Storm Radar: NOAA Weather Map

Storm Radar: NOAA Weather Map

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  • Current Version: 1.4.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: The Weather Channel Interactive
  • Compatibility: Android
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Storm Radar: NOAA Weather Map App

Track severe weather in real time with Storm Radar: your high-definition NOAA radar and tornado tracker from the Weather Channel! Understand the weather like never before with your HD interactive radar map. View live weather patterns around the world, or keep ahead of the storm with 6-hour predictive radar. Always be prepared with cutting-edge weather forecasting tools on your iOS device! STORM: TOP 3 FEATURES 1. Get a detailed, color-coded view of weather patterns in your area, including how much wind and rain to expect. 2. Know exactly when and where the storm will hit with 6 hours of global future radar across land and sea. 3. Stay high and dry with live local storm alerts and severe weather warnings. Track extreme conditions, from hurricanes to tornadoes. • View comprehensive data on all impending storms: find out wind speed, storm tracks and much more. • Customize your radar map with detailed data overlays such as seismic activity and temperature. Get real-time weather notifications. • Get notified of incoming rain with real-time precipitation updates for your area. • Be aware of hazardous lightning strikes: get live lightning alerts for your GPS location. Chase the perfect storm, or get home before the rain starts. Storm Radar helps you to stay safe and informed in any weather. *Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. ---------- THE WEATHER CHANNEL: WEB & SOCIAL MEDIA Forgot your phone? Access many of the top app features on the web, wherever you go. Find us on the Web: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: @weatherchannel. PERMISSIONS In order to provide personalized local weather data, alerts, and forecasts, The Weather Channel app needs permission to access your location. PRIVACY Our Privacy Policy can be accessed here: Our Terms of Use can be accessed here: FEEDBACK Your feedback is important to us! If you love our weather app, please rate and review us in the App Store. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at [email protected]


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Storm Radar: NOAA Weather Map app reviews

  • Bring back storm 1/5

    By Radar is poop
    The original “Storm” was way Better and the interface was much easier and user friendly. The radar look better and was smooth. Not sure why they changed it.
  • User of your app 1/5

    By Greg2460
    Read your reviews! Your updated app is terrible! Please bring back your app that expired yesterday!
  • Hate this app 1/5

    By Claytmp
    I like to see the fronts on the map and this app does not have that option. I hope they fix or add this option in the future.
  • Awful piece of shxx! 1/5

    By Riverwind620
    How is it possible in todays competitive world do you expect to garnish loyalty by degrading everything in an app that was successful and expect us to use this worthless piece of junk? I have moved Storm Radar to the last tab in the event some manager gets their head out of their butt and resurrects Storm and I have replaced it with Accuweather. Note that most all of the reviews that show positive feedback happened to occur prior to the forced migration where we had the option of using Storm Radar as an accessory to Storm!
  • I don’t know why you changed a good thing 1/5

    By Iexlthm
    This app is so confusing and frustrating now. I’ve been messin with it for two days now and still can’t figure out how to see the hourly or daily forecast. Very dissenting. I’ll be finding a new weather app after many years of using this one.
  • Different 3/5

    By J♈️
    Not easy to get even in the ball park relating to weather forecast for your immediate location.
  • Not impressed 2/5

    By Eueydhdnfkeorhehe
    I have used weather underground for several years and I am not very impressed with this app
  • Poor upgrade 1/5

    By Jncsciacca
    It was poorly thought out. The original was much better. It was easier to read and also gave historical points.
  • Bring back the original Storm app! 2/5

    By Chickadee416
    Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t find this app nearly as user-friendly as the original Storm app, which I loved! I miss being able to see the temperature and weather for my favorite places listed across the top of the screen. This doesn’t give nearly the amount of information on one screen as the previous one did. Now I have to go find the dew point, and other details, instead of having it show when I first open the app. And how do you find the forecast for the week ahead? Disappointing.
  • Not remotely as useful as Storm was 1/5

    By 57d-flyer
    Title says it all. I am missing Storm already. Storm had all the information with very view clicks available like hourly forecast, weekly forecast, historical data and trending etc.
  • Bring back Storm or Intellicast 1/5

