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Subway® App

Hungry? Eating fresh just got a whole lot better with the new Subway app. ● Customize Your Way: Like extra cheese? Us too. Customize your Footlong just like you do in the restaurant. Swap your condiments, pick your toppings, or toast your bread — the opportunities are endless. ● Find Rewards: Join MyWay and earn every time you order. You’ll get access to exclusive deals, promos, and member-only rewards. Saving is easier than ever. ● Rapid Re-Order: Find your favorites in a snap. Get your last order in a single tap, right from the dashboard. ● Get Fresh Fast: Choose Pick Up, Curbside, or Delivery. What are you waiting for?

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Subway® app reviews

  • Gift cards 4/5

    By Tomd22
    I would give the app five stars if it had the option to check the balance of your gift cards.
  • Goated 5/5

    By Subway Chad
    Whenever I get on the Subway app a wave of dopamine comes over my entire life, when opening the app my life troubles seem to fade into the stars. For instance one time after my mom’s funeral I checked my phone and what do I see? A buy one get one %50 off coupon! I ate away my woes of my moms terminal cancer battle loss with a sAuCy foot long teriyaki chicken sub. Five stars
  • Worst app 1/5

    By sinAsh1795
    Worst app ever!! There’s no costumer care number to contact in case there’s a problem with delivery. Half of the times the delivery just gets canceled out of nowhere and never shows up on the order history. Upon getting in touch with the shop manager you get the response that they can’t do anything and don’t see the order. You can’t choose your restaurants for delivery. Coupons don’t apply.
  • Never shows your rewards 1/5

    By Spangken
    I got the app for the sole purpose of earning rewards, because that’s the only real purpose of these apps isn’t it? Ever since I’ve gotten the app it says there is an error retrieving your rewards and I went online and contacted support and have never gotten a response. What’s the point of offering an app to make me want to get your food more by offering rewards that no one can ever see or use. Seems like a pretty big scam to me
  • Use weekly 4/5

    By Herf
    I wish I could create or edit a favorite; not just save an order. I also wish stores could (would?) update when they are out of chocolate chip cookies. I don’t like the surprise of them guessing what I wanted instead.
  • Overpriced and crappy deals 2/5

    By cosmic corex
    Can barely ever use the deals, and $30 for 2 sandwiches. Seems like covid hit subway harder than most families did
  • Coupons 1/5

    By Tsguurdcjtdv4$8,4
    Was always able to eat my favorite sandwich her. I will not be eating or using subway again because they keep raising their prices and now I’m not able to use my FOOTLONG599 code anymore and they want me to pay full price for a sandwich their employees can’t even construct without mistake. I advise everyone who reads this to eat FIREHOUSE subs or CHARLEY’s, for they are cheaper and you get a WAYYYY better bang for your buck. Goodbye subway.
  • Another update, still no Apple Wallet support 3/5

    By Tesco22
    Please let me add my rewards QR code to Apple Wallet! I just want to be able to scan it at a Subway without having to open the app.
  • Won’t Accept Payment 1/5

    By ScottAM2015
    Won’t let me put in a credit card or use Apple Pay. But it lets me waste 5 minutes putting in my order that it won’t let me place…
  • Will not show any of my rewards 1/5

    By HaleyDep
    Other than not showing my rewards the app is good… I can save my favorites and previous orders. It is frustrating that I can’t access my rewards even though I have a ordered quite a few times. Please fix whatever bug is causing this issue and I will rate it 5 stars. Also I cannot access rewards when I login on safari sooo it’s just an issue all around.
  • Not taking order 1/5

    By benk1223456
    It already happened few times that the app order DID NOT deliver. The app said the order were completed, but when I be at site, it was pending payment. It happened to me few times & it really bother me since I have only a quick lunch
  • Never using this app again 1/5

