WU Storm

WU Storm

  • Category: Weather
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  • Current Version: 1.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Weather Underground, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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WU Storm App

Keep your eye on the sky with Storm by Weather Underground. High definition, advanced storm cell tracking, severe weather outlooks and real-time severe weather alerts make this the app to have by your side when weather is closing in. ** Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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WU Storm app reviews

  • Future Radar Stopped Working 1/5

    By Jordanop
    Hi. I gave 1 star as a red flag to your bugfixers. In the future radar screen, the 1 hour setting does not work anymore on my iPhone 8 Plus. It was fine with my IPhone 7 Plus. The 5 hour future setting is fine. But the 1 hour reading is more detailed for what is happening locally. Thought you should know.
  • Was a 5 Star app... 3/5

    By cookdoeyl1
    This was a five star app, until the developers put in a repetitive advertisement to download “Storm radar”, which is inferior to this app. However, somebody thought it was brilliant to advertise it to its user every single time the app launches, and within 10 minutes of use. If you want a radar app, download this, and specifically stay away from “Storm radar”.
  • Bring ad-free back 1/5

    By Tbonekilla
    No longer supports ad-free. Once current subscriptions run out no more renewals.
  • The addition of advertisements without an option to eliminate them completely ruined the app. 1/5

    By itunesaddict55
    App is ruined
  • Lowering my rating—seems to be abandoned 2/5

    By Zzzzzz..zzz
    Used to be a phenomenal weather app, and it was my go-to app everyday. No enhancements in over a year, and the last “bug fix” was 10 months ago. I’m moving on to other apps. They need to update for the iPhone X, and fix the watch app. The watch app is mostly useless, as it just flickers random temperatures and has very limited with information. And like almost everyone else has said, allow an ad-free version. (In other words, listen to what your customers want.)
  • The Best 5/5

    By CatherineTheGreat37
    As everything you need and no more presented in a extremely efficient way. The best app on my phone.
  • Down With Ads 3/5

    By mshendr
    The ad-free paid subscription went away with this update. This has been a great app but I do not tolerate ads so I have deleted it from my devices. Update 4/21/18: Bumped my rating from 1 to 3 stars. Lack of stars is based solely on use of adds. Tried using the newer Storm Radar and several other weather/radar apps but unfortunately, Storm is still the best weather/radar information app available—so I reinstalled it. As much as I hate adds, I guess I will use Storm until something better comes along. I will do my best to tune out the adds!
  • Ads 1/5

    By oldsneakers
    Now in addition to ads at the top we get a full page ad at startup of another program they’re selling. It’s insulting and I would never buy it on principle. It’s a decent app ruined by the huge ad at the top of the screen. I had paid to get it removed but the developers decided that wasn’t enough so we get the big ugly app. Greed ruined this app.
  • AD Free works fine with Storm 4/5

    By hobesy
    Just renew through Wunderground App and use it with Storm. It works just the same and I’m good thru April 2019.
  • Ad driven now 1/5

    By Thundershots
    This used to be a great app with an option to remove apps. Recently they removed the option to go ad free and it killed the app. This is just an average weather application now hopefully they will allow us to go ad free again.
  • Still better 4/5

    By ibikeride2
    The Storm app even though now un-supported is still a superior app to any WU or TWC apps. Hope the app sticks around.
  • Used to be a great app. 1/5

    By Artmonta
    Used to be a great app till they did away with the ad free version. Not it’s just another weather app full of advertising.
  • I want to love this app 2/5

    By Chrissy Wells
    I really need an app like this, and it is great - if I’m always in one location. But, I’m not. I travel in a vehicle 330 days out of the year. And ever since I downloaded this app over a year ago, it has been unable to keep up with me. I have all of the correct settings lined up in the app and on my iPhone, but it still can’t find me - even when I’m sitting still and I tap the triangle button to make it use location services to find my current location. I don’t always know where I am, so I need the app to know that and tell me if storms are headed in my direction. Especially tornados! I wish this app worked for me. I gave it two stars, because when I tell it where I am, it does a great job of tracking the storms and providing me with updates. Equipment used: iPhone 6S and iPhone X
  • Has less problems, more stable now. 4/5

