Superpedestrian LINK Scooters

Superpedestrian LINK Scooters

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  • Current Version: 5.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Superpedestrian
  • Compatibility: Android
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Superpedestrian LINK Scooters App

Superpedestrian brings you the next generation of safe and thoughtful e-scooters. Whether you’re exploring a new place or getting to the office, Superpedestrian scooters are a fun, affordable, and convenient way to get around. Use the app to find a Superpedestrian scooter near you and experience the joy of one of our easy to ride two-wheelers.  HOW TO RIDE — Download the Superpedestrian app and make an account — Explore the map to find a scooter near you — Scan the scooter’s QR code or enter the scooter ID to unlock — Ride safely and have fun — Park respectfully — End your ride in the app SUPERPEDESTRIAN IS SPECIAL — Designed with a low center of gravity for a smooth and safe ride — Longer and wider deck for easier riding — Superpedestrian scooters conduct 1,000+ safety checks before and during every ride — Stops 37% faster with a triple braking system  — Every Superpedestrian ride is 100% carbon neutral, certified by Climate Neutral SAFETY TIPS — We recommend always wearing a helmet — Only one person per scooter — You must be 18+ to ride — Follow traffic laws and street signs — Never ride under the influence  PARK WITH CARE — Use the kickstand to park upright — Keep walkways clear — Don’t block the curb, access ramps, doors, or loading docks — Keep bus stops clear — Don’t be that person, park respectfully    We are located in 50+ cities across the globe, where we are replacing car trips and promoting healthy and safe mobility with our 100% carbon neutral scooters. Want to give us a go? Check out to find a Superpedestrian city near you!

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Superpedestrian LINK Scooters app reviews

  • Nothing wrong with the scooters 2/5

    By GB0296
    There’s nothing wrong with the scooters themselves but the link/super pedestrian app itself is crazy buggy and poorly designed. Definitely the most frustrating option for scooters
  • Overpriced and almost never works 1/5

    By Daddy 5762
    4.2 euros for 7 minutes and 1.5 km! UBER is much cheaper. Besides we tried taking 2 scooters (one for me and one for my wife) and hers did not work but they still charged her 5 euros. Will get the reimbursement within 5 days they say. We shall see. In any case we Will never take it again, thanks you very much!
  • They overcharged you and won’t give you your money back 1/5

    By corygator35
    I two day passes and was still over charged and they won’t give the money back not a good company I suggest y’all spend y’all money with another company who rent scooters I will be sending this to my lawyer
  • Good 5/5

    By Lil__mike
    Enjoyed my ride
  • Link not so much 1/5

    By fuckallnames taken
    The experience was horrific
  • Extremely expensive and terrible range 1/5

    By Funkygal17
    Do NOT try to ride these around Arlington or DC. They have a terrible range and will shut off on many of the bike paths around Arlington. They are more expensive and less convenient than most other scooter services in the area. It is also extremely hard to get to approved parking areas. My advice - go with any other brand of scooter and save yourself $20 of a mostly walking trip.
  • Bikes 5/5

    By Eyed09
    We are from Michigan and me and my family had a blast
  • Inefficiency 1/5

    By Yunggvett
    Would be helpful precursor to inform or alert riders there are no scooter zones. I needed the scooter because the train was running very late.
  • Link 1/5

    By Fruit frustrating
    Not functional and very difficult to sign up for and use. Had a really difficult and annoying trial with using this product.
  • Can’t even onboard. 1/5

    By appreviewer2985
    Recommend fixing your onboarding. Just downloaded the app, can’t even verify my phone number. “Error. Please try again” over and over no matter how many times I enter the code.
  • App issues more often than not 1/5

    By llawbwall
    Both times I’ve added money to my wallet in the app I’ve been charged and then had to wait hours before seeing the balance reflected, and this time can’t scan, just get an error about missing data. I restarted my phone and then had to login again but the text verification code just kept resending and not working. The new sit down scooters LOOK fun but there’s no way to use them with this crappy app!
  • New Parking limits and zones very restrictive 3/5

