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SunTrust Mobile App

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  • Current Version: 21.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: SunTrust Banks, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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SunTrust Mobile App App

The SunTrust Mobile App is optimized for your Apple device and is specifically designed to provide quick and secure access to your personal accounts. You can make payments, transfers, and mobile deposits, view account balances and account activity, send money via Zelle®, as well as search for ATM / branch locations. Read further for details and other important information. To get started, download and launch the app. Then sign on with your SunTrust Digital Banking User ID and Password. It’s that simple. ACCOUNT ACCESS -View your personal account balances quickly without signing on -View your personal account balances for Checking, Savings, Credit Cards, Lines of Credit, Access 3, Installment Loans, Mortgages and select SunTrust Investments Services, Inc. accounts -View summary information for CDs and IRAs -Suppress paper statements for eligible accounts -Search up to 180 days of your personal account transaction history -Open a new account -View and activate SunTrust Deals TRANSACTIONS -Make mobile deposits (if eligible, limits apply) -View and pay your bills -Make immediate, future-dated and recurring transfers -Make immediate payments and future dated payments to Installment Loans, Lines of Credit Access 3, & Mortgages -Make one time immediate advances from Lines of Credit & Access 3 including 3 advance options -Create email and text alert preferences for DDA accounts activity -Send money using Zelle® to almost anyone in the U.S. with an email address or U.S. mobile phone number -Enable overdraft protection and overdraft coverage CREDIT CARD -View credit card balances and transaction history -Make credit card payments (if eligible) -Initiate cash advances from your credit card (if eligible) -View credit and cash advance available balances and limits (where applicable) -View and redeem point and cash rewards (if eligible) -View FICO score (if eligible) -Temporarily lock and unlock Consumer Credit Card -Ability to single sign-on to credit card rewards site -Create email and text alerts for credit card activity LOANS and LINES -View balances and transaction history -Make payments (if eligible) -Request advances (if eligible) -View detailed account info and advance details (where applicable) ACCESS & AUTHENTICATION -Retrieval of your user ID -Reset a forgotten password -Change user ID -Change password -Change security question and/or answer -Enable Touch ID or Face ID (if eligible) ATM / BRANCH / CONTACT US -Search for ATMs using an address or your current location -Search for branches using an address or your current location -Get help and find SunTrust contact information SunTrust is committed to the security and protection of your financial information. Our Mobile Banking services are backed by our Mobile Banking Guarantee. For more information concerning security and privacy or to view the Mobile Banking Guarantee, visit *SunTrust does not charge a fee for the use of SunTrust Mobile Banking. If you do not already have the appropriate plan with your wireless carrier, normal text or data rates will apply. If you receive a suspicious message, please report the incident to [email protected] SunTrust Bank now Truist Bank is an Equal Housing Lender. Member FDIC. ©2020 Truist Financial Corporation. SunTrust, the SunTrust logo, and Truist are federally registered service marks of Truist Financial Corporation. All rights reserved.

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SunTrust Mobile App app reviews

  • Horrible app, even worse bank 1/5

    By Zoso67
    There app is a joke. It offers no option to make a principal payment on a loan. The bank is even more a joke. When they screw up and take two principal payments from your account instead of one they refuse to give you your money back when you make them aware of THEIR mistake. This bank should be avoided at all costs.
  • Worse banking app ever made 1/5

    By PapaBlessed1988
    Simply an Awful app that barely does what it is supposed to. It constantly has days where it is “down” and “maintenance” is being carried out... I understand the app needs updates here and there but this happens so frequently that it makes the app nearly completely unless. At worse a nuisance... when the app does seem to open, key features don’t work such as Zelle. I use many other banking apps and nothing comes close to as bad as this, not even the small local boutique banks. I cannot fathom how such a large bank cant afford to have a decently written app...
  • Worst bank ever 1/5

    By aicaed.senoj
    Worst bank ever
  • Crappy. 1/5

    By Allthe nucknames are taken
    App has been down for hours now, so irritating. If you’re going to do this then at least make it to where people can call their banks to request cards be unlocked. Not okay.
  • barely works 1/5

    By xzimbyx
    app is down for maintenance constantly
  • App Is Down Too Much 1/5

    By dfjcmmcmc
    Every 3 out of 5 times I open the app I get a modal popup saying, “Banking is unavailable for maintenance, please try again later.” I work at a software company and having an application in production being down this often is absolutely unacceptable, especially something as critical as a customer’s way to access their personal finances. When I get the time I will be switching banks.
  • Easy To Use 5/5

    By bbydino64
    Super easy to use and helpful. I’ve used a few other banking apps and this one is my favorite. Mobile deposits are SO simple. I use this every day because it’s so convenient!
  • I Love Sun Trust 5/5

    By Wells Jeudi
    Easy to use app! Never crashes! And easy to locate all part of app
  • Folks,,, it’s bad 1/5

    By 13times5plus4
    Somehow doesn’t work >50% of the time, quite impressive honestly.
  • Adds? 4/5

    By kidnelson323
    I like the app so far so good deposit checks and transfer funds with no problem BUT the adds? Have no reason to be on this app once you log in everything else is great no whining here get rid of the adds then I’ll give you guys five stars thanks.