    By most nicknames won't work
    I can’t find anything I like about this app. And with each passing upgrade? We get less and less information that was really useful. How much is it going to rain? How much did it rain? Graphics are good but if your not going to supply weather info I really see no use for you. How about Historical Averages for your locale. Great info from Intellicast. Gone! I can chose any app for graphics. Why choose this one. The two best weather apps have been deleted for this. EXTREMELY DISSAPPOINTED. Now I have to watch local TV to get the weather I need. By the way, I am beginning to hate The Weather Channel and their apps. All fluff and no substance. Give me the weather info and save your fancy steens and graphics and adds.
  • Old "Storm" rated five stars....... 1/5

    By Huck in VA
    ...but there is still a lot of work to do on this one. It is slow, hangs often, satellite map view is so dark it is illegible, navigation is difficult to impossible, lightening is often missing, storm tracks appear almost at random where there is no active weather whatsoever, and on, and on, and on....At best this an early beta, not even close to ready for prime time.
  • New is not always better 1/5

    By Hbap300
    This new upgrade is poorly done and does not give as much information as the old one.
  • Bug: Push notifications 1/5

    By PapaMike25
    The app does not recognize when ‘allow push notifications’ is selected to on. App persistently grays out icons and refers me to the phone settings where ‘allow push notifications’ is already on...please update. This app is not bad, but I’ll move on if this feature doesn’t work.
  • From good to bad 1/5

    By Reg5678
    The old version was better. Maybe I’m missing it but what happened to being able to see weather fronts and high/low pressure systems. I still can’t find an app that has a simple pictorial of where the jet stream. Cute charts and graphs are nice but the above us what drives our weather.
  • Cautiously optimistic 4/5

    By MassCritic
    I’m keeping it. The radar seems way better than the other app. I do like the user interface of the older app better. I’d like to see one app that includes land and marine weather. The wind, waves, ndbc water data. Hoping there’s more buoys out there. Part 2 After using the app for a little while I find the alerts to be nearly laser accurate. This combined with NDBC marine data would be the ultimate. Great app so far.
  • Bring back the old storm app 1/5

    By JR8888
    The new app is horrible. Over engineered and too fancy. Can't name locations. Bring back the old app please.
  • New and Unimproved 1/5

    By DC0303
    This app is a huge step backwards. Where’s the extended forecast? Too complicated....
  • Worthless 1/5

    By MichaelHammer
    Map of current conditions. The end. It doesn’t do anything else. Go outside look at the sky, you will have more information than this app can give you.
  • Still under development 1/5

    By NewNetto
    This app is so much worse than the original. As usual -weather channel took something sleek and user-friendly and turned it into something clunky and cumbersome. Guess I need to find another radar app....
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Aprilbetty
    Easy to understand graphics.
  • Storm Radar where is the forecast? 1/5

    By mamma cath 27
    Good to see what’s happening today but what happened to the forecast for the next few days? Major flub.
  • New version 1/5

    By Redh1927
    This is confusing go back to old version. Not using anymore
  • Bring Back the Original 2/5

    By Ztyip
    This is not an “upgrade” to the original Storm, but a graphically busy app, without the “at a glance” simple and easy to read layout of the original. Please reactivate weather data in the old App, which is still sitting on my phone. Or I’ll need to look for an alternative to this new mess of an app.
  • I hate it 1/5

    By Sfjl
    I will be on the hunt for a new weather app. I am disappointed that the changes were a downgrade.
  • Storm radar 1/5

    By 05340
    Storm Radar is a disappointment compared to Storm. Why they decided to force us into it is bewildering.
  • Not nearly as good as Storm was 1/5

    By Step boxer
    I really liked Storm, the app that is not longer supported and replaced by Storm Radar. Last night a tornado warning notification popped up so I opened Storm Radar to get more info. With the limited layers in Storm Radar I couldn't determine either the location or direction of the tornado. It's time to go back to the app that was useful "STORM RADAR" until the critical problems with STORM are fixed!
  • Absolutely Inferior to It’s Predecessor 1/5

