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T-Mobile DIGITS App

T-Mobile customers can use DIGITS to access their mobile number from most internet connected devices. • Make or receive calls and messages on any iOS 10 device or later • Make or receive calls and messages on any iOS 10 device or later • Send or receive text messages • Video calling using telecom industry standards • Supports Universal Profile 1.0 messaging features • Use up to 5 DIGITS lines at any time • Turn ON and OFF your DIGITS lines at any time

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T-Mobile DIGITS app reviews

  • Would rate 5 but 1/5

    By Bangheart
    Would rate 5 five stars ⭐️ but they will not allow me to use Face ID on my iPhone 11
  • Does not recognize eSIM in iPhone 11 Pro 1/5

    By houtze
    Does not recognize eSIM in IPhone 11 Pro: forces sign out immediately after signing in. But if you have an iPhone 11 Pro, you can convert your primary number to eSIM, and physically plug your secondary SIM into the phone. If you want a virtual phone, just get Google Voice, and pay for a number.
  • Never works 1/5

    By eddit.123.123
    Why T-mobile releases this joke? It does not even work!
  • Font size 3/5

    By Krsdj1
    I have trouble seeing small text I wish there was a way to make the font larger besides that works good
  • Not Reliable 1/5

    By jlec93
    I constantly have to delete and re-install this app to receive calls. After a while, I’ll only get a notification that a voicemail was left. But, no notification about the call. This issue has been going on since I got the app in 2017. T-Mobile needs to make some serious dev investment in this app. It’s not a good representation of the brand.
  • Why not support apple watch? 4/5

    By Andy.Y13
    Would love this app if it can run on Apple watch as well.
  • Stop turning my line off 1/5

    By leavingmyreview
    The app turns off my linked line almost every day and I have to log out and back in completely in order to get it to work again. Why is there a line on/off toggle if I can’t use it?
  • Pls fix the app 1/5

    By suckmyfkinballsyoufearfulfakez
    I’ve had this app for a while now been using it mainly so that I can have a business line in my digits and still have my personal number on my iPhone. However as of late I’ve been having troubles and not been receiving any text messages on my secondary number/line on the the digits app. Although if I switch on my personal number, I receive all the same messages I have in iMessage. It’s very frustrating to not be able to receive messages.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By jboehm78
    This hasn’t worked in weeks, I am paying for this service and haven’t been able to log in for 2 1/2 weeks now. Constant calls to customer support, I’m completely over this. Also can not receive texts from banks or short digit messages.
  • Needs Work 3/5

    By justMW
    I use it for business, it crashes too often & then sometimes deletes my old messages from weeks ago. FIX THE BUGS! Please add DARK MODE for iOS 13 and iPadOS. Also add ability to forward texts to another number or email as a backup. Thanks!
  • Almost unusable 1/5

    By Aaaaasadjsudbdjsopaohsh
    I’ve never reviewed anything in my life. This app is terrible, I switched to it in order to have my business and personal lines on the same phone. It never works, and correcting issues to get it back up is a frustrating process. Honestly, given the ability of modern technology, I almost have to believe t mobile had to try to make the app as bad as it is. It borders false advertising for them to claim that the app does anything because most of the time it just simply does nothing. Do not switch to this app!!!!!!
  • Just turns off and won’t turn back on . 1/5

    By veagschamp
    You really need to get it to send me a message when it disconnects . So flustered that it just turns off makes it hard to run a business! Having to uninstall and install app and calling for help !!
  • Digits App 1/5

    By CJM - in PA
    This App is absolute garbage. It is totally unreliable. I’ve had it for almost two years and the improvements have been zero. If TMobile tries to sell you on Digits as a way to have two lines using one device - it doesn’t work.
  • Syncing 1/5

    By Delly_
    Message synchronization is broken. I have to manually refresh the app several times for my messages to come through. To no avail I’ve also tried both data and network settings for connectivity. Unacceptable. 1 star because the app actually opens.
  • Fast log in 1/5

    By Lamema
    Update: just found out on the second day of using that the connection is not reliable. Using for my business line, and sometimes it didn’t even ring. App is okay. Need a lot of steadability improvement and more. The most annoying thing for me is the log in part. I have to put in password and answer security questions everytime. Why can’t I just scan my finger print to log in?
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Ryan Ben
    This app is great. I like T-Mobile. This app made my iPad and my other devices able to send texts and make phone calls without even having a sim in it. This makes T-mobile the best carrier!
  • Constantly signs out 1/5

