Super Slime Simulator

Super Slime Simulator

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  • Current Version: 7.02
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Dramaton LTD
  • Compatibility: Android
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Super Slime Simulator App

Create super realistic slime and play with it on your mobile device. Relax your mind and discover our unique ASMR experience. Stretch your slime, squish it, knead it, pop it - just like you would with real slime or putty. Enjoy that oddly satisfying feeling right from your phone or tablet. With a huge selection of slimes types, decorations and colors to create with, this app is for slime beginners and pro slime experts, young and old, boys and girls. You can even share the experience by sending slime gifts for your friends to enjoy on their own devices. App features: - Play with your simulated slime right on your phone. - Realistic slime simulation: Stretch it, squish it, knead it, pop it - just like real slime! - Relieve stress and discover our one of a kind ASMR experience. - DIY. Create your very own slime. Choose from a huge collection of materials, colors and add-ins: add glitter, jelly cubes and tens of other amazing decorations. - Rich slime gallery: Clear, milky, metallic, jiggly and many more. - Each slime boasts a unique texture, sound and behavior. - Fun area: Play Lu-lu's Slime Quest, guessing games, turn your photos into slime (greenscreen effect) & experience slime painting. - Send slime gifts to your friends. Hit the gift button and send gifts that your friends can load into their devices and play with! - Satisfying 3D Sounds: Turn up the volume and listen to your slime squishing as you touch it. For best experience, use a headphones set. - Shake it till you make it: Shake your phone to undo stretches. - Share your creations! Hit the share button and send images of your slimes to your friends. FOLLOW US at Instagram @superslimesimulator

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Super Slime Simulator app reviews

  • Slime 5/5

    By jbckcg
    I love it it’s so satisfying and calming I love it thank you
  • Slime simulator 5/5

    By yelllow bobs
    I love this game is so fun and satisfying I recommend getting this app TRY IT NOW 🤩🥳💖💖
  • Ban ban ban! 1/5

    By Nastrix
    Ughhh I hate this game bc it’s has ads ads r soooo dumb btw I’m not a Karen my name is evynne
  • Thank you so much for this app i love slime 5/5

    By gymler
    Thank you
  • I love it but the adds I hate that there are so many adds! 5/5

    By UniMeg527
    I love the game it’s so satisfying I love the pops and cracks!I only have one problem...THERE IS WAY TO MANY ADDS!!! I wish there was was les adds.
  • I love it 5/5

    By omg oma
    It is the best app .
  • Amazing 🤩 5/5

    By qqqqwwwweerrtttfcvvbbnnjj
    I love it sooooo soooo much... but one problem when I press in order to play with my slime ads pop up
  • Good but some criticism 3/5

    By Thecocoaoftheak
    I honestly think this game is very satisfying! Especially for people who’s parents don't exactly allow slime in the house. However, I have found there are some things that could change. 1, Advertisements. I know, you have to make money, but it would be great if instead of after every slime it could be every OTHER slime? Its a small reduction, and if you love making slime in this game like I do, it’ll help the players not be crowded with ads. 2, Crinkling. This might sound weird, but if you circle your slime, it’ll look like crumpled up paper with pointy edges. Thats.. not how slime works. If you could find a way to program it so it’s either a smooth, circular bend or just so the slime sets by the time you made a circle, that’d be cool! (The home screen, not the slime making screen). 3, The “Milkshake Slime”. The Milkshake Slime looked really cool while making it, but.. after awhile with it on the home screen it made me sick. It was constantly moving when I didn't touch it. Maybe try adjusting that, so it makes a ripple effect when you poke it but then settles down? I do enjoy the game overall! ~Snowyyyy
  • Wow 5/5

    By LA fcduskfzkgz
    Love this game you should try this game 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💕💕💕💕💕💕
  • WOW 5/5

    By veryhappy customerr
    I have been on this app NONSTOP so amazing distracting time consuming and fun!!! It’s so great
  • Happy buyer 5/5

    By myne is Ariella
    I like this game because it’s like really cool and I like make my own slime with out leaving my house to get the stuff to make slime
  • Boring game do not get 1/5