    By Meltcow
    I wish I could give this zero stars. They forced an “upgrade” to a VASTLY inferior weather app. So far the updates have been downgrades, as well. Everything about this app is terrible. I am VERY unhappy. I recommend VentuSky or Darksky for a weather app now. I had finally found a good weather app—Storm—after trying and purchasing many. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. It’s a shame, really. How utterly infuriating. I hope they somehow lose all users and pay the price for their atrocious decision-making. What a total failure!
  • Storm Was Better I want it back 1/5

    By jcofca
    I want the high/low Fronts info, distance from my location circles, time from last update, and the ability to turn off history loop feature. Better yet update and maintain Storm.
  • Lousy upgrade 1/5

    By kaylev
    The map is harder to see (dark) or ugly (light). Miss the band on the bottom to easily see hour-by-hour or extended forecast. Not good.
  • Terrible forced update to Storm 1/5

    By patq
    The radar is great but everything else is a big step backward from the Storm app. I'll keep it for the radar for now but for the everyday normal weather forecast I am going to use another app.
  • What Happened? 2/5

    By KR00PS
    I love the original Storm app. It was so much more than just a “radar” app. This one: not so much. I miss the national synoptic forecast map, the NOAA forecast discussion, the wind fields, all of it. It was dialed in for armchair meteorologists. Sadly, that’s all gone now. The focus now is on future radar, which has never been particularly useful here in the Bay Area. I hope one day this Storm app will become worthy of its namesake.
  • Original Storm app was better 2/5

    By iqd97
    This app isn't useless, but it's definitely a step backwards from what the Storm app was.
  • So Sorry.... 1/5

    By PaneInTheGlass
    Another weather app that kills the previously almost perfect app Storm. And, Storm killed the previously perfect app Intellicast. Where’s the animated wind speed and wind directions overlay? As a boater this opening screen is critical. Where’s the fronts? Where’s the ability to remove ads which take up screen real estate? I paid for that originally and now the option is gone! And how tacky is it to open up on iPad vertically then flipping to landscape? Sad.
  • Original Storm App interface is better 2/5

    By goji binny
    Why the “upgrade”?
  • I like it! 5/5

    By C.Kristina
    This app is simple & I like it.
  • Separate current and future cast 2/5

    By jaz3taz
    This app needs a way to separate the current forecast and the future forecast. There are times when I want to see what going on right now but have to wait till the future is loaded before I do anything. If I don’t the app crashes. I liked the other storm app much better. Hopefully this will get better.
  • 😱 2/5

    By Axr0
    What a surprise to find out that the original STORM is discontinued! So, why did would WU drop such a cool app, and how did it end up in the Weather Channel’s hands??? This new version is very cartoonish compared to the original. Oh well, what can I say... :(
  • The update is awful. That is all. Really. It’s so different and unhelpful compared to the original. 1/5

    By Seaseahawks
    That is all. May I send this yet?
  • Old storm was better 1/5

    By Nepatriotsfan80
    Accessibility is awful in this app
  • Why the changes? 1/5

    By Erk-O
    The original storm app was one of my favorite, go-to weather apps. I’m not sure I’ll even keep this one on my phone. The UI is far less intuitive and the radar graphics themselves feel far less sophisticated. My favorite feature from the previous app was the storm track, which showed what time the storm was going to reach each city. It was such a useful feature and it seems to have been dropped. I’m really disappointed – i recommended the previous app to numerous people and so far none of them are pleased with this update. Also, what was purpose of having us re-download an app rather than pushing updates to the previous?
  • Dexter 5/5

    By Platapy
    One of the most accurate weather apps I have ever used.
  • Step Backwards 2/5

    By Starman6
    The previous app was way better because I could see the radar and relevant weather information on the same screen rather than now needing to navigate around. I also paid to remove ads in the previous version and have several months left in my subscription but that's now disappeared in the new version. Why can't I login with my old account into the new app? Note to self: Never, ever spend money on another App made by these developers. In fact, I'd rather pay WeatherBug to remove ads rather than use this half baked one that forces you to watch ads...
  • Crap 1/5

    By Dga223
    Forced update from the discontinued “Storm” paid for a year of no ads, had to switch to this app and lost my paid subscription.
  • DUMB MOVE 1/5

