Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

  • Category: Navigation
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  • Current Version: 18.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sygic a. s.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps App

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps is the world’s most advanced navigation app. Lots of smart navigation features, beautiful 3D offline maps and easy to use interface provide exceptional navigation experience. Get Sygic GPS Navigation and join over 200 million happy drivers. NAVIGATE ANYWHERE, EVEN WITHOUT AN INTERNET CONNECTION • Offline maps of all countries in the world, from TomTom and other providers • Free map updates multiple times per year • Voice-guided GPS navigation with precise directions and spoken street names • Millions of interesting Places (POI) • Pedestrian GPS navigation with walking directions and tourist attractions (POI) ESCAPE THE TRAFFIC • Avoid traffic jams with the most accurate real-time traffic information with data collected from more than 500 million users worldwide* STAY SAFE • Advanced safety features make driving in unfamiliar territories easier • Speed limit warnings show you the current speed limit and the upcoming speed limit changes • Dynamic Lane Assistant guides you into the correct lane • Head-up Display (HUD) projects navigation onto the windshield of your car, making driving at night safer** • Dashcam records the road ahead and automatically saves a video in case of an accident** • Real View Navigation is an augmented reality feature for even better and safer driving experience** • Real-time route sharing lets you share your estimated time of arrival & current position on a map* • Apple CarPlay Connectivity - all navigation features on your car’s built-in display.** • Cockpit shows you the real-time performance of your car. ** SAVE MONEY ALONG YOUR ROUTE • Park easily with parking place suggestions and live info about prices and availability* • Set your fuel type and fill up for the best price with live information about fuel prices* • Avoid speeding tickets with Speed camera warnings* • Save money on roaming charges with offline maps You can test drive all features available in the most popular World + Traffic license for the first 7 days after installation. After 7 days you can continue using the basic features or upgrade to the Lifetime Premium license. Also available from Sygic: Monthly subscription Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase. Should you have any questions, please visit We are here for you 7 days a week. If you like our app, please leave a review or spread the word at Thank you for your support. *Please note that this feature requires the internet connection. **This is an add-on feature Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: Note: Sharing videos from Dashcam is forbidden by law in these countries: Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain. By installing, copying or using all or any portion of this software you accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement:

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Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps app reviews

  • Bad app 2/5

    By samurod
    pay a lot of money and it is useless the app closes suddenly does not give the directions correctly it is better google maps and it is free
  • Greedy company 1/5

    By Coldzero17
    I bought the app to use it for my daily navigation in my car. After i pay for the app I surprised that there is a long list to pay for in order to get the app fully functional. I have to pay more for carplay to be functional !!! I have to pay more to get more frequent map updates !!! To get speed cam alerts also I have to pay more !!! And there is a long list of functions that are disabled and i have to pay more dollars to activate them while they are available for FREE in other apps !!! If there is less than one star I would choose it. Now am using other free apps like Waze and and they are way better than Sygic.

    By Alex_Ault
    I just does not work. The voice commands causes the app to crash. The map still shows a location in Boca Raton, Florida as Sunshine Parkway, which does not exist.
  • Sygic not up to job 2/5

    By Cmljr
    (Use on an iPhone in a BMW) I have had this ap over a year and have made in-app purchases. New map update downloaded yesterday. I have tried to like this app but can't recommend. When it tries to communicate with my car it acts like a phone call on the screen and sound is cut off while connecting so you only get part of the instructions. Just turned off this connection to try using phone speakers. Also does not show turns on the future like most apps. I also have Waze (best out there in my opinion), Google maps, Apple maps, and Navigon. I like the Sygic feature that shows distance to gas stops but other than that until they fix this comm link by Bluetooth I suggest you avoid this one.
  • Maps don’t have real time traffic update 1/5

    By SudhirHebbar
    Maps don’t have real time traffic updates as Google/Apple/Waze maps have. Please improve in this area. I have tried offline feature. It works good. We need the app to also remember where I parked when the car is parked so it can guide the user back to parking if needed. Google /Apple/ waze have this feature. Please help incorporate these features in your next release . Update:: Lowering the rating to 1 star. Reason is that I have been giving constant feedback for over 2 months about app crashing when connected to CarPlay and all I get is standard response that reinstall the app. I even did that, but it still crashes. Developers please fix the issue. Also many of locations which you can find on Google, Waze and Apple maps are not shown on this app map. Don’t know what the issues are for not getting proper updates to maps. I have even updated the map when I reinstalled the app. Is this company still working? Or because of COVID-19 they have bundled up , shut down? Totally disappointed with this app ..
  • Deceptive pricing changes over time & poor navigation ability 2/5

