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  • Current Version: 2.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Easybrain
  • Compatibility: Android
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Classic sudoku for beginners and advanced players. Whether you'd like to relax or keep your mind active – pass the time in a pleasant way! Get a short stimulating break or clear your head with Take your favorite game with you wherever you go. Playing on mobile is as good as with a pencil and paper. Choose any level you like. Play easier levels to challenge your brain, or try expert levels to give your mind a real workout. has some features that make the game easier for you: hints, auto-check, and highlighted duplicates. You can use them, or complete the challenge without their help – it's totally up to you! What's more, in each puzzle has one solution. Get an amazing sudoku experience: · Complete Daily Challenges and get unique trophies · Challenge yourself and figure out your mistakes, or enable Auto-Check to see your mistakes as you go · Take notes to keep track of possible numbers. Every time you fill in a cell, your notes are automatically updated! · Color themes. Choose one of the three looks to play with more comfort, even in the dark! · Highlight duplicates to avoid repeating numbers in a row, column or block · Hints can guide you when you get stuck · Express yourself with funny ninja stickers for iMessage! Challenge your brain with anywhere, anytime! - Puzzle Game app screenshots - Puzzle Game app reviews

  • Not perfect. 4/5

    By Carrie2873
    The only 2 things that I don’t like about this particular app is that it only gives you 3 mistakes. I enjoy having to find my mistakes on my own. Also that it makes the numbers disappear when you use the number 9 times. But everything else is perfect!
  • Simply awesome 5/5

    By atlasmimir
    If you like classic puzzles you’ll love this game. As far as apps go there is nothing wrong with it either. Does exactly what it should every time.
  • Enjoy 5/5

    By Direawolf
    The game really challenges you
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By Emma3232323
    Fun and easy to play
  • Force to watch ads 1/5

    By david=
    Forced to watch ads
  • Paid $5 for no ads yet I still get ads.... 1/5

    By nero314
    Edit: to respond to the developers response to my review, I paid for no ads BOTH on Android and on iPhone, I didn't just pay on Android and expected my purchase to transfer to iPhone as the developer suggests, and have an email receipt showing I purchased it on my iPhone, not just on my android. Please note the line where I said "My work stopped supporting android so I had to switch to an iPhone and immediately downloaded this and paid for no ads", thanks. I originally got this app on Android, paid for no ads, and have enjoyed it for months. My work stopped supporting android so I had to switch to an iPhone and immediately downloaded this and paid for no ads, but I still get ads. I double checked that Apple sent me a receipt, force closed out of the app, tried turning my phone off and back on, clicked the button to restore purchases, nothing has worked. I'm extremely disappointed and want a refund."
  • Sudoko Review 5/5

    By Spatz0629
    Love playing this game. For an elderly person it helps keep the mind sharp.
  • Confused 2/5

    By fhhdvbn
    I finish the first could rows of boxes and there are times when I fill in a number it tells me I'm incorrect. Even when I know I'm not. Like, there will be a line or a box completed with only one number missing, ex: line with 12345689 and I try to fill in the only missing box which would be a 7 and it tells me I'm incorrect...
  • Will destroy your battery 1/5

    By Unimonkey
    Took me forever to figure out why my phone kept needing to be recharged. Used the built in battery management screen and it showed this app eating through every charge. No other app I have used has consumed this much battery during normal usage.
  • Fun 5/5

    By alexafunsors
    This game is so fun and relaxing it’s really entertaining when there’s nothing else to do but you don’t want to be lazy.!
  • Fun n entertaining 4/5

    By philipdean61
    I enjoyed playing for the first time.
  • Mistakes 4/5

    By truemermaid2007
    There shouldn’t be a limit of mistakes, just ads every three
  • Mistakes 4/5

    By giraffe257
    I think the game should give you more chances if you make a mistake. or, if you get all three mistakes, you get get zero, not two, if you watch an ad. So I got a response and they were very helpful and showed me how to fix it on my own. I guess I should have explored the game first.
  • Enjoying 5/5

    By Reveiwblockgame
    Now that I got the ads removed, the game is very enjoyable.
  • Love!! 5/5

    By Liz Kane
    This game is amazing! Totally recommend!
  • Crashes on iPad after most recent updates 1/5

    By kgr71
    Started crashing on my iPad. Either won’t open or freezes with first touch of a number box or closes the program. Started after the most recent update was downloaded.
  • Bug? 3/5

    By kourtneyindesign
    I’ve noticed my screen starting to go black during games which has never happened before. I keep having to close out and come back only for it to do it again right away. I love this app so I hope this issue gets fixed soon. Maybe it’s a bug?
  • Bad 1/5

    By 55dghhn
    Do not recommend it
  • Battery??? 1/5

    By customer424242
    I don’t understand for the life of me why this app so aggressively drains my phone battery. Even on airplane mode this continues to occur, and is really ridiculous for an app of this nature.
  • Bonnie 5/5

    By Miz gal
    Great pastime. Helps to keep the mind sharp.
  • Note taking us a joke 1/5

    By DSB1983
    Whenever I get on a winning streak the game starts deleting notes to mess me up. I am meticulous with notes. I set up and then triple check all of my notes before I start playing a round. It is extremely apparent that the developers think this is the only way to get you to watch their pointless ads and to make it much harder to beat your best score. Especially since it only happens when I'm on a 3-4 win streak. Stop cheating.
  • Number game 5/5

    By rosch152
    Great fun and app works well. Kudos to sudoku inventor.
  • Good, BUT... 5/5

