StoryGraph: Reading Tracker

StoryGraph: Reading Tracker

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  • Current Version: 1.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: The StoryGraph
  • Compatibility: Android
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StoryGraph: Reading Tracker App

Import your Goodreads data: We will import all of your currently-reading, read, to-read, and did-not-finish shelves. Any custom shelves will be mapped to a custom tag on The StoryGraph. Simple tracking and insightful stats: Easily track and learn about your reading habits with our wide range of charts and graphs. See how your reading develops over time and use that to help you pick better books. Get smart personalized recommendations: Our machine learning AI is like your trusted go-to friend for book recommendations. It'll understand your reading preferences and find the best books for you. Discover books by mood: In the mood for something adventurous, funny, and fast-paced? What about a darker, slower, more emotional read? Mix and match our comprehensive set of filters to choose your next perfect book. Read with friends: Add live reactions to specific parts of the book without fear of spoilers. Comments are locked for other participants until they reach that point in their reading. Don't have people to read with? We’ve got machine learning-powered suggestions for great reading buddies. Reading Challenges: Want to read one book from every country in the world? Or how about read a book per week across a range of genres? Our reading challenges feature help you set up personal goals or join in with others. Custom Tags: Enhance your book tracking and discovery by making use of our custom tags feature. You can search and filter books by your tags and share curated lists with friends. Content Warnings: When you review a book, you can let us know if there's any content within it that might be triggering for others. Then, when searching for your next read, all of this information is at your disposal. Features: • Import your Goodreads account • Reading charts and graphs • Buddy reads • Personalized machine learning recommendations • Follow your friends to see what they're reading • Annual reading and page goals • Search/browse books by mood, pace, and more • Custom tags • Lists to share with your friends or the public • Create your own reading challenge or join in with others • Browse similar books • Find similar users • Half and quarter star ratings • Built-in DNF (Did Not Finish) functionality (including tracking pages read) • Progress updates with built-in reading journal • Author-approved and user-submitted content warnings • Dark Mode Want to support an independent, Goodreads alternative? Consider upgrading to Plus! • Keep the platform ad-free: You'll help The StoryGraph stay independent! • Advanced Stats: Compare any two time slices of your data side-by-side and get stats pages for any of your custom tags • Up Next Suggestions: Not sure what to read next? We'll look at your To-Read Pile and give you smart, personalised suggestions • Buddy Read Book Suggestions: Want to read with friends but don't know which book to choose? We suggest books that we think the group will love • Unlimited Recommendations: Search for personal recommendations, based on your mood and reading preferences, as many times as you want to! • Advanced Similar Users: Search for users based on what they typically like to read in order to expand your personal book community and discover new books • Personalised Similar Books: When browsing books, see similar book suggestions that are unique to you • Shape the roadmap: You get to vote and comment on upcoming features as well as submit official requests for new ones • Priority Support: Your support tickets and requests for book information updates will be handled first Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:

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StoryGraph: Reading Tracker app reviews

  • Does not handle books not in its system at all 2/5

    By tjh581
    I love the idea of the app and it’s relatively well put together. But there are numerous books that aren’t in its database. And then when you try to import by ISBN it never does anything. It has a way to manually add them but I have not been able to get that to work either.
  • Sooo much potential… but a few things: 3/5

    By Taylor.Lynn
    There's a ton of potential to be better than Goodreads (especially aesthetically), but it's a little ways off for me to stop using GR altogether and pay for plus. 1) Most importantly, kindle integrates with GR - that's gonna be hard to beat, as I primarily read via kindle. I know this will never happen, but it’s a HUGE perk of GR. 2) I want to see the cover of the book I'm currently reading on the home page - it feels a little less immersive when I just see the text. 3) I'd rather have my "up next" books on the home page rather than random selections from my TBR. (Also I'd love to see smaller covers so we can see more than just two without scrolling) 4) The book ratings need to be more visible. Not only do you have to click on a book to see the rating, you then have to scroll all the way down to the bottom. If you want this to be a true GR alternative, make the book ratings more accessible. 5) Please give me a Home Screen widget! (Make it a plus feature even) being able to see the book I’m reading and update progress from my home page would be so nice. 6) too much negative space in the app. Everything needs condensed a little bit so you can see more on one “page,” without scrolling.
  • Better than you-know-what 5/5