    By chachael01
    It would be nice if the app could get updated without something breaking. Face recognition has not been working since the last update weeks and weeks ago
  • No bill pay access 1/5

    By Latjc
    The entire bill pay functionality section is non-functional for my mortgage account. The menu choices are there and pull pay has been set up online but those features just never load when I click them. Makes the app relatively useless. Only can see the balance of the account but not actually perform any actions on the account.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Shimna
    I try to use this app to manage my mortgage but it’s hard work.
  • Unavailable 1/5

    By Snorlax111
    Constantly unavailable
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By erc2909
    As a corporate bank you’d think they’d be on top of everything but it always seems like transactions are delayed and the app is always being worked on. Definitely changing banks. They screwed me too many time already.

    By LonnieeB
    Suntrust is a horrible bank, I made 4 disputes and email them all the documents they asked for and 2 weeks go by and I still haven’t received any money back. So Therefore The Problem was never resolved!!
  • Just hope you never urgently need to check your balance in the middle of the night.. 1/5

    By gregnomoney
    App is literally “down for maintenance” from 12am est to 7am -.-
  • For the love of all that is good and holy, clear up the prices 1/5

    By Vitrexon
    Your minimum payments are inconsistent and not clear. Because of this and my many attempts to reach your service line, I am leaving this one-star review. Worse yet, my vehicle was devalued and the payments have not been lowered.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Mkenniso3
    I really enjoy using the app. It has lots of great features and saves me tons of time and I don’t have to go to the bank! Huge plus not having to go on the bank. Also great that you can freeze your card if you see fraud on your account!
  • I hate this bank and I hate this app 1/5

    By Shellshya
    I’ve hardly been so unhappy with a bank before. But that’s a different story. The app is extremely bad too. It takes ages to refresh. When it does refresh the amount of money you have changes (even though the transactions don’t change), it just caused me to go into negative with that even though I didn’t have any more transactions than I had last night, causing me to have to pay the stupid overdraft fee I activated since it happened before and they charged me $38 for being in negative. So they charge you money because their app refreshes amounts delayed or whatever? Just very lame. Always under maintenance too. They have a Zelle function included that won’t let you send money most of the time. Stay away from this bank and app is my recommendation
  • Great app 5/5

    By Myeladim7
    I use this app every day. It’s easy simple and straightforward. Makes banking a breeze.
  • Sm 1/5

    By thcfygftuhcdtyy
    I can’t see my paperless bank statement or receive it it to my PDF
  • Trash 1/5

    By theezach
    Just use another bank I promise you I’ve been with them for 2 years. There service is so buggy. Any time you need to sign into the app it’s down for maintenance. These guys don’t even have temp cards if your debit card is lost Go with Wells Fargo.
  • Too many bugs 2/5

    By April_t_
    Many bug fixes but more problems after the “fix”. I can never log in when I need to and it’s frustrating.
  • Sun trust app 5/5

    By naco_07
    Very easy to use quick response
  • Always unavailable 1/5

    By jackiejaxkie129
    Constantly under review and won’t let you use if you don’t update the app - which feels like is happening every other day
  • Not a Functional App 1/5

    By Ra Mia
    I can literally never check my balance. It go itches all the time. I never know how much I’m spending because it never updates. Trash app.
  • All 4/5

    By bambam-135
    Wounderful app Itll be better if you could actually transfer to a external account a as well
  • Great App ! Very Useful 4/5

    By Meika L J
    I love this app
  • Not up to par with other big banks 3/5

    By klwiseman
    Misses key items I see with other big banks. Like no confirmation number with a mobile deposit.
  • Merger issues. 4/5

    You would think that a major merger with another bank would result with an immediate new TRUIST app. They were not ready.
  • One Thing Missing 5/5

    By Ckessler
    The only thing that is missing from this great app, is the ability to attach a note to any transfer. It would make it so much easier to track what each transfer was for!
  • Just shameful 1/5

