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Stop Motion Studio

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  • Current Version: 9.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: CATEATER, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Stop Motion Studio App

Get Stop Motion Studio, the world’s easiest app to get you into stop motion moviemaking today! ****************************************** As seen on Apple's TV commercial “Life on iPad.” Stop Motion Studio: Check out the buzz... "This app has lots of attractive features, making it super easy to get into stop motion video. You’ll have a lot of fun playing with it.” “With a little creativity and a lot of patience, there’s much fun to be had with this app! Check it out. -FOX-News: Tapped-In “...for satisfying the inner animation producer in all of us.” “It includes some exciting features.” -AppRecap “Let's Make a Movie!” ****************************************** Want to create movies like Wallace and Gromit or those groovy Lego shorts on YouTube? Then this is the app you’ve got to add to your collection. Create beautiful stop motion animated movies anywhere instantly on your device. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. No computer needed. It's simple to use, deceptively powerful and insanely fun to play with. Create fantastic movies your friends will enjoy or share it with the world on YouTube, Facebook and other sites. Cool themes, titles and sound effects are easy to add, too. Stop Motion Studio helps you to create terrific stop action movies with a whole host of unique features: • Overlay mode to show you the differences between frames for precise control • Grid mode to position animated objects more easily • Ability to use the volume button on your device to capture images • Integrated movie editor with frame-by-frame preview at different speeds • Cut, copy, paste, delete and insert frames at any position • Automatically capture frames with an adjustable time interval feature • Zoom in and out on the timeline view so you never get lost, even if you have hundreds of frames • Fade your movie in or out for a professional look Do amazing things*: • Create movies in Ultra High Definition with four times the resolution of Full HD. • Import pictures from your photo library into your movie. • Remote Camera: Get a new perspective! Use your iPhone, iPod or iPad as a remote camera connected via a Wi-Fi. • Movie Effects: Choose from seven amazing effects to give your movie an extra-creative professional touch. • Green Screen: Change the background of your scene to make the figures you capture fly or appear anywhere you can imagine. • Rotoscoping: Import video clips and create stunning animations by painting over it. Themes* • Add movie titles and credits using eight different themes. Or choose from 28 amazing theme and text cards. • Choose from more than 30 different front- and background images. Image Editor* • Colorize your movie with different paint tools and paint directly onto the image. • Crop, rotate or flip an image the way you like it. • Use the magic eraser to magically erase unwanted parts of the image. • Merge frames together to simulate fast movement. Full Camera Control • 4K Ultra High Definition, 1080p and 720p.* • Camera zoom • Automatic or manual white balance, focus and exposure control • Cinema Mode (2.35:1) Record Audio or Add Music • Bring it all to life using sound effects at virtually any position in your movie. Choose from more than 80 music and sound samples* • Add music from your own song library to your movie • Record audio or voiceover directly to your movie • Adjust the volume of any sound track • Import audio from Dropbox or any other app. Export • Export your movie in up 4K UHDTV quality • Export as animated GIF • Export in square format for Facebook or Instagram • Export all images • Project Import and Export Share Your Movie on the Web and in Your Home • Publish directly to YouTube, Facebook, DropBox or iCloud • Transfer your movies to your computer • Built-in parental controls to manage access * Optional feature. Requires in-app purchase. All features are already included in Pro version.

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Stop Motion Studio app reviews

  • Stop Motion 5/5

    By j and cp
    I love the game! It had it for a school club and I made so many videos. Thanks for making the game. I have one problem though I had to wipe my school IPad and I want the videos back. Is there a way to get them back or not. If not that’s ok if there is wonderful. I wish I could get the whole game but I can’t because my parents won’t let me. Is there another way to get the full version? If there is great if not that’s fine. One more question I need to ask you how to you make a green screen. Can you tell me please, please. I hope you take this in and make Stop Motion better. Thanks.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By wewewewewe231
    I am enjoying this app so much because of you I made so many good movies about stuff and I want you to know that you are a good person for letting me do this app thank you
  • Great for Stop Motion 5/5

    By Koa K.
    The app is great but the only thing I don’t like is paying for the other stuff. But overall, this app is the best for Stop Motion
  • Great way to make Stop Motion Videos 5/5

    By Spinjitzu Master Falcon
    A lot of people say stop Motion is hard and complicated. This app took away the complications.
  • GREAT app for Stop motion. 5/5

