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Super Hit Baseball App

Go for the SUPER HIT & Compete for the Championship! Quick Hit Baseball Battles! Compete against players Around the World FEATURES: • Collect and upgrade over 80 unique players to create a championship team • Match up against Friends and Players from around the world! • Win trophies and unlock unique world class baseball stadiums • Compete in the Major Leagues and climb the leaderboards • Easy one touch hitting controls that everyone can play • Quick fire games allowing you to play baseball anytime EVENTS: • HOME RUN DERBY - Become a Superstar! • ELIMINATOR - Win against a ladder of opponents • Need some help? Try BATTING PRACTICE. • More Events coming soon! Play the #1 Ultimate Baseball Sports Game for FREE! Download Now! By downloading this app you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of Terms of Use and are subject to the Privacy Policy. ©2019 Hothead Games

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  • Used to love until I discovered how rigged it is 1/5

    By Cuse12orange
    This will be a bit of a read but it’s worth it for anyone looking for an HONEST review by someone with many hundreds of hours put into the game. Let me start off by saying that this used to be my favorite game/app. I loved it. Played every single day for hours a day and have almost 1,000 total games played as of writing this review. With that said, I will no longer be wasting my time on this blatantly pay to win/rigged garbage. This game features a game mode called Series. It is essentially a golf clash style tournament. First round is qualifiers, second round is the season and the final round is called the playoffs. Depending on where you finish in the playoffs determines your reward. The first few of these tournaments I played, I would come in 2nd, 3rd etc and I just Chalked it up to the fact I was facing better opponents. After playing the last series, I can attest that this is not the case. The series are clearly rigged/programmed to “entice” you to spend actual money on the game to remain even remotely competitive. Across all game modes, I have an 89% win rate. Meaning out of the nearly 980 games I’ve played, I’ve won roughly 890 of them. Secondly, I outscore my opponents by an average ratio of 4:1. (For every 1 run my opponent scores, I’m consistently scoring 4 or more) in fact, my highest scoring game I won 112-0 and my overall batting average is .714 (out of about 16,000 total at bats) It’s all there on my statistics page in case anyone thinks I’m exaggerating, you’re more than welcome to check for yourself. This being said, series are clearly rigged to make you lose. As stated previously, I have an 89% win rate. Meaning out of every 10 games I play, on average I lose 1 single game. Not the case in series. The best I’ve ever done is 19-1 and finished in 2nd place. No matter how hard I try, no matter how many special bats I use, I can never get first place because first place is almost always 20-0, with tiebreaks decided by who had the highest run differential. This meaning that if someone goes 20-0 with a +30 run differential, but You go 19-1 with a +100 differential, you will be in 2nd place. There are almost always 3-4 “people” that are 20-0 and tied for 1st. (people in quotes because I’m certain the majority of them are AI/bots, which I explain a little further down) and none of them ever have a differential above +50. In this current series, I’m currently 12-4 with a differential of +167 with still 4 games left to play. Meaning that If I were 20-0, I’d take first place by an absolute landslide. That never happens because AT LEAST one game of the 20 playoff games is so blatantly rigged to make you lose that it is honestly just infuriating. Proof: Your players each have their own special ability that gets activated anywhere from 5% of the time to 50% of the time defending on the ability. In a normal, non-series game, you’d be lucky to have your abilities activated 10 times throughout the entire game and that’s if you are really beating your opponent badly enough to allow the game to stretch on. A typical game might see you get an ability maybe 5 times max. Well, not in series. In series, your opponent will get their ability literally nearly every single at bat and every single pitch against you while you may be lucky to get one every 5 batters. This causes you to have to attempt to win against an opponent that has been given every advantage possible to beat you. I’ve easily went on 20, 30 and 40 win streaks with my highest being 44 wins in a row yet when it comes to the series mode, you are guaranteed to lose at least one of the 20 games, if not more. This causes you to finish outside of the top 5 or 10 which means your “rewards” will be junk because only the top 5 get rewards that are even remotely worth it. This is not even mentioning the fact that I’m 99% sure the majority of opponents are AI. I could write an entire new review solely on that topic but as just a a quick example, you will face 5 different teams that all have the exact same picture of the same guys face, meaning they are literally copy/pasting bot teams to face you and good luck winning against some of them. I have all of the best legendary and all star players all upgraded to at least level 5 or higher, yet somehow these bot teams in series with rookie and pro players that are level 1-2 are beating me with home runs for every single hit while I’m lucky to hit 1 or 2 HR a game. I have over 4000 home runs in a little over 900 games yet suddenly, I’m unable to hit any In the series mode. It’s tough enough to face real players, let alone an AI team that is programmed to beat you. You can legitimately be ahead by 20 runs and suddenly, the bot team turns into gods and get their abilities every single at bat and will literally come back and beat you after being down 25-1. This is what ruins series. I could have went 20-0 in every single one I’ve entered if not for the cheating bot teams that they face you up against to prevent you from ever getting first place and getting the good rewards. Instead you’ll finish around 5th (if you’re really lucky) and get 30 bats back when you had to use 50 to finish the series. Absolute garbage. If anyone has a rational explanation for how I can win 90% of my games in every other instance except for when it comes to series when suddenly, I’m magically no longer able to get my abilities or hit the hit walls like I normally am able to, I’m all ears. Until then, I am Done wasting my time with this game until the devs approach this problem in a rational manner. I and many others are sick of busting our butts to save all of our special bats for the series just to be blatantly cheated and waste all of the bats because the prizes you get will MAYBE replace a fraction of the bats you had to use to even remain competitive in the tournament. A potentially 5 star game that’s getting 1 star because of all this shadiness.
  • New pitcher has crappy old tricks 1/5

