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  • Current Version: 003
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Supreme New York
  • Compatibility: Android
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Supreme App

The official iPhone app of Supreme. View and shop directly from Supreme on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Receive push notifications every time our shop is updated with new items.

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  • Pathetically inexcusable 1/5

    I don’t usually write reviews but you’ll need to get a fix on your app...and overall website! You can not shop or even view anything on the website, let alone app. There’s no excuse to not have a tech or app expertise on your staff when you’re continuously making upwards of profit margins. I haven’t (along with others, if you all know how to read your reviews 🙄😑) have not been able to cop anything for the spring/summer seasons so far. Put some money into your tech department and upgrade the app.
  • App is broken 1/5

    By Pruveit
    It will not load past the initial splash screen.
  • Technical issues 1/5

    By Line craft
    At the end of last season my app stopped letting me view the products and I haven’t been able to view any of the drops from this season and it’s honestly really upsetting as a consumer to not have a fair shot at a drop like everyone else
  • It doesn’t allow me to be on the app 4/5

    By loganmiller06
    I love the app and what they have to offer but they do not allow you to always be on the app. Right now it just shows the supreme logo and that’s all it shows
  • Changes 3/5

    By God04
    Need to update the checkout part and let you kno what size you have in your cart I checked out this last recent drop and it changed the size one I purchased
  • Not letting me check out 1/5

    By 12345678Skate
    Pissing me off I can’t cop the things I want it keep saying the shipping address and billing address need to be the same called my bank 2 times and it is STILL doing something ya gotta fix this I really want my SUPREME
  • Trash app 1/5

    By terry791114
    Can’t see what’s in your cart
  • Too many bugs 2/5

    By Pot of Greed +2
    This app is full up of bugs.
  • horrible quality 1/5

    By super poooooper
    app crashes every time a new drop comes out so if you actually want to get amything the only thing this apl will give you is let downs and frustration. happened to me multiple times. i dont recomend.
  • App doesn’t work most of the time 1/5

    By jzlk371936
    When it comes to big releases, the app is always unstable. Checkout button never pops up for me, app crashes, it freezes. Once the app gets stable again, it says “no internet connection” when I have full bars of WiFi.
  • Love SUPREME but the app frustrating... 3/5

    By RadSpark
    I keep trying to get my husband a box logo T-shirt, ANd everytime, even tho i try so hard, the app just freezes and messes up, and says errors, “offline” or in the cart... jUSt really frustrating, DARNit.
  • Checkout button? 1/5

    By alrlllll
    Where is the check out button???
  • whats the point of this app? 1/5

    By Junge husband
    seriously whats the point of this app? when you cant even make a purchase through it? like is this piece of doodoo app only to use it for admiration for botters??
  • App Never Works on Drop day 1/5

    By JediSpartan
    Rating this app 1 Star bcs it never works on drop day. Cart disappears, No internet etc... maybe one day supreme will belong again to it’s true fans, not these re-salers that utilize BOTS. Until then I’ll give them a 1 Star.
  • Freezing problem 1/5

    By isoldmyxboz3747
    It wouldn’t let me buy the bandana box logo shirt because it didn’t show the shopping cart so I can pay this app is broken
  • Lol 5/5

    By hdheud bxgsyr
    How do I use Apple Pay
  • Eh 3/5

    By Snowboarder x
    It’s an ok app, but not with huge releases. At the fw19 bogo drop, I had an item in my cart and it kept getting removed. Once it stayed in my cart, there wasn’t even a checkout button. Really mad the site was so laggy for that drop
  • Always crashes 1/5

    By Ajshdhsbehebeebdhxhxb
    Website always has a problem!! Every time there’s a drop there’s a problem with the app the past 2 times there was no check out button. Not fair honestly but y’all don’t care you make millions. You guys only care about the money .... sad
  • Obsolete w/o a Checkout Button 1/5

    By NA404
    Self-explanatory: add a checkout button
  • Limited Cart Restrictions 1/5

    By hdndnejdjxjdnwk
    Cannot order the same item in two different colors. Just need some Hanes Boxer Briefs WHITE & BLACK, but this Supreme ain’t letting me do that...
  • It’s ok but everything good is always sold out 1/5

    By NC2508
    I can never get anything I want. If I see something I like it’s always sold out even if I click on it immediately after I get the notification that the shop has been updated.
  • I love it but.... 2/5

    By idnxuejsichwnc
    I love to shop on here and it’s really easy to navigate but whenever I click on the app it’s a black screen with the supreme logo it won’t load. What do I do and how can I fix it
  • It’s stupid 2/5

    By Neenoineenoinoi
    The supreme app is incredibly stupid because it won’t even show you all of its clothing...It shoes the ugliest clothing they have instead of the most popular clothing they have like a regular supreme shirt or Sweater.
  • Notifications Aren’t Pushed 1/5

    By MikeCPowellSBMike
    I only got this app so I can get a notification on a new release yet after about 3 new releases I haven’t gotten one notification.
  • WTH 2/5

    By pizzini1982
    Everything cool is sold out. And not many sizes
  • product 1/5

