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SwiftGift App

Weekly Drops: FREE gifts every week! Every week when the countdown reaches zero, we “drop” an awesome FREE gift. Quantities are limited, and it’s first come first served. Turn on push notifications so that you never miss a drop. Subscribe to get your first gift for FREE, and get guaranteed awesome gadgets and must-have gifts at your doorstep every month. Our monthly mystery gifts will surprise and amaze you! Subscribe now - first month is free! #1 GIFTING APP 2018 by Apple #1 FLOWER APP 2017 by Apple “SWIFTGIFT HAS REVOLUTIONISED GIFTING” - The Daily Telegraph AS SEEN ON SKY NEWS, UK MUMS TV, TECHCRUNCH Send real physical gifts, instantly, through any messenger/social network/dating app! HOW IT WORKS • Buy a gift in SwiftGift • Instantly send a virtual version to your gift Recipient, using any messenger • Recipient sees the virtual gift, and provides their physical delivery address • We dispatch the physical gift to their door BIRTHDAY REMINDERS Easily import all birthdays from your phone contacts, or add special occasions manually. SwiftGift will send helpful push notifications so you never miss the important moments in your life, and will even suggest gifts that your Recipient will love! SHOP MORE, PAY LESS The more you use SwiftGift App, the more Gift Coins you earn. These give you discounts off purchases. MOST AMAZING GIFTS YOU’LL FIND ANYWHERE SwiftGift is a marketplace. We curate the rarest and most amazing gifts from top retailers, all under one roof. You will be delighted and surprised at what gems you will discover from the likes of Amazon, Walmart, Bloomingdales, Apple. Marks&Spencer, Harvey Nichols, Waitrose, Swarovski and more SwiftGift has solved three major gifting problems: • LAST MINUTE GIFTING People always leave gift shopping to the last minute, and then feverishly run to the shops to buy a gift a day before the birthday/wedding/event. Indeed, sometimes just hours before! With SwiftGift you can relax and send a gift seamlessly and instantly straight to the Recipient’s phone. Even if you are already on the way to a birthday party empty-handed, you can send an instant SwiftGift and have it arrive there before you do! • DISTANCE Often you may want to send a gift to friends and relatives who live far away. You just don’t see them often enough to give them a gift in person. SwiftGift solves this problem - you send a gift to their phone virtually, they provide their delivery address, and SwiftGift ensures that your gift arrives at their doorstep - wherever they are! We cover UK, USA and most of Europe. • JUST BECAUSE Hundreds of thousands of people are using SwiftGift to send “just because” gifts. Not for any special occasion, but just because they want to make a loved one smile. People are “attaching” SwiftGifts to “congratulations” messages on Facebook, “thank you” emails to colleagues, and “get well soon” wishes on Whatsapp. Some have even used SwiftGift to send teddy bears on Tinder!

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SwiftGift app reviews

  • Cool site 4/5

    By lbenn1
    Cool site so far, haven’t sent anything yet but plan to!
  • Angelur 4/5

    By angelur
    Only isss once but everything was good
  • LOVE!! 5/5

    By Yxart
    Love this app!
  • Lengthy wait time on gifts. 1/5

    By Cyorgan
    Bought a gift for the girlfriend three weeks ago. No tracking info at all for the item... Update: gift came weeks later.
  • Dj Simms 1959 5/5

    By Dj Simms 1959
  • Stars for everything they do 5/5

    By B&B$
    This app is awesome I have no problems with it quick mailing and much much more this is definitely the way of life thanks SwiftGift!!
  • Shares without your permission 1/5

    By IcePenguin19
    I got notifications from Facebook friends saying that they invited me to the app and we're sending me a gift. I tapped on it and downloaded this app. I kept trying to connect to Facebook, but it wouldn't let me. Turned out to have worked... SEVERAL TIMES. All of my Facebook friends got a handful of invites from me sent from this app. When you sign in using Facebook, they post and share things without your permission. Do not get this app, it is a scam.
  • Fraudulent 1/5

    By Blueyonder71
    So I get a notification in Facebook that I was given a gift through Swiftgift. I downloaded the app and couldn’t register for a few days due some glitch. I try again a few days later and it finally works. There is no gift waiting for me, but I’m prompted to send a gift. I went back to my notifications and that particular notification no longer exists. All my other notifications are still there. It appears I was duped by Facebook and Swiftgift.
  • Felt scammed. 1/5

