Sudoku Extreme - Number Puzzle

Sudoku Extreme - Number Puzzle

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  • Current Version: 3.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Pranoy Chowdhury
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sudoku Extreme - Number Puzzle App

Sudoku Extreme is a beautiful way to experience classic Sudoku puzzles for both beginners & advanced players! It's a great way to keep your mind active while relaxing to pass time. Each puzzle has only one solution. The puzzle comes with a few cells pre-filled. Your job is to fill the remaining empty cells. Fill the empty cells with numbers 1-9 in a way that each row, column and block (3x3 cells) only contains a single instance of the number 1-9. - No ads. - 6 levels - beginner, easy, medium, hard, unfair and extreme. - It is highly customizable with many beautiful themes as well as settings to customize the app exactly the way you like it. App comes with both light and dark amoled themes to be comfortable on your eyes! - The simple to use notes and hint features help you if you get stuck but we encourage spending time trying to figure out the puzzles without using hints. Cells filled with use of hints don't get any points. - Haptic feature gives a positive vibration when correct and negative vibration when wrong answer is filled. This can be disabled in settings. - If you make a mistake you can use the undo, delete and redo buttons. Note that each mistake deducts points from your overall score. - Long press the undo button to restart the game - After a game is finished, you get your overall stats like total time spent, best time, average time, overall score, hints used, mistakes made etc. Sudoku Extreme also comes with a graph of how your scores progress over time. As you play more difficult levels, you get more score. Each higher level gives twice the number of points as the previous level. - Game can be paused and you can resume the previous game when you come back. - Sudoku Extreme can automatically pre-fill the notes and auto-remove them when they are used in a row, column or block. Though we encourage disabling this setting and filling it manually as it makes your brain more active! Manually filling notes also gets you extra points! - The quick fill feature lets you tap-and-hold a number and then simply tap cells and it will fill it with that number. - Numbers show how many instances of that number are left to be filled in the puzzle. When a number has been used 9 times correctly, it hides itself. You can disable this setting if you like. - You can swipe up/down to enter notes numbers quickly without having to enter edit/note mode (setting needs to be switched on) If you have any feedback or feature requests, please email Pran at: [email protected] I offer an ad free and beautiful app for the absolute best experience for my users. If you are enjoying the puzzles, please leave us a positive rating on the app store as that helps get the word out to others! Hope you enjoy the puzzles!

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Sudoku Extreme - Number Puzzle app reviews

  • Latest update locks Medium difficulty level behind paywall 1/5

    By Kapazza
    Seriously? How greedy can you get? I was considering supporting the developer by purchasing but the latest update shows pure greed.
  • Perfect sudoku experience 5/5

    By RplusDC
    Every attention to detail is on showcase in this app, from the theme selections, to the way you can customize it to have a distraction free gaming session, to how it displays every puzzle in a delightful manner. Couldn’t imagine my days without it, it’s the perfect sudoku experience.
  • Minor issues when playing fast, inconsistent difficulty levels 4/5

    By Eli Lovelace
    When filling cells quickly: it won’t let me update them as fast as my fingers can move, and it doesn’t properly update the possible values when animations are turned on. Also, some puzzles are poorly classified. For example, I’ve encountered to extreme puzzles (they required alternate inference chains, grouped X-cycles, digit forcing chains, etc) in the beginner difficulty. I don’t know if they are randomized, but beginner puzzle 110 is missclassified in my app.

    By DeeJayApproved
    So - after the update, MEDIUM is no longer available in the FREE version... Now you have to pay for medium puzzles. Thanks. Good reason to delete this app
  • Thoughtfully Designed, but flawed. 3/5

    By Shrikey
    The UI is wonderful and clean, as well as instantly intuitive for Sudoku fans. The app has many novel features not seen elsewhere, such as pre-filled notes. It's clean and offers easy change of themes, which is nice- It's nice to see a developer recognize not everyone would like their first choice of colors. Edit: Apparently there has been an option added to toggle swiping notes off. That's a great addition, but it still doesn't totally alleviate the ease with which you can accidentally enter an incorrect number. Aside from toggling into note mode until ready to make an entry, that is still an issue. At least now my problem is incorrect notes, not accidental incorrect entries. To the Dev: I still love this game, but I consider issue where you can accidentally enter a wrong answer to still be fairly large.
  • My favorite Sudoku app 5/5

