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T-Mobile eSIM

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  • Current Version: 1.2
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T-Mobile eSIM App

T-Mobile eSIM is the simplest way to activate the Un-carrier to your phone in the US. Take advantage of the new eSIM in your unlocked iPhone to join the T-Mobile network. Download, select a prepaid cellular plan, and go. Start using the Un-carrier on your eSIM today! Not available for devices locked to another carrier.

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T-Mobile eSIM app reviews

  • No postpaid support? 1/5

    By Rtscccccccccc
    So prepaid customers have higher priority than postpaid customers? I don’t understand why this app would not work for current loyal postpaid customers! The technology is obviously there since it can be done on prepaid. All needs to be done is to update the app for postpaid customers. This is disappointing
  • ESIM utter failure 1/5

    By Andre_git
    I am having the same issues as the previous review.. I have been to the Tmobile stores and spent days with their technicians and “specialists” and all I get is the same run around and excuses they continue to say it is working but the QR code’s that they provide do not work and then they give u a guaranteed update time of two hours for the code to be activated and that too is a complete failure. This is a very frustrating situation and not worth the money, effort or time involved to get no positive results in the end Irate and frustrated!
  • I had to move on 1/5

    By SuperflySister75
    I downloaded the ESIM app and like many of these reviews I kept getting an error message and got charged for the service without having it set up. Hours on the phone with T-Mobile, contacting them through tech support. After 3 days of this I had to give up on t-mobile. They have had a great idea and I will gladly come back to T-Mobile once they get it working effectively. I was trying to avoid getting post paid service, but I was forced to do it so I can use my eSIM for my two lines. Unfortunately t-Mobile was the only company that offered it for prepaid.
  • -0 stars 1/5

    By Sean VA
    Won’t work and can’t migrate to a new phone.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Petar
    Only works for new customers... who goes this route to sign up for a new carrier? Worst experience ever.
  • No post paid plan support 1/5

    By sbsbsb呵呵呵
    Only available for NEWLY registered prepaid plan.
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Josephburton
    Simply doesn’t work. It will go thru the compatibility test but the screen turns white and it doesn’t do anything else.
  • What a joke 1/5

    By Bigtruck98
    iPhone 11 is out ....still no postpaid bye bye T-Mobile
  • Not work for current T-Mobile customers 1/5

    By hwang168
    Not work for current T-Mobile customers. You have to open a new mobile number. I went to T-Mobile local branch and called T-Mobile technical support few times, they still can not set up my current phone number on eSIM.
  • STAY AWAY: Can’t activate plan, wait time for call support is more than 1 hour 1/5

    By Ethaniel.com
    I went to a tmobile shop to get a esim. They directed me to this app. I tried activating a $40 plan twice. Both times i got a 505 error. The store staff tried calling the support line, but the IVR responder that the wait time is 1 hour and 15 minutes. Wow. There is also a bug in the app where you can’t click “Agree” on terms and conditions unless you actually scroll through actual terms and conditions.
  • Literally does not work 1/5

    By wdcmk19
    Can’t even get past the first screen where it asks for an email address. 👎👎
  • The app needs improvement so do plans 1/5

    By capufo
    The regular prepaid plans with a physical sim car offers more prepaid options including the 50$ unlimited. Meanwhile the app only shows the 40$ 10gb plan and a 60$ unlimited plan. In other words you are better off getting a physical SIM card than getting an Esim and getting stock with a 40$ plan. The app interface also only allows you to start the Esim nothing else, doesn’t give you the option to renew your plan or even see your info. This needs to be updated to make more customer friendly without having to contact customer service.
  • Easy breezy for me 5/5

    By Oak2278
    Just writing this as a counter point to the other user’s experience (which I’m in no way discounting). I downloaded the app and registered from Germany on an IPhone XR. The eSIM was added and activated without issue. I took screenshots of each message that I might need for support based on the horrible time the other reviewer had. Based on other carriers eSIM procedures I though it was pretty slick. TMO also has a device simulator on their website so you can run through the steps first.
  • No account set up 1/5

    By bradley niles
    If u loose your iphone and then try and add your esim again u cannot. You have to call in and remove your email and then get a new number and start all over.. they really need to update the app monthly and have users set up and allow data only plans and phone plans.
  • Beware of this app 1/5