    By Weee3.0
  • Glitchy and overcharged 1/5

    By nxjzjajkwkkeie
    I just rode this thing for like 5 minutes and when I went to cancel it it kept on sending me error messages. I was on cellular but it still wouldn’t finish, so I moved into my house where there was WiFi and cancelled it from there. Why would that make sense. Please fix
  • App is glitchy and unusable 1/5

    By GTI_4ceFed4
    App kept making me log in over and over, wouldn't accept Apple pay, and crashed repeatedly. Rented a scooter once, spent over 10 minutes the next time trying to activate a scooter before giving up. Will not be using again.
  • Pre-Hold Fee $15 beware 1/5

    By supportguywascooltho
    They charge $15 each time you ride and they refund 3 days later. This app is designed to undermine the population
  • Pain in the **** 1/5

    By Dan__00
    The scooters were fine but the app proved problematic. We tried unsuccessfully to group buy. One of our riders somehow had their ride cancelled when stopped, and had to double bill. It also took a long time and we were late to our reservation. NOT fans.
  • Too expensive 2/5

    By Allfirenogas
    Ride 1.5miles for 8 bucks not worthy.
  • Cruise Control Feature is Dangerous! 1/5

    By WhatTheEffEver
    The scooter itself is very nice and I get you guys were trying to add something different with the cruise control to separate your scooters from other brands. However, deep in downtown cities it’s not only useless because you have to brake so much but also extremely dangerous!!! Please take this feature off and I would be glad to hop back on the bandwagon!
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By 846762
    The barcode does not scan for the scooter. The app makes you verify several documents before you’re able to ride, but does not adequately allow you to scan documents so you can verify yourself to ride. Terrible attempt to recreate Bird.
  • My Experience 5/5

    By Dat Boy 010
    I would have to say my link experience has been A1 from day 1 starting off with its location feature with current charge all located on the device hood top speed maybe a tad bit fast and really solid pricing. I was surprised how good it was over bumps overall no complaints from me 5 stars.
  • Beats driving 5/5

    By Stephie4589
    First time using them it’s reasonable pricing and the go fast It’s easy to use with the bike lanes in San diego
  • The worse ever 1/5

    By fraud company bad company
    They allowed me to book a bike and the bike isn’t working but they continued to charge me I needed to dispute the transaction with my bank because they don’t allow you to cancel so basically a fraud company
  • To much money 1/5

    By gdg1228
    Totally to expensive.
  • your app is called superpedestrian and scooters are called Link… galaxy brain 1/5

    By Raw299
    someone at this company needs to be fired because whoever thought it would be a good idea to give the scooter app a different name than what the scooters are called is working with an IQ in the negatives. takes me 15 minutes to find the app in my phone if I need to take a link scooter. hate the scooters too, so hideous
  • No sirve 1/5

    By dgjdkebdkdn
    No lo pude usar es demasiado caro 5$ por 10 minutos y sin poder usarlo mal servicio
  • Got screwed at 5am 1/5

    By Getting-Mad
    Had 2 Ubers cancel on us leaving a bar and because of your timeframe restrictions, we had to walk the full 30 minutes back to our hotel. Never used your scooters before. Won’t try ever again. Thanks for nothing.
  • Future wifey 5/5

    By crazykid728
    This app helpe me get a gf this last weekend, 10/10 would recommend, top ten dating apps!
  • Fee 1/5

    By n19s78j!
    It’s cost to much I was only on it for not even 10 min and it’s costed me $10
  • Scooter took my money and wouldn’t let me ride! At all it just say no scooter! 1/5

    By bad scooters downtown detroit
    Bad scooter
  • So fun and convenient 5/5

    By marx1993
    Love it
  • Horrible experience 1/5

    By jelly bean dip 69
    Scooter wouldn’t even move then could not stop the ride racked up a 10dollar charge never moved the scooter
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By JoshySee
    Scooter very clunky and loud, terrible on potholes, expensive to ride. Won’t use again.
  • Doesn’t ride up hill 2/5

