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Surkus App

Surkus is your ticket to experiences you’ll love. Make Surkus your go-to when you’re searching for a unique experience. We know what’s going on around you -- concerts, pop-up events, festivals, fitness classes, conferences, free events, and more. Surkus is quickly becoming the #1 event app in the world with our highly engaged users discovering and attending countless events per day. Why Surkus? • Exclusive access to local events • Personalized to your interests • Earn perks and rewards • Be part of a one-of-a-kind community • Connect with brands How does it work? • Take our quiz to discover personalized events catered to your interests • Browse and sign up for popular events in your area • Attend unique events that will blow you away Want more? • Turn on your push notifications so you’re always in the know. • Post photos of the events you attended to social media. • Follow Surkus on social media. What are Surkus members saying? “If you’ve forgotten about this app or are skeptical, give it a try! They have tons of events ranging from concerts, acting classes, background extras for tv shows, sample sales and more! It’s exclusive access like no other app!” -- Citygirl90028 “Personally, I love the app. I’m a long time user and now that I’ve moved it’s given me multiple awesome opportunities that lead to meeting some great people.” -- Blackswan0407 “I was referred to this by a friend was immediately intrigued. Great events big and small! I’ve already made reservations at multiple sites and am going out on a regular basis. Awesome experience Highlight recommend! This is a life changing app!” -- Ace Avalon Want to connect with Surkus? WEB: INSTAGRAM: @surkusapp #jointhesurkus FACEBOOK:

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Surkus app reviews

  • Great app but... 5/5

    By MusicScoot
    I think that this is a great app, but some events I get info for are too far for me to travel to and I'd really like to be able to search specific cities for events.
  • Wah Wah 1/5

    By MarcelAKAMouse
    Not a single event in all of Reno and the surrounding area? Wah Wah! 😢 That’s strange since we normally have tons of events going on all the time in Reno, Carson, Virginia City, and Tahoe!
  • Pink event 5/5

    By Fire Dimand
    I really love the pink event, the food, and entertainment was great.
  • Can’t get pass a point 1/5

    By annorying
    Can’t get pass a point to get into the app I thinking it referral code should’ve been sent to email so I can get pass this point I can’t I haven’t gotten a email for that
  • I’d like to see all events around 2/5

    By Bad luck drunk
    This app says events picked for you! I can’t even see what are other events around. No major listings too. Needs a lot of work.
  • Surkus 5/5

    By Donna Diosa
    Love this app and events!!
  • Nothing local 1/5

    By lmrn424
    The only events I get are 2.5 hours away in NYC.
  • It won’t let me sign up 1/5

    By vonnie6492
    Every time I try to start an account it tells me error but doesn’t say what the error is.
  • Vip doesnt get you anything 3/5

    By Bdcbklobgs
    One thing I do not understand about VIP is that it doesnt give me any of the cool event offers I did when I first started. I used to get free entry of a club w/ bottle service and now I don’t get that at all. I’m not understanding the point of VIP if there’s nothing to offer....?
  • Transportation 3/5

    By ElyssaRH
    Needs to include some parking deals or discounts to make transportation easier for participants
  • First time 5/5

    By MrsLee5
    Easy as123! No lines No waiting Excellent show Highly recommended!
  • Used to be good , now garbage 1/5

    By 2good2bxxxxxx
    This app used to be great, now they don’t pay you for anything, despite the fact they get paid for your presence. They fill the app with Public events you can just google And no more online stuff In short - save the space for another selfie and don’t bother
  • Not all events are paid! Still a great app btw😯 4/5

    By bombbae_bay
    Went to my first ever Surkus app event yesterday, Monday December 10th, 2018 at the Holiday Commission Party. Basically it was dedicated for small business owners celebrating their achievement, discussing with others small business bout their achievements ect... live music, live dj ect... information about the event was clear with the exception of the time and that it was not paid. I arrived 2 hours beforehand only to find out by the coordinator at the venue that the party did not start until 5:45. Luckily surkus support staff responded immediately (you can also message them on Instagram but they will most likely direct you to contact support staff). ANYWAY I HAD MY CAR TO CHILL IN, SPOKE TO THE SUPPORT STAFF TO INFORM THEM OF THE WRONG INFORMATION ECT🤭🤗🤗. Also I was under the impression that I would get paid. I did not, but however at least when you get paid it will say it on the event!! IF THERE IS THE PAYMENT INCLUDED IN THE DESCRIPTION OF AN EVENT YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND TOO THAT MEANS ITS PAID!! But what I realized that we, Surkus critics are able to attend parties for Free, receive perks, and invite a plus one most of the time. We experience many kinds of events and basically if you think about now I also have experience as a “critic”!!! Thanks Surkus and I look forward to have fun, critique and enjoy all the events you throw at me.
  • I love SURKUS 5/5