    By Electronic92
    This app is constantly saying me out and making me log back in once I log in it crashes and I have to start the process all over again very annoying
  • Another update and more problems 1/5

    By Techi165
    Update 10/23/19: Using v 2.2.0. Still full of bugs. Different problems all the time. Now it’s logging me off randomly. The developer (T-Mobile) has asked me to send an email to them telling them about the problems. There are too many and too random to list! To developer: How about you guys put the app on an iPhone and use it for a week or 2 then you will understand why there are so many negative reviews here!! PLEASE FIX! Update 08/15/19: Using v 2.2.0 still extremely buggy and unreliable. Drops calls most of the time ... deleted the and reinstalled it ... still the same. PLEASE FIX! Update 02/20/19: Using v 2.0.16. Still very buggy. Now it is not deleting voice messages and Old deleted voice messages re-appear. Update 09/26/18: App has been updated. It has a new look, new UI but still full of bugs. I have been using the app for couple of month now and all I can say is that it’s extremely unreliable. With every update, some features work and some stop working. It’s very buggy and needs fixing. Right now I can make call but incoming calls don’t ring but they do show up in my ‘Recent’ log. Also, sometimes when entering numbers to make a call, the numbers just disappear and you need to enter them again. PLEASE FIX!
  • Has cost my business serious money 1/5

    By Penniwyse
    The app randomly deselects the phone number for my business. No warning or noticeable pattern. Customer service is of no help. They suggested I BUY ANOTHER PHONE SO THEIR PHONE NUMBER WILL WORK.
  • iOS 13 1/5

    By ifonguru
    Would love for this to be optimized for iOS 13 to have dark mode on dial pad and messaging
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Fractalzend
    No push notices Can’t make calls Can’t make texts Randomly logs out.
  • Useless on iOS 1/5

    By bvzxa
    I use the app on my iPhone and on my Galaxy S8+. It runs better on android so much so my S8 is only connected to WiFi and it does a much better job of updating texts and information on the spot. The app seems to take nose dive on iOS the more they “fix” problems.
  • Doesn’t work as advertised 1/5

    By Maniac Son
    The app doesn’t work. I have missed business text and phone calls from customers wanting my services. This has happened several times and I only figure it out when it’s too late. I have deleted and reinstalled that app 3 or 4 times and when I do all of a sudden I have several month old voicemails or texts.
  • It doesn’t work at all. 1/5

    By Juninho1234
    Line acrivation doesn’t work. You can try to activate 1000 times, every time a sms is received saying the logon was successful but no activation. It could be a very useful service if it work someday in the future.
  • Good idea but lags 1/5

    By Mezenkima
    I like that you can have this option of two “SIMS” but honestly, this app is so laggy and glitches. It’s like you’re using a web page to text and call. Doesn’t feel solid at all. I wanna see an update please!
  • App that never works 1/5

    By Nilesh202
    Fix asap
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By tri11111
    negative 0 & I’m still paying for the services hoping it will eventually do its job
  • Terrible 1/5

    By smljones
    Terrible. Don’t waste your money and just get a free Google Voice number. Have to constantly delete and re-download the app because either calls won’t go through, they drop once connected or I never receive texts clients say they sent me.
  • Really bad 1/5

    By Vch30
    This app keeps failing to send messages, I am tired of having to delete it and reinstalling it again. Come on Tmobile, a 3rd party phone app works better.
  • Brilliant idea! 5/5

    By Grace 晓彤
    I used to carry multiple phones, one for personal use, one for work, 3rd for my own stuffs on the side. This DIGITS is such a brilliant idea! It saves me all the headache of handling multiple devices. Each number got a separate tag, and I can also choose which number I want the call or message from. Really considerate design and easy to use. Thanks!
  • Hit or Miss 1/5

    By Kd93203
    At first I thought it was a great concept, but then I noticed I’m only getting a few texts messages, about 20% of them. I found it pointless.
  • This app is not working!!! 2/5

    By nickladoma
    I've been trying to activate my number through this app for 3 days already and nothing works!!! After all the security questions it takes forever to load a page then always end up by being kicked out! I'm gonna cancel that line soon! Waste of time and money! This app is not working!!!!! So lame!
  • There’s some issues 2/5

    By ENickel09
    There’s no way to block a number on Digits line. I could block it on my main phone line, but the call goes automatically to voicemail on Digits instead of blocking all together like on my main. Unable to receive text messages from automated numbers. That even includes if T-Mobile tries to text me.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Pecanbarbie
    I hate this app... It automatically signs you out you’re totally unaware of it. I’ve missed numerous of call relying on this app!!
  • Worst thing ever 1/5

