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  • Current Version: 12.5
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T.J.Maxx App

Thanks for downloading the T.J.Maxx App. You can shop amazing styles & savings anywhere, anytime! Explore our enhanced TJX Rewards experience! Now it’s easier than ever to access your earned Rewards Certificates digitally, manage your TJX Rewards credit card account on-the-go, and redeem your rewards in-store. Discover two exciting ways to shop our vast selection and newest arrivals: 1. Use our visual search tool “the maxx lens” to search in a snap. See something you like? Take a photo in store (or out & about) & shop similar styles right here. 2. Build your own shop with my maxx matches by selecting the styles you love & we’ll create a custom closet just for you. Register for the T.J.Maxx App to create a mobile account (you can use your HomeGoods App account here as well). Use the store locator to find our family of stores near you.

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T.J.Maxx app reviews

  • TJMaxx needs someone on their staff with brains! 1/5

    By RuePerson
    I have a TJMaxx credit card and want to pay my bills using an app. I was told by Synchrony Bank to use the MySynchrony app. That app does not allow me to register my TJMaxx credit card. I spoke to TJMaxx and she said TJMaxx has an app but it cannot be used for bill payment. I then spoke to TJMaxx customer service and he started to tell me I could pay my bills on line. Hello? That’s what I’ve been doing and it is not at all convenient. Then I read the review above, about how the company app messes up the tracking of rewards points. This is totally frustrating . What’s with you TJMaxx?
  • Garbage credit card 1/5

    By Antonio's Pizza
    If you make a payment they often hold the money for up to two weeks. They say it’s for “your security” I don’t know how it’s a security risk to pay my credit card bills DO NOT GET THIS CARD
  • Awful app 1/5

    By bdusijjdosks
    I use it only because I pay my bill on it but anytime I try to shop the app it tells me access is denied to shop on the app yet it shows me departments to choose from to search. Sometimes it works but 99% of the time it does not! Please fix this issue
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By DLHBB59
    It took over an hour to attempt to link my card. Different usernames, passwords etc. still didn’t work after all of that time. This is a complicated and totally ineffective app. With all of the negative reviews- is anyone other than the app designers, paying attention to all of the bad reviews? Lost an hour from my life!
  • Worst app 1/5

    By hate publix anyway
    Thanks for the above review. I thought it was me. Argggh
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By frustrated maxxanista
    I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to log onto this app. I have even deleted my account and tried to reset and how many times I have reset my password. No matter what I do, I get an error message. I am so frustrated with this app. If I could give zero stars, I would.
  • App Is Nonsensical 1/5

    By EvaMarieville
    Please explain why you cannot remove items from your cart because a large "checkout now" button overlays the remove item option for sold out products. I deleted the app ages ago due to this ridiculous problem and it still is not fixed. Guess TJ Maxx simply doesn't care?!??
  • App not working 1/5

    By Arudhi
    Please make the app work first. Simple example - try changing password. Select forget password, enter email address, app confirms reset link set to your email. You will NEVER received the stated email…. Is it only me ??????
  • Please let me in! 1/5

    By Lizzo(:
    Out of the 17 reset password links EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. EXPIRED. Link after link will tell me to send another because it’s expired. I can’t get in my account. I want to use my rewards. Don’t bother with the app
  • There are glitches 1/5

    By Becmasta
    There are numerous algorithm glitches I’ve encountered and would love to let you know what to fix!
  • I keep hoping it will get better 1/5

    By Efarz
    But it doesn’t. It’s terrible. It can’t even link my card. I’m just going stick the the website because this app isn’t worth taking up space on my phone anymore
  • WORST APP 1/5

    By DRSDLS93
    Linking three sister companies took well over an hour of my time. EVERY TIME I access the T.J.MAXX app resetting my password is required because the app doesn’t recognize login information. Worse yet, click on emailed link sent to my email address allows for resetting, but then App again won’t recognize my updated login. So what’s up with accessing rewards from each retailer?? Rewards are not consistent across the app. Likely because the retailers want them hard to access and limits or eliminates customer usage of them. Terrible marketing. Terrible App, especially for such a large company.
  • They updated! Rewards show up 4/5

    By _.seraphina
    So glad they fixed the error with the app that made it tricky to access my rewards coupons!
  • Worst Ap Ever 1/5

