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T-Mobile DIGITS App

The T-Mobile DIGITS application lets you access your phone number and related information (call logs and messages) on virtually any iOS (10.0 and above) device without needing a SIM card associated with the number. You can use this application to place voice calls, send and receive instant messages using single and multiple lines.

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T-Mobile DIGITS app reviews

  • Come on T-Mobile! 3/5

    By bygbyron3
    Why is this app not fixed yet?!
  • Still junk 1/5

    By 1000rr
    I had from the beginning when it never worked right. Great concept and hoped it would improve. It hasn't.
  • Worst decision 1/5

    By urbanrock
    The worst decision in my life
  • Excellent app! 5/5

    By GForce310
    There are a lot of negative reviews, but I’ve been using Digits since it was in beta. They are always making improvements, and I have no issues. I use it all of the time, and it comes in handy. Due to the open nature of Android, the iOS version is more stable. T-Mobile is an innovative company, and this app shows their commitment to leading the industry.
  • Crap!!!! 1/5

    By singry
    Crap. You cannot depend on this app. Don’t bother. Will delete.
  • Worse than before - so buggy! 1/5

    By NYC Cre8ive
    So on April 9, 2019 the developer told me to upgrade to 2.0.21 (which I automatically do every night). OMG don’t their developers even test this app before releasing it ?!? Now it won’t even let me turn on my numbers. They just keep flashing on and off in settings every 15 seconds and when I tap on it I get a pop up “please wait, client initializing...”. Or worse “sorry we are having technical difficulties (Code:ES-RM-1111). More than a year I have been complaining and writing about this app along with everyone else. Sorry to be harsh but it time to fire your developers and hire a team who can make this work. Shall I list the apps this works in with zero problems? Hire one of their developers. Otherwise people need to avoid t-mobile at all costs.
  • Terrible. Don’t waste you time 1/5

    By Jennie1800
    I’ve had the digits line since August 2018, to use as my new business line in addition to my personal line. Digits has been a nightmare since day one. I had read all the bad reviews but there were some decent reviews too, so I decided to give it a try. Literally, one problem after another. I got to know the supervisor of one of the teams in Texas really well because we spoke by phone so often. Finally, the last straw was speaking with technical support yesterday to get help signing back into my digits line, and being told that in order to maintain security I should close the app and re-sign in once per week. This is ridiculous! I always have problems signing in (their tech issues, not mine), and I need a telephone line that is reliable and works, and doesn’t need to be coddled on a daily basis. Even my original voicemail message has disappeared. Please listen to all the bad reviews. This app does not work!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Rogue5227
    Really? This app is totally worthless.
  • See Donna Vang - Feb 2019 1/5

    By DJ - Iphone NY
    It is very trying using digits . I’m in the same boat as the prior reviewer. This app is an unmitigated disaster. Pls fix it or take it off the market
  • Constantly logs out - barely works 1/5

    By acellman
    This app is almost useless. It constantly signs out “your sim has been removed please logout,” but the sim is still in there. I am tired of having to login constantly and keep reverifying my account. Why can’t it remember that I’ve already verified it 2 minutes ago? Garbage.
  • 60% Of The Time, It Works Every Time 1/5

    By MMcCook
    This app has so much potential, but T-Mobile isn’t doing anything to improve the app. The biggest frustration is the second line turns off without notification. The app turns off sporadically, I can’t create a separate phonebook through the app, sometimes my messages get deleted and I can’t block phone numbers. This app is terrible and I really wish T-Mobile would actually fix it.
  • Why am I paying for this? 1/5

    By The Great White Whale
    Every update is worse than the last. Now I receive no phone calls or text messages. When I call out, the call quality is so bad, the other side just hangs up on me. The app closes itself without warning, my numbers go "off line" and nothing short of deleting the app and reinstalling will fix that, and now any photo messages sent to my device line (not connected to digits) shows up as a digits notification on my lock screen even though the message isn't to a digits line. I use digits as my business line. I pay monthly for this failure of a feature. My business is down 20% this month from my last 60 months of operation because my potential clients can not contact me and reach out to competitors. ** Yes, I have deleted and reinstalled the app a few times, as well as reset my network settings a half dozen times. ***Customer service tells me that I’m the only one having the issues I’m having, then I come here and find 200+ people with the same issues, and hundreds more on google search forums. **** Over a year later and somehow it’s gotten even worse! Phone calls won’t forward, I get maybe 1 out of every 20 text messages, and now I can’t clear or delete any of them, so I have like 50 notifications.
  • Simply doesn’t work after update 1/5

