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  • Current Version: 9.8
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  • Compatibility: Android
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T.J.Maxx App

Thanks for downloading the T.J.Maxx App. You can shop amazing styles & savings anywhere, anytime! Explore our enhanced TJX Rewards experience! Now it’s easier than ever to access your earned Rewards Certificates digitally, manage your TJX Rewards credit card account on-the-go, and redeem your rewards in-store. Discover two exciting ways to shop our vast selection and newest arrivals: 1. Use our visual search tool “the maxx lens” to search in a snap. See something you like? Take a photo in store (or out & about) & shop similar styles right here. 2. Build your own shop with my maxx matches by selecting the styles you love & we’ll create a custom closet just for you. Register for the T.J.Maxx App to create a mobile account (you can use your HomeGoods App account here as well). Use the store locator to find our family of stores near you.

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T.J.Maxx app reviews

  • Worst App ever! 1/5

    By thetallred1
    Not user friendly at all. Sends you round and round to continually sign in. So much so thinking about closing my card account. Paying your bill shouldn’t be so difficult. Anytime it updates it clears saved sign in info and thumbprint never works. Worst waste of time!
  • App is essentially useless 1/5

    By Whit_Wanderer23
    Any option you pick, the page goes blank. Can’t see anything to shop. Rather just shop in person.
  • Online shopping 1/5

    By cgfyuuibb
    When I go into my app and hit shopping nothing comes up? Can’t type in candle and it just shows blank screen?
  • Another customer unable to sync rewards 1/5

    By Amzintx
    Rewards will not load/show on app even though my card is linked. Have uninstalled and reinstalled. They can learn from the Kohl’s app that always syncs automatically. TJX raking in the money and putting the customer last.
  • Terrible App! 1/5

    By Sara ham
    The app doesn’t open.
  • Doesn’t Work at ALL 1/5

    By Etyka
    Won’t even let me log in. You need to fix this if you’re going to tell customers the only way for them to use rewards is through the app. What's the point of even having rewards if I can't use them. PLEASE FIX ASAP
  • Useless 1/5

    By susanrm
    The only thing I have used these apps for is easy access to my digital rewards certificates. The certificates have stopped syncing to both apps maybe as much as a year ago. I can still access them on the website, but they won’t download to the app, and there is no way to manually add them anymore. They say if you have trouble to call customer service, but their hours are the same as my working hours, so there is no way to do that either, or to email or chat to the company. Save your time and effort and just go on the browser.
  • Does Not work with TJX Card 1/5

    By Ms_f_5
    This app makes it impossible to link your TJX Rewards card and access your points on your phone. Not sure why, but my login info that I use to pay my online bills will not work. I’m forced to print all my reward certificates, which feels so backwards. It’s like they’re actively trying to prevent cardholders from using their rewards. Feels like a scam.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By BOS90903
    After entering my information 5 times I gave up. It continued to say my email was invalid and to consent to electronic communication, however, there was nothing to click on.
  • Can’t find rewards 1/5

    By senior women
    I spent over 2 hours trying to locate my rewards. I downloaded both marshals and tjx apps and tried to link them like they said. I think I’ve lost rewards because how difficult it is to locate them. Not happy think I will stop using their card and use other card.
  • Can’t access rewards through app 1/5

    By INeedItFixed!!
    I haven’t been able to access my rewards certificates through this app for months. They really need to fix that.
  • Rewards Not Showing in App 1/5

    By Derek_F1Fan
    It’s been months and the app still doesn’t show my rewards that I can see when I’m my account on a desktop. Get this fixed!!!
  • Reset password is on loop 1/5

    By kerarapon princess
    Horrible app user experience. Trying to reset my account details and I’m stuck on a loop. Definitely needs improvement.
  • The worst app! 1/5

    By KDski23
    Extremely frustrating to use!! This app does not work!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Tassall
    Website won’t let me sign-in, app won’t even load items. See how many frustrated reviews are on here, and how long ago. It’s quite ridiculous.
  • Most inconsistent and frustrating shopping app 1/5

    By Nastuhanka
    I love this app for the shopping, but hate the experience. Bugs all over this app and errors constantly. Can’t find the functions I need, nor do accounts link when they need too. Please fix this app, TJ Maxx.
  • Awful app 1/5

