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T-Mobile DIGITS App

Use all your numbers on one device! Need different numbers for different parts of your life? T-Mobile customers can use the DIGITS app to access multiple mobile numbers. Ideal for … • Small business - keep work and personal separate • Home phone replacement - contact the family wherever they are • Privacy shield - use for online shopping or social apps • Sports Teams & Clubs - your coaches/leaders more easily contactable With the DIGITS app you can: • Make or receive voice and video calls • See missed calls and check voicemail • Send or receive text messages • Make your team/family more responsive by granting additional people permissions to use the app Supported by iOS version 11.0 and above

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T-Mobile DIGITS app reviews

  • Terrible Experience 1/5

    By FLHS Hockey
    Both my wife and I thought we could add a second number to our phones (in another area code) for business reasons. T Mobile told us “no problem with our Digits”. We took the bait...what a poor product. The dropped calls and serious delay/lag time frustrates both the caller and us! Very disappointed.
  • Don’t work 1/5

    By v11v11
    Don’t work 👎🏼
  • RJ-45 Ethernet via adapter not supported 1/5

    By rj-45-wired
    It’s just mind boggling why would it not work via wired Ethernet adapter ? All other apps on iPhone do. But this one insists on wi-if ????
  • Glitches too soon 1/5

    By laila lo
    Downloaded the app to set up my account half way through the set up process the screen loaded and turned white. Remained white for 15 mins already. Not sure if I should wait or uninstall it then re-download it. Not a good look T mobile for first timers interested in using the app. Disappointing
  • Crap. 1/5

    By jenniferjohnson1016
    Worst app for making calls!!! Or even texting! Lost calls & that’s even if you’re able to make a call! Sometimes I’ll go to call someone and it’ll just be silent. No ringing, doesn’t show if it’s even connected. Calls get dropped ALL THE TIME! Sometimes I even miss incoming calls while in the app not doing anything else. I’ll just be waiting for a call back and the next thing I know I have a missed call notification and a voicemail! I lose text messages at random and sometimes it takes 30 tries just to get a text to go through when I have full bars! When are you guys going to fix these bugs??? I’ve been having this problem since I 1st downloaded this app. I’ve even deleted & reinstalled. This is super inconvenient.
  • Great App but... 5/5

    By Aquatic Butterfly
    Hey, thanks for this great app but I wanted to share with you a minor issue I’ve been having with it. From time to time the app freezes and I either cannot send or receive calls or I cannot send or receive messages. What is freakishly strange about these incidents it’s usually after a major storm in my area that these issues occur. Yeah, I know—what does weather have to do with an app?! But that’s when I notice it. Coincidentally an update to my iPhone has normally occurred before or after the storm. The latest incident two weeks ago we had a major storm come through our area (in Texas). I checked the app, wasn’t responding. Un-installed and re-installed the app and the issue was not resolved. 5/10 or 5/11 there was an IOS update. Digits still wasn’t working. Called Customer Care and nothing was wrong as far as they could see. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it’s working fine. Just wanted to share my experience. Love the app and highly recommend it for ANY educators!
  • Sprint 4/5

    By Jamalh14
    Does it work for sprint customers, Since sprint is part of T-Mobile
  • Generally Useful 3/5

    By George Knighton
    The single biggest problem, and one that they are unlikely to be able to solve, is the inability to see your own iMessage responses to threads. There is also an ongoing problem of not being able to see messages sent from your iPhone even when there is a person in a thread on Android, which means of course that your own messages were forced to SMS. I just don’t think they are going to be able to ever get the access they need to fix this. As long as you are aware of this limitation, you will find ways to deal with it. If I have sent messages from my iPhone X number, I have to understand that when I use Digits to access my iPhone X messages from my LG V30, my messages will not be there...but everybody else’s will be there. If I use Digits to send a message from my iPhone X number while using the LG V30, it will go as an SMS and I will be able to keep track of the conversation. So it is manageable. I really cannot see Apple ever giving T-Mobile what they would need to track iMessages perfectly, but I also cannot see iPhone users turning off iMessages because this is one of the greatest advantages of the Apple ecosystem. So we just have to deal with this in this way. The Digits application works just about perfectly being able to handle voice calls back and forth between the two numbers even though they are on different platforms and in different ecosystems. It is a solid convenience being able to do this, and this fact alone makes the application worthwhile. I also appreciate that the developers are making frequent improvements to the application. Turning a number on and off is easier now than it used to be...it works quickly and reliably. The application is not Dark Mode compliant. This is an easy change that you should implement. The existence of this application was cited to me as the reason T-Mobile does not have an easier to use eSIM implementation. As a substitute for eSIM, it fails to implement too many iOS features like iMessages. iMessages is a very important part of the Apple ecosystem and if Digits cannot do that then we need an easier way to use eSIM. We should not have to fool customer service to get an eSIM. Digits is very good for keeping track of what your minor child is doing, because you can in effect have one number working on two separate devices.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Pw henderson
    Update: Does not receive texts. I can send but not receive. Update: Login broken today. Password requirements are ridiculous. I have Tmobile for one reason, their international service. Everything else about the Tmob is bad. This app is bad, it requires that you turn on your gps to use it so Tmob can sell your info. Also requires that you give it access to your microphone 24/7. Always surprised that anyone thinks this is ok. It doesn’t need this if you give it access to your calling.
  • Don't waste your time or money 1/5