    By sunshinecocktail
    Terrible Ap, doesn’t work right, can’t access, Terri lento navigate, had trouble signing up, have trouble using rewards. Don’t get this ap
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By LynnardNotHappy
    Half the time it shows $0 rewards when I know I have them. When I am able to view reward$ the cashier can’t see the csc code. I’ve even tried changing font size to minimum. Getting app to even work is spotty at best.
  • Rewards do not show 1/5

    By anonymous193857382
    I’ve had $20 in rewards but when I check the app it shows 0. I have to go to a certain website then log in and it shows my true rewards. Also the payment functions lag and are not user friendly. IT please update this app bc I love tj maxx but this app needs a remodel.
  • Terrible, works 10% of the time 1/5

    By valbar0582
    Awful. So aggravating. Always tells me my login is wrong, or some other error message. Can’t log in to pay my bill…never works the way it should. If I could give 1/2 star I would.
  • Terrible App 2/5

    By jmac622
    The app has always been frustrating, but since the last update, I can no longer access my rewards certificates. It shows the barcode but not the stupid CSC code (or certificate number) that is required at checkout. TJX in general is not keeping up with the times. Checking out at a store is always cumbersome; all your data-keeping could be much more streamlined.
  • Horrible app and no tech support 1/5

    By mcbernard66
    This is a large company that includes, tjmax, Marshall’s, HomeGoods etc…their online shopping app is the worst for a company this size. There’s no tech support either. I have called and complained more than a year ago and no improvement was made. I avoid shopping on line with the company. To make it worse, returning online purchases in the stores is also a night.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By nikinyc
    The app is not working,can’t see my rewards certificates.Useless app.
  • How can such a good store have such a bad app? 1/5

    By CapeCodShopper
    The TJX app is terrible. I have tried for years to get it synched with my credit card and rewards but it doesn’t work. The employees at the store have tried to help, but they give up and say we get lots of complaints. TJX is one of the most successful retailers today. With all their profits can’t they invest in a good developer to revamp the app so it works? How hard is it to get the rewards linked to the credit card account ? The small rewards are not worth the hassle. I had $80 in rewards but the app showed zero rewards. Done with this app!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By imakeitrain
    Doesn’t save my log in info. Difficult to stay signed in. Constantly glitches when trying to check out an online order. Won’t save current card info telling me my card is expired when it is not. Terrible horrible experience ordering online thru the app
  • terrible app 1/5

    By LuzPerry
    it is impossible to link my card with the app. The App is dreadful
  • 💕💕 2/5

    By Zeke1327
    I love Home Goods and TJ MAXX! I never leave the store empty handed.
  • Ap won’t allow successful checkout 1/5

    By Trusted Blogger
    Long time customer and TJ Maxx credit card holder UNTIL now. The past 3 months I’ve been unable to checkout via the ap or online. Contacted TJ support via phone and email without any resolution. So I’m done. Deleted ap and canceling CC. Very frustrated in continued experience and TJ is not worth all this frustration.
  • Awful App 2/5

    By RoniJ22
    Tj Maxx App constantly asks you to log in. Nuisance! Fix this. Marshalls hold the info. Why not TJ Maxx?
  • Horrible app !!!! 1/5

    By Carina dT.
    I usually understand that sometimes apps have problems but this one is the worst. Show me no rewards when I know I have them. Wrong due dates for my payments! Not able to open it many times. And so on!!!! Fix it!!!!! I can recommend the guy who makes my app! Please do something!!!!
  • Fix your app 1/5

    By stalzxo
    You guys just did an update yesterday and never fixed the problem with the rewards certificates. I have $30 dollars and it still says I have $0. I’m deleting the app since it is completely useless. Tech support commented on my last review and said “thank you for bringing this to our attention” and then there was an update to the app. I don’t know what the update was for but it didn’t fix anything.
  • Does not link my rewards 1/5

    By kk9489
    Even though I have $10 in rewards it shows zero in the app and my rewards is linked in the app. I’m not sure I understand how you’re supposed to use your rewards online when they don’t even show in your T.J.Maxx app.
  • Absolute trash app 1/5

    By geologyovenmitts
    No way to access your rewards. It’s been like this for years. Fix your app
  • Boooo Terrible App 1/5