    By ffghhjbg
    I hate it I hate it I hate it so boring I don’t like it it’s not that I didn’t have details and I need some more stuff in it do not do not get it do not get it it’s boring and it’s not fun to not get it please
  • Very good app 😍 5/5

    By Mommy CT
    I love slime it is so fun but I can’t play with slime in my house so when I playing a game this pop up it look fun so I got it and now I am very happy with this app so 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Yghvtfhvg 2/5

    By PeyWilz
  • The best relaxing game in history 5/5

    By Eli~GONE~STONE~(miia dynasty)
    I love this game this is my favorite game one of my favorite slimes that I made was the bubble gum slime this is how you make it : glossy slime, pink color, sprinkles or u should say candy for some reason. I hope you can make it even cooler but if you don’t I really don’t care because this is the best app ever! I recommend this app on all devices although it is only on Mobil devices if you have a mobil devices I AM TELLING YOU DOWNLOAD THIS PEACEFUL RELAXING SLIME GAME EVER IN HISTORY!!!!!!! Thank you!🤗
  • Love it just some things 5/5

    By jsjeu3jskqke
    The ads there ok but they kinda take long that all but I love it!!
  • Very Satisfying 5/5

    By SapphireThe1st
    This game is so amazing! It’s very relaxing. I play this game with my friends and we would send each other slimes. Download this app now!!
  • Get app 5/5

    By hdjdhfcncjcueiis
    Basically what I want
  • Awwwwsssooommee 5/5

    By decorationgod
    This game is soo satisfying and fun me and my sister gift slimes all the time and love hearing the noises and playing the games this game has to offer!! I would 100,000% recommended this app! 💜💙
  • Good 5/5

    By nikkie bikkie
    This is the best app ever. I have been looking for a good slime app for a month but all the slime apps I got were bad until I found this app and it was awesome. So relaxing it almost made me fall asleep lol. I say to get this app
  • The best game of 2020! 5/5

    By Good Lightning
    I love this game. The game, Super Slime Simulator, has many items you can create. It’s fun to create a slime.
  • Great game! 5/5

    By kitteh mowlol
    Hi! Could you please find a way to make the IPad version less laggy? Otherwise this game is great! But it could use some new items like, sequin slime! Thank you and I hope you take some of my suggestions into consideration!
  • Amazing, and allot of suggestions! 5/5

    By owoikl
    I love it, it’s so fun! I practically have everything and almost done with lulus slime quest. But here are some suggestions!! 1. I think it would be cool to be able to buy decorations, slime types, or colors! I was trying really hard to get crunchy but it took me to near the end to get it. 2. ACCOUNTS! It would be so fun to save data so you can start new accounts when you finish But still playing on the finished one. 3. Following up with 2, TRADING! Trading different things, slimes, all that fun stuff! I really enjoy this game and I’m excited to see more updates!
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By bunbun destiny
  • Good but I would link multiple colors 4/5

    By littlerayvis
    This app/game is super fun but I would really like if you could add where you could add in more than one color to the slime... that will make it better but other than that it’s good!!
  • Really good but low quality and not worth it 2/5

    By person12345678900000777
    🚨🚨PLEASE READ 🚨🚨 The first thing about this app is it gets boring FAST. There is A LOT of adds and it keeps glitching, making the app way less enjoyable. I love all the games that you can play on it and all the slimes that you can make but I don’t really now if it’s worth it. Of the game wasn’t like this I would definitely rate it five stars instead of two. I am still keeping the app though because it is very fun when it’s not glitching out and there’s not a ton on adds. I recommend getting it on an iPad though so it is a bigger screen, but I have a phone and it works fine. So please make it so the app doesn’t do this anymore!!!
  • This app is so fun I love it i mean like I get to Mack slimes 5/5

    By Mr.DeathWatch
    And it is fun
  • So good 5/5

    By cine de
    Aegis clicks when you are stressed you just have to play with slime and it’s so nice to get your stress out
  • This App Is Soooooo Fun and Satisfying! 5/5

    By ohhhh my gosh
    I Love this game. I literally play it all the time! There are so many slime and slime accessories to choose from. The slime sound affects are very accurate too! I also really enjoy not having to pay for anything with real money. Great Game! I definitely recommend it!😁👏😁
  • So soothing 5/5