    By Middknight1
    TMobile could not get my watch to work independently from the phone. After almost a month of sorry I had to cancel the plan, get a credit, and start looking for a new provider that wants my money for the next 17 years. -5 stars if I could leave that review.
  • Instacrashes 1/5

    By Tech 512
    DIGITS app instacrashes every single time I add a new DIGITS line. T-Mobile phone support cannot seem to help me with this issue.
  • Who does this besides sociopaths??? 1/5

    By Daymon Jones
    This app is for the weirdos, spiteful, and hateful ppl of the world who are trying to spy on people. It should be terminated from Sprint/T-mobile.
  • To the person above me 5/5

    By Sinaloa Aly
    Maybe you should stop being a daddy’s kid & pay you’re own bill. If you’re dad can control you’re phone obviously you don’t pay it so work for it and stop commenting stupid stuff. 🤬 you have no respect for you’re father if you don’t want him doing those things maybe you should get a JOB ASAP!!
  • Another update and more problems 1/5

    By Techi165
    Update 04/15/20: It has been more than 2 years that I have been using this app and it is still extremely buggy, unstable and unreliable. From not ringing when a call comes in or not delivering text messages and voice mails to random log outs ... you name it!! It works when it wants to work! The app has been updated many time and it seems T-Mobile can’t get this fixed. T-Mobile Digits customer support is just useless. I’m not even sure if they read the app reviews or try the app updates on iPhones or iPads before releasing them. PLEASE FIX THIS APP!!! Update 10/23/19: Using v 2.2.0. Still full of bugs. Different problems all the time. Now it’s logging me off randomly. The developer (T-Mobile) has asked me to send an email to them telling them about the problems. There are too many and too random to list! To developer: How about you guys put the app on an iPhone and use it for a week or 2 then you will understand why there are so many negative reviews here!! PLEASE FIX! Update 08/15/19: Using v 2.2.0 still extremely buggy and unreliable. Drops calls most of the time ... deleted the and reinstalled it ... still the same. PLEASE FIX! Update 02/20/19: Using v 2.0.16. Still very buggy. Now it is not deleting voice messages and Old deleted voice messages re-appear. Update 09/26/18: App has been updated. It has a new look, new UI but still full of bugs. I have been using the app for couple of month now and all I can say is that it’s extremely unreliable. With every update, some features work and some stop working. It’s very buggy and needs fixing. Right now I can make call but incoming calls don’t ring but they do show up in my ‘Recent’ log. Also, sometimes when entering numbers to make a call, the numbers just disappear and you need to enter them again. PLEASE FIX!
  • App Keeps Closing 3/5

    By BeTammyb
    The app keep closing. I’ll be on the phone and it hangs up and returns to my home screen. I constantly have to uninstall and reinstall for it to work properly.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Kris_Mars
    Video calling from iPhone to other devices that’s great .....
  • Digits disconnects and calls/messages not delivered 3/5

    By rb33161
    I’ve tried using this app to make life simple or easier at the recommendation of the T-Mobile rep. It does not stay active and causes you to miss class and text messages. At times messages are never received.
  • Not operable 1/5

    By Seimore staxx
    Keeps on crashing and not working properly
  • Used for work,doesn’t update cross platform 3/5

    By Sqeegie
    My father and I use this for our business. Using both the desktop app and mobile. Lately we have had to sign out and in of both platforms multiple times. Sadly when logging back in neither the desktop app and mobile won’t update conversations properly. It needs another update. Terribly.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Momo1547
    Great app for parents !!! Thank you
  • Great for Business but... 2/5