    By tonitaly69
    Terrible carry up hill
  • If there is another option, choose it 1/5

    By X121X19
    Long, arduous setup, credit card only payment method. After 10 minutes of standing with my credit card out in the middle of the city (because the app doesn’t accept Apple Pay or PayPal, and failed several times during setup), with the app asking for too much personal info, the app told me the scooter was broken and there wasn't another nearby. Scanning the scooter was the first step, and it could have saved me a lot of annoyance by telling me this at the start. In the end, I downloaded a competitor’s app that had a 30 second, simple setup and accepted PayPal. You deserve better than this app.
  • Great fun 5/5

    By icky art
    Enjoyed the ride
  • Ride fare 1/5

    By zaaahhhhmoneeey
    The ride all day thing doesn’t let you know it’s 30 min free per each ride! Not the first 30 min free and then you pay 16 whatever for the day. So confusing. I would have cancelled and restarted for the 6 rides.
  • Great! 5/5

    By HannahToomalatai
    Saved my fat bum from walking
  • If you need a scooter, don’t bother with this app 1/5

    By 124(:
    10 step process to get verified and each step comes up with error codes. Needed a scooter and couldn’t verify my age, kept getting error code no matter what I tried.
  • Lime is better 3/5

    By DShaull315
    The repeated safety quizzes are annoying and enough to always use Lime if it’s an option. The scooters do not coast—they start to break as soon as you let off the accelerator—maybe it’s to recharge? That’s annoying while riding, but also a problem while trying to park—you can either manhandle your scooter into a good spot (because it’s breaking while you try to roll it) or attempt to use the accelerator, which is unsafe while trying to “park”—which is ironic given all the safety quizzes. And a thing that makes that worse is the accelerators are very “all or nothing.”
  • Expensive 1/5

    By rider rider rider rider rider
    Don’t do a good enough job telling riders upfront what the cost will be
  • So stupid!!! 1/5

    By deardiablo
    Usually never write reviews but this one was so annoying i just had too,Theres too much red tape!!! why do you need my id?! theres no reason for it! seriously! left my wallet at home and it demands you to take a picture before you can scan and ride otherwise it will not allow you to ride which is extremely unnecessarily annoying! was thinking of trying to ride of these scooters that are everywhere to save some time but NOPE! the amount of time it takes to sign up is unnecessary it needs to be as convenient as point and click,ride but nooo! never mind it late out, app wants me to stand around verify email, add funds, woah there cant ride unless we see some id because screw you thats why, was so ready to just throw that scooter in the creek i was near… I might still. definitely getting a refund. DO NOT RECOMMEND IF IN A HURRY.
  • Email response 1/5

    By McClurestinater
    Please re add my link up discount for some reason it’s not there?
  • Your dev team isn’t doing well 1/5

    By Mr. J. P.
    I had to log in 4 times this week, it’s so difficult to store user credentials?
  • So much fun 5/5

    By Jettfeathers
    Just wish we could go faster and ride in the big skate bowl ramps and other dangerous places. Kidding. It was fun
  • Terrible 1/5

    By K9Mike585
    Been on scooters across the east coast and this was way too complicated and NOT user friendly. Charged for a ride that never happened
  • Lock feature?? 3/5

    By hrjdjsshid
    We should be able to lock our scooter !
  • 0/10 1/5

    By HiItsMJ
    It would be nice if the app worked and you could actually ride the scooters. Temperamental to the point of non-functional. Out of all the scooter apps, this is by far the worst.
  • Slow zones 2/5

    By sfghj43356
    Slow zones are a pain
  • Review 3/5

    By Ngirumpatse
    The ride is good and the speed is decent too. They could improve on their suspension on the wheel because you feel every bump you go on which affects the riding experience.