    By A person named Karen
  • I love this app, but too much in app purchases. 4/5

    By alexgilbert07
    Honestly, I love this app cause you can animate things, however, there are to many in app purchases. Like you should make a few of them free. Cause I’m unable to make purchases and I don’t have money..... so can you make the effects and a few in app purchases free? Reply if you care. Bye for now. And my name is Alex
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By robloxpolice902
    I use this to make YouTube videos on my channel Randoms Fandoms. It great and I don’t have any but 1complaint. They used to have theater where you could see other people work made using the app. It was nice and I’m sad it’s gone. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you get it if you want to do stop motion.
  • Cooooooooolllll 5/5

    By KBstudios
    Hey this app is le chill and epic doyovuhsvogjsjvgsljvhsjvgxgcsxhfkwcohgsixgficfhsixyfsohcgschfisvgjlscgih
  • Blurry video 3/5

    Good except for the blurry video or film
  • Stop motion studio 4/5

    By duduxusialsif
    I really loved your app and I’m still using it!
  • Great App 4/5

    By Tai Kamiya Karrot Dip
    The one thing wrong was when the app was updated it takes a while to get used to the new controls
  • Well 3/5

    By Mrs. Richards 520
    I used it it was great and all. But when I used it, it was too fast, i could change the speed, i couldn’t tell what was happening because it was too fast, i might need it to be fixed please, THANKS!
  • Ok this app is great but there are a few problems! 5/5

    By JesD1234
    The problem is that you have to pay fo stuff but there was a really great app that I had a long time ago where you did not have to pay for anything but this app has few other things that the other one does not!😀🤔😁 This app is super awesome fun and I’m a kid writing this so it’s also good for kids!📝😃
  • Jane 5/5

    By SpringyAnimsYT
    Michael afton
  • Great App 4/5

    By Via Chavis
    I love this app I don’t like that you have to pay for anything other than : recording your video, and adding audio to it. But it is only 5 bucks to do so. Well 4.99. Great for starters. I would highly recommend. 😄
  • What 1/5

    By bobs pork
    It would not show me where I was aiming it at with the camera. It would make the button to take a photo up right by my camera.
  • It’s good but have no idea how to use it 5/5

    By Fan of Hello Neighbor
    It’s really frustrating when you have all the technology to do something but just can’t figure out how.Ive watches just about every tutorial and can’t figure out certain things.It is frustrating but it is the best stop motion app you’ll find on the App Store I’ve downloaded almost all of them they don’t come close to this one
  • Stop motion studios 3/5

    By edttyuhgctf
    The app is great, but when you send a video to another friend, it only sends the pictures and not the sounds or anything like that, and it doesn’t allow your friend to watch it normally.
  • Money!Money!Money! 1/5

    By mhgf ngf hgf
    Worst app ever!Don’t get this app!All the app wants is this:💵💸💶💷💰💴💸💵💷💶💸💰💷💵💸💶💴💰💴💰💸💷💷💷💶💶!!!!!!!! What a poopy app!You have too pay for literally everything!You have too pay 2 dollars to type out a title!I mean,I wish this app could disappear! Okay, okay!Let’s start over! Do you want to know what’s stupid?! That ridiculous app!so if you are looking for another app, DON’T BUY THIS ONE!!!!!!!!
  • Easy and works great 5/5

    By Mr. Consumer Guy
    I liked the free version so much I up graded for the green screen and other features. It’s easy to use and your Stop Motion Movie looks great. I use sound effects and songs from my music library. I use this app for animating my hot wheels and matchbox cars on Youtube.
  • I love this!!! 5/5

    By shmuel shain
  • Why 1/5

    By greenskeletonYT
    Do we haft to buy everything
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Sweetly Reviewers
    I was planning on using this for a school project. It’s absolutely ridiculous that I’d have to pay to use images from my camera roll!
  • Resize images 2/5

    By nazferot2
    I’m confused as why after the last update I can’t resize my images? I paid for this app btw!!!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By reverse junior
    This app is amazing and I love how on the app you can bring Legos to life. I’ve seen the videos on YouTube and I have always wanted to make my own LEGO movie. With this great app I can do that finally! If you like log movies and want to make one download this app right away.
  • Great! 4/5

    By Obrien0709
    Amazing to be honest, but there are so many in app purchases.
  • Good, but the blue and green screen is pretty bad. 4/5

    By Americo Hagim Productions
    Good, but the green and blue screen needs some work.
  • Best. App. Ever 5/5