    By Macgeek74
    Do not try this app unless you want to spend hours on the phone with T-mobile. This app will charge you without successful activation. The worse part is that it will not send you anything to give T-mobile customer care so they can reverse the charge. They will not be abke to help you. You will have to get your bank involved. If you want to use eSim with your iPhone, please do yourself a favor and move on. T-mobile techincal support and the stores do not even know what eSim is. They are not trained on it. I do not even know why they offer this as an option. I was forced to give up. 6 stores, techincal support, sales, and managers had no idea to help. Esim was new to them. I love T-mobile still but please train your staff and fix this app. However, I do not appreciate the hours soend on the phone and having to have my bank get involved to reverse the charge which takes weeks.
  • Not working 1/5

    By vfruc
    Try so many times Error 505 or something else keep loading forever with good connection Please update this app
  • Where’s esim support for postpaid, Mr. Legere? 1/5

    By Satpak
    Where’s esim support for postpaid, Mr. Uncarrier. It’s 2019, c’mon. Not so carrier friendly to postpaid accounts that give you business every single month.
  • You don’t need access to my location 1/5

    By Eamq
    Instant uninstall
  • Thanks T Mobile 5/5

    By columbiapilot
    Fantastic that T Mobile chose to embrace eSIM by making it easy for iPhone users to add service through an app. Not a single other US carrier or reseller offers this service and it’s been almost one year since Apple began selling eSIM capable iPhones. Be thrilled that T Mobile is on board and be thrilled that the app and associated service work really well.
  • Need a way to reactivate 2/5

    By Cozyericman101
    If there’s a way to reactivate your current esim account without the need to call customer service and activate through the app, awesome.
  • No Pay As You Go 1/5

    By Jimmydanielle
    There needs to be an option that’s similar to the Digits app they offer for $10 a month.
  • ESIM should not equal PrePaid Plan! 1/5

    By sfior
    No option to import normal T-Mobile phone numbers to ESIM without using a prepaid plan.
  • Scam, don’t switch equipment! 1/5

    By MP6026
    I signed up to use as a secondary source for data; then had to swap equipment out 5 days into the 30 day service. Have been unable to get the eSIM to carry over to the new device and working on xfer for over 3 hours. Now looks like I’ll be fore fitting the prepaid balance, 5 days after signing up... what a shamble!
  • Be Aware!!! 1/5

    By Bubeto
    T-Mobile are the biggest crooks!!! The ESim is only for prepaid customers...
  • Scum 1/5

    By Staron5
    Charged me but did not provide any service 👍🏻
  • Why do people hate this app? 5/5

    By Kingston92620
    Not really sure why people hate this app. It worked flawlessly for what it is designed to do. While it doesn’t make sense to have to convert a post paid like to prepaid the process was simple and my bill will actually Go down. The dual sim functionality is excellent. The app serves no other purpose than to activate a prepaid esim and for that it was flawless
  • Can’t give zero or negative stars 1/5

    By xgrep
    Of what use is this app? Unlike other carriers, T-Mobile allows use of the eSIM only on new (and only expensive) prepaid accounts. If you already have a T-Mobile account, postpaid or prepaid, you can’t use the eSIM. I guess they’re trying to make good on their self-proclaimed status as the “Un-carrier”. I switched to an actual mobile carrier (AT&T) so that I could use the eSIM. It works well, and I didn’t need a lame single-use app to do it.
  • Doesn’t show the current plans 1/5

    By VegetaMatheu
    I was trying to enroll in a unlimited $50.00 plan, and it doesn’t even appear in the options! You must update the plans. When you do it, I’ll give you more stars. Sad!
  • Can’t migrate physical SIM to eSIM 1/5

    By stdevsq
    Doesn’t support postpaid customers’ use case for freeing up the physical SIM slot. Other carriers support this now - so why can’t T-Mobile? Update - 6/8/19 Still 1 star. App still won’t allow postpaid customers to migrate to eSim. Extremely disappointed and few misled by all the communications about this feature in last quarter of 2018. Other major carriers already support this feature.
  • Plans are different than on website 2/5

    By HeyNeenz
    So I guess the trick here is TMobile is trying to get tourists to pay more. There are way more prepaid options on the website than the 3 listed here. I wanted to just sign up for the $3/mo PAYG plan and add data as I needed. I get to keep the same number this way when I’m away. But you can’t do that here because there are only 3 plans here. TMobile used to be so customer friendly but not anymore.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By albertkirk
    I went through the process completed payment details my card was charged $32.73 and t-Mobil support refuses to help in getting my money back to me said I should contact my bank card well I used a prepaid cash card and it’s not giving me an option to dispute the charge I WANT WHAT I PAID FOR OR MY MONEY BACK!!!!
  • No postpaid support. 1/5