    By nicknametaken5656565
    Cannot get it to link my card so I can review my rewards or account information. I’ve been trying for the past two days, I give up on this app. Fix the backend.
  • Used to work 1/5

    By jaleisk
    This app used to work great. Now I can’t log in even though my user ID and password works on the computer. App keeps saying user ID and PW aren’t recognized. Can’t reset PW either. Get it working!
  • Same issue as everyone else 1/5

    By Gracie48
    So my issue is the same as pretty much everyone writing a review. Unable to log in; unable to update my password; unrecognized password. This has been a complaint for several years from what I am reading. I really want to use the app for track my reward points, but unable to log in. I think we would all appreciate someone fixing this issue.
  • Very buggy, login works on web and not in app 1/5

    By Mg2017___
    Wanted to love this app, was excited that I could actually buy within the app and not just browse, but wow it is so buggy. App did work for several months, was clunky and not the best browsing experience, often had to login again and start over in the middle of searches, etc. Now I can’t even login at all. My login works on web, app is fully up to date, but app login page just spins. The app is now useless if I can’t login to actually order and save favorites.
  • User name and password error messages!!!! 1/5

    By mbossym
    I’ve repeatedly reset my password this app is clearly full of bugs and issues. Not helpful don’t waste time downloading. Frustrating once you login the app should allow you to link your credit card account but keeps throwing error messages about passwords not matching even after resetting this was a complete waste of time.
  • Problem 1/5

    By rosgar9
    Oops! We've got errors: There was an error while attempting to add the item to the order
  • Useless 1/5

    By Scakmk
    As all other users say, this is the worst app. The reason I downloaded it is to be able to access my rewards points and use them in stores since they don’t mail them anymore. Well, my balance says 0 (zero) even though I have plenty. I can see them on a desktop but they don’t upload on the app! Worse is their customer service, they have no idea whatsoever when you call, and they keep telling you to call the store and the bank back and forth saying it’s not their fault. After ten phone calls I asked to talk to a higher person and they told me to “just” print them from the desktop and bring them to the store?? It’s a well known issue and they don’t fix it. They just don’t want customers to use the rewards, many people don’t even realize they have them as they show as zero in the app, and not every one owns a printer and a desktop. This is called robbing.
  • No able to check my rewards on the app 1/5

    It shows that I have 0. The worst here is that there are more bad reviews with the same issue from more than one year ago... but the problem is this still happening... looks like nobody on the costumer service or app development cares.
  • Rewards issues 1/5

    By NiYo4808
    If you have a replacement card for any reason the app will not carry over your rewards which leaves you in a panic. Customer service will also tell you that the app has problems and you cannot view your rewards. You have to go to the actually website and print out your rewards which is so old school. The app is only useful to pay your bill.
  • Can’t Log In 1/5

    By SapphireHearts
    I have verified my username and password and still can’t login through the app. This app is useless pretty much.
  • App does not work. 1/5

    By BB11781
    App does not work. I can log in but can’t link my card with my log in and get an error code 101. I can’t see my rewards and can’t pay my bill with this issue. I have deleted the app and re uploaded the app and I still continue to have this problem. Highly irritating
  • Cannot sync rewards to mobile app 1/5

    By Update removed remote
    Per customer service there is a known issue of syncing your TJ Maxx rewards into your mobile app. There is no estimated time fix, and it’s been A known issue for over six months with noSchedule to fix. The workaround solution is to use TJ Maxx is regular website.
  • Useless App 1/5

    By Pinkskittlez
    This app is not good for anything. I have my card linked to it, but no matter what I do, the app says I have $0 rewards when I have at least $50, so I have to open my email and scroll, scroll, scroll until I find one of the emails I got with the reward and have the cashier scan that. The only reason I got the app is because they keep sending me emails about how great it is because I can redeem my rewards certificates with the app. Lies. It was just taking up space on my phone, so I deleted it. Completely worthless.
  • Crummy! 1/5

    By jill.777.!!!
    This app never works! Won’t pull up anything. I have to go internet to see or order anything
  • Silkeborg08 5/5

    By Silkeborgo8
    I love T.J.Maxx it brings such value! They could work on the computer website! But I love everything!!
  • Can not view rewards on the app 1/5

