Sweatcoin - Sweat for Coins

Sweatcoin - Sweat for Coins

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 20.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sweatco Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sweatcoin - Sweat for Coins App

The AppStore №1 and top-rated for your Apple Watch, Sweatcoin app converts your outdoor steps into gadgets, sports and fitness kit, services and experiences. 5 Stars ► “Such a great concept and executed excellently. Gets me walking and rewards me for it too!” by Woo123789 “Basically pays you to move and exercise, and it costs nothing to use.” - Men’s Journal “The easiest way to make some side cash by doing what you already do naturally — walking.” - TheNextWeb “New UK health app Sweatcoin launched in the Apple app store this week and has been an instant hit.” - Forbes “New Apple app launches in Britain that pays people to get fit” - Reuters “The app that PAYS you to get fit: Sweatcoin rewards people for the number of steps they make every day” - Daily Mail “If ever you’ve needed an incentive to exercise, a new app could give you a much-needed boost to get active.” - Telegraph Sweatcoin converts your steps into currency units called, as you might have guessed it, sweatcoins. You can then spend them on goods, services and experiences on our market place with our partners or exchange them with your friends and family for whatever you fancy. The fitter and healthier you become the wealthier you get. Movement has value! And remember that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Sweatcoin uses your HealthKit step history data to continuously improve our algorithms and provide you with better offers at the right time.

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Sweatcoin - Sweat for Coins app reviews

  • Why I like this app 5/5

    By mosthatedpootie
    I like this app because it helps me stay fit because I get to earn money that I can spend on my self👍🏽
  • Sexy 5/5

    By jackstoehr
    Its analful
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By Ohheysaramae
    I’ve had this app for about 2 years now and the most I’ve ever earned was close to $400, which added up to nothing. I saw the rogue lipstick that I could get for $395 points so I used it and I never got my lipstick. It’s been 3 months and nobody will contact me. Before you support a “sponser” you should make sure they’re reliable. I lost 400 sweatcoin points for a stupid purchase. My steps also aren’t counted. This app is stupid. I don’t recommend.
  • THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By doggerts
    So I got my 12 coins and wanted to buy a bark box. So I clicked on the bark box and it brought me to the bark box shipping/website and told me to pay $20 of my own money from a credit card!! And I was like NO so I didn’t buy the box. Then I got back to the app and it still took $12 off even though I didn’t actually buy the item and now I’m soooo ticked off 😣😫😖😡🤬🤬
  • Recycled bottles are worth way more 1/5

    By Glebatron84
    I've been using this app for a while. The value of a sweatcoin is half of what it used to be.
  • Steps Not Converting for Last Few Weeks 1/5

    By Fix The Issue Sweatcoin!
    When I first started using the app my steps were counted and converted very well. I work at a warehouse and I am outside all day, walking around and rarely ever entering the building itself. In the beginning I was motivated to upgrade to Shaker as I was walking, on average, 10-12k steps a day. And they were recorded. But these last few weeks I’ve been walking around 5k steps because the app is only accounting for about 300 of those steps. How? Nothing about my habits has changed, so there shouldn’t be a sudden difference like this. I’m guessing that there must have been an update or some sort of patch rolled out that is now inhibiting my ability to earn sc for steps. Another example, just today I spent about an hour walking around my house cutting my lawn with a push mower. At the end of that I had accumulated about 3214 steps and low and behold, about 50 of those steps were accounted for. Literally .01sc. Come on, seriously? 1 star, change my mind.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By sweatcoin is the best
    This app is so amazing it helped me get in shape and I earned money and much more. I would recommend this app for kids and adults.
  • Can’t even start 2/5

    By Chaching1234
    I got this app about three days ago, but the same thing happens to me again and again. After putting in the 4-digit code that is texted to me, the same message continues to pop up: “Oups! Something’s wrong. Please check your device has the correct date and time settings and is not using a proxy.” And yes, I check to see if anything is wrong. AND NOTHING IS WRONG. If I could actually start the app, maybe I would give a higher rating.
  • Best App Ever 5/5