    By My rap
    A new pitcher just came out and again we are using the ridiculous “pick-off”? There’s only 6 outs in this game and I just had two of them taken from me because of the opposing pitcher’s pick-off ability. Time for me to try a new baseball game! I can’t believe this ability made a comeback.
  • Review 4/5

    By alfonso638252
    Fun game until Bae Oakenbush and Anatoli Fedorov came into it. their ability is way OP. They activate at 27% and 35% without even being upgraded. Their ability is “bases loaded” and it doesn’t only last for their character, it lasts for the entire inning. You get two outs and these guys come up and hit a grand slam. Completely ruined the game.
  • Didn’t like it at all. 2/5

    By crowngaming
    I can’t even hit 1 base! And there last update was trash! I hated every part of it. It is my least favorite game on my iPad now. I am getting beaten so easily with scores like 12-0. And every single player that I’m facing is level1! And my players were level 5!
  • Like the game, but.... 3/5

    By Beans5891
    Smartest thing they did, get rid off the STUPID auto-out....dumbest thing, brought it back. Lame
  • Bad ability 1/5

    By Shane Strickland
    The pick off ability is cheesy! While playing for a lot of coins it was the bottom of the second with bases loaded and I was down by 2 runs with 2 outs. As soon as my batter got to the plate I was so exited to try and hit the winning run, but I wouldn’t even get the chance because the pitcher activated his pick off ability and poof the game is over and I’m out a ton of coin. I think this ability needs to be removed. I can’t believe it was even considered. I will be deleting this game if this is not rectified!!!
  • What’s going on 1/5

    By Help me help us
    Hey what’s going on I play this game All the time and love but I updated this morning like 1:00am
  • Hiccup 1/5

    By Bob Dobbler
    Game hiccups all the time. Can’t blame it on WiFi as it happens to both players involved in the game.
  • Many problems 2/5

    By Jaybee7414x
    The game is really more pinball than baseball but unfortunately with the former it gets boring pretty quick. The percentage of humans rather than bots that play the game is best exemplified by there “ Connect To Facebook” ad that states “See Your Friends In This Leaderboard” so you’re not even able to play a game with your Facebook friends. But that’s OK with a lot of gamers who actually prefer CPU opponents. The game could be aided by online friend invites, WiFi local games, 3, 5, or 7 game series against your pick of CPU opponents of varying strengths, or the Pennant Race mode as a local one vs one contest. Even the money hungry entrepreneurs that run Tap Baseball have friend invites capabilities.
  • CHEATERS! 1/5

    By fake yeezy
    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME ON THIS GAME! This game cheats. I have THE BEST of all players, and they stand down and let other teams beat me with cheap home runs. This game is a total fraud. It is not 1 vs 1. Do not be fooled. You are not playing other actual people. It’s a lie. There is no way In hell my team can be beat, yet the computer that fakes to be an actual other human cheats and wins. SCAM TO GET YOU TO WATCH ADDS AND BUY CRAP. Don’t fall for it.
  • Update 2/5

    By Jimmy844
    Update requested and after the update was made could not open the game.!
  • Great game if I could make one recommendation 5/5

    By prateek5000
    If I could make one recommendation it would be to add more left handed batters so I can have more lefty/righty batter balance in my lineup
  • Fun game great idea 3/5