    By aimlessaugust
    Wanted a non-amazon alternative to a certain reading app, and this exactly what I’ve always wanted! It has everything you’d expect and more. The book recommendations in particular are better than any other app I’ve tried, and I love that the review system can be as simple or complex as you want. It doesn’t feel super user-friendly at first, but you come to learn that programs with a lot of features will often have to sacrifice simplicity, and you get used to it very quickly. I love it!
  • Slay 5/5

    By Tinycreater
  • Love this app. But has some issues 3/5

    By Shollard
    I honestly love how this app tracks the pages read in the graph form! But the time clock is off… I’m reading pages today (February 28th) and the app is counting my pages read for March 1st. It’s been doing this since I’ve had the app in January and it’s frustrating because my daily page count isn’t accurate. Might seem silly but if I’m taking the time to input the pages I’m reading I feel like they should be counting the right pages for the right days.
  • I wish there was a way to link accounts. 3/5

    By StephLB15
    I love the idea of this app. I just always forget to add books here. I’m so used to goodreads automatically tracking (I read on a kindle exclusively) that using this manually is kind of a pain.
  • Ehhhh 3/5

    By crimefully
    Hopefully I can come back and give a better review, but right off the bat I can see how someone would prefer to stay on Goodreads instead of switching over to this app. I’m someone who reads fiction very minimally. A lot of the reading I do is for research and analysis. Based on the surveys prompted in the beginning, it seems like the app is already assuming I read novels when I don’t, so now I have to go through an additional hurdle to get accurate recommendations :((( If the survey was more comprehensive, I think a lot more people would be interested in starting to get with Storygraph because that was a big turn off for me.
  • Love the graphs, hate the delay 3/5

    By Chowds29
    As someone that loves tracking and graphs, the idea of this app is so cool! It’s simplistic enough that it’s user friendly, which isn’t always the case with reading apps. What I don’t love is that it crashes often, staying stuck in a loading loop that never corrects itself. I have to close out the app several times when I want to use it, which is disappointing.
  • Not Intuitive Enough for User 2/5

    By Abecc1
    Love the concept of this app- but it’s really not user friendly. The hoops I have to jump through to update the books I’ve read is frustrating. It just seems more intuitive and flows better on Goodreads. I think I was also under the impression that it would automatically link with my Goodreads account so when I marked a book as read on Goodreads, it would automatically import to Storygraph after I downloaded and then uploaded my Goodreads books the first time. This isn’t the case and so now I’m manually inputting my read books into 2 apps which isn’t practical for me. Time will tell if it becomes more user friendly. But I think the UX team could really work on this.
  • Promising app, but there are bugs that’s need ironing out 3/5

    By Woody Burns
    I like the concept of this app better than Good Reads, however using it has left me frustrated. For one thing, whenever I update the page or percent of a book I’m reading, about 50% of the time it doesn’t take. The UI also leaves a lot to be desired. The recommendation software seems better, but I hope that doesn’t get corrupt once they have to monetize the app and it becomes influenced by advertisers and Amazon. I will continue to use the app in the hopes that the UI and bugs are ironed out.
  • Blows Goodreads out of the water! 5/5

    By Mhhb
    I wish I’d made the switch sooner. I love the data. The recommendations. And the content warnings. So many cool features and it seems they are always adding more. One of my favorite apps. In fact, I think this is my first review for an app ever. That’s how much I love it.
  • The best reading app! 5/5

    By acc326
    I switched to StoryGraph from Goodreads a year ago and I’ve never looked back! The design is simple and intuitive. There’s DATA FOR DAYS! So many graphs! I love it so much. I recommend it to anyone who’ll listen.
  • Download this app right now! 5/5