    By Miss Me 2020
    As a celebrity trainer 2 the stars and the world’s only 3 Time ESPN fitness champ who has appeared in more than 450 fitness dvd and informercials I think the best workout /activity you can do is the one you can consistently do yourself! Walking outdoors is the best and to get paid while you’re doing is the best. I’ve only been on the app for 2 days and I’ve referred family, friends and clients and I’ve made $sweat coins doing it! Bravo to the creators!
  • Connect with paypal 4/5

    By Shely952
    I really enjoy the app, it’s fun and effective, but I and probably a lot of other people would really like to be able to cash out on paypal this way you are earning money and being able to use it in real life for things I can purchase up front or online, and not only the things available on the “Offers for today” page.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By NJHawkins
    1. Drains Battery,because it always has to be running 2. Takes forever to accumulate points unless you make a it a part time job trying to refer people to sign up. 3.The offers are 👎🏿 when it comes to what the offer is and the price of sweatcoins it cost. 4. The offers are misleading a lot of them are just getting you a percentage off of an item which is a part of a third party subscription site. Example: it can take you months to get 100 sweat coins then you want to use it on a fragrance offer. Then it turns out the fragrance offer is scent bird “free 1st month” so now you have to subscribe (put a credit card down), pay shipping and handling still and remember to cancel. Who wants to create another bill? Especially when subscriptions like that already do their own pricing “specials” for new subscriptions. 5. It’s a big brother sort of deal always tracking where you go. Don’t waste your battery life and most importantly your TIME!
  • I like it 4/5

    By Stephanie Pulsinelli
    I feel like the people you love and money are the best motivators and for me money is a motivator for me to help my family and provide for them in anyway. Also taking care of myself is something I not only do for myself, but my family also. This app makes it possible for me to earn while I take care of myself which is freaking awesome!!! I can’t wait til I can workout indoors!!!
  • Great app 4/5

    By Heather g k
    This is a good app if you walk a lot, but one thing I found was confusing is how you buy things. Like, do you have to be 18+? Because I couldn’t buy an offer because it asked for credit card info when I’m already buying it from sweat coin. It took away money even when I didn’t finish the information and submit. I would like if the creator responds and lets me know what to do in this situation. Over all it’s a good app.
  • Great looking app, but that’s about it. 2/5

    By Jhall5252
    Does not track properly. For example. I golfed yesterday and walked the full 18 hole course, finished my day with over 22,000 steps, and only got credit for 1,042 steps. Not good at all, very disappointed
  • Battery Eater 3/5

    By wheathen
    This app is good, the only thing is it eats your battery alive!! Also am not a fan that you can’t cash out to your bank account when you don’t pay for the app -.-
  • Worst app 1/5

    By bekoleo
    The worse app i had ever used it for 9 months and can’t buy any thing with 2k coins
  • Oh my god 1/5

    By eb🚫
    First of all this is just fun to see how many sweat coins you get,. ANYWAYS I KNOW I CANNOT REDEEM SWEATCOINS but When I do purchase something WHY DO I HAVE TO SET UP CREDIT CARD INFORMATION AND IM 12 I can’t do that off my momma phone,, AND THEN THEY TAKE YOUR SWEATCOINS AND GIVE YOU A PRODUCT THAT IS TRASH!! I’m deleting this app rn
  • Needs more 3/5

    By iDInfernal
    They should have giftcards cause barely anyone uses most of the brands they offer If they offered giftcards i would give 5 stars
  • 5/5 Not To Bad 5/5

    By A nice friendly guy
    This app is not to bad for it has a daily rewards for up to three Days at a time. The only complaint is that I would enjoy it better if I actually had time to walk, but oh well at least I am doing something other than sleeping.
  • 🙃🙂 it’s alright 3/5