    By Apps2Review
    Love the game however it over heats my iPhone or IPad the back of the device gets very hot. Reported it but they say no one else reported it so looks like nothing will be done to fix a very important issue so deleted game to protect my device. If anyone else notices the heat please let them know so it's fixed. Great game wish I could play it. Wanted to see a basketball version too. 5 stars of the heat problem gets fixed
  • Meh 3/5

    By Thanos15748
    Overall I like the game. But I’d really like to know how the “double play” ability gives you 2 outs when you have 0 runners on base. One of the dumbest things I ever seen in a game, but you have to suspend some belief in reality hen it comes to the special abilities.
  • Used to be fun 1/5

    By CecilFloyd
    This game was enjoyable until the last update. Now the game crashes all the time or when you do get to actually play a game it lags terribly and you can’t even see the ball when you are hitting. What’s amazing is that there are multiple posts similar to this one but the developers don’t seem to care at all - just keep taking the money. Most app developers would have done something by now to first fix the problems and second do something for those that have supported their app. Save your money and time.
  • Gimme a Break 2/5

    Been playing this game for a few months. I suddenly have turned into an idiot. I can’t hit anything anymore. My pitcher’s ERA has suddenly skyrocketed. What gives?
  • Game crash 5/5

    By billdoe02
    I don’t know what happened with last update but can play keeps resetting after one inning.
  • You only play against their bots 3/5

    By BobBanta
    Why do developers make you think you are playing against someone else online when you are really just playing against their AI? On this game, you only play against bots. The outcome is predetermined and there is little (if anything) you can do about it. After playing about 1,000 games, I’ve learned that your “opponent” will score a certain number of preordained runs. I’ve also determined that if the AI doesn’t want you to win, you won’t. Think I’m exaggerating? Watch how often your opponent has laser-like precision until a certain number of runs are tallied. Then watch him hit into consecutive outs, seemingly well off the mark. Also notice how, when you’re hitting, you will seem to hit the ball right at a fielder in those instances where the AI says you shouldn’t get a hit. To top it off, notice how the game will place the fielders in highly advantageous positions when it wants you to score, and highly disadvantaged positions when it thinks you shouldn’t. Given these maddening limitations, I must admit that I wouldn’t have played 1,000 times without it being fun. This is why I give the game 3 stars it would have been 5 stars if I felt that the game was inherently fair.
  • Lag all the sudden for no reason 2/5

    By Ben h Huang
    It lagged in the middle of the batting for no reason, and caused me a lot of loses that way
  • Music 4/5

    By Boner boby
    It’s fun but I’d like to play while listening to my music and also I think I’m playing bots and not other people
  • Drains phone battery 4/5

    By Uujmhkmjo
    Fun to play but drains phone battery really quickly
  • Bots 1/5

    By paypalblows
    Way to easy. I have 226 million coins
  • Game 4/5

    By morenodiaz
    They should bring back the “pick me off” don’t like the new one “bring the heat”
  • Bots, not online 2/5

    By TiNYY_ToM88
    I really did enjoy this game and it felt authentic and as though I was playing against real people. However as you play more often you will realize everyone is a bot. Odd perfection in names in the leaderboard, games are always too easy... what a shame
  • Worst service ever 1/5

    By bronx punk
    Ive peaked out the game so i ask customer service about updates or maybe adding more levels so game play can continue and they got all snarky and rude. In the end they threatened to “mute” me and i told them to gfy. The game is fun until you get good and then it gets boring. Hothead games must be full of little nerdy guys with no social skills responding to legitimate concerns.
  • Good until the bots hit 1/5

    By Baldbiker
    This game is fun until you get to a decent level and the bots start. Your fielders will be spread all over the field, but theirs will be bunched in front of all your hit walls. Or in the second inning all of your opponents special abilities will be activated. Got to the point I would call it. “I’m up by 3, he has two outs and the bases loaded. Bet it’s a grand slam.” Yup. “I came from behind and I’m up by seven runs. Bet he has an epic inning.” Yup. Don’t believe me? Get up over 1.,000 trophies and go back to stadium 1. There will always just happen to be someone of a similar level waiting to play you.
  • Now 1 star game 1/5

    By HershallR
    The game started out a 5 star game. Then they downgraded players abilities and now they give you cards to upgrade players that are maxed out on upgrades. cards that could be used to upgrade other players. still kinda fun, but frustrating. game has so much potential.
  • Lot of lag🤬🤬 1/5