    By Willing76
    Why even bother?
  • Crap! 1/5

    By jammallnyte73
    Started a new job and was convinced this app was the way to go. Now the bosses have this number, business cards, mailed material and the freaking app won’t even do a text message with force closing. This is the third time I was “consulted” towards an item that was garbage. 15 year customer TMO... and in the past 8 months you have screwed me 3 times. How do I solve this problem?!?! Dammit!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By nusipenas
    T-Mobile FIRE your app developer! Whatever negative review people put about this app is true. Dont have the energy to even write, dont get DIGITS APP, you might end up smashing your phone.
  • Very necessary! But APP needs serious improvement! 2/5

    By JAC6581
    This app allows you to have more than one phone line on your device where you can call, text, rcv voicemail. It’s fantastic on paper. But this app is terrible! Highly frustrating that it constantly craps out, crashes, glitches. It goes from being the greatest to the worst at random. PLEASE FIX THIS APP! I can’t understand why by now this app isn’t running smoothly! Make this app better! It’s so useful!
  • Awful 1/5

    By Lourmac
    Here we go again! Another update that has forced the app to sign me out. Now every time I just to sign back in, I just get kicked back to the log in screen. It’s atrocious how T-Mobile can play this off as a legitimate app. Sad!!
  • T-Mobile, time to wake up and add proper eSim Support 1/5

    By t1328
    I’ve tried Digits twice. Early on to avoid carrying a work cell phone and personal cell phone. More recently after eSim support was added to iPhones, T-Mobile insisted and still does that the eSim can only be used with expensive pre-paid plans ($70/month). Their alternative is Digits. As you can see from other review, Digits is terrible. If just doesn’t work period as a reliable 2nd number interface. Nor is it needed. All that’s needed is for T-Mobile to support post paid/ monthly plan sims in the eSim. Pure greed prevents that.
  • Technical difficulties 1/5

    By Rafeubr
    The app keeps diving an error saying “sorry we are having technical difficulties WR-GTR-503”. Doesn’t work!

    By Anonymous pizza addict
    The app was recommended by a T-Mobile tech in my personal team of specialists in ID, I live in 84401 UT. I had called to complain about my crappy network speed .7-1.5 mbps and my call got escalated to the tech line. I was just about done with my inquiry and advised I was frustrated T-Mobile could not give me the ability to use my data line iPad to make phone calls. The tech introduced me to the Digits app and advised it was pretty new but could allow me to use it on any device it could be installed on to communicate using my T-Mobile phone number. I was really excited that they had designed an app that appeared to be a viable work-around for my tablet issue. Well I was very frustrated to find what an unstable p.o.s. Digits turned out to be. I used it and it seemed ok at first but then iOS 12.2 update came out so I did the dl and restart and after the restart every single time I try to open the Digits app it hangs on the white background with pink Digits logo for several seconds and then crashes back to home iOS screen. T-Mobile this is really pathetic after an app that I now know from reading the 1 star reviews has been in use pissing off your customers for over a year. This is a p.o.s. and should either be fixed of thrown in the crap app sheet pile! App deleted off my iPad and I am not going to recommend or dl again unless I start seeing some marvelous reviews. You should be ashamed of yourselves for having such a crap app and not fixing it and having your agents still recommend it!
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By lezti.93
    There was one review that said that downloading the digits app was the worse idea ever and I wished I would’ve listened. It literally drops my calls all the time. When I go on the app to check “unread” txts, There’s nothing to open. I have to reopen the app like 10x for it to finally show my “new” message or for the notification to finally clear up. I only got the digits cuz it was a T-Mobile line, and because I thought it would be one less phone to carry. If I would’ve known that it was going to act like a regular app I would’ve downloaded Kik or some other bs. Now I made business cards and all that stuff to promote my business so I can’t delete the app. But wished I would’ve waited. Or might as well gotten another phone with it’s own line.
  • Stay Away 1/5

    By Rainbeauguy
    I have T-Mobile as a cell phone provider and wanted this app for wifi only calls (like Vonage). It didn’t work, hassle to set up and when people phoned it would cut out just as I answered and said hello. I tried making phone calls and they couldn’t connect. In the end I deleted it. It’s surprising that a big company like T-Mobile can’t get a simple app to work as intended. I had the Vonage app in the past and it worked very well, I was just hoping T-Mobile could do it... but they can’t.
  • Not functional at all it just crashes immediately 1/5