    By Ticket tooker
    First install, it crashed, re installed and works now. It alright, but not as good as intellicast is / was. Only advantage is its on the iPad. Still use intellicast was better. Now the only issue is on iPads the precipitation alerts screen is blank. Only way it works or does anything is when there is a lightening alert. If you open that first, then precipitation, then there is a screen showing info. If you open it first or no lightening alert. It sits... I’m using an iPad Pro.. This is better then the replacement they are pushing, and easier to use.
  • Unreliable! 1/5

    By JR30557
    Storm app crashes on iPad Pro iOS 11.3.
  • Did I pay for this? 3/5

    By cannibalpudding
    App won’t stay open and steady crashes.
  • PLEASE Don’t abandon the ORIGINAL WU “Storm” app! 5/5

    By Apple Devotee!
    I am loyal to the original WU Storm app—and have loved it for a very long time, almost everything about it! With much hope, I checked out, downloaded, and tried the new “Storm Radar”app; but simply cannot stand anything about it—the layout, the look, the UI, the presentation format of data, anything. It is completely unworthy of being even a distant relative of, much less a successor to, the original WU “Storm” app, in my opinion! In fact, if someone were to design my ideal of a weather app, it would be the original WU “Storm” app! However, if someone were to design the archenemy of my ideal, I do believe the new “Storm Radar” app would do the job quite thoroughly. Now, I consider myself a very reasonable app review writer, not given to either flights of fickle wavering or fluffy nothingness. You can keep developing your new “Storm Radar”app—but please leave the WU Storm app to continue to stand tall on its own, for me and for others like me, please! From what I have seen, to the bitter end, I will not switch from the wonderful WU Storm app to its jealous, conspiring new cousin, the new “Storm Radar” app—and I know my weather apps. Please cease pushing the new app through the original app interface! It is an affront! It feels similar to trying to sell ice cream at the North Pole: we already have what we need. Thank you!
  • Uh oh 2/5

    By Rain24Man
    No updates in awhile and another App with almost the same name getting updated. And an annoying pop up asking me to download the inferior app. Please don’t abandon this app!
  • Ad free subscription now with ads! 2/5

    By mattlary
    I have the ad free subscription, yet now have to deal with full screen ads for a sister app which has no ad free model. I would give it a pass if it showed the ad once and then it went away but c’mon
  • Best Weather App Ruined with Ads 2/5

    By Ozmox
    I have always loved the Weather Underground and their apps typically were the best. I cannot say that now. I used to give this app the highest rating. The Weather Channel bought it and has been making really poor decisions. Getting rid of paid subscriptions and forcing full screen and banner ads everywhere. No thanks. Uninstalled.
  • Completely on accurate 1/5

    By Demb0nez
    I think this app was developed by the left-wing global elite. Just as they, it LIES! This app - no different, the temperatures LIE - wind speed LIE Even the advertisements lie, this app has become a complete joke. I mean it’s not like I can’t walk out my front door and see how inaccurate it is. Today it’s states that it is 32°, it’s less than 15. It also says that the wind speed is 5 miles an hour. You go outside you can’t even stand up straight the wind is so strong. Get it together you guys. Until then I’m not using this app.
  • Once a great app! 4/5

    By socrates99
    This was once a great app for seeing different maps and getting the forecast. In fact I will say it was one of my favorite apps for weather maps and I had always subscribed to the no ads subscription but was recently told when my renewal came up that I could no longer purchase a ad free subscription. Well I’m extremely unhappy that they have gone this way. If it was a matter of money I can’t understand why they would take a guaranteed revenue stream and replace it with one that is dependent on someone opening the app to make money. They got my money for my subscription regardless of how many times I opened the app so I cannot understand what business model says this is better, of course I don’t know how much they make off each view of a ad but now they won’t make any money off me because I won’t see the add and they won’t get my subscription money. It’s just sad because if your tired of being tracked by ads everywhere you turn, having the ability to remove ads from a few apps made you feel like you were at least fighting back at the barrage of ads in a little way. Now we have no control in this app. This review doesn’t even cover the fact that I’m angered by the loss of real estate that has occurred because of displaying the ads but for the sake of brevity I won’t get into that but will say the ads ruin the layout of the app. Needless to say this is a app that has seen its day and is in the sunset of its life. Sad. EDITED 4/13/18 I meant to edit this much sooner but time got way from me. Somehow I was able to get the ad free subscription back shortly after it had expired earlier this year. Thank you!! Any way as of now this is still one of the greatest weather apps once again! The sad thing is the sun setting of this app. That’s a real shame what they are replacing it with (and constantly pushing) is nowhere near what this app is! I knew when the the weather channel got a hold of this company it would go well... completely consumer driven and cater to the not so enthusiastic (for lack of a more negative term having to do with lowest common denominator) about weather data and more about pretty colors. I really hope they will reconsider keeping this app alive and also keeping the ability to buy your way out of ads well into the future. I will truly miss this app when it is shut down! Again, just so sad.
  • Like the app but... 4/5