    By PaulWDG
    Probably the second review I’ve ever written, I normally don’t bother; but I really hate paying for lifetime licenses only to have it wittled away in an attempt to get more money out of me for what I already paid for. 1) I have lifetime map updates. Recently they’re only giving me four updates per year and want me to pay more money for getting monthly updates. 2) I’ve paid for lifetime speed camera viewing. Now they’ve separated mobile speed cameras as a unique type of camera and want me to pay extra for viewing those. 3) I haven’t used sygic in ages because it leads me in to dead ends and poor routes as compared to google maps. Maybe in other parts of the world it works better, but in South Africa I don’t trust its routing logic after multiple bad experiences.
  • Not a solid navigation 1/5

    By Jbaj08
    Crashes in all the time in the middle of the trip and doesn’t start after crash.
  • Becoming a scam 2/5

    By SAS321
    The app was way ahead of competition at the beginning but now has become a ploy to milk the existing customer base. Three free map updates are promised. Then, it pushes you to get monthly updates for a recurring fee. The current map is from January 2020 and the next free one is not until October 2020!! How do you figure the three updates?!
  • Can’t stop it 1/5

    By KAREN 1111111
    I don’t care how good an app is, if it not easy to discontinue it and stop charges well no it’s not for me. I put it on my phone and then it said that it was going to charge me premium in 7 days and then every time I sign in so that I can discontinue it, it says wrong password. So I change password and try to sign in again still says wrong password. I tried again. No go. So this app could bring Jesus back and I still wouldn’t get it
  • Some time the app not working right 5/5

    By Atb Deejay
    some time this app crash and some address don’t found , I think the app need improvement/:
  • Very upset 1/5

    By Mt4012
    This product works well on the phone but does not project in Apple CarPlay. I like the view but if it does not project on the screen in the truck, well wasted money purchasing premium. Really wished it worked.
  • Rip-off warning - Shuts down and bad data 1/5

    By cawoodwilly123456
    This is a new phone. This app will shutdown randomly. The speed limits are mostly wrong. Odometer is as much as 10 mph under at times. You could get a ticket. I have lived here for 15 years and the speed limits have not changed as long as I can remember. So far can not get a refund. So I guess I got ripped off. Then again this is an iPhone and we all know iPhones are poorly designed devices made only to transfer money out of our pockets. If I could transfer this to my Android. I would up date this review with 5 stars. But you already said that will never happen. So nothing left for me to do but warn others.
  • City names are wrong 1/5

    By Coldsmoke
    This is the oddest navigation App I have ever used. One would think the map data would be accurate but in this case it’s not. Asa result, it’s pointless to use. As an example, I tried to enter my home location and it could not find it. I then realized it’s because it identifies my location as a different city name. The city it identifies is about 6 miles away! I then tried searching on other known POI’s and it randomly had city name wrong on several other cities. While the map display looks nice, and the offline maps are nice, this app is useless to me if the map data is that inaccurate.
  • app lagg 2/5

    By lov vpn on good ❤️❤️❤️💯
    app lagg

    By cdsghopgftvhbjift
    This app has the best online maps ever and it is true on everything it says. It is so good it let me download the WHOLE OF NEW YORK In around only 300 mb. That’s crazy good. It has many features for FREE which some apps you have to pay for is to download large areas. Now it’s just down to having enough space on your phone. Other than that this is the best I’ve found and I would also highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have or doesn’t want to waste cellular date running directions. Unless it is vital to the mission to know the traffic, then this app is for the average user or even above average maps user. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS OVER ANY MAPS APP (GOOGLE MAPS). Not saying google maps is bad but I’m saying this is worth replacing google maps. By the way THIS IS ALL FOR *FREE*. Also I am not a robot for the developer of this app. To prove it my YouTube channel is “Apple Watch Universe.” Thank you for whoever is reading this. Download this app and keep it, you won’t regret it.
  • Not as advertised 1/5

