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  • Current Version: 8.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Hungry? With the SUBWAY® App you can order ahead to access Express Pickup, get digital coupons, earn on purchases, scan to pay and more -- all in seconds! EARN: With Subway MyWay™ Rewards built right into the app, you can earn on every purchase, plus get Surprise Rewards, exclusive deals and more. Consider it a "token" of our appreciation for you! SAVE: Get digital deals sent right to your app, personalized just for you. CUSTOMIZE: Like extra olives? Us too. Customize your sandwich just like you would in the restaurant. Swap your cheese, pick your toppings, toast your bread – the opportunities are endless. TOP IT OFF: Not sure what to add to your sandwich? Leave it to the experts. Add a sandwich with suggested toppings directly to your bag - keeping decisions low but deliciousness high. SAVE A FAVE: Have a “usual”? Don’t waste time digging through past orders. Name and save your fave to make reordering a snap. PAY: No wallet? No problem. Pay for your food ahead of time through the App or in-store using your mobile wallet. FIND: On-the-go? We got you. Find a SUBWAY® Restaurant near you, get directions, view hours and other things you want to know – like if the restaurant has a drive thru or serves breakfast. What are you waiting for? Download the App and start eating and earning! For any questions, you can contact us here: [email protected] Mobile ordering is only available at Participating restaurants. SUBWAY® is a registered trademark of Subway IP LLC © 2019 Subway IP LLC All Rights Reserved SUBWAY Restaurants Web Site SUBWAY® App Support Application License Agreement

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SUBWAY® app reviews

  • Great 5/5

    By blunoz.
  • App adds unwanted ingredients and hard to find all locations 2/5

    By hannahkathleen67#@
    First off it took a great deal of effort to find the location that I want to order from. App won’t search for location by address. Second the app is adding default ingredients to sandwiches and ignoring the ingredients that you choose in the app. Very very frustrating.
  • Failure of design 1/5

    By indianaexile03
    I tried to register as a new user 3x. Got to the final screen just fine, but was not allowed to check off the final “agree to terms” box. Sent me back to the first screen where I had to start all over. I’m not wasting any more of my time on this nonfunctional ridiculousness.
  • Orders are not right but ok if u make zero changes 3/5

    By nate8933
    I love being able to order online but there have been some issues. I ordered a sub once that had guacamole on it. It was a special sub yet when I got it there was non on it. I had customized it and added some extra things but didn’t remove the guacamole however in the receipt it showed the name of sub and the extra stuff I added. I guess they were supposed to know to put all the regular stuff too but they didn’t. This last time I ordered an Italian BMT but added extra stuff and it had NO MEAT on it!! I was like what!?! The receipt says Italian and then lists the extras I added. Obviously the stores are confused and don’t realize that the extras is what is printing and they still need to add rest of the stuff too.
  • Awful 1/5

    By ZCeigler
    Whenever you convert a sandwich to a meal, you can’t make the drink a large and 90% of the soft drink and chip options that are at EVERY subway are not an option. Large Dr Pepper and Cheetos with my meal? Nowhere to be found.
  • Almost 3/5

    By trunk0
    I like the whole concept of just being able to swipe and add things, but you can’t customize a whole sandwich- just the veggies & sauce. There is absolutely no way to get a Turkey&Roast beef on this app without getting Ham on it too. Just seems like their holding you back a little.
  • What an easy experience 5/5

    By rNs91
    This is hands down the best app in the Resturaunt industry. So customizable, pretty presentation, easy to navigate, it gives you full control! Who ever developed this app was a genius.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Georgiadogg
    Fast and easy
  • Can’t customize completely 3/5

    By cmbrannen
    I tried to order a turkey and ham sub but found it impossible! I tried to delete the roast beef off the club and couldn’t do that either. Crazy!
  • Update App 4/5

    By Pilot2.2
    I would have given five stars but you can’t apply coupons on the app.
  • Problem 1/5

    By Mxeon
    All the time the same problem they made an update but it is exist, it can’t find my location properly or sometimes it can’t find my location at all. Please finally solve this problem.
  • Needs a few adjustments 3/5

    By Mrs20
    This is very convenient - except when trying to order the Italian BMT, I was not able to remove the capacolla
  • No chips?? 3/5

    By sstrseer
    Not sure what’s going on but when I go to sides all it shows me are cookies and apple sauce. Idk why I can’t find chips on there ANYWHERE. I always make a meal with chips but since the app won’t let me I literally can’t use the app right now. Am I missing something??
  • Added features please! 3/5

