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Stitcher plays your favorite podcasts and radio, whether you're having an adventure on your commute or laughing out loud at home. Explore shows from NPR, WNYC, the New York Times, Earwolf, BBC and more. Stream or download podcasts and listen to internet radio with our free app. Find shows on news, comics, true crime, and more for the curious listener, including classics like This American Life, The Daily, Fresh Air, and Joe Rogan. Stitcher also has exclusive back catalog episodes of Freakonomics, WTF with Marc Maron, True Crime Garage, Comedy Bang! Bang! and many more Earwolf shows plus ad-free, original content on Stitcher Premium, including the Marvel comics based, Wolverine: The Long Night. P.S. If you liked Howl, you’ll love Stitcher. KEY FEATURES Listen on Demand Or download podcasts for later Personalized Front Page Use Stitcher as your news app and podcast hub to receive updates in real-time based your favorites and recommendations based on your listening Custom Playlists Create personal radio station type playlists of your favorite podcasts for long drives, commuting, or other hands-full activities Exclusive Premium Podcasts and Back Catalogs Subscribe to Stitcher Premium for exclusive content from shows you love and original Stitcher productions Smart Speaker Integrations Now features an Amazon Alexa skill and connects to Sonos speaker systems. Supports CarPlay and integrations with over 50 other car models from Ford, GM, Mazda, BMW, Jaguar, Landrover and many more GETTING STARTED Download the free Stitcher app Sign in with Google, Facebook or your email Select your favorite genres, networks, or podcasts in our tutorial Start listening by tapping the play button anywhere on your Front Page OR Tap the magnifying glass in the upper right corner to search for podcasts Click on a show, then use the plus button to add to your Favorites and listen later Stitcher offers podcasts you won’t find using other internet radio apps. Our podcasts cover a wide array of topics from news to comics, crime, politics and more. AWARDS & PRAISE - 20 Best Apps - TechCrunch - Essential Driving App - - 12 Best Entertainment Apps - PC World

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  • Let us use RSS feeds in better apps 1/5

    By DrKlopek
    Downloading episodes is pretty hit or miss. If you lose WiFi for even a second during the download, it has to start over completely. It can look like you’ve downloaded multiple episodes (15 as of writing this review), but then when you refresh your list, they are gone. Not in your library. Not in your download list. Gone. So now you have to go hunt and peck through their unintuitive episode listings after you manage to find the podcast you want in a sub section with a submenu. Also every 8 episodes or so, you have to click a “load more” link to load the next eight episode titles. Lots of fun for episode heavy podcasts! It’s not too bad though, because you can get your downloads re-added pretty quick using the “Download All” button on a podcast. Except you can’t because that button doesn’t exist. The official Stitcher app is garbage. Novel Idea: Let me us my subscription to content on an app that actually allows me to play the content
  • Was Charged Without My Consent 1/5

    By Jon David Jameson
    I signed up for a free trial but was instantly charged instead. I contacted Apple, but they refused to return my money. I spoke to Jen and her supervisor Kevin but they insisted that it was not their problem. Kevin assured me he was the “last point of contact” when I asked to speak to his supervisor. Taking customers’ money without their consent and refusing to return it is theft and serious violation of trust. I thought Apple took pride in their relationship with customers. I couldn’t believe how inconsiderate the service associates were.
  • Decent but not perfect 3/5

    By Mstove
    Had to move to Stitcher when Howl went away. It is generally functional, but there are a couple of downsides. The first one is while I pay for premium access, they want more money to keep more downloaded. I’m frequently away from good service and I hate only having so many downloaded. The second is something that producers of some apps and Bluetooth devices think is cute but is annoying: telling you what you just did (“resuming episode!”) instead of just resuming it. Small annoyance, I realize.
  • Turn off notifications 3/5

    By ChefCL
    Otherwise you’ll get them for “new episode” releases for episodes that are days old. Not the biggest thing in the world but it became a nuisance.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By AdamHarton
    The worst podcast app ever. Sometimes podcast download, sometimes they don't. Layout is god awful. Only advantage is most podcast have more available episodes on this app. That's it. Don't waste your time unless you like being frustrated.
  • Bring back Howl 1/5

    By jk56verygooddog
    I held onto Howl for as long as I could but finally had to cave and move to Stitcher. I honestly hate it. The interface is terrible. I hate the organization. Searching back through archived shows takes for ever and it’s incredibly complicated to set up my playlists the way I’d like to. It also glitches and shuts down constantly and often I will download something and it will just disappear. Don’t understand why they would shut down a usable app and force members to use an app that is so hard to use. Hopefully they’ll improve it soon.
  • User interface isn’t very good 4/5

