. Pretty much you just have a profile for people to see you but that’s it unless you pay $40 a month or get a package deal. And be careful of the first few matches, they may or may not be bots trying to get you to pay. This happens with all these dating app that block your matches faces before you pay. Avoid unless you have the money to spend. Coming from a single dad. I rather spend my money on my kids and go to a bar and meet people the old fashion way
  • Complete waste of time just like all the other apps 1/5

    By yolo2eternal11
    Don’t waste your time read about the information they collect before you download and accept agreements just like myself my finances are important and there’s no need for a dating app to collect them so I can converse online!!!!
  • Discriminatory Against Names 1/5

    By Negranomicon
    When signing up the last line starts that "First names can only contain letters, apostrophes, and hyphens"; yet, here I am being told my name is "invalid". I'm a fan of noticing red flags. Telling me my name is "invalid" is definitely a HUGE one. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll stick with Bumble.
  • It has potential but no free trial or free messaging offered. 2/5

    By Music is my Best Friend
    You get more features for less with Tinder Gold. Even with standard you get free messaging. This app has so much potential but not offering free messaging is having many single parents getting rid of the app. I love the concept of it and how it cuts to the chase that for single parents we don’t have to bring up the kids discussion like you would on other dating apps. Save your time and don’t bother downloading this app. Waste of time. Hopefully there will be a free messaging feature of a trial at least since many others have addressed it as well.
  • Stir 5/5

    By williambrum8
    Perfect site for a perfect date
  • Primary photo 1/5

    By laures323
    I have added photos, but won’t let me add one as the primary photo
  • Avoid this app 1/5

    By she 2022
    I decided to try my hand at dating again, of course I’m single parent so I was like yea I’ll try this. But after getting people who matched and messaged me I can’t see it. I have to pay just to see this. With today’s economy I can’t afford to see who matched with me/messaged. Definitely wanted to give it a try as I’d prefer to date those single dads with kids. Don’t waste your time unless you got the money 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Waste of time. 1/5

    By jesgill q
    Never got to see a single like or message. Those are paid features only. At a higher rate than most other dating sites. But hey single parents can afford that right.
  • Not worth it 2/5

    By rocioburton
    Wish I’d read the reviews before paying $40.
  • Search filter option 2/5

    By fb been shady for too long
    There should be an option to chose religion/ faith in the search filter
  • Lame 1/5

    By Foxy1935
    Really ridiculous to have to pay to see anything
  • Does nothing 1/5

    By BylaSol
    I appreciate the idea, all you can do in the app is swipe unless you give them money so it’s pretty freakin worthless
  • ethnicity/culture 2/5

    By 1234_ugh_every_nickbame_taken
    Single parents are busy. I wish this APP would at least let us pick the ethnicity’s or culture’s of the people that we want to date so we don’t waste our time.
  • Waste of time 2/5

    By IJS!
    Can’t see who likes you not can you receive any messages unless you pay for their membership, pointless !
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Whosle101
    App is a complete waste of time. There nothing but bots and catfishes.
  • Do not use this. It’s a money grab. Read fine print 1/5

    By SickMunkey
    I downloaded this and paid for the subscription. I don’t get matched with anyone even though I fiddle with the parameters and can’t choose to look at any other profiles except the ones suggested once a day. There is no options on height or what they are looking for or they will be super far away outside of state in the suggested even though I didn’t choose outside of 90 miles. I tried to cancel from beginning but when I found out how bad it was. The won’t let you cancel or refund and keep taking money. If you click help it takes you to their website of a blank page. I tried through phone, pc and tablet. Please people don’t pay or stay away from it. I hope I save some of you. #1 I’m a single parent I thought maybe this would help. I rather date someone who knows what it’s like. Money is tight sometimes and yet you know I thought I made a good investment into trying to find someone with this. Just taking money from people and not giving a care.
  • Have to pay to see messages 1/5

    By Bedridden38x
    Lots of responses here from the developers claiming they’ve listened and fixed problems. But if they have, I’m not seeing it. After uploading pictures, filling out bio, answering prompts, etc, all likes are blurred out. I have a few messages this morning and only ONE shows the photo and allows me to see what he wrote. And it’s not someone I ‘liked’ so I’m pretty confused as it’s not a match. If I tap the other messages it takes me to the pay options, all of which are spendy. I can’t even see what they wrote sans photo. I can’t tell if this app is worth it from what little they show you on the stripped down ‘free’ side, so I’m certainly not going to lock myself into an expensive subscription. Also, screening is nil. Tons of guys without kids. When I x-out someone the app shows them to me again. I also have no idea what the star icon or lightning icon means and can’t find any explanation anywhere. This was a hood idea, but poorly executed.
  • Price 1/5