    By Rhyann-Elise
    I mean you don’t really get a lot of sweat coins the you can get in a day if you walk is maybe 2.68, and you can only buy things on the app. So no you can cash out, and there is not a lot of things on the app soooooo😕 but I use the app because you can bye FREE audio books and I am still in school and don’t have the time to read. So the app works but umm yeah.🙃🙂
  • How can I get my Steps Money? 2/5

    By Hmmm...?
    Hi, I really wanted to know and don’t understand why we can not take the money off of there and actually have the money we’ve! Earned ourselves? Like why can we only spend it on the App the money we make but we can’t have a way to take off OUR! Money we make on there ourselves. I feel we should be able to physically be able to access our own money we’re actually making on there it’s makes sense. We are using your guys App and downloading it What!? Pretty much making you guys money. Can you answer that please Thank You! -Asia
  • Misleading 1/5

    By lilred524
    I got this app because the description describes and quotes users describing things like “free money,” “extra cash,” and “getting paid to walk.” I have had this app for half a year now, and I have yet to be able to take advantage of my nearly 500 sweat coins. It is not “free money,” it’s just discounts. There is not a single reward option that does not cost actual money except for their most prestigious offers (which typically cost 20,000 sweat coins), which could take years to afford. Just for perspective, I am a college student, so I am constantly walking across campus, and I also work two internships that require me to walk around downtown quite a lot. I walk much more than the average person, and it would take me over 5 years to get anything actually “free.” If you are poor like me, you know there is a HUGE difference between free money and a discount. I do not have money to spend, and giving me discounts doesn’t change that. If you do not want to spend your own money in order to take advantage of their rewards, don’t bother downloading this app. I work for multiple attorneys and am honestly considering taking this to court for false advertisement. What a complete waste.
  • Review 5/5

    By choppy2x
    Awesome and easy to use
  • 5 star for sweatcoin! 5/5

    By ttdawgggg
    Sweat coin is great. I wish there more prizes tho.
  • Review 5/5

    By BabyJada123
    Really great App I luvvv it!!
  • The cash 2/5

    By ninadabaddest
    See on my behalf I’m not able to get the cash by itself..that’s what they need to work on because I don’t wanna keep buying rewards on there when I still have to take my money from my card to use it to be shipped to my house..why can’t y’all go ahead and set up the cash card or something that lets you put your sweat coins into your card or have us transfer the sweatcoin money to our debit cards or something..people are not gonna get interested in it if all they doin is walk and using it to buy rewards..some people need that money for helping out there children and buying food and actually buying things that are important without having to go online and look for things..people don’t have money to pay for hair and hair products and clothes because we can’t transfer the money to a card.. it doesn’t make since to me at all👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾sorry but I won’t use it again until they update this app to where we can’t transfer the money to a card ( an actual card )
  • Sweat coins 5/5

    By yote artichoke
    This is the best app ever you just get paid for walking defiantly 10/10

    By bossyicy
    Periodttt the app just sent me 6$ in PayPal
  • False 1/5

    By N¡ckñamè
    I had $30.00 (and change) so I ‘bought’ Bark Box and I went to the website and clicked on claim offer and typed in all my dogs stuff and I got to the checkout and it still charged me $14.50 which isn’t bad but it was supposed to be paid by the Sweatcoin money I earned, now i don’t plan on using the app anymore.
  • Inviting friends not registering 4/5

    By PaulSpellman
    I have this problem where when I invite friends the invites don’t register for a prize. ( it won’t leave 0) Can I get some feed back on this.
  • Great! 4/5

    By TriggeredByRussia
    This is a great foo"> app. Highly recommended! 👍🏻
  • People are 🤦‍♀️ 5/5

    By JuniorZombie2002
    Okay so how are you going to complain about this some guy said I only got 167 and he was mad like bro all YOUR DOING IS WALKING. The point of this app is to get more people outside..
  • I like it 3/5

    By beats walking for free
    I enjoy it but i notice it misses quiet a bit of my steps if I’m moving fast or jogging
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By Big Boi Scrizy YT
    Great app
  • TRASH 1/5