    By icebaby1114
    I've tried out a lot of Sudoku apps. I have two Sudoku apps on my phone still, but I honestly never use the other one. The developer's motivation for creating the app (posted on Reddit) it a wholesome one, and his response to users' feedback is fantastic. The long press to continuous add the same number with each tap is awesome. Plus you can toggle to add it as a "note" with just a click and then click it off when you're done. The intricacies that have been put into the app have paid off and make the "gaming" experience truly enjoyable.
  • Great game 5/5

    By Zabrinu
    Good UI, first digital sudoku game I actually find playable.
  • simple 5/5

    By Tynamite-
    works well and the simple design is worth everything. the dev is excellent.
  • Hard to find a good sudoku app 5/5

    By DanielArcher
    Thank you so much for developing this app! Clean and beautiful UI. Perfect for my iPad on lazy weekends.
  • Great design 5/5

    By Thatguywiththeiphone
    Sudoku apps are a dime a dozen but the design of this app, and the options, and the themes set this app apart. I’m glad to have a sudoku app that is visually pleasing without being over complicated. Cheers!
  • The best sudoku app I’ve played! 5/5

    By atriptolalaland
    I’ve put in about three hours of game time on this app. The interface is attractive and allows you to use different themes. The puzzle difficulties are easy to super challenging and it’s a lot of fun. The app keeps track of your time spent, best scores, mistakes, etc. There’s a bar graph which displays your overall scores as well. It’s nice to have a personal challenge to beat your own scores. I definitely recommend purchasing this one! It’s worth it!
  • Brilliant Version of Sudoku 5/5

    By MontagFTB
    This is a great implementation of the game. The UI is fluid and intuitive, the score keeping is fun, and the hints help with deduction techniques. I have two small requests: 1) can there be a preference to turn off the animation? Towards the end game of a puzzle the animation slows down a rapid-fire solving of cells as their possibilities whittle down to one. 2) for Hard (and beyond) levels, can we have an ‘auto-fill’ button for cells with only one possibility? My fat fingers have occasionally hit the wrong number filling in those cells and they’re counted as a mistake against me. Keep up the great work! This variant of the game is my favorite on iOS.
  • Great app but not easy 4/5

    By Whatsthatsmell
    Overall this app was worth the money. It’s beautiful and I love seeing my score on the chart for each level of difficulty. That being said, I don’t see enough difference between the level of difficulties. I cannot complete an easy puzzle in less than 12-15 minutes which to me, is not “easy”. I’d like to see better distinction between the difficulty levels. I also agree with another reviewer who mentioned a delay for mistakes. I also often accidentally hit a number that’s already been used up and it gives me a mistake.
  • UI is great 5/5

    By Noahnrg
    Super smoothe Just would like a way to resume game from the main menu in 1 click
  • Great Game 5/5

    By real7mada
    One of the best sudoku game in the AppStore
  • Too easy to make an inadvertantly mistake 4/5

    By csage.
    Great app, could really use a toggle to delay calling a mistake. Too easy to hit the wrong button, and also removes strategy
  • Best sudoku 5/5

    By dudedupdubpub
    Best looking sudoku game I’ve ever seen. Reddit brought me here.
  • One of the better sudoku apps 5/5

    By dasmart
    Nice themes, good gameplay. I’d really like to see GameCenter syncing of my scores between devices. Also, still having occasional issues with tapping numbers on the iPhone X.
  • Beautiful App, has actually useful features 5/5

    By gormand0
    The thing that most other Sudoku apps are missing is detailed stats, this app gives you information about each game that’s helpful. Also the levels difficulties are actually correct, most other apps barely get harder, then ramp up for extreme. Solid Sudoku app
  • Gorgeous app 5/5

    By Radioactive-235
    This is a masterpiece. I’ve long since waited for a sudoku app that pushes all the right buttons and here it is. Beautiful UI, customizations, playability... it’s really fun and engaging. Thank you so much! Stay cool. Stay Busy.

Sudoku Extreme - Number Puzzle app comments

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