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Subway® App

Hungry? Eating fresh just got a whole lot better with the new Subway app. ● Customize Your Way: Like extra cheese? Us too. Build your own Footlong just like you do in the restaurant. Swap your condiments, pick your toppings, or toast your bread — the opportunities are endless. ● Find Rewards: Join MyWay and earn every time you order. You’ll get access to exclusive deals, promos, and member-only rewards. Saving is easier than ever. ● Rapid Re-Order: Find your favorites in a snap. Get your last order in a single tap, right from the dashboard. ● Get Fresh Fast: Choose Pick Up, Curbside, or delivery. What are you waiting for?

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Subway® app reviews

  • No tip 4/5

    By Nickison38dd
    I couldn’t believe when I used this app for the first time that it didn’t allow me to leave a tip. I asked the worker if f the app allowed you to leave a tip and she said unfortunately no. I left a tip with cash, but come on Subway, you really need to fix this.
  • Stale bread and soggy fillings 2/5

    By becko reesa
    I ordered a footling online to pick up at Northtowne Lane subway shop in Sparks, NV. The Italian bread was stale and the crust crumbled when I got home. In addition, it looks like they didn’t bother to drain the pickles and both halves were terribly soggy. We had to throw a chunk of each half away. Not sure we’ll want to go back!
  • There is no way to get a refund if the store cannot fulfill the order 1/5

    By arsydog118119
    Read title
  • Can’t even place an order 1/5

    By Almost useless
    Was great but now won’t even take an order or change stores. Horrible app
  • Not excepted at restaurant 1/5

    By vintage girl 11
    I’m constantly getting emails for promotions and coupons. I have not found a restaurant that excepts the app. Why even have a app or promotions if the subway restaurants don’t except them.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By opalrose
    I have tried to us & the app is not user friendly. I have done this multiple times.
  • Someone stole my account 1/5

    By ca8179
    Someone stole my account to order more than a dozen cookies at a Subway in Chicago, about a thousand miles from me. How do I go about getting my money back? I absolutely hate that you are forced to leave the gift card on the app for anyone to break in and steal. How do I get my egift card money back?
  • Still needs some fixing after update 3/5

    By Pbrannon
    When i added my normal footlong sub but decided to edit it in the cart to make it a 6” I was disappointed when I picked up a sandwich that was so different from my normal order. I feel that after I’ve added my previously ordered sandwich to my cart i should be able to edit specific things without the fixings changing to some weird gross default I don’t want. Sure, I should have noticed that the sandwich fixings changed completely when I made the sandwich a 6” but I’ve previously had to change the bread because the store I’m ordering from is out of stock on one type and when I change the bread everything else stays the same.
  • Food 5/5

    By corinna71
    Great apps
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By N1637283828
    The app won’t stop spamming me with advertisements. I also cannot select a six inch sandwich, only buy a footling. Lastly, the store owner could not understand how to accept a gift card, so insisted I download this dysfunctional app in the first place.
  • Poor Inventory setup 1/5

    By jdahn98
    Careful if you order something they don’t have they will just substitute whatever they feel like instead of trying to first contact you and ask if it would be okay
  • Order was not ready 1/5

    By Y Tep
    Hi, I placed an online order for first time. I ordered online so I wouldn’t wait. The app told me my order was ready and when I got to this location it wasn’t ready. I asked the staff about my order and the girl at store ignored me. She asked the other girl oh is the order that didn’t print receipt? And she didn’t even acknowledge me. They made my sandwich when I was there and no one said sorry and just ignored me! Dissatisfied, Yvette Tepichin
  • Online order for delivery 2/5

    By Mohnssssss
    I tried to order online for delivery 5 times. Each time there was an error code. I wanted to go through the app to get points but also to make the picky customization i like to make and each time it was generic error or opps we are still processing your payment check back in a few minutes. Nothing thats what happened nothing was there. Something that should have taken 10 minutes make i spent 30 minutes on. I just went through DoorDash. Don’t get to be as picky as i like which is fine but now i get no points. Would not recommend using the delivery feature at all. Don’t know about the regular online ordering so good luck.
  • Great… when it works 2/5

    By EdRock
    But it can be a complete PITA when it acts like it’s full of porcine excrement and fails to place your order. It’s not fun to show up for your curbside or pickup order and the staff not know what you are talking about.
  • App won’t work 1/5

    By Mrs DLR
    I have downloaded the app, changed the password, deleted and redox loaded, all to no avail. I get an “unknown error” message any time I try to use it.
  • Love app 5/5

