Super Slime Simulator

Super Slime Simulator

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  • Current Version: 7.81
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Dramaton LTD
  • Compatibility: Android
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Super Slime Simulator App

Create super realistic slime and play with it on your mobile device. Relax your mind and discover our unique ASMR experience. Stretch your slime, squish it, knead it, pop it - just like you would with real slime or putty. Enjoy that oddly satisfying feeling right from your phone or tablet. With a huge selection of slimes types, decorations and colors to create with, this app is for slime beginners and pro slime experts, young and old, boys and girls. You can even share the experience by sending slime gifts for your friends to enjoy on their own devices. App features: - Play with your simulated slime right on your phone. - Realistic slime simulation: Stretch it, squish it, knead it, pop it - just like real slime! - Relieve stress and discover our one of a kind ASMR experience. - DIY. Create your very own slime. Choose from a huge collection of materials, colors and add-ins: add glitter, jelly cubes and tens of other amazing decorations. - Rich slime gallery: Clear, milky, metallic, jiggly and many more. - Each slime boasts a unique texture, sound and behavior. - Fun area: Play Lu-lu's Slime Quest, guessing games, turn your photos into slime (greenscreen effect) & experience slime painting. - Send slime gifts to your friends. Hit the gift button and send gifts that your friends can load into their devices and play with! - Satisfying 3D Sounds: Turn up the volume and listen to your slime squishing as you touch it. For best experience, use a headphones set. - Shake it till you make it: Shake your phone to undo stretches. - Share your creations! Hit the share button and send images of your slimes to your friends. FOLLOW US at Instagram @superslimesimulator

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Super Slime Simulator app reviews

  • By Mia Andrade nine wrote by herself loves sushi 🍣 🌷🍱 5/5

    By feather spring
    I love this game it’s so fun and it’s good because if you spend a couple of coins all you have to do is watch A five second video and bing bang boom you get 500 more coins yay so please download it is such a fun game you will get Great deals and great prices I love this more than anything except for my friends and family of course please download it’s such a fun game for your family it calms you especially if you tired bored and have crazy siblings please download and please not complain about this game it’s so fun you will never even want to take it back please have fun with your new game Love and trust your beloved sushi lover Mia Andrade ciao ✅😘
  • Love it! 5/5

    By reagan baca
    I love this app but I just hate the adds so I highly recommend trying this app out
  • Awesome 5/5

    By jdjfnndndnfnf
    This game is five out of five! When you play lulu’s slime quest you get 500 coins! You unlock colors, different kinds of slime, and finally decorations! This game is full of excitement! If you love to make slime this is the kind of game you want. If you are felling down and sad this will help you! Well done, super slime simulator!
  • It the best! 5/5

    By Tessaxxboba
    It is super realistic and super satisfying definitely download this right now!!!
  • Satisfying and fun 🌈 😆 5/5

    By disgustedwalnut
    This app is super fun and relaxing great job developer! (:
  • Scam,Non-Advanced Game,And Annoying stuff 4/5

    By RileyPlayzzz
    I bought more coins but I didn’t get it. Rip off. Slime looks non-advanced. don’t recommend. To many ads and slime noises sound the same. it keeps automatically turning up my volume and I hate it. I like the game but it just needs to be fixed. also it doesn’t have all slime types. It assumed in the ad.
  • Good but 5/5

    By akskshdhwhdhejfjrifjrjfhehd
    It’s good I wish I did not need coins for new things but I don’t like ads ether but it’s fine it’s not like every time
  • Meh 😕 it’s ok 3/5

    By Mommy CT
    Ok so I like this game but.. it gets boring after a while when I first got the game I loved it! 😍 but after a while it got boring and the adds are a little to much for me I don’t really play it as much as I use to.. oh and the sounds that the slime makes its sounds gross in my opinion. All you can do in the game is just make slime and that’s it! I just wish that there is more to this game. Btw this is in MY opinion ok so don’t get mad at me. One more thing the decorations that you put in the slime well what I’m trying to say is. Who puts flowers in there slime?!?! That is just weird in my opinion… but thanks for reading this bye! Have a awesome day 😊😁😃🤗
  • Superslime 5/5

