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T.J.Maxx App

Thanks for downloading the T.J.Maxx App. You can shop amazing styles & savings anywhere, anytime! Explore our enhanced TJX Rewards experience! Now it’s easier than ever to access your earned Rewards Certificates digitally, manage your TJX Rewards credit card account on-the-go, and redeem your rewards in-store. Discover two exciting ways to shop our vast selection and newest arrivals: 1. Use our visual search tool “the maxx lens” to search in a snap. See something you like? Take a photo in store (or out & about) & shop similar styles right here. 2. Build your own shop with my maxx matches by selecting the styles you love & we’ll create a custom closet just for you. Register for the T.J.Maxx App to create a mobile account (you can use your HomeGoods App account here as well). Use the store locator to find our family of stores near you.

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T.J.Maxx app reviews

  • Website & app are awful 1/5

    By trixie171
    The website & app are horrible. They’re slow and half the time the webpages don’t even load. I tried to checkout and the screen was loading for 20 minutes and it said page unresponsive. This is why I shop at Nordstrom rack instead
  • Worth it 3/5

    By Curri 2
    No useful app
  • Too many passwords 1/5

    By imakeitrain
    Please allow one sign in and password for the app and the card. Annoying to have so many sign ins to keep track of and half the time it rejects me and tells me it’s wrong when it’s not ! Annoying
  • Terrible app, don’t bother 1/5

    By emgracet
    TJmaxx is all about finding brand name clothing for cheap, but yet you can’t search for specific brand names. Also the app will crash on you repeatedly to the point I don’t even shop on it anymore because it’s a waste of time since it will crash. Very disappointed but at least you save money.
  • Not going to bother 1/5

    By KingBWU
    I just downloaded this app and was about to create an account when I started reading all the terrible reviews. This sounds like such a hot mess I can’t even be bothered. Uninstalling.
  • Dumpster Fire 1/5

    By this app is a dumpster fire
    If this app was to represent a year it would be 2020. The app is buggy, lags, and borders on unusable. Don’t waste your time.
  • awful headache 1/5

    By Gigirox2034
    the app is SLOW and when I search things it shows the exact opposite now I have a headache it shouldn’t be that hard to make a functioning app
  • No easy way to reset password 1/5

    By ag3235
    I’ve tried to reset my password but because I don’t have my old password, looks like I can’t reset it. Also there is no error validation for missing the old password.
  • BooHoo 1/5

    By Jgcvycft
    I love TJ Maxx, but this really is one of the most poorly designed apps I’ve ever used.
  • I’d buy 5x as much and as often if the app worked 50% of the time 1/5

    By Timilew
    Previous and Next buttons don’t always work. Pages don’t load more than half of the time. Filters menu doesn’t respond half of the time. Etc. etc... the first app version was better, because it actually worked.
  • Good luck checking out 1/5

    By timewasted54322
    Probably spent hours trying different cards, typing in rewards coupons and removing them, only to find out that no matter what I cannot check out. The app goes to a blank page once I hit review order and checkout. Thought it might be b/c of the card or rewards, but nope. Not only did I waste time selecting items, and then even more time at futile check-out attempts, but the glitch has still not been fixed and the items I spent hours selecting are now sold out. Tried removing them from my cart, and even THAT has a glitch. Don’t waste your time. Beyond frustrating!
  • No brand search up. Useless. 😂 1/5

    By CreateNicknameReview
    "Our brands can be a little shy" to direct people in stores to shop more and so brands can hide their shame on their worst sold products to 3rd party companies. Also, "free returns in stores"?? Really? That's just a regular return, no one is going to charge returning an item in person, what an awful manipulative tactic these fat cats got going on. This horrible app alone is leaving me a bad taste, I'll make sure to steer away with sales regardless of any ridiculous price or brand. S/o to Adidas for being pansies as well on your failed items. 🙊
  • Can’t Log In 1/5

    By atebyb12
    Even though I can sign in through the browser, the app requires an email whereas my TJ Maxx Rewards login online is a username. Keeps giving me an error code and won’t let me sign in so I just deleted the app. Only tried it because I got an email from TJ Maxx saying this was an easy way to link and use rewards. Not so much...
  • Couldn’t log in 1/5