    By MrJackAllen
    Plan to dump T-Mobile in the best few days. Over priced garbage service, Avoid!
  • Constantly Bad 1/5

    By sickofremembering
    You cannot rely on this app for a second number. Don’t let them charge you.
  • Just give up 1/5

    By whatonearth2019
    DIGITS support lines are always 60+ minute waits. Probably just need to end this app as it’s full of issues and bugs. What’s the point?!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By ExcitedTower
    Way to go T-mobile. Offer a service and have a horrible app that you have to use to get the service. Tempted to just get a second phone.. This app does not show your messages nor does it show notifications. I am only able to send and receive messages if I use cell mode and not data mode. This app make the service that you pay for horrible.. I've had the app for a week maybe 2.
  • Promising app...but conflicts with eSIM on standby 2/5

    By Ray W Android
    The idea of sharing your T-Mobile number with multiple devices is awesome, but it sadly falls flat in various ways especially on iOS when it comes to eSIMs. If you have an eSIM “turned off” on the device, the DIGITS app will constantly kick you out saying “Sim removes. Please signout” over and over and over again until you delete the eSIM or reactivate it and re sign into the app.
  • Always getting worse it seems 1/5

    By Grymtyrant
    Can’t even login anymore. Correct logins I assure you. Takes several minutes of loading and then it just says something went wrong. Simply just unacceptable at this point. I still cannot login to the app. I enter the one time pin and the app just sits at loading for mins and then errors out. Need to fix ASAP.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By BrandonMarines
    I have to consistently delete the app because it will end up calling from my primary number. Then I consistently have to switch out sims for my work number. Not reliable at all. It’s always a gamble. Wish iPhones had dual chip. My job pays for my work cell but it’s directly from there account so I can’t use the e-sim feature. So I’m stuck with 3 options either have 2 phones, consistently switch sims, or using this gamble of an app. Please make the update!!!
  • A waste of time 1/5

    By byuuuvvyuuiibbggy
    Don’t bother. There’s nothing here. Certainly do not pay for any service associated with this app. Horrible.
  • Pitiful at best 1/5

    By Ryan Lehr
    Upon upgrading to an iPhone 11pro I’ve not been able to successfully log-into Digits. I’ve spent countless hours on the phone with support and they’re all in agreement that something is preventing the app from working on iOS 13.1. I asked if we could transition the line to an e-sim line on my iPhone 11pro, they were unwilling allow an extra line on my account (I’m maxed out at 5). I find it highly unacceptable that no amicable solution can be made since it’s an issue with the app and I rely on that line for my answering service. Way to go T-Mobile for no support whatsoever!!!
  • Does not work with eSIM 1/5

    By ewratho
    When I try to use the app with an eSIM, after I log in, an alert pops up stating SIM removed and only gives the option to sign out. Once signed out, I cannot log in again without uninstalling and reinstalling the app.
  • Deeply unreliable 1/5

    By E Whipple
    Different devices show different history for calls, texts, and voicemail. Texts sent from my phone may or may not appear in the Digits app. Sometimes Digits switches my line to "unavailable" on its own, and if I try to turn it back on, the app "says please wait, client initializing" for several minutes. I can't count on Digits for any use at all.
  • Needs a lot of help! 1/5

    By revieweratomik
    I wanted to really like this app. The concept was great. The execution, not so great. I got this specifically for a business line and was sold on the convenience of not having to carry another phone. It looks like I’m going to have to purchase another device as this app is not reliable. It would be great to have their engineers work on a better app. Spent a little more of that money on app development rather than adding it more to the marketing department. It’s the current customers that feed the business, and not just new acquisitions.
  • Not reliable 1/5

    By Soldier mom 631
    I got this app on my tablet so I would be able to not miss text messages when my young child had my phone. Sometimes the text would go through and some times it wouldn’t. I miss text messages all the time and had people get really mad thinking I was ignoring them. Good concept but unreliable.
  • Crashes when you open app 1/5

    By Alvin in NYC
    App worked well prior to latest update on iPad Pro 10.5. After new update it crashes immediately on startup. Edit- currently updated to iOS 13 and buggy. App won’t let me log in and crashes afterwards.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By marcuss39
    Can you PLEASE make this app COMPATIBLE with IOS because it works terribly on my iPhone, the message will stay on sending mode forever and 90% of the time it will fail sending the message, just terrible...

T-Mobile DIGITS app comments

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