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  • Current Version: 4.18.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: sweetgreen
  • Compatibility: Android
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sweetgreen App

The sweetgreen app is the #1 most convenient way to get craveable, feel-good food on-demand — skip the wait and order ahead for pickup, or get delivery, and unlock benefits like personalized offers and exclusive menu items. 1. Order Easily — preorder for pickup, scan to pay in-store, or get delivery. 2. Unlock Digital Offers — claim birthday gifts, credits for select menu items, and other personalized perks. 3. Access Special Menu Items — explore our most enticing limited-edition bowls and creator collabs, available only on our app. 4. Make It Yours — create your own, modify our signature menu, or try seasonal specials. 5. Track in Real Time — receive order status notifications for pickup and delivery, and follow live updates in the app. 6. Enjoy Effortlessly — reorder your favorites on the home screen, send nutrition details to your Health app, flag dietary preferences, and find your nearest location. Find us on Instagram (@sweetgreen), Facebook (facebook.com/sweetgreen), and Twitter (@sweetgreen), or drop us a line at http://sweetgreen.com/contact.

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sweetgreen app reviews

  • Very poor support 1/5

    By mcphone2004
    Order avocado as an add-on, but never come. File a complaint, never reply
  • Sweet Greens 5/5

    By GranyR
    Food is always fresh and tasty. Order is ready Restaurant clean!
  • Delivery supposedly arrived but didn’t 1/5

    By anndbxjka
    Don’t download this app these people don’t care about the users and they take their sweet time to text back about the issue
  • $3 plate credit 1/5

    By Mansiah
    No explanation as to how to use it or what it applies to.
  • Lunch ordered in 30 seconds or less, guaranteed 5/5

    By Rhj kal
    I’ve been using this app for at least a year and have never had a problem!
  • App often freezes and crashes 1/5

    By Funkydiva19
    App offen freezes and crashes . Makes it cumbersome to go back in and re-add all of your salad customizations
  • Horrible 1/5

    By ajo714
    The salad didn’t include one item and had an onion which I’m allergic to
  • Best salad ever 5/5

    By sadanand godbole
    Always very fresh and delicious
  • Easy App to Use but No Points 4/5

    By FiveTurtles
    There should be points/rewarding with purchases.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Ronnie from DOC
    Just so hard to navigate around the app. Make it easy!
  • Add Apple Pay to the app 3/5

    By shane700p
    Good but needs Apple Pay
  • Improvements needed 1/5

    By Cecily Ghana
    No apply pay
  • Annoying ads… 2/5

    By WhatsWithAirplanes
    The workflow for ordering is fine, but they abuse push notifications by sending frequent ads and there’s no way to disable it—other than disabling push notifications for this app altogether, which degrades the experience because then you don’t receive notifications that are actually useful.
  • Can’t turn off marketing notifications / violates App Store guidelines 1/5

    By NickPunt
    I love sweetgreen and the app works well but they do not include a way to shut off marketing notifications. **I absolutely do not want to ever be notified about anything that isn’t an order.** No matter how much I love your salads, I hate unsolicited notifications more. FWIW a lack of opt-out means you’re violating App Store guidelines (4.5.4): > Push Notifications should not be used for promotions or direct marketing purposes unless customers have explicitly opted in to receive them via consent language displayed in your app’s UI, and you provide a method in your app for a user to opt out from receiving such messages
  • Spam Notifications 1/5

    By NDZ64
    This is a great app, and I hate to give it such a low score but this app DOES NOT give users the ability to turn off marketing notifications. So users are left with the option to either don’t get notifications at all (which hinders my ability to order) or leave them on and get spammed in the notifications every day. I would love to update this review when this feature is added. This needs to be fixed ASAP or it will be a deleted app for me!
  • Watch out 1/5

    By Henry hko
    They claim it’s cheaper on the app but they add a service charges like 15% in addition to your delivery fee and tip to the driver which makes the price go up. It’s cheaper on other apps
  • Love ordering Ahead! 5/5

    By Destructor from MA
    I love the ordering ahead feature! My salad is always ready for me at my selected time. The Wellesley location is very punctual and the staff is friendly.
  • I miss real people; also, no Apple Pay 4/5

    By FlyGuyB
    The app works OK but does not support Apple Pay in addition to stored credit card. I feel that Apple Pay is safer than some App storing it, possibly on a backend server. Also, It was much easier, and faster, to order in person back in the day. Thanks for the $5 credit.
  • Frustrating to order 2/5

    By Englishpancakes
    Most times I try to use the app to order, I’m told my ingredients are not available after I’ve already gotten to checkout. I make modifications. Still not available. I try to apply rewards. They don’t show up. I tried to use app rewards in store. Apparently rewards are only for online orders. I’ve rage quit ordering so many times for these reasons. It shouldn’t take me twenty minutes to order a freaking salad only to have me give up.
  • Can't be used anomymously 1/5

    By leethefree
    why do I need to give you my birthday to order a salad?
  • Food is 10/10 but App is not very rewarding 2/5

    By ttoaltex
    I eat at sweet greens on average 5x a week and I always use my app to pay with the tap feature. For ordering ahead the app is great but there is nothing rewarding from using this app points wise / earring credits nothing. I’ve probably used the app to pay for my meal 150-200 times and I have not received any sort of reward or discount.
  • Malfunction with Apple Health, no nutritional data 1/5

    By jpbuono
    This app incorrectly adds the calories from you meal by the amount X100. A 900 calorie meal becomes almost 1,000,000 calories when added to Apple health. There is also no nutritional information connected with the exported data, which seams like a lost opportunity. Sweetgreen must know the general nutritional makeup of their standard meals.
  • Don’t use this app in store 1/5

