Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

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  • Current Version: 3.0.15
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Super Mario Run App

A new kind of Mario game that you can play with one hand. You control Mario by tapping as he constantly runs forward. You time your taps to pull off stylish jumps, midair spins, and wall jumps to gather coins and reach the goal! Super Mario Run can be downloaded for free and after you purchase the game, you will be able to play all the modes with no additional payment required. You can try out all four modes before purchase: World Tour, Toad Rally, Remix 10, and Kingdom Builder. ■World Tour Run and jump with style to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches! Travel through plains, caverns, ghost houses, airships, castles, and more. Clear the 24 exciting courses to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser, waiting in his castle at the end. There are many ways to enjoy the courses, such as collecting the 3 different types of colored coins or by competing for the highest score against your friends. You can try courses 1-1 to 1-4 for free. After rescuing Princess Peach, a nine-course special world, World Star, will appear. ■Remix 10 Some of the shortest Super Mario Run courses you'll ever play! This mode is Super Mario Run in bite-sized bursts! You'll play through 10 short courses one after the other, with the courses changing each time you play. Daisy is lost somewhere in Remix 10, so try to clear as many courses as you can to find her! ■Toad Rally Show off Mario’s stylish moves, compete against your friends, and challenge people from all over the world. In this challenge mode, the competition differs each time you play. Compete against the stylish moves of other players for the highest score as you gather coins and get cheered on by a crowd of Toads. Fill the gauge with stylish moves to enter Coin Rush Mode to get more coins. If you win the rally, the cheering Toads will come live in your kingdom, and your kingdom will grow. ■Kingdom Builder Gather coins and Toads to build your very own kingdom. Combine different buildings and decorations to create your own unique kingdom. There are over 100 kinds of items in Kingdom Builder mode. If you get more Toads in Toad Rally, the number of buildings and decorations available will increase. With the help of the friendly Toads you can gradually build up your kingdom. ■What You Can Do After Purchasing All Worlds ・ All courses in World Tour are playable Why not try out the bigger challenges and thrills available in all courses? ・ Easier to get Rally Tickets It's easier to get Rally Tickets that are needed to play Remix 10 and Toad Rally. You can collect them in Kingdom Builder through Bonus Game Houses and ? Blocks, by collecting colored coins in World Tour, and more. ・ More playable characters If you rescue Princess Peach by completing course 6-4 and build homes for Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadette in Kingdom Builder mode, you can get them to join your adventures as playable characters. They play differently than Mario, so why not put their special characteristics to good use in World Tour and Toad Rally? ・ More courses in Toad Rally The types of courses available in Toad Rally will increase to seven different types of courses, expanding the fun! Along with the new additions, Purple and Yellow Toads may also come to cheer for you. ・ More buildings and decorations in Kingdom Builder The types of buildings available will increase, so you'll be able to make your kingdom even more lively. You can also place Rainbow Bridges to expand your kingdom. ・ Play Remix 10 without having to wait You can play Remix 10 continuously, without having to wait between each game. *Internet connectivity required to play. Data charges may apply. May contain advertisements.

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Super Mario Run app reviews

  • One tap 5/5

    By foxysteph
    The game reminds me of classic Mario (I’m not 80 or something I use Nintendo switch online) one tap Mario jumps it does everything else for you.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Chihuahua Lover 😍
    Thank you for creating this wonderful game! I truly appreciate the work you put into this app, developers. Thank you so much! $10.00 is a lot of money for MARIO, but you guys make it worth it. Once again, thank you! -Chihuahua Lover, but you can call me Ava
  • Game won’t even open anymore 1/5

    By Tylklutch
    Used to play the game a bit but stopped for a little while to wait for more updates went to play after said updates and game just doesn’t even load. I’ve redownloaded 4 times restarted every time yet, just doesn’t open and can’t click app support because it says file not found after loading the page. I usually don’t review things but this is just blahhhhh.
  • Can’t update it!!! 3/5

    By gradybuggy
    If I hit update it just has the same future as a undownloaded game!!!
  • Comments 4/5

    By please read thx
    I like the game but u have to sign in u know but thx for the game
  • Buy this it’s worth it 5/5

    By Joel Gaming
    I love how it is, I am short, and this is also going to be Short, I love this game so much
  • The characters 5/5

    By Coolgameplayer gamer
    Has amazing characters
  • Why does this game exist? 3/5

    By ShoreRideRope
    I like this game and I played it a little bit before I had to reset it #ripme. I have a few complaints about this game. #1: This game cost $10 to play but you can only play four levels FOR FREE. #2: In the home map, why do you have to sign in to have friends? It’s ridiculous. #3: Why can’t you jump over a small ledge manually? Are the physics of this game really necessary or is it just me? I have to rate this 3/5 because the game is really cool but it has its issues
  • To expensive 2/5

