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T-Mobile DIGITS App

T-Mobile customers can use DIGITS to access their mobile number from most internet connected devices. • Make or receive calls and messages on any iOS 10 device or later • Make or receive calls and messages on any iOS 10 device or later • Send or receive text messages • Video calling using telecom industry standards • Supports Universal Profile 1.0 messaging features • Use up to 5 DIGITS lines at any time • Turn ON and OFF your DIGITS lines at any time

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T-Mobile DIGITS app reviews

  • Just don’t 1/5

    By WouldnetmeusemynameDick
    Completely unreliable, all the time
  • Total garbage 1/5

    By Irbster
    The app simply just doesn’t even work. Texts rarely go through, which is the main reason I have the app in the first place.
  • Brilliant idea 5/5

    By QueenMally
    Perfect app for small business owner like me. I love it. Can keep my personal and business contacts seperate
  • Useless 1/5

    By Duke Tampa
    What are you doing, I can not activate my one and only line. T moron does not test this app. If I can do no star I will.
  • Terrible 2/5

    By marcuss39
    Text stay in “sending” mode forever and 80% of the time it fails to send
  • They Try 2/5

    By Mattg418
    I use this app for answering business calls on my personal phone. It worked very well initially. But recently in one of their updates it started dropping the calls about 15-30 seconds into every single call. Very embarrassing when dealing with costumers. I can’t speak on behalf of texting as we do it very minimally not problems there though. Checking voicemails also works as it should. But the main function of it being used to answer calls on another phone is a failure and we do not use it anymore. We use the data mode so that we can differentiate and set a different ringtone on our personal phones because you can’t do that being set on the regular phone setting. Hopefully the fix that soon so we can keep utilizing the app to be able to answer the phone on our personal phones. Great idea of an app though, all in all.!
  • HATE IT 1/5

    By KappaMu1975
    This app is not functional. I never receive calls and if received, the calls drop. The app is disgusting!!
  • Still Crap! 1/5

    By Cer107
    Expensive, installation process is buggy, and needs to by tied to your main TMobile account for billing(makes it hard to dispute bad service for credit)
  • Another update and more problems 1/5

    By Techi165
    Update 08/15/18: Using v 2.2.0 still extremely buggy and unreliable. Drops calls most of the time ... deleted the and reinstalled it ... still the same. PLEASE FIX! Update 02/20/19: Using v 2.0.16. Still very buggy. Now it is not deleting voice messages and Old deleted voice messages re-appear. Update 09/26/18: App has been updated. It has a new look, new UI but still full of bugs. I have been using the app for couple of month now and all I can say is that it’s extremely unreliable. With every update, some features work and some stop working. It’s very buggy and needs fixing. Right now I can make call but incoming calls don’t ring but they do show up in my ‘Recent’ log. Also, sometimes when entering numbers to make a call, the numbers just disappear and you need to enter them again. PLEASE FIX!
  • Not working 1/5

    By Nasty Chino
    This app simply isn’t working, it wouldn’t let me log on from my phone, tablet, iPad, laptop, Xbox 1, ps 4 or any technology you can possibly think of.
  • New update 1/5

    By pnwdweller
    I am having more trouble now with calls than I was prior to change?!
  • Have to log off and log on constantly 1/5

    By jon012
    Since its just a fancy call forwarding system, i dont get why the app needs to be on to get incoming. Constantly have to sign out and sign in just to get it working. App doesnt work 1/2 the time. Google voice works a lot better and i can get sms verification text
  • Getting worst by the update 1/5

    By l.pedro
    Now I have zero visibility to 3 lines that I have no physical phone for. Keeps telling me client initializing. Whoever owns this product at TMob: this job is not for you. Bye
  • Worse than awful 1/5

    By Lacy03
    This app is super awful, it only works right MAYBE 50% of the time. Don’t waste your time even trying it out. When you use this for business you NEED it to be reliable and unfortunately it is just a nightmare. We put up with it for waaaaaay to long hoping that it would get better.
  • Needs real investment 2/5

    By Samsungdan
    This is a critical app and a major reason I chose and stay with T-mobile. I understand from one of the T-Mobile Engineers that there is finally a thought to invest real resources in making this a great app which is really promising. I am glad to hear that because I was worried they would abandon it which would cause myself and many others to leave T-Mobile. Having said all that the iOS app continues to be plagued with problems especially on the text messaging side. For a time I could not input the phone numbers to send a text message ... the app would just crash. Responding to texts worked fine. That problem was apparently fixed with an update. Everything seemed to be working ok, but after some recent update I can no longer send text messages to any international numbers ....it just returns a “failed” result. Domestic works fine and I can receive all texts, and I can receive all texts from anywhere ... but not reply internationally! This seems specific to the iOS app as it works fine from my desktop Digits app. I suspect this issue will get fixed ... but have no idea when the next app update will roll out. Frustrating. Hopefully T-Mobile will get this Digits App which I view as a vital offering, sorted. Hope to update the review then. This should be a 5star app.
  • Better on Android 1/5