    By yostarbuck
    I only use this app because it has 1.25 speed, which apple podcasts don’t have.
  • Big Improvements Needed 3/5

    By thekaysterz
    I have been using Stitcher for over a year. I am a yearly premium subscriber, and love all the exclusive content available. The App catalogues all the old episodes, so listening from the beginning is possible, unlike the Native IOS podcast app that only shows so many recent episodes. The UI is amazing, very easy to navigate and find the shows and episodes I am looking for. The suggested shows are right on par with what I listen to, and have found many amazing podcasts this way. The audio quality is passible, but is dummied down so to make it easier to stream over cellular, however this is where my major issue with the app begins. Streaming an episode over 4g is frustrating to say the least. With pauses and skips every ten seconds, trying to listen to anything is nearly impossible. The puzzling part is that not every episode will do this. One will stream flawlessly, and the next will be so hard to listen to from the pauses and skips that I almost want to give up. I cannot see having this issue with my 4g coverage at 23mbps. I have tried everything, disabling all background app refreshes, uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing the cache of downloaded episodes, and switching devices. This issue has occurred on three different devices running two different operating systems. I will sometimes have the same issue on my home WiFi clocking at about 136mbps. I could only assume I am not the only one having this issue, as many previous app update notes claim to have remedied the issue. Another smaller, yet irritating issue it the lack of the ability to add any podcast by URL. This is a basic feature found on almost all podcast apps. Considering this is a dedicated podcast app I’d expect it to have this ability. I Instead, have to switch to the native IOS podcast app to enjoy these shows. If these issues were fixed I would gladly give Stitcher five stars. There is not another app the can match it’s amazing library of content. It would just be amazing if I could listen to that content without feeling the need to chuck my phone across the room.
  • Really enjoy this app but... 3/5

    By SarMihal
    Lately the app has randomly started playing without so much as the screen being touched. I had my phone in my desk with a podcast paused at work. I was talking with my boss and out of nowhere it started playing again! The random playing has caused me to lose my place several times. 😢
  • Very poor app. Only have it for Comedy Bang Bang 1/5

    By wew1982
    I've been meaning to review this app for a while. In short, it works fairly reliably, but for a paid subscription I want it to be less buggy and glitchy. Among the bugs and glitches, there's this weird bug where a single podcast I unfollowed months ago keeps getting added back to my follows and automatically downloaded. If the app was free, this would be mostly just funny. But I've contacted customer service a few times about it and their suggestions are garbage, having nothing to do with actually fixing the app. Screw this company. The second I can get the Comedy Bang Bang archive anywhere else, I'm out, forever.
  • Newest Update crashes immediately 1/5

    By HxC4Christ
    I have been using Stitcher since 2015 and have logged over 4000 listening hours. I have never experienced a problem with the app before. However, this latest update crashes each time I try to open it. Please fix!!!
  • Love the app if it would work 2/5

    By charlamagne47
    I love the way this app is set up, I like the suggested categories and the way my subscribed podcasts are organized. The customized home screen it gives you is also great. BUT this app is crashing multiple times per day, and when you restart the app, it takes you to the middle of a different episode than you were listening to when it crashed. Also not able to pause/play/use other controls from lock screen like with all other music/podcast apps. Used to be able to do this but hasn’t been working the past several months.
  • Was having issues, new update fixed them! 4/5

    By jadekatt47
    I have used this app for about 2 years quite successfully (free version), however with the most recent update I have been having issues with playback. Sometimes when an ad plays before I listen to a show, the show doesn’t start and i have to hit play again. Also, sometimes when I restart an episode, the play button won’t work, and I have to change screens to the downloads page to get it to start. I have enjoyed using this app and have found new podcasts that I enjoy, but I hope these bugs can get fixed soon. Edit: the most recent update has resolved these issues and the app works smoothly! I have preferred the design of this app and will continue happily to use it for my listening needs.
  • Needs Apple Watch App 3/5

    I love the aesthetics of this app and it does some things very well like keeping you up to date with your shows, but it has some issues. First off, there’s no Apple Watch app! I love to run with podcasts, so it would be great to be able to store them on my watch like the Apple podcast app does. Unfortunately it keeps me out of sync and I have to jumble between two apps, and all I really want to do is use Stitcher! I will subscribe to stitcher premium the day that feature is added. There are a few bugs here and there like not pausing the podcast when a Bluetooth earbud is removed like with music apps, just muting it, causing it to go on in the background and you lose your place.
  • Needs better sorting and display options 3/5

