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  • Current Version: 7.5.12
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Streaks App

STREAKS. The to-do list that helps you form good habits. Apple Design Award winner. Track up to 24 tasks you want to complete each day. Your goal is to build a streak of consecutive days. * Tasks sync across all of your devices using iCloud * Share your tasks with other Streaks users so they can encourage you and keep your accountable * Streaks automatically knows when you complete tasks linked to the Health app * Streaks reminds you automatically when you need to complete a task * You can also create negative tasks to break bad habits * Create timed tasks to track mindfulness, brushing your teeth, or anything “I was smoking 15 cigarettes each day. Streaks helped me to quit smoking by reducing and then eliminating my daily use.” - Ben, Adelaide. Streaks is a highly customizable habit tracker, including: * Widgets for your phone's home screen * 78 different color themes * Over 600 task icons to choose from * Choose how often a task needs to be completed or repeated “I've now reduced my coffee intake by 70% with Streaks, something I struggled with for 5 years. It's a life changing app to me.” - Otávio, Chicago. * Includes one of the highest-praised Apple Watch apps, including Health app integration, complications, and rich notifications. * Support for Siri Shortcuts, iPad and iCloud * Today Widget allows you to quickly view and complete your tasks * View your current and best streak, and a whole range of other statistics Questions, suggestions or other feedback? Please email [email protected], or tweet us @TheStreaksApp. If you like Streaks, please leave us a review! Your reviews enable us to keep improving and updating the app. ABOUT APPLE WATCH: Streaks supports all Apple complication types. Note that the screenshots show Infograph faces, which are available only on Apple Watch Series 4 and newer. ABOUT HEALTH DATA: On supported devices, Streaks reads data from the Health app with your permission to determine completion of your tasks. All data is accessed in full accordance with the iOS app review rules set by Apple. Please read our privacy policy at for more information on our use of data. Automatic step and distance data is only available automatically when using an iPhone 5S or newer, or using an accessory that writes to the Health app such as Apple Watch. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

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Streaks app reviews

  • What happened? 3/5

    By KH1986
    I don’t know what happened to this app. I really loved it and I appreciate all of the changes and new options but somewhere along the line this app had become very unreliable. My streaks disappear, don’t sync properly at times, sometimes completions seem to “undo” themselves. I don’t know what happened but please focus on this before aesthetic features. I think the updates are great but, given the intended nature of the app, if you break the reliability of the app in the process it becomes useless pretty quickly.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Snsethy
    I genuinely do not understand how an app can be this bad. It’s a very simple app, and it is terrible. I complete all tasks for a day, it turns gold, I go to mark one as done the next day and it says that I have a broken streak from the day before. What a waste of money! Everyone at this company should be ashamed of themselves.
  • Excellent Syncing with iOS 4/5

    By Max10lock
    I do have one small gripe with the app. When you select it not to appear in the dock, it sometimes will appear and won't hide itself in the dock until you recheck the 'Hide in Dock' feature, which causes the app to crash anyways.
  • Best part is cloud storage 5/5

    By mrprofessorx
    Used the Productive app for awhile but stopped since it doesn’t sync across my Apple devices. Also if you change the frequency in that app it resets the habit data which is annoying. Streaks much better.
  • Beautiful 5/5

    By KeenanBrock
    It is powerful with a clean interface. Those are difficult to combine. Love how it integrates with Apple health (if you want). It will auto mark things as done if you use another app to do something like brush your teeth, meditate or do yoga. There are some great example tasks which showed me that this was not a simple todo app, yet I’m still learning new stuff. Integration with watch works great and has helped me meet more of my goals.
  • Well worth the money! 5/5

    By finntastic520
    I struggle a lot with daily habits (even simple things like taking meds and brushing teeth) and this app has been a life saver. I use the widget option so it’s like a big reminder I see every time I use my phone. I can’t recommend it enough!
  • Streaks for forming good habits 5/5

    By jtobison
    I’m finding streaks helpful for working on several new habits that I’d like to establish a couple bad habits I’d like to break. The app is very flexible with respect to how you can structure the streak – frequency, type, alerts, etc. One feature that would be an improvement in my opinion would be to have the ability to write a note on a streak tied to a particular day. Then the ability to read the list of those notes within a streak. I would use this to record notes to myself about either what caused the streak to break or what factors were helping to keep the streak going. Then you could go back and look for patterns.
  • My Favorite Habit Teacker 5/5

    By dfsdfdsfdsf
    Ive used a lot of productivity and habit tracker apps over the years, and I keep coming back to streaks. Its simplicity and minimilism is great to help keep me on track. But why it is simple to use it still has some very good features. The only thing I would wish to add would be a way to pause a task for just the day and it reenables the next day, instead of pausing it indefintly. Also I know this is a limitation of IOS 15 at the moment but if apple ever allows interactive widgets the abiltiy to complete a task from the homescreen on a widget would be amazing. Other than that I love this app and my home screen consists of almost entirely of just Streaks widgets. It is a great tool for productivty. Highly recomend.
  • Updates removes today view widget 5/5