    By Yuleisy23
    I downloaded this app after many year of single parent life. This app need a lot of improvement I think that price is way to high. You can’t not even see you like your message without paying. For a single parent like me paying 39.99 for just a month it’s not in my budget. I think you should have at least a week of free trial so people can actually see what’s that app all about. And then charged a regular amount or have a better rate for just a month. I don’t mind paying 10-20 dollar for a month but 40 dollar I think it just to much this app is not taking a consideration single mom that have to paid for everything themself.
  • Wouldn’t recommend 2/5

    By Tee015
    I wanted to try this app because I wouldn’t have to explain why sometimes I don’t have time to “meet up” (because everyone is a parent and everyone understands). It’s almost been a week and I don’t think I’m keeping it. The free version doesn’t allow you to do much. I paid the $39.99 and literally NOTHING changed from the free version. You’d think an app for single parents would have a month to month option but paying $120 or even $90 and hoping I like the app isn’t something I’m willing to do.
  • Ludicrous really 1/5

    By mofoodforme21
    The lack of stars is because it’s too expensive which eventually I’ll delete the app. The only thing I have a seen that’s affordable is creating a profile….had I known that, I would have never downloaded this app. Real disappointment!
  • Single Dad 1/5

    By miketty1
    Hello, I’m not happy with what is going on in this App, you can imagine I paid first and my account was taken down for no reason and I paid again for the same thing still my account was taken down Then I deleted the app because it was not giving me space to get what I want A few days later I added an apple card to my phone so I could pay for some of my apps Only to find out that you guys took a subscription from it which I didn't apply for I'm not happy
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Westonpardo
    You have to pay for everything. I’m not sure why anyone would choose this app when there are so many that are free. Also, there wasn’t anyone I would date on the app. You put in your criteria but are shown ZERO people who meet it. Would not recommend.
  • Paysite 2/5

    By trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Just another pay site
  • Too Expensive 1/5

    By venus from seattle
    I really wish they would do free trials or have a month-to-month. The cost is very high so I won't be signing up at all.
  • To expensive not enough members 1/5

    By Bigdnop
    Limited members and they force you to take a multi month subscription. Don’t do it
  • 2 phone numbers 2/5

    By Frankiebuttercups
    And I couldn’t get verified. Crazy, uh? Not worth getting a third phone number.
  • Wasted 40 bucks 1/5

    By goldchaincowboy
    So I brought the one month premium and it never activated even after restore…2nd time This happened
  • Too pricey! Want $90.00 just to see likes and messages! 1/5

    By Carmen8790
    Parents stay away!!! Not worth the money! They use fake profiles to say new girls like you! It’s pretty hilarious!
  • App needs lots of work 2/5

    By Janieslemons
    Idea is good but app filters to not work. Have to change your settings daily. Too much work instead of focusing on the actual finding of a date.
  • Missing iPhone 13 (high priority find) 4/5

    By Deciphering the Signal
    Seeking professional attention and support, along with guidance and expert detection.
  • Terrible 2/5

    By Rob the Payne
    It prompts you to download for good intentions then charges you more than tinder to actually do anything. There are no responses due to single parents can’t always afford your prices! I’m better off with fb dating. Nice job on copying tinder and Numerous other dating apps. Not one original action on this. Sad setup I’m suprised I gave it two stars.
  • Good idea poor execution 1/5

    By Nick_chilean
    This seems like a dating app with potential but they immediately want money right away. If they had it set up like tinder or hinge with the basic free plan and ads here and there then it would work. Sadly you have to pay upfront to even see matches which is a bummer and kills the potential it has.
  • Waste of time. 1/5

    By WhyIsMyReviewBlank
    1. Upload your pics, but if you don’t pay, you’ll be waiting a year and a day just for it to not be uploaded.. 2. You get less than 5 likes before you get hit with having to pay.. 3.. most of what is free before you get charged, are bots 4. Please don’t support this app.. it’s literally a scam
  • Another Money Grab 1/5

    By 23sickau
    $40 bucks a month for a Tinder rip-off
  • Not Single Parent Friendly 1/5