    By Trey Rolfson
    App is awesome for ordering ahead

    By SDGriffy
    App used to be great but the delivery option consistently leads to an error when you go to check out. Have tried all troubleshooting options, re-installed and no dice. Please fix!!
  • Awful app doesn’t work 1/5

    By Lenzy33
    No matter what payment I try the app suddenly will not accept it, even when I try using my reward points to pay for the full cost, the app will not let me order!! It is infuriating! I used to get subway DAILY and your latest app update fudged everything up and is now costing you a long standing daily customer

    By quazisodo
    They charged me $22 dollars and sent an error code saying to check back later. Never placed an order and kept my money.
  • Doesn’t include kids meals 1/5

    By SwimBikeRum
    My child is who I order subway for but the meals are included on the app. I tried to order the items individually but the kids drinks aren’t on the app either.
  • BYO if only 🫤 1/5

    By Temple fun run!
    This app doesn’t actually let you build your own sandwich. My son has ordered tuna and ham for 12 years and this app won’t let you build that.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By kyler1248
    This is the worst online app I have ever used half the deals don’t work. Absolutely the worst app ever.
  • Doesnt work! 1/5

    By Allycat2713
    Payment aways fails. Even redownload The app. Did this 4 months ago and tried again today and same thing! Tried multiple cards. Literally waste of time to order the food just for the payment to not go threw.
  • App is trash 1/5

    By kersh13266
    Doesn’t let you complete the order half the time and since most of the coupons are app only you can’t just go in person instead. Fix this garbage
  • Freezing 2/5

    By Kaye81
    The convenience of ordering and just grabbing the meal when you get there is awesome. Unfortunately, more often than not, I am given an error, it freezes or the app closes out altogether. Quite frustrating.
  • Horrible application 1/5

    By BananaNicole01
    This app steady takes my money for delivery then says an error happend. Then ties up my funds until the next day I am very hungry.
  • Useful but very buggy on weekends 2/5

    By smol_yote
    I don’t fully understand why but whenever I make a purchase on Sundays for less than 10 dollars the order says payment fails but my card still gets charged. It’s usually corrected by Monday but it’s still frustrating that I can’t order ahead on weekends to order my food. Also if you want a Dr Pepper fountain drink you have to select Coca-Cola and put Dr Pepper in the notes… it’s the small things that makes the system so frustrating
  • Not worth it use DoorDash 1/5

    By um1641
    This app will charge you and then say error. When you go to look up your order it doesn’t exist and you are now down the amount you were charged. The codes don’t work either. Not worth it use DoorDash, same price and won’t get screwed. Subway app is broken and works 50% of the time.
  • Complaint 4/5

    By KadenRO
    The sandwiches are good and all but they need to fix their app. Whenever I order a sandwich specifically the cold cut combo I customize it and i order it than it says that it was never customized. Please fix this problem.
  • Subs & cookies 5/5

    By tory1952
    I regularly order 2 subs for dinner so that I can enjoy one the next day for breakfast or lunch. Sometimes I have ordered your salad. I love the variety of items to chose from to add my sandwiches. Thank you for the freshness and the deliciousness.
  • Doesn’t compute discounts 2/5

    By Jim father of 10
    I took the time to place an order based on the special buy two subs get one free. After going through all the trouble to place the order it will not show the discount no matter what I do. I even called the local subway to ask them why it’s not working they tried to do the same thing on their phone and had the same problem. Get your act together subway. Very frustrating!!!!! They were kind enough to take my order over the phone but not as convenient as using this app which is supposed to be convenient
  • Can’t really customize… 2/5

    By Pagelovesherphone
    When my fiancé and I go to Subway we build our own, we don’t use the numbered ones. But for his sub we can’t make it on the app because it doesn’t allow certain ways he likes it. He gets footlong on Italian with ham and double bacon toasted with American cheese, He is able to choose on the app a ham and bacon but can’t add extra bacon. I wish there was a fully customizable section that it would go through every step, aka (bread, size, toasted, meat, cheese, veggies, sauces) and you could pick and choose each item….
  • Yum! 5/5

    By C and V B
    Friendly staff
  • Re: App 3/5

    By Ms. Keil
    I’ve downloaded the app, on several occasions, and I can’t sign in, or see what’s exactly in my bag. Please fix all the necessary issues with this app!!!!!!
  • Special instructions are a joke 2/5

    By Ushsbs
    I have asked for sauce on the side that last 6 times. Only one store has ever read the special instructions.
  • App Useless on military bases 1/5