    By SelectiveHeadphones
    Life-changing sounds dramatic, but between StoryGraph and Libby, I’ve rediscovered my love of reading and read almost 200 books since I started on StoryGraph a little over a year ago, from finishing maybe 2 books per year before that. Multiple aspects of StoryGraph - helpful graphs or fun reading challenges helped remind me that I feel better when I do more reading than watching TV. Things StoryGraph is great at, versus other platforms you might be considering: 1. Not full of ads. Clean, pleasing aesthetic. 2. You don’t have to pay to have a useful, functional experience. 3. You can engage with the community aspects as much or as little as you want. 4. Content warnings include enough categories to be useful, and the community can submit additional warnings, which you can browse in a spoiler-free way. 5. The graphs are fun and useful in learning more about your own reading habits, and may encourage you to read more if that’s your thing. 6. It’s Black-founded and run, not owned by a certain megacorp. 7. Migration from GoodReads is easy, if you’re worried about losing your past data! Cons: It’s a newer app, with a small but incredible team, so there are some small bugs, but they’ve been incredible at responding to suggestions and adding features. The most recent redesign looks great! Thank you, StoryGraph!
  • Great, Insightful, Fun 5/5

    By mschlank
    The StoryGraph app is amazing for tracking your reads and reading habits. The Buddy Read and Content Warning features are much needed! I love the statistics you can scroll through and the rating/review system. The app seeks to always improve the experience for the user and I appreciate the adaptations and upgrades and support from the creator to bring us a bookish app for bookish people!
  • Favorite way to track my reading! 5/5

    By Purplepuppy 2000
    I absolutely love this app! If you're dissatisfied with the linearity of other reading-tracking apps, Storygraph is the perfect solution!! I recommend this app to literally everyone because of the brilliant interactive features, flexibility in ratings, and the fact that it's constantly in development. While it's not as established as certain competitors and doesn't receive the same level of financial backing, the app & developer go above and beyond with innovative features that make me almost as obsessed with this app as I am with reading. Some of my favorite features include: charts tracking reading moods, genres, and more; reading challenges organized by both the app and other users; innovative ways to find books tailored to your preferences/mood; buddy reads with friends!
  • After Just 1 Day, This App Is an Essential! 5/5

    By iamevelynkim
    After downloading this app just yesterday, I'm in love with its beautiful graphics showing my reading stats & its reading preferences survey. Storygraph is definitely for discerning readers who know that Amazon owns its more popular counterpart (if you know, you know). Once I learned about this, I switched over to Storygraph right away and haven't looked back.
  • Best Reading Tracking App Out There 5/5

    By BeckabooRebecca
    I started using Storygraph last year along with Goodreads just to see which one I’d end up liking more and at the end of the year last year I ended up deleting Goodreads because of how happy I am with SG!!! there are so many amazing features and interacting with your friends/adding friends is SO much easier!! I love the pie charts and statistics were given - as well as the MANY different yearly goals for yourself! Whether it be an amount of books, pages OR hours! Don't even get me started on the shelving features and how easy it is to enter their giveaways!
  • Love it. 5/5

    By Emscwill
    I’ve used Storgraph since the beginning, and they’ve done a great job of building out data visuals and social elements like reading challenges. Use it all the time and love seeing my monthly reading unfold—pages and minutes.
  • Daily User 5/5

    By acagedrising
    I read a lot - typically 100-200 books a year and tracking them all is important to me. It was a no brained to switch over from Goodreads in 2021 when I saw how responsive StoryGraph was to user feedback and that is owned by a Black woman. I love all the stats, the buddy read gratuite, DNF data, and the ability to really detail my reading progress as I go. It’s got way less of a focus on other people’s reviews and allows me to do more reading with little hints of what other people think before I make up my own mind. Highly recommend giving it a try, and if you see see Goodreads now you can easily transfer your data.
  • I LOVE IT! 5/5

    By Amelia (@payneftreynolds)
    This app is very user friendly and fun. As an avid reader who has used multiple tracking apps, this is by far my favorite!
  • stats & community! 5/5

    By cecepas
    LOVE the StoryGraph! Tracks pages or minutes. You can “tag” books to categorize, mark as owned, “did not finish” and more. My favorite aspect is the reading challenges. It’s motivating to join people all over the globe on reading certain themes!
  • Best app ever!! 5/5