    By Bre Richardson
    I downloaded this app hoping that it would be different from most of the others. I’m disappointed. As a single parent, I’m not going to spend $40 for ONE MONTH, just to be able to see who liked me. We have enough to pay for when it comes to household bills alone. As far as messaging mutuals, I matched with someone and he messaged me. I messaged him back and then for some for reason the whole message thread disappeared. If things like this happen, why would would I even consider paying for premium service? It makes zero sense. I’ll be deleting this app and going back to Hinge.
  • Clunky and Cheap 1/5

    By Dating around
    I downloaded this because I heard about it through word of mouth. Good concept, and there are quite a few users in my area. I do like the prompts for interests, etc., and the extra details provided on users’ parenting situations. But, the whole thing looks and feels amateurish. Pictures look horrible, with terrible quality. It feels like I’m testing the original beta version of Hinge. The matching and “like” system is very confusing and seems unstable. And regarding matches or likes, the push towards pay-walled services is way over the top. I mean - someone sends me a direct message and I have to pay $120 to view it? It constantly tells me it’s “rush hour” and to pay for a boost. I doubt rush hour is at 1 pm on a Wednesday. I don’t mind paying for premium dating services (I do on other apps). I would not pay here. Here, it feels like you’re paying for basic services on a confusing app with questionable “dating value.” Despite some good ideas, the user experience here is outdated, unappealing, and feels very exploitative.
  • Can’t read any messages unless you pay 1/5

    By genenyc
    I posted a negative review and received a developer response stating that you can now see mutual matches. However I still can’t read any of the messages that have been sent to me without paying. Still pretty lame, especially since the search filters are limited to just gender, age and distance. Most apps will allow you to have additional filters such as smoking, race, education, etc without having to pay for a “premium” membership
  • Enjoying Star 5/5

    By maurrissey
    I am really enjoying star
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By 5150Girl!
    You have to pay to see your likes and messages. Waste of time, cause if you don’t mutually match with someone then you can’t message them.
  • Not worth my money 1/5

    By PMVM
    Not worth it
  • Low members, no filtering 1/5

    By Kohser05
    Not many members and not enough filtering. Not worth the price
  • Can’t view previous profiles after paying 1/5

    By brikee
    I paid for this app and saw some interesting profiles. Unfortunately there isn’t an ability to view previous profiles so I can’t go back to see a profile again if I mistakenly click on something else.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Hizenburg79
    Useless if you don’t buy the minimum 3 month plan, no point in putting preferences in because it’s going to primarily show people at least three hours away and in different states
  • Great Premise but fails to deliver 2/5

    By SaltinesinSeattle
    I downloaded this app because I liked the idea that Ianyone I met would already know that I had children and to meet other single parents. Herein lies the problems, if you navigate away from writing your profile or sending a message to someone, you lose it. Well you can message mutual matches for free, we can’t see who likes you to know if it’s a mutual match; so it’s basically a gamble if you happen to stumble across each other‘s profiles and like one another. You can’t review profiles that you’ve liked, and can’t even review your mutual matches. I got a notification of him he’s full match, started to write had to stop, lost the message and now I can’t write to them anymore. Single parents are busy! We’re not always going to have time to write a profile in one sitting or send a message to somebody in one sitting. I understand that this is “a premium service“ $120 all at once for six months is not necessarily in everyone’s budget. Maybe offer at 7 or 14 day free trial to see if we want to pay for those features. Overall I’m really frustrated and highly considering deleting.
  • Lame 1/5

    By RAJ4478
    I’m thoroughly amazed and horribly disappointed to have paid for a complete lack of usable filters! The app only provides basic filters on gender and distance. I don’t want to waste my time looking at profiles that don’t meet my preferences of height, body type, religion, etc. This issue is compounded by the fact that the app, like every other these days, has adopted the annoying practice of showing profiles one by one forcing you to pass or like. Just show me a list of thumbnails *that match all my preferences of height, religion, etc* and let me view and like the ones I’m drawn too! It’s exhausting and frustrating to just sit here tapping pass pass pass pass pass !!!
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By ilivkedyourmom
    I don’t take time to write reviews usually but after paying $40 for one month and not having any features worth noting, I’m heavily disappointed. I’m not paying $90+ to see my matches.
  • Not great 2/5

    By jkherms
    I had high hopes for a single parent app. It’s nothing great that’s for sure but that seems to be the case with most dating apps. It’s very surface and not personalizable. I also don’t like that you can’t try a month. It has to be 6 months. That’s a major downfall.
  • Recycled Profiles 1/5

    Horrible dating app. Nothing but inactive and recycled profiles every day. Wouldn’t suggest to anyone.
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