    By DCHampton
    Well-designed game but overloaded with 30” ads....extremely intrusive.
  • Annoying Setting 2/5

    By Edliss
    I like having the mistakes limit thing. And I prefer the number-first input thing except you have to press and hold to switch between numbers and that sometimes results in you making an intentional mistake. It really annoying and it’s keeping me from using this app. Can’t you provide an option the have the number-first input always on without having to long press. Other apps have it and it works. I prefer this app for its simplicity, but not having this option is annoying
  • Battery drainer 2/5

    By 4$754$??&85
    I like the game, but it makes my phone super hot and drains the battery. Perhaps it’s from all the ads.
  • Fun 4/5

    It’s fun and easy to use
  • Best one out there 5/5

    By Mtsteel67
    Tried a few and this is one
  • Challenging 5/5

    By lesliekr
    If you like to think and exercise your brain, this game does just that. It works your eyes, your deductive reasoning, and patterns. I really love the mental time that it takes to solve this and it’s very rewarding when you do.
  • Absolutely Love This App 5/5

    By taylorzimmer
    I really mean that. I have slow times at work and play it constantly. My only question or concern is, my phone gets extremely hot when I’m playing it. Does this happen to anyone else’s phone!? It does drain my battery, too. Any advice? Or update to fix this? (Currently my app is fully up to date) Thanks :)
  • Needs coloring options 3/5

    By Universal Language
    I really like the app, but I need a way to color cells to help me better see patterns that lead me to solving the puzzle. Also, when selecting a number it would be awesome to see all my notes with that number highlight as well.
  • But 5/5

    By Deez nuts 25
    It’s good game
  • Too Many Advertisements 5/5

    By Mule5
    I know there has to be some advertisements, but there are way too many with this game. They want to charge you $4.99 not to have any. But you know there will still be some anyway. These advertisements disrupt the games. Game is excellent. I’ll see how long I can do this. Maybe time to go back to the old pencil & paper.
  • Review 4/5

    By Stimy2
    I great logic and focus game. I had to pay attention
  • Keeps CRASHING since update!!!😡 1/5

    By ASParadise79
    Fantastic game, can’t stop playing!!! It’s my go to game! However since your latest update while in the middle of playing the game, it keeps crashing.. the screen goes completely black except for the advertisements at the bottom of the screen! I’ve tried closing the app and restarting the game but it happens again immediately after opening up the game. I’ve tried starting a new game and again the screen goes black all except for the advertisements at the bottom. Then I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and guess what? It happens again! No other apps do this on my iPad so I know it’s not the problem, plus if it were my iPad then the advertisements would go black too and they don’t. Every single time the screen goes black it still shows the advertisements at the bottom and the rest of the screen is black! I pray you get this fixed ASAP! This is my favorite game to play on a daily basis and since I couldn’t play using this app anymore, I was forced to download another sudoku app in order to get my daily sudoku fix. I will however continue to check this app regularly to see if the problem has been resolved or not but in the meantime I’ll be using another sudoku app!
  • Showed me an ad during an expert game 1/5

    By [[emy]]
  • App is awful 1/5

    By tye3749636
    Know why this app is so bad? If you Ever misclick the Entire game it counts as 1 of 3 mistakes, I lose entire matches from misclicking and automatically have to start over after hour long games sometimes without real mistakes. This is not a good experience
  • Too many advertisements! 4/5

    By Savannah Tom
    Too ma ads.
  • Ads need to be shorter 4/5

    By Snowbound5
    Ads are fine 30 sec of adds is awful!!
  • don’t want ad after every game!! 3/5

    By UndeadNightmre7
    too many ads :/
  • Pretty lit 5/5

    By Asdfghjklzo
    “Anyone can be a gamer, even if you just play sudoku on your phone or tablet” -words of the wise
  • Great brain game! 5/5

    By LynnL16
    Love it!
  • Sudoku 5/5

    By essemmzee
    Great game.. like the way it helps you improve your skills . The highlight feature is very good too.
  • Battery 3/5

    By .ado79.
    I love this gave but it consumes a lot of battery,the only issue i would say.

    By ischweick
    The ads the app forces you to sit though take forever and have crashed my phone on several occasions. I paid $5 to remove ads and they still continue to show banner ads at the bottom of the board no matter what. Wasted my money for a lie.
  • AIDS 2/5

    By Phil9585765334678
    The game is fine but the ads are like an incurable disease. Sometimes the only way out is to quit the Sudoku app and relaunch. If I wanted to play a Candycrush game , I’m smart enough to find it on my own, thank you.
  • 开发大脑的好游戏 5/5

  • Crashed after last update 3/5

    By Sprenme
    I downloaded this app about two years ago. So I’ve been enjoying this app quite awhile. After the last update it started crashing. Going to a blank screen with banner add at the bottom of the page. I finally decided to write a review to tell about the crashes and I was unable to review it as it said I don’t “own” the app. Since it was a free app and it was on my iPad the only recourse was to delete it and start over. I’m not sure why but hope you can fix this bug for future. I do like the simple format of this game and like the daily challenges. Overall it has been a great game except for the last two weeks.
  • I hate it 5/5

    By CrayolaMcColorful
    I hate it
  • It’s nice, but... 4/5

    By santana.sarah.m
    Don’t get me wrong this sudoku app is great. I like how clean and simple the design is, I like the set up and all. But I absolutely HATE the fact that you get 3 mistakes then it’s game over, either that or you have to watch an add to allow you one more mistake before you have to watch another add. Very frustrating. I get it you guys gotta make money but I feel like there’s a better way about it. - Puzzle Game app comments

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