    By Bubster 227
    Unfortunately, I have to agree with all of the other reviewers. I’ve had this app for years and still cannot get my simple reward certificates to show up on here. Even after getting an email saying “look at everything our app can do, you can even access your reward certificates!” Mine have never showed up on there and I can’t figure out a way to manually do it. Ugh so frustrating.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By MariposaSays
    Don’t even bother with this app. It glitches ALL THE TIME. You CANNOT search for items on here, the screen will show up blank. Often, you can’t even access the menu to look at categories and when you do…it’s blank. Try ordering through the app. You’ll check out only to receive an email that says your order was canceled. For no reason. This has happened time and time again. If I could rate the app ZERO stars, I would. Complete junk. Get with the program TJMaxx! It’s 2022!!!! You should have a functional app.
  • Security code 4/5

    By Luv2shop70$
    Can you make the security code larger for us older people! lol Luv2shop70$

    By kewma
    “Today’s arrivals” is missing on app again!!! Please add it back! Thank you
  • Garbage 👎🤯🤯🤯🤯 1/5

    By Nickname ниче тк
  • crashing 1/5

    By 🥔🍠🥐🥯🍞
    app will not open i have tried deleting and reinstalling and turning off my phone but it won’t open.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Coachr02
    Tried numerous times to pull up app to no avail! I’m sick of this and will delete it! It will not pull up. Says the email or password is incorrect. You have an email sent to you only to come back and get the SAME MESSAGE! Ugh
  • App pop up 4/5

    By Kellyandlarry
    New app checkout pop up blocks me from editing my cart.
  • Worst app I’ve ever used 1/5

    By Ex Avid PhotoGrid user
    Considering this is a major retailer, you would think their app would work. I have tried over 20 times to log into the app, including resetting the password several times doing it over the phone with customer service. Nothing works. Every time I go to login it says needs a password reset but then I click it and it never sent me the email to reset my password. This makes me not want to use this card at all.
  • The bank and the app don’t talk 1/5

    By 3259867
    It is very painful using this app. And the phone system is worse.
  • Why won’t this app ever work??? 1/5

    By Cbart6
    Try and try as I may, you just get nothing when you press shop. I guess they don’t want you to shop on this app.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By FlamingoCupcake
    The app and associated TJM sites are horrible!! Passwords don’t work, user names aren’t recognized! This is 2022! Get it together!
  • Very un-user friendly 1/5

    By The G-nator
    This app signs you out frequently and even upon updating passwords it says you have the incorrect password even though I can log in with it online. The connection with my rewards account is terrible as well often showing zero rewards even though I have an email with my rewards code. Causes a ton of frustration when in-store shopping so I usually take a snapshot of my reward from my email so it can be scanned at checkout. Worst shopping app I have.
  • Still a crappy App 1/5

    By Good1981game
    Tried to search Ugg and it literally said some brands can’t be searched for. What is this app used for if not shopping?
  • Love developer replies 1/5

    By Livelylibra
    They add icing to the cake of how utterly useless it is to use the app link the card or do anything basically. BUT that automated reply adds insult to injury. Honestly makes me not even want to shop there. Getting a genuine sense of don’t really honestly care about customer. We are all fluff and zero function.
  • Worst App 1/5

    By 315mc
    Time to close my account. This is the most ineffective app I’ve come across. Rewards are never available or accessible. How hard is it to access my rewards at the cash register when making my purchases. Every other reward card I gave does that. If no improvements made, then bye bye TJX card.
  • Password reset not working 1/5

    By Gypsyvlogger
    I would so appreciate this issue being addressed <3. I have attempted multiple times to reset password. Called customer service. Deleted app twice and re-installed per their suggestion. Nothing is working. App is unusable for me.
  • Nothing worth downloading 1/5

    By dreaming2day
    I have downloaded this app several times over the years, never keep more than after first try, it is pitiful! Shopping page? No! Ut is a useless app that is a waste of time. I assume they just want your personal profile.
  • I’m standing in line. 1/5

    By Okcanade
    I’m standing in line, a long line. Trying to get this app to come up with my rewards point. It says I have $26.51, but when I try to bring them up they want my finger print. I give my phone my finger print and it goes to a blank screen then the whole app crashes. Luckily I printed out my coupons, but left them on the car. So now I got my printed coupons and now I’m back in the lobby no line again. Grrr fix this!!