    By CharQuinn
    I wouldn’t even really give this a 1 star. I got a “gift” from a friend. Downloaded the app & not only did I not get a gift, it started sending “gifts” to all my friends without my permission! I deleted the app & it stopped sending “gifts”! Definitely not what I thought it would be & I was trying to use it on my iPhone app.
  • How DARE you!! 1/5

    By Angeldiver
    Like so many others that have already left reviews, I eagerly downloaded this app only to 1. Not be able to access the app. It just kept sending me in circles over and over again, and telling me an error had occurred, try it again later. 2. Apparently immediately send out notices to all my Facebook friends that I had sent them a Swiftgift, even though I myself couldn’t even access the app. This in turn, caused me to have to post on Facebook that I did not send gifts, and recommend that people do not download the app. I realize that by logging in with Facebook that you have access to my Facebook friends. However, I should have the option of inviting my Facebook friends, and the option of giving them a Swiftgift. This SHOULD NOT be automatic by the app. I have deleted the app and WILL NOT recommend this to anyone because of the way your practices are.
  • Do not install this app 1/5

    By TheSquinge
    It just gives you an error and it accesses all your Facebook contacts sends all your friends invites without your permission.
  • Not very happy 1/5

    By bfksnsidndjdbdu
    Not a fan of this app. I downloaded it because a friend on Facebook sent it to me and it sent multiple people an invite through my Facebook without asking me and without my knowledge til my friends pointed it out. I feel that that’s an invasion of privacy
  • Scam do not install 1/5

    By Calicosara
    Got this from s friend “who had a gift for me”...scam, spam then spread to my contacts. Do not use!!!
  • Information grab 1/5

    By Zelda1972
    I received a message from a friend to receive a gift. Now my contacts randomly get prompts even though I am not sending them stuff.
  • Can’t receive gifts 1/5

    By mlzears
    Two people have sent me gifts but I don’t see where to accept them. I was already signed into Facebook and it made me sign in again. This is the second time I’ve added your app and now you have my Facebook password too. Will delete again and change my password. Thanks for nothing.
  • Terrible app and basically a virus 1/5

    By Dayuseks
    Sent Facebook messages to all of my contacts stating I sent them a gift. I never gave the app permission to do this. Simply signing in with Facebook should not automatically cause it to send messages to everyone. Stay far away.
  • Spam and scam 1/5

    By gift scam
    DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Period. When downloading app / linking with FACEBOOK, the app says it will only access your email address and profile picture. But it immediately spams everyone on your contacts with “you have a gift from...” ugh. And Facebook showed I “logged in” in Florida.... logged them out,Deleted, and changed passwords.
  • Don’t like to be tricked!! 1/5

    By Bebe3589
    I won’t support an app that tricks you into downloading it by saying that one of your friends on facebook sent you a gift...which he didn’t, he said he was scammed the same way
  • Nice 5/5

    By enriquekr17
  • Pyramid fraud 1/5

    By pyramid fraud
    I got a notice of a Swift Gift viaFB allegedly from a friend. I had to download the app. There was no gift and my FB friends got a notice allegedly from me without permission. There’s some pyramid thing going on here. Deleted
  • It sent out to all my contacts 1/5

    By Geekgirlnjax
    It automatically sent out requests from all of my contacts. So irritating.
  • Spammed all my Facebook friends! DO NOT DOWNLOAD 1/5

    By momofthreers
    Downloaded because I got a notification from a friend. Turned out that the app had spammed all her Facebook friends. Then it did the same to me. Whatever you do, do not download this app.
  • Beware! Spam 1/5

    By Moesophina
    SPAM!!!! And also sent spam to all 2000 of my Facebook friends!!!
  • How did this get by Apple or FB?? 1/5

    By SubAqua73
    I don’t know how this spam app got past the TOS of both Apple and Facebook, but this is the worst example of a spam app that I’ve ever encountered (and that’s saying a lot!). I got a notification that my daughter sent me a gift with this app. I tried to download the app. I allowed it to authorize via Facebook. Then all it did it give me errors saying it couldn’t authenticate me. Yeah, there was no gift. My daughter didn’t send me anything. And the next thing I know, I have Facebook friends asking me why I sent them spam. I have never used this app other than what I just described. PLEASE, APPLE, REMOVE THIS CRAP BEFORE MILLIONS MORE ARE SUBJECTED TO THIS FRAUD!!!!
  • The WORST Spamming app EVER! 1/5

    By marge0808
    Do NOT install this app! It will automatically send a notification to all your Facebook friends without your permission! Horrible app!
  • Spam 1/5

