Sundance Now: Series & Films

Sundance Now: Series & Films

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  • Current Version: 4.0.12 (200)
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: AMC Networks Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sundance Now: Series & Films App

Sundance Now brings you the best in original and exclusive dramas, true crime, political thrillers, and offbeat comedies. Home to the smash-hit romantic drama A Discovery of Witches, revenge thriller Riviera starring Julia Stiles, David Tennant’s Emmy-winning drama Des, and British comedies Ten Percent and This is Going to Hurt. Hit series from the UK, Australia, and more. Always ad-free. Features: - New series and film favorites added weekly - Watch on-demand, always ad-free. - Home to acclaimed Sundance Now Originals and exclusives not found anywhere else. - 7-day free trial. Cancel anytime free of charge or continue for only $6.99/month. - Watch instantly on iOS, Apple TV and anywhere else you find Sundance Now—all with a single account. If you are experiencing any issues, Please visit - Our Privacy policy can be found here - Our Terms of Use can be found here -

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Sundance Now: Series & Films app reviews

  • This app is horrible! 1/5

    By The Knr111
    It doesn’t work! It shuts down consistently. It does not play the next episode instead it shuts down. When playing shows and you pause for a few minutes, the screen goes black and does not play. If you stop in the middle of a show, when you want to continue watching, it does not pickup where you left off, it starts from the beginning. Horrible from the day I downloaded this app
  • Want to see what’s available 1/5

    By Czarina6
    Before paying
  • Bad tracking 2/5

    By gaileegail
    The app doesn’t keep good track of what has been watched or where you left off in a series. Very annoying. Constantly guessing.
  • Closed Caption Gone 2/5

    By kimchimeow
    I don’t have the ability to have closed captioning anymore..but it’s worked up until this point..?
  • Does not work 1/5

    By mai isol
    I purchased the yearly plan since march 8. I haven’t been able to see any of the movies that the app. Offers. All I get is a rooming signal. This needs to get fixed.
  • Horrible connection 1/5

    By Nursejojo28
    I have had the app for two days and it will nplqy a single video, it keep buffering.
  • Performance improvements done 1 week ago 1/5

    By Agcjxs2639
    This app no longer loads after their change a week ago. Has worked for years on my Ipad Pro then they tell me subscription is expiring so I renew and then poof! Nothing. I have deleted the app, restarted my IPad, reloaded the app. Still nothing. Now how do I get my money back?
  • Paid for monthly Subscription 1/5

    By Antichemtrail
    But I could not watch any shows. Every time I try to login it just sent me back to the first page and told me to login or to join for a seven day trial. Even though I had already subscribed. So I’ve paid 699 and I’m unable to access this app in anyway. I want my. $6.99 back!
  • App Doesn’t Recognize Subscription. 1/5

    By sundance(apparently not)now
    I have used the app before with no trouble. I tend to subscribe and cancel as shows pop up I want to watch as there never seems to be enough content I want to watch to justify an ongoing subscription. When I went to resubscribe this time, however, it was a disaster. Every time I try to play a show it asks me to subscribe (which I’ve already done through iTunes subscriptions on my phone). My phone then tells me I’m already a subscriber and won’t let me resubscribe or play the show. I contacted SundanceNow support (and waited two days for an answer) to discover this is a known issue and that I would just have to sign up directly with them. Pay again. Go back and cancel with apple and then maybe they would issue a future credit for time lost (time I had paid for where I couldn’t actually watch anything because their system doesn’t work). Say what?? Fix your app or take it off the App Store. At the very least warm potential subscribers about the hassle of this known issue.
  • So many things wrong with this app I don't know where to start 1/5

    By XSOX
    Absolutely despise this app on iOS. It's extremely buggy from using auto rotation to just loading up a show to watch and it hangs and never plays. Sundance should pay the users for having to deal with such a crappy app. I don't care what shows they have or how good their offering is it's not worth the frustration that this application give
  • Garbage 1/5

    By bett056
    Won’t let you watch certain episodes “ you do not have permission to access requested resource “
  • This app is garbage! 1/5

    By castledefender18
    I paid for the monthly subscription on January 25, 2022. I watched the first episode of a show that day. When I went back the next week to watch episode two, direct me to the subscription screen again. When I clicked on the $6.99/month option, it took me to a screen that said this subscription is still active. I originally signed up for it using my Samsung smart TV and DIRECTV as my cable provider. DIRECTV was on their list of TV providers at that time. After it told me that my information didn’t work, I did a search for TV providers.It only showed two, Frontier Communications and FuboTV. far as I can tell, they do not have a customer service telephone number. I’ve emailed them with this problem and received back replies that are just as ridiculous.I was told in two separate emails to separate things. One said my account was still active. The other email confirmed that my account never existed.I know it’s only $6.99, but my last request was for a full refund that I paid on January 25. Personally, I would stay away from Sundance Now.
  • Everything Quits 1/5