    By V Floridan
    This app is not working at all. It worked until the most recent update and now it just exits (crashes) immediately. I am running a iPhone 5c on an older iOS since that is all I can do. How can I get this fixed?
  • Simply A Waste 1/5

    By phenderstrat
    This is a really cool concept. But, as it is, it is 100% a waste of money and effort. Totally unreliable, clunky, and nearly unusable. I barely know where to start! First, An app that is supposed to double as a phone line should NEVER log out. It should be as seamless as, you know, using a phone. Second, good luck trying to get it to work. It took nearly a month of trying before I could even get it to login. Once there, it worked for a while... but now it will not allow me to select either of my phone numbers. So, I am not receiving phone calls, texts, or notifications. Third... when it does work, good luck trying to quickly delete voicemails, if you happen to fall behind. It fools you into thinking you can simply select them all and delete. But, alas, this is not the case. It has never worked and about 50 spam voicemails are sitting there... unable to be removed. I will be heading into my local store to see about getting a credit for the money I have literally thrown into the wind. This app needs to be tanked and reprogrammed. Really. Don’t waste your time! You are better off with a TracFone.
  • Worked great, but now I can't log in. 2/5

    By drewboy455
    Downloaded and used this app until 3 or 4 months ago. Got an update and hasn't worked since. It just says having technical difficulties.
  • Just bad zero stars! 1/5

    By Shawntayb12
    Tried it yesterday for the first time and I should have believed the reviews. All my calls didn’t come through, voicemails and sms messages didn’t come through. Tmobile seems out to get money in an underhanded way. I bought the Xs max to avoid carrying 2 phones only to find out they only support prepaid phones. What good is that to us post paid customers?! This was my last resort guess I’ll carry two phones forever 🤷🏽‍♀️. Second thought I’ll just switch carriers 19 years of loyalty through the window. What does Tmobile continue to support and promote this broken app?!
  • Crashes every time 1/5

    By Ubi why
    Crashes 100% of the time after inputting security protocols. Doesn't work
  • Useless 1/5

    By disappointed -Vicky
    Crashes spontaneously, didn't ring/notify sometimes, logs out and won't open...exactly what other people complain about. 10 dollars a month wasted.
  • Lost business 1/5

    By Bilal B916
    I’m not sure how much money and business I have lost dealing with this app. I have several businesses and did not want to carry multiple phones. I been patient with this app and hesitant to switch to another carrier because of it. But now I’m officially done. I have 10 lines with T-mobile. I will be canceling service and going with AT&T. Done leaving money on the table because of unreliable app.
  • No notifications 1/5

    By Diamondlucia03
    Great idea for the app.....poor implementation. I never get alerts of text messages and rarely get phone call notifications.
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By Mdc25okla
    I was able to setup digits on my phone and my tests worked. I was able to call and text back and forth without issues between my landline and work cell after installing. Over time here are the problems I’ve had. Most calls I’ve received they other side cannot hear me. I’ve missed calls that just never forwarded. Text messages sent to me are about 50 50 that they’ll ever make it to my app. Fortunately I still have a phone setup with my T-Mobile number so I see everything I miss.
  • Absurd embarrassment of an app 1/5

    By idesignbuild
    Numbers can’t be blocked from absurd solicitation calls. Voice mails will not delete. This is a joke of an app and this is from a national carrier??? Wow!
  • Can’t get it to work at all 1/5

    By hhhiowisssthiss
    It cannot or will not recognize my valid t-mobile number. Had to delete the app five minutes after downloading it because it is useless.
  • So bad 1/5

    By EveSF
    There are so many issues with digits - I don’t even know why I continue to pay $10/mo at this point Never being able to access tons of bugs and CS always acts like there’s nothing wrong Be Warned - the only thing I like about it is my phone number !
  • App Never Works And Always Crashes 1/5

    By Real Estate 24124
    The app never works and always always crashes. Most of my calls do not comes in. Even if the comes are coming in they are not connecting properly. Nor does the text messages comes in. I am constantly deleting and reinstalling the phone number in order for the app to work at 10%.
  • Send Back to the drawing board please 1/5