    By Lofted10
    So easy to use, I use this app a lot and have all the in-app purchases installed, they were all worth it.
  • ): 1/5

    By chris has a iphone
    They just wanna prank you when you purchase it doesn’t even let you do your password
  • Awesome!!! 5/5

    By yeetus mc. reetus
    Sooo fun but u have to buy some stuff
  • Keeps crashing imported clips 1/5

    By CS Nature
    App keeps crashing use to work nice now it’s consuming my creative time not cool at all
  • Fix !!! 1/5

    By 123closeyourdoor
    I downloaded this app and I wanted to upload a video but every time I try to it just kicks me out the app no matter what length the video even one 5 seconds it kicked me out I don’t get it why?? Please fix !!!!
  • Good, but just one problem 4/5

    By thebluechicken09
    I’ve used this app for over a year and have loved it. However, as of the new update, when I export my videos, the audio is always out of sync with the frames. This really bothers me as it is perfectly synced when it’s in the app. If you could fix this, that would make my experience way better.
  • It’s a great app but I want the other videos from other people back 5/5

    By mimi12567
    I would like it if you would  put back the other people's   stop motions because I enjoy  watching them
  • Nothing wrong, just a question 5/5

    By pop before it breaks
    My question was, can you go to the stop-motion you already published and add more to it? Plz answer. Thank you, have a good day.
  • THE360pugscope 5/5

    By Pug pilot 32
    The app is amazing and it has helped me start a YouTube channel the only problem I have is not being able to segment video speed but other than that keep up the great work on this app.
  • Stupid stop motion 1/5

    By Cholate icecream
    This app is so stupid it always says I have to do hard stuff my mom is mean too she deleted big fish my favorite movie 🎥 shame on you mom and stop motion
  • I love this 5/5

    By LilyLemonYT
    I love this app! Now, I can make my own amazing videos for my YT channel. My videos look great. I only use this app to make my videos.
  • Great app!!!! 4/5

    By abbi24johnson
    I use this so much! My brother’s 7 and he loves stories, I use this to move his stuffed animals to make him bedtime stories. I’m so happy that I can use this app to do something nice for him. My only complaint, is I wish it stopped at the end. Mine are usually 10 minutes and it drives me crazy having to scroll through thousands of pictures to get to the end. It think there should be a button that will take you to the end. Overall, great app! I love it so much!
  • Really great, but... 3/5

    By lamest reviewer
    So, I had just downloaded this, and I bought all the extra things (green screen etc.) My friend and I used it at a sleepover, and It worked AWESOME.... Until later that night when we went to make another one and the green screen absolutely stopped working. It only made the paper we had been using flicker. Please fix.
  • Premium 4/5

    By NerdBean15
    It’s just too much for a student for his class. Other than that it’s great!
  • Good but needs more 4/5

    By hdhhdgjjbgfuuhfc
    This app is great but you don’t get the sound effects or anything else why can’t this be just free it would be popular
  • Sometimes gets a little boring 3/5

    I recommend this app for a creative and patient person but it gets boring after you take about 💯 photos because you take a photo, move an object a little, take a photo,and move the object over and over again. Thanks.
  • #freeuzi #eternal atake 5/5

    By #freeuzi
    Idk fam # freeuzi #eternal atake
  • Not for YouTube 2/5

    By Luke the Duke of Legos
    If you’re looking to post stop motion animations on YouTube, this is NOT for you. The app itself is fine but you can’t upload it to YouTube with sound. I personally made two videos and posted them to YouTube.... but no matter what I did I couldn’t get any sound for them.
  • Great Motion 5/5

    By pj slots I
    I absolutely love this program. I’ve seen others try it, so I had to give it a shot. It’s my new hobby.
  • Why?😡 1/5

    By lya2018
    Why don’t you let people who don’t have the payed version get sound effects,green screen,.etc.You should just have all that available to people with the free version especially importing.I can’t even import any of my creations to YouTube because I have the free version of this app.And I’m not paying five stinking bucks just for a STOP MOTION app.So I hope you make all that stuff available next update.But anyways, I’m still very angry.And I will stay that way until YOU PEOPLE at Cateater,LLC fix that.
  • Super fun 5/5

    By muffians
    It’s really fun and you can get REALLY creative with it!
  • Animation 5/5

    By Stop motion fan1
    I really like the app you made. It does everything like real movies. It was a cool app

Stop Motion Studio app comments

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