    By Nicknameaaaaabbbbcccc
    I shelled out 10 bucks for this game only to have completed all levels within 2 hours. Complete rip off
  • Hard for me 2/5

    By tylie martinez
    Hey so it’s say I’m level two but I’m level one and I don’t know how and I never got many gifts the money is like you don’t need it and on rally I’m first and it says I’m last
  • Superb game ever! Just one thing you must add... 5/5

    By Avid YouVersion app user
    As a fan of Super Mario and friends, I love that this new game is the perfect way to keep playing. If you’re like me, you probably passed all the super Mario games and are bored because there are no more Mario games to play. This app lets you build, play, and listen to music all in one. If you ask me, this app is the answer to the Mario problem. Just one more thing. I would like Nabbet to join in the game when it updates. Other than that, it’s perfect.
  • No money for tour 5/5

    By Evan434
    It’s dumb doing money for tour
  • rEEeEeEeE 4/5

    By Yoshi Yt
    I paid $10 for this game except my phone doesn’t have a lot of storage so it automatically deletes apps and stuff but I redownloaded the app and I had to pay $10 again for something I already had before and I would prefer if I’d get my money back please
  • Amazing but we need more power-ups 5/5

    By ThunderStrike361
    I’m absolutely in love with this game. It Is just like when I used to play new super Mario Bros on my Nintendo DS and it brings back so many awesome memories however one memory I do have is getting all the cool power ups such as the fire flower which isn’t here as well as all the other cool power ups throughout the Mario games that follow and I think it would be really awesome if we could at least get some of those power ups to spice up the game a little bit because it’s fun for a while but then playing with the same power ups (which there are only 2) doesn’t make it as fun anymore and the game begins to become a little stale. So please Nintendo add these awesome power ups to make the game reach it’s full potential.
  • Maybe I’m just old but... 5/5

    By SnaffyJ
    ...I remember a world when Nintendo games were like $50+ and you had to buy a $200 console plus accessories and and and... do people really think $10 is expensive for a professionally developed game??? I mean, I literally got like hours and hours of fun over weeks and weeks from this little gem and I’m super happy if some developer somewhere has a job because I paid for this thing. Setting price aside, this was a really fun game on so many levels. Best iPhone game I’ve ever played. Super cute characters, loved building my kingdom, the levels are super replayable and the mini games like rally were challenging and engaging. Now get off my lawn.
  • Bart Simpson 5/5

    By Charlotte Irma
    I wanna see Peach cheating Mario and I wanna see Peach kisses Toad!
  • Good game but.. 2/5

    By synffanie
    The thing that bothers me is I had this game a long time ago when I just got my phone for Xmas I didn’t play it much, I played other games then over time it got deleted and I re-downloaded it. then it didn’t save any data I saved peach and everything! I beg you to save people’s data when they delete the game it made me really mad and I was really annoyed.please Mario gods please save data when people delete the app 🙏🏼 although I love your game I’m a all time Nintendo fan 👾♥️

    By MZC9000
    I'm not allowed to pay for stuff and I want to play the full game Respond plz Make the whole game free! I had hope for this game but Nintendo in my opinion has the worst mobile game making skills I ever seen . You greedy monsters are horrible and I officially hate the Nintendo company if you care about the development of this game at all please respond to this (zero stars btw)
  • Issue with music 5/5

    By Dora my idol
    This is one of my favorite mario games but it won’t let me listen to SoundCloud. When I do it will always glitched me out
  • Pretty good but.. 4/5

    By Alytmnt8
    This game is so good but I completed the final level for level 1, and guess what... I DID NOT GET ONTO LEVEL 2!!!!!!!!!
  • Eh it’s okay 3/5

    By rennystoleyobd😘
    It’s a fun game but your forced to buy the game so you can fully enjoy the game .
  • Better! 5/5

    By ilkoyuncu
    So Cute This Game
  • Initially I would’ve given 5 3/5

    By Nturavgchic
    Before I would have given a 5 but it seem like every week I can’t play unless I get go back to the App Store. Can I just play the game? I may have to delete this game if it continues.
  • Ok 2/5

    By Bigffhjsd
    I don’t understand why I need an internet connection I could play super Mario bros on the wii with out internet like I wanna play on a plane.
  • Too hard 1/5