    By Joel's mob
    This app sent spam to all of my FB friends without my permission. Do not download!
  • Unclear how this is supposed to work. 1/5

    By Eaglelady99
    I got a notification that I had a gift from my niece; had to download the app to see it, never figured out what the free gift was. Sure hope it didn’t send out notifications to all my contacts; I just got a message from one friend asking what this gift thing was. I told her I have no idea!😡
  • Scammy 1/5

    By Coyotelovely
    It keeps prompting me as though someone actually sent something when they didn't. This is a pushy, scammy app.
  • Spam 1/5

    By ZouKid
    This app is garbage. It will send unauthorized requests to all of your fb friends.
  • Terrible!!!! So upset 1/5

    By lastnane
    So I kept getting this app request thru Facebook and assumed that people wanted me to donate to their mission trip. No this is not the case. So I deleted it right away but now all my friends have gotten requests “from me”. This is totally unacceptable and I have been charged for an app I do not want. This is not good practice. Please tell me how to fix this.
  • If I could give zero I would—-scam alert! 1/5

    By Mipblue05
    This app is such a scam!! Someone on FB sent me a “gift” so stupid me downloaded the app to find nothing...and to top it off my friends received a “gift” from me even though I didn’t even do anything in the app. Scam alert!!!
  • SwiftGift stinks 1/5

    By father of 3 teens
    It notifies people without your permission. It’s a virus. Get rid of it ASAP.
  • Bad app/Scam 1/5

    By k.busch73
    this app sends out requests without your knowledge. If you download this app friends start getting notifications. Without you authorizing or even selecting them. THIS APP IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM
  • Facebook Scam 1/5

    By jnstanley12
  • Not cool 1/5

    By Shangvd
    Received a notification from a friend that I received a gift. Downloaded the app and then it promptly sent the same thing to my friends without my permission.
  • Don’t download! 1/5

    By mksiaygdbtowjd
    They started sending notifications to my friends saying I sent them a gift when I didn’t! It’s scam!!
  • Complete TRASH 1/5

    By Kay466843
    All I did was download and login with Facebook and it sent an invite to all my friends. Would give 0 Stars is possible I usually never give review but felt this one needed to be said.

    By lstewart93
    I joined SwiftGift via Facebook. Without giving the app permission it used my Facebook account to invite friends. I DO NOT appreciate apps acting on my account without my permission with you did NOT receive. Very angry with your company!
  • Hate this app 1/5

    By icannotfind a name
    This app is spamming my friends!
  • HACKED my Facebook! 1/5

    By Chaelar94
    This app sends notifications to your Facebook friends saying that you sent them a free gift. I had to report it as hacked and removed them from my Facebook through settings.
  • This is not good! SPAM 1/5

    By MrsD2712
    At 72, I received a notice my 16 year old great niece had sent me a gift! A gift, I have to pay shipping for? WI was always told, when pneumonia something sounds too good to be true, it isn’t! Shame on you for tricking youth with this app! I just got a message from a friend asking if I had sent them an app request! This app is disgraceful!
  • Spam 1/5

    By missysioux
    This just spammed everyone on my contact list. I stupidly downloaded to see what someone “sent me”. Now I realize they probably did the same exact thing. Total garbage.
  • First things First 5/5

    By Earl Effie
    When you see an add on Facebook...stop! Go to SwiftGift to find it first thing. First you will find it in SwiftGift for about 80% less or even less than that.
  • Invasive 1/5

    By Alex Van Name
    This has been sending “gifts” which you have to pay shipping for, very spammy
  • Who’s sending these? 1/5

    By Mamapea4
    I have received notices saying I have friends sending me gifts and that I am also sending gifts to friends but I didn’t. After I downloaded the app to claim my free gift they wanted to charge me $4.99 delivery fees. Doesn’t sound free to me.
  • Spam app 1/5

    By hobbyrunner77
    You receive a Facebook notification that you’ve received a gift, you then download this app and login via Facebook only to receive “not-authorized” message. In the meantime it proceeds to spam your entire friend list saying you’ve sent them a gift. Even though you haven’t done that.
  • Scam 1/5

    By javii_vq35
  • Satisfied 4/5

    By 💎 Monique Winfield 14 💌
    At first the app didn’t even let me connect it to my Facebook but once I sent an email about the issue they fixed it right away. So I appreciate they communication and how quickly they respond back to me. Thank you!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By riceboy0227
    I got this app because someone sent it to me on FB. I made an account through FB and turns out it sent a “gift” to all of my friends without me knowing.

SwiftGift app comments

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