    By Tikkitoes
    This app has screwed up my deliveries now twice. Yesterday was the final straw for me. I placed an online order for me and my husband for dinner last night and the delivery address went from mine back to the store. The person delivering it didn’t even call to clarify the address and took it back to the store and left it at their front door and sent a picture. I called door dash who agreed the dasher should of called me to clarify but also stated subway was accountable for giving the wrong address and I needed to reach them for a refund. Well subway is refusing to refund me on my 30 dollars because it was marked completed when I never received my food and have the proof to show it. Trying to reach their customer service dept is awful as well. Never using this app again for this reason
  • Menu 2/5

    By sq suk
    Isn’t it weird that almost every food app doesn’t let you view menu if stores are closed. You could only view menu when you order but if store are all closed at night you can’t view menu…
  • Didn’t get what I ordered. 3/5

    By J Cansler
    No bacon or cheese and I paid for extra of both.
  • Not very customizable 1/5

    By Jacquelynn L
    I’ve been trying to figure out how to add salami to my sandwich’s through this app for weeks and I’ve come to the conclusion that the app isn’t very customizable when it comes to several meats on one sandwich. That and they don’t have the turkey Italiano on the app. Even when I was able to order it from actual stores. I really don’t recommend this app if you have a “strange” order that includes different meats on the same sandwich. It’s very limited.
  • Bug in App 3/5

    By babydaddy27
    If you select delivery, and then try to change to pickup for the next order, the app will always revert back to delivery. I have to uninstall and reinstall the app to get it to change back to pickup.
  • Too many inapplicable deal notifications 1/5

    By mpvbrao
    Keeping showing too many notifications and none of them are applicable to the location I go to. Takes a while every time I add a sub to the cart, or when I try to switch to Cart view.
  • Check your order 5/5

    By JofAberdeen
    Ordered in the app and most of my order was not correct. I ordered 4 meals and the chips were not in the bag with the sandwiches, do I really need to check this before I leave the restaurant? Unfortunately I do. I asked for tomatoes to be left off of one sandwich and they were on there. Several other things were wrong but I won’t include it here. What’s the point of pre-ordering if what I get will be completely wrong.
  • Failed payment 1/5

    By Malvarado86
    Payment says it failed three times but charged me each time. I also did not receive the food. Didn’t even get a confirmation email so they support couldn’t help me.
  • Love my subway app 5/5

    By Needtorita
    Will not let me teview
  • Fix Payment Method 2/5

    By IveTriedAMillionNicknames
    Pretty silly that you have to just keep refilling the gift card option, instead of it letting you empty the gift card and then use another payment method. Looks like I’ll just have to pay in store if using two payment methods is even allowed there.
  • Raw Bacon 2/5

    By cjjjjjjjjj6287
    The bacon put on the sandwiches still needs to be put in the toaster!!!!
  • Awesome Stuff 5/5

    By mv1035
    Keep doing what you do .,
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Subu Avery
    Excellent and clean shop
  • Ok app, bad notifications 2/5

    By LaggyOne
    While the app works ok the number of notifications is just crazy. You also have no way to adjust marketing vs order notifications so I had to turn them off entirely.
  • Great 5/5

    By dadoublek
    Online ordering makes things really easy.
  • Sloppiest wrap ever 1/5

    By Oh my gooodddddd
    Ordered thru the app asked for a wrap and got the sloppiest wraps I had ever had could put a lil more love in making the wraps had to scrap the majority of the toppings out of the paper ended up throwing away more than I ate
  • Sure 1/5

    By It’ssogood
    Subway is always a solid choice but this all is trash in order to use it I feel like I always have to make sure my sandwich is right before I leave with it all I ever order is a blt and they can never get it right and thanks to the app there’s more nothing than before that you could do cos not only do the stores not answer your call but neither does the number for service that the app gives you and the biggest plus is no order reporting if something is messed up but her you can reorder 👍
  • Great app 5/5

    By Ashbarth
    Loved it
  • Makes the process much easier 5/5

    By CatLuvMoola
    I don’t like socializing with people so this makes it much easier to order
  • Won’t even use the app anymore 1/5