    By PhotoMaven
    Everything quotes after about 2-3 minutes when I try to play it. Whether I’m playing it directly on my AppleTV or casting from my phone, the apps jus quit and the start the show over. So a 45 episode takes me 2 flipping hours to watch. I’m so, so, SO angry with this app.
  • No place to unsubscribe 1/5

    By Otterkata
    I want to unsubscribe, and cannot! Do not download this app unless you want to pay for it forever.
  • App always crashing 1/5

    By Christiapia
    I couldn’t make it thirty minutes in before the app would crash. No matter how many times I tried to close and reopen, it wouldn’t come back on until the next day. And agin, 30 minutes max before crashing.
  • Casting Issues- otherwise amazing content! 4/5

    By hailstorm8393
    When casting to a device (TV) the option to go into the casting options for the episode disappears. When you try to get back to the screen controlling forward, backwards, and CC options, the only was is to click play on the episode and the episode starts over from the beginning. You then need to go back to where you were in the episode. Never starts from where you were watching. Which can be a bummer if you were only trying to go back 10seconds. Even if you pause and come back later to watch the episode starts from the beginning. Also if you are trying to watch the next episode you have to manually go in and select the play option for the next episode to start instead of automatically loading the next one. It’s nothing major but something to look into making a little better! :)
  • renewed subscription not working 1/5

    By Lbdoug
    This stupid app doesn’t except my renewed subscription via Apple. I hate it.You need to get your act together Sundance and make this process smooth and not painful. I hate stupid hassles.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By SmileyOne1234
    Tried to watch one show, kept getting a subscribe to watch notification, when I clicked the notification it said I was already subscribed but I still could not watch anything because every time I tried to watch anything it said I needed to subscribe and then said I was already subscribed. Don’t waste your time
  • The app is garbage 1/5

    By 3be8
    This app doesn't work with absolutely no way to get tech support. I paid for content that I can’t pull up with no way to contact customer support
  • Have to restart every day 1/5

    By suzylinn05
    This app glitches almost every day and will not allow me to watch it unless I power down and restart. All my other streaming apps work fine except Sundance.
  • Doesn't remember settings 3/5

    By Bravebellows
    First episode: turn on subtitles Second episode: turn on subtitles again … Trust me, I won't regain my hearing after one episode. Please fix it. Thank you.
  • Scammy 1/5

    By Daemoniaque
    I signed up for their small fee couple month trial, worked for one month and no longer gives me access to shows. What a waste.
  • AppleTV app is awful 1/5

    By MadMama74974
    1. The app does not indicate which episodes you’ve already watched nor does it pick up where you’ve left off if you don’t finish your episode (once you figure out which episode you last watched, of course). Every episode starts from the beginning 2. There is a bar at the top of the screen that is completely inaccessible. It has fun things like “search” and “account settings” and divides things by film, series, and collection. Swiping up doesn’t get you there so I’m not sure what to do. It’s possible that it is designed for a touch screen, but my TV isn’t a touch screen so I can’t access it. 3. Episodes automatically continue to play until stopped manually. So if you fall asleep, they’ll just play until you wake up or the power goes out. 4. You have to turn on the closed captions for EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. There doesn’t appear to be a universal caption setting (though I admittedly can’t access my setttings, so maybe there is… who knows) Please fix these simple issues! Every other streaming app does this stuff, get with the program! I’ll be canceling at the end of my trial period if it stays like this….
  • Not working 1/5

    By mebvh
    Can’t sign in
  • Never get to enjoy, always get to pay 1/5

    By Phoenix79(Amber Jones)
    Every month I’m charged for this service but I’m never able to access it and reaching support is a Herculean feat I’ve yet to master. It gives me the message that I need to “join” to watch but when I click to join it tells me I’m already subscribed. I’ve already paid for this month but if I can’t get this resolved today, I won’t be paying again.

    By caramelgyrl
    as soon as you open the app, it states Sundance requires non personal data to continue. If it’s not personal, why do you need permission????? ALL PERSONS NEED TO BE GIVEN AN OPTION!!!!! DONNOT TRACK MY INFORMATION SUNDANCE!!!!
  • Subscription 1/5

    By Roxyg83
    I selected the free trial option but I couldn't watch anything. I kept getting promoted to select a subscription plan and even when I did select one, the app would keep asking me to select one when I tried to watch something. I spent so much time trying to figure out how to watch something. I was logged in, got a verification email for the free trial and I still couldn’t watch anything
  • Useless App 1/5

    By JDN15057
    Signed up for the free trial and spent the rest of the night trying to get it to let me watch anything. Every time it just keeps asking you to subscribe and you can’t watch. Waste of time.
  • Doesn’t work on app OR Roku 1/5

    By Stheavy Bailey
    Subscription doesn’t matter. Most titles won’t play and will instead pop up asking you to start a free trial! Opened a ticket but I see reviews here describing my issue have gone unanswered going back YEARS. Won’t hold my breath.
  • Never worked on iPhone or iPad 1/5

