Stranger Things: 1984

Stranger Things: 1984

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  • Current Version: 1.0.409
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Netflix, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Stranger Things: 1984 App

Join Hopper and the kids for bruising missions around Hawkins — and the Upside Down — in this stylized retro adventure filled with collectibles. • It's 1984 all over again. Experience an action adventure game just like the ones our heroes would have played back in the day. • Explore Hawkins and its surroundings. See your favorite locations like Mirkwood Forest and Hawkins Lab. Uncover exciting areas you've never seen before! • Solve puzzles with the unique abilities of each character. Lucas can nail anything with his Wrist Rocket. Nancy has an entire collection of bats to swing this time. • Collect all the Eggos and gnomes you can lay your hands on. You never know what they might unlock.

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Stranger Things: 1984 app reviews

  • The best stranger things game 5/5

    By stranger player
    This game is the best stranger things game I have ever played
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By techissue123456
    I usually only post when I have issues but this is by far nextflix’s best game right now. 11/10. So fun!
  • 💙 5/5

    By Platinum4ORCE
  • Amazing 5/5

    By thebigbear1999
    I was trying to find a good game and I saw this I thought it was fake but it wasn’t so I loved it I recommend
  • Anyone else 1/5

    It’s a good show but this game is not it won’t let me log in.
  • love it 5/5

    By fizzysoda709
    i love this game smmm. they should make another for stranger things season 4
  • Uninspiring 1/5

    By DavidSights
    Doesn’t feel like much care was put into this game. In one area, there is a coffee table on a wall, which appears to be an accidental oversight by the development team. The looping game music doesn’t loop smoothly. The controls aren’t real controls at all. You tap on points of interest on the screen, and the avatar navigates to that point automatically. The only thing I appreciate about this game is the visual style. Everything else is just a poor experience.
  • I screwed my self 4/5

    By awsome dream game
    I love this game but in one of the missions you need ammo for your sling shot and you need to not kill the rat i not knowing this did both of those things and now i have to restart the entire game because im stuck
  • Error Codes 1/5

    By Lbonelli
    Tried logging in multiple times with my existing Netflix login with no success. I double-checked user name and password, but I continued to receive error NGP-6002 and when I searched the Help center, Netflix didn’t show anything related. Gave up and deleted the useless app.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By i loveit.
    You need to sign up for Netflix. Sign up for Netflix!? REALLY!? YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR NETFLIX?!?!?!
  • No AppleTV version?? 1/5

    By JulioB
    No AppleTV?? REALLY??
  • Amazing modernized 90s game 5/5

    By Drsmitty911
    I had so much fun playing this adventure game and I haven’t even watched the latest season of stranger things. In fact, I don’t think you even need to know much about the series to have fun playing this game. Would recommend for anyone looking for the old dungeon adventure game with an updated feel.
  • Please add controller support 4/5

    By aruizn
    I love this game but it would be much better if it had control support for my back bone controller
  • Super fun point and click adventure 5/5

    By Uhkillease
    I don’t watch the show but I still adored this point and click adventure game. Very classic.
  • Netflix $13.99 to play this game 1/5

    By jakelakes
    I dwnloaded this game and it sent me straight to Netflix to create a account that it wants me to pay $13.99 for not worth it lucky ive beat the game previously befire it did this game is not worth 14 dollar Netflix subscription
  • What is happening 3/5

    By rec room Girl
    On chapter one I can’t finish the game because I have to defeat three people in the game what’s I’m done unlocking the red gate or whatever but I searched the gameplay and they are three people that I had to defeat do I have to purchase the app?
  • (My opinion) 1/5

    By ggghjjhxss
    I don’t really like this only bc I have no Netflix account and also y’all should add something where we can get in without a Netflix acc🤦🏾‍♀️
  • owls 4/5

    By jaydda movez
    Its fun to play when your bored and have nothing to do. But if they removed the random hostile owl it could be a 5
  • I’m a bigggggg fan 5/5

    By Binit_Jase
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By Fortnitemidas12e
    I Watched stranger things and this game was kinda like it but it was pretty cool at first
  • Confused 2/5

    By Samuellangston04
    I used to play this game all the time. Now that I wanted to get it back it wants me to sign into netflix now and that’s the only way I can play the game
  • Some tips for updates 5/5

    By DM kid
    I love the game but I think 11 should have a cool down time after 5 or so attack to make it more realistic to the show and because she is a little over powered it whould be nice for her to have a draw back
  • I love It is such a fun game 5/5

    By 2353stranger things
    The Stranger Things game is one of the funnest games I’ve ever played it doesn’t have any ads but the one thing I don’t like about it is that you run out of ammo like every 30 seconds
  • it’s very annoying how the bear doesn’t move fast enough 3/5

    By Azeneth Esparzagama
    i like the game but the bear doesn’t move fast enough it mad me so mad the bear needs to move faster
  • Pay to play now? 2/5

    By Someoneman_
    I used to love this game back in 2018 when I had first played it, I finished the game 3 times even, now, 4 years later I have came back cuz U wanna feel some nostalgia, but now you NEED a Netflix subscription to play??? I don’t have one now mainly because I’m a broke college student but I like playing games to get my mind off things, why did they make it pay to play???
  • A Update For This. 5/5

    By KGoth._.Bxxch
    Hello!, Im Melanie. I Wanna Ask If You Could Put A 'Create Your Own Character' Option?. Thank You,
  • It’s alright 4/5

    By cleo was here
    So I just got to Lucas and I got to zero rocks and now I can’t do any Thing like why can’t he just use his hands so I can’t get anywhere and now I’m stuck in two rooms
  • Love this game so much! Must play if you're fans of the series. 5/5