    By Alexxxx0831
    Never got my order it’s been well over 5 days I still have the order form but I still haven’t got my product.
  • Language 3/5

    By Susaner.Grg
    How do i change the language?
  • Idk but the app is acting up 4/5

    By mkakakbaga
    So when I wanna see bags or accessories the app is flicking like won’t show the goods . Can you guys fix it . Plz thanks ✌🏽
  • Tripping 4/5

    By gucimucci
    The supreme app is tripping I can’t buy supreme boxers it won’t even let me look at them and I can’t buy the hoodies either
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Alexis859GG
    It doesn’t let me get on it just a black screen and says supreme
  • Use it for flexing 5/5

    By Shranos
    Use it flex on the homies
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Hpston3
    Great for viewing product but doesn’t allow you to purchase. Have tried several times. Doesn’t work. Had to go to the website to attempt purchase. Still didn’t work. Not impressed with supreme currently.
  • Used to be better 1/5

    By Bubbybubbs
    pretty useless at drop time. Items “add to your cart” but no checkout button appears so you’re just stuck.
  • Great 5/5

    By grxxx22
    All of the clothes are great and it is so easy to find what you are looking for it is also organized
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By iTyrannic
    This app is horribly designed and at times completely nonfunctional. It's disgusting to see a company so confident in its profit margins that it sees no reason to fix they're shoddy attempt to port their site to the App Store. 75% of the time when you click on an item you'll stare at a white screen and nothing will load. The other 25% the app will either force close or, if you're lucky, you'll get an unusually long load screen followed by the expected item. Over all this is not worth your while, especially if your tryna cop something drop day.
  • Fix this 1/5

    By wylong06
    You’re a huge company. No reason for the app to work this horribly.
  • Bug with cart 1/5

    By i didnt want the hat
    Bought items previously removed from cart. Says only one item in cart but charged for 2.
  • Refresh lag 1/5

    By Sheebert239
    I had notifications on for when it drops and when I clicked on an item the page just kept spamming making the app unusable, then it just told me it sold out. Some bs
  • Use your head.. 3/5

    By The Mike-C
    It’s not that they actually go “out of stock” on items.. They’re MAJOR.. lol. It’s a well known trick in ANY supply and demand industry.. Think about it, if every “hot” item was available to any and everyone 24-7/365, then everyone would have it.. when everyone has a hot item it’s not hot anymore, WHY?? Because.. when everyone has it or knows they can get it, no one wants it. And that’s why a) they STAY in non-stop high demand and b) they’re able to charge through the ROOF pricing.. and not only will people spend that money, they’ll do plenty of R&R prior to a new item release and then happily wait in line (at a physical location, virtual or otherwise..) for as long as it takes to get it. Once THEY get it, YOU’LL see it and start talking about it.. you’ll want it and will make others who follow the trends of others want it and both YOU and THEY will try to get it, but that always ends unsuccessfully, for you, which creates their success and it’s as simple as that :)
  • Good until you try to purchase 3/5

    By Hollahollagimme2dolla
    For some reason every time I try to purchase something it says it was unable to possibly due to my bank declining it. Well that couldn’t be possible and I’ve tried to several times over the span of several months. And no it’s not because it’s sold out. I’ll go back and the item is still available. This almost forces me to buy from a resaler where the app does process my payment.
  • Cant process payment 1/5

    By ccguerra
    For the last 4 weeks in a row, I have attempted to make purchases on drop day through the app. each week, it would read as a payment error during processing. becoming frustrated, i called my bank, only to find that there were no issues on the bank’s end. the app failed to process payment every single time. to test this, i went to the website on my phone. worked first try. website>app. the app will screw you
  • Jose 1/5

    By hi i hate this
    It ripped me off for $100 dollars would no recommend buying from
  • Size drop down bug? 4/5

    By KodyB723
    Anyone else having trouble with the sizing drop down menu? I accidentally ordered a medium. Went back to see how the hell i did and the size drop menu is bugged. You have to select proper size 3-4 times before app accepts L or XL. The bug auto selects medium. FYI. No problems until today. Great app. Use website today.
  • Bots 1/5

    By Rattlesnake JT
    Why do you allow bots. Get bot protection because without spending money on a third party bot it is impossible to buy anything
  • A lotta jealous ppl 5/5

    By daddyg32
    All the people giving the App 1 star are just jealous because they cant cop the preme before it sells out the app works great you just gotta act quicker
  • What?? 4/5

    By yeah! Kendrick
    Why is basically everything sold out I doubt they have so little stock they are a designer brand??
  • love it 5/5

    By 22sav jdog
    love it
  • Mobile app 2/5

    By UbustedBRO
    When items are released on the app, every time I have problems bringing up the item I’m looking at it will just keep reloading and never come up .
  • What’s going on? 3/5

    By Are_You_Broke?
    I got the app, it said I should subscribe to its email account to get notified when stuff drops, cool. I get the email on Feb 25, 2019, It says, Web Shop Now Open, nice! It works on the computer and went to check it out later on my iPad, all I see is the logo with a black background and the time. Didn’t work on iPhone either. What’s going on supreme!!!

Supreme app comments

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