    By yeeeetforever
    This is so soothing when I am stressed out I play this game for an example I play this game even when my dog NEEDS to get to the vet I play this in the car!
  • Awsome 5/5

    By melany.s
    I love this game so much it is so fun and addicting. I love to show my slimes to all of my friends! If you haven’t already download this game you need to it is so much fun.
  • AMAZING 🤩 5/5

    By buddy2shoes2354243225567754357
    I am in love with this game you have so multiple choices of games and you make slime ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!So when my mom says No to me playing with slime I go on this game! So I only have two notes. The ADDS are so annoying it says spend money to get rid of ads 😡and it doesn’t even work!!!😡😡😡😡and the sounds are so not good of the slime when you play and then let go it is like ( smack,smack ) and I am playing this in the morning time so it is not only annoying to me but to my family too! So other than that I love this game! I hope that was helpful ✌️ bye
  • Awesome 👏🏻 game 5/5

    By hdhuebusjab
    You shod like this game it is amazing you make slimes and you play!!! and you get to send slimes to other peeps!!! Download this game and you’ll be amazed!!!
  • Madilyn 5/5

    By madilyn's not
    I love this game sooo much
  • Fine but... 3/5

    By catlover20143746293
    It’s a amazing game but it’s just when u tap let’s play or whatever woo de doo here’s a ad hahahahahhahhahahhahhahhahahhahahahhahahhah *stop* ok...well I’m going to play fornite on my PS4 byeeeeeeee!
  • Slime 5/5

    By mermaidkk9
    This game is amazing so satisfying and I play it 24/7 every day
  • Phenomenal 5/5

    By sunshine gacha
    This game is so satisfying and when you’re bored you can just go on the app and chill on your bed it is Truly amazing
  • Love it 5/5

    By aLhsfamily
    So good for bad days and not to toxic.
  • I love this game! 5/5

    By yallp
    I love this game you already know that if you read the title it is really fun and I can make a bunch of fun slimes with it.I have all of the slimes colors and decorations!It is a very fun game to play if you’re bored!I can spend hours on it!!It is very fun to play I recommend it if you want slime but can’t buy it.My sister even likes to play this game! 😁💗
  • It’s so amazing 5/5

    Feeling the slime makes me feel better. Everyday I play super slime sim and it makes me sleepy so I take a nap it’s very sadisfaying sorry if I spelled it wrong but this game is going up a lot of people like this game.
  • Good game 5/5

    By violet flowerharden
    I love this game it’s one of the best games I have on my I phone one problem you should be able to do a battle with your friends I think y’all should post our slimes on face book so people could see the slimes
  • Love it so much 5/5

    By Evie
    This app made me so relaxed you should download it
  • Omg great! But needs more.. 5/5

    By Walls2007
    Omg this game is PERFECT! But, I have already completed the game.and I got it 7 months ago. It usually takes me a long time to finish games. So, I’m asking for more cards. No pressure, just a bit more. Overall, it’s a good game.
  • Slime 5/5

    By hsnsek
    Hi this app is so fun you get make slime buuuuuut it had a lot of adds this adds need to go but other than that I LOVE THE GAME
  • Fantastic Game! 5/5

    By Game586
    Most of the time. I play this game and feel like I’m using real slime! I can’t feel the texture, but I can see & hear the texture. The only thing that you would need to improve on is the chance of getting different types of slime and decorations when it comes to opening the envelopes. Otherwise from that, I play this game A LOT!🙂
  • The amazing app 5/5

    By ckcmccmfmffnfnfn1222
    This app is amazing
  • Love,the game so much! Though I have a few suggestions 5/5

    By M210
    I love this game so much! It’s satisfying and it’s be great for like stress or something. Though I have 2 suggestions. It would be nice to search up slimes you have or other things like the decoration. It makes things easier to coordinate the stuff in the game. My 2nd suggestion is for more features in the game. Like being apple to add a lot of space to write the name of the slime. Also other features, maybe like everyday when you log in you get 1,000 coins. Maybe just have free mail things once a day?
  • Awesome app love it😍😍😍😍 5/5

    By i love nerf guns
    Awesome game I love watching asmr slime videos and this is a perfect app five star rating!!!.
  • Cool 5/5

    By Rosi747
    I have like no problems this is great