    By KMC5391
    Overall, this is one of the best podcast players available. But I am always frustrated by the limited sorting options on the home screen. It really needs options to sort by show and an option to remove played episodes. You can mark them, but it would be much cleaner and user friendly to provide the option to remove played podcasts from the various screens (home, playlists, etc.)
  • Bad UI and features 1/5

    By Chelton1977
    I might stay subscribed for the content if the app weren’t so awful to use.
  • Levar Burton Reads 5/5

    By CynNola
    Absolutely worth it simply for Levar Burton Reads! Thank you for Reading Rainbow for adults. Magical ❤️
  • The best for the podcast addicts 5/5

    By Sqrt7
    4300+ hr listener on this app. Over the years this app has had its ups and downs, but it is the best it’s ever been. I love this app over the current others I’ve used: Apple, PocketCast, OverCast, and DownCast. I listened to several hours of podcast daily across multiple devices- two iPhones, two iPads, Kindle Fire, Alexia, or my desktop. Stitcher allows for seamless integration across devices better than any competitor. There are some podcasts that I listen to daily such as news and politics, and others I may partially listen to and come back days or weeks latter to finish such as the audio dramas. The Stitcher UI is simple and intuitive in keeping track of such listening habits. The streaming option is significantly faster than the Apple and peer apps allowing to preservation of memory and battery, and the downloading option and management is simple and intuitive. With premium, I have no adds, but the real benefit to me is the comedy catalog. I rarely have time to listen to a comedy album from start to finish. In Spotify does not indicate partially listened albums nor does it hold where I left off. With Stitcher premium, I can listen to a comedy album over several days, and Stitcher will always remember where I left off. The customer support has improved dramatically. It is amazingly good now. I had a recent problem with a subscription podcast, and the support staff was relentless in getting it resolved. They eventually contacted the content creator (a national media company) to assist getting a resolution for me. I was impressed and grateful with their perseverance.
  • Sudden play 3/5

    By PeteP90027
    Sorry, but the recent update didn’t fix the sudden play issue.
  • Fixed the Radom play bug 4/5

    By Idano
    Thank God they fixed the radom play bug. I would be listening to stitcher in my car, get out, and half way across the parking lot to the store stitcher would start playing on its own. I thought I was going crazy! At least it was consistently doing this. Now let’s hope their latest fix fixes it. On a general note I’ve been listening to podcasts for well over 10 years now and really, there isn’t a great podcast player out there. Apple podcasts is weird, and all the rest are just confusing. Stitcher (again) while not perfect, has been the most consistent in quality and features. I still get confused navigating around at times but overall it’s the best I have found for a podcast player. I really wish they would allow you to add podcasts that are custom or outside of what they already have loaded. That’s seems like a very ‘Apple’ thing to do which doesn’t work/fit.
  • I recommend other apps. This one gets stuck 1/5

    By cat.universe
    Ugh. After years of using with *mostly no issues, it’s been buggy, stopping and starting and not resuming. I listen to podcasts to fall asleep—-getting frustrated while clicking around to find a podcast that doesn’t get stuck is not super helpful to falling asleep.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Ultimafax
    The app does not work in the background, meaning you must have it open and your phone open for it to continuously play. Otherwise, if you’re using maps or get a phone call, the app stops working and you must restart it. (Oh and it blames whatever interrupted it.) This also means it doesn’t work with Bluetooth headphones: it will play, but you can’t use your set to pause it. Every episode change, again, the app stops playing. You have to restart. Finally, it has an utterly atrocious UI. For whatever reason the devs seemed to think users would only want to “play next” and not “add to queue.” Meaning you have to constantly reorganize. The episode playlist function is completely useless. As soon as I hit “send,” I’m looking for a different app.
  • Good for 1 device. Poor for multiple. Adds extra ads. 2/5

    By Borden Wilson
    This is an adequate podcast app if you plan on listening only on 1 device. However, it does not sync well between different devices (i.e. iPhone, iPad, Echo). Given it’s poor ability to sync between difference devices and the fact that you have to listen to their ads, it is a terrible experience.
  • Crash, freeze and worse 3/5

    By Millenial Philosopher
    I love this app. I do. I am a stat junkie and love seeing how much I listen to podcasts and which ones. I don’t like that it crashes and won’t let me delete one in the queue without a crash. I don’t like how it freezes. Or that I can’t “play later” like basic Apple podcasts does. Fix these problems (let me add a podcast to the end of the queue not the beginning) and fix the crashes and I’ll love it.
  • Decent - A Bit Buggy 3/5