    By Karkamo1
    Worse than the Android version. Calls drop when on speaker. Calls don’t go through. It’s not the WiFi signal or the LTE, it’s this app. Having a hard time staying on a call and an even harder time making them. This app is garbage on the iPhone.
  • Worst app I’ve ever used 1/5

    By alaynaaaa
    The most unreliable claiming to be the best solution. I’m so upset T Mobile sold me this solution. It’s enough to make me switch providers. Shame on these exploitative people.
  • Alzheimer’s App 1/5

    By ginswizzle
    So unreliable it’s almost unusable. Can’t send or receive messages most of the time. Frequently forgets which line it’s connected to, and the settings screen doesn’t respond to attempts to re-connect it to a line. Uninstalling and reinstalling will temporarily solve the problem, but after a few days or the next app update it will be broken again. All this makes it even more egregious there’s no online backup of messages or calls.
  • Never works well enough to rely on 1/5

    By Yobyot
    Instead of real multi SIM capabilities, we’re forced to use this. Ok, but it should at least be reliable. And it isn’t.
  • No support in chat 1/5

    By Andreasinusa
    If you have an problem or question, don’t even thinking about wasting your time to “chat” with a support person. The first time, the chat had no outcome in form of help, but it took over 3 hours, to get that information. Always waiting for 15 -20 min for a answer , which doesn’t help or was a question instead. Now, I ask for help again on Digit chatting, and the first thing I received was: “Thanks! Please tap the image below to securely log in to your T-Mobile account - this helps us better assist you: and a picture to verify my number. The next was : “We'll be with you just as soon as we can!”. And this is now 22minutes ago and i am still waiting. Meanwhile, I thought I wright this review to keep you informed. And I will keep informing everyone, since that is not the end of t-mobiles extreme low support. Keep reading my reviews, I always tell the truth, since it is also my right as American in America (1st amendment). Thank you
  • Can’t even login 1/5

    By ntckjn22
    This update is terrible. They kicked me out, and now I can’t even log back in. It always shows loading for the past 2 hours!
  • Loading... 1/5

    By radmanrocks
    ... forever after entering the login info and security questions. Never actually gets past that screen. Works great on Android version. Verizon iPhone not so much.
  • Two years and still trash 1/5

    By Arrilina
    I’ve had the app for two years, and it STILL seems like a beta version. It logs me out randomly, and when there’s an update available, it logs me out until I update the app. I have had to delete and reinstall the app multiple times. Friends and family send text messages that I don’t get until days later, and even when I’m on WiFi my calls don’t go through sometimes. I love T-Mobile otherwise and plan on biting the bullet and getting another phone and line.
  • Nice idea poorly executed 1/5

    By BTC253
    I’ve used this app since it was in beta, with very mixed results. At the moment, it stalls on “loading,” an issue not cured by trying multiple WiFi networks and device restarts. Until they get this thing working reliably, it is simply not ready for daily use.
  • Why is staying logged in difficult?? 1/5

    By dd.fm
    No matter how many times I use or update this app the concept of logging in is apparently difficult for TMobile. It doesn't stay logged in if I don't use it for a few days even though this is the app that's supposed to tell me I'm getting messages and calls. Now when I try to log in with security questions it stays on loading forever. Why is login difficult guys???
  • Love Hate Relationship 2/5

    By KyleKobes
    Love the idea & how it is supposed to work when it works, but the app or the T-Mobile network has nothing but problems 60% of the time, I’m honestly frustrated to the limit with it.
  • Really bad development 1/5

    By Fadi Kfoury
    I rarely do leave reviews by this app pushed my limits. It feels more like a prototype, not worth investing the time.
  • Uh 1/5

    By poshsoup
    What in the actual ****
  • Cant login 1/5

    By Ajkkjsbvqvhjsb
    I dont have the tmobile id. So if I click create button I go to terms agreement. I accept and it goes back to log in screen. Its an infinite loop of it. Nor forgot my password button works. The same loop.
  • What happened?!? 1/5

    By Dr. Louseph
    The new update won’t let me into the app at ALL. I just get a constant loading screen on my iPhone w/ Verizon service. It used to be great not to carry around two phones at work... ugh!
  • Agreed with all reviews. 1/5

    By Lesko.N
    Who ever is not yet tricked into getting digits with T-Mobile don’t waste your time or money. All issues have been addressed by other people. Texts not coming in or going out, missed phone calls without notifications, can’t delete messages, calls, voicemails, can’t make calls because error messages pop up. I don’t get how a major company can’t get an app right after a few years! Seriously missed or lost a bunch of clients. I should have just got a new phone and number from the start. A sales rep talked me into digits and it’s been a PAIN with greater loss!
  • Terrible and expensive experience! 1/5

    By I need my line working
    What is that?? The app is free, but this service is coming on my bills monthly! I’m loosing clients, because they can’t get in touch with me, or their texts disappear, voicemails disappear, can’t place calls, and either receive them 90% of the time! The service is not cheap, respect your clients! This should be working like a clock!
  • Not consistent at ALL 2/5

