Swipr - Make new friends

Swipr - Make new friends

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 6.5.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Swipr Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
12,080 Ratings
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Swipr - Make new friends App

Swipr - Best app to find new friends Wanna find new people and meet your lifelong best friend? Simply send a like and start to make new friends all over the world! Swipr makes it super easy to find a friend who is perfect for you, and you for them! On Swipr you can… ► LIKE Send a like to the one who deserves it! Find Friends who share your interest. Easily send a request to find your potential new best friend! ► MAKE FRIENDS Find people, meet new friends, and build real, positive, and valuable friendships on Swipr! ► CHAT Chat on Swipr right now to get to know your new Swipr friend better. Open up your chatroom to send messages immediately with your Swipr friend! ► QUICK ADD ON SOCIAL NETWORKS Make new friends on Snapchat, grow your audience on Instagram & TikTok, find your best gaming partner on Discord, and much more! Simply send a request to exchange IDs on multiple platforms. Connect with your new best friends on all your favorite social networks! ► HMU Enjoy real-time chat with anyone you like before you make friends with each other! Now start to boost your HMU and promote yourself to thousands of people looking for new friends and convos. Watch as girls or guys from all over the world start to message you! ► KEEP CONTROL The dominant right is right in your own hand! Send a request to make new friends. Convenient and free from burden or pressure. SAFETY DISCLAIMER: Swipr intends to provide an excellent experience for users from all over the world to make new friends and connect with new people on Snapchat. User safety is always our top priority. We only allow positive communication and feedback. Inappropriate behaviors such as Nudity or sexual content, Spam, Fake Profile, Illegal activity, Threats, violence, or insult are all serious violations of our Community Guidelines and will be permanently banned from the account. We strongly urge our users to carefully consider when sharing their privacy, such as their location, full name, and other personal information with new friends they just met. Lastly, Swipr strictly prohibits selling, offering, or requesting nudity or sexual content that violates our Community Regulations. Please make good use of the report function when seeing any concerns in Swipr. Our team will make every effort to maintain the safety of the environment! Obtain diamonds with interesting mini-tasks! Unlock more convenient friend-making functions. Send relevant information to [email protected] to share more user experiences and suggestions for improvement. Privacy Policy: https://swipr.cc/privacy-policy/ Terms: https://swipr.cc/terms/ *This app is not sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with Snapchat, Instagram, Tiktok, or Discord.*

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Swipr - Make new friends app reviews

  • Super good 5/5

    By mproft
    I love this app but can be kind of slow
  • Interesting & Sexy ! 5/5

    By Longliquor
  • Ah ah dah Jew bag 5/5

    By ah ah the jew bag
    I love this app so much I have made so Friends on the way you should definitely try this app
  • idk 5/5

    By manny pacio
    so fun and a lot of new ppl to talk to
  • Jacco01 5/5

    By Jackson0147am
    Awesome ,try it
  • Nene when we 5/5

    By snjsjsjsbshsujs
  • Brycen 5/5

    By Brycen123!
    It’s simple to use
  • its wonderful 5/5

    By addy26670268
    its great for finding friends and just people to talk to if your bored!
  • Best app 5/5

    By painpaynr
    It’s great
  • Review 5/5

    By david 20828
    So far I’m liking it.
  • Age changed 1/5

    By Everythingman77
    Why did u guys change the age
  • It awesome 5/5

    By lwtdps
    Everyone need to get this app is sooooooooooo lit
  • Cool 5/5

    By win d d sdt
  • What changed? 3/5

    By moonlight 💫
    This app has an amazing layout and is very easy to navigate, however glitches become more common when I upload photos to my profile. These photos did in fact follow guidelines that were set and would eventually work after multiple tries. My biggest complaint about this app in particular though is that it was originally 12+ but after a month of having it, it randomly changed to 17+ without warning and I can no longer get into my account. So tell me, what changed?
  • Super 5/5

    By rannylove
    Great app
  • fire 5/5

    By logic301fan
  • Why keep banned accounts 1/5

    By Ámøurr
    Why every time you make account you get banned for no reason ?! Then when you try to contact someone you never get a response
  • Good and easier to use 5/5

    By kierajed
    I love it
  • i cant sign in with snap anymore 1/5

    By seanbanni
    why did yall take that option out?
  • Just a quick question 5/5

    By rip x and juice
    Why the age rating to 17+
  • pretty cool 5/5

    By Ash3000...3000
    The app itself is wonderfully made, the gem system, the availability of ADs to get more, the fact that it shows you when someone unmatched, all of it. Very well-made. Moving on to the important stuff, the people on here. For the most part it’s just people being weird but there’s the occasional really cool person. I happened to meet one that is now my super cool ginger mountain man boyfriend. So, thanks, I guess.
  • Fight d 5/5

    By pp dale
    Fjdntnc. J
  • Swipr 5/5

    By zasedrty
    Love the app. Meet great people here. Best app ever for meeting someone.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Hie321
    Love this app making friends every day
  • Review 5/5