    By subway fan 2
    I love a lot of things about this app except I’m a picky eater and they don’t have a build your own sandwich or salad feature! They have sandwich options and salad options but you can’t add meat or delete meat that you don’t want they only let you delete or add veggies and condiments and not everyone eats the specified subway sandwiches, I prefer my own thing! And I also don’t like where you are limited to certain breads for the sandwich you choose, not everyone eats the same! It would be a nice option to build your own sandwich and be able to choose from everything you offer.
  • Fun and Fast! 5/5

    By MsBaldinoTeaches
    Was fun to make my sandwich. Picked up quickly and earned rewards. Perfection!
  • Subway app is great!! 5/5

    By ArlieGirl
    We love the app.
  • Hate this app 1/5

    By Asehb
    It is beyond frustrating that I can’t just reorder a previous order instead of going through the awkward steps to order toppings (could you make it any more difficult and counterintuitive???)
  • SO EASY! Maybe too easy! 5/5

    By Jraerey
    I love this app! I can order anything I want almost anyway I want it. I love that I just walk in and pick it up. No more waiting!
  • Easy & Convenient 5/5

    By MeBe2019
    I can order from anywhere and pick up at any location. Skip the line & be on my way. Love it!
  • S 3/5

    By Grad1920
    I can’t seem to find the Make It Your Own. I used to use this and it was easy, but I can’t find anything now.
  • Great App 5/5

    By sonydlc
    Love this app.. never have had any issues and if I had. I have contacted subway and they correct them right away
  • Convenient 5/5

    By RamaOner
    This app is the true meaning of fast food
  • Only problem 3/5

    By erin816
    Only problem I had is I wish I could customize half order. An example is put onions on only half the foot long.
  • SO SLOW plus other issues 2/5

    By johnflufin
    Overall the app isn’t terrible but it’s very slow to do pretty much anything. I don’t know if it’s a caching issue or what, but loading screens during the process of ordering food, browsing options, viewing settings, etc is almost unbearably slow. Also there doesn’t seem to be a way to add rewards after you have started an order. When I added food to cart I realized I forgot to add my rewards. So I figured surely I can do that at checkout. Nope. I went to the rewards section, clicked apply on several $2 rewards, went to checkout, and rewards still weren’t applied. Soon after, I got an error so I cleared my cart and started over. 🙄Frustrating. One last thing that’s unnecessarily annoying and hidden - adding favorites. The only way to save a favorite is by purchasing something and then clicking the unlabeled heart outline next to the item ordered. If you miss it or forget to click it before loading a new screen or the app refreshes, too bad. You’ll have to wait until next time you order it and then hopefully remember to click the heart at the right moment. Clearly this makes no sense. If I order something I’ve never tried before and really enjoy it, I can’t favorite it until I order it again. And even then, I must remember to fav it at the right moment. Otherwise I would have to fav things before I know if they’re my fav yet. Or if I just want to create fav shortcuts for subway items I know I enjoy but haven’t ordered through the app yet, too bad. I have to order them to fav them. Ridiculous
  • Loved this app 5/5

    By Kjjill2003
    This might be the easiest app ever for online ordering!
  • Great app 5/5

    By tiffers842002
    Very easy to use
  • Difficult to navigate 1/5

    By bodezafa 88
    Difficult to navigate and employees are not trained to assist. Barcodes for rewards should appear immediately upon opening app. I shouldn’t have to search through menus to find it. Employee also couldn’t find the code for reward in the app and even stated she doesn’t have the app. What good are hidden unusable rewards?
  • Love the app!! 5/5

    By Hdjhcjdjsjs
    The app is easy and wonderful to use!!! Love it!
  • Great service 5/5

    By Par4lori
    I order using the app, my order is always ready on time and exactly how I ordered it.
  • Adding a sandwich 4/5

    By Jat2080
    It was a little difficult to add a sandwich but I figured it out. Great app though!!
  • Dm 3/5

    By drthkonfd
    I like the app so far, the only thing I would suggest is having a place to put in my coupons.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By KJK002
    “Bad request. Clear your bag” for every order, no matter what I order or how I pay for it. Completely worthless.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Skyebleu
    Super easy to use App. Thanks subway:)
  • Card 4/5

    By RachlRenee
  • Unprofessional app 1/5

    By G17_____
    This application can easily contend for the title of the most unprofessional apps among the major fast food providers. The signup process is horrible difficult and ridden with obscure error messages in perfectly normal situations (e.g. email, password etc all normal). The requirement to provide a phone number is bizarre at best. Horrible application. Deleted after install. Subway needs to hire a professional team to write their application.
  • Frustrating! 2/5