    By ak05live
    For those who experience the problem described below, just restart your phone. For some reason the app update removes the today view widget entirely but it returns after phone restart. This update has remove the today view widget. The standard widgets that can placed on the home page and today view page are still available. Those widgets only act as an indicator for the status of the tasks, meaning you can’t interact with the widget. The OLD today view widget allowed me to update/ increment my tasks without opening the app. This is a huge step backwards for me.
  • Super Intuitive 5/5

    By Johnwillsbooth
    I’m so happy I found this app, it helps me organize my daily habits so much.
  • wonderful and life changing app 4/5

    By jm2629
    easy to use app for tracking habits. really wonderful. i wish you could add more habits to each screen i realized the habits that aren't on the main page are the least likely to get done. i also don't understand why the first page turns gold when all completed but the other pages don't turn gold when they are all completed. lots of clicks to get to the edit features for each habit, seemsl ike it could be easier to hold down and get an edit screen. also would be better if you could hold down the habit and drag from page to page, like moving app icons on the iphone instead of having to go into settings and then to another special settings page with options for moving the apps around. overall incredible app that has really made life better in so man ways. thank you for existing!
  • Love It 5/5

    By TimApple2019
    Great app, simple UI
  • Amazing what this little app can do for your life 5/5

    By kouroshk
    I started using Streaks on my birthday less than a year go. I wasn't looking to get in shape or get a better job or to improve my relationships. I was just curious about the app as a product. But since then I have, in fact, gotten in shape, I am daily working on making myself a more valuable employee, I am learning Spanish, I hug my family without fail, and I am actively reaching out to old friends. I am compelled to do these daily regardless of my schedules or energy levels. I can't explain why but I am definitely glad it works. Try it out. You could change your life.
  • Task won’t go away 2/5

    By ladybugskf87
    Initially, the app was great. I added the tasks and got reminded just like I needed to. One of the tasks I created was a reminder to feed my dog, twice a day. With as busy as the end of the school year was, I needed the extra help remembering. Fast forward to two weeks ago, I had to put my dog down. Naturally, that was HARD. I’ve deleted the task to feed the dog, archived tasks, deleted every other task I created but alas…. IT KEEPS COMING BACK!! I do not need reminders of that pain. If it doesn’t stop, I’m deleting the entire app. This shouldn’t be so difficult.
  • Great app 4/5

    By trying hard to change
    I really like this app. But I wish it were possible to go back and check off something from the previous week if you forgot to do that. For daily habits you are allowed to check off yesterday or today. But for weekly habits, (such as walk x times per week) if you forget to check off the final one on Sunday it seems like there is no way to correct that.
  • LOVE LOVE - Just one thought! 5/5

    By ivorytickler92
    I LOVE Streaks. I use it daily and I have seen so many areas of my life improve with the ease of tracking habits and the motivation that this app provides. I wish it didn't have a limit on the number of pages and streaks/habits you can track. Especially as it's an app you pay for. But I'm sure there's something I don't understand about how the app was built. If there's a way to lift that limit, that would be amazing!
  • Stop Begging for Reviews 1/5

    By HiddenJester
    This 1 star review brought to you by a popup review prompt stealing focus while I was working …
  • Need more task capacity 5/5

    By Aamer Ashfaq
    Its an efficient and interactive app but need the capacity to add more task.
  • Very enjoyable to use habit app 5/5

    By Eisenhower808
    The biggest advantage I find with this app compared to competitors (well besides the obvious by not requiring a subscription) is the UI is very pleasant to use. I really like that they have a Pomodoro option for your habits, but it would be even better if they would work like on apps like Forest or TickTick where it kills the pomodoro if you’re away from the app for too long, forcing you to put your phone away. That would be terrific. Also I wish they would include have a way to easily view all the habits in one list. Having to flip through pages is inconvenient but I suppose I have too many habits at once anyways. Having some kind of reward / award system would be really great too.
  • Almost great 4/5

    By JLH1357
    I’m very torn about this app. On one end, it’s the most satisfying habit tracker I’ve used, and has probably led to the most habits actually sticking. But there are just a couple basic things that keep me searching elsewhere. If there were only a way to customize the amount of items that each page displays, or add some kind of list view option, I think that would solve a lot of issues for me. I have issues with categorization, so trying to find 6 habits of a similar variety is sometimes a challenges and causes me to spin back and forth.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Emoji crabfish
    I would love it if there was an option to center the habits when you are tracking less than six. I track only one habit and having the button off center drives me crazy!
  • Blows the competition away. 5/5