    By Meriehl
    Could you update for the Iphone X screen and allow for removal of ads again.
  • Ads changed my mind 1/5

    By Beauty Diva
    I was going to download this app and read the reviews about all the ads. What I hate more than anything is advertisements. I will pass on this app until the designers take care of this issue for their loyal subscribers. Until then I will use their competitors. I suggest those looking at the app do the same thing and subscriber do so too. That just might get their attention and I’d certainly give them one star and if you haven’t rated them DON’T!!!
  • Storm 5/5

    By Closetweathernerd
    I love this app. Detailed, informative, up to the minute absolutely best weather app around!
  • Still great despite ad confusion 3/5

    By Ghost of Siskel
    4.12.2018 update: Storm now displays a full screen ad for another one of their apps on launch. Highly obnoxious. Dropping another star. Original review follows below... Not sure why they dropped the ability to remove ads directly via the Storm app itself. The slew of one star reviews are a pretty clear sign that this was a poor move. They should have at least made clear that YOU CAN STILL REMOVE ADS, but have to do so through their main Weather Underground app. Love the Storm app and the info it provides, but dinging it one star for the confusion they generated around ad removal.
  • Used to be 2/5

    By Stinksbigtime
    This used to be the best app! Disappointed with it now. The one hour future radar doesn’t work any more
  • Loved it, now nothing 2/5

    By jaydeegadgets
    Working on the Oregon coast and have been using Wunderground even before it was a mobile app. Love Wunderground. A few days ago Storm popped up and I was amazed. Been in 45 mph sustained and 69-75 gusts and Storm WAS amazing. Now nothing. Just sits there. It says my city does exist. I’ve even tried Los Angeles and Portland and apparently they don’t exist either. Loaded and reloaded 3 times to no avail. Sorry Wunderground. I give up
  • Ruined by greed 1/5

    By Bytor70
    The best weather app that used to allow for a modest payment to access an ad free experience. Now even though I’ve paid there’s ads everywhere. The app says that ad free is no longer available. Why? Why would a developer want to anger its users? I can only figure one reason, greed. So sad. Now I’ll have to find a different app.
  • Ads Ruined what was a great App 1/5

    By psbrubaker
    Others have said it—this app used to be fantastic. Now it has in your face ads wasting screen space. I paid for ad-free awhile back and it no longer works. Shame on this developer. Deleting.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Rorsborn
    This was my go to weather app for a long time until the most recent update. Now it either is very slow or won't stream. No customer service. Don't waste your time.
  • Use to be good 3/5

    By A10chief
    This app use to be great. The app use to have no ads, and you could switch to the actual Doppler radar individually. Now ads and no Doppler.
  • No more ad-free subscription 1/5

    By Matt554367
    Title says it all. Oh, and the ads that take over the whole screen when you open the app are the worst. Weather Underground is now just a trademark owned by a large media corporation.
  • Why do you keep sneaking in ads? 2/5

    By Phoxes
    Come on! You recently brought back the no-ad subscription which was great, but now I get a constant nag screen to download The Weather channel Storm Radar app!!! This is irritating for two reasons. 1- I paid for no ads, and two, I already downloaded Storm Radar (which is not near as full featured as Storm and doesn’t have an option to turn off the low quantity ads!). Quit with the ads!!!!
  • No more! 1/5

