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Stitcher plays your favorite podcasts and radio, whether you're having an adventure on your commute or laughing out loud at home. Explore shows from NPR, WNYC, the New York Times, Earwolf, BBC and more. Stream or download podcasts and listen to internet radio with our free app. Find shows on news, comics, true crime, and more for the curious listener, including classics like This American Life, The Daily, Fresh Air, and Joe Rogan. Stitcher also has exclusive back catalog episodes of Freakonomics, WTF with Marc Maron, True Crime Garage, Comedy Bang! Bang! and many more Earwolf shows plus ad-free, original content on Stitcher Premium, including the Marvel comics based, Wolverine: The Long Night. P.S. If you liked Howl, you’ll love Stitcher. KEY FEATURES Listen on Demand Or download podcasts for later Personalized Front Page Use Stitcher as your news app and podcast hub to receive updates in real-time based your favorites and recommendations based on your listening Custom Playlists Create personal radio station type playlists of your favorite podcasts for long drives, commuting, or other hands-full activities Exclusive Premium Podcasts and Back Catalogs Subscribe to Stitcher Premium for exclusive content from shows you love and original Stitcher productions Smart Speaker Integrations Now features an Amazon Alexa skill and connects to Sonos speaker systems. Supports CarPlay and integrations with over 50 other car models from Ford, GM, Mazda, BMW, Jaguar, Landrover and many more GETTING STARTED Download the free Stitcher app Sign in with Google, Facebook or your email Select your favorite genres, networks, or podcasts in our tutorial Start listening by tapping the play button anywhere on your Front Page OR Tap the magnifying glass in the upper right corner to search for podcasts Click on a show, then use the plus button to add to your Favorites and listen later Stitcher offers podcasts you won’t find using other internet radio apps. Our podcasts cover a wide array of topics from news to comics, crime, politics and more. AWARDS & PRAISE - 20 Best Apps - TechCrunch - 25 Top Android Apps - TIME Magazine - Essential Driving App - - 12 Best Entertainment Apps - PC World

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Stitcher for Podcasts app reviews

  • Not worth it 1/5

    By gcelis
    I’ve tried for several months to like this app, but it’s just not worth it. It crashes constantly, and as of the new update, it’s now crashed my phone 3x. (Also annoying is that it seems the app isn’t optimized for the new phones, as closing the ads rarely works, where it used to work for my 8 Plus). I’m done.
  • Bad App 1/5

    By dawn41575
    I love the app if it worked, but I must remove and redownload this app at least twice a week. It always freezes.
  • CarPlay is buggy 2/5

    By Ravencore
    I love this app, have been using it since 2010 and I promote it regularly to anyone I know that enjoys podcasts. I recently bought a new car that has CarPlay. I live in an area that has spotty internet coverage. When I start up CarPlay it stalls out 90% of the time or takes minutes upon minutes to start, if it does start. If I unplug from it, it starts fine. I can then plug it back in and start playing right away. Every other app I use with CarPlay works great, even when the internet is spotty. Stitcher really needs a feature right when CarPlay starts to switch to offline listening. I think this may alleviate some of this. As soon as this bug is fixed I’ll move my rating back to its usual 5 stars.
  • Solid but not keeping up with the times 3/5

    By J. Bags
    Hi Stitcher, I have been a loyal fan for a long time (~850 listening hours) but your interface needs work. Search and sound are fine but, in a world of hard pressed and swiping, why do I have to go into a separate edit screen to reorder or delete podcasts on my favorites list? What about a hard touch to move a podcast up and down the order and a swipe to delete?
  • Much better 5/5

    By Mhighgal
    Update is much better like the layout better way better than before set all this crap coming up on the regular screen about the stuff that I listen to anyway thanks
  • Get rid of waze. 1/5

    By cm62439
    If the waze banner isn’t gone by the next update, I’m back to apple poscasts.
  • No Waze 1/5

    By CrankNMelville
    I pay for Premium but am now forced to close a Waze pop-up every time. I have almost 8000 hours in Stitcher but this is annoying enough to put me back to using Apple’s Podcast app.
  • Car 2/5

    By NotTooOldMan
    Ruined it on iPhone for car. Always pops up”try again”
  • Freezes and looses place with Sonos 2/5