    By otr time waster
    I used this app religiously and ordered subway sometimes twice weekly, the app was great and everything was ready when I got there. Now with all the updates I can’t even put the toppings I want on my own sub and have to make it in restaurant. I just want to add cheddar cheese to my chicken bacon ranch but it only gives you 3 options for that specific sandwich and I don’t understand why they would change that and there’s no way to add what I want on it. I will not be using the app until this is fixed and as of now it’s lost a long time user
  • Subway Sandwiches 5/5

    By Johnhr1949
    My first time using the Subway app. Very easy to build my own sandwich. I’ll be using the app again soon. John R.
  • Crap App 1/5

    By JW6132
    can’t type into any fields as app only uses autofill?!! No way to enter password !!!!!!
  • Confusing 1/5

    By Nemie7
    I have tried so many times to use the app so I could use the BOGO 50% a foot long. Every time it’s super challenging to get the sub I want and it is not actually anything close to 50% off your second foot long. It only lets you use Apple Pay and if you try to use a gift card that doesn’t pay for the whole meal you have to add more money to the gift card instead of being able to use a second method of payment. Every aspect of this app is stressful and I always just give up and order somewhere else that has a more user friendly website.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Eowyn_88
    Stupid app won’t let me finish placing my order even though have my payment method already in. I’ve used this app for 4 years and has never had this issue till now.
  • 1st order stuck and charged for it 1/5

    By JW12Ace
    DoorDash got the order. The Subway app says error. I was charged. Really?!?
  • Poor app - slow and constant errors for years 1/5

    By royroddey
    Very slow to respond to any changes (ordering a sub, changing store, going to cart, everything). Seems like i get constant error messages and you never are told why. Either the app developers need to go back to school or the backend systems need major optimization. Truly hate using this app but hope one day it works better.
  • Malo 1/5

    By Skipjshsu
    No sirve se traba mucho y me iso perder dinero
  • Manistee, Mi Location 5/5

    By I Love Michigan!
    The Manistee Mi location is always clean, well staffed and the staff is conscientious and very friendly. We really enjoy our location!!
  • Subway review amazing 5/5

    By alabamaboy10
    I love the app great way to earn tokens and points towards money off subways
  • I hate this app. 1/5

    By Who cares (Eli)
    There have been several times when it will not accept my cards that I have already registered on the account. It will not let me add new cards because it won’t save when I enter the information in. This has gone on for years. I like subway and I try to use to app to order ahead and get rewards points but the app has failed me time and time again. I will be going to jimmy Johns permanently from now on.
  • Convenient but only sometimes 2/5

    By IAmSaz
    I placed an order for pickup but needed to edit the time. There is no way to edit or even cancel orders and the store doesn’t have the ability to do that either since the system is ‘automated’. Automation only works if it’s a mutually convenient service. Why make our lives harder than necessary, Subway? Why?
  • Good experience 4/5

    By Ralgonzo
    Store was greatly. Wish I could build a custom sandwich on the app
  • Great ap, but 1 suggestion 4/5

    By Tsc483
    I order regularly from subway—usually the same thing. The ap makes it very easy and I just run in and pick up the order. Here’s the problem, like many aps, they’ve built in a tip feature. I don’t mind tipping, though this seems a bit over the top since these workers are paid hourly and don’t rely on tips. The big problem is that you are supposed to tip when ordering. Unfortunately, if you pick up the order and it’s wrong, the tip is already paid. Then I feel disgruntled and don’t tip the next time, and the order is correct. Not fair to the employees. Plus, does no tip mean spit in your sandwich. Make it possible to tip after the fact.
  • Pretty easy need chips 4/5

    By ya momma friends
    Only ever see 2 types of chips.
  • Login 1/5

    By ImGParmar
    Can’t login to app it keeps showing error error
  • Be wary of orders 1/5

    By Supacash
    App allowed me to order to a closed store and was not able to refund
  • Personal Comment 5/5

    By Rolliepoker
    It is convenient since the sandwiches are already being prepared before I walk in into the sandwich shop. Also, I love the discount; buy 12’ one (sandwich) and get other free or 50% discount on the next one!
  • i lub sub 5/5

    By Jamie Weeder
    i do i do
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