    By bobbiemlong
    Best app ever! Seriously, I have had the best experiences. 10/10 would recommend.
  • Events free w/o Surkus - women beware 1/5

    By jjla990
    Surkus is making money off you attending events through their app for which you receive nothing. Look at the description and you’ll see the event can be attended by anyone from the public for free. Women, in particular, be wary. Are you comfortable with Surkus “selling” you as a commodity to a club/event that pays them to send invites to women so that you can act as bait for men to attend? You’d be much better off just googling free events in LA for the month/week/weekend and finding things that way, without a company profiting off you. All the events on the app you are able to attend for free without the app. Using the app just gives you extra work like requiring Instagram posts with @surkus #jointhesurkus, and other embarrassing hashtags, when you could go to the event for free anyway. The only things offered are sample sales, outdoor food truck events, community fitness classes - all events free to the public - as noted in the event description. I also refuse to use this since many events (again these are free like going to a club - the only reward you’d get using the app to go is a higher surkus rating which is useless) have the requirement that women must wear heels to attend. Many events on Surkus that state heels are required are held at very causal bars/clubs that I’ve been to before, and they do not have any dress codes when you don’t attend through the app. Regardless, of the venues though, heels for women should never be required anywhere. This is sexist. Why should women have to wear painful and dangerous footwear to an event? You can be dressed appropriately for an event without heels. It is very clear that Surkus gets paid to fill a club or event with women dressed in a “sexy” way.
  • Incredible events and experiences! 5/5

    By beach party bump
    I love using this app to discover events and activations nearby. They always have these awesome events and parks that i can’t seem to find anywhere else. Highly recommended!!
  • Eh 3/5

    By That nickname is chosen 2
    Schedules change. We should be able to list our weekday preferences. More options would be nice too. Where are all the comedy shows? Besides an occasional concert the offerings aren’t that interesting.
  • This is the most fun I ever had with an app 3/5

    By i look good in pink
    I will admit I was skeptical about this app at first but now this is one of my top favorite apps I have on my phone. I met a lot of cool people and attended cool events I wish could give this app a million stars ⭐️ Had to drop this to 3 stars
  • Just Downloaded App & Attended my 1st CONCERT , same Day 5/5

    By High_Price
    This app is the BOMB but don't just believe me come see for yourself !
  • Love the free events 5/5

    By Zsahoney
    I have only been a member for two months and i have been to some amazing events. And they all free access. I love to use it when traveling to various cities and looking for something free to do
  • Surkus 5/5

    By SuperDean86
    If the event requests you to have a friend sign up to Surkus in order to have the chance at going, you will not be selected. Don’t waste your time on these. Your friends won’t appreciate the spam, especially when none of you get chosen.

    By Captain Conscious
    I truly enjoyed my experience at AFV. A tip to all if you go dressed up they have a contest where they give two winners a $100 so if you go really dress up like it’s New Year’s Eve and you just may win. 😊
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Summer Hathaway
    Got free tickets to a festival which was awesome!
  • Friendly Universe 5/5

    By Barbedwired
    These sunglasses are amazing. I love how efficient the founder was when it comes to answering emails to questions or problems we run into.
  • Certain event selections 3/5

    By Bean town sober
    I have just joined and have done so about 2 weeks ago.. its a great app.. but i see that I'm interested in a-lot of events that i show interest for that I'm not selected.. what increases the odds? As not much shows up in my area of boston.. or when it does its immediately filled and i check daily almost hourly
  • Do you even get selected? 1/5

    By Whitneya96
    I’ve had this app for 3 months, hit the “I’d like to go” button, and have not been selected to go to ANYTHING!!! Idk if anyone ever gets selected to do anything 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Random Selection Events 1/5

    By Sarah Sixpack
    Stop with the randomly selected winner events 😡😡😡 And stop labeling them as "free access." They're not "free access." They offer a few tickets in order to advertise to the user-base of Surkus users. This is basically what radio stations do with those free give-aways to the 100th caller. All those people competing to get the free tickets get so hyped about winning the tickets that they end up caving and buying the tickets at full price. What's super lame is how Surkus doesn't let you filter these out. These stupid events go against Surkus' alleged meritocracy. I went to all these events. Now I have to get randomly selected?! *HUGE MIDDLE FINGER EMOJI*
  • Best life festival 5/5

    By nosillaace
    I love this App! I had a great time at my first event.
  • AMAZING! 5/5