    By Viktor_withaK
    I’m obsessed with habit apps. I’ve spent hundreds of hours testing literal dozens of them over the course of nine years. Streaks is far better than any other. Streaks is beautifully designed and very simple to use. But at the same time, it has nearly every feature you could need, including basics like archiving or pausing habits, plus some more unique ones like friend sharing, and buttons that can quickly open any app on your device. You’d think building a habit app would be relatively simple, but many of them, while they look well-made at first, reveal app-breaking bugs, particularly when you get into more complex habit scheduling. I’ve almost never had *any* issues with Streaks. Support is very responsive. Notification and badge settings are *very* customizable for individual habits. Completion metrics/graphs. And, crucially, Apple Health integration. Lots of good stuff. Just a few things it could do better: • You can “skip” habits to avoid breaking a streak when you have a good excuse, but only retroactively—not on the same day. This can screw up my metrics if I forget that I had a valid excuse for missing a habit. • The character limits for task descriptions are pretty short—a “fine print” field would be nice for adding extra notes about the habit. • You can view metrics by month and by year, but weekly metrics would be useful IMO. Also, I wish the graphs were over rolling periods (“past 30 days” instead of “June” or “2022”). • Syncing between multiple devices is a little wonky sometimes, but iCloud sync makes it easy to save and restore backups. Not really sure why I wrote all this—is anyone actually going to read this?—but whatever, there ya go. Keep up the good work Crunchy Bagel!
  • Sync is broken 1/5

    By 123456789123456789123456789987654321
    This used to be such a great, simple, reliable app. Now sync has been broken for weeks. More of a pain than it is worth now.
  • Best for keeping daily habits in check. 5/5

    By Jihop
    Stumbled upon this app by chance. It seems minimum but has a lot of customization and advanced features. Love it. Kudos to the developer!
  • The Best Habit-Making App!!! 5/5

    By thisisrobgillen
    I love the Streaks App. I’ve started a dozen new habits and I’ve held them for two months straight now. I know it sound like hyperbole? But this app has helped change my life!
  • Responsive Developer 5/5

    By Lazarus the Lame
    I asked if they could look into the tinting on Apple Watch, they said they would check it out, and lo and behold the tinting was changed in the next update. Great team.
  • wish the icloud sync worked 3/5

    By Stefan --
    I love the mobile app; however the desktop app doesn't sync with my iphone. Yes- i did enable icloud sync on my iOS app and no it didn't work when I uninstalled and reinstalled both the mac and iOS app - they are both out of sync with eachother
  • widget fix pleaseee 4/5

    By Hulu Frog
    I had like 5 or more icons i could hold tap to on my “swipe down from top” control center on tr latest apple iOS, Why did thr update delete that function when ive been depending on this for over a years My habit schedule is in panic mode. Please bring this function backkk!!💚 I would appreciate an answer. Ppl buy things so they can function as they always have and an update can really mess with ppl i guess? 😢😅 This has always helped me with my adhd and whatever else to help me have the fastest reference system going. Pleasee please add this function back. Again, it’s worked so well for so long
  • Watch syncing still problematic 1/5

    By KingArthurVI
    On 7.5.9, the watchOS complication doesn’t update automatically. When I complete a task on the iPhone, it doesn’t mirror over until I manually launch the app. The app also doesn’t seem to be kept alive very long anymore either (in the past that seems to be the case, maybe because of Core Bluetooth state restoration or some watchOS data transfer mechanisms). I implore the developer to please figure out a solution for this issue — my primary use case for the app is sync between watch and phone, and having them sync seamlessly.
  • good but 4/5

    By ppleasedjdjkdjfbd
    it’s good, but i can’t set a habit’s end date :(
  • Happy and Sad 4/5

    By Clarkezone
    Happy that the sync system is now using iCloud directly so that watch sync works well. Sad that the new sync system still is a little buggy
  • Use to work 2/5

    By gphr74
    The changes to the sync system haas ruined this app. No matter what I do, duplicates appear on regular basis. I hav snow turned sync off and deleted the app from all but one device (my phone). Still an ok app for the rest, but I would not rely on it for sync purposes. Also just discovered that when I turn sync off, I can’t even use my watch to just complete tasks.
  • No!!! 1/5

    By darkha1f
    Your “7.5 upgrade” just blew away my streaks on all my devices! I was coming up on a year in some cases of a day never missed. I don’t know what the exact numbers were! I’m going to find another more reliable way to keep track of my streaks, like a pen and paper! I’m done with this app. Whatever you changed, it wasn’t worth it!!!
  • Broken after last couple of updates 1/5