    By Mbdodge
    I bought the Sygic Car Navigation app because Sygic advertises turn-by-turn instructions with lane assist. I bought it outright for about $75USD. I could not get the lane assist to work, so I contacted Sygic for assistance to find out if I had a bad setting. Rudo from Sygic support replied and told me I needed the “normal” version of Sygic GPS, not the Car Navigation version. Rudo said that because I had already purchased the Car Navigation app that I could get the “normal” version for free, so I went ahead and bought the two in-app purchases for Real View Navigation and Heads Up Display. Unfortunately I DIDN’T get the “normal” version for free - after the trial period it expired even though I had already purchased the two in-app premium options! And during the trial period the lane assist NEVER WORKED! Real View Navigation didn’t display on my car’s infotainment screen. I emailed Rudo back twice, including screen shots from Sygic, screen shots from my car’s internal GPS, and photos of the road. I hoped this was just an issue with the settings on my iPhone. NO RESPONSE. At the end of the day Sygic took over $80USD of my money and I got NOTHING I wanted. The descriptions are false. The Car Navigation app supposedly doesn’t even HAVE lane assist (according to Rudo), and the normal Sygic GPS’s lane assist never worked. To top it off, the GPS just isn’t accurate (consistently shows me about 1 to 2 blocks away from my correct position - Google doesn’t do that!) and the spellings they use are just ... well ... incorrect. It’s awful difficult to find someplace when they spell it wrong. It’s too bad because the maps and interface look pretty sweet, but it just doesn’t have the one thing I bought it for (lane assist) and it’s too difficult to use with the way they spell things. The things it does have are more difficult to use than Google maps, so I wish I had saved my $80+ and just stayed with Google.
  • Hoped For Better - Deleted It. 2/5

    By Click&Burn
    The navigation is ok but that’s it... Using it in the USA, The location and address search functionality is very poor even for addresses that have been around forever. It couldn’t find an entire city when I searched for it, even though that city was on the map (as I manually dragged to find it) but it wasn’t named? There are too many places and locations that are named incorrectly, not at all, are missing lines off their address or have the wrong city listed on their addresses? Zip codes don’t work neither? Can’t be relied on, don’t bother - you’ll delete it.
  • Head up display 3/5

    By shahrooz sss
    what is head up display not free???
  • Cutting the route eveytime 1/5

    By RaxsoPogi
    Please fixed your apps. This is bad for your business and the subscribers.
  • Was fine 3/5

    By Paul M II
    The app started out strong, but I wonder about the dedication at this point. It’s been 2 months without any improvements, and the app crashes on a frequent basis. I hope the developers haven’t abandoned the app. If they have, I’m sure we would all appreciate it if we were informed of such. Thank you.
  • Crashes 3/5

    By Samad74
    Crashes each time using head up display in last revision on iPhone X
  • The app keeps crashing on me and closes on its own. 2/5

    By Jmc06907
    So the app crashes, closes out on its own. Then it won’t pair to my CarPlay. Keeps kicking off the car and won’t stay. Disappointed since I paid for the app. I want to recommend this app cause it’s looks way better than Alot outthere. However this is not ok. Once fixed I’ll start recommending
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Autism mom 2011
    I like to use Sygic for virtual road trips
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By Philly Pipe Smoker
    The app is completely unusable.
  • Bad 2/5

    By juniormelgar_GT
    It is good but sometimes it has fallen halfway and I have to go back to it again, I bought the premium and I am not having what I expected I paid about $ 20
  • Not that great don’t waist your time 1/5

    By I ate a taco
    Street names don’t always pop up when in drive mode. the app crashes in the middle of a destination. The hud customization is lacking and doesn’t have a feature for when the phone is in landscape. The picture gps feature doesn’t work that well.
  • Awesome app but poor search bar 2/5

    By Boby Johns
    The search bar is the backbone of any GPS app. It barely works; can’t find simple things and ask me to check the maps when I already have it downloaded.
  • Too many problems with the app! 1/5

    By Ethanluu
    I encountered many issues with the app and here are some of the situations. First, the app crashed 6 to 7 times during the 1-hour drive. Second, the app won’t accept the house address number in Taiwan ( I haven't tried in the US yet) I have to figure out the house when I got there! I was so frustrated especially try to look for the house at night time. And many more... I won't recommend anyone to pay for the app until those problems got fixed. For your information, I am using iPhone 11 with iOS 13.4.1
  • Crap 1/5

    By maddashell
    Touch screen won’t work. Everything’s grayed out. Junk. Use something else
  • Frozen 2/5

    By Triumphguy13
    I’ve had this app for quite A few years. Recently bought the bundle and first time I tried the heads up display it closed app. Tried again and it closed app and lost route. Next try it froze. Some definite problems.
  • Everything is a guess 1/5

    By York8544
    I have had trouble finding anything. Many times it tells me to exit the freeway turn right, turn right, turn right and get back on the freeway No instructions
  • GPS 3/5

    By Feom MN
    I thought this app was free! I saw someone wrote on their rating that they want their money back
  • Bad App 1/5

    By Samoramora
    Sorry for purchasing, all its features are almost free at google map!! Also every small feature here you should pay more.
  • Mala 1/5