    By LauerMelvin
    I can not see or use my rewards on my mobile app. What is the purpose of the mobile app . I see them when I log into my account. I was instructed to enter them manually and there is no option to do this. The instructions on the app say it’s at the bottom of the screen. No option to do this. I tried to pay by using the mobile app, the cashier had no idea how to do this. I had to physically get the card out and use it. What is the purpose of the mobile app? No help via chat either.
  • Can’t link rewards 1/5

    By geologyovenmitts
    What’s the point. It won’t let me link rewards. Just says the email is waiting for me. It’s not. There’s no work around. The desktop version lets me link my card - but honestly just take the app down. Do better.
  • After 2yrs and they STILL haven’t fixed this app?? 1/5

    By Cpearson_realestate
    I just opened an acct and the lady told me to download this STUPID app to pay my bill- what she didn’t tell me was that this app NEVER works! Trying to set up your account will leave you frustrated, annoyed and deleting the app!!!! I read the reviews from 2 YEARS AGO and still no change???? The owners of these brands should be embarrassed! How can you have a brand like TJ MAXX/ Marshall’s/Homegoods and offer an app to represent your brand like this- TRASH!!! Deleted app & will probably be closing this acct if there’s no other way to pay the bill.
  • Needs a lot of improvement 1/5

    By Tuc05597
    The app isn’t synced with the desktop website. There’s different login credentials for the desktop and the app?? I can’t even look at my credit card acct and pay the bill properly on the app.. I have to do everything on the website
  • Bad app 1/5

    By wolf07837
    You can’t pay credit card bill, when you log in, it sends you to a whole different app, navigating is horrible.
  • This App is GARBAGE 1/5

    By fudhbfb
    My rewards never show up, it constantly logs me out, and when I try to log back in it tells me my password is wrong. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling and it does nothing. All this app is good for is just taking up storage space on my phone. Honestly, it’s better to go to TJMaxx.com and do all browsing/ordering from there.
  • Rewards 3/5

    By tjm no name
    App no longer has the capability to upload rewards
  • can't shop online on app 4/5

    By TttFisher
    Every time i go to shop online from app, just blank screen ! hope Tjx fix this problem soon
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Mac612
    The worst I’ve ever used! No access to account information, no access to rewards, really what’s the point of this app?!?
  • App is garbage 1/5

    By Level 50 dont work
    I can't even log in.
  • UX needs serious work 2/5

    By TLV0228
    not intuitive, requires re-login when you are using the app, overall needs work and is frustrating to use.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Esmeralda eyes
    Since Downloading the app I have yet to see anything else other than the words T.J.MAXX before the app closing. Please fix this.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Spellbound661
    Slowest, most frustrating app ever. Get with the program!!!’n
  • 😡 1/5

    By susyduranAlmonte
    I was offended because the cashier wanted to give me a membership card and the Manajer saw that it was my identity card, a consular registration number, he did not want to give me the discount just for being Mexican but if I accept my money they are racists. and they don't deserve us to spend our money in stores like that. for my part I never return to this store
  • App is terrible - don’t get their CC either 1/5

    By Parisnutt
    You have to link their CC to the shopping app for the rewards certificates to populate and then they don’t show up anyway. Useless. Easier to print them and bring them in. I also had a phone number show up (not mine) during a 2-step authentication process and when I called to report it, 2 different people kept insisting I could manage the phone numbers through the web. They didn’t seem to grasp I was trying to report potential fraud. I regret getting this card. The low return certificates aren’t worth the hassle of this CC and app system.
  • App 2/5

    By Steph.tica
    the worst app ever, slow and lose searches 😒
  • Rewards won’t show 2/5

    By Moog McDroog
    I wasn’t getting any rewards certificates which I thought was strange. So I went online and I had $30 in rewards that were not showing in the app. I tried to uninstall and re-download and they still didn’t show up.
  • Needs Lots of Improvement 2/5

    By MoreScooter
    I love shopping at TJ Maxx. I like having an app handy on my phone. However this is the worst app I have. I’ve struggled to get logged in for months. A “forgot password” to my email never showed up. I finally got through on the website vs the App. I was hoping I could now log into the app. Nope. The website asks for User Name and P/W (it works). The app asks for email/password ( does not work). I even updated my email online. Looks like I’ll continue to print my reward certificates. Ugh!