    By Mjansell
    I never knew reading tracking could be so fun!
  • Love it 4/5

    By calgary102
    I love this app as an excellent alternative to the other reading/reviewing app. My only complaint is that it can be a little slow and occasionally buggy, but I can tell they’re working on it!
  • Best APP out there. 5/5

    By clm5518
    I love love love story graph. I personally like stats and love to see all the different stats StoryGraph provides for you. I honestly have been using it way more than Goodreads. The reading challenges is a fun interactive way to hit specific goals with friends or with a podcast you listen too. In that area I think it is has an upper leg socially compared to Goodreads. The only aspect Goodreads has the upper leg on is finding friends and the timeline of updates. StoryGraph has a nice timeline but it’s not the first thing you see and I often forget it’s there. I find it hard to find friends. BUT maybe my friends haven’t realized what they’re missing yet. StoryGraph is very responsive with feedback which I love. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a big switch to StoryGraph in the near future.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By gege1243
    Great alternative to goodreads!
  • The best app for tracking your reading! 5/5

    By CarlyZimm
    The StoryGraph is my favorite app for tracking my reading. It’s easy to use and I love seeing the data from my books. I’ve recently joined reading challenges as well, and that has been really fun! Highly recommend this app!
  • My fav app! 5/5

    By Sillyhatsonly
    This app is amazing. It is book forward, has amazing data viz, and great recommendations. It’s so superior to goodreads in every way.
  • Love the Content Warning section 4/5

    By super-anonymous
    I started using StoryGraph as an alternative to goodreads. I'm so glad I found this! I was able to import all my book data from goodreads which was very helpful. I particularly like the Content Warning section that is part of every book listing. I can use this information to help me decide if I'm in the mood for a particular book. If I had one request, it would be to see the average rating for each book listed with the summary info when I'm looking at a list of recommendations. I want to quickly clear out low rated books without having to load the page for each book.
  • Best overall reading 5/5

    By GLM009956
    I absolutely love this app!! I recommend this app to every friend of mine, regardless of how much they read because i truly think storygraph helps people get into reading and staying with it! i love the social features (and the ability to toggle them off completely), i love the different kinds of data you can track, i love the user interface. fantastic app and i look forward to everything it can bring. this app outperforms goodreads in every way
  • So, so good! 5/5

    By phm md
    I started using this on the recommendation of a friend, and I absolutely love it. While I have been keeping a list of the books I read each year for quite a while, I’ve never found a book tracking site/app that I love and will use … until now! I’ve told so many people about this — it’s so nice to be able to have everything in one place, not need to do extensive reviews (though I like the ratings, especially since they can be broken into fractions of stars), interact with friends easily, and the list goes on. The new updates are fantastic, too!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Kspd4
    This is my favorite app for tracking my reading. Switched last year and won’t go back. The dashboards are great. The suggestions are on point. Can’t recommend enough.
  • This app is fantastic!! 5/5

    By meganeddy
    I love storygraph so much so when the official app came out I was so excited, and then they have recently rolled out dark mode ?? Amazing!! The charts of stats makes my data-nerd self so happy and I recommend this to everyone I know.
  • Hands down my fav reading tracking app 5/5

    By Patelyne
    I’ve been using this app for a year, and it’s been a game changer. The stats and charts cover so much more than just a number of books read. I can track over time what kind of books I’m reading and how it changes. There are *so* many reading challenges you can join, or create one just for you and your friends. Speaking of friends, the is a buddy read option that allows you to read books together in a group, but by requiring a page number for each comment it protects you from seeing spoilers by keeping other’s comments hidden until you reach that point. I also am a really big fan of how reviews are handled - there’s a star rating and option for written reviews like other sites/apps, but there’s also clickable options for moods, pace, characters and a space where you can see/add content warnings.
  • Wonderful app— Plus plan definitely worth it 5/5

    By freewaygods
    This is so much better than Goodreads, for so many different reasons. The stats that they show you are *so* satisfying for the nerds and graph junkies out there like me. Being able to see the company’s product roadmap and be a part of shaping the future of Storygraph is exciting and not something you’ll get from Goodreads! The new UI updates they recently pushed live look great, with a fresh UI that I think looks cooler than the competitors, and they made some nice quality of life improvements as well. Looking forward to Storygraph continuing to grow and improve!
  • Kudos 5/5