    By Valorie B.
    Downloaded the app to more easily redeem earned rewards in store, but could not even log into my account via the app even though I just did in the browser on my laptop. Keeps giving an error code and says password is incorrect and suggests I need to reset my password, even though it’s correct.
  • Awful App 1/5

    By AyalaPitones
    This app has the potential to be great unfortunately it’s not. You can’t link your rewards certificates digitally to be able to view them. IT DOES NOT WORK!!! FIX IT!!! Not to mention you have to sign in the app because it kicks you out every time you use it.
  • Same old app we want updates 1/5

    By chehab1
    This is the same old app, we want updates consistently gonna give the people and consumer reliable and an app that’s willing to work. Please up to your app regularly. This app lacks many features and many changes please change your app make it better than it is right now. You guys wonder why you only have two stars on this app.
  • Account no go 1/5

    By KeenVivacity
    App does not accept email and password even though no issues with either logging in through safari or google. App indicates Oops! The email or password you entered is incorrect or needs to be reset. Please try again (403042). Customer support’s solution was to login in through browser. Then what is the purpose of the app?😑

    By fox2255
    Man, what should be a relaxing time shopping online turned into super stress. Six pages into the home section the forward and back buttons just stop working, so I refresh and LOSE ALL OF MY FAVORITED ITEMS. What?? Ugh!! Literally lost my business.
  • App doesn’t WORK! 1/5

    By GS-home
    Pointless to download a app that doesn’t even work! Download and literally shows nothing, use the website if you need to but app is wack! Would give 0 stars is I could!
  • Could be better 1/5

    By mscookie0
    If only I could actually log in to my credit card and be able to use it thru the app. But alas. I literally just reset the password and it’s telling me it’s not the same as in their system. Lame. Yet another store app that is useless for the store card.
  • Hate It 1/5

    By Excited2
    I can never get the app to work to log in and pay on my account. Alway end up having to go to online and pay. So disappointing!
  • Need an update 2/5

    By RuthZar
    Need a major update. It’s always getting stuck, you need to fix some bug issue. Not very user friendly. It’s a real shame as I love shopping at TJ.
  • Login failure 1/5

    By kedrinho
    Everyone I try to log in it doesn’t let me! Can’t pay my bill or use my online card since it rejects my credentials!!!
  • Stopped working! 1/5

    By FreshProfessor
    For some odd reason this app stoped working completely. I can’t even log into it to pay my bill! So much for this convenience cause if it stopped working their is none.
  • Worst App and site every experienced especially in today’s on line buying 1/5

    By kathper
    Drops items placed in cart even while actively still shopping in site or APP. As an active customer for 25 yrs TJ family is falling way behind in technology Extremely disappointed!!
  • Trash 1/5

    By Oskarmenen
    This is the worst app for shopping I’ve seen!
  • Reward icon doesn’t work 1/5

    By JagsKB
    No matter how may times I try but it never let me open the Rewards to see how many rewards I am left with. Very annoying. I keep on logging in but it always closes the app whenever I click on Rewards. Please fix this glitch. Otherwise it is a very convenient app.
  • Rewards 2/5

    By Phreedomlady
    The app has some serious glitches especially with the rewards. Every time I think I have earned $10 the app never lets me use the reward- or it just exits out the app entirely when I click on the rewards tab. Why is it even an option if it refuses to open.
  • Yasss 5/5

    By deyalis
    I love this app
  • Can’t even open the app after the last update! 1/5

    By Nancy45654
    That never been a great app but now after the last update I can’t even open it. You need to fix it!!!
  • I love T.J. Maxx but not their app 2/5

    By ShaCShops
    I am an avid TJ Maxx shopper and have ordered through this app a few times but lately I can’t even shop in it. I just keep getting a blank screen. They haven’t had an update in months. It really needs to be fixed.
  • Ordering 5/5

    By eme elshakh
    Amazing service
  • Won’t stay open 1/5

    By birdtoes
    I downloaded this App about 8/3/20, and it consistently shuts itself down within the first 10 seconds. I can’t review more than that because I can’t even get a look at the app before it blinks off.
  • Poor app performance 1/5