    By MoomyKoosie30
    It only works about half the time. I miss calls, texts, and voicemails come in weeks later or not at all. I use this for my business line, so not working is SUPER CRAPPY!!!
  • GOD AWFUL 1/5

    By beansully
    Didn’t know I had this and apparently someone had change my login information and been using this the last six weeks! I couldn’t pinpoint what was ruining all my credit cards bank accounts and email accounts. They hacked them to everything because they were able to see all my text and see confirmation numbers! This is the worst designed app ever. 14 year t mobile customee turning into a guy who HATES YOU AND DIGITS!!!!! Lawsuit coming.
  • Seriously, T-mobile? 1/5

    By revival20
    You’re a phone company, for heavens’ sake, a technology giant - but this app is not even experimental. Two years in the making and zero achievements. What big promises to “free your number” and “make at&t look small”, and what a huge disappointment. There are dozens of tiny iOS apps that offer just that - a reliable SIP/voip app that can actually carry the task. You could buy one of them. You can pay a programmer to build one for you. Or... you can do it the T-mobile way. Lousy, buggy, oh so buggy - like your website. Let me tell you something. We live in the technology era. If you’re good at it, you can hope to make it. If not, well, you’ll be lost. And acquiring Sprint won’t make you better - it’ll only make Sprint go down together with you. Big shame. Bye bye T-mobile, switching back to Verizon.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Human Being 0013
    Goal of this review: to have a working app or no app. T-mobile must decide. Out of 50 times trying, I've actually gotten past the login screen once. Logging in - every single time i have to enter my password and answer the security questions?! This morning, I received a notification and text of a voicemail i had received last night. That is great! But, the app won't actually open up after login. Just sits there animating dots. What's the point? Completely unusable and turning into a waste of time. *Please fix or remove from app store*
  • Loading for 1 week 1/5

    By JE334343
    This app has been loading for a week. I had to delete it and download it again because it stopped sending texts. Not a good app.
  • The worst decision I made 1/5

    By Team Photographer
    The worst decision I made to switch my number to Digits, it’s a nightmare to login to the account forget about making or receiving calls. Tried everything & it locks my account all the time.. wold never recommend to download at all. I wish I could give negative 5*s
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Ismael.R.C.
    I UPDATED my iOS 12.4 and the app doesn’t OPEN. Please FIX
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Eb6ft
    This app does nothing it’s supposed to do. It shows you have messages and calls but they don’t display. I had a suspended line that had important information going to it so I unsuspended it to receive the messages or missed calls the rep told me well it’s not supposed to do that and you shouldn’t be getting activity when CLEARLY I can see some information to pop through. Every time you have to force close the app to get it to respond or when you log out the app just loads you have to uninstall it and reactivate EVERYTHING! Waste of time. If I could give it 0 stars I would
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By A123456890
    I use a digits number for my work number but it is so unreliable that I have started just using my personal cell number. I will miss calls from people and voicemails will not show up until days later. Same with texts. It randomly turns off and has frequent bugs when navigating the set up. I really wish this was a viable option because I would love to be able to tell if calls coming in were related to work and to know that my work number that is out on websites and pubic information can be reliably reached. Please fix this app!
  • 2 digits lines 1/5

    By dirkbiker
    I have issues with it almost daily and I use it as a business phone. You might want to consider another alternative until they get the bugs out.
  • Crap app 1/5

    By nsjdccxvii
    The app fails to load and isn’t stable enough to use the service. T-Mobile needs to go back to the drawing board on this one.
  • Never works. Don’t waste your $$$ 1/5

    By App reviewer 2015
    This app used to work but now just continues to say loading....loading....loading. Shouldn’t be this hard to get a stable product. Particularly since we pay a monthly charge.
  • Not great 1/5

    By Arap787
    This app is pretty horrible at best. I use it for my business and it constantly signs you out, text messages go missing, you can’t fix your voicemail greeting, does not ring sometimes and will just show a missed call. There has to be a better way and the developers need to work on making this better somehow!

  • Barely functional 1/5

    By Ekimmm
    App kept kicking my number out. Logged out and tried to log back in. Just got three squares blinking forever. Uninstalled and got new version. Still not getting half my text messages. Can't log in to TMobile Tuesday app because text code doesn't come through. Can't rely on this app. Need to carry a second phone.
  • Lost business 1/5

    By Kryshammarie16
    My clients have been trying to get a hold of me through my business line, which is added to my phone through digits. I have to click switch devices, choose the number, log out and in again, then it works SOMETIMES. It doesn’t refresh my text messages, doesn’t ring when calls come through, only allows voicemails. Now Im completely locked out (just receiving the exact same prompt every time) and I’ve had several clients reach out to me on my personal line to follow up. This is not a good look for me, so naturally I’m upset that this is affecting my business.
  • Not loading? 1/5

    By Brandonavila1001
    I just installed the app and logged in and it just says loading... for 10 minutes straight idk what to do now??

T-Mobile DIGITS app comments

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