    By agbd5
    Original Storm was much more USER FRIENDLY, was more relevant, and had WAY MORE USEFUL FEATURES... PLEASE START IFER AND TRY AGAIN... THANKS
  • Preferred previous Storm app 2/5

    By Capt Jimmy
    No more fronts, no more hourly forecasts... both of which I used all the time.
  • Bring back original Storm 1/5

    By cisco Kirry
    What happened to the fronts? Don’t like this version at all. The original Storm was great, why did we have to switch?
  • UPDATED REVIEW: Not the original Storm 1/5

    By Revtrin
    After navigating the app for a few days I’ve made some adjustments in my review, but I still agree with other reviewers on this that it’s not nearly as good as the original Storm app. Basically, they’ve taken away everything that made Storm awesome and the best weather app out there. Now it’s like all the others and absent all the cool features that made it unique, useful and easy to use. I loved all the features in the first Storm app, many of which are now missing such as the ability to view local radar stations to view reflectivity and velocity. I’m a storm spotter and I rely on the Storm app and I haven’t found a good alternative. This current version of Storm Radar is missing some essential features that were so great in the original Storm app. I really liked being able to select local radars to view reflectivity and velocity radar data. I also miss the cold front and warm front data as well as low and high pressure system graphics and dry lines map data. This helps tremendously in forecasting when tracking storms. It seems strange that they brought so few really good forecasting features forward to this app. I’m disappointed but hopeful they will eventually bring ALL of the previous features to this app. Here’s hoping they read the reviews! Better yet, bring back the Storm app. Storm Radar isn’t anywhere near as good. Graphically, the animations and resolution of the radar is low quality as well. I liked the hybrid view of Storm better than the hybrid on this map. Also, there are several instances where I haven’t been able to pause the radar. Also I liked how in the original app you could slow down the speed of the animation on the map itself instead of having to go into the settings menu. It was nice to be able to control the speed and navigate between past, future and local radar options in the original app. Sometimes I like to view the radar loop fast, sometimes I like to slow it down, but I don’t like having to navigate to the menu every time to change it. I’m not fond of the layout in this app. It really feels small and cramped, the fonts and features are small and the TWC logo is almost unreadable. I liked the layout of the current conditions and daily and hourly forecast panels on the original Storm app. It was nice because they were neatly organized at the bottom of the screen and you could float the panels around and place them in the order you want and then when you select the radar panel and you could view the radar full screen and minimize the panels. Returning to the current conditions and smaller radar screen was as simple as closing the expanded radar panel. Here, the conditions and daily/hourly forecast panel is a floating panel and if you close it there doesn’t appear a way to reopen it apart from restarting the app. It’s in an odd location as well, the floating panel is in the top middle portion of the radar screen and it’s blocking most of the radar. Many of the features are difficult to find and the app is not intuitive or easy to use. Here’s hoping they bring back the streamlined layout of the Storm app and improved graphics and features...or just bring back the Storm me it was infinitely better. Hopefully, the next update will bring some of these essential features back, especially local radars with reflectivity and velocity. That was the chief reason I exclusively used the original Storm app, but so much of the original app was fantastic. I can’t for the life of me figure out why these changes were made. Please consider bringing the layout and features of the original Storm app forward to Storm Radar. Or just bring back the Storm app. It really was perfect! I only wish I had reviewed the Storm app before. My guess is a lot of other people feel this way. We tend to give bad reviews quicker than good ones and we take great apps like Storm for granted until they’re gone. But hey, I’m holding on to hope. I’m crazy about the weather so hopefully they listen to these reviews and bring back what made Storm the absolute BEST weather app and a great app to track the weather!
  • Way to difficult to use 1/5

    By Butch06441
    You can’t just quickly get your forecast anymore! Now it’s an in depth process if you want anything other than radar. Please bring back a version like Storm, where it was very easy (with one finger) to get the forecast. Your trying to hard to be cool with this app!
  • Bring back the old app 1/5

    By aalleninND
    This app is a joke, has alerts that are several days old and always slow to update with new info. Extremely disappointed in the lack of information provided.

Storm Radar: NOAA Weather Map app comments


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