    By sisto20
    Muy mala aplicacion
  • Not a bad app, but some minor issues 4/5

    By Geeeeeesh
    I bought this a month or so ago, looking for an app like Navigon was before Garmin bought them out and eventually stopped updating and pulled it from their stores I wanted one on my iPhone 10 that I did not have to be concerned about having cellular coverage while traveling and this one (like navigon did) does that. I had been using the navigon app since they shut down support meaning my maps were not being updated so I wanted something that was. Maps are from Tom Tom. I use it from trips involving rental cars. This app is not too bad, but my issues are the screen switches from 3D view to 2D view quite regularly for no apparent reason. Another issue is it lags about warnings, such as railroad crossings and actual distance. Today it told me I was approaching a crossing in 1000 miles. I was maybe 75-100 feet from it. It seems to have speed warning alerts at the 7mph over that I have set for local/city/urban for highway and rural which I chose 10mph. It did ok for trip routes. The issues I mentioned are not big issues, just slightly annoying. If they’d get the above mentioned bugs and others taken care of, they could have a 5 star product.
  • Useless now 1/5

    By Beighn
    This was a great app when I purchased it a year ago but greed has corrupted it since. Ever since they started the map subscription towards the middle to end of last year the software is full of bugs. It will no longer give you the fastest route and will give you a route that is 1-3 hours longer. Will not reroute it’s directions. Crashes at least twice each 2 1/2 hour trip. Maps are still incomplete such as 3D building feature. Incorrect info on maps such as street names. And the dash cam plugin is the most frustrating bugfest. The dash cam will only record for a certain amount of time and when you go to start a new recording it will over write your last recording. Customer service will not actually read any bug reports you send them and reply with a canned email that doesn’t actually address the bug reported and try to up sell more of their plug ins. The core software has bugs that are overlooked while they focus on adding more pay-to-use features that have their own bugs. It’s just a cash grab now with little tech support and broken features.
  • How to cancel 3/5

    By HunnieB510
    How do I cancel subscription? I cannot find help desk support. I just purchased 5 mins ago and realized there is a CarPlay version.
  • Almost perfect, just 1 weird issue 4/5

    By jhassig
    I would have given 5 stars but most addresses I have searched do not populate. I found out that for some reason its looking for township name instead of city name. Who knows the township names?? A work around is typing in the street address and zip code. That seems to work everytime. I like all of the features although i didnt pay for the live traffic, so I cannot speak to that.
  • This could have been a great app 1/5

    By Chassusa
    The app gives me district instead of address and city. I can’t use this app in the US because we don’t use district on GPS. Too bad! I wanted to like this app. I do not recommend this app if you live outside Europe, it does not work and help is not easy to get. I waisted my money please don’t waist yours!
  • The best app!!!!! 5/5

    By good!!!JoKo
    This gps app is te best app on the internet!!!💁
  • Not work well with CarPlay; not worthy with the price 1/5

    By Lin706
    See title
  • 18.5 5/5

    By JayBDawg
    UPDATE! Don’t listen to the boneheads, thus new version is the least glitchy and most accessible version yet. If ever I was a fanboy it’d be for Sygic vs other nav software! Version 18.5 made some much needed improvements A little too cartoony but a step in the right direction They already have the best navigation software and they just keep getting more and more convenient
  • I can not restore Shopping(( 2/5

    By Alecs1969
    I can not restore Shopping(((
  • In app purchases 3/5

    By boss2319
    Why I can’t get my in-app purchased back
  • I really want to like it 1/5

    By shockerspaz
    So, I paid for the upgraded everything (except for the subscription), to use this as a backup to Waze (for offline driving)... it seems like every time I need to use it, it fails. Whether it's because the maps need to be downloaded again, or the app just crashes, or it can't find the address entered (no other app seems to have an issue). My workaround is to put the address in google maps, copy the coordinates, paste into Sygic, and remove the parentheses (otherwise it won't work). 🤦🏼‍♂️ I give it 3 stars for effort, features, and potential value... but I'm so disappointed. Update: I still have not had a decent experience using this app... The quickest way to lose any rights for notifications on my phone, is to harass me with pop-ups prompting me to buy more features, when the features I've already paid for are buggy as hell. I'm one step away from completely uninstalling this.
  • My opinion 4/5

    By قاسم علی
    Before the install, why not tell all about the add ons so customers can see the a total amount. Be honest
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By ena85737
    Very difficult to maneuver the directions kept in changing and kept on getting interrupted. Awful! I spent a lot of money thinking it would get better but actually it got worse. My mistake for buying it.
  • Review 5/5

    By Rizgar71
    Wonderful program
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Usarmycavalryscout
    So I have had to re install 3 times in a week. It would work fine I’m apple car play for a bit then the program would automatically exit. So I have uninstalled until they get this fixed.

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps app comments

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