    By QRidge
    Storm was my go to weather app! I paid to remove ads. It appears that is no longer an option. I’m looking for alternatives. Greed wins again!! Now it keeps asking me to download another app. I did to shut it up, but it keeps asking me. STOP IT!
  • Great app stop asking me to download storm radar 2/5

    By Rj112376
    Love the app use it all the time, but every time I close the app it restart my phone it asks me if I want to download storm radar for the 50th time.
  • Everything at a glance 5/5

    By CaptainAmbivalent
    As an iPad user I love being able to see radar, temp, and forecast info on the same screen. It seems like every other weather app (including the supposed "replacement" for this one they're now popping up ads about) requires an unnecessary amount of swiping.
  • No ad-free option anymore? 3/5

    By Quiet Dotard
    No thanks. Disappointing.
  • Me 5/5

    By Private girl 1210
    Wanted to let you know . For some reason my phone wanted me to replace storm with the new weather channel version. It made it appear that that was your new look.
  • It used to be good 1/5

    By Intermezzo 401
    It used to be a good app. I even paid to get the ad-free version. Then they stopped offering ad-free, and the ads are now SUPER ANNOYING.
  • The MOST reliable of all wx apps 5/5

    By Mlo166_yahoo-com
    I use this app when traveling over the southeast. Others are good but have too much information where this has the most important information for analysis i.e. timing of storms, lightning. Storm events are the most accurate on this app! Then, if you want more complexity, the app can accommodate that too!
  • Paid users now get ads? 2/5

    By AAChicago
    This app used to be my absolute favorite. I pay the annual fee to keep ads out of my weather and now I get an add every time I launch the app? I have sent multiple emails about problems with the website, with no response. Now paid users get ads? What’s up?
  • Really gotten pretty poor 1/5

    By egis1
    Videos are at least a year out of date. Enough said. Just like WU app. You get distinct impression the app has not been kept updated.
  • Would be 5 star rating! 3/5

    By HotSnapZcom
    From reading other reviews and being a long time user, there is obviously a demand for having the ability to remove ads. Why you are not listening and providing this feature is the ONLY reason that prevents a raving 5 star rating from this long time user. I have made many a convert to this weather app and when you are not providing users with an ad free subscription it tells us that you see advertisers as your true customer and not your users. Offer it, try experiments with raising the price and see how the market responds, okay?
  • Great app but abandoned 5/5

    By Nightmode_1_20_17
    No updates in 9 months as the seem to transition to the other Storm app by the Weather Channel. This one is much better though. Easier to use and more features.

    By Astronomy Buff
    Storm is still the essential weather app, even though the new owners of Weather Underground, The Weather Channel/IBM seem to be trying to kill it and promote migration to a glitzy low information "replacement" called "Storm Radar" the only thing SR does better than Storm is location specific alerts. Storm used to do that flawlessly, so I suspect this is part of the campaign to drive users away from Storm. At present, I have SR installed just to receive alerts. When I get an alert, or just want weather information, I manually open storm. TWC/IBM would serve themselves, their advertisers, and the public much better by scrapping Storm Radar and resuming full support of Storm. I'm sure the Storm Radar project is the brainstorm of a twenty-something whiz kid who thinks Storm must be replaced because it is "old". Well, like fine wine, some old things are better than new. If we applied that logic to TWC, we would all quit watching and switch to Weather Nation. What about that TWC?
  • Ads? I pay for no ads but still get them 3/5

    By Goldsjim09
    I pay for ad free, every year. But now they’re pushing their new storm app (which is awful in my opinion) and asking me to download it every time I open this app.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By John aka red
    I love the app. Such detail in everything in this app.
  • Good one to have 5/5

    By #ousideworker
    Love this app. Very user friendly and easy to use. Been using this for a while now and the accuracy of every forecast is pretty accurate
  • Weather Channel Storm Ad... 2/5

    By KC1974
    So every single time I open this app now, I’m greeted with an advert for the Weather Channel’s own copycat Storm app. The far inferior one they released years after this WU one originally came out. Why allow a competitor to advertise? And why does it show every time as soon I open this one? Crazy.

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