    By trashgames.com
    Why do I have to put in my credit card#’s. Gay much.🖕
  • Fraudulent app 1/5

    By Funsize KI
    This app do not count all your steps and then it tell you something went wrong it lost some of the steps😒 .. and all the prices are very high to get a prize
  • Pointless app 2/5

    By yjajzbxf nrxu
    Functionality is terrible. The app constantly crashes and doesn’t let you redeem sweatcoins for real life items
  • cool but bad rewards 3/5

    By yolanda batch
    all the advertisement i see about this app is basically saying “walk for money.” it’s not like that though. it barely counts you steps, turn them into sweat coins, then you could go to the shop to see what you could get. the option i see the most some sunglasses. i think i might also see soaps but i remember a year ago i had the app and i remember seeing the option to trade sweatcoins for gift cards. now i don’t think i can do that which makes think this app won’t to be any good
  • Review 5/5

    By Aleh103
    Good app
  • SUPER SCAM Don’t download it 1/5

    By CoolerGamer12 (Ninja)
    This thing is bad plz don’t download it my feet for walking 5 miles and got nothing no money
  • DOPE😎 5/5

    By ⚾️MILLER⚾️
    It’s so great and get you motivated but it’s a little hard to actually earn the sweat coins but overall it DOPE!😎
  • Sadly mistaken 1/5

    By 91 blaines
    I think the idea is far more appealing than the app actually is itself. The store is literally full of garbage except for the iPhone!! that’s about the ONLY thing worth buying I imagine there’s some stipulation where you have to pay out of pocket. but most importantly all these people are getting out and walking for this money! so how about letting people cash out via PayPal then the app would be worth people’s time. the way they advertise this app it sure seems like that’s the way it is however I was sadly mistaken maybe I’ll walk from Mexico to Canada just so I can buy some beef jerky from the the sweat coin store!
  • Mrs Lynn 4/5

    By Mrs Lynn P
    The App needs to count all steps and it doesn’t count my steps if I don’t have phone in my pocket and also have to have app open on my watch. Drains your battery.
  • Scam 1/5

    By diamondp199307
    This app only tracks outside steps. Plus doesn’t allow you to use the money you earn on anything so why have it
  • App is a battery drainer but decent rewards 3/5

    By DrgnLuvr
    The app is constantly wanting to be left open to track steps which is fine if it didn’t constantly drain the battery. Not only does it drain your phone but if you have a Apple Watch it drains it even worse. It doesn’t have the option to run in the background and track on the Apple Watch. Then it doesn’t track your steps correctly and you lose a lot of steps. The rewards are great and the app encourages you to get up and move. But something needs to be done with it draining the phone and watch batteries and the capability to correctly track steps and be done while running in the background and not having the app open all day everyday.
  • Half /half 3/5

    By Deansmommy
    Some days it counts my steps and what not and I had scene shot it and sent it to them by email and it was still not get fixed . And then other days it does. Now the. What you can get for your coins . Like. I don’t see any I get but the big one. Like it’s a counting steps app. Or health app so. I hope they have more rewards to pick from. On like a new water bottle A gym bag. Things like that. Or pre workout. And bcaa . And yeah I get the money being a reward . But the little in between.
  • Amazing but it has issues 3/5

    By Zeek899
    I’m an active runner so when I herd of SweatCoin I was excited... only to find out that when I use it on my Apple Watch series 4 and recorded a work out the SweatCoin app got over ruled by the watch work out app. Is there a way around it?
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By Shortyarty
    I walk everywhere I go, so using this app at least my walking is going towards something greater and I’m making currency at the same time
  • Doesn’t count all steps. 3/5

    By Sillyfangirlrodeo
    I’ve done everything the app suggests to make it so it will count all my steps, and it still isn’t. It’s not even getting half. I work in a restaurant and I walked over 19,000 steps yesterday (6.6 miles) it counted only just over 5,000 of my steps. It’s using my health app to convert and this is what my health app has down. What the heck sweat coin?

Sweatcoin - Sweat for Coins app comments

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