    By adalks
    It's so fun
  • Peanuts Please! 5/5

    By cancan1638🦄
    So I play the game and I love it chests, Slime and fun! Just one suggestion! I made jelly slime, right? And then I wanted to make peanut butter slime! But couldn’t find any peanuts!!! Plz ad peanuts!!! Plz plz plz!!!! I rly want them!!! Plz?!?! Lol 🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜
  • Super fun but one suggestion! 5/5

    By robIoxygurl
    This game is super fun I’m only allowed to play with slime outside but where I live it is either very rainy or cold or to sunny and dry 🙊 so when I saw the add for it I honestly didn’t think it would be that satisfying or realistic but I still downloaded it after downloading it and playing it I was super impressed it was so realistic and so satisfying but I do have a suggestion so i think maybe you could sell your slimes and make coins from selling your slime!
  • Nices games 5/5

    By Sojagirl2
    Nice game
  • Good game 3/5

    By Callowya
    I like the game but for some reason if I want to download it won’t download I tried to reset my phone but it still won’t load and my phone is completely okay but yea
  • BORING 1/5

    By royalegal4256
    All you ever do is just make icky yucky slime. Too many things to do, too many slimes. I don’t like it, okay?

    By Ava morones
    so you Can make you’re own slime and it feels so REAL.and you earn coins and buy chests with things inside!
  • Wow 5/5

    By ggjjnvg
    Good and just wow
  • 😍(bad grammr) 5/5

    By i love to prank....
    First i download this and i liked it now i loved it totally addicting
  • Good game 4/5

    By boomboomercyd
    This game is so real I love it 😊
  • Super fun 5/5

    By whit whit💜💜
    I got a bunch of my friends to get this app on Instagram it’s getting so many followers love it and always will use it [email protected]
  • I love turtles call simple SlimeSimulator!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By Jakesense
  • Love this app 5/5

    By emoji face 170
    This has been so fun feels and looks like I’m playing with actual slime
  • ? 4/5

    By Dcm01
    When will they add more levels to Lulu's since quest it has not updated in over 2 years
  • Better than I thought 5/5

    By *%ßußules%*
    So after watching the ad 5 times I was like ok let me just download it after that I loved it it’s so satisfying. ______________________________________________ ~~~~\ I’m so glad I found this app its great 😊 thanks!~~~~\ *v* ———————————————————————————
  • sorry 5/5

    i am completley sorry for opening a gift that was sent without permission and ut wasnt for me
  • best game ever! 5/5

    By $$$#272
    Dude, I love this game so much! Thank you for making this game because it’s so satisfying and I just love it so much! I literally play it for hours! But the problem is that you should work more hard on upgrades in the game. Not a lot has changed, But otherwise, this thing rocks.
  • It is fun but too many ads 4/5

    By jekielek fam
    I really like this game I would recommend having ads for only getting more decor/slime recipes. But the ad thing is before you even begin to play w/ your slime you have to see a ad! (PLS ONLY THE OWNER OF THIS GAME READ THIS PART) I love how you made ads so we could skip them..but plz the children out there want to play w/ there slime as soon as they make it. Hi I am back so I was just saying that we should play w/ our slime as soon as we make it. But I love this app plz download it if you want to by the way this a ten year old speaking so hope you guys hope you enjoy the game!

    By sgfdndb
    It’s the best game ever I have a 2 year old sis who loves it (it’s my iPad)put she loves seeing the new slimes and learning words like yucky and stuff I think u should get it it’s totally worth it!
  • Más slime porva 5/5

    By mamafacka
  • I love this app 5/5

    By K-pop korea
    ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ super nice
  • 4 stars 4/5

    By 🐨🌺🍦🦄
    This game is great , but I would like to be able to buy slime types. You have to wait for the daily package which is annoying. The adds are also SUPER ANNOYING!!! There r so many!!!! Please make less adds.
  • IN LOVE 5/5

    By gks/suger bear
    so why I love this game is so you can play with friends you can choose different themes make different kinds of slimes you can and you can earn coins just by playing with your slimes and with coins you can buy chests to get new decorations, slimes or colors and you can make all kinds of different slimes you can make all kinds of different themes and send them to your friends and it’s really fun to play with friends it’s very satisfying so if you’re stressed out or something you should play this game and it won’t stress you out it will make you all relaxed so I highly recommend it that if you haven’t downloaded this game please do
  • AWESOME! Just a “few” suggestions 5/5