    By yzfmitch
    I can’t order to pickup on my base. I get subway coupons in the mail and none of the off base restaurants will take them, even in light of the recent price hike. Consider this people, the last days of the $5 footling were in 2018 on subs like the cold cut, Black Forest ham, blt…etc. since the. Your average price of these sandwiches are now $8 and above. All the premium subs are $10+!!! So in the last 4 years, subway has hiked their prices about 50-60% since 2018 and doesn’t like to honor their own coupons that help out. Time to start voting with my dollar and stop going to the ones that won’t honor a promotion, so why should I give them my business?
  • Page is freezing up 4/5

    By Reese3838
    I love this Subway app but when I get ready to pay the page keeps freezing on me
  • App is SLOW 3/5

    By Nick Clendenning
    I hate using the app because of how slow it is to put in an order. Every time that green circle comes up I wanna quit and pick something else.
  • Convenient when working 3/5

    By Maddiebri23
    It never accepts any form of payment, whether it’s Apple Pay, my debit, or credit card. It always gives an error.
  • Could be better 4/5

    By Cliched mom
    Subway should add a category for the available soup(s), the ability to request sauce on the side or vegetables on the side and the ability to chose two different types of cheese. For example i like to get pepper-jack and provolone but on the app i can only select one cheese.
  • Awful, just use doordash 1/5

    By f1nsoup
    The app constantly crashes and cancels orders but not before placing a pending charge that takes DAYS to clear. I saved my last $20 for subway and the app said “invalid time request” and cancelled the order. It’s been 24 hours and I still haven’t gotten that money back, so I can’t even get food until the pending clears. Never using the app again
  • Customer 5/5

    By marathon teader
    The workers at Beaverton Subway were fantastic my sandwich was made to perfection they were very professional everything was very clean really enjoyed the sandwich and I will be using the subway frequently
  • Worst food app out there 1/5

    By Bjan516
    The customization options are severely lacking. For as versatile as subway is known to be, their app is BEYOND disappointing.
  • “Skip the line” bull crap 1/5

    By Brandee Wible
    You don’t get to skip the line. They do the line first then do the app orders. Get a new motto!!
  • The best 5/5

    By hazel mayes
    They make it fast fresh I love it and will all ways come back and send friends to
  • How much lower can they go…? 2/5

    By PixelRogue
    We were once Subway super fans, and now we are dumping any remaining gift cards and moving on.. Subway is a dump anymore. will die out soon. Biggest problems: - Tech/customer support non-existent - Management changed over the last decade - Prices climbed way too high. TECHNICAL SUPPORT When there is issue, it is often live trying to place an order. Zero live up port - no phone nor chat. Forced to a long form with a billion required fields to submit with hopes of a response 24-48 business hours later. Submit the concern and zero response from Subway. Submit another request weeks later asking for an update - ignored. Accidentally ordered at the wrong location. Zero way to change store or cancel order. Tried frying love support - directed to that nasty contact us spend all the time ruining from a tiny virtual keyboard. We ended up calling the store itself to cancel - person answers and tells us “Call the Subway guy” and hangs up. We continue to call only to be disconnected l, hung up or no answering - UNTIL order has been made. Owner nee the order location was a mistake, proceeded anyway in spite of conflicting datapoints. MANAGEMENT CHANGES Over the last decade or so ownership and management went though heavy changes. Now most subways are dumps, managed by people who appear to carry distain for their very customers with a side of resentment. Walk into a given subway at random time and will often find someone yelling - yelling at a customer, yelling on the phone, yelling at an negative and all the time and in so many locations. Most are also ‘non-participating’ so good luck with any promotion. Bring in a promotion and the owner will spend 20 minutes and intentionally hold up the line scrutinizing said promotion looking for a way to disqualify. Who wants to be around so much negative energy for lunch - all the time? No one reads the comments of an order, so one can only lets try from an is tore location. PRICING Pricing is crazy high anymore, and that is post covid inflation and in contrast to similar options…current tense. Most stores (at least in this location) are zero promotion option. —— The App Store review text field is now buggy…it wipes out reviews before saving etc.
  • Slow 1/5

    By Colonel Tavington
    Ridiculously slow app. Why is it so slow? No other ordering app is this slow. Takes forever to load changes to orders. I usually get impatient and just go elsewhere.
  • Steak sub 1/5

    By non-toes
    The worst steak sub I’ve ever had!
  • 👍🏻 5/5

    By Fghhdvhjdvnjvc
    Nice people..good food…thanks -it’s appreciated!
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