    By MR.LOVE 007
    Great App! Great Experience! Great Fun!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By EllieRobinson
    Love this app so much it’s always gives me awesome invites to event going on around me.
  • More tickets for giveaways 5/5

    By Kingmarty50
    Also If we don’t go I feel like it shouldn’t penalize us
  • Remove me from the email list. 1/5

    By aw2638491
    I downloaded this app for my trip to LA, then deleted it when I went home. But the company is still sending me emails for events. And I can’t change my email preferences without downloading the app again…
  • What’s the point of being VIP if you aren’t getting selected? 2/5

    By Bumbstahdani
    I used to love this app when i first downloaded it, but now I'm thinking about deleting it. Lately the chances of getting into events like (sports games, concerts, festivals) are slim to none. I’m starting to think that your “rating” doesn’t even matter anymore (i’m at an 893). My hunch is that they are saving these exclusive events for people who have a massive following on IG so they can further promote the app + gain more people to download it. The only invites i’ve been getting lately are clubs where —if you read most of the comments on here, are sex based trying to fill club crowds with females. Tbh, i’ve only went to three cool events since i’ve been on here. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted i guess :/
  • A really great App!! 5/5

    By marinelife59
    This App is really awesome! There are opportunities for many different kinds of events. Museums, Concerts, Fitness, Food Festivals, Comedy Shows, Movies, Studio Events, Pre-screening new Movies, etc... some compensate for attendance. The only reason I gave it a 4 star versus a 5 star is because most events are in LA County. It would be awesome if more events would be available in Orange County.
  • No complaints 4/5

    By sskelsey
    The app does exactly what it says. If I ever have any issues or problems I email them and they fix the issue. I love the app and sometimes the events are pretty cool. Sometimes I wish they would give you more time to respond for events being that people have busy lives and aren’t always looking at their phones. But all in all, I do like the app and it has a lot a great potential.
  • Dope opportunities 5/5

    By Tresrare_nico
    Surkus is dope man. You get into places for cheaper or free & have a great time. Dope app
  • More selections 3/5

    By Gangsta Goddess
    This app is pretty cool I just wish they would give more of a variety of selection. The preference section is not usable so in turn the app is recommended a lot of the same events.
  • Surkus 5/5

    By Capucine_Fit_Chick
    Awesome !
  • Rating stays the same even after responding 1/5

    By estefaniiie
    I respond to invites and my rating has stayed the same. This is causing me not to get selected for events. Please fix ASAP!!!
  • Scammers that won’t let you delete a profile 1/5

    By Nick from Pasadena
    The events are awful. The rewards are awful. They won’t let you delete a profile in the app and their email system doesn’t work. And the app “conveniently” stopped showing me notifications when I was getting close to VIP. So 8 months of using it and now my score is terrible after a weekend of no messages when they spammed me with 40 events I never was notified of on my phone. Also pretty sure they sell phone numbers to telemarketers when they collect your data. My whole office started using Surkus right before we all started to be bombarded with phone scammers.
  • This app has gone downhill 1/5

    By Hanna312111
    I used to use this app all the time but the company has changed quickly and not for the better. You cant even reach customer service anymore except for specific hours and days and when you do they arent polite and helpful. They don't care about their users anymore. At all
  • Exciting App 4/5

    By Jesus1969!
    I’m enjoying get out & about in the City 🌃! Although. If I want to cancel my Event: I can’t seem to find the Cancel feature on the app. Thanks for all the fun!
  • Cuco 4/5

    By Vnsamrqz
    Cuco was tight but wish we could have been closer but then again it was free so thanks surkus you a true a fam
  • Went to a film, got sent away 3/5

    By Ilikemoney87
    Person in charge said they had enough people after I drove all the way there then told I wouldn’t get an pay & I arrived before the time on the app. I as well as several others got turned away which was very upsetting & inconsiderate.
  • Fun, Easy, Fast 5/5

    By AceAvalon
    I was referred to this by a friend and was immediately intrigued. Great events big and small! I’ve already made reservations at multiple sites and am going out on a regular basis. Awesome experience! Highly recommend! This is a life changing app!
  • Fun things to do! 5/5

    By excellent auto movies
    Family fun things to do around Los Angeles that are different than your normal day-to-day activities, but you also get a little pocket money
  • Jillian Michaels 5/5

    By mazumu
    It was a lot of fun and all promises were being kept. Got a lot of great goodies with an amazing work out!
  • Best platform ever 5/5

    By madisonfiore
    This is a game changer! I love using this app. Easy, fun, and FREE!
  • This app is next level! 5/5

    By nick litty
    Just what my girl and i needed! Vip invites, free access, art, music , food! Best app yet

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