    By Fidknop!
    iPhone 8+ Interface is a little clunky but manageable with some getting used to. The most annoying thing I find is the audio frequently cuts out and the only way I’ve found to get it back is to kill the app and relaunch it. This happens 100% of the time if you”X” out of the initial advertisement that plays on start up but also seemingly at random.
  • Buggy app 1/5

    By Amiralizb
    I like the interface but I have some major technical issues: 1- Podcasts won't start after a phone call interruption. I have to manually open the app again and press play again. C'mon guys it's 2019! 2- "up next" doesn't always work. This is very frustrating especially when you hand curated your cue list.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By rkolble
    I’ve been using this app since 2012 and it’s been great. What happened this last couple of weeks? Now it freezes a lot. Doesn’t resume in the car once google maps gives verbal directions—why??? What’s going on?? I’m about to look elsewhere.
  • Bug with continuous playblack 4/5

    By Anon473763
    If you have phone screen off, playback will freeze between episodes. I have to view Stitcher app before next new episode in queue will continue playing.
  • Awful 2/5

    By SenatorVulture
    The only thing more horrendous than the app is the support. Every time there’s an update, something new breaks, and nothing is ever fixed. Such a waste of time
  • Loved for a while but now...(update) 3/5

    By Vivi12
    I am disappointed with what is going on with this app. Every update is causing functionality loss and instability. I loved this for a long time but now I am looking for a new app. Update: Stitcher helped me with some of the issues this week. I am still worried about instability. Started using car play and it seems to branch out to issues there too. I am tentatively dipping my toes back into the stitcher water.
  • Average 2/5

    By heartsparks
    This app is the definition of a "C" grade. It's ok. You can listen to podcasts. You can stream. But. There are a LOT of ads. No matter how many times I try to add certain shows to my "favorites" list, the app does NOT display them when I visit the list. It loses shows and loses track of where I am in episodes. TLDR: its most memorable trait is its glitchiness.
  • Constant crashes 1/5

    By bromanian
    App freezes (even while that audio continues to play) and I need to restart it in order to control it. It happens so often it’s hard to use...
  • Should be better 2/5

    By Kadence404
    The interface is difficult to navigate and not intuitive. I can’t easily access the most of available episodes when I open a podcast through the favorites link. Also, i keep finding additional content on the Apple podcast app that’s not available here when this is a premium service. I don’t think I’ll continue once my 30 day trial is up.
  • No continuous playback anymore 1/5

    By Tlynn12
    I’ve been using this app for almost a year and it worked great, but in the last couple of months the continuous play function has stopped working almost entirely. My app is up to date. “What’s new” section says this problem was fixed on the 9.1.12 version but that’s not the case. Very frustrating. Used to love this app but will be looking for a better podcast app.
  • Fails on the Most Basic Levels 2/5

    By YourFriendGoo52
    For an app whose sole purpose is playing audio, you’d sure think the play/pause button would work, huh? You’d also think playback controls would be visible on the lock screen. You’d also think it could play consecutive episodes automatically. I’m frustrated by the developer responses asking users for more details, as if there is some quirky, identifiable issue on the user’s end and not a slew of massive bugs inherent to the few newest updates of the app. I actually like the UI and had no problems until the last few months! The ads didn’t bother me for a free version of a solid app. But all these new issues would be a dealbreaker to any reasonable person.
  • I give up. 1/5

    By hdhdhdhdhfjdjshakslxb
    Horrible app. No chronological option, saved playlists are broken and won’t play AS A PLAYLIST, and no cancel subscription option (you have to request one through email.) Stay away unless you want to rip your own hair out.
  • Wanted to like it but don’t 1/5

    By Frustrated OCTA rider
    The interface and functionality is just terrible. I really wanted to access some of the material they have, but got too frustrated with just the basics of trying to make it work. Too bad.
  • Nothing works anymore 1/5

    By SeasonE
    So in this joke of an app you are supposed to be able to add podcasts to a list of “favorites” and then there is supposed to be a feed where new episodes from your favorite podcasts appear when they are released. This has not been working for weeks. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, I have refreshed the feed, and it just won’t work. So I guess f me for expecting this basic feature to work, right? Worst money I ever spent. I have gone back to Apple podcasts because at least it’s a functional app.
  • Good until it’s not 1/5

    By Ace Sleeveless
    At first, Stitcher was good when I tried it about 2 years ago. Since then, it has gotten incrementally worse and worse, to the point where it just won’t play, or it will be glitchy and delay playing even after downloading. It’s very unlikely that I would ever pay for “premium” services when the app itself is hot garbage operating at its most basic level. I’ve switched to Spotify which conveniently hosts all the same podcasts I used to listen to on Stitcher, and is actually worth paying for.
  • Lock screen disconnected 1/5