    By greatgoats4
    App freezes up. Sent an Email, they told me to call tHe 800 number to order. Why have an app?!! Developer needs to fix this or they need a new developer!
  • APP is Trash!! 1/5

    By KellyMaxey
    This app is trash! It never and I mean never recognizes my sign in information even though I enter it carefully and correctly every time and the same information is quickly recognized if I go to the actual website. They definitely don’t make it easy for you to pay your bill! 👎🏽
  • Can’t access card 2/5

    By EKT59
    For the past month I’ve been unable to access my card through the app. Keep getting an app error message.
  • The worst App I have Ever used 1/5

    By Just My Take
    Can’t even press submit button on the App because it won’t let you scroll all the way down, features and design are like that of an illiterate child, who has no clue about writing an App. Look at what others have done and do At Least the same. If I could give it 0 stars or a negative rating, THAT’s what this App would get!
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By sweet_sandiego
    Please invest in a better app instead of investing on rioters.
  • Not working 1/5

    By glenda27pr
    So, if I log into my account from my laptop there is no problem, but I try from this app, it says that doesn’t match their record 😑.
  • Horrible app for TJ card holders 1/5

    By Yoxsam
    I recently open a card but this app makes me want to cancel it. To begin with I needed to create an account for the credit card but can’t view my rewards. So I needed to create another account to view them. The layout of the app is bad. They should keep the Rewards category with the Credit card info. It doesn’t make sense to have it with the regular store categories if only credit card holders can earn rewards. FIX THIS. I’m lease make an app easier to use for credit card holders!
  • Broken 1/5

    By Dougie55555
    This app is broken and will not allow me to log in. Hello? Fix it.
  • Lots of new problems 1/5

    By WilkinsLaw
    The app will no longer store my rewards. Without this feature it’s worthless. I know IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO THIS, but it ALWAYS says SOMETHING WENT WRONG. SO frustrating.
  • The other reviews say it all 1/5

    By FadedYellow
    The fact that there are reviews that are dated back to at least 2 years ago and nothing has changed means that the company doesn’t care about its customer’s opinions or its own improvements.
  • Linking rewards 1/5

    By tmayhue?!?
    Do not link your rewards to this app. Mine disappeared and it takes 2 months to get it corrected.
  • Can’t link card 1/5

    By painteddoll
    Hmmm...first time using app and already having a problem. Really annoying. Therefore not sure on my star rating. Please fix this ASAP!!! Thank you
  • Awful app 1/5

    By majikwinter
    No matter how many times I have changed my password, it always says my credentials don’t match 😡. All I wanted to use this ap for is to keep track of my balance and make my payments. I can’t even do that. Crappy crappy app
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Saraitasis
    Update: It was only less than 1/2 hour before my account updated. So thankful for the last customer service agent. The issue was my phone number. She removed my phone number from old closed credit card account. She didn’t need a long explanation. She knew exactly was going on. :) I recently started using this app because I wanted be more efficient. Well, this app has done the opposite. When I was in the store ready to pay, it showed the correct reward balance but within a few seconds it decreased by $50! This is before I gave her my rewards. Then it corrected by the time I got home. Today I called because I wanted to pay by bill using my app. Cool, right? No way. They have my old closed credit card on there and there’s no way it lets me update. I felt like a ping pong ball with customer service. Finally after the 4th person, supposedly it’s fixed but I wont know if it really is until 24-48 hrs. These employees need proper training and two I can tell was outsourced and let me tell you...the one guy I ended up hanging up on. Couldn’t understand a thing and he didn’t seem to care or explain what was happening. I hardly ever give bad reviews and I’m not even pmsing-lol- but after too much wasted time, I felt this app deserved it.
  • Faulty password 3/5

    By stayyahhaa
    It’s good when it works- I’ve reset my password on the app about four times now because it keeps telling me it’s wrong when I know it’s a newly changed password. Haven’t been able to l log onto the app for awhile.
  • Card registration 1/5

    By Elizahhh
    There are glitches when putting Tj maxx credit card info. Can’t scroll all the way down and click on certain things

T.J.Maxx app comments

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