Stop&Go+ Music Player

Stop&Go+ Music Player

  • Category: Music
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  • Current Version: 2.8.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Yvz Digital Lab
  • Compatibility: Android
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44 Ratings
$ 2.99

Stop&Go+ Music Player App

Get the music player you need, combining ease-of-use with professional grade features : - Crossfade songs - Cue songs with the Stop&Go mode (auto pause) - Use VERY large buttons to control playback - Disable automatic locking of the screen - Quickly edit playlist during playback "Plus" version exclusives : - Save multiple playlists - Shuffle songs (with crossfading) - Adjust the crossfade duration (Crossfade and Shuffle modes) - Switch to a darker appearance - Choose whether to disable automatic locking or not - Choose whether to repeat playlists or not - Get the "Repeat 1" mode - Open audiobooks and podcasts You still get a bunch of cool features like smoother music pausing (using crossfade mode), "play next" or "prepare song" options, and straightforward playlist reordering. The "Stop & Go playback mode" pauses playback between each track of the playlist, because sometimes you don't want your device to automatically play the next song. New playlists are created empty, and any modification you make to them (adding or removing songs etc...) are automatically saved. You can then select any playlist you have created through the playlist selection menu. You can load a standard playlist made with the iPhone music player by creating a new playlist in Stop&Go+ and adding all songs from that standard playlist through the playlist tab of the Add song menu. Stop&Go can play iCloud songs when they have been downloaded on the device through the Music app. Apple Music songs can't be played as they are DRM protected. I welcome your feedback, feel free to leave a comment in the App Store. Please report issues to : [email protected] as I can't get back in touch with you through the comment section of the App Store.

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Stop&Go+ Music Player app reviews

  • Low tech 2/5

    By SaturnJimmie
    Does not show album art! The GUI is very poor. Volume leveling between tracks doesn’t work. For a pay app this is not worth it!
  • LOVE THIS APP!!!! 5/5

    By HooahSioux
    Purchased the plus feature few days ago and everything on this App works! I purchased this mainly for the crossfading and shuffle features which I love! I also like how you can use the seconds slider to customize the crossfading! Can use for AirPods and Bluetooth capable for a home stereo receiver, that’s the best part!!! It’s almost like listening to an FM station without interruption or commercials!! I use this app almost 24/7 now and mainly use it when I’m out on the ball field hitting softballs alone and hear the music continuously without hearing the outside world! I wish I would’ve thought about something like this App sooner, never knew a crossfading App even existed, I surfed the App Store and typed “crossfading” thinking nothing would come up but here it is. Again...I LOVE THIS APP AND I’M HOOKED TO IT NOW!!! And to the Creator of this App....THANK YOU!!!! I just hope the updates are free as well. HAVING A BLAST WITH THIS APP AND USING IT RIGHT NOW AS I’M TYPING. AWESOME!!!! Army Veteran and an old fart here and I’m very picky about how I want my music! Attention to detail!
  • E Z TO USE 5/5

    By Space Is The Place
    Very user friendly.
  • Completely worthless 1/5

    By poorboydrums
    Created a playlist from iTunes. Can’t play it because the files are protected. Can’t import songs from Dropbox to use as live play back. Can’t import from anywhere. Completely useless. I would like to rate this app negative 4 stars . 4 thumbs down. This app is garbage.
  • Works great. Could use song scrubbing. 4/5

    By Jalabodu
    I’m using this for backing tracks on stage. The only improvement I would like to see is to be able to move within the song or (scrubbing) forward to the end of a song without having to wait for the entire thing to play. That way I can get a feel for how long I’ve got before the next one starts. Thanks
  • Can’t add a song from one PL to another! 3/5

    By Devicetattoo
    For researching a large library the app works well. When creating a playlist - you better have an idea of what songs you want to add right off because there is no way to “create from song” or “add song to playlist” which makes this app completely useless (imo) and a ripoff.
  • Great app! Missing a progress bar. 5/5

    By Russell)/$:)/&
    This app is perfect in it’s simplicity. It simply does what it says. We use it to run musical soundtracks for Junior performances. The key feature it is lacking is a progress slider bar so you can just to parts of songs. The developer said they would work on it.
  • This app simply does not work 1/5

    By AGMontclair
    It should’ve been simple. Although when I go to my playlist and select Settings and it is set to Crossfade & Shuffle, in reality it can only do Crossfade OR Shuffle! Not both. So I have to listen to my playlist alphabetically with crossfading that doesn’t even work like it should or I can shuffle with no crossfading. So lame! A waste of $2.99. Not paying for any more apps!