    By mom the entertainer
    I downloaded it, paid for the subscription and it never recognized I had subscription. Kept asking me to sign up even though I could see the money withdrawn. It’s a junk app.
  • App does not recognize subscription 1/5

    By JessieWes98
    I wasn’t aware of all the bad reviews for this app until I immediately ran into problems after subscribing. I am currently on the free trial for a specific show I was really hoping to watch(discovery of witches) since I’ve seen the ads recently. However as soon as I click on it to watch, it says I need to subscribe. Well I’m already subscribed, but the only option is to click on the plans to see what it says. So I click on the subscription and lo and behold it says I’m already subscribed. So what exactly is the issue here? How are people even capable of watching if it doesn’t recognize your subscription? Based off reviews, it seems like it’s been a problem for not even months, but years. Please fix this!
  • Never works 1/5

    By Hmsgold
    Great shows, but tremendously clunky. I am able to get the stream Working 50% of the time. The search function is also terribly clunky. I want to watch Sundance, but it’s exhausting.
  • GREAT content lousy software 1/5

    By Satisfied 123
    I simply don't understand how a service with such great content can do such a poor job of delivering it. To wit: I'm watching a program, and every other episiode refuses to load. Or: when you finish one episode, the next loads automatically, right? Bzzt. Nope. I simply don't understand the incompetence here.
  • False Advertisement 1/5

    By Rob X in the Flesh
    Became a member just to watch the Kurt & Kourtney documentary and they did not have it. I would appreciate if your company stops false advertising to get new members to join.
  • Unstable App on iPad 3/5

    By JustJack4711
    As others have written, Sundance features great programming. I like the shows so much I’ve taken out a year’s subscription. However, the app itself leaves much to be desired. I’ve had to delete and reload the app at least once a week in order to get it to work. I note the app seems to have problems only on my iPad Pro; the app works reliably on my iPhone.
  • Doesn’t load 1/5

    Subscribed to the free trial. I tried to watch a show on AppleTV. Show would not load. Cancelled trial
  • App is disappointing 2/5

    By greenwitchy
    This app is ridiculously flawed. It freezes, shuts down or gets stuck in a buffering mode all for no apparent reason. Truly a shame. The content it has to offer is pretty good, however, not worth the insufferable app problems. I, personally, will not subscribe once the trial is over.
  • Can't watch anything after paying for a years subscription 1/5

    By asimonex3
    I recently purchased the years subscription and began watching The Discovery of Witches. As I moved on to the 4th episode I kept getting a message telling me so subscribe and asking me if I want to do a free trial. I've emailed Sundance customer service twice and have yet to hear back from anyone. At this point I just want my freaking money back! 😡
  • Law & Order Uk 1/5

    By Boviv814
    Extremely disappointed in Sundance you don’t have the full series one through eight of law and order UK all other apps have these series. When You are in the middle of watching Or 5 minutes in it freezes up! I get tired of it!
  • Yeah, No… 1/5

    By Dannee By
    I had this app/service for a good 6 months, freakin LOVE the content, the app itself is what kills it :( No skip button, the progress line when watch doesn’t really work as well. So, I got rid of this service and got AMC+ on my Prime Video, it has AMC, Sundance Now and Shudder’s content on it and I’ve been happy with it.
  • One of the Best documentary app 5/5

    By Mesbps
    Great docs to watch!
  • Good app over all but could use some tweaks 3/5

    By Hungry shark evo lover
    Should be able to skip to the next episode when credits start... should be able to skip the intro... but you can’t.
  • Morninglory 4/5

    By morningloryme
    You needMore
  • Good shows bad app 1/5

    By averymca
    This app needs some serious help! Great shows to watch on here but very frustrating to use. Rewind/fast forward takes FOREVER, there’s no way to restart an episode, and it often crashes or says I don’t have an account, which I do 🤷‍♀️
  • Do not download and waste your money 1/5

    By dontwasteryour money
    This app is awful their support is awful they charge you take your money and tell you that you have no account
  • App is awful- website crashes 1/5

    By oh well 43
    The content is awesome but this app is awwwwful and the website constantly has issues. I have fantastic internet and always use speed test to see if it’s the connection and it never is. I will be canceling because why spend 7 bucks a month to be frustrated? I could do that for free
  • Cancel membership 1/5

    By Justin baca
    👎👎for canceling a membership.. I tried the 3months now I’m block from getting into my acct.. but I report the issue to apple psy hopefully I will get this issue resolved..
  • Awful 1/5

    By lowelita99
    Signed up for free trial, couldn’t log in. Couldn’t reset password. Couldn’t contact customer service. I’m sure I will be billed before anything is resolved.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Daniloukate
    At this point I can’t even get through an episode of any show without it crashing at least twice! Don’t bother wasting your money.