    By Dunnii56
    The forward motion of Mario takes away your control. It’s so frustrating and hard that it takes all the enjoyment out of it. Also, the building/kingdom part of the game makes no sense to me. Why do it? And if you run out of rally tickets, the explanation doesn’t help to know how to get them. I want to love this game, but it really is hard — not challenging fun — just frustrating beyond all reason.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Fcgfcfcfutfccfcytcf
    Awesome game everything truly amazing! My only ask is once you master the first world you be able to further if not a premium member. Otherwise great game!
  • Mario 5/5

    By Turkey 1002
    I LOVE NINTNDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i am just wondering 4/5

    By jxjfgejsh
    will you guys ever make a mario kart mobile?
  • I love the game but.... 4/5

    By chicken wing 54
    When I play it it says I have to pay 9$to get all the other levels besides the first level it that’s the only choice if you want to get to the next level
  • 0007 Error 2/5

    By xxPriceless
    Game was all good and was enjoying it up until today. Now every time I load it I get an error. “ Communications error has occurred “. This needs a fix or I will be deleting.
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By Rezayyyyym0305
    This is a great game! Thank you for fixing the heating problem in the last update!
  • Plz make a super Mario bros 2 1/5

    By komastky
    I would love if you would make super Mario bros 2 because I don’t have it for my ds so I just want to play it on the go
  • Game keeps crashing 1/5

    By Existingforme
    Rated one because every time I open the app to play it closes.
  • It’s fun but not worth the price. 3/5

    By Halochief1224
    I enjoy playing the game it’s very challenging, but the price is too much for an app I get that it’s Mario but it’s really not worth the price I’m not saying its bad I’m just saying the price is it should be less like $6. Overall I like how you can play as a variety of different characters and the competitive rally there is no lag glitches or anything bad that messes with the game.
  • Not worth $10 1/5

    By ArcherAlways
    The price is WAY too steep!
  • Love the game but... 2/5

    By The_Real_PoohBear
    If I don’t have an in-home Internet connection I can’t play. This is the only game I have that I have to have an Internet connection. Please update and fix this problem.
  • Please read this 1/5

    By mlgipad134 (fortnite user)
    My youtube app keeps crashing on my 2ds I tried everything but it keeps crashing please fix this. I also wrote a feedback on nintendo website
  • Updates for what exactly? 1/5

    By Seikaru1722
    I’ve been seeing the same update details for at least a year! What do you steal from my phone every week? I’d love to know. I will probably get rid of this now... Was a great game, so thanks.
  • Not a free game 1/5

    By WandaStar
    You have to pay just to get all the levels I may have payed if you just put it in the App Store for ten dollars but saying that it’s free is a scam.
  • Not up to usual nintendo quality. 1/5

    By ca040618
    Just reused graphics from the New Super Mario Bros. series.
  • Latest update broke it for me 1/5

    By steV3nom
    I tried both on my iPad Pro 10.5” and iPhone 7 Plus on the latest version. Crashes on startup on both devices.
  • 🔥🔥 5/5

    By gabe:):):):)
    Love the game but update for more levels!!!!!!
  • Terrible on iPad 1/5

    By N/A 1234
    On iPad I want to control running and use landscape mode. Same for Apple TV. I understand using one hand on iPhone, but iPad and Apple TV should allow me to play Mario with forward / backward controls (and in landscape mode).
  • Love this game! 5/5

    By no needs to know
    I’ve played this game like my entire life, I may have been frustrated a few times, but I I get over it. I’ve played with my whole family! I’ve played Mario on Wii,WiiU,and more. This day which is the day I’m writing this, I played with my aunt, and we spent like 4 hours on it! We beat bowser, got the stars for every world. (New Mario//WIIU)
  • Not enough access 1/5

    By jayyonie
    I think that for kids like me who can’t buy full access thinks it’s unfair because this game is for children 4+ and I’m pretty sure most kids under the age of 13 can just be like mom or dad can I get ten dollars for a game like what the flip!!?!! I think it should be free and you would have to earn it some type of way instead of paying
  • Good game, but boring 😴 2/5

    By Iván Luis!
    Is a good game, but is boring to because i want to move and get all the coins, it’s better if they have buttons to move :)
  • WHY!! 1/5

    By MaxiWaxiAxi123
    I like it but you have to pay 10 dollars to play all 6 worlds, it’s just no fair. 1 star and that’s it.
  • Great game! 5/5

    By Manutdpro
    It’s amazing but could you make it OFFLINE PLZ! Thx!
  • Read this before buying 1/5

    By extreme buddy
    This game has good levels but the price to buy all levels is outrageous $10 is not worth it so opinion don’t buy this game.

Super Mario Run app comments

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