    🔺MY BACKGROUND & USE🔺 I'm an artist and mega-minimalist and Stop & Go has made it possible for me to (almost) confidently control my setlist independently, DURING my live performances... FROM MY APPLE WATCH (while preset music runs from my phone from front of house or hidden away on stage). The freedom and control is UNREAL and my contemporaries are blown away by the fact that I can (almost) seamlessly and stylishly run the whole show from my wrist... HOWEVER my concentration and confidence is jeopardized between each song because of these reasons (from most to least urgent)... 🔺NEEDED FEATURES🔺 ▪️A CUE PREVIEW (On Watch) I can't tell which song is cued up from my watch and the way the show is set up, pulling out an iPad or iPhone kills the quality, mystery and ergonomics of the performance and sometimes I literally just forget the setlist order. The way it's set up on the phone is PERFECT (title above play button) but would love to know when I press play from the watch that the song I had planned is the one that's going to start instead of accidentally triggering the one before or after. ▪️DEEPER BUTTON PRESS ANIMATION (On Watch) During a recent performance, the watch app amazed! However, when I tried to subtly tap the next button (knowing track 2 was already cued for me but intending on skipping track 2 to go to track 3) I couldn't tell wether or not I actually pressed it so I pressed it again just to be certain and accidentally played the record after (track 4). Had to roll with the punches but it kinda shifted the planned direction of the set. I'm sure the cue display requested above would resolve this issue but it'd still be reassuring on the fly to know for certain that I DID press the skip/play buttons. ▪️A DISABLE SLEEP MODE (On Watch) Unsure if this is possible yet but while I'm performing the watch may sleep when my wrist is down. Not a problem until the song is over and I lift my wrist to drop the next record and the cue is delayed or showing the wrong function symbol because the watch has to wake and bluetooth has to reignite (again causing me anxiety hoping the song that plays next actually plays and is correct and I'm not on stage frantically tapping my watch face) 🔺WANTED FEATURES🔺 ▪️SWIPE LEFT TO SETLIST/RIGHT TO PLAYER (On Watch) I like that you can view rearrange and immediately activate songs in the playlist from the phone & pad but it would be dope to be able to at least view and activate from the watch in a similar manner (I'm sure rearranging is possible some how but view & choose I think would be more immediately beneficial) ▪️A STOP AND FADE MODE (On iPhone, iPad & Watch) (Play/pause crossfades IN stop and go mode) At times I wish I could trigger the crossfade function when I pause or play mid-song while I'm in stop and go mode so that the records I don't need to cut from still stop normally when the record is complete but fade if I decide to cut it short instead of hard cutting when I pause. ▪️DARK MODE (On Watch) Would love a more discrete wrist visual or even other color patterns. ▪️TRANSITION TRIGGERS IN PLAYLIST SETUP (On iPhone, iPad & Watch) Down the line it'd be cool to preset crossfades and stop points between songs for a set flow you already have in mind. 🔺THANK YOU!🔺 This app has granted me an opportunity to innovate my performances, retain control and imagine further creative possibilities. I NEVER write reviews but then again... I'm not easily inspired. I TRULY hope to see this app grow and evolve! It's visually appealing, user friendly and I feel could potentially trigger a change in live performances once it lands in the right hands! (& I'll definitely be helping to push this along) Bless and success! - @ZIIIROTHECOMET
  • Great 5/5

    By djdueces
  • Crash alert 3/5

    By Snugglemonkey1
    Unfortunately, I've experienced this app crashing several times which is a big problem when you're a Zumba Instructor in the middle of a class (yikes). Otherwise, it blends music great and replaces needing a DJ. But the crashing, a big no no.
  • As Close To DJ Mixing as You Will Get 4/5

    By upflow
    Info on exactly how to use this is a little scarce beyond the screenshots in the store but once you install and "play" with it a bit it is not to difficult to master. Has Stop And Go, Shuffle, and Crossfade features. Layout is good and easy to understand. As long as you allow the ap access to your music library, songs or entire playlists are very easy to add for a cross faded playlist. Used this for a company party this weekend and it worked beautifully for non discriminating guests that aren't picky about tunes seamlessly mixing into each other. The only thing that can make this better is a feature that lets you choose songs as a DJ would by pitch and BPM and have them beat match to mix instead of cross fade. Very pleased...and it is free!
  • Mromarlopez 5/5

    By Mr. Omar Lopez
    I use it every time I lead worship at church because of the crossfade.
  • Favorite Music Queuing App!!! 5/5

    By brettooch
    I absolutely love this app! Not only is it jammed with features and easy to use, but it's 8-bit design is awesome. I love the "prepare" feature. It's something no other app does (that I know of). You gotta check it out!!
  • Great and bad... 2/5

    By raveltherapy
    I wanted a very simple and basic music player while I was working out. I love the big buttons and simple layout. I also needed a Crossfade. There is nothing more annoying than working out and losing all momentum because the beginning or end of songs are slow. What I really dislike about this player is that it does not take advantage of iPhones built in equalizer and even more frustrating you can only select shuffle or Crossfade. You cannot select both. I need to Crossfade but I want to automatically shuffle my playlists. This is very frustrating. Nobody in the entire app store gets a simple music player right. These guys are super close but they are just not there.
  • Lacking basic features... 2/5

    By woolyfork does not allow you to shuffle your playlist and there is no way to adjust the crossfade and the app has no normalization features. Still waiting for someone to create a really good easy-to-use music app that includes crossfading, playlist saving, playlist shuffling and track normalization.
  • Nice program but needs some tweaks 4/5

    By wbs65
    Used this for a performance where we need to play music and stop after each. Works great for this. Some things I'd like to see. Volume control would be nice for when you need to fade a song. Ability to work in background. When you choose a song in playlist give option to play or queue. Currently it just plays. Nice app
  • Solved my problem 5/5

    By mbwpgh
    I employed the “stop & go” feature in this app to queue up sound effects and music for an amateur theater production. It worked great and I like its simplicity of use. Excellent value.