    By ParamedicBK
    This was an absolutely fantastic app that I used every day into the last several updates broke it and made it absolutely unusable. I was having to reset it from backups on a daily basis and now even those back ups are gone. It seem to be fixed after the last update only to break again a few days later. Very sad to see.
  • Sync Issues 3/5

    By Funk_Shui
    Ever since v7.5 syncronizing has been totally broken. Not sure what's going on. Maybe by the big v8 things will be resolved. For now, removing from my Mac because it can't seem to keep it together like my iPhone.
  • Bye Bye Data 1/5

    By Bobby T.
    All my tasks and history following an update. Not sure what I did wrong, other than updating the app…
  • About the title and the tasks 4/5

    Since you only offer 28 characters in title, so I suggest give us another place with longer spaces so that we can describe our tasks clearly, thanks. And why only offer 24 tasks, we need more available tasks. Thanks

    By Sk23670
    This app has changed my life and helped me overcome perfectionism when trying to build healthy habits while having ADHD. The customizations are great. THANK YOU! The ability to set custom names, very customized intervals, badges/reminders or not, notifications or not, etc. have let me track my progress on habits I feel guilty about not being good at. I’m able to just mark when I did them without being reminded of when I didn’t. On the flip side, I’m able to set off timed tasks that DO remind me when I haven’t done them (like take your meds, then eat half an hour later). All of this syncs to my apple watch, so I don’t have to remember to go write down that I did a thing. I can then check my progress overall whenever I’m in a good place mentally to not beat myself up about things I missed - the easy to read UI lets me look at past months on my phone. Guess who’s taking her meds, using mouthwash, and applying acne cream more regularly over a 5 month period? (Hint - it’s me).
  • Fantastic App That doesn’t charge you foolish subscription fees 5/5

    By Vampiresoup
    Simple, good looking and charges you up front. Everything I’m looking for in an app like this. Best one of these I’ve tried.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Pooria khosravi
    It definitely DOES worth 5 dollars
  • Perfect Habit Tracker 5/5

    By Terco30
    Nuff said
  • Wow! 5/5

    By Dave in Centennial
    It took me awhile to use Streaks on a regular basis. That may have been a good thing as it's developers continued to improve the app from the version I originally downloaded to the current version I use multiple times daily. I currently regularly use both the iOS and Watch OS versions daily, and they complement one another nicely and are VERY useful. My bottom line is this: Streaks is useful, but, like any good tool, it must be used consistently and honestly to realize is benefits. Since I've been using it consistently and logging my habit achievements honestly, it's helped me a great deal. My only suggestion would be to increase the number of habits it can track to a number greater than 24. Perhaps there's something magical about 24. If so, I would like to know what that is.
  • Was enjoying before recent update 2/5

    By SD90403
    I had been enjoying this app for over a year, until I updated to version 7.5.6. Then it reset everything and removed all my tasks and data. Fortunately, I found another person reported something similar and the company listed where to find backups in the app (I only use it on my iPhone). I was able to restore data up until almost 2 weeks ago, so I only lost the data from the last 2 weeks. Once restored, I looked around to initiate a new backup and the only thing I have found is to export a backup. I want them in one place and exporting into Streaks is not one of the options. What prompts the program to automatically backup? Why do we not have an option to manually initiate one of those internal backups?
  • Newest version fixes sync issues 5/5

    By BeijingCouchPotato
    Original review: The new version using iCloud sync has broken the sync between iPhone, iPad, and Watch. The Watch is in a continual state of sync, no tasks show up. The iPad is a mess, tasks are jumbled and out of order Update: the sync issues, particularly with Apple Watch, have been resolved with latest release.
  • Great app for tracking your habits. Wishing to add custom icon to habits. 5/5

    By عبدالله أبوخزيم
    This app is great to track your habits. However, there is a tiny feature I’d like the developer to add which is giving an option to choose my own icon when creating new habit. Highly recommending Update: I mean to choose my icon from my photos gallery. Same feature exist at Streaks workout from same developer.
  • Too basic of an app 3/5

    By 75070
    It needs to tie in with the Activity app and pull info. The iPhone app, you press and hold to count the day; the watch app just tap to count day, not constant between apps
  • Lost my data 2/5

    By Dleewo
    I was using the app for a month and it worked great. I updated the app today and now I have lost a week’s worth of data and my habit streaks are starting over
  • Clone issues 1/5

    By abdullah almowanas
    I’ve been using streaks since almost 3 months, everything was amazing until i updated the app and it cloned every task i have and got my scores numbers wrong, I’ve been contacting the customer service since it happened 10 days back and until now all i got is it will be solved shortly.
  • Best streak app I’ve tried 5/5

    By taliesinday
    This is the best streak app I’ve tried, gives you everything you need and doesn’t sneak up on you with surprise in-app purchases. Well worth the $5