    By iammatthew
    It’s stupid that T-Mobile still doesn’t support postpaid e-Sim.
  • Shame on you T-Mobile 1/5

    By Icelego
    Seriously?!! Almost February, and still not esim support for postpaid customer? So disappointed! Update as of May 8th, still no e sim support.
  • That’s amazing ridiculous 1/5

    By Yosef18
    TMobile don’t be so crap ! Nobody will pay a pre with you to have the second line Do your job and make money honestly!
  • Worked flawlessly 5/5

    By TomSwaggerford
    Downloaded the app and had a prepaid eSim account in about 3 minutes.
  • No current T-Mobile accounts support?? 1/5

    By stewmanchu
    If you’re an existing T-Mobile account user with an unlocked phone, sorry, you’re still out of luck for now using the esim capability built into your new iPhone XS Max.
  • Completely broken 1/5

    By .Hal..
    The app does nothing after entering my email address. The “next” button doesn’t work.
  • Uncarrier 1.0 1/5

    By fortify7
    Hard to call themselves the uncarrier when they can’t support their loyal 10+ year post-paid customers with this major eSIM feature. #NotFriendly
  • Deceptive and Misleading. 1/5

    By roytkim
    T-Mobile does not officially support eSIM with those that already have postpaid accounts. This app allows for eSIM for those opening new prepaid accounts. The reps are suggesting this and Digits as a solution for those that have postpaid accounts. They need to call this app “Prepaid eSIM” or something like that.
  • Bad 1/5

    No post paid support
  • T-Mobile isn’t the problem. 5/5

    By Magicman14144
    All these reviews are just people complaining about how T-Mobile is “behind the times” T-Mobile is the newest company out of the other three main ones. Passed sprint, passing Verizon, will pass AT&T as well. Also so what if T-Mobile doesn’t support it just yet. Use your E-Sim somewhere else then? It’s not that hard to leave the reviews for people who actually want to review the application not the service that they’ve had for 15+ year unhappy about it. Then leave? It’s not hard. I’m sick of the hate on T-Mobile. Every carrier has its good and bad.
  • Disaster of an app 1/5

    By c.tortue
    I wish I never bought the iPhone XS from Tmobil biggest scam of a company. After fully paying for my iPhone to unlock it instead of doing installments I find out Tmobil eSIM does not support postpaid. We should sue Tmobil for their incompetence what is the point of having an iPhone XS if I can’t use it for eSIM
  • No postpaid service 1/5

    By PapiGordo112
    Bought the iPhone Xs thinking I'd be able to use both of my postpaid lines on it. Waited for this app only to find out I can't. Really should have been clarified at time of sale, but they assured me it'd come eventually. We're 6 months into the phone cycle and it's still not here. Still have to use 2 phone. The phone and this app are a waste of time and money.
  • No postpaid support. App is worthless 1/5

    By Mthbh16
    No postpaid support. App is worthless
  • Where is the postpaid esim support? 1/5

    By EdwardWJQ
    The idea of dual sim is to use two phone plans from different carriers. Like if you traveling over seas and pop a local SIM card in your phone, and the esim will be the T-Mobile plan you have. Also the phone should not be locked if you have at least one T-Mobile service in the phone.
  • Only works with prepaid plans 1/5

    By haa1968
    Only works with prepaid plans and does not work with postpaid plans 👎👎👎
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Daninohio
    I have spent hours this week getting a prepaid line onto my XS eSim, have talked to tech support for hours. As of today I am awaiting my second QR code. T-Mobile was not ready for this technology that other carriers have managed to get operational. Save yourself time, energy and the pain of trying to get a buggy service working and walk away from this app!
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Bigfinds
    Can’t believe that tmobile still lagging behind on enabling dual sim support for newest iPhones. I spent a fortune on Xs Max with the hope that I can utilize this new feature when I travel abroad but it’s been months and still the only support available is for prepaid account. Truly disappointing, I should have opted buying the Xs Max from a China instead of getting it directly from TMobile so I have 2 physics SIM slots. Wasted money on this new phone....
  • No postpaid support!? 1/5

    By capntang
    App works for new prepaid accounts only. No postpaid support leaving those of us postpaid customers who are looking for maximum SIM flexibility with new iPhones completely out of luck. I’m not gonna be melodramatic and make threats about canceling my account, but I am disappointed in you T-mobile. Get back ahead of the curve and get postpaid eSIM support rolled out.

T-Mobile eSIM app comments

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