    By es ready
    Lot of lag ! It’s stupid!
  • Horrible game 1/5

    By HisServant06
    Used to be fun. Now I’ve lost all my money between lagging during pitches when ever the game is clutch or being ahead, sometimes by double digits, and the AI gets hit after hit till it wins. Game has gone rouge. Plus nerfing Sven was a horrible idea. Going to make a lot of people made if that’s the ability legendary pitcher you’ll make everyone buy. Still, don’t WASTE you’re money. They’ll probably pull a Bae. Spent $10 for him because of his high hitting and his 50% chance to load the bases... instead they drop it to 27%. Anyone who has Bae should be given there money back!!!
  • Tiene algunos stop el juego pero esta bien nadas tiene que se para mucho 2/5

    By s79eduafdo._1
    Se para mucho
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By d2p2002
    This is the best game I’ve ever played I have been playing for probably 2 months now and it hasn’t gotten old even a little bit!
  • New update ruined it 2/5

    By no_name6482
    This game used to be great, I started playing from the very beginning. Then the creators decided to make changes that ruined the fun. I have no experiences with glitches or problems. The new AI players just always hit clutch hits and always get there power ups. I could be up by 17 runs and the AI will got non-stop homeruns until they win. There is no way to win games anymore. I’m done playing it until it goes back to how it was.
  • Super Hit Baseball 3/5

    By dgamez31
    Fun,Hard my type of game
  • Somehow worse with each update 1/5

    By Alex Yurevitch
    Used to be a lot of fun, but over the past month has just gotten worse with each update. Laggy, borderline unplayable, such a shame the devs ruined a fun game.
  • Laggy. Uncontrollable. 5/5

    By creatube
    Amazingly laggy. Whenever it happens, I can’t score any. Something must running behind heavily and it has huge negative impact on the performance.
  • Automated 1/5

    By E720bob
    Never play a real opponent, all automated AI opponents
  • Nice 5/5

    By jordan0987653421
    You goes did good
  • Game is Awsomeness 4/5

    By Mojavechang
    I actually took the time to write a review on my own accord because the game is great. How ever i dont give it five stars because i cant play music while im playing. Only downfall but man come on why cant i vibe out while im playing my favorite game.
  • Fun for a week or two 1/5

    By brokAniga
    Fun game for about a couple weeks, then becomes obvious you’re playing a program.. amazing how the performance improves and win streak begins after a real purchase, then when next offer is made and denied, epic losing streak begins.. very obvious program to reward purchases.. don’t get suckered.. trash app
  • Need money to advance 2/5

    By JSS24601
    Fun game but like a lot of these “free” games you eventually end up playing against people that have more money than skill. Just get frustrating after awhile.
  • Grate game 5/5

    By bash the smash
    It has some big changes.over all it is a grate game.i rate it a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ star
  • Latest update 1/5

    By Grumpy_0ld_Man
    Once again the latest update of the game has stopped me from playing. The app won’t even open now. This is the second time it’s happened. Using the app on IPhone X
  • Fun 5/5

    By kylepoo1010
    Really interesting
  • Unfunctionable pretty much since last update 1/5

    By Coco Chanel Coco 143
    Almost every time I try do anything on this app, the app crashes. I can’t see the players in the dugout without having to really strain my eyes. I’m a little over half blind and I have the hardest time now trying to make lineups. Now about every time, I try to play a video to get extra points, it says no video available. Please change it back to the update before this one. The game was working fine then. Thank you.
  • Good game add multiplayer 5/5

    By Nick am here 12345
    Game is super addicting but I wish they would add multiplayer where u can play with your friends
  • Was a fan 2/5

    By ramond42300
    I was a big fan of this game, now it’s not that good, considering I’m going off like two or three weeks of not having it, cause it wouldn’t let me update. Oh well!!!
  • Addicting game 5/5

    By Eggnyce
    Idk why but it’s a cool game to play
  • Glitch 1/5

    By cooperstowns Finest
    I played this game everyday, I loved it but since the upgrade I can’t play 1v1 because it glitches and the lags awful. It’s taken 80000 of my coins. I played last week after the update and it was terrible so I exited gave it a few days tried to see if there was going to be a fix. Played again this morning and it’s just the same. Lost interest
  • Recent update.. 4/5

    By Skeeball978
    After the recent update, the app will sometimes close for some reason when you’re in the middle of playing a game which is really frustrating cause then you'll lose your coins 😞 Please fix! Other than that, i love the game!

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