    By Tedyed
    Awful. They should be ashamed of this pile. I’ll be switching banks do to this terrible/nonexistent mobile experience
  • Terrible 1/5

    By chel201722
    I keep getting locked out of my account every time I get logged back in it says it need to make sure it is me by sending a confirmation code via text. Then I tell it which number to text says suntrust is not working at the time and try again later. I’ve dealt with this for 6 years. I have a suntrust account to be able to send and receive money from my grandparents. If it was anything else I would’ve left years ago!
  • Stop updating! 4/5

    By gothnika
    Just stop
  • Dumb 2/5

    By xanaduke
    Everything suntrust does, every other mobile app does better. Every, single, time I try and use the quick login with face or fingerprint I’d, it tries but always fails. Always says, it’s currently unavailable. Also, whenever I really NEED to check my balance, suntrust mobile app always fails and says it’s currently not working. I seriously can not wait to get a new job so that I can set up a different checking and savings account so I never have to use suntrust again

    By UESux
    Today, I learned why I won’t bank with this company in the future. I feel like I’ve been arguing with this bank for a decade for them to just add things normally and when they are transacted - like my other accounts function.
  • Wont let you use unless you update 3/5

    By Anna levlop
    It’s a fine app, I don’t use it that often but when I do it seems as though there’s always an update. It’s so irritating
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Ascendant Alpha
    Worst banking app I’ve literally ever used. Makes me do a email or text verification almost everytime even though I’ve asked it to remember me and my finger print then whenever I get one sent to me it takes longer than the expiration time. Eventually I try to use the last code it gave me and because it was expired, the app tells me I have lost access to my account and restricts me from using the app at all. Let me be very clear, whoever made this app whether it be a person or a team, are literally brain dead and I’m willing to bet they went to community college and barely passed or cheated their way through because this app is trash. I’m also willing to bet that a blind squirrel could do a better job at making a functioning app then these guys could. Pathetic. Please quit your job and go work at McDonald’s. But even that would probably be to complex for your pea sized brain to handle.
  • Too many upgrades and never available 1/5

    By FSAbali
    Why do I have to upgrade every month when the service is unavailable half of the time I need it? Don’t waste space on your phone for this poor app, handle your affairs on the website.. or switch banks lol
  • It’s fine... gracious 5/5

    By CA_DC
    It works and it does what it should... dumbfounded by ppl who need to complain about it.
  • Cathy P Owens 3/5

    I have banked with SunTrust since it started, after buying out American Federal. I’ve never had issues with the corporation. Although, some employees need customer service skills retraining. If they don’t enjoy public... they need to move on. Rudeness in public service is unacceptable. Also, I’m not satisfied with getting someone who can not speak ENGLISH fluently when I call the main number for random services!! Was fixing to move my services when TRUIST came about, going to give it awhile and see what happens. Personally,I am a long ago former employee of BB&T. It was always client oriented. I hope this helps Suntrust!!
  • Read the app five smuch 4/5

    By ChrisBabe24
    I am very pleased with the app that we have because I am retired and a senior and I do my banking from my phone and I don’t know how to get the update for the new app thank you.
  • Not terribly reliable, but not terrible either 2/5

    By Braxton Figs
    I’ve used suntrust for 9 year and the app for around 7 years. The app isn’t reliable, when it works it works just fine, but around 10% of the time I open the app it either “isn’t available” or it needs another update. I only need it 1-2 times per month to pay my credit card or transfer money into savings, and luckily that stuff is rarely urgent. But I’ve always had good experience with their customer service over the phone, and fantastic in-person service.
  • Always under maintenance 3/5

    By tynerbee
    I make cash deposits late at night due to my work. I swear, 4-5 times a week the app is unavailable in the middle of the night. I can’t check my transactions, deposits, or balance during my awake hours. If this was occasional I wouldn’t care, but it’s SO OFTEN I felt compelled to leave one of my first ever app reviews. Get it together Suntrust.
  • Please update for iOS 13 dark mode 3/5

    By The _Animal_79
    Please add iOS 13 dark mode support and I will give it a 5**** rating
  • Alerts 1/5

    By Sandy8287
    Can’t get text alerts for my credit or debit card. I used to. Hoping the bug fix would fix that but apparently not.
  • Touch ID restrictions 3/5

    By Javier HD
    I have disabled Toich of on my iPhones however the app still requires touch if to login and gives no choice. This is not the case when using the iPad. Is this a bug?
  • Great app saves me from logging in using a computer 5/5

    By Tokyo in Texas
    Great app