    By donedudley
    Might be a useful app, but it has serious problems. It will ring on my iPad but you can’t answer it and the phone never shows a cal coming in. Had to uninstall just to be able to talk on the phone.
  • Awful app 1/5

    By Tom_SF
    Concept and pricing are good but the app itself is unstable and unreliable - too many bugs to count that seem to never be fixed.
  • Nothing but problems since last update 1/5

    By Bangheart
    It was working fine for me until this last update and now it automatically keeps saying / Sorry we are having technical difficulties ( Code:ES-MC3-401 ) OK And it shows the word ok underneath just like 👆that and then it automatically logs me out of my Digits app account. So can someone please be so kind to take a look at this and please try to fix ASAP and thank you so much.
  • Not letting me activate a line 1/5

    By famajr14
    Please fix.
  • Digits does not allow SMS messages 1/5

    By seattlebears
    I have suffered with T-Mobile Digits for over two years now. I set up a Nest account with Two-Factor authentication using my Digits phone number. Yesterday I traded in my 1-year old iPhone and setting that service up I was not able to get the code. After a lot of time with tech support I was told that they don’t support SMS messages. Text messaging is the same as SMS, but I was done arguing with these techs that were at the end of their ropes as I was. Who knows but this app is terrible.
  • Stability and reliability issues. 2/5

    By ohcrapitscurtis
    This app is not reliable or stable. It will commonly log out, calls will not ring through (only missed call notification afterwards) I currently can’t save any contacts (hit save and nothing shows). I tried this app with my last job about 18 months ago and I feel like it’s gotten worse not better :(
  • Useless 1/5

    By stephaniewu98
    This service (app or desktop) has never once worked for me in my life. Save your time and don’t even bother
  • Not bad... Needs BT support 4/5

    By TwinHueyMan
    Not the most reliable when it comes to intermittent service (usually have to restart the app after going out then back into LTE coverage) but it works. REALLY should support Bluetooth when making phone calls...
  • Terrible. 1/5

    By Jorge_0804
    Never works. Gets updated often. Doesn’t make a difference. Text messages constantly disappear, people complain they can reach you, etc. Complete ripoff. T-Mobile should be crediting people for this mess..
  • Awful 1/5

    By Angelkeen
    I needed a second line with a different area code for business purposes so I decided to set one up with T-Mobile and the only way to do it was with this digits application. It has been a total nightmare. My text messages keep disappearing. I then have to delete the application and reinstall it. Short of carrying another device now I’m not sure what to do. I really wish that T-Mobile would invest in fixing these problems.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Increvateur
    I gave this app a chance for 6 months and it is just terrible. I love T-Mobile and this app is a disgrace. Text messages may or may not show up when you launch the app. Every single phone call I receive (a lot is spam), their number automatically is added to my contacts for some reason, which is absurd. They finally fixed the issue where you’d go to dial someone and it’d want to dial a completely different, random phone #. Unfortunately I can not recommend this app to anyone and paying for it is even more ridiculous. Google Voice is free and is spades above and beyond better than this garbage. Get it together T-Mobile. This atrocity makes you look terrible.
  • This app is trash 1/5

    By Rick from T-Mobile
    I love the concept of having multiple numbers on one device. I’m a T-Mobile employee, so I utilize another line just for my customers to reach out to me if they have any concerns and also for follow ups. My calls and messages continue to disappear without me deleting them so I lose all of my message history. When I do try to delete something, it does not delete. This app is trash, and as an employee I’m embarrassed to sell this. Please fix this. This app has been out wayyy too long for these types of issues!
  • This app is Trash 1/5

    By JustBuyIt
    It started off decent about a year ago. Every update has slowly destroyed the app to the point of it now being totally useless.
  • Zero stars- do not use this app 1/5

    By yma1214
    I specifically switched to T-Mobile because I was sold on this DIGITS app which allowed me to have my business line on the same phone as my primary phone line. This App has Caused me so many problems since day one. It constantly shows my line as inactive, my voicemails will not delete after reviewing them. I’ve had clients telling me that their calls Are failing when They try and reach me. One day all of my text messages just vanished out of nowhere. I am on the phone weekly with the DIGITS specialist at T-Mobile to try and resolve these problems and there are never any solutions. I am currently trying to decide if I want to re-activate a second phone for my business line or if I want to use the double Sim card option with my iPhone X. The bottom line is, do not download this app!

T-Mobile DIGITS app comments

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