    By Purplepiper516
    Great to combine business line to personal phone but doesn’t always work, forwards calls even after you stop using the app and remove your numbers from digits. The concept is great but it’s not reliable and I have had too many phone call issues. Texts worked great but again some days it just doesn’t work. I want to stop the call forwarding and I’ve done it everywhere. Stop it!!!!
  • Consistent resets, lost messages, dropped calls 1/5

    By smallbizpref1
    I had and old phone, so was waiting to review because I was told part of the issue MAY be compatibility/phone age, but got a new iPhone 90 days ago and nothing has changed. This app, although an incredible concept, is poorly put together at best. Over 80% of the voice calls experience a 2-3 second delay, causing both parties to talk over each other constantly during conversations. The app fails (stops receiving messages altogether) at least once every 60 days needing a full uninstall and reinstall. When the reinstall happens, your last 100+ messages show as unread and need to be re-read, AND at least 10% of the message histories are lost completely. This app was one of the reasons I switched to T-Mobile (so I wouldn’t need a business AND personal phone, but it’s a TERRIBLE option for anyone with a business (unless you don’t care about professionalism or reliability).
  • Sign-in everyone and still get kicked 1/5

    By Arqaiq
    I always have to resign-in. Even when I check the stay signed-in box, I still have to resign-in. Then after signing-in and verifying via text, etc. it says there is a network error and I still can’t use the app. I mean for real though, Major cell company get make a working product before launch?
  • Messages 1/5

    By njoikd vhm Nd r Bi
    I don’t like it , i can’t receive all my messages and i get some messages
  • Needs update. 5/5

    By Zewditu X
    Allow verification codes to be received.
  • This app is terrible... 1/5

    By phlojo
    7 out of 10 times it doesn’t send messages and when it kind of works it is so slow I mostly give up trying. Sad sad sad.
  • Re: actually doesn’t work will uninstall 1/5

    By jnnkm
    Never works when I actually need to send a message or call even when there is good wifi. Later when I get home it says the message is finally sent or not sent because of an error, which happens all the time. When I’m trying to make a call, all it does is put you in a call screen and mot actually do anything. The only time a call actually worked is when I test called people near me in my house.
  • Digits App Not Working 1/5

    By CEO Sister
    I recently got two digits line, to this day the app keeps closing not allowing me to add my lines. I uninstall and re-install, restart my phone and still not working. T-Mobile needs to fix this it’s ridiculous a large company with handicap app. I would rate a -0 if I could.
  • Awful 1/5

    By fix it ughh
    The app constantly cuts off won’t let me stay on fit more that 20 seconds
  • Absolutely Horrible 1/5

    By John&Perquita
    I switched from another carrier so that I would not have to carry two phones (business and personal). I totally regret switching. The service is so horrible.
  • DO NOT GET IT 1/5

    By alti1978
    THE APP deleted all my message without no warning It costed me $$$$$ of dollars in lost paperwork estimate/proposals When i called T-mobile they said oh it happens to everyone and there is no way of getting any of it back “ the server deletes them on its on “ I lost so many costumes numbers and info UNBELIEVABLE that T-Mobile would have such a product
  • Block number 3/5

    By Henessy
    Please add a “block number” feature. So many spam calls!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Yannick0606$
    I too like others was using this for a business line. My text messages aren’t coming through, missed calls aren’t showing, my custom greeting for voicemail won’t save to be played, nothing seems to be working like they said. This is really a trash app that needs to be scrapped and redone.
  • Unable to update or delete calls, texts, or voicemail 1/5

    By Rufnet407
    When reviewing call lists, texts, or voicemails from the non primary device, only 1/3 of actual messages/ phone logs appear. Example: I receive anywhere in the amount of 30+ phone calls per day but only one (if any) show in my call log. When trying to delete older texts or call logs, the list refreshes but nothing stays removed. Extremely disappointed.
  • After all these years it still needs work. 2/5

    By Qmatic96
    Works whenever it wants. Friends tell me all the time that they called or texted and I never got a notification. Sometimes I get a missed call notification but phone never rang. The worst part of this app is that it does not support shortcodes. That means dual factor authentication is not possible. A huge problem. Ironic since it sends a shortcode to register a another phone to even use the app.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By aleo221
    App turns off your line and won’t reconnect for extended periods of Time even though it’s updated to the newest version. So I can’t call text or anything. How is someone supposed to run a business using this faulty service?!?! Wish I could give zero stars. There are free apps that work better!
  • Craps out without indication 2/5