    By Wolf GoldStar
    I can’t pause or skip forward or back from the lock screen anymore. I quit the app and relaunch, and it works for a while, but I have to do that almost every time I start the app. It’s more trouble than it’s worth.
  • OMG I need Raid for all these bugs! 2/5

    By killercamcam
    I love the app, I love the layout and the new added features, but, the bugs have GOT to go. Getting a phone call while listening completely hangs up the app. Switching to certain other apps in certain situations causes hang ups. It’s annoying.
  • Another bug issue 5/5

    By ivyxaur
    The app was fine, but then it reverted to not displaying what I’m listening to in Now Playing again. My control panel shows Apple Music, not Stitcher.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By Tim Buck Too
    I’ve used Stitcher hours daily for years now. I want Stitcher to succeed. It’s just so unreliable and has been for a long time. Right now, you never know what will happen when you press play, except that it won’t likely be a podcast playing. Chances are, the play button will spin, or it will look like it’s playing but with no sound, or the app will crash. Every update is like a dysfunctional relationship I close my eyes and hope will take a turn for the better. I’m close to walking away.
  • Can’t even use 1/5

    By TN787
    It just crashes every time I try to log in. Delete. Update: decided to try again since I keep hearing ads for it on a specific podcast I listen to. I go to the address in the ad and the links to sign in or sign up don’t do anything. How can you guys be this incompetent? I see a future where stitcher doesn’t exist anymore because you can’t sign up new people. What a freaking joke.
  • Fails at its single job 1/5

    By Grc2003
    This used to be a great app. I’ve listened to over a thousand hours of podcasts on Stitcher, but it really has only one job — to stitch together my favorite podcasts and give continuous play — and it fails at that. Now ads are constant and the next podcast doesn’t even play automatically. In 2019 Stitcher is a crappy app that has me looking for an alternative.
  • Missing my “Favorites Playlist” , and shows are being disappeared from my favorites! 3/5

    By tgggr
    Since some recent updates, I can no longer just listen to my custom ordered playlist on my iPhone. It’s more helpful more me to view my Shows as a list than as a grid, so not thrilled that that was changed. I’m not able to edit the order of my shows on my “favorites” page. Clicking “custom order” just sorts them in order of the most recently added show, I’m not able to manually change the order of my favorite shows? “Edit” used to allow me to drag the shows into order in a list form. No longer. Which brings me to the reason I’m back here editing my original review .. my shows are just disappearing off my favorites list!!!! Since the last (for me) terrible update, I was frustrated by the decreased functionality for me, but decided I’d adapt to what is, and been creating an “episode playlist” choosing the order of shows I wanted to listen to from the recent episodes list ... then I started realizing that I was missing some of my regular shows. My shows are just disappearing from my favorites page!!! If I were able to sort my dang favorites in a custom list I’d be able to catch which had gone, but I’m reliably needing to begin to miss a certain show, realize it’s no longer on my favorites playlist, and manually re-add it, without realizing which other shows have also been removed for no reason, until I begin to miss them, and when re-adding, realize that I’m weeks behind on the content. I’m not a new user, before I uninstalled and re-installed the app, I was 16,275 episodes of listening down the stitcher hole. I listen throughout the day. I had a reliable app, and now I don’t. Please offer an option for me to view my shows in a list again, and fix this issue with disappearing shows. As far as I know, there’s nothing I’ve done to accidentally remove my favorite SHOWS, and if shows are disappeared after I’ve cleared my archive of heard EPISODES, that is not acceptable. But I may be looking for an explanation where there is none. I was going to update to Premium, but no way with the basic functionality decreasing for me and the frustration continuing.
  • Terrible Interface 2/5

    By BostonHeath
    There is no excuse for the user experience to be so confounding. Search works, so that’s something. But if you want to browse, forget about it. If I want to browse shows/podcasts, why do you show me episode titles instead of show titles? And what about that bizarre British voice constantly telling me, “Resuming episode.” That gets old, quickly. Please, try harder to think about the user experience.
  • What’s going on? 1/5

    By Muhgoo
    Why is the app not working anymore? It won’t work right in my car, the controls aren’t in my lock screen anymore. I keep checking back here to see if there’s an update but there isn’t. I’m about to find a different player. This is highly irritating.
  • Used to love it 1/5

    By 1centrist
    For years, stitcher was the only app I used for podcasts, and I listen to a lot of podcasts. With the last few updates, however, I have pretty much given up on it. I can’t manage controls on the lock screen or from my iwatch. The feed is hard to manage- some things never seem to update while other things I don't even subscribe to update constantly.

Stitcher for Podcasts app comments

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