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Sutter Health My Health Online

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  • Current Version: 9.2.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Sutter Health
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sutter Health My Health Online App

Use your existing My Health Online account at Sutter Health to manage your health information and send messages to your physician and care team from your mobile device. With Sutter Health’s My Health Online mobile app, you can: • Message your physician and care team • Review test results • Request prescription refills • Schedule and manage your appointments • View and pay your bill • View your immunization history, medications and health reminders • Access your family’s health information through proxy access • If you’ve joined a My Health Online pilot, you can integrate Apple HealthKit data into your medical record via the app You will need to have an active My Health Online account before you can start using the mobile app. If you do not yet have a My Health Online account, you can find out how to register on our website: Have feedback or need help? Use the Contact Us form at

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Sutter Health My Health Online app reviews

  • Minus 5 or minus 20 1/5

    By Vikram65677
    It is a totally useless app. I logged in and it is asking me to enroll again or reset my password. That’s all what I see. When I am already enrolled, why do I need to enroll again? Uninstalling it, it is consuming storage on my phone.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By kurugvix
    Crashes all the time even on the new version. I just don’t see why a established provider would use such a crappy solution for their customer portal and mobile app. It’s frustrating
  • Love this app but need a fix ASAP! 5/5

    By Nycsfgirl
    I love this app and use it all the time to book appointments for my son. However, as of the past couple of weeks, when I try to book an appointment and click “Schedule An Appointment” it directs me to a page with an alert. The page reads: “Online scheduling is not for emergencies...” in red, followed by “If you are still unable to find available time slots...” There’s no way for me to close out of this message. If I hit “Done” it takes me back to the page where I started to request an appointment. It’s this ongoing loop and I can’t get to the page where I can select a time slot. Please help!
  • Sutter Health My Health Online’s latest version is a regression and dumbed down version 1/5

    By Vivien2222
    If I could give a negative star, I would rate this as minus 3 stars. One would expect improvements in an application with each version change. Sutter Health’s My Health Online used to be smart and user friendly. Not anymore with this latest version. Tests ordered can no longer be viewed. Previously, one could sort tests by category (lab tests, radiology, etc); in addition, one could view each test and could pull up results by date range and trend them even with graphs. Now all the test results that are released are by date performed only which makes it difficult for a look up function. Medications are not viewable. I could go on, but there have been no improvements at all. This latest version is a horrible downgrade. It is almost as if the original settings were for a college level audience while the new version is for a technically illiterate, grade school level clientele.
  • Don’t pay online 1/5

    By tharutyunyan1992
    I liked it in the beginning but then they messed up my payment. I wanted to pay $700 towards my balance due, the app asked me which service I wanted to pay. It wouldn’t let me choose more than 1 so I randomly picked a service for $500 assuming it wouldn’t just take $200 from me for no reason. Yet the app charged $700 but reduced my total balance by $500 only. I didn’t get any notes about possible refund or account credit for $200. Sent a message to customer support. Waiting for an answer
  • Fingerprint login not working. 3/5

    By goredd
    The fingerprint login stopped working. Tried the usual fixes without luck. For the most part, the app helps me do what I need to do.
  • Finally able to log on after tremendous effort 4/5

    By packlercat
    In order for my new password to work I had to completely close the app and relaunch it. 😒
  • Video visit option missing 1/5

    By JALB4141
    Video visit option missing
  • No remote labs scheduling 1/5

    By Bit Bender
    I have been asking for the ability to schedule online appointments for lab work for over 4 years. My requests have fallen on deaf ears. I have written letters, talked to the VP in charge of Sutter labs; and have been called a liar by the manager of the Modesto lab, and nothing has happened. I live on a small fixed income and would like to save money by not having to drive to lab just to make an appointment. Trying to do it on the phone usually results in scheduling the wrong lab; or date, or time. The use of the remote labs is a constant problem! It is also clear that Sutter does not care about additional cost to their patients.
  • Not EZ to use or navigate. 2/5

    By Stwmmw
    Got an email to update my contact info but there’s no tab or link to do so? App has potential but very confusing. Is this a generic app or a Sutter app? Where to go for support?
  • Please bring the older version of the app back... 1/5

    By Toty-CA
    The current app version is confusing and I cannot find the information I want.
  • Poor... everything. 1/5

    By KANEbhon
    Unfortunately this app misses the mark on so many levels. Poor design, poor functionality, poor layout, and poor use of my time downloading. You can message your physician, but otherwise it’s pretty useless. The estimates feature is garbage not listing specific procedures and it’s just clunky in how anything is done.
  • terrible 1/5

    By kathleenanoel
    Does not show sent and received messages. States to to website. Waste of time
  • Billing 1/5

    By tr1shatakara
    I always have an issue making payments through the app. It’ll freeze on the loading screen for sooooo long, until I hit the button to go back. THEN it says that the payment went through, but only after I hit the back button. It doesn’t make any sense and it’s really frustrating.
  • Very buggy and almost useless 1/5

    By juli1-
    Authentication works half the time (says server are not avail when I can log on the web). Some features are not avail on the app. At the end you’re not using the app and just use a regular computer to go on the web.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Ssyl921
    Your app and webpage are stupid the webpage direct you to the app the app direct you to the webpage all I wanna do is pay my Fnbill please fix one or the other also I’m calling the billing department and nobody answers the call I’ve been on hold for every 20 minutes this is ridiculous and stupid
  • Just tried to use 1/5

    By refund_user
    Ok. So now I know why the bad ratings. Here it goes: County: seriously, do you want someone to scroll for an hour looking... Hangs on the image for to verify if not s robot when trying to go to next page if you click enter too soon. The app is no where near the other apps for other Stanford or Kaiser. The whole online registration is joke. Do not download the App!!!
  • Unable to use app 2/5

    By Neha2513
    After I added my newborn account in my profile. I am unable to use the app. It say to review proxy setting and is unable to load terms and condition to approve that. The app just crashes after that.
  • Needs Update 5/5

    By Rolf Guntert
    Haven’t had any issues with the app until I added my two newborns on the website. When I fire up the app, it notifies me that I have new proxy, but it errors out because it can’t load the terms and conditions. Now I can’t log into the app at all. UPDATE 7/23/19 - Deleted and reinstalled the app and works perfectly.
  • Fundamentally broken due to bad login 1/5

    By "Tight"
    This app is unusable, as any attempt to login with correct credentials yields an error message. I guess the only choice on mobile is the browser version.
  • I have an Issue! 4/5

    By brooksjohn80
    Great app! However I’ve lost the ability to select an exchange calendar when saving appointment. It will only save to iPhone base calendars. Also, can you develop a way to clear the notifications/reminders? They are fairly annoying how they nudge every time users log in. Thanks!
  • Bad build all around 1/5

    By anand124
    I saw an upcoming appointment for our babies delivery on May 20 2019. Well the date today when I saw this is June 18 2019. My baby was born two months ago at the sutter hospital. Not sure how the systems aren’t talking to each other and/or anything was ever tested. I kept going around in circles to get this fixed not just for me but for the system because any parent who might have had a miscarriage would just be devastated looking at this! I am a technical person and know product releases shouldn’t be put in prod before thorough validations. Would have rated lower if possible.
  • Free app ha! Maria 1/5

    By messin with my brain
    This app from apple for my health online is frustrating and exploits the position by requiring a credit card for a free app...a
  • German language completely unusable 1/5

    By YaMeDa
    I have my phone set to German and the app is completely unusable. I'd be fine if it would just show up in English but it forces me to switch my phone to use.
  • Not ok 1/5

    By topolii
    What a pain in the rear. This app is not user friendly, gets stuck and is ridiculous. For booking a doctors appointment or looking for new doctors, it would help if this were developed by someone that actually used it themselves.
  • Extremely hard to use when trying to schedule appointment 1/5

    By kalemeeee
    This app feels like it's from 2005. Awful to nevigate overall. When you try to make an appointment via the app it redirect you to a browser for Google captcha.... What?? Outside of the app? And then of course it doesn't work when you try to verify. Just the worst.
  • It’s just the website... 2/5

    By orlandogrodriguez
    Whenever I download an iOS app, I expect a high quality experience, smooth and gentle user interface elements, intuitive usability, and... you know... something that works! If you’re going to set up your account, etc, just use a computer. This app is essentially the sutter health website. Almost no difference, which is a shame because the mobile version of the Sutter Health website is also below average in terms of 2019 quality. Though the service that is provided via the website is very valuable, this app does no justice to it. It has been a well-below average experience for me. 2/5
  • FaceID removal 3/5

    By 8Hoho8
    Why was FaceID removed? This was a very useful feature in a sense that it made it easier to access the app without having to enter a password.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Maywho
    This app frequently kicks me out, and will not recognize my login information. I deleted it, and use desktop or call patient care.
  • My balance is never there 1/5

    By Tttommmasss
    Every month I have to manually call them to pay the payment plan we have arranged. Every month I ask them if now I can just go in the app and pay and every month they tell me yes that it will be included so that I can pay in the app, but this never happens. It is difficult to call them during the day because of work, so if I could pay through this app it would be really handy. Please fix this.
  • Cannot log-in 1/5

    By Pentacle777
    Whenever I try to log-in, there is an error message saying that there is an error with my username and password even though I am typing the correct credentials. I even tried using a computer and it worked there.
  • Terrible renewal 1/5

    By HungLe1950
    Myhealthonline, Please come back to previous interface
  • Won’t Work! 1/5

    By gmmfox
    Since I have updated my phone, this app has ceased working.. please fix!
  • Works great for me. Never a problem. 4/5

    By Tonytonem
    I’m really shocked to read all these negative reviews. App works great for me on my iPhone 7. Never had any problems. And believe me, I use it regularly!
  • Can’t print my Rx list 2/5

    By Addictedbut
    There have been changes. It was better before. It had more choices.
  • Face ID & Touch ID 1/5

    By GamerLyca
    Face ID or Touch ID does not work on this app. It will say your password has expired. What’s the point of enabling those features when you will end up typing your password?
  • Why has this SutterHealth app Taken Over MyHealth app 1/5

    By JeanLMcC
    Why has this SutterHealth app Taken Over the MyHealth app? I opened my original MyHealth app for my Atrius Health account this morning and SutterHealth popped up. It did the same on the ATRIUS online site. I can now reach the online site, but the original MyHealth app has disappeared from the App Store. What the hell is going on??
  • Getting better 3/5

    By nickname223455
    This app is getting better than it used to be! The fingerprint sign in really helps. The ability to pay the bill and schedule online is also helpful. Chat would be nice in the future.
  • Video conference worked 5/5

    By Mumsers
    This was great! I avoided driving in fog to get a simple medical issue addressed. Audio and video on ipad were clear; excellent.
  • Latest update is awful 3/5

    By Hmama13
    The latest update took away my ability to see my lab values. It says “more information available on website”. So what’s the point of the app then? Labs are one of the main reasons I use the app. Please fix this.
  • Horrible excuse for an app. 1/5

    By k0rr_DumP
    According to Apple's own numbers, 360 MILLION iPads have been sold to date. They all support external keyboards. Most external keyboards make you use your iPad in landscape mode. The Sutter Health app does not support landscape mode, yet, the offer it for the iPad. You have created an app that is basically a wrapper for your web views. Those web views are NOT optimized for mobile devices. (No, having a bit of react.js code here and there does not mean that you are designing for mobile). Your data dense views and tiny buttons would be so much easier to use on landscape mode. If you are going to make users look at screens designed for a PC aspect ratio, at least let them use the mobile device in the orientation that most closely resembles a monitor aspect ratio! Fix this, and then I will write a review about crashes, inconsistent security scheme, annoying UI, etc.
  • A few glitches 3/5

    By san jose dr
    I can see messages received and sent with my doctor on iPhone, but only received messages in iPad even though have iOs12.1 running on both.
  • Flakey App 1/5

    By Bananarama9
    On my first attempt to use this app, I got the message ‘Your account has been disabled’. From the other review comments, it sounds like their authentication methods for their app and site are pretty poorly designed.
  • Billing functionality 3/5

    By PNE987
    I had a bill to pay for my child’s recent visit. In the app there is a billing icon under my profile however it does not show my child’s bill. I switch to his profile and there is no billing option so I couldn’t pay his bill via the app. However, I did go to the Sutter website and was able to pay it from there. Would be nice to be able to pay bills for ANY profiles under your account.
  • Online support 3/5

    By dasterre
    As one other person has identified when hoping to change my password, I was directed to my mail where a code would enable me to change the password.......never worked. Haven’t been able to receive my “after visit” summary. I use my iPad and wondered if that is the problem. It seems unethical to advertise that we as consumers can make appointments online, contact our support team etc, when this is untrue.
  • Always Crashes 1/5

    By Tera9876
    I can never get in and do what I need to do. This app is always crashing, it used to work when I restarted my phone, but now it doesn’t even do that. Otherwise it’s great when it actually works, keeps appointments and labs and all the information about yourself and your children if they are seen at Sutter.
  • works for me! 5/5

    By _mariE's
    how convenient to check labs, appointments, manage billing and message doctors! i can access in a matter of seconds. tap on app and enter 4 digit passcode. i haven’t had a problem all of 3+ years i’ve been using it.
  • Mobile App 1/5

    By TgNuts
    The mobile app is broken and useless. Spent 30 minutes on line with Sutter tech people and they can’t explain why I could not log in.
  • Don't want this app! 2/5

    By Gilda Christy
    Can't get it to work . Trying to set up passcode and it won't work! Just let me look at my information!

Sutter Health My Health Online app comments

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