    By ptfcal
    I shouldn’t have to keep checking and testing to see if this app is active or failed. Nothing like entering the app to be prompted to login, when you had no idea that you had been somehow logged out, and then (hopefully) see all the calls and messages that you’ve missed. This app has come a long way, but seriously it needs to be more robust and reliable. It needs a prominent notification if/when it disconnects from the service. It also needs an easy and obvious way to check its status to verify that it is still connected and functional.
  • Awesome concept 5/5

    By tesla owner oryu
    Works cool . Nice features
  • Update failure 1/5

    By Tardis.10$
    Let’s see the app had an update so it doesn’t work again .. wonder how long it will take to get fixed this time
  • Crash crash crash 1/5

    By 6footchub
    It keeps crashing. I try to open voicemail, crash. I try to check missed calls, crash. I try to send a message, crash. Seriously??? Crash.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By Nookiebookie34
    I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT!!! I get text days later, people call and my phone don’t ring, goes straight to voicemail. Called T-Mobile 3x about the issue and each time they wasted my time pretending to troubleshoot but couldn’t so they made up more excuses. This app is a total waste of money! T-Mobile please don’t even respond with your generic fake caring message
  • Very unreliable 1/5

    By Keecatz
    I use this for my business and it’s always one problem or another. Here’s my list of issues the this app. 1. Calls not coming in. I have my iPhone synced with my iPad so I could hear if any calls come in, so if I don’t hear my phone I’ll hear the iPad. Well my iPad rings and shows an incoming digits call coming in but not my phone, unfortunately the phone number doesn’t show and I can’t return the calls. It will not show any missed calls on my phone. 2. Sometimes when a call does get thru, as soon as you answer, it drops the call. 3. Don’t always get text messages. Updating the app, deleting it and putting it back on or turning your phone off then back on does not work. 4. Out of the blue text messages may appear days later. 5. Voicemail may also appear later. 6. I’ve had the app actually turn off my digit number. Get your act together T-Mobile, there has been more than enough time to fix these known issues. If you can’t maybe give it to a high school for a class project, I’m sure they’ll get it done. Yes I have spoken to your tech support many times and they are very well aware of them. Being in business customers don’t want to know or care that I have issues with my carrier, they just want to reach me and if they can’t I lose business and money. Enough of the excuses and fix the app!!!
  • Unreliable 3/5

    By Suzzete K
    T-Mobile should not offer this service if it’s so unreliable, makes you guys look bad.
  • No work 1/5

    By juanrojm
    I’m trying with prepaid number and don’t work.
  • No longer working - Update 3/5

    By never works properly
    Quite often after an update, the app no longer works, just like this past time. It is very frustrating..... anyone know what the error below means? A missing, invalid, or mismatching redirection URI with client's registered uris After uninstall and re-install... it works now, but will wait and see how it works
  • Not block spam or anonymous or annoying caller 1/5

    By BOSS® Joy
    Don’t block unwanted caller as on iPhone option which Mack app useless as soon you use app all unwanted caller will come day and night T-Mobile want make you buy more service
  • DIGITS is highly unreliable 1/5

    By ZZninepluralZalpha
    Ever since porting a T-mobile line to DIGITS a year ago, we’ve experienced an astonishingly high frequency of calls not ringing (straight to voicemail), calls simply never going through, texts vanishing into the ether... On different hardware, latest iOS, latest version of the app, T-mobile support checking settings—none of it helps. The only thing this service seems to do reliably is deliver “Spam Likely” calls, which apparently it cannot be told to block. Forget improving the less-than-stellar UI layout; DIGITS or its backend first needs to sort out how to make a phone ring...
  • Keeps getting worse 1/5

    By Alkaselzer22
    This app just works when it wants. No matter which network setting I select, I just receive Missed Calls notifications and not the call itself. The app crashes 2-out-of-3 times I use it to call somebody, text or just look at the notifications. This is pushing me seriously to cancel my personal line with T-Mobile and just libe with my work phone and line.
  • Horrible Why so many bad reviews T-Mobile? 1/5

    By Nick89901
    Used it when it came out a couple years ago and was horrible. Thought I’d look into it again but it’s hard to find one review that is positive about it that is real. It shouldn’t be that difficult just to have this app work basic stuff!!! Shame on T-Mobile.

T-Mobile DIGITS app comments

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