    By Pkbucio
    It shows “make it a combo” and doesn’t have a way to actually add it to the bag. Then, if you click the chips section, it shows Cookies and applesauce.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By thinknic
    Earn points for discounts on food. Only problem is applying the points will trigger a bug which will block you from ordering. The app will say your points are expired (they aren’t). The app will say you need to remove them from the order (you can’t). You will be stuck in a never ending cycle of trying to remove the points and ordering then getting an error message. Once your account is finally locked you have to call a representative who is a mixture of bored and apathetic, who has no idea how their own system works. After finally convincing them to reset your account they tell you it will take THREE HOURS for them to hit a button. In summary a complete pile of garbage app that doles out useless points that will freeze the app in an endless loop of frustration that is run by people who could care less. I wish I could give this trash zero stars.
  • Great app! Could use some modifications.... 4/5

    By Wheelman217 (xbox360)
    I enjoy this app the way you can create your own sandwich exactly the way you want it, and set the time ahead (in my case, for lunch break). The only thing I would ask to be -updated-, would be the time set. Meaning, when I set the time, then change something on the order, it resets it back to current time. Also, can it be added in where the order could be modified. For example, there’s been many times where I’ve made the order, submitted, and paid. Then realized that I didn’t set the time for next break, and have to call the store. Is there a way to modify the order and/or the time frame after the order is made?
  • Love it 5/5

    By jalex1990
    Excellent way to order your food, very simple and very descriptive and easy to use. Now it’s more faster and easier for me to order what I want.
  • Easy to navigate 4/5

    By miltowngrl
    Great app..easy ordering👍🏾
  • My orders as of recently. 1/5

    By TheLightWillShineAgain
    Recently my orders haven’t been going through on my iPhone 7. Because of expired rewards and I understand the expired rewards but it won’t let me finish my orders because of the expired rewards and I did exactly as it told me to get rid of the expired rewards. But nothing happens. Also I would like to mention I normally do really enjoy this amazing app. But this has become annoying. Could someone kindly help me with this?
  • Buyer beware.. 1/5

    By ClevHifi
    Been using this app for a few months now with no issues. But recently was visiting a family in Ohio and tried to use the app to make a purchase which has been a nightmare. The app has incorrect hours of operation! They charged me for 2 sandwiches and told me they would be ready at 9:30 pm. Show up to the subway store to be greeted by what looked like an employee who hated her job. She told me to come back tmrw for my subs! Fast food should be exactly that I have no interest in driving out to a location to claim subs I needed that evening. They have yet to give me a refund, how an app can simply charge you and have no way of processing a refund is mind blowing. Very disappointed in subway. FYI did contact customer service and was told the store would need 48hrs to refund and not worry. That time has come and gone with no refund. I love how all the responses are subway cares and to call them to make it right. Don’t bother unless you want to wait for 30 minute to talk to someone who can’t do a thing. App is simply a way for stores to steal money.
  • Not great 1/5

    Hard to navigate and easier to pick everything and time to pick up on But easy to have app with profile and cc info already in
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By not acceptabe
    Doesn’t work. I went into Subway today and my app wouldn’t work. Don’t know my number because it was on my app. When I got home and logged in I got a message to relaunch. Again nothing. Deleted app and got a new one. Still receive the relaunch message. What’s happening?
  • Could be better 1/5

    By loddyb
    The idea for the app is great. But it only gets 2 stars because there is no ability to just create your own sandwich from scratch, which makes no sense at all. Plus it won’t even allow you to remove certain items from the sandwich. Add the ability to simply create my own sandwich, without having to start with a bunch of nonsense that I don’t want, and I’ll update the review. Update: App continues to be worthless without a build your own sandwich option.
  • Easy to pick out items for order 4/5

    By Fish4stocks
    It was very nice to use this application to order a sub for my Dad to pick up for me while I am off my feet. However, I had a difficult time getting the hyper link to actually place the order to come up. It was grated out and I had to add another sub then delete it in order for it to let me click on the “place order” button. I was able to use my gift card and submit for a later in the day pick up. Thanks.
  • Good overall 5/5

    By Sarahmckee
    App works well and being able to order online makes my life easier.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Erin Erns
    Poor excuse for an application! There are plenty of issues with no solution in sight! Pitiful!!
  • Super Easy 5/5

    By Jls1299
    This app is so handy! It is super easy and you don’t have to waste time in store looking at the menu holding up the line.

SUBWAY® app comments

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