    By unicorn luva 228
    Ok so I love this game! Like, kind of can’t stop playing.. but I have a couple suggestions..first off, I HATE the noises that happens when you play with the magical slimes. The music is so oddly creepy haha. Second, I think we should be able to make our own slimes. Like have our own recipes. That’s really all! Anyway I love this game and think you guys should totally keep going!
  • super slime simulator 5/5

    By ffghuvcgh
    this game is so fun make slime name it play games so much fun definitely worth your time
  • Super Slime Review 5/5

    By chlobear831
    This is an amazing app that I could get hard work off my mind. This app is something that you could relax and listen to the sound of slime witch is very fun for me because I can choose from so many slime types. I hope this helps you bye.
  • Best app 5/5

    By Snooppog
    If you get this make a ice cream slime shop that’s what u did!
  • Very cool 5/5

    By 620253
    It’s okay but satisfying too
  • So cooool 5/5

    By maddy54757
    This game is soooo fun it lets you be creative and blew my mind!!!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Emma bohn
    This game is so sick ! I love it and I have already completed lulus slime quest and got all of the decorations,colors,and slimes!This is so cool
  • Slime 5/5

    By tydbsok we ufbdgne
  • Download the game it fun 5/5

    By bchhdhfjdhrnshvhhhf
    I love that they put slime we can copy to get coin I also like the cute decorations you can put in the slime and it fun to make make to you download it😃
  • More 2/5

    By fox Gamer DJ
    More updates I mean more I mean more then a new slime type seriously more😡
  • So good 5/5

    By Beautiful diamonds🥰🥰
    I love this game because it’s so satisfying and I have all the decorations and colours and all of that but still it’s so fun I always give gifts to my friends and she gift me back Recommend if you want why but you can’t😩😩😩🥰🥰🥰
  • this is the best game ever 5/5

    By uyggcvg
    i love it its really cool and its the best game ever keep the good work everyone! :)
  • The reflection on the slime 3/5

    By Emily is poop
    If you touch the slime with one finger you can see a reflection of a bed and some black hair I think I can see you too it is pretty creepy
  • I love just ameerah and her game 5/5

    By b ice cream
    And it is so much fun I could play it all day
  • Awesome game…BUUUUUTTT 5/5

    By i love <3 love LOVE roblox!!
    Can you make it where you can earn even just 10 coins when u play with slime instead of 5? Also could you maybe make another game in the game thing with the painting slime and squishy magic and blah and add a new game. It’s a new idea! It’s wear you can draw your own decorations or use parts of other decorations and put input in a slime and decide the size too? Also you can make your own slime like stretchiness and being like wavy or like the candle slime and stuff so you can make it really stretchy or something else. Also can you add a feature where you can decide if you want like the flamingo color to be brighter or darker? That would be cool. And maybe have like where u can pick bowls that you have the slime in and have the slime in visible bowls? Or containers, etc. one last thing.. I know it’s hard to do.. but could you make the graphics even the tiniest bit better? Or just make settings to make it better graphics well I guess another thing if we are using old devices could u make an option to have lower graphics so we dint lag using this? Than you so much for reading this if you do. Please atleast cinsider one idea or think about it
  • It’s fun 4/5

    By yayandn
    Okay so…I love the game it’s just like the ad says like most games have fake ads and when you download the game it just is not what you think and you get your hope up but this time it’s not like that! It’s just like the ad says and it’s pretty satisfying I was thinking like “yeah no if you can’t feel the slime then it won’t be fun or satisfying “ but I was wrong my cousin told me to download it so I did and it was fun I love the game I wish there were a few more realistic details but I like it the way it’s a wonderful game and very entertaining and addicting…you can make you own slimes and it is really realistic for it being on my phone..but I recommend that you get the game also another game I have named..squishy magic…it’s also a game from the creator of the slime game well…have fun playing superslimesimulator
  • Fun 5/5

    By rihannabun
    I am a waste of time
  • Y really like this game thanks for making this game 5/5

    By camila colombia