    By lane fuller
    Great app just slow to start have not really matched with anyone and if I do they are little kids
  • Good 5/5

    By take d bdhdd. dhdbd f d d
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By condom popper
    I highly recommend this app I met the greatest people ever
  • Swipr app 5/5

    By dhsam3546
    Good app to meet new people
  • Confused 5/5

    By Anime rules the world
    It was a great app but since when did it stop being a 12-17 app?
  • Cool 5/5

    By z-/a-/y
    Love this app amazing
  • Age 1/5

    By Anna Ig✌️
    Why would you make Swipr 17 plus?
  • Title 5/5

    By whocares64940
    5 star review weiver rats 5 5 star review weiver rats 5 great
  • glitch or not? 3/5

    By tik_tok_user1729463737282
    I delete and downlod the app often, i downloaded the app back after deleting it like usual and it isn’t giving me the option to log in with my snapchat, it’s giving me a tik tok/facebook option but not snapchat option. is it a glitch or not?
  • Login 1/5

    By addushsnxhxhxh
    I think you guys should add back the option to login into the app with snapchat because I can’t use swipr anymore because my whole account was logged in with my Snapchat account and they’ve deleted the option to log in with Snapchat
  • Hi 5/5

    By fyrkgkdhcougohf
  • Good 5/5

    By 1523abc7g0
    It good
  • AMAZING 10/10😍 5/5

    By hey._.homos
    I’ve been using the app for a couple months and when I tell you I’m in love. Sure the diamonds drain fast but the experience is surely one to love. I’ve made many great friends and some a lil more then that😏, the ad experience isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Overall this app is definitely one I would recommend
  • Fun 5/5

    By zam_999
    It’s cool and fun
  • Im disappointed 2/5

    By liyah😈
    Um.. since when was it 17+ you’re gonna loose a lot of users 12+ was better this was the only app where kids could be friends with kids and be truthful about it
  • gems 5/5

    By dudemanbroguy14
    make it so when we match with someone we get some gems
  • Okay am I high or what??? 1/5

    By Minecraft Fan4life
    Yo it’s great! I love this met and talked I so many people already! But I hate that it constant sends me to the AppStore like ads and stuff! And I got a new phone recently so I had to get it again and I was so confused because I’m 14/15 yrs old, and it told me I was too young so obviously I was confused cause I just had it on my old phone? Then I look at the AppStore to see the age it’s for and I see 17+?? I swear it was like 14+ cause I don’t get apps if I’m too young, and I was really confused cause I know there was a TON of 13-16+ year olds on here so what happened?? Cause I’m hella confused because like I said I just had the app before and it was a 14+ and up app I believe but now it’s saying 17+?? Anyone wanna help a dude out??
  • 👍 5/5

    By sam_0612
    It’s a good app to talk to people
  • he hrb be 5/5

    By hg. fcf
  • Idk 5/5

    By jayehdbe
  • Total scam like all the rest! 5/5

    By Concerned and fed up employee
    I spend time and money for a company that finds, seeks, reports and shuts down foreign apps with the sole purpose of scamming young American males for any and all reasons! This is one of those apps, no one is real, you may accidentally come across another person who thought this was a real app for its intended purpose but this is in fact another app who’s sole purpose is to scam you out of you’re money! All the females say the exact same thing and require you to contact them from another app and for the love of god don’t do it because they will steal you’re identity and take hundreds before you know what happened! Working in this field for the last 16 years there is no legitimate dating app I have found and I have investigated thousands! Untold billions of dollars are just stolen! I’m breaking protocol but this is ridiculous! This one is the worst, please take this warning and do not give these apps anymore money! At least 90 percent are all Chinese hackers!
  • Noice 5/5

    By migi reviews
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By TrumpetGirl2434
    It’s pretty good I’m lonely and need more friends so it does help but why can you go into negative amount you chatted instead of just zero
  • Swipr 5/5

    By zwoltman
    It is really really fun talking to people that are the same age as you
  • I don’t know about the app 2/5

    By audrey praest
    I don’t know about the app because you said it was for to make friends but there’s a lot of people that want to send nudes and there’s a lot of scammers and people that just wanna keep on adding you please don’t take it the wrong way but did you make this app for dating or to make friends because I saw a TikTok saying that this app is good to make friends and I download it and I made myself an account and everything and a lot of stuff started getting weird and gross I sent many issues and you guys never got back to me so I’m not sure how I feel about this app I just hate the fact of the dating part because I don’t wanna date yet and you said there was going to it was a friendly app for 12 and older so I decided to get accepted it but it turns out it’s not like that but I still like the app because I am making new friends and they’re starting to come to familyBut I don’t like the fact people add me and tell me I’m pretty and all that but I’m only a 12-year-old kid and they’re like 21 so I find it really gross because I like 11 years apart I still like the app but I want you to know that I don’t really like it and I hope you are honest with my opinion thank you bye.
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