    By JH7142648
    Not a complaint about the food but you will wait five to six times longer for your food if you order on the app.
  • Told me I could get $5 off for downloading the app 2/5

    By fichebaisieb
    But the app didn’t work at all on my iPhone or my husband’s android phone.
  • Very annoying app! 1/5

    By frogtin
    It only shows you what you have previously ordered and it is very hard to get to full menu. Ugh.
  • App needs updating 4/5

    By Feazell
    I love that I can order and customize my salad. The one issue is not being able to ask for the dressing to be mixed in like they do In person. Otherwise it’s pretty good. I do miss have a little butter with my bread and the option for juice. But hey change happens in life.
  • bad model 1/5

    By FukkOff818
    0 / 10 experience w this place’s app youre not fooling anyone by considering the “rice and grain free”. that is scammery
  • Double rice 5/5

    By Dr.Rivera
    Would like option for double rice
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By Ljhjfv
    Issues with order and I tried to reach a human being for 30 minutes but couldn’t. Was referred to an online service that was terrible. Room full of hungry people all angry.
  • Getting better. Charges for missing ingredients 2/5

    By vburnham
    The app is slowly getting better but the modification flow is not great. The main issue is that the app charges for unavailable ingredients in bowls. It also charges the same if bread is not available.
  • Extra dressing please 3/5

    By sgkggg
    This salad is amazing but ordering Jon the app is tricky. It’s very restrictive about swapping or adding ingredients- particularly a second dressing. Other than that, am a loyal customer.
  • Sweetgreen is the best 5/5

    By TReddick
    I love Sweetgreen’s salads and the conscious way they do buisness in all the communities they service.
  • Dishonest permissions 2/5

    By Anchored In Anchorage
    App requests access to send push notifications when order is ready, actually uses it to spam you
  • ❤️Sweetgreens 5/5

    By tacori80
    I really enjoy this thoughtless healthy eating! Order is always prepared in a timely fashion.
  • App good, but needs work 4/5

    By Morningstar 7777
    Overall, v good! Sometimes, however, I want to see what I’ve ordered previously. Seems like you have to do a lot to get back to see that.
  • Terrible notification settings 2/5

    By Brian2781
    The food is good (if a little expensive) but they will spam you with promotional notifications, with no way to turn them off in the app, you can only turn off ALL notifications in the iPhone settings. Which means if you don’t want constant useless offer notifications, you won’t get updated on your order status. I had someone swipe my order from the delivery outpost because I had notifications turned off (to stop getting interrupted during my work day) and it was delivered an hour before the expected window. Other reviews pointed this out (and that it violates Apple’s App Store terms) at least A YEAR AGO and the developers responded that they “hoped to roll this out soon” but have done nothing, despite this being an extremely straightforward fix. I want to like this place, but they’re making it pretty annoying to use it effectively to order their food without getting spammed with discount offers I can’t use.
  • Overpriced 1/5

    By $$$$ Salad ?!
    It used to be $11 lunch salad…. Now not uncommon to be $17-$20 !! Not worth it
  • Two Annoying bugs 3/5

    By TimsTelegram
    #1 After a favorite order is added to the bag(repeat order), clicking the “Modify” hyperlink opens the customization options for ingredients and there is no way to change the dressing from “on the side” or “mixed in”. I tap cancel and returns to bag. When I tap modify, I’m presented options to modify ingredients multiple times. Only method I’ve found is to click Modify cancel a bunch of times until I’m presented the sauce quantity options again. Weird glitch. #2 When initially ordering an item I find it confusing I add it to my bag, then decide if I was dressing on the side. I would think adding to the bag is the last step. The food is great though. But that is what Yelp is for.
  • Food never gets delivered 1/5

    By victoriaemcabee
    Definitely use this app for your order if you want your food to never arrive to you — especially when you’re starving and are depending on your driver to actually leave your order at your house. So freaking disappointing that there isn’t better quality control AND that you can’t even get in touch with your food driver to tell them they didn’t deliver it to your place. Ughhhhhhh
  • Search is broken in the app 2/5

    By Maxurmama
    You can find the store at 30 Rockefeller plaza when searching in the app. On the website you can find the store.
  • Horrible interface, barely functions 1/5

    By rick_1938474839
    Can barely figure out how to use it, one of the worst interfaces I’ve encountered. Spend hours waiting for food because of app malfunction.
  • Love the food DESPISE the app 1/5

    By Rainajoe02
    I normally order from door dash but they didn’t have more normal salad on there. So I tried the sweet green website and app. Neither of which worked. Couldn’t create an account online but was able to on the app. Put in my address 50 times. Kept saying city was blank when it wasn’t. So incredibly frustrated. For a $20 salad it should not be this hard. Really wanted to order but ended up ordering from a different place because it was impossible to use their app or website. Very disappointed to say the least.
  • App doesn’t work. 1/5

    By Knjkiller619
    Won’t let me order anything just getting the same error every time.
  • Awful 1/5

    By cjendjcuendndjdnne
    Non intuitive at every step even after many uses. Rewards require endless and usually failing efforts.
  • A little bit antiquated 3/5

    By rryzn
    Being able to take advantage of Apple Pay would really help modernize this app
  • Website is better 1/5

    By Adrian232
    Really needs an iPad version and to support Apple logins / keychain. Without those features, the website is much more useful.
  • None of the promo emails ever work 1/5

    By Bill Picc
    See subject line
  • Best Place to eat if you care about yourself 5/5

    By chesswiz007
    All healthy options that tastes better than most of the food you feel guilty about eating
  • App not allowing certain things 2/5

    By Tgfantaye
    The app will not let me add more dressing portions. I would also like to note that but to put the plastic container of the dressing inside the salad bowl. No place to make a note. I wanted to add a different credit card and it will not allow me for some reason.

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