    By Joe3754
    The app has some benefits and some premium content I enjoy. That being said, an app I’m paying a subscription price for should work better than the free apple podcast app. This app constantly freezes if it does not remain open. I’ll move from another app back to it to fast forward or start a new podcast and a grayed out version of the screen appears and none of the functions work. What I am listening to continues to play but I have to hard shut down the app and restart it if I want to use it. Not fun. Additionally, I got the app specifically because it advertises its ability to sync with Sonos. Specific content is hard to find on Sonos and the app no longer keeps track of where it is. I have to try and remember exactly where I’m at in a podcast if I am listening through Sonos, find the podcast on my phone through the sticher app, and then fast forward to where I was to continue listening. This is necessary in reverse as well going from the phone to Sonos. The apps controls in Sonos also do not include any fast forward or rewind buttons other than the buggy option of trying to hold the forward or backwards buttons down. Feels like I’m using a tape player. Not very premium for the price.
  • Totally unusable with CarPlay 1/5

    By ArctorzAlterEgo
    If you listen to podcasts in the car using CarPlay, and you like swearing, throwing your phone across the car, pressing an X on the screen over and over again in the futile hope that you will be able to actually control your podcast, then this is the app for you. Otherwise, avoid stitcher like the plague.
  • Without a doubt the worst podcast app I’ve used 1/5

    By callmesalticidae
    It’s even worse than the default podcast app that you get with every iPhone. It doesn’t organize podcast episodes well (whyyy are you listing #871, #870, #670, #869...?), it fills up the home page with trashy shows I never asked for, and it never removes those shows when I tell it to do so.
  • only garbage apps require sign up 1/5

    By symphtronic
    A podcast app should not require registration to use. absolute garbage
  • Bad interface and misleading 1/5

    By Bbelieves
    I found the interface to be difficult and time consuming to navigate. Guess I should have researched more before I bought premium because I though all or most shows would be add free. Actually...only a select few are add free. They push a few sponsored podcasts which makes it harder to find others. Also, I think it’s pretty low to have a pop up banner for Waze cover a quarter of the screen every time you start playing a show after they have just got $35 from you for premium.
  • App freezes constantly 2/5

    By kardbelle
    Every time I try to use it, it freezes on some page or another. I “click” on something and the screen freezes. If it does work, it pauses for 10-20 seconds first. Bummer, cuz it’s otherwise been a great app.
  • Love app.. HATE Waze ads 1/5

    By hsbdjfjdndn
    The just started popping up waze ads for paid subscribers.. its awful.. otherwise love the app
  • Confusing as hell 1/5

    By Randall See
    I don’t know who designed this train wreck, but I find navigating this app so confusing. What a great idea, what a mediocre execution.
  • Poorly executed 1/5

    By nickname_already_taken_8
    This app hit rock bottom and started digging. I frequently find it has deleted episodes that I’d previously downloaded and now it doesn’t integrate correctly with CarPlay.
  • Waze integration obtrusive 3/5

    By JimmyiPadtxwa
    The new banner plugging the Waze integration is annoying and despite clearing it, it lets coming back. Hoping the developer sees this and resolves it.
  • 8/9/10 5/5

    By invaderEM
    I started using Stitcher for podcast listening August 9, 2010. I’ve tried other apps, including Apple’s provided one, but prefer Stitcher. This year, I decided to pay for the premium version. Some changes for organizing content, have made it more difficult to find things that I used to find easily. I share podcasts in messenger, Twitter and messages frequently.
  • Random restarts make podcasts unlistenable 1/5

    By listener1000000
    The app is buggy and I hate using it. I’ve had many times where the podcast I am listening to randomly restarts when the commercial break cuts in. I have also had many times where, after the commercial break, the podcast starts replaying audio from the beginning while appearing to still be at the halfway point. I suppose the app works well enough for the first half of podcasts, just don’t expect to hear the endings.
  • Was good. 1/5

    By Serenity5987
    I love stitcher but for the last week, it crashes constantly, refuses to connect to stitcher through my CarPlay. What’s the problem?
  • Unusable garbage or brilliant app? 1/5