    By skyemomme
    There is so much to like about this app for me. Recommendations are far better than those on the Amazon owned Goodreads. Users can use 1/4 point increments when rating a book. I’m no longer “forced” to give a 3.5 star book a 3 star rating. There’s no pressure to compete/compare with friends over the number of books read or the “quality” of your reading choices. You can be as social as you like. The developers are invested in maintaining and bettering their product.
  • Buddy reads! 5/5

    By Sevrock222
    Been using for over a year now. Constant updates and improvements driven by user feedback. Also just finished my first buddy read. Pick a book, capture what you’re thinking as you read, and your buddy won’t see your comment until they’re at the same place! Great tool for tracking your reading and awesome recommendations too!
  • Love the Stats! 5/5

    By Mama_Mads_2010
    I love all the different stats and the diversity of the app. I have done buddy reads, joined challenges, recorded what I’m listening to and reading. I like that I can submit changes to things that need it and that our feedback is taken seriously.
  • Beautiful stats 5/5

    By mandersalad
    This app is constantly in development and new features are developed based on feedback from users. Their social accounts don’t reply with stock responses which is great! The site itself has a variety of reading stats and is excellent for tracking reading. Reading challenges are easy to navigate and there are buddy read options if that’s something you want.
  • Love it 5/5

    By starstuffandall
    It’s the only app I use to keep track of my my reading. I especially like the new, redesigned dark mode.
  • Best book/reading tracking app EVER! 5/5

    By andiesmith
    I’ve tried so many, this one is hands down my favourite. If you even kind of like data, or like me LOVE data and stats…this is your app
  • I LOVE StoryGraph 5/5

    By Saint Snacky
    This is such an amazing reading tracking app. I love adding the books I purchase, finding new books and reading reviews. There is a dark mode, which is great. Book suggestions, trigger warnings, this app has it all! I’ve read 10 books since the start of the year just because I love the app!
  • My Favorite App 5/5

    By nnnapple
    I love this app. Easy to use and navigate and clean and pretty too. If you’re a reader and find go*dreads as ugly and comber some as I do, you’ll love The Story Graph.
  • Best app for book reviews, recs, and community! 5/5

    By nikspandya
    I absolutely love this app. First of all, the stats page is perfect. Second, the buddy reads feature has made buddy reading with my friends so much easier bc I never have to worry about spoilers but I can still read at my own pace! I also love the recommendations that app gives and feel they are not only in line with genres I read from, but also offer a diverse variety. Highly recommend using this app for casual and avid readers alike!
  • Love love love! 5/5

    By bsc_31
    This app is the best. I love the ease of use, the graphics and tracking, it’s awesome!
  • Storygraph supremacy 5/5

    By Just another review 😉
    One thing i love about storygraph is the feedback, they are always improving with each update!! Highly recommend checking out their app!!
  • I love Storygraph SO much!!!! 5/5

    By k.a.Scheff
    If you enjoy reading, Storygraph is the app for you!!! From the moment I started using this app, I could tell it was made by people who enjoy reading. All the features are perfect! Storygraph has a really easy to use app (both on your phone and in your computer) and it is so easy to log your pages read or books read! I really enjoy being able to see all my statistics in fun graphs and colorful pie charts. You can join reading challenges, do buddy reads, and get a year in review wrap up at the end of the year! I have told all my friends and family about this app because it is amazing!! Try it out!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Keils1805
    This really helps understand where you might what be mentally to find your next read. I love the challenges for the year. Its fantastic!
  • My favorite way to log books 5/5

    By MegnaOp
    This app is amazing! I love that it has visuals to show you reading patterns and how easy it is to use. If I had to choose between StoryGraph and Goodreads, I would choose StoryGraph any day.
  • BEST reading tracker 5/5

    By Minar-taur
    Storygraph is the most well-thought out reading tracker. It is independent and not beholden to Amazon. Its founders are also its developer and infrastructure engineer; no top-down directives from people who aren’t also on the ground. Meaning that it has fun and actually useful features (like the buddy read and book suggestions). One of my favorite books of the year was a Storygraph suggestion! This is a product built for readers by readers.