    By Graceeeyyjj
    When I first played this game in 2017, I haven't watched the series, but I still enjoyed the game so much that I spent 8 hours to pass it and collect all the staff.... 5 years passed, this game is still in my phone(my phone is 64GB just let you know…… I started to watch the series this year, and be more understandable to the characters and the content it had🥺 Its like the combination of season 1 and season 2, and would bring out so many memories when you played the game! Dustin use Putins as weapon haha, Chef use his fist to defeat the enemies🤣 I passed classic and normal mode as 100%..definitely you will enjoy the game if you're fans of the series or like to collecting things in games
  • Sad 1/5

    By ihrtmason
    I refreshed and I thought it will save it self now I have to start all over again I’m so mad it’s my fault do I didn’t know 😭
  • You should add controller support 5/5

    By Bugs also known as Silas
    I have backbone one but I think you should add controller support😀 But otherwise this game is pretty good Keep up the good work
  • Netflix login 1/5

    By monkey man butt
    Login ruined the whole game I want to just play I don’t care if with ads but it’s making me pay 13:99$ for the login, really Netflix?
  • Netflix login ruins the game as a whole 1/5

    By child with an iphone
    I remembered that this game exists and when I tried to play it… I need a Netflix login. It’s so stupid considering years ago when I played the game, you didn’t need a Netflix login to play it. Do I have a Netflix account? Yes. Do I want to login with it? No. Just the implementation of the login makes it seem like Netflix is doing so much just for a few extra subscription for their site, which is just filled with shovelware and like 7 good shows and movies. Oh, and if you do decide to play the game: Spoiler alert, from my memory, the character you get for collecting all the waffles is pretty bad being that you can travel to other places. USING THE KIDDIE POOLS, THAT DOESN’T EVEN TELL YOU WHAT THE DESTINATION IS.

    By jzishdsohw
    I’m mad
  • I love it but… 5/5

    By kylie legend
    I love this game but the only problem I have is that earlier I was playing this and I kept messing up and Lucas’s rocks went to 0 and I can’t change it and whenever I reset or die on the game there is still 0 rocks and I really need them to get Nancy and I don’t wanna restart the game because I been on this game for hours and I just need help but this game is still alright
  • Netflix account required 1/5

    By CockAndBallTortureEnthusiast
    I remember playing this game it was really fun not a cash grab. But now you need a Netflix account to play it.
  • Netflix why :/ 1/5

    By Bee_.Boy
    This game was awesome before it was fun cool all that but now that you need a Netflix account to play the game it’s not fun I don’t even have a Netflix account and it’s just now it’s messed up it was such a great game with no ads no Cash grabs nothing but now it’s just a totally different thing Netflix why :/
  • 😡😡😡😃😃😡😃😡😃😃 3/5

    By hdhdhdhhdhde'hdekhd
    I owned this game before it was exclusively for Netflix owners, and I think it should’ve stayed that way but I understand why they did it. Overall good game but a little annoying with what they did
  • Game kept crashing 1/5

    By Pamela healey
    I gave the game a one star I was thinking about giving it no stars but it’s a cool game I love the details and everything but it crashed I tried it again and it kept crashing my brother downloaded the same game and it crashed as well
  • how good this game is 5/5

    By gkztiztuxkgxyisu RSS
    i saw a youtube shorts about the game this one and the other one they are really good
  • I agree with malvolt 5/5

    By i lovez it
    This is an awesome game but the Netflix login ruins it so please remove it! No offense! Still awesome though! 🙂
  • Why do I need a Netflix account 1/5

    By •_•_•_•_••_••_•_•_•_•_•_•_
    I used to love this game so much but now Netflix owns it I hate it I do have a Netflix account I don’t care if it gives you stuff I just want to play the game
  • Fix you game 1/5

    By hanhsnss
    I’m trying to play the game and it keeps asking me for a Netflix account which I don’t have and am just trying to play the game and I don’t have a Netflix account so please fix it am begging you.
  • One of my favorites! (Spoilers) 5/5

    By Stupid real stupid
    This game is so good! I love the dynamics and how you can explore anywhere once you’ve unlocked enough characters. My favorite level was sneaking in the library with Dustin! I loved that dynamic! The game is challenging but once you beat the game, you feel accomplished!

    By hiqtagsgs
    Plz :(
  • Great for 80s and Stranger Things lover’s 5/5

    By Dez511
    I actually thought I would hate the game but I don’t. It’s not at all conon and is loosely based on the stranger things story but it’s still very fun. I love it’s retro feel and really adds to the game. I’m only about 60% and already finished the story but it was a great deal of fun. I know for some of your mad at how you need a Netflix account but personally I own Netflix and yea I know it’s expensive but most own it and it’s worth it. But overall this game is a nice and challenging puzzle action game that’s great for just playing for a bit. And it’s stranger things the best show ever!
  • Netflix account login ruins awesome game 1/5

    By MalVolt
    I played this game before and I loved it, but when I went to download and play it again it’s asking me to log into my Netflix account to be able to play. I remember before how awesome it was that the game had no ads, no cash grabs, just a great retro style game that promoted a show. Now I just feel like having you login cuts off access to quite a few people that could have enjoyed the game without being a current Netflix subscriber.
  • Unfair 1/5

    By TonyHawkRools
    The last level is impossible
  • Fixes 4/5

    By kasper3ghost
    The game is good its just the van boss fight the movement is really glitchy like i move up it goes up and then do for no reason I just want that to be fix thats it.
  • GRRR 5/5

    By the gamer everyday