    By A Guy Who Runs
    Can't find out without creating an account for a podcast app. Why does a podcast app require an account? Who knows. Pointless hurdles prevent app usage. Eff this stupidity. Next.
  • Audio Skips Frequently 3/5

    By Broadway
    This app used to be quite seamless but over the past few months the audio has started to skip and randomly speed up small segments.
  • Not much for $40 2/5

    By Bene Ray
    I meant to cancel my trial and missed it. Now I have an expensive player that is not as much use to me as Apple’s native app. I care about scripted drama. I listened to Wolverine and Neverwhere and I am pretty much done. I hope someday someone makes a podcast app that can deliver good customized feeds and actually help people find things they like.
  • Annoying high pitched sound 1/5

    By Dethkillr69
    Whenever the network disconnects (try riding the NYC subway) then this awful high pitch sound plays like feedback to let you know the podcast stopped. This is so annoying and it cannot be turned off.
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By Mrguitarguy
    This app crashes constantly. It also doesn’t always remember where the playback left off and when switching between devices for listening there is no guarantee that it will sink between them. I expected more from application that I’m paying to use.
  • Great features for sorting episodes! 4/5

    By Paige loves words with friends
    I really love this app; but there is a glitch. I hope this is something that can be fixed with an update. On Fridays, some of the episodes I have already listened to and deleted- get redownloaded. Super annoying...
  • Too many notifications 5/5

    By xobk
    Knock it off fellas!
  • Great 5/5

    By tiPperbRuH
    Definitely gotta voice that makes you wanna keep listening. . && follow along with ur imagination (:
  • UX needs some help 3/5

    By ashturch
    I love having the extra podcast options on premium. However.... this interface needs some serious work. The UX is way more complicated than it needs to be, and is not straightforward like the Apple Podcasts or Spotify apps are. I think it needs a refresh.
  • Did latest update now it crashes. Every. Time. 2/5

    By JulesLand
    I was just getting into it too! But if I update my iPhone everything else will crash. Argh! Updates!
  • I only use it because I have no choice… 1/5

    By DiscoSucks9999
    Where do I begin? The interface? It’s clunky and they constantly change it, thus leading to constant confusion. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult just list the podcasts I subscribe to. Also, I never know if I’ve downloaded a podcast or am streaming it. There seems to be no coherent way to manage my downloaded files. The controls? Why does the fast-forward (skip) button move me to the next podcast instead of skipping a number of seconds like in every other media player in the world? Customer service? I’ve saved the worst for last. It’s worse than any bad cable company you can think of. Somehow, I’m was billed twice for the Premium service, but their website shows only one. I’ve tried multiple times to get help using the links on their site, Twitter, etc. but have never even received a canned reply from them.
  • Garbage Interface, Buggy. 2/5

    By Ishbar
    I only listen to programs that are 2-4 hours at length, and this becomes a problem when the app requires an internet connection, times out frequently, and sporadically throws ads at you during random intervals. Even better is when the app decides to restart the entire program for no reason, so you have to guesstimate where you last were, which really isn’t feasible while driving. Finding ALL episodes of a program is difficult, since you get linked to recent ones first, and if you’re jumping around in a series, you can’t really pickup where you left off (especially if it sends you to the beginning or to the most recent one in some cases). Overall, if you can find a podcast through any other service, listen that way. I won’t miss the “resuming episode” dialogue either. Not one bit.
  • Good content, terrible app 1/5

    By DangerRuss91
    The app is really poorly designed, and the current update is even worse. Now matter how I adjust my settings, every time I re-open the app, it goes back to its weird default setting where episodes are in no apparent order. After one episode plays, it replays the previous one. I adjust the settings constantly, but I cannot get it to play episodes sequentially or keep my settings in place.
  • Intentionally difficult to unsubscribe 1/5

    By aretoo
    They offer a “trial” membership. However, I searched high and low for a way to unsubscribe from the auto renewal and found NOTHING. Just a circular maze of incorrect instructions, into and out of the app, that lead back to the starting point. It wasn’t until they charged me the $5 that a way to disable the auto renewal and subscription suddenly appeared where it had previously never been. THEY WILL GET YOUR MONEY FOR THE FORST MONTH. I found the entire process to be quite dishonest and intentionally confusing to the o viola end of profit. To Stitcher, Get out of pod casts and start a porn site or a pyramid scheme or something equally disreputable.
  • Really really slow app 1/5

    By Izaacmp
    This app was beyond slow. Every button I pressed felt sluggish, each new window had visible loading times. It felt like an old website that someone smooshed into an app. It did not feel native to the phone. The user interface was brash and unfamiliar.
  • Great App but Ads are WAY to loud. 1/5

    By BS.MM
    I use to love this app but recently I have noticed whenever an ad comes on it is way louder than the actual podcast and it is startling. I really would like to keep using this app but I will stop if this is not fixed because it is frustrating when you are working or driving going deaf or wrecking because a commercial startles you. 😂
  • Half of my podcasts disappeared 1/5

    By Sheldon Devore
    Your app is getting worse and worse. Not only have episodes not been downloading but now, entire podcasts have disappeared. What gives?
  • Amazing 5/5

    By TonyFraser
    This app and web interface blows the Podcasts app out of the water. I am a huge podcast consumer. (NYC straphanger) The searching episodes feature, controlling downloads from my computer at work, all of it. They nailed it. It is 99% perfect. To get to 100% they would have to have the same episodic search feature in the browser that they have in the app. (Search all Bowery Boys for shows that say Brooklyn for example) If they had a “downloads” playlist in the web interface that synced up with my phone so I could delete downloads from the web interface, then it would be like 110%. Great job Stitcher.
  • Consume A lot of Battery 3/5

    By beethoven5000
    After I upgrade my iPhone to iOS 12, stitcher consume a lot of battery from either up front or background running. Please fix this at next fix!
  • Great podcasts/Bad App 2/5

    By Thunder Abraham
    Stitcher is constantly dealing with bugs and functionality. They are getting better but the only thing worth the app is if you pay for the premium content. Man. The new update has made getting rid of downloaded episodes impossible.
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By kayle498
    I’ve never used a more unreliable app. Normally won’t load when using CarPlay, won’t connect to network, sometimes won’t load at all.
  • Bad functionality, app keeps skipping around 1/5

    By Fidela_Pock
    The app keeps skipping from ad to ad and large chunks of episodes are missing... disappointing since they have the best archive of content.
  • Ugh... 1/5

    By accioSock
    I’m not a fan of the app or the interface. It’s clunky and boring. I use it because it’s the only place to listen to back logs of some podcasts I like. Wish the service wasn’t pay to listen for most podcasts on it. It kind of ruins the indie vibe of podcasts and makes it more like dealing with the cable company.
  • New update 3/5

    By Beekeepervet
    My favorites playlist use to sequentially play newest to oldest on the list. Now it only plays one at a time. I have to manually choose the next on the list, so I can’t use this app while driving or running. It will play newest to oldest of a single podcast, but when you’re listening to news, this is not helpful. The new look with rows of tiles also is not an improvement. The list used to show topics of the podcast so you knew quickly if it was of interest.
  • Timing of podcast availability 2/5

    By stapert
    My main problem here is that sometimes it takes hours or days for a new podcast to become available within Stitcher. Also, some podcasts (e.g., Pop Rocket) are not available at all through Stitcher.
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Ghostgirlie
    Downloads often don't work, takes forever to load, freezes up. Please fix these bugs!!
  • Pretty Bad 2/5

    By trilogyjab
    Yes, some podcasts are available. But overall it isn’t an intuitive or user-friendly app. Also, Stitcher is actively making some podcasts worse (such as freakonomics and grammar girl) bu hiding their archives behind paywalls. Seek podcasts elsewhere.
  • The best podcasts app but late to update the episodes. 4/5

    By vivekvarmagunturi
    I have used Google play music and apple podcasts to listen to my favorite podcasts, but Stitcher is the best. It works flawlessly but cannot use when CarPlay connected. But, Recently i have been using Google Podcasts App its better than Stitcher where there are new episodes of shows faster than Stitcher. The new update is amazing but i should say when Google launches Podcast app on IOS, definitely will stop using this. So, Stitcher please update app as sexy as Google, but i love this Stitcher Homepage.

Stitcher for Podcasts app comments

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