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Sutter Health My Health Online

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  • Current Version: 5.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sutter Health
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sutter Health My Health Online App

Use your existing My Health Online account at Sutter Health to manage your health information and send messages to your physician and care team from your mobile device. With Sutter Health’s My Health Online mobile app, you can: • Message your physician and care team • Review test results • Request prescription refills • Schedule and manage your appointments • View and pay your bill • View your immunization history, medications and health reminders • Access your family’s health information through proxy access • If you’ve joined a My Health Online pilot, you can integrate Apple HealthKit data into your medical record via the app You will need to have an active My Health Online account before you can start using the mobile app. If you do not yet have a My Health Online account, you can find out how to register on our website: Have feedback or need help? Use the Contact Us form at


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Sutter Health My Health Online app reviews

  • App needs a lot of fixing 1/5

    By A_K_10171977
    1. Touch id doesn't work! 2. Specialty appointments can't be scheduled.
  • 😩 1/5

    By gfhikll
    A generous 1
  • Horrible website 1/5

    By Nannasz
    I can’t log in easily. You always want me to change my password. Why don’t YOU remember my password. I Wait and then try again. Sometimes it works and then sometimes not. ?? I do not see a button to view sent messages. I have 2 accounts on the Website, mine and my husbands. When I logged him out the last time you kept his log in, i was not able to re enter a user name so now I cannot change it anymore. So you locked me out of mine. I need mine tomorrow to message my doctor. I cannot hear on the phone to call so I rely on the website. Ever sense the website has been installed it has not worked. Fix it. I would give it a NO star if I could. Cause for me now it is useless. My only alternative is to have someone else call for me. I hate this website. And that’s how I feel. SZ PS the only thing that I can give a star to is the Blood test results that is good because it is easier to check now. But if I cannot log in that is useless also.
  • Needs more work 3/5

    By User874495247
    Consider adding the ability to attach images to messages, as that can easily cut down on the number of unnecessary visits, and help PCPs direct patients to specialists, more quickly.
  • Doesn’t work. Plain and simple. 1/5

    By dniq
    The app doesn’t accept login information - same as used for “My Health Online” website (only on a computer - their mobile website is also completely broken).
  • v5.3 does not support Touch ID anymore 1/5

    By roniegh
    Since v5.3 Touch ID does not work anymore. Contacted support on Feb 7 2018, they asked me to try reinstalling the app (which obviously did not solve the problem), then they told me there was nothing they could do to solve the issue.
  • Nonfunctional 1/5

    By magickair
    Simply put, this app does not work. I cannot create an account through the iOS app nor through their web app in order to pay my daughter’s hospital bill. I emailed customer support two weeks ago and still haven’t received a response. I tried it again today (two weeks later), and the same JavaScript errors crop up when trying to create an account, which is attempted through a failing and poorly designed embedded iframe.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    It will log me in and then tell me to activate or sign up when I’ve been activated for 3 years. Can’t get past this screen to see message sent from my doctor. This is only one of several problems I’ve had with site in the last six months.
  • Frustrated. Cannot access my records 1/5

    By Brewsterme
    Very frustrating when after too many attempts to access the website it says it cannot find server and to try again later. I am not able to access records and refill prescriptions. Is anyone at Sutter listening??? Sutter are you paying attention?
  • This version does not connect 1/5

    By CarinDG
    I get a “can’t connect to the server” 100% of the time. Meanwhile, I can log in fine using my phone’s browser.
  • Does not work on iOS 1/5

    By Luciagiaa
    I have not been able to log in through the app for several months. I consistently get an error message saying the server can’t be found. Useless, please fix it.
  • Can’t Make Appointments 2/5

    By Wayward Skies
    I used to be able to schedule appointments with this app which was great, but apparently now with whatever option I choose I’m condescendingly told that I probably don’t need to make the appointment at all! What’s the point of having the option to schedule an appointment if you just tell the user they should call to make one?? Just take the option out completely at this point.
  • Cannot login 1/5

    By princek4ever
    Useless app if you cannot login.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Dancergirl;)
    This app works great! I can email my doc, get my lab results, schedule appointments online and reschedule too! It’s fast and easy to use. Highly recommend.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Mwilc
    Won’t allow me to login in. The app Says “problem communicating with server”, yet I can login in through safari and google chrome.
  • This app stinks 1/5

    By El fuego hombre
    Can not log in. Useless. Wish there was an alternative. How can Sutter be so incompetent?? Hope they are better with medicine.
  • Lots of bugs 1/5

    By zig-zag
    70% of the time it doesn’t actually let me log into the app and it won’t let me send a message to my primary care physician.
  • The worst 1/5

    By Dreamydocent
    I only gave it one star because I could not give it zero. Does not work with iOS. All attempts to contact PAMF about it have proved useless: persons one talks to or writes is powerless. They blame it on an August 2017 update. I have used My Health online with PAMF since it was first created, and now I find I cannot log in, it does not recognize me, and the so-called help line is so backed up with calls they ask you to call again later. Trying to cancel an appointment now and as usual I cannot get in to my account.
  • Latest release is not working 1/5

    By snoky7
    Latest release is not working on my IPhone 6S+ even if it is uptodate :-(
  • Sutter my health 1/5

    By baker613
    Don’t use the App, it does not work with iOS products. As a person with serious health issues, I don’t want to have to fight with the login and then call customer support to access my medical records. At MyChart it always works. When I do call in I end up talking to the App people that are more interested in keeping their jobs. Shut down the App until it works for everyone.
  • Don’t abbreviate standard as “std” in the results section 1/5

    By Walk127
  • Update is horrible 1/5

    By Pkd867
    Every time I try to log in. Server cannot be found. I sure hope you can fix this! The first version I had 3 years ago til recently was amazing. Please fire whoever is in charge of these horrible changes
  • Works well 4/5

    By bryanmeyer
    I don't like that they forced us to use an even more complex password in the app and online. There was a recent article that came out by the original author of recommended password requirements that explained there has been no increased security and that passwords that use multiple words (i.e. a phrase) are more effective.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Gee-rated
    This app has some good features, but is in some serious needs of improvements. Many of us have more than one family member who uses MyHealthOnline, but using TouchID to login, you can only login to one account. Should be able to choose which account to login to. Very unintuitive when trying to view past appointment summary. Not nearly as good as when logging on via computer. Also, very annoying when trying to use this app to compare past test results. It really shouldn't be too difficult to improve these features -- and there's no way Sutter Health is hurting for money given how much they charge for the stupidest of things.
  • Just what I needed 3/5

    By 
    This is exactly what I needed to keep in contact with my GP and to stay organized with all my health info. I don't use my PC often so I was always using my phone's browser to login to the website, but the app is so much more useful. It's not perfect though, I do wish you could attach images to messages so you could show your doctor things like abnormalities and such. Not just that but the app can be a little slow sometimes for some reason. Other than that it's been very helpful!
  • Much worse than the older version 1/5

    By stepwill
    I was forced to switch to the supposedly "new, updated" version of this app, yesterday. I've been using the older version for about 10 years. What a mess. It has about half the functionality of the old version. I can't see messages I sent to my doctor(s) or their support teams (i.e.: if they’ve received and read it), I can't make an appointment on-line , I can't get "After Appointment Summaries", etc, etc. And when I try to log in from my MacBookPro, it directs me to the old version, and whatever password I use it goes off into a blank page. So I thought I'd chat to someone about these issues, but that came back with: " The attempt to load config,common,i18n!nls/localization_unnormalized2,i18n!nls/localization is taking a long time. Attempting to load it will continue, but may not ever succeed." Helpful, huh. This "new" app needs a lot of work, in my opinion.
  • Irritating 1/5

    By SharonMasuda
    When using the app it constantly switches to the web. Constantly, I mean over and over and over again. Also, when booking an appointment it asks you to enter the "caption" but there is nothing there. It is blank, no caption. App is no use to me.
  • Better features needed 3/5

    By NGDesigns
    It would be nice to be able to attach pictures to messages to my doctor.
  • Good not great 3/5

    By NoInterestingNickname
    App is ok. I love that I can check messages and see test results. I find it frustrating that it doesn't have a complete list of my care team or allow me to make appointments with all of my care team online. (I assume that's the care team not integrating). The. Worst part about the app is the reminders. I'm new to my doctors office and have a few reminders that are unknowns. Every time I log in they take over the screen. There is no way for me to disable them or stop them from repeatedly popping up. I also find the new log in screen annoying, as it adds another step to logging in. Could be worse but could definitely be better.
  • Test Results Suggestion 3/5

    By Stokie040372
    It would be useful if the test results highlighted any out of range values.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Michie22
    Can't access any medications since last update. Was decent until then.
  • Will not open links within the app 2/5

    By Jam00000000
    Before well child visits, your ped emails you to fill out a questionnaire. When opening the email message through the app, there is a link that you are supposed to click on to begin filling out the questionnaire. The link will not open when you click it. This means you can't fill it out on your phone which is very inconvenient.
  • No Apple Health Integration 2/5

    By @N0N_YMOUS
    There is still no Apple Health integration in this app. The current version seems to just be a rebranded version of the My Chart app. Spend some time and effort on creating an innovative app.
  • outdated and ugly 2/5

    By traveller009
    Although I love the information it provides, this clone of the My Chart app still has the look and feel from the first iOS generation. Completely outdated and lacks